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May 25, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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May 25, 1973

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Friday, May 25, /973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippl Page7 "------.-_.. ....................... ......... I CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE: 1971 Galaxie 500 m,,, ........................... Mississippi, until 1l o&apos;clock a.m., j 1566.0 Lb. Structural Steel ......................................................................  4-door sedan. Loaded, vexy June 5, 1073, shortly tt..'e- 280.0 ,.in Ft Concrete Bridge From The Files Of ] clean. $2,1C0. Call 888-6745 or @OUNTY AGENT'S NOTES falter publicly ,,p:.ned, for eon-iRaii00ng COME JOIN THE FUN at Lucy's 888-6454. by Job,, J. Dale. Jr t bae.l'ktrucLinsurfacing," grading,and bridgedrainage'on ContraCtDays Time: 200 w:,'k., The Republican Ce, a,nie Hardwood, La. Open 5/25/tf ........................ ' " " ' '--"--" "' " " ' ' " " " " " " " " ! 3.585 miles of county highwayl Basis Of Award: The award, I every day except Wednesdays INOCUL.TICN OF SOYBEANS applying lime to increase pas- on the Woodville-Pond-La. Line l if made, will be made to the "Backward, turn backward, land Sundays. HOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bedroom: ,,, . . , If there is any doubt about lure profits. PaN;ure soils are', Read, Wilkinson County, Mis-I lowest qualified bidder on the Oh T:me, in thy flight ,, 5/18'if 2-bath brick veneer home in becoming more. acid. Fal'mersl I sissippi, known as St.ate Aid basis of published quantii, ics. t Centreville. $27,500. Hewes Real :,; the need for inoculation of soy- ' .................................................................... REDUCE safe and fast, with Estate, John C. Hewes, phone use twice as much nitrtgan Project SAP-79(19). I Plans and specifications al:e ,. bean planting scoff, go ahead fertilizer now as they did five Yrincipal items of work are o,1 file in the office of the Chan- 25 VEARS AGO t GoBese Tablets and E-Vap 888-3941. and inocnlate. The cost is small years ago. 1L takes two pounds aPl:roximatcly as follows: cery Clerk, Wilkinson County. l"water pills." Martens Durg 5/18'if compared with the benefits, of lime to neutralize the acid ROADWAY ITEMS Woodville, Missi..sippi, and in Mrs. Charles MeGehee re-i Store. Land shlfted from cotton to formed by one pound of nitro- Lump Sum L.S. Clearing and the office of John D. MeC, raine, turnedlhe HousehCmc ofSUndaYRcpresc ntativcs*afternn' 5 .... 25/3wp HOUSEdlvision.FOR3_beuroom,SALE: Carter2_bath,SUb- "::,;,::, .: SoYbeans that ha,s not been gen fcrtilizer. Grubbing Wilkinson C o u n ty Engineer, :. Planted lo beans within three Another reason for using lim: 4.(: Acre Random Clearing & Woodville, Missi.ssippi. Plans and having held its final session on FIANO IN STORAGE: Beautiful large den and kitchen. Spacious Years will nccd ino:'ulant. Soy- to neutralize acid soils is that Grul=bing proposals may be secured from Salurday. C.onsole stored locally. Re- lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- beans planted on new land will Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Chancery Miss kula Mac Le'ake spent l:orted like new. Rc:ponsible mont. legumes are needed for top Lump Sum L.S. Removal of .,.! also need inoculation, qu:dity pastures. Legum[s re- Old Brifle "A", Sta. 592plus13 Clerk of Wilkinson Coun'ty, al !ast weekend at. the home of lart, y c:m take a big saving .on Polonged flooding may have quire a higher pH than plain Lump Sun] L.S. Removal of Wocdville, Miss., upon payment her pa.rents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam low payment balance. Write: POSTED: All lands owned by an adverse effect on soybean gass pastures. Many clover Old Bridge "B". Sta. 608plus13 of $10.00, which will not, be re- Leake. Gulf Coast Piano Co., P. O. Box the undersigned are hereby r.hizobia already present in soils varieties require a pt1 of 6.0 or Lump Sum L.S. Removal of funded. Mac B:'.Ft, xtudent at peiu'l C(}7. Panama City, Fla. 32401.. posted agains.t all hunting, fie.h- Planted previously to soybeans, above, but most soils have a pH Old Bridge "C", Sta. 715plus 25 Certified check or bid bond River Jr. College. spent 'last 5/25 lw OrMaeOtlerwiseBradley. trespassing .., ,:- d. Some inoculant formulations of less than 5.5. 3,475.0 Cu. Yd. Unclassified for five percent (5%) of total weeken:l with his parmts. Mr. FOR SALE.: Four used G78-15 5/1'1/6m ., ! contain chemicals "like molyb- bid, payable to Wilkinson Coun- and Mrs. Joe Best. auto or pickup tires. Plenty denum and fungicides. Molyb- Any time spreading e4uip- Excavation (FM) (Borrow &ty and the State of Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. N. S, Anderson of tread left. $25. Phone 888- WANTEDTIMBER LAND: Pri .... :': ment can get. over fields is a Undercut) and daughters visited Mr. and .., t. Unclassified must accompany each proposal. 42i3 day or 888-5471 night, vote investor interesCed in date salhs and some fungicides good time to apply lime, but 124,828.0 Cu. Yd. ":7: ' can irjure the inoculant. The Bidders are "hereby notified Mrs. C. N. McCraine at Wilkin- 5/25/tf timber land. Write P. O. Box summer is ideal. Get, orally at, Excava,tion (PM) .... :, safest approach is to buy the this time plenty of spreader 2,429.0 Cu. Yd. Channel .that ,any proposal accompanied son Sunday. 4304, Jackson, Miss. 39216, giv- ..,, - . Mrs. Louis Wax. Mrs. Ella If carpt:,i,s look dull and drear, ing all details on your land. inoeulant .separately and not , by letters qualifying m any ..... trucks are available and lime is Change Excavation (FM) Cook, Miss Lula Magruder and remove spots as they appear 5/11/4w ......... ': ]  . . ........... Haul of Exca ' manneI the condmon unde risk the possibility of poor nod- plentiful.  8.u [a. xu. - -t'io - (FM) I which the proposal is tendered Mrs. C. G. McGchee :spent Wed- with Blue Lustre. Rent electric 'ulation. If molybdenum or lung- Get lime spread now, so it w , ATTENTION MEN icides are needed, they can be SEMI - DRIVER TRAINEES can go to work. If you want to 860,990 Sta Yd Haul of Ex I will be considered an irregular nesday in Baton Rouge, hampooer $1. Ben Franklin .... - Corp:ral James V. Gross, of St.tee. ,. added separately in the hopper ira.prove the quality of pastures eavation (PM) i bid, and such proposals will not, box. and increase p.roflts, don't put 17,469.0 Unit Haul of Excava-]beaward.COnSidered in making the Kecslerend hereField'beforeSpentbeinglaSt trans-Week- 5, 25/1w RoadNEEDED:driverLCaltraining& beingOVer'the'of- " .... "' LIME PASTURES off liming this summer. Make lion (Special) (PM) ferred to another air base. '.FOR SALE.: Deep water well fered .through facilities of a Thece are several reasons for plans now. 37,208.0 Cu. Yd. Gr,anular Ms- Steve Reed, President Roy. and M':s. S. F, Harkcy pump with all fittings for 150 major truck line. On-the-job -'------ ,terial (Clay Gravel Base Course) I Board of Supervisors motored to Meridian, foot well and a 50. gallon pros- type training; no experience " .: The owner reserves the right (C1.3 Gp.B)LVM 1 Wilkinson Coun,ty, the same day. They were ac- sure tank presently installed, necessary. Indust,ry wages ex .... ,i. [._-=r.:-, to waive any informalities or to I ! Fau..t Equipment Sales, Box 321, ceed $6 per hour with benefits. ' [, reject any and all bidS.deposit 25.0 Cu. Yd. Portland Cement ' Mississippi campanied by Mrs. Harkey's d S f8,8 i L ':3968 l:lnt:%C:;gPa P 0: ":': Woc ville, Phone 8S8-4260. I For immediate application call ,:/ Each bidder must with Concrete Paved Ditch (Class "C"15/ll/3w .... moUler, who will remain for an 5/25 3w ' Area Code 404/875-2941 cr write his bid, security in the amount, Concrete) i ..... NOTI'CE- T()" -ROAD extended visit. I form and subject to the condi- 57,641.0 Lb. Reinforcing Steel EQUIPMENT AGENCIES 50 YEARS AGO FOR.tSALE- o xcellent 0 COIJ.G, fen. ta - . . / ..... ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS ;lions p,rovided in the notice and 452.0 Lin. Ft. 15" Reinforced Scaled bids will ,be received ' I Concrete Pipe Culvert by the Board of Supervisors of Two e.ngineers from Jackson. 5/25/1w ' ,'z'/l . . ,, South Centreville Water instructions to bidders. 456.0 Lin. Ft. 18" Reinforced Wilkinscn County, Mississippi, in representaflng the Cumbeland crj-]---y-. f-. f:0d / WANTED: Lands to Sell. Let Association, Inc. No open bidder m,ay withdraw Concrete Pipe Cuh, ert , u  ......... llis bid withln sixty (60) days the Board Room of the Csmt - Telephone and Telegraph Co., -- ........... : . _/ us sell your lands too Call Separate sealed bids will be 620.0 Lin. Ft. 24" Reinf(rced house in Woodville, Mississippi, were hdre several days making freezer, GE relrige,rator, ,anal ..... ' _ . ". , , , cnanes , sarry  Assoclaes, received by South .Centreville after the actual date of ,the Concrete Pipe Culvert . . GE electric stoe. Good for a " ':.a,. opening thereof. : ": . , . up to noon on Tuesday, the estimates as to the cost of 42-1921, Natchez. :!' Water Association, Inc., for the The work to be done is essen-C29c2r0tLp:pFt. Ct0v':rRemf0reed208.o Lin Ft 36" Reinforced' i!t!eFi!y, of June, 1973, to par-installiF,,g cables on the main camp. Leroy NettleS, Rt. 1, Box /13/8wp, .;. Construction of a Water System tially as follows: ;' '' cash, f,,r" Chc use of street of the town and re- 226, Woodville... until 1:30 p.m. o'clock C.D.T. on Construction and installation Supervisor's Separate building the other lines '.Of the 5/25/lw FOR SALE: Large ,red saddle _-.. June 4, 1973, at the Farmers of 204,300 feet of water mains, Concrete Pipe Culvert l=cal telephone exchange. This PUBLIC NOTICE mare, 3 gaited, $250. Call 645- " Home Aflministcation Office,  200 water meters, all valves and 124.0 Lin. Ft. 42" Reinforced ]Read District, one'(l) utility WOodville, Missi.ssippi, at which miscellaneous fittings for the Concrete Pipe Culvert type diesel tractor equipped company has been planning for The government of Wilkinson 5621. " :; time and place bids will be P-.eonstruetion' of a water distri- 116.0 Lin. Ft. 48" Reinforced with 3 cylinder water cooled some time past it) have this County plans to expend its 4/20/tf Concrete Pipe Culvert [.heavy duty diesel engine witl muc.h n e e d e d improvemen.t Revenue Sharing allocation for ened ,and read aloud. The no-'bution system. 6.0 Each 18" Reinforced Con-1 n less than 175 cubic inch dis- work done and we hope that ithe entitlement period begin- "IF IT IS INSURANCE lice and instrueti.,en to bidders, South Central Watc,r . crete Pipe Flared End Seeion tplacement' 41.4 HP, heavy duty I steps to this end will be taken nine Jan. 1, 1973, and ending form of bid, form of contract, Association, Inc. 16.0 Each 24" Reinforced Con- front axle with " 5,000 pound at an early :/.ate. June 30, 1973, in the following" CALL US." Plans, specifications, and form By: Sam Ashford i crete Pipe Flared End Section capacity, differential lock, live Mr. H. L. Pharos of the firm manner based upon an esti- of bid bond performance and Presidcn.t 6.0 Each 39" Reinforced Con- hydraulic system with category of Whetstone and Pharos, spent, mated totai of $169,122.00. WE KNOW WItAT YOU "ii'ii: PaYment bond and other con- Attest: crete Pipe Flared End Section I 3 point lift. light, pewee Monday in Baton Rouge where Cperath.g. Maintenance Ex- ARE LOOKING FOR! ' :- tact documents may be ex-'Emma Zell Knighton 6.0 Each 36" Rein.forced Con- steering, swinging drawbar, live he went to look after a road penditurcs: ....... amined at the following loca- Secretary crete Pipe Flared End Section FTO, 8 speed transmission, 4 building contract. WE ItAVE HAD lions: ,Date: May 1. 1973 4.0 Each 42" Reinforced Con- main bearings, roll bar and seat M,r. and Mr.s.M.L. Robinson Public Safety: Salary $1,900. Farmers Heme Administration 5/11/4w crete Pipe Flared End Section bel:t, independent hand .brake. and Mr. S. R. Jones of Centre- Percent planned for100/,new or ex- FORTY-NINE YEARS k:i County Supervisor's Office .... " .... Capital Expenditures: EXPERIENCE. Woodville, Mizaissippi Division Of Stae--Aid Road 2.0 Each 48" Rcinfoced Con- linkage stabilizer kit. 7.50 - 16 rifle were guests of Mrs. W. P. panded servicers. Berth & Associates, Inc Construction crete Pipe Flared End Section front tires. 16.9 24 RI rear Jones on Sunday. Transportation Re a d and Consuling .Engineers Mississippi State Highway 152.0 Each Right-of- Way ontircS'.aboveTh'redescribediS .to betractormSUntCdone 75 YEAI%S AGO Bidge: $104,822.00. Per cent AOAMS Jackson, Mississ)0pl Department Marker (Type I) CPies may be obtained at Board Of Supervisors Of 5.0 Each Reflectorized Traffic (1) 5 ,foot hydraulic side mower The question today to be pre-planned for construction. 100%. equipped with hydraulic .drive. sented to the voters of Wllkin-I Road Working Equipment: INSURANCE AGENCY a O* the Office of Barth & Associ- Wilkinson County Warning Sign automatic 90 degree self return- son County is one of the nost}$63'. 30' 0.. Pfcnt planned  I :,, equlpnKnL lUO i", ales, Inc.. located at 2906 North Section 900 2.0 Each Projec, Sign State Street, P. O. Box 4386. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS 406.9 Cu. Yd. Class "B" Struc- ing breakaway, 5 foot cutterbar, important voted on in many . , ,. Main Street. ,. .:..., self contained type hydraulic days and it behooves every voter Steve Reed, President Gloster, Miss.  . J'aekson. Mississippi, 39216. upon] Sealed bids will be received rural Concrete feature with front mounted to go to the polls and exercise]5/25/lw Board of Supervisors , :.../. 'PaYment of $25.00 n,one of which] by the Board of Supervisors of SURFACING ITEMS .. is refundable. Wilkinson coun't.y at Woodville, 51.380.0 Sq. Yd. Mixing, Shzp- drive pump on tractor. Also bids his rig:hi .of franchise. :..:: ing & Compacting will be received for ,one (1) 5 Our worthy Sheriff should -- . ' 17,983.0 Gal. Cutback Asphalt .foot highway rotary type rear hflve the ,rees in the court .... mower equipped with 5 foo house square whitewashed, as a tL ::i for Prime (Me-l,: or Don' Co ! 17983 0 Gal. Emulsified Asphalt!ng width, front and rea,r little of this work improves the ose Your o ' ' chain guards, 3 PT hitch, tail appearance of the ,quare con- [cx Prime Coat (EA-] or EA-P) wheel, lip clutch, straight blade siderably.  ' 42.498.0 Gal. Asphalt Cement holder, free swinging blades. Our section of the county was Th00s Summer! for Surface Treatment (AC-15) 192.0 Cu. Yd. Cover AggregaCe] nd shielded drive shaft. The treated with a delightful shower (Type I Slag or Stone); or [Beard reserves ,the right to re- on last Wednesday which was ,.,,,, 892.0 Cu. Yd. Cover Aggregate ject any and all bids. needed badly and which fresh- (Type IV Unerushed) I This 10th day of May, 1973. ened things considerably. ,ik Cu. Yd. Seal Aggregate Alonzo H.'Stugeon, Clerk .; (Type VI Slag, Stone or Crushed 5/18/4w Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in Gravel) NOTICE TO MOTOR the Board Room of the Court- 261.0 Cu. Yd. Seal ,Aggregate VEIIICLE AGENCIES house in Woodvilte. Mississippi, .i (Type VII Slag or Stone) Sealed bids will be reeeiv'ed up to noon on Tuesday, the EROSION CONTROL ITEMS ...... 12th d,ay of June. 1973, to pur- ' " F r'lliz oy ne oara of Supervis,or:s o 109 Ton uommerciai e ' er W"-in ..... chase .for cash. three (3) new --- .  llK son t;0unLy, Mi'ssissippl, m .. (13-13-13) (1 Ton/Acre) t ..... the Board Room of the Court-,2 ton cabs and chassls, two (2) 2.2 Ton Ammon,,u,m rae house in Woodville, Mississippi] fr the ue of the Third Su- , ..... 32  (400 Lbs/Acre ' _ ', pervisor's Separate Road Dis- ...... I up .to non. on 'tuesday, the[ 3,5750 Sq  pl,ggmg " ' L' .." ]12th. day of June, 1973, to pur-I trict and one (1) far the use 9 0 Acre Top eemng  on ' chase for cash for the use of] f the Fl,'s Supervisor's Sop- 18.0 Ton Mulch Vegetative the First Supervisor's Separate arate Read District. the three Buy a Wizard Air C &tioner TOW Material (2 Ton/Acre) Road District. one (1, one-hall (3) new 2 ton cabs and chassis nd Mow & o Gal. Mulch Asphalt "/2, ton pick-up truck, equipped o be equit:ped with 156 inch . ' a Emulsion (125 GaI/Ton) f with 302 cubicG78 x 15 4 plyinCh eight cylin- who"el base. 330 heavy duty V-8 C , Beat orthe Heat te '"-. '"'I 6.981.0 Sq. Yd. Solid Sodding der engine, AM radio, rear step engine. 2 speed 17.590 Iund SPRING .00os o.o00o : 2.0 Each To,it Piles (10-BP42) and 2 mud and snow tires. The front ,axle. 5 speed Clarke trans- a//391 I f Free Esfima 1.0 Each Loading Test 'Board reserves the right to re- mission. 8.25 x 20 x 10 ply ,tires 1.810.0 Lin. Ft. Steel Piling jec.t any and all bids. and Bud wheel. 10.460,pound ,lO-BP42) Western Auto Associate Store .. 148.66 Cu. Yd. Class "B" Bridge I This 10th day of May, 1973. and auxiliary rca,r springs, and [ ,lonzo H. Stuge,n, Clerk 4 yard water level dump body. Concrete The Board reserves the riglt to Main Street Woodville q0ipmgt: with gW 246..o Lin. Ft. 31' Pcstressed 5/18/4w reject ,any and all biffs.  ._ - Ford Lawn & Gmde00 Concrete Beam ] NOTICE TO MOTOR Tllis 10th day of May, 1973. 159.0 Lin. Ft. 40' Prestressed VEHICLE AGENCIES Alonzo H. Sturgeon. Clerk - " ' Concrete Beam Saled bids will be received 5/18/4w Tractor purchese now! 3{),115.0 Lb. Reinforcing Steel by the Board .of Snpervisors of NOTICE OF BID LIVESI OCK 'SERVICE The Wilkinson County Board Hve  real " ''vrc'r I'' b"? n"v' Bt '' "e' Ft4 Luwn a'ul LO00NS of Education will receive sealed M(';,vvtr ,,u,J,.,3fj,OIl,diri;I Of ll(Y,|e$],, |1 bids until noon June 11, 1973 in ,,,,,:,,r ,,. the omce the County Super- Livestock hauled to any auction barn intendent of EaucaUon, Wood- or other destination of your choice at "md'we.'ll?!l,,vev<,u,,it,,ta,t, .,-- $5 000 ville. Mississippi, for the folh)w- SAVINGS LIKE THESE! I'rom $100 to ing: reasonable rates. One (1) Automotive Spray Model 100 Lawn & Garden Tractor, base price $1295.00. ' Booth: for Auto Body and Fen-  Individual order buying service. d,r Repair Shop. ;et o 42" mower Worth $225.00 at no additional cost. Bill Consolidating Loans All bid,s, must be marked on  Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in the envelope, "'Bid, Auto Body THIS SPECIAL OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31, 1973. Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As and Fender Repair Shop Equip- pasture. 'iil Much As V3 to '/ and Sometimes Even More. ment,aboveDetailed6/11,nay 73."specifieationSbe obtained feral thethe  Otherrequest.livestock services available on Seal Tractor --Free COUNSELING SERVICE- office of the County Superin- tendent of ,Education. Call Or Stop By Our Office The Board reserves the right Contact to reject any or all bids. Woodvi lie Fin I nc. wa,tes O.K. FERGUSON Woodville, Miss. _...ance, xoou.vo Seereta,ry Wilkinsm00 County Board Phone 888-6682 Woodville, Miss. Depot Street Phone 88,8-2011 of Education ""- _ ..... 5/25/3W " , ' " I t .... 't/'F