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May 21, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 21, 1898

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:55 pm 16am I;S &apos;,Tu in, 00-m73 35 pm '5 ara 5 pm 0 am 1 am 20 pm lfl pm '15 pm NS I, vhic I t 7 vO L  , i - . , -' *, , -, May 21. :eiM Jolun of the C0f porai0n of W00dville. " ,imple Announcements of marri't- zesand deaths will be pubhshed withont cttarge- ...... 1 50 ................. $2 co Otherwise ................. MAI:KET. New Orleans, May?20, 1898. { 'ellen-- .f) 13-1g Blithlling ................... _ , Mr. F. T. lhlrt of Doloroso was in twn Tuesday. Mr. A, M. Mc.Gahee of l,inckneyville visited our t,wn duritg the week. Mr. W. a. 1)iekson of Centrevil!e was a visitor to oar town Tuesday. I kee@ Tin Top Jell{: Glasses. G. a. ADAPTS. _......___._.___.... ,.- i -  -- r Ourstreei art very dnsly anda shower wonld freshen things lnucli. JOB ' OIIK AT Till'; I{EPUBLICAN- Ftr,t class brick for sale I, 3 ' A. r. l]ene(lict. Mesrs Clark Stuart and P. D. I)(,o- lex of Percy's Creek werein town on hursday. Twenty fiw soda tiekcts for one dollar at Argues. lr.J.nnsMarx of Marx&,qcharff of Natchez, arrived here Wednesday evenhtg. MessrsJ. P,. M,tmt, and 11. Gunst of ,he western par of the county spent, Snnday iu town. Thirty vardu anod Sealsland cot ton for $i, at, R,lh:chihts. Base Balls, Bals anti Mils at GEe, J. ADAMS. "NO rain 3,el nd the g:lrden' and trill)s, tire tleginnilig t!, show Mgns of their liee(l (it i11"1% i)l.epilratA(m i%r the (on/lil,.ngel'oents ;it, otlr two s(-ho,'ds are I)cin inade and IIS nsttal lillr eil ix,'ns vi!l be treated to Sortie! hhlL 7(ill(l" QII lea nillllber tit oar eitizen left l tiesrlaY rluirni,i7 for O d River whe e they t, have ;.i, Igreltt' time htinling and ttshing. Seedless Raisins, {!ltron, washed Currants, sh,iled Almonds, the last Of the season, at O. Sehaefers. ------a,.- t]  .... S()da Water a,i(| Milk Slicks, creen [),,ors, Electric Fans. No flies on Argue?s Drug :Store. Mr. n,en,l,00r or tl,e firm Of anlhl4 \\;V,ds & Co., (if iNew Or- |,FINS, S0[] tlnd;I.V alld lOil{la,Y llel'e in the inte;'est, i;f his firm. The llienitlel's of ll(,pe No. 76 !-. ?f ]) "ire o'lrn etiV rt'(t'lrMOd L(i ttlA.e.t the meeting on next,  () ,day as very imp:lrLtnb business will be t,r;tt, sacD- ed. A c',)nliiete asscrtment of printed CAnlhl'ies, Percale and Ma,las el(tlht, jti,t the thing for lad'es' shirt, waists, at Roth'ch Ihls. _.____-----   'rile( [anllus Sar,ltoga v'ater, lee co!d, oil draught at OE,'t. J ADA3IS. w. chieF<Z,, ,et,ii, l,,,,ne dtlring the week froln a t,o Vie, ks burg and New ()rleans where he went t,tt visit Ilis rhilch'er,. This is the first, time MI'. C2tiholln ha 'a been away froth I-ninle for 30 years and it, proved a nint, enj,ya',Ac cud pleasant' trip to hint. L,Iw ne's Chocolates and l/on Bonsai Argues. Our r.reman, lr'-'t," ,. Lewis, ae- enntpanied his gralvl-,no lher Mrs. E. W. Lewis f el New Orleang M.ltltlav ni,lrninT. Wilile in NOW Or'Is,illS Mr. ..wis purchased some new type l't,r ollr .lob ()oe. and w are now lre- pared Loge.bil(!t Wl,l'l{ in 011r usual neabaud tasteful manl3er. Try a bottle ;>f At|ares Sarsaparilla qnd purify your blood. 25 cunts cheaper than lloods at Gv.o.J. ADXM-'. On lash Wednesday night, at, ,be Court thnle Lhc Wo()dville. Base B1 Ass)ciat.lm was July ogal,izec aud l he l'olhliilg oi!i,_'ers elp,;ied A. 1l. %indnian, President; E. Chishohih Vice-Presidenl; Max l)anilfl, Sec ?y. ll. (J slinsRi, Troasu'er: 1. S. Joseph Manaffel'. The c;, st(Icl{ t)l tile Association was linlited to 7,00 shares at1 each. AI, LIds time, all tut'bwen- t.v or thirty shares have been sub- s{:ribed. 'JTlae grounds are now being ,..,laded and p,lt. in first, class order. 0(inl f(,rtable, seal s will be erect ed and it iS eonl.enlpialed Lo have a lit'st' elas base ball park. Sn iley Anderon will t,wirl the ball which will be caught, I)y Filgler ill3d Me(iehce, ttid our sOVOl'ai weak p::iiils of last year will 1 ,<' strongly f,,)rtifled. Arrangements will be made lo play a rmmber of mat, ei games here and abroad. .-a,-  -t Frank Sherwo al was down low:, to-day, the first tinle since t,e had his tussle with cholera nmrbus llcsas he drovethiity miles afterhcasta- ken. and never canlc o near in his life. After this whel, lie floes oat ilt th(fcoiu,h'v 11o will lake a boltle of amberlahi's Colic. Cliolera and D arlhoea Remedy witn tiim.--Mis- so',iri Valley (Iowa) Times. For sale by G ](ANN. A full aut!leoinllleteline oftheeel- ebrated Jno. lI. kAetson & Co. Hats, in the latest sh.,pe and st31e. Our rice only $3, at, Rothschihls. Keep c,ol hy patronizing Argae' Sado l:'ou'lLain. lit a recent letter from Washington, D.C., to an ohl friend. Major G. A. Slut el. for twenty years L r. S. Consul at Singapore, sa)s: "While at Des Moines I became aequaintetl with a li:mnient kn,)wn as Chamherlanl's Pain Balm, which I fonnd excellent against rhenmatim as well as agaiust soreness of the throat and chest(giv- g .  -.'. 'i " week I''ad and two appliealious freely at)i/lied to the throat and chest i.elievetl ins of it at on(;o. I wol,hl not be withont it for an)tiling. ' For sale by C KANt. TIIE AMERICAN NAVY, CUBA AND IIAWAII, A porlh,lia, in ten p:u'ls, sixteen vicars iu each Luti't, of tile finest half o11[ ptt;t,tlres of the Anlerlcan "Nd . Cnha and }lawali, ha ,is, I)een is- sued by aChic:.llopul,l!shing hmtse. .TheIllinnis tJcnl.ral }lailrt,ad liar; taad'; arraugments for a special edi thin f,w lhe henetU5 of il, s paUrous, itlld a spec nerl ctt])y (3;/11 be seen at tile i(J('al I. C. t.icl,:e.t' otllc.e. Single pliris n}aV be had ;it, tela cents each, lhe till so{., one htlndred lind s xly pic- tuix?.s o;ists hilt. oile dollar. lil)scrilJ- ti(ms for lhe set may be lert wilh taw ageut,. In view of the present ex('it, e- rnent'regardiug Cuba tl,ese piernro8 are very t nlelv. Call Lab ,'he ticket office and see them. Amon_ our lute receipts are 10,000 yards t,f' Emhr.idery, remnants in 5 yard l,iece. '! iley "ire [itlt on salt ht 5e, 8c and 10; worm double, at Rothschilds. Mr. ,I. E. Hines, the o',d ieliable finn,) tunpr, has beenhere for several weeks repaiiing and tuning lJtanas and orgails. [te lefl, yesterday, hut will return daring the month of May to tuoe tim pipe nrgan In the Episco- pal Church " hicil tinte lie will fill all orders for tuning and rel)airing pianos and organs left with Mrs. 3" Noble. C, onntry orders solicited. Satisfaction uaranteed or no pay. CII A,IB E1H A IV?X)U(71I LE,.IE- DY ALWAYS PROVES EFFEC- TUAL. There are no better medicines on the. ina,'ket thau t ltanillm-!ain's. Ytre [,aVe tlse(t the Congh Romedv when all others failed, an l in every instance it proved effectual. Almost dady we hear the virtues of Chamberlain's rein edies extolled by those who liavc used theni. This is i,ot all enipty l)Uff, mid for al so much a lhio, biit i yol- nntarily giTen iii good 15dth. in lhe hope tlat suffering h,ln-lanity may try tlicse rein(dies and. like the writer, be b,,i,ellipd--Fi-oin the (ilenville (W. Va ) Pat,htinder. For sale b7 G. KANN. We have |,h; ropirL of a sertn+itl I-y IX,w. Mr. M'ore taken ill slmrl,huud ity itv coneerriing theitl i, viil be gratillud. Miss Peels wil,h a request .f.r [t will be a ditlienlt matter for the its pub!it'.at'imP. While {'e regret' that ; relmrter ,f lhe .l)ailv llh,od I)rinker our sp;leo tl(ws tier, permit, tl lo coirt- lily with Ills reqtlesL we congraLnlaie or lhe allt.r ,lander' to ot)tain all t.heyolln lady ni)on her pruilciency audience ith the ladies t)f the Lee hi t,his diilicult, art. family, and still harder to get posses- If y.n have :piano or organ t,) sit,n of their pietnres with which to vxploit the pages ot his Sllnday e(li- tune or repair, wait f.r J. E. Ilii;e: lions. Neilhcr ill Gem Lec him- the ohl reliable piauo tuner who witl serf afflict the conntryby a course of be here dtlria, the inonth of May. lee,ares. This seems to have become Also receive.d 100 doz. ladies Rich- the inert,aide sequ.l of an3" notoriety Lisle all,An(d, lic,.her I) 3 , sailing to the I (let In(r a ovtrnlnt nt or elieu Ribbed 'Furnt, r Vests, Nor,hie,e, )" o" g ' Thread and handsolnely trim,ned writing ayellow book; but, General Would lie a bargain at 25 cents but Lee, to his honor be itspolcen, is true we aresatified with 10e; at Roths- to thetradi'mns of his nanteand the childs. ,hiss from which lie sprung. On Wednesday we had the pleasure Therc are those who do not believe L'adit's' at, d .cnllenen s llem llan,ler- stllched c,;h,re,1 "bordered '" ehiefs; others ask from 60c',t(ll 20 per doz. 3, e sell them at 40c Io 50c per d(,z Ask to see them at, R,ths- childs. The \\;'arrc.n IAght Artillery list is being ra-lgdlv liiietl, sixteen al)ld{ca tim,s having ileen ret.t'i ed .inee :il- urday. This nllitlbcr :i,hle(t t{ lhe regular r..,ter and the Bil-xi comlnt- ny vh, are to lntlster with them will bring the quota nearly up tr) the re- quireinent. A few more g(Ind men will he received ,,o-day 1) 3" al)ldie'ttion ' ' r' Vicksburg t,) thc,Southron s atalo . Dispaich, 17th. The Sardis rep3rter says: "G,v. MeLaurin, it is said, has pr,ffered his services It, the war de- par,,u, ent, to the Mississippi st,l- diets in the war with pain. Wc can hardly i,na_,.ine anything else that ,vouhl iltduc - Ihe iisslsslpl'i boys to i,lli away, ruther than lie so led. Bnt then, lhere s no (laner, as the l)rof- fer was, no doubt, in,ceded as a iitigO joke." ME. GLADSTONE, lhe :reat man of E Igland, dbd on Wednesday, after a l,)tig illness, liewasin hisnineLieth year. The sorrow 3.tnor, gst all classes in Englalid is nniversal. New ttdvertisements. TO TIlE PEOPLE OF WILKINSON COUNTY. All thoscinterested in the Annnal [('ali's are reqnested to mcct t,!te Board of I)irectors at the Court I]one next Saturday evening, Mav Ist at 4 o'clock. 1{. 3I. bIc(h.tlEE Pros, IEGIST1LkTION NOTI(3E. tit accordance with Section .'2 chap- ter 51 t,f lhe acts (,r 1894 and clmpter 113 and,specially Sections 3615 and 3G7, l will visit the following named )recincts ,:l lhe davs licreinafler hen,toned for the mr'pose t,f regis- tering tliost; wile have uo heretofore re,dtere. I to- wit: Pre, cinet. Date. Woottville. Monday and Tnesday Gth and 7th ,lane 1898. Tnrnbnil, Wednesday Jnne 8 1898. Whiteslown '[lll,tsd').Y ' 9 " C'entreville Saturday  11 ' Coons Mill MondIw '' 13 '' Macedol,ia "Ve,lnesday l l 15 l, l)ry Fork Friday ' ' 17 " Perrytown Monday '' '20 " li, os,;ita Tuesday " 21 " f'oltl <l)i'ings Thui'sda7 i l 23 l i lloaver Ci'celt 8atpt'day , l 25 '' Pcrcvs Creek NIt)l,day '' 27 '' Ohl iver Wednesday " 29 ' Forl A(lanl Friday July 1 " PinckneyvilleSaturtlag " 2 " Do,legal Tuesday " 5 " After which lhe books will be kepl open at nly office for five t!avs to reg- ister all who arty apply wno are entl- tlett to register but all parties wish- i,g to vote in the coming ovember election must register four months bcforc the ,lay of eh;etion. K. F JOI[NSON, (ircuit Clerk and Registrar. 5 14 1898 4w. STILXYED Og STOLEN. Op.e siwlll lion gray mare ahout 12 hands high, about, (bycars old, very small head andquiie spirited. Any one returning sltine 1..o ins will be re- ward,d, .JAS. |IENDRICKS, I7'I;, Adams, Miss. 5 14 4w. TilE SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PITtE LIQIT O oSUCII A.So OLD }IO'Ot'OLE R FE, PURITdV RYE, .FRE,iVCtt BRd3"D , WIdCES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE ,OARS A/ways on Hand. l5"'l'hose is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine nly stock. A. S. JOHNSON. II tl known anhattan { $ . SHIRTS,{ Vghlto Golorod JUST REOEIVED IIA full linc of thc well VVhich we offer for a short time ONLY at 7S and ' worth 00$1.25 and $1.50 Martin Rothschild& Bro. ! NOTICE. BIDS to huild a hridge aeros -reek near ][. T. h;trp's aeoordirlg to spcci- flcatiorls on tile in the ehaucery clerk's ........  ,ffleo will b0 ret'eiyed up tn 9 o'rlock  A. I.. tin 1st Monday in June 1898. I". it, WHITE. W.S. WIIITE. The B(,.trd ree 'vcs the right, to reject' I .=.... m, aneand0000lb00d00, l 00illl@ trJoe" li0, C. A. Coo, Clei k. { llli ][ i 5 14 IS98 4w.   ] MAIN STREET. - Under Masoni Hall. L U IVi B E R I I --,LmlS I We are prepared to fill at short| Fan(.v ar.d Sta,le Groceries, Candy, at,lice any order t(,r l,ough (31),(s-l o,.>.o ,r,,,i,,,,t ,,u kinds, lohacco LUMI:Eg 'it low prices. Correspon-| "''f' ........ ," .,; ';iJ, in t,,w, dent, solicit,ed. > .. / ann wigars: esu ,x, ......... JNO. F, ILVINE & 5t). I Feb 129Sty. -- , . S. mARANTO, --DEALE I, IX-- ,, CuOICST Fruits, Oysters, Nllts el all knlds, and Fresh ariilly }{O ceries. I{ceeives datly Fauey t, .ir of all kiuds. Maccaronl eooK-tl- in the best style, from 9 A. M.. to 8 v. M. M,in St. Opposite llaum & Dam pf. ," Feb 1298 ly, 3 19 (,)3 6ni. Skin Disease00. For the peedy and permanent cure of ,tier, sMt rheum and eczema, nam- oeriain's Eye and Skin Ointment is WALSH & WI[,SOH,  CONTRACTORS OF * BRICK  CElVIENT W o R K. Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leav Orders with Wetrlin &; ill,key or Ben Brow n's, Broer not). i FIIZ LEE' FAMILY. Much f0tile uewsi)a|aer interest is without an equal. It relieves the itch- taken ia the fall, il.'f of General Lee hliL iL is ll(i likely Ihat pnlllie curios ing and smarting almost instantly and its continued use effects  permanent cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald head, sore nipples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic 'sore eyes and granulated lids. Dr. Cadr's eendltton Powders fm horses are {he best tonic, hlood purifiel md vermifuge. Price, 5 centa. Bold by G. Kd3',5. @@@@@@ @ O O @O@@@@ It Stands at the Head g ooo Newspapers. @ FOR SALE @@O @@@@@ @ The Patriek plantati,m sitnated oi, 0 0 0 " 0 Old River, Wilkinson Cotlnlv, Bliss. JO SEPIt SARPIIIE, The Jeweler, Oar stock is always complete, comprising the latest and newest designs in : : : Dfamor, ds, Wackes, Clocks, jewelry, Silver-ware, ovelties, Catlery, Spectacles, ye-Glasses &e. Repairing ! I. a special featnre of oar bnsiness, and WO are confident, with our Prices, Accuracy and Promptness. we can please you : : wE -+ CUARANTEE  11 i I , x v , f NOTICE. The public are llereb, notified that ftuntin isl)rohibited on the Stir- get,e, llmwood, Belleview and Go, NEW GOODS. IFe have jst received another large shipm, ent of Dry Goods zohich a,,'e of- fered this wee at the ustta low prices. On o,r eoumters will be fotnd the latest desis ir .Dotted Swiss, Dimitties and other oods su, ita.ble f stmmer zvear while or exeelle assortment of t'mporte white dies will repay art nOestiatlo, Gloves and Slippers i |white 1d, ar very fashionable, nd will be fern4 here ir _reat variety C, SCHAEFE C KANN. WOODVILLE " " " " " DEALER IN-- DRUGS and MEDICINES Public School Books -'ancf_ and Statione y, Painters Szpphes  in" Hardwa# e, Illuminating"  Garden Seed ce, "rhvsiclans prescriptions carefully compounded, and orders tOrrect}y cck selected v,it grat care andwarranted as represented. v. S. 9 z..-y, F. A. McLMN. "W. P. S. VENRT$ Do O o B lllLu'l" McLAIN & VENTRESS, Bramlett Att0ruels ut Ccusel0n L00w, WOODVILLE, MISS, Office hi McGeheo building. DR. (I. S. IAMILTON, 00ENTIST, 'tIlSS, WOODVILLE, OlltCe at Schlesmge' Iouse. April 18, ;95 iy, -------- DR. CHAS. E. CATCHING8 WOOl)V,,.L : : : : Miss. Office in Adams Drug Store. uy J14, '9 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS, Office at residence, Arril 7, ,88 ly DR C. C, CROSS. Dental Sargeou,  ODDVILLE, MISS. Office np stairs over the Pnstoffice. A. G. 8HANNON, WOODVl bLE, MISS. v,.r. ,, A0000mep ud WOODVILLEi MI88. Office iu Me(h-bee mereial Row. J. H. JONES. ..... Att0my It ill WOODVILLE, MISS ,. OBice abova the. R0pubb DEALER IN-- Family aud Fancy Groceries tloneries, Oysters, Tro all kinds, Sugar, Coffel Star(h, }aisins, Nui I Canned I ruit and Fish, &c. Flue brand (hewing Toba. Frcsh Bread every day, pllcs arriving daily,': March '21, 1896-y TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunt,ltg and t Retreat and I)amen,n 1: prohibited,, under " of Oct, 9t,h '97,--tf. TRESPASS NOTICE; All liunthlg, fishing Or' trespassing on Glen Blirlllel s siri ctly prohibited ilildt.r he la w, All loriner yoked. GO. M G c TRESPASS NOT Any person eaught. or otlervise trelmsslng Collins or Old Lewis i pros(eared to the lull N EATON. rx C0mele 00thw, iuthe Odd Fellows TRE BEST South-West Corffei of PUblic F. THERREL, z we aiw, on aa irtiele of aw. All former pelmii*s Will practte in all Stale cud United ed. . D; ] :i. i States cgurts in this Stata Real estate bought and ,I,t on eom mission. Office oa r.)mm:rcial Row. ,. a r, H.S.V Office tip-stairs Building. DI JOHN ..... i Physicia'a and Surgeon 00'lti00y, |mdy 00|in i WOODVlI.,LE, MISS, tm m am Oi Office on Main St. at his old Stand  i O[ a sail fr(nn our old frieud and army that the Mississippi volunteers will o,:inrade, Mr. Benj. F. Chisholm of O containing about 3"20 acres. For l'lantations l'ort' (,il,son, whospent, several days ever tie ordered tromJackson. There ! Tlrrles don narticutars apl, lv to, All [elmer l)er,nlts are hereby re hero t, bis week visiting his relatives are others who think the First Regi- &%O@OoO& " " V. X ), S. VENTRESS. yoked. CH.kS. COHEN. and renewing old acqnamtanee. Mr. will get off in a few days. If r Chish(llm remarked upon tile thinned it does it will have to move faster Woodvlll, Miss. Nov. "20, 1897-tf ": Democrat 3 19 1898 4w, "--------'7,,, rankst,fllisoldcmnpany, the Wilkin- than it did toward that end Ihe pas'.  __ URESPASS NO'[CE. son l{iites, (if whom lie was IO, fle tn week Ow, r 500 men are yet to he lind hut, few. Tttirty-three ),ears have ' " POSITIONS GUAlANTEED. IInnting or otherwise trespassing woefully depleted the ranks of ,,he accepted he[orelheregiment is nlade . ,-- , .... a..-te. of llaaris' Practical on tile Mc*lanns, Farlsh and Bowhng turvivnrsoftllat,t|ncc splendid c.qm- up. As f,rtheSecondRvgiment, no O It (IVCS OO@@OOOOOO Business Collegy, School of ShortIGreonplaeesisstrictlyproliibited nu- p,my and in it there was no |waver or call has yet heen marie for Ihe coin- : or better shtdier than Ben Chishohn. lai,ies to conlpose it to rendezvous OOOOO All TheNews, Hand, Telegraphy, etc., Jaekson,/der penalty or,he law. All former "s " i i | permissions revoked. MI stsspp ,i: " ' "-'"- O Both Home and Foreign. V( At, the Court' H(mse td/v a meet,- here. 1 e have bout'hi the Wavatt Col-| IL M. McG1AIEE. :lngoft'hase interested in the. Fair The soldier hoy areanxions to lie Association will ba held lind nl)t)n off to the war" That ks abont all O : leg here and at Meridian,' but Itave|  J. II. PENDLETON. O O O Iu ddltiOn, tt farniaha it closed out the one at Meridian, aud| Sept. 4, i896-tf this meeting will it dpend if this they talk of. lhmdred of chizens a4erOOEvorY StmdayMonatng reparcd to tvn stndents the v ,ry| ......... , iilstlt, ution shall be c;)ljl,inued tlu shall visited C, alnp P.t H-nry LI,is alter- t With a Ohoieo Co!loction of O O best bnslness tralnlnr, to be had t i-| " fall t4) the gronnd. We nios earnest'ly urge the coutinuance of the .rganiza- uoon, and kinked with pride up.n the @ ORIGINAL TORIES, O O O O, where. Catalogue Seut ._[i jplica-- The house and lot in Weodville N J llAltll, , lion and if the citizens appear It little soldier I)oys.ipicay une Jiss. BU- 0 O O O I SKETCHES and POEMS tion. . ' .; .... south west of the public square I.;.nol,. it Piesldent 0aCKSOn f*llSS ott t O a( 111 t lot -.- ,' " 8,');g tt" .... ' " " " as the Susan Sc l t Ijoi "t g S,q, .... , " ' " of Dr L W Magruder, apply to NOT[('E "  ,,t .... A. - ' tl 20 1897 tf, I have just received and will keep constantly on hand a fall snpply of TRESPASS NOTICE. |nkewarnl now, we feel ,,hat, at t'hc reau, 16th. O By &uthors ot kown rputataon. O :' thne (,f ,,he F,lir a liberal Support, will] . ____%_._.,oo . ..... O DaUy and Sunday OO$12.OOaYoar, beaccorded it. l;y no inept,is alhlw I Lincoln, .iRe[).,. i,lay l,..,--wl.ll. J.  Semi-Weekly. iseuedTuelays ' this most benefit al .factor to die. Bryan is to organize a third regli,ient O and Fridays OOO $1.OOayea mruit,onceulore, but let, (lur cltizens!of'Nebrasleav,,lunleerstotendcrtheir OSun4ayonlyOOOO $2.OOayear " nlei'stan'd l,tmt, if it, is not, isupport,ed ! services to the president as soon its ! $ Ind for camp1( collies, O O O O O [l'l'i'-li'inc, our annual fairs will ):to innstered t O O eO'I'I:I'm'ILMEIB'DEMOORAT' aband(,ued cud ,,he organizat'lon diS- (Joy, Ilolcomb to-day iss,ltl him a i    New Orleana. ,,a,ded. .-. , . /; i'L a?;7,1,'ii,; , .... - tvtt p ",.. , "Y' . , OOOOOOO@@OOOOO@ < 7 :'lhe renew'he I Tlioinpson Gh)ve- fi_ssociated Press correspondent to- t " :_ .... - : j'. flttm, sumhvr Corsets, only $1, at night ttiat he would accept the com- ] z.tmlpackage of' BLACK-Dr,AUG4T" k*e of at il4's. )a. COFFINS and CASKETS, of all Styles, which I will soil at rea- sonable prices, Shop opposite W. C. Bonnvs res- idence. TIleS. ROLA'ND. 2t.Ut4. 21, 1597'tt )7 All hunting on Simrall and Schae- fe.r tflaoes is strictly prohibitcd under penatty af the law. 11 20 971f, L. 'V'. M.,ORUI)IR. lOttH A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIREgTOR. . Full Stock of M:ctalic aIl Co lins always on hand at viii(, Miss., Maiu St. Tres.nass Notice. T BI:sT BiEIm Oi : GOARS, Domti nd Im gancv Liquors, Vermottth, Bet,fled aad eg Beer, A Full Stock of Mctalie and Wood- lee always on band .... My frienda and enstoale en Coffins always on had at Wood- find me ready t do bus, March 12, 92; All gerons found hunhng, fiheng or otherwise trespassing on ttie Bur namwood plantation abont 3 mile south of Woodville wiIl be prose cuted to the f01I extent of the law, As'tic'watch will be kept o sam, plantation for trespassers. L W. MAnItH)ER C-'ImIera an4 Yeliow Fever t, i ,I rta y