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May 21, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 21, 1898

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Saturday, May 21. So far as naval ,)peratlons are ............................... concerned there is nothing of J, S, LEWIS, great interest to tell. Editor and Proprietor. Though direct information is TO ADVERTISERS. JUST A WANT OF SENSE. [&apos;11E t,roo D VILLE I{ EPUIUACAN Js the oh]cstnewspal)cr in the Slate; has a ]ar:_,cr bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; The impatience that is express- ed over the delay in sending troops to Cub.t is very foohsh and unreasonable. But 100,000 prohihited, very prol)erly, it is of the125,000 volunteers called certain that Conlrnodore Schley's for by the Presidcnt have come the(eft)re " is Tb Seat hh,,r00iig IMi=, Aivertis00n tiis in gift, ANN{) UNCEM E NT. FOR CON(I IIE':S. To ihe Voters of the Slxlh Congres- sional Dish'ict : Believing that an inveMigation of rnv record in Conr(.ss will show that I fiave dischargedlay duly, aciivelv, faithfully an,l ettieiently: that 1 Imve kept all pro,qll'es I}.IH[ hroken no party pledges, 1 therefore am encouraged toagaiu re)licit tim. support of mY constituency for re-election an([ here- byannmmee my candidacy, subjevt to tim action of lhe i)enmeralic party of the Sixth l)istrict of Mississippi. Very RespeCt idly, W. F. LOVE. squadron is within striking dis- tance of Ilawma, and equally certain that Admiral Sampson's fleet is in the Windward passage, at tile eastern end of Cuba or on the south co.lst iu striking dis- intosiglltayet and surely the sh)wness of the w)hmteer move- nlent is no fault of the govern- ment. As to the rest, any one huts fool must know that con- sidcr'tMe time is required to or- ble. ()f course to pat men into camps of instruction and drill then more time is necessary. The newspapers qre resl)onsi Me for this senseless clamor. Perh,tps with the regulars there may he enough of tile state gtuh'ds '--- ing Bahia the Oregon made for Gen, Ihlz Lee sill commanda the Windward islands and no corps. IIe has been ordered to Tam. doubt was m danger of rulming pa. Get). qos. Wheeh, r. Major Gen- afoul of the Spanish fleet which oral will command the cavalry and is ltseentsihas been watching for 1 O" tance of Ctenfue,os. ganize, uniform and equ/p so Of Uervera's fleet nothing is largea body of men. Nor is that known though it seems to be all or the most of it. Thesetrool)s pretty well ascertainedtha!heleft]mus t be drilled or they would be the Venezuelan coast on Sunday. littlebctier than an armed rab- Ilowever, so long as he is kept out of Cmnfu%os and,a his whereat:outs does not seem to matter: As he won't figit and certainly will not risk his shit)s against the guns which guard all of our important ports anl cities. The good news comes from to w'u'rant au invasion of ]uba. Secretary Long that the Oregon We do not know, but we believe is safe, though tie would not give.ther e are not enough of them to the location of the ship. I/or long voyage, of ,)vet' 13,000 milesItake Ilavan:t. This war is not going to prove a niuety day affair began six weeks ago. After lear- most likely. A DI]! F EREN CE OF OPINION'. A difference of opinion as to the advisability of ordering un- ABOUI FINANCES AND FHINGv The management of the financial ,flairs of the State is a mater of in terest to every Intelligent citizen. In this State it, has beaome a matter el solicitude. The enormous pubhc school fund al)propriatio n bears heav- ily, hile effectual meanres have not heen taken to meet the burden which that and the other expenses of the government lays upon the people.-- The Picayune 5Iiss Bureau tersely remarks : ""l'he (teplorahlecondltion of af- fairs iu Mississippi is making a deep impressi(m nlmn the press and the people. Taxes are higher than since the black vampires of radicalism-- Ames aid Ills minions---were clicked from the neck of the -ommonwealth. Tim absence of public iml,rovemenis ; the issuance of 8400.000 of "inter- est-bearing bonds in times of pro- found peace;" the appropriation of '200,0{)0 to feed a del)leted treasury and to lmy the expensesof the state government, Ihe imminent closing of the Indus'lial Institute aud College, or the calling of another extra ses- si,m to keep it open, and the spend- ing of, perhaps, $40,000 more, as was done aitiouLresult at the other one, which, by the way, was the first one called since the reign of thccar- pet- I)agers ; and the spending of thousands of dollars in discussing res- olulioos to investi,,.ate olficial drunk- enness iu high plac'es, is burning deeply into the brain and conscience of the people of the state. The Biloxi Review sounds the also is ordered to Tampa. A WiDe ])VFEI,:XC.--h the Sen ate on Tuesday, the War Revenue Bill heing under disensslon, Senator Jones maintained that the expenses of the war daring lte no,'. gear wouhl not be more than $240, 000.000. On lhe other hand Senator Alhson said lhe war expenditures for the next year would not he less than $379,- 192,C00 The latter had the best of Hmargume.nt, as he presented esti- mates to prove his assertion. TaP. ItawaH A.xxEx,rmx JoB will heeonsnmmated st) far as theIIouse is concencd, as Ihe f-re!go affairs committee has relmrted a joint reso- lution to that ('ffecl, whicb, it is con- ceded, will go through. Oureap- lure of Manila and probal)le capture ,,f the Philippines, has revivified this scheme, as llawaii is on the direct I her near Maz'tinique. ] trained volunteers to Cuba is re- alarm All able and devoted free The Charleston left Slln Fran-/ported to exist between Gen'l. ilver paper itself, it warns the free eiseo on Thursday for {anita, Miles and the V(:u" Department. ,liver press that tile onus of r,'scuiug the sta'te from its present unhapl)y laden with ammunition for Admi- Gem Miles thinks that the un- conditiou rest upon it. The Review ra] Dewey's fleet. She will coal trained volunteers shouhl be put concludes a leading editorial as fob into camp and g/yen some in-lows: at IIonolulu and will requirelstrttctionaud be allowed about twenty-four days to reachlquire canlp experience that will to ac- her destination. The City of enable them to take care of them- Pekin, with troops and supplies was to leave San Francisco for Manila to-day. The Spanish fleet at Cadiz is reported ready for sea, and it is reported as not ready for sea. Its destination is said to b5 the Phil- ippiucs, which also is contradic- ted. It consists of the first chlss selves. The department is anxi- ous to nmke a inovenlent at once Its the reconcentrados are (lying by hnudreds from starvation. ]t is a hard ease certainly. While both are right, (Ion. 31i]es is su- l)erlatively right. To ISOLATE G,x. BLAXCO it iS battleship Pahlyo, the armored reported the remaining cables cruisers Enllerador C'wlos V, leading from Cuba will becut. Alfonso XIII, Victoria and Gi- It is diflicult to understand the raids, the auxiliary cruisers Ra-] want of foresight that has allow- pido, Alfonso XII, Buenos Ayres e,1 Blaneo comntunieation with r, ad to these Islands. If the Senate and Antonio Lopez, and three Spain np 1o this time. The does not defeat the j,int resolution torpedo boats. It may be tah:en as a nre indication that congress is in favor of and stands eommittt] to the at'qniition of for- sign territory; Ilawaii, tim Phihl)- pines aud perhaps Porto Rico. There are a large number of troops at and near Tampa, (if all arms. At Chiekamauga there are some 28,000 or 3000 of the Na- tion:tl Guards. At New Orleans there are several regiments of There is much fotlishshriekingin the diHmtches of the Worhl, Journal and p'apers of the class because the Flying Squadron or tl,at of Adniiral Natal)SOn does noL briiig the Spanish fleet to action llcad it off ! Pen t np in the Caribbean sea! they erj. Tim Spanish squadron can steam about twice as fast as tlw monitors cables at Cienfeugos were cut two weeks ago, which occ'lsioned the fight tit that place. The other eiiblcs run to this country and from Santiago de Cuba When the latter is cut Blanco e'm have no further eomnlunieation with regulars and at Mobile a small Spain. force" All of these troops are fit and ready to move. The trans- portation has been provided and there will be no delay when the order to move is given. AN IMMEI)IATE INVASION OF CUBA. 'It is axiomatic that with power comes responsibility, and any party placed in power by the people will have to prove ir, s worth anti merit or be retired. The people are exacting as to the rendering of accounls b 3 their publi servants, although at titnes patient and forbearing, and the l)arty is hehi to answer for theindi- vidual placed in pea'of. The Demo- crati9 party is on trial now before the i)e,qHe of this state and has to aas,er for the most unsatlsfact(;ry administration of affairs for tiw past two years by its tru-ted servants, and all 0centime of tile fact thaL the choice of men :o guide the old ship -f state was made with an eve single tO as a t)rineil)le, and does not commend Lhe Dcmecra|ic party electing any man to office who does not subscribe to this doctrine, htit tim advocacy of right and justice upon any line by no means fit a man for the resposibih- ttes of a sate and successful leader any morc titan it renders hini incnll). potent or unworttly. While acou. --,,., vletion to the principles invoh'ed ill The newspapers have been hav- the free c,>inage of silver is a forward ing a pic-nic, cranlnling thcir columns with all sorts of reports from thetr correspondents, much of which ought not to have been published, as they kept the enemy well posted. To the disgust of TIIE PRES8 CONVENTION met at Bay St. Lonis ou Tuesday and as usual have had a most enjoyable time. The Convention will uieet next year at Vicksburg. The, following oflleers were cl- ected for the ensuing yeilr: Presidmlt 1[. M. Qniu. Cenh-eville: lh'st vice president P I:1 Williams. Lumbertoli. sezo,M vice preqdcnt, Win. Ward, Times Slarkville; h'eas- nrer, P K. Masers. Scranton; secre tary. J. G. 'McGuirc, Yazoo City; or- ale( J. D. McKie. Biloxi: chaplain, W. [. Thames. l',plarville; essa,ists, I1 1I. Crisler. Port Gil)on:Shss Kale Power, Jackson; Mrs. F. L Kincau- non, Tupelo. Jas. It Duke waeleetedexeeuiive committeeman f the Nat ion'l Edito- rial Association. and the following as delegates to that association's meet- ing next year: If. M. Qunl J. G. Caslmmn. J G. McGnire RII. Hen- ry. J L Gillespie II E. Blakeslie, 1". K Mavers, .Mrs 1I H Butt. ".['HE LABAMA WaS launched at Cramps sliipyards (in Wednesday. She was christened by Miss Morgan, the daughter of Senator Morgan. The completion of t.bis battleship has been dehlyed a year because Con- gress refused ttlfurnish the armor. Ordinarily twelve Inonlhs would be required to complete her but the work can bedone in six months if desired. The armament, uf the ship is as fol- lows: "The 8-inch gunsof the Indiana typc are done away with entirely, lhe main battery of the Alabama tyoe consist- lag of four 13-inch guns iu turrets and fomtecn 6-inch rapid flriug guns, of which ten are mounted on Shogun- deck, cight, in br.adside tieLwcen the turrets and two llring straighl5 ahead forward of the forward turrct on the guudeek. Four are mounted in a small rcdoubl on the casemate deck, two on eacli side. The broadMde 6-inch gnns, Instead of being mountediu projecting spon- sons, are niounted in recess porl, S, in order togeb excessive train forward and abaft the beam. | .... .:i'. The general dinwnsions of the A!a- bauia clas are as follows: Length over all 374 feet, breadth 72 feet., freeboard ,forward 20 feet, free- board abaf the turret 13 fecb3 incbes; draught 23 feel 6 inches, displacement 11,525 Ions. The guaranteed speed is 15o be 16 knots and the estimated l)ors - power 10.000. The main battery hltsa]roadv been describc(I. Tho set )ndal'y 1)at le:'y con- sists of seveutcen 6-pounder rapid-lire cue purpose and in disregard of gnns, six 1-pounder raphl llreglns Ihe matter of Keneral fitness for the and fnur Gatlings. Ingh dmlesofthe position. Thewri. ter tte[ieves in the free and nnllmited ' I[eadq'rs. of the Army. Adj-Geu. eoinage of silver, not as a policy, but ()fflee, Washington, May 16. '98. The following order has been re- cciyedfroni the War Department. War l)epartment. Wasliiugton, May 16 1898. The. following assignment of gene- ral officers to coal mand is hereby ntade by the l'resident: Majoi'-(en. Wesley 3Ierritt. U S. a. othe Departnieni Ot lhe l>aciflc; i j r (Jen Jolin R. lh'ooke U. S A life First Corps and tim Department of the Gulf; Maj-Gen. Wm M Gra- sre 1) along towards the foundation of barn, U. S. Volunteers, theSecoiM fit|ing any man for the high duties Corps, with his headquartcrs at Fall. ,,f life, in that it establishes within l,im tile g,'aud priuciplesof jusliee and tqual rigl,ts to all, there are oth- er necessary requirements to be con- sidered in calling men In (fffiee, and it is this f.ict that, we wouht urge our (}hnrcl,.Va.. Maj-Ge,.Jas. F. Wade U. S. Volunteers, lhe Third Corps, reporting to Major-General Br,>oke. Chickartla uga; Major General John J. Koppingcr, U. 8. Volunteers, lfio Fourlll C,)rps, Mobile. Ale ; Major- Gen. Vnl. 1. 8hafler, [7. S. Volun. with Admiral Sampson atoll, being the news gatherers, who h'lve part( to cnslder. ProfiLing I) 3, the teers,Maj_0;en.the FifthE wellCrp''S OlisTampa'u S Flavoi,. mdeatWentYfalerkntthanVesse]'%the baltle.shillare abontMas.fOnr Adjut'mt Gon. Corlfin on Ved- been "running the war" u 1) to errors of the l)ast let ns avoid the unteers, to report to Maj" Gen." Me(-" nesday reported 92,580 men of this time, in their own estimation, pitfalls of the future. As the power ritt, U. S A., for (lutv with troops in has been vested with the party, so tile Department of tbc Pacific' Ml... sachusetts in Cgmmander Schley's the volunteer army as mustered they have t)een nut under censor- , ,,,, quadrou, it can fight or rnn so long in. It should be remenlbered ship, which sl'mald havo l e,n unist il,e party wear the honors of Goneral Jas. I[ Wilson U 8 Vof well cliseharged trusts or rest tinder unteers, the Sixih Corps. Ghickamau. as it can find coal. The columns in howcvcr, that a very large pro- done fr()nl the ill'st, the ignominy ot blighted faith. We g,. reporlin to Major (;en Bro,llte; the doll) press devoted to that kinJ portion c.f this fores is entirely I The following gives the first cannot lie robbed of one nor dodge Ma]. Geu. Fitzhugh Lee, U. S V,iI- t, nteers, t.lia Seventh t3orl)s , Talnna I stuff ...... liars beeomeo.,.oa uuisanee.__ untrained and un(h'illed, taste of diseipliue to these gen- the other. There is no lack of men, I, la. ; Ma]. Gen. Joseph 1[. Vtheel'erl The real question is, havo we try, many of whom do not ca,'e a I true and trio(l, In our ranks, aml It U. S, Vohinteers. tile cavalry division behooves both leader and people to Taullm Fla. The absur(h:ty of having a Naval enough drilled voluntecrs, with continental what injury their dis- see to it tb-it these are brough; to the R A. Ai.GEIL See of War toBrdlnotft)e.p lest r.HoggsincehaStheheeuol|e inapparentwash- the regulars, to constitute a force closures lnqy occasion, so "they front. Le IJie days of per: o mlllel- By. colnaland ,if 3hlj. (]-ell. Miles. sufficient for the capture of IIa- itics end vltll Illisadministration an,I II C. UORBIN. Adj't Geu'l." tlgton was organized. Therefore it, get there first:" vana, and at the same time send ........ Q ............ a new era can be Inaugurated of call MORE "SON" PRETENSIONS. " is gno(1 news to hear that the B. of 5000 regnlars wih 12,000 or more by principle and life practice to serve Report from Washington states that 8. is to be all,Itched. The Adams Light Infantry will ino men o olliee who are con)mitted volunteers to the Philippines! leave Natchez on 25th, as we learn the interest of the state against all sons of Gen George Pickett and other A Waslungtoa Times-l)emocrat It is asserted, seemingly upon from the Denmcrat, for Jackson, others. Away wiLh pigmies and distinguished officers of he Confeder special of the 17th says that within a good auihoriiy, that there are to join the Second Regiment. l)emocrats for revenue and let men ate army have applied to lhe President week the Board ,if Strate:.,y will be a ................ of convicli,ln aml character assume for staff positions in the volunteer ser- I 80,000 trained soldiers in Cuba, THE FHs';'Mss., 'REOIMENT the lead. If this is ta be accompliMi- vicc, and have been assured that they/ remiaes-'enee except as Io nalne. .4 most of whom are concentrated will be mustered in next week, it ed the free sih, er journals,if the state will be taken care of. [ complete change of policy has been mapped out by |he Seereiary of the in Ilavana. Besides, there is a if said, It is a fact that recruits must do it. Upon them devolves the It is a great pi,y that these young/ dut of soundmt, the alar ..' " o , m and blaz- men havc followed the bad examplet Navy. Instead r,f fighting sea bat- considerable voltmteer force at arc hard to get in many localitiee cuing the wa'. Already sehelnes are set them by the scions of Grant, Har- [ tlesherein the th.l/artmenton paper Gen. Bl'ulco's disposal. The in this State, Lhough th/s regi-being hatched around Jackson to rison, Haynes and Lob, an. None of they are hereafler to he fought 1, 3, Spanish will fight behind strong ment no doubt would have been further llerpeLuate the same clan that these sons of their father has the rules now in power, and the charges slightest claim to the honors the), have I [he officers at Ihe seem, nf aclion, fortifications and to capture tbe mustercd in before this time [,but often beard that not a few of the pa sought, and none of them couhl be so They hill also he left to (to the phln- [lavana ev/dently will require a for the pbysical exaniination, I)ers of the state get their Inspiration elevated above the heads of oflmrs I ning, except in so far as the depart, i large army. It will he a big job. which at first was too strict, from thaL sacred precinct. Let, then without doing rank injustice to soldiers _ aleut may give orders as lo policies. Everytllin Feints to a sneedy throwing our, as it did, l)erfectly the papers el tfie state really enga:, who deserve such promotion. ed in tim warfare for the w'elfare (,f In this country the dominant idea, This change was deci:led on yes-- invasion and as we have no ueh capable men for trivial causes, tbe state sonnd the tocsin of war, which has been fully recognized by the erday. Capt. Barker of the Board force at present to t.ike tlavana ....... , ......... . only go.d men to office, and kee I) up Constitution and law-lnaking powers, is has been ordered to command the by as,:lult, no (toubt the purpqse v ashinton, May 18.--Represeuta- the fight until the victory i, ours." that all citizens must be given an equal live lh'ornwell (Rep) of Ohio has in- chance as nearly a.s possible, and no- ,Newark, which uill go Into coinmis, is f,l move to the rear of the ei|y lroduced a joint resolutionautheriziug ''"- body shall be preferred on account of lon next Sturdav. ltis del)artur e aml cut off supplies from that Ihe return of captured Confederate WIIO WANTS HI'd ? what his father or more remote ances will niark the breaking up of the Na way while the bh)ckade continues flags on appli,'ations (,f Governors of (Special to the Picayuue.) tor did. In other words, we recognize al Board cf Strategy, hich has not in front, which policy wouht States wliose troopso_o..oearried ..... the flags. Elllsville. Miss, Mat 17.Arrest- no right of heredity and insist tliat been over snecessful, even in its pa- ntake Blanco the attacking party. Speeialto-;rim ]'trees-Democrat. ed iifteen miles west iff this place, a every American must be the architect white nian abont ,15 years ohl, 5 feet of his own greatness. thePcr baUleS.a of It'theillNavy,lte the planatter thisf] Relicf Io thetradoes starving reconcen- New York, May 18.-. was an- I0 inches high. weight 160 or 170 nonuced at (Jovoruor's Isl'tnd to-day poniids broad forehead light coin- Secret rv no doubt is one of the The President weakly)ielded toun- llat Majoi Gellet II M week, to leave more to the discretion motives for a speedy movement. " "  " " erritt wottl(l plexion, sandy hair, light Inustache, American influences when he gave leave tor an Francisco probably to- ltas beard on his faceabout one weeks comnfissions to Fred Grant, John and tact ot the cfflcers in cmnmand, That could be done without in- morrow or next day. lie is awaiting growth, has on black sltirt, dark pant Logan, Webb Haynes and Russ Harri- teerviagment advise(st himselfthe rlghtand hiSto counseldepart" itvislhlgis to beI/avanahopedatthatall" greenherefre'vol- orders from Washington, and these !lose and seems to have powder marks the country b), shown sm'llar " and black hat; has a Inole at baso of i son. He will not iustif himself to are expected any moment f News came front Wasliington to-day !,,.!ace ; says lie was iu the crowd that .:.-- ".- _ .... g favort Killed the negro on tile 6Ill h, ,'T, .. tlSlll to sons ot outncrs commanuers. anything whMi may in their unteers will under no cireumstan- t that Gen Merritt would be given the urleaus, llad when arrested, a'c;m'*- If young Pickett and the rest have jlldgment ............ be entirely._,,,,.,.an. .......... error, ces, be hurried to Cuba. Let 5000 regulars asked for, and that he pass, raih'oad maps 'of Mississippi, the spMt of their fathers in them they them go into camps o instruc- wouht have the pick of 15,000 trained Louisiana and Texas, also oilcloth Io will win their spurs before they The announe.mellt of lhe with,lrs w al of Attornev-GeueralCrane from the tions, until the f'dl when they troops. In addition, the expedilion go over tim tread as a mask; was rid- undertake to mount and ride.--Mem tug a bay mare 12 to 15 years old. aphis Scimitar. rate for (;overt or of Tex,lq i, ,,. I would be effective and would not voluuteers, 15,000 more be !l)Sal)erson leads one to believe h(m to ........... u ..... was to be snpplemented by 26,000 good Texas saddle; other thinffson significant of it Ioning down of l)em- . : : coratio inlolerance It was his taie I die up like sheep with nlurrain, lg announ0ed, tim whole be train robber. This ulan is want- [ .xeeiilive Uolnmiltee test proscription i ....... "*"* ......... WashingLon, May 18.--The ncws bul- ed for some crime iletin, issued bv tim navy department donblo that at first intended by the which wa rlpndi.lted, tlmt pat him l The indications arc Ihat the War Depalqmeut. These additions oiit. Tile next |esou of ii,e same IIUGII M'MANUS, Sheriff to-day contaiued tile f(dluwing: r *-.-* _ ".A n order has been issued by the liiud will come froln tim Nor|h Caro. two ill'st army corps that will be were thought to be the result of it)- Eiohteen States have cornplefed yi 'esler Scovel, a newspaper corres- department forbidding the nresoneo ,t Hna State eonvenllon--all the signs moved to Cuba will be Gen'l. formatiou givcu to tim 1>resident by  " ' "- ....... p'Jilithig to fusion slough. Naturally , , F. tlteir quota as follows: California, In- p(mdent, aboard vessels cff I.he navy or tad anthmafieallythisproeess Isbeiug Shafter s, composed lllOSt]y of Dr. S. Bourns, of Atlanta, Go., diaua, hlah3, Georgia, Maino, Kan- at any naval station ima(court of his marked, by tt re-admission tOwhofUll regulars, and [the corps which who spent many years in the Philip- sas, Marylam[. Minntsola, Massachu conduct, in st, wing himself awltv ,m '00Jows',il) o, setts, New /lampshire. Ohio. Oregoll buard of the tag Uucas on the recent piues, aud Col. R. P, Itughes, wlto l ennsylvania, Vermout, Washington. visit of that vescltoHavan .Imh,,, will bc COlllinandod by Gen. Fitzll)as collecfed forl Gen. Merritt agreat West Virginia, Wis('ousiai and Wvo- lag roen refused periaissiou tog.oa t it" "e tmmnnicatcd two jears ago. ' - -- Vickgilxg lh'raht. Lee. , ., a. _. ..a--, deal ,f inforltmtion about the istuds, attirg, passenger," LEON SCIIWARTZ. C I/.-KEYLAND. SCHWARTZ &, NEY[ANg Main Street, WOODVlLLE, Since the Quaran/ine res/rictins az'onnd onr tozom have beeT raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh _floods of all/inds 'and our store is now repZete with best staple and fancy 6. _  oee# zes, dry floods, ete, to be found. , T New goods arriving daily. 1 hay purchased a large stock of Dr3, Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ar t icles, Hats Shoes &c. in New Yo all of which I propose to sell at pricel so low that it will be to your inte to examine my stock. Special in. ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER 161  "- -<2 T, Te y_" . . YOUR DOCTOR  " Disease with n ""  l,;,;e l= your Prescriptions filled AIGUE'$ pHARM;CY, x_ F - :h/. W. No....,'5 Niglit.. Tr.,iu Leaves Memphis, " t i V 1{ Ki:li.I U ,"g i ,i il li ii {Jeati'ovilio ...... " Arrivas Now Orleaus No,., ,,6' /ght, .'l'[raiu lea vt:s Nmv el leans " /dsll trevitl .......... Vick 1 " " " " arrive l'lIlllllll s No. 21 Day Traiu " - - "" "- *" ,, Leaves Vieksbnrg, " " " arrives New Orh,ana No 22 Day Train leav,:a Nmv Nrloau 7:55 i'm D:IU llni 6: Ill am 10;D ',)a lii 4:20 !, m 8:35 pm 1 1: 5o f,ia 7:10 aim H am 5:30 pm 8:1 5 am 5:,55 pm ........ arrives Vi('.ksl)urg, Train runs daily xcept Sunday. 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Parti,'u]ar attention paid to re-eoverillg and rigging Aft wor k done proniptly anti at lleasmaable rates. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf 7, TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or trclassiug on tile Artonish lands nnder fencn ispro- hibitcd under full pena]ty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pastnre afterFehruary 15th will be charged pasturageT-50e per nlonth. . A. GILLESI'IE. 1 15 1898 Iy. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hnnt or otherwise trespass o,n my lands known as tim Gihlatt tract, the Lbertv tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile nort h-east of Woodvflle .rider penalty of the law F. Y, BE T, De. 19, '96 tf 60 Yarb, Ri" " , rtr- opvmmni&,. tn.oae senal s ek@tch andeset mtF ct__Uctatn our olnlon  wh4PJm, am t" ento.u..ts probab}Y ImtWattbio. Comtaunles. I l"rtNk OIde affenr Iee tmttrttg i,tt. s0e,.. 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