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May 21, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 21, 1898

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&apos;-= NO. 49. vet. LXXII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1898. W00HT8 MOR[ NLB. Gem Merritt Thinks He Should Have a Strong Force of Sea- soned Regulars. IllS: MISSION IS A!VERY DELICATE ONE, ]Possibility that Three Regiments of Reg- ular Infantry May be Sent Post-Haste Across the Continent to ]Form the , :Nucleus of the I'hlllpplne Islands Army of Occupation. WASIIINGTON, May 17.--Co1. R. P. Iughes, inspector-general with head- quarters at New York city, was at the war department on a mission from Gem Merritt in connection with the Train Robbers at Large. The posse which left Meridian a few nights ago to hunt for the Cuba Ala., train robbers have returned after a fruitless search. They tracked the robbers to Toomsuba. where all trace was lost. At Toomsuba the depot had been broken into and robbed. The agent says the robbers secured only a few dollars there Near the scene of the holdup the posse found three masks and they think that but three mcn were connected with the robbery. The masks give a clew which woull tend to fasten the crime upon three hoboes who were seen lurking about Cuba. They robbed a negro woman's house of some bacon, taking an old dress to wrap it in. The masks were recognized by the woman as portions of her dress, and. to clinch the matter, they were strongly impregnated with the odor of bacon. The express people claim thezrobbers ssignment of regular troops to ac- secured company the Philippine expedition ,noon to start from San Francisco. Gen. 5Ierritt's preference for a larger num- l*er df regulars than it was pro- posed by the department to give him has been knmvn here for some MAJ. GEN. -SLEY MF2,RITT, United States Army, his views on that subject are by many of the army officials. They realize that Gem Merrill will ve a delicate and important duty to as military -overnor of the pines, and they agree in ex- tras.sing the opinion that the general have an adequate and well-dis- force at his command to main- tain order in a city that will be filled with discordant elements. There arc gh reguhus in the west to furnish the number that Gcn. Merritt thinks hould be sent on the expedi- tion, and consequently Secretary Alger and the department officials have been considering the advisability of with- draw,,g about three of the infantry rcgiznents from Tampa. where a large ber are now rendezvoused, and of ispatching them post haste to the Pa- coast These men are well sea- ,xl and thoroughly disciplined .and just the kind Gem Merritt believes be sent on the transpacific trip. Capt. Jesse M. Lec, of the Ninth in- fat%ry, who has been stationed at Tainlu recently, reported at army headquarters i n response to telegraphic instructions, and it may be he is here with refereuce to the sending some of the troops now there to the Philip- pines Gcn. Greely, chief signal ofl]eer, is making arrangements to send a detach- ment of six officers and 55 men, made up largely of telegraph operators and electricians, to accompany the Phihp- pine expedition. A Disclaimer from Get*. Merrltt. WXSmXGT0X, May 17. -- Secretary Alger has received the following tele- gram from Gem Wesley Merritt: GOVEUNOR'S ISLAND, ['EW YO3X. ]{ON. i A. 2%LGER, .EJaET-k'%Y OF VAa. WASHtNtt'ON--I deir' you to kuow that ths Interviews published ia th0 New York papers this morning are In every w;ty incoree and ua- authorizcL I ha 1 lntetLled to tak0 no notI0o of them. bttt I uedersmn] the articles are taken seriously in Washinao V ESLE'Y MERITT THE END IS NOT FAR OFF. "" Englmld'S Crand Old lan, %Vllllanz E. ladstone, %Vlthln llcarlng of the Final SuInlnon t]AWARDEN, May 17.-=31r. Gladstone's aysician said this afternoon: "The end is now near. Mr. Glad- atone has taken little nourishment. Hc breathes heavily for a few minutes, and then his breathing is hardly per- ceptible. Mrs. Gladstone is with her dying .husband. She and others of the family do not lcave the room for more than a fcw minutes at a timc." }[&WAnDEN, May 17.--When offered mdicite at 4:0 p m. Mr. Gladstone exclaimed: ".No. no." Apart from this hc has seldom spoken, except to com- mence prayer, lie is practically un- conscious. A Serious Turo for the Worse. HAWAnDX, May 17.---5 p. m--An of. less than $50, as shown by checking up. Army ExaminationS. Examinations for admission to the army are going steadily forward at Jackson. An army examination is strictly business, and is no respecter of the civil vroprieties. Six hundred and ninety-eight men have beeh examined and of that number 195 have been re- jected. Half of the First regiment is ready to bc mustered in. The present examining board, while duly strict, as it is required to be by regulations, is allowing a larger percentage of men to pass. Many of those already turned down will be afforded a re-examination. All those who have beenrejected on account of failure to come up to tI* standard weight--l5 pounds--will,be given a re-examination if they do not fall below 110 pounds. AS to the SIeial JudgeS, Since the adjournment of the legis- lature, in February last one of the laws of its making has twice been put to tbc test. The list of special judges, chancellors and district attorneys, like the Federal pension roll had grown to alarming proportions; it was costi:g State thousands of dollars per annum, and those officials acquainted with the f-cts advised the legislature to call a halt, which was done by the passage of au act approved January 81 ,tipulating that iu the future the regular judges, chancellors and district attorneys,when disqualified to officiate in any partic- ular case or at any termof court, should pay the specml judge, chancellor or district attorney who served in his stead. On the very day this act went into effect IIon. Waltcr Trotter of Winona was sittin as special judge in place of Judge W. F. Stevens at Carrollton end had been for two or three days prior to the passage of the act. lie also served five days after its passage. The auditor of public accounts settlcd this claim, as the new law directed, by paying Mr. Trotter for the days he served as judge prior to January 21. and deducting 50 for five days served after January 31. The First district now comes to thc front with the second detnonstratlon of the effect of this law. Judge E. O. Sykes, recently appointed, was on one side or the other of a large number of cases on the Monroe county docket, and being thus disqualified, called on Hen. Newman Cayec, the old judgE, to pre- side in his stead at the March term, which hc did. Later ou Mr. Caycescnt his bill for six days' services, as has been customary, to the auditor After some delay and on thc advice of the at- torney-general, a warrant for $60 has been issued to Mr. Caycc, and Judge Sykes notified that the amount has been deducted from his salary. So far these are the only two cases brought to the attention of the auditor, and it is high- ly probably there will be few if any more. The intention of the legislature was to put an end to these "special" judges, chancellors and district attor- neys, somclimes necessary, but often not by any means, and it is thought the object has been accomplished. Oratorical Medal. Seven contestants from the freshman class of the University of Mississippi competed in the Hermean Literary So- ciety prize declamation contest for two old medals at the university chapel last week. The judges awarded the first medal to J. C. Kyle. Jr., son of ex- Congressman J. C. Kyle, of Oxford. The second medal was awarded to S. ] . Rowan, of Wesson. The medals will be delivered during commencement ex- ercises in June. Good for Greenwood. All the business men of Greenwood have agreed to pay their employes full wages while engaged in war and give them their positions when they return. Rigid Medical Examination. The rigid medical examination to MISSISS!PPI'S WAR REOOD. Intercstlng Facts Compiled hy Col. J. l Power, Showing %Vhat tit,,*, State Furaished the Confe;leracy. The State of Missi..ippi, from 1831 to 1865, furniMaed about eig'hty thousand men to the Confederate armies. She furnished 4:) regimcnt; infantry, 15 bat- talions infantry, 4 regiments cavalry, 16 battalions cavalry, 1 regiment caval- ry reserves, 7 regiments ,State troops, 3 battalions Sta[e troops, 8 battalions State cavalry, 1 partis:m ranger re,i- meat. 1 partisgn ranger battalion, 5 battalions sharp shooters, 1 regiment light art ltery (46 guns), 1 artillery bat- fallen. 1 artillery battery, 1 mixed reg- iment, infantry--Mississippi, Alabama and Tcuuessee; 1 mixed battalion in- fantry, Mississippi and TennessEe; 1 mixed battalion Mississippi and Ala- bama cavah'y; 1 legion of cvatry--5lis- sissippi, Alabama and Georgia. She furnished 4 major-generals and 2t brigadiers. The forty companies of ltumph:'eys' brigade and thirty companies of l)avis' brigadethe historic rolls of wljich arc in my possession--show the following interesting figures: Total enrollmeot In the 70 camp:roles ...... 9.4O7 Died of disease ............................ 1.2iG Killed or died of w0ua,ls ................. 1.31l Discharged, resigued, retired ............. 2,937 Transferred to o.her commands ......... 513 Tran'fcrred by ilrolttoti011 ................... 239 Deserted or dropped ...................... 1,257 MisMug ..................................... 25 Total losse from all causes ............ G,6dl Of the '?,,7t,9 on the rolls as --present aug absent accounted for." about one- third were uudcr arms when Gem Lee SLlrren(lercd. Of the 80.000 ou the muster rolls of Mississippi regiments fro:u the baFin- ning to the end of the war tess than 2%o00 were .-present or accounted for" on the 2d of April, 1865 Fully 80,090 died of disca3e, wcte ldllcd in battle or died of wounds. hnmediac]v after the war--in 18(;6-- I compiled a list of Missis3ippi sol- diers who .had lost a leg duriuff the war. The list occupies twenty-sevcn pages of the hou.;e journal of October 180tk and that roll of ironer numbers 1:58 names. Only thirty-six counties re. ported. There were fully 800 in the State who had lost a lintb in battle. Such was the "war of th5 rebellion." The war with Spain promises to be a mere skirndsh compared to it. In ghmcing over tle acts of called session of February and March, lS(5-- bald at Columbus--i see a very urgent call uFon t he ton federate government for 'the prompt paymab of out noble troops;" that 'much cf the dissatisfac- tion and demoralization which we now have to deplore in tle army has ari:,;ep, from thiselinqucncy on the part el the government: ' that "while wc re. pudiate the idea that Southern sohticra arc fighting for pay, we, nevertheless, claim for them their just rights, and hold that, in the prescnt condition of affairs, some compensation is necessary for their comfort and welfare." Some eompensatton certainly v. aa necessary, for when the resolution quoted was adopted by the !cgislatm e, a barrel of flour was worth 8303: a pair of shoes $!50; potatoes. $75 a bushc!; butter $20 a pound, and clieo $30 a yard. A private's pay for one month w-ouldn't go very f,r on that schedule. Patr;otle Young BIe'a. Gen S. D Lee, president of the ,%. & 5I College at Siarkville. wrote to the executive committee o his board of trus- tees. tc!iing them that the fourteen members of his scroir class have de. termined to volunteer for the war with Spain, and have the permission of their parents to go, though they lack six weeks of graduation. Gen. Lee asks the trtsU, es for authority to graduate these young men without examination, as has been done with the senior classes at West PoinL and Annapo!is. IIe states tbat it has ahvays been t-is aim as pres- ident of the eo!lege to implant iu the young men of the State who are unner his charge a spirit of patriotism and love for the flag of their country, but he was no prepared for sach a move- men as this. Still he "glories in their desire to servc their country." Super- intendent l.incaunou made immediate answer, congratulating the young- men on their prompt and patriotic rcsponse to the president's call fox" troops, and directing Gem Lee to proceed on the lines indicated. Great lgevlval a Shaw. Shaw has t,::en ,,mept as never beforc by a great rcligiousrevival. The stores closed in the day, and the people tnrned out en masse. Many prominent men were converted and joined the differ- ficial bulletin just issued says: which the Mississippi voluntges  re Crops In the Delta. "Mr. Gladstone has taken a serious being subjected, is resu!ting in the re- A Commercial Appeal correspondent turn for the wor:se. His death maybe jectiou of about 20 per cent. In some wrltin from Greenville says: The eot- %,,pected within 2i hours." companies the loss is one-thlrd. As ton acreage of this fertile section is 'l llnrried to 14|s Father's Bedside, soon ms the field and staff and company LOXDON, May 17.--Mr. Henry Glad- perfectedrganizatinSa completef the FirStroserRegimentof theare ne took a special train from this whole will 1,e given, the names of an- A Spanish Trap, that None of Our Ship Fell Into, Busted by the Wilmington. A DEELI'T LOgE WITH OLO IROH, She was Sent Adrift Presurably In ths Iiop that Seato of the RIockadla S,laadron %Vouhl Butnp Their Nosea on lt--Comnlal|dcr Todd, llowever, Sent It to She Bottom. KEY WEST. Fhl.. May 17.--The Unite,4 States cruiser Wihnin-jtou, Commander C. C. Todd. when about thirty miles cast of Ilavana yesterday, fired four shells into a Spanish t rap in the shape of a derelict, sinkin:z it. and titus doing away with anothcr piece of Spamsh trickery. The commander of the Wilmington had been warned by dispatch boats ,hat some dangerous wreckage was drifting about the spot mentioned, and the cruiser steamed in that direc- :ion to investigate the reports. An old Spanish schooner with her deck loaded to the rails with rusty iron, ear-wheels, etc., closely pmked together, was found floating in the track of torpedo boats and dispxteh boats The iron-laden schooncr had evidently bccn sent out of tlavana harbor in the hope that a torpedo boat or small craft of the block- ing force would crash into it and be so damaged as to cause her to sink. As wires were notieed arouud the iron ails on the schooner. Commamter Todd belicvcd the Spanish trap might also contain explosives and, therefore, lay- ing off a considerable distance from her. his guns prompbly sent her to the bottom. THIS COMES FROH HAVANA, Reported lllowlng UP of a N:tvai Vessel Off Cardcnas ttllll lhe Loss of Sevcnt een Lh'cs. MAmu]). May 17.Adispatch received here from Ilavana says that a small naval boat. having a ercw of 17 men has been blowu up off Car- denas while engaged in removing toroedoes from tlmt harbor. The dispatch adds that a torpedo exploded through the negligcncc of those engaged in the work, and that all the crew of the boat referred to perished. The dispatch does not indicate whether the boat was an American or a Spanish craft. No Igaowlotge o[ the AffaAr. ]EY %VES'r.Fla., May 17.--Boats whleh hnve just arrived here from the block- adc fleet say they have no knowledge of any craft having been blown up off Cardcnas or elsewhere. The opinion is expressed tha the Spanish report probably originated in the Wilmington flinkingthe Spanish schooner derelict loaded with ohl iron, as reported. TO MEET THE SPANISH FLEET. Admiral Sampson's and Commodore Schley'S Sqatdrons to Effect a June- turo for Iluslness. Nw Yolu, May 17.--A special to the Herald from Washington sayS : Spain's Ileal on the Caribbcan sea is to bc met by a squadron consistiug of the armor-clads of the United Statcs in North Atlantic waters. This seems to bc the intention of the naval war board, and preparations are being made to effect the juncture of Ilear Admiral Sampson's and the fly- ing squadron nnder the command of Commodore Schley with all possible dispatch. PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK. Mysterions Movements of TWo Spanish %Vtrships, Dodglng la and Out of Gaautanazno ..ty, CAPE IIxYTZF, X, tIavti. May 17. Two Spanish cruisers or gunboats are mak- ing their base of operations at Badi- , r, Irgr qmm or Guantamtmo bay. :[hey e known to he moving eve@ night in the waters between IIayti and Cuba. A lhty- Lien schooner plying between the Mole St. Nicolas Jean Rabcl and Glatina- gua reports, through an agent of the Cuban insurgcrts at Port de Paix. having" met Spanish vessels several times during the past few weeks Tile Spaniards are supposed to hide in the Cuban ports during the day and to go out cruising at night. %Varshlps Seen Off Jamaica, Russia's winter wheat crop is report- ed as iu4ood condition. Alabama eo;tt miners have joined the United Mine Workers of America. Ex-Prcsident llarrison is opposed to his son rceeiving a military commis- sfon. The Madrid newspapers express fear that a secret Anglo-American alliance already exists. Two thousand members of the Wood- workers' union at Oshimsh, Wis., are out on a strilcc. In a family feud near l'iLtsburg, gas., Matt O'l)ollncll fatally shot his broth- er-in-law, Wiliiant Dixon. It is believed that the Philippine ex- pedition will be much larger than was first estimated 25.000 or' more men. The larg'e flint mill of the mining and mill compauy at East Liverpool, O., was burned Monday; loss, $t00,009. John Collins, son of the wealthy citi- zen of Topeka recently murdered, has bccu arrested, charged with the erime Things arc rapidly ripening iu Spaiu for a revolution. The republican party is aining srcngth every da,.espccial. ly in C,talonia. All of the foreign warships in Manila harbor saluted Rear-Admiral Dewey's flag when it was flung to the breeze from the Olympia. Congressman Clark. of Missom'i. says that there is but slight chance of the Hawaiian annexation bill getting through the house. Mrs. Elizabeth I)ewcese died at Bloorninton. Ill.. aged 87 She was born in Kentucky and moved to Bloom- ington 40 years ag John F, Donowm, manager of the Gindell hotel, St. Louis, died at hi home Monduy night from an acute at- tack of appendicitis Mrs. Sarah 1L Willard. of Graham, Me., has offered a reward of $100 for the discovery of her husband, James Willarddcad or alive. The Kansas court of appeals has sus- tained the state law prohil, iting cor- porations paying cmploycs in scrip and operating contpany stores. Settlers along the borders of the Sioux, reervation in Nebraska have called on the govermnent for protec- tion, fearing an Indian uprising. Adjt.-Gcn. Bell o[ Missouri has in view the organiz,tion of 6 companies of Missouri national guards, an 1 will commcncc work in this direction with- in the next few days. A number of Spanish war vessels which were recently destitute of arma- ment have been supplied with Krupp guns and German artillcrists to man them. The National Baking Co of St. Louis will urnish the urmy with 600,000 pounds o hard t)read, and each crack- er will bc stamped "Remember the Maiue, "' For the Philippines expedition the war department is laying in a store of supplies, which will, if neccssary, keep an army of 25,000 men for a period of three months. Andrew Carnegie. who is stopping in Paris, said in an interview, Monday, that, in his opinion, the war between Spain and the United States would bc over in ten days. All of the Missouri volunteer regi- ments except the Fifth have been mus- ;ered into the United States army. Examining the officers and meu of the Fifth is in progress. Charles A. Best and CarI Groom, members of Co, B, Third regiment, ' Kansas n:ttional guard, engaged in a scuflle on the portico of the state capi- tol, at Topeka, aud, losing their foot- ing', fell a dist:mce of :,'5 feet to a solid pavement. Groom is dead and Best can not live. THREE MISSOU1/I HANGINGS. l'he State Supreme Court Fixed Judgment Day for Ed McItenzie, Tobc Lana- han and John Thon*;tschuotz. JI.:FFEIlSON CFrY, io., May 17.---Divi- siou No. 2 of the slate supreme court sentenced three convicted murderers to be ha.ngcd on June 22. They are Ed McKenzie. colored, convicted of killlnK Nick Linhardt, a wealthy farm- er of Lehman, Cole county, for his money, of which amount he secured $350. '.rixe killing oecarred o the night o April 30, 189!}. Tobe Lanahau, colored, convicted of killing Millie Gaines. in Jefferson City, in Cole county, on Christmas night, 1896. after outraging her, and then fear- fully trusting the body. John Tomaschuetz, convicted of kill- ing his sweetheart, Anme Rausch, in St. Louis, on April 6, 1897. ltis plea wa insanity. Believed to be %Vatching for the Oregon. NEW YOR, May 17.A special from Nlw YoR, May 17.--A special copy- Kingston, JamrAca, says the report has right dispntch from Santa Lucia, West reached that place that three warships, lndies, to the Worht says: ant churches. The meeting was held the nationat.%y of which it was impos- A large, strange warshipwassighted by Rcv. W.M. McIntosh, assisted by sible to make out, were seen Monday Monday night lying off the west coast Rev E.S. Lewis. All denominations evening off Moran point, atthe eastern of thisisland- united in the work, extremity of Jamaica. Tile ships were Others were also sen to the north- taking a southerly course, ward of St. Lucia. These vessels are Additions to the iNavy, believed here to be a Spanish squadron W,SlnOTO, May 17:--The torpedo watching for the Unlted States battle- boat MeKee and the auxiliary torpedo- ship Oregon, which may pass Close t boat destroyey Yankton have been this island on its way to K.ey West. fully as large this year as last. The placed in commission at the Norfolk lHg Fire at Baltimore, cool weather, however, has retarded 'navy yard. Lieut C. M. Knepper is in BALTIMORE. Md., May i7.--The piers, the grwth of the cotton and theplant command of the MeKee- and Lieutenant office buildings and freight sheds at is small and sickly as a rule. Vearm Commande J. E. Adams is incommand the Old Bay Linc Sleamship Co., ply. city to lIawarden, due to disquieting listed men being in alphabetical order. ns redeived tram IIawardem lie Col. J. L. Power has promised to de weather is needed for the growth of shid before l:e left' London that he this for he soldier boys. The same cotton and is badly needed in this sec- will be done for the Second Regiment. tion now. g ral)idly. " Distribution of SehooI ]Fund. Fire at Eupora. ,lnteer Trool m, Fire at Eupora last week destroyed May 17.Orders to the The auditor has sent out blanks tO to move were given as the connty and separate school district nine store houses and a hotel. The goods of several other merchants were Wisconsin, to treasurers on which to r.port the poll badly damaged, but covered by insur- to Tampa; taxes paid to them by the county tax ance. The fire was the work of an in- Battery A. ]tinois, to Chicka- ,: maua;: Third , Micldgan, to Tampa; collectors from January15. 1898. to May cendiary. Battery B, Pennsylvania, to Chicks. 15, 1898. The distribution will be made Court at Columbus. on the first Monday in Jnne, as prc- The spring term of the circuit court Wtaa'. scribed by law, at which time the re- convened at Columbus a few days ago " Will: Befase panish Government Business, OX, MaW 17.--The American e,- mainiug one-third of the fund will be Judge E. O. Sykes, District Attorney J. this city have :igsued distributed, the other two-thirds of the W. Barren and Court Btenographer toJzheir aents to refuse fund having beendiSbursedinJanaary. Bowles Clopton all being in their The June distribution will amount to TFe docket ia acomparatively any which the term m likel S of the Yankton. ing between this city and Norfolk aud 1Uclnnond, are ia flames, and will Those Awake Got Refreshment4k PITTSlIUItOn, I'a., May 17. The First prove a total los, probably $259,000. regiment Pennsylvania vohmteer No Restriction on I'eess Messages nt passed through Pittsburgh en route tc Present. Chickamauga nt ? p.m. Many of the NEw YORK, May 17,--The Augh) sohliers were asleep, but those awake American Telegraph Co. hasissued the were freely served with hot coffee aud following notice: "Pending further de- saffdwichcs by patriotic citizens, cision by the chief signal officer, we Takes It for Granted.- CnlcAoo. May 17.A special to the Journal from Washington says: As, signments by major-geucrals to corn mands by the war department treat the Philippines as if actually under the will accept press messages without re- strictions. "" British %Yar ship Orlered to IloIIo. IIONG KoNo, May 17.--The British second class cruiser Plque has been or- dered to the island of llotlo, of the control of the United States. The de- Phihppino group, for the protection of partment of the Pacific is erected wit the merchant whose lives and rop- uarters at arty (First Regular Session.) SEN ATI'L YASIIINGTON, May 17.---The senate's chaplain, in his invocation at tte open- ing of tie session, paid tribute to thos who suffer at home through the horrors C f war. Mr. Hale, chairman of the committee ou naval affairs, offered the following, which was agreed to: l:esohed, That the temporary appoiutmeuts m:de by the presi2eut on Its,1 after April 21. 1898. an4 up to the date o' the p;tsag of this oint re.oluion, of officers of the line and staff of the llaVy, are hereby rati:ie4 and confirmed to continue in force during th' exigency LuldCl W}liCit their serviz0s are required ill thc exist- lq *V a r. Provided, Thgt the officer SO appoint0d sh:ll be assilled to dilly with i*;t:l!i an4 pay of the gra,ge; e:t:fl)lt:died by cxiti'a,, hw, and shall be paid from th appropriation "'PY of th navy," A bill was reported from the military affairs committee by M r. Ca rLer (Mont.), and passed, providin; that the pay and allowance of the volunteers enlisted in the United States army shall begin on the day of their enrolhnent at the tate camps, with a proviso tlmt volunteer troops sent to tlm Philippines may draw one month's pay in adwmee It was explained that the bill ap- )lied only to those who had. as voluu- leers, entered Lhe. Ualt'd States army On motion of Mr. Allison (is.) consid- eration of tile revcll!l: nla s[lle was resmned, Mr. Jones (Ark) takin the tloor. HOUSE. In the Itous Mr. l)avenpor (Pa.), from Election Committee No. 1, called up the report in the contested election case of W. Godfrey lhtnter vs. ,lohn S. Rhea, from the Third Kentucky dis- trict. The report favored the sitting member, and without discussion wa adopted. COMMISSION F R0I GOMEZ. Arrival of 3Ir. John l". Joys at ley Ves| Dlreot From the Cmp of th, mez-- An Excltlng Chase, K:.:r Wr:sT. Fla., May 17.--Another commission from Gcn. Maximo Gomcz, the insurgent commamler-in-chlcf, ha arrived at Key West. Mr. John F..lova. the former United States viee consul at S:tu Ia Graude, who was landed by au American gun- boat on the eoasL of Cabs about ten days ago, was picked up Monday after- noou after an exclting experience wit& a Spanish gunboat, which the Amer- ican gunboat chased into her har- bor. Mr Jova suceeded in rtcho ing the camp of Geu. Gomez, All the Vessels of the Blockading Squadron on the Lookout for the Spanish Fleet. ALL ARE ANXIOUS TO L4EET Tile EHDY, eIlef Preva]o.'zt Atn,n" tho Off the Navy that the SpAnhh FIct. ]] lax la the Crlbbean Sea. Ca be Ile- ]nt'd Ia t:Zd Forced ,) Flght--'Xht French Frlg tte I'ased {)ill. ON I{OARD TilG DIgPAT;ql BOAT KATR 5PENCEI{ OFF IIAVAXX, May |6.VIA. KEY VE,T, Fla.. May 17.--Tire shipsof the Amerieau blodadinb" squadronlre l:ecping a v'gilant wat'..h f)r the ap- p:arauee of the Spanish fleet, aud will not be taken by surprise sboMd th ;panish mcn-o-war rounl Cpc An- tonic, the west<,rnmost point of Cuba. and swoop dowa upol ILtvana. A! 1 our ships hay,', been warned by Cam. modorc Watson o the po:sibility el snch a ntove, and sailors arc kept constantly iu the tops, where the:: can sweep the horizon for 30 miles, looking out for the first sign of a hen-- tile ship. All the naval officers on the b!()ekade station arc anxious for a meetlng wlth the Spaniards and when informed that " Lhe httest reports plaeed them off. the coast o Vcnczttela. they jnbilantlyd( " ciared that the enemy could bc hemmed betweeu the Windward islands and tim Yucatan cha,anl, to be destroyed, The ouly fear expressed was for the safety of our ships blocking Cienfue But they do not doubt that preeaution have been taken for the safety of the ships now on the southern coast O! Cuba, The 1,orpedo /)oUs and fast yachts of the auxiliary ltcet&eep the blockading" ships in cmstant communi, cation with Key West, wltenee the move:heats of vessels are being di. rcctcd. General opinion is that there wiI1 b no movcmcnt of the army in the dlrec, tio: of Cuba so long ns the Spanish fleet remains in American war.o untiI it is met and beaten. Tim blockade of llavanr has been maintaincd without incident since the Canada de Ven(lito and Legaapiattcmpt- ed to draw out" ships under the btg guns of the S,mta Clarab:tLtery on Sat- hi'day eveuinp,'. The French frigate l)ubourdieu. and has brough back dispttches which entered I[avan harbor a week front the latter to Commodore Wat:on. ago, after au unpleasaut incident lle reports that Gcn. Gomez and s,v- which necessitated th firing of two eral thousaud troops with him are in shots across her bows before the the best of spirits, and hopeful of a Frenchman would strew his this,passed speedy endiug of the preseut situation, out about 4 p. m. nnd headed nortl- Mr. Java also reports that Spanish we,t. The Dnbourdleu is a sehoob troops arc moving westwartl, keeping ship, carrying six - inch as6 in the cities, lte ,.uade part of the five-inch guns and one pounders, journey along the coast iu a small besides two torpedo tubes Tim May- boat, and wasbeing chased by a Spanish flower ran clo enough to the frigate gunboat when the Anterieaa guni)o't 1o establish tim l:rcnehman's ideutity hove in sight. The spaniard, though and then stood aft. Our llag was not several miles off, fired a number o saluted. shots at the American vessel. The lat- 'rite Dubourdle' like the French tar proceeded tO pick np Mr. Jova and sloop of war Fulton. had on botvd two companions" of the former coasul, many refugee. She is bound, prob- and theu cha,scd the Spanish gunboat, ahly, for some Mcxioan por wldch promptly scuddcdtor safety into The activity ulonz the coast con, port. tinaes. Squadsof SpaniM cavalry and SPANISH RESERVE FLEET. p.trties workinb" upon fortifications * " have 1,can seen daily along: the :hores, The ExpedlIIon rreparia for the Phitlp. hut tlley have uot beou nlole,Ced phms, lIeaded by the l'olag'h Nearly Orders have been e-ivan no; to expose the snlall vessels of thc squadron to nn- Ready to I,e,tvo C&dl. ..... necessary danger. NEw Yet, K, May 17.A dispatch to =--=====--=-====--- thc Herald from Cadiz says: Thedock- DEWEY CAN MAKE A RAISE; yard autlmriLies here have annouuced ' veil  x%htchuohleon that t,le rser @c., " " ,, , .[ - lrovi led with %'reeklng :%:pmra%us t.hO sist of the Pelayo, the Carlos V., the Adzu|rai Iicllaves IloC,ta'A4d mo Alfonso XI[I, and the newly-equipped Shipa to Our N:tvy. cruisers, the Rapido and the Patria, to- -- -" tether wiLh the torpedo destroyers CIIICAO0, May 17.A special to the. Audaz aud Proserpina, will be ready Journal from Washington s:tvs: It ]S for sea in the middle of the present state4 that in his last c:tbtc DcWc sfidbhatif "'." "  ,ip"r i. %tecllU i a) a atus %vet0 W e ek. There has been cousiderable difli- sent him he wouhl be able to raise a culty in the matter of skilled eni- nunfl,cr of the Spanish warship sunk nears, Spanislt engine,s being unable during" tim battle The admirat to obtain the proper speed out of the thinks there arc several of the gun- torpedo catchers, boats which can bc easily raised, tx" The Girahla will probably accontpany paired aud made useful. .{ " In view of this the war deparLmt the flcct as a dispatch boat. has ben hastening the preparati(mso It is popularly surmise'2 that the above-mentioned fleet goes to the Phil- dispatch the trats[,orts now on the ippines, but everything depends upon Pacific coast to Maiia, attd thc are what may happen in IIavana. Were expected to leave iSau Francisco by the first Spanish fleet to take a good Thursday. position, and shonld any misfortunes occur to the United States warships, the men-of-war now in Cadiz would be directed westward and not eastward. The Pelayo will be the flagship, tmd several armed transports will accom- pany the fleet. Sounds Like a Plpe Story. ST. THOMAS. I)anish Vcst htdtcs, May 17.--It was reported hero this morning 'TISTHE FIRSt INSTANCE. IAeut. Charles Yeast, CI',,radl, Nlnth Gv- airy, Mtdc %lur of the N |nth ]1 tahoa Colored Ohla Infantry. Wx:ulxt;roN M'.,y t7.---Fir:4 LiettL, Citarles Youn' o tlte Nin/h cavalry has beeu relieved from daty at XVfl- her force university, Ohio, in order ,}tat on Smday last, from noou until that he may accept the poaiti, t  m o -sels slowly ste,tmed west- of m:tjor of the Ninth b:lttalio eiy, north of Tortoht island, 40 miles of the Cob)red Ohio voiuutecr tnfautry, east of St. Thomas. One teamer. Lieut. Young is the only cob, red officer i(: which approached the land, showed intheline o[ the army. This issielt the Spanish flg. be the first instance in whici a cotoret officer has beett giv,:'a the commn('o The Spanish Ctblnot. battalion of troops iu tlte army. h{ADBID, la 3" 17.--Some of the news- papers assert that Saner Sagasta and The St. Lneit ('ai)lo Restored, enor Gatnaz, will reach an agreement Nt:w YORK, May 17,--The Ccnt.ra| , to form a coalition cabinet, while oth- cable office of the Western Union Tale, ers express the opinion that Saner Sa- graph Co. sends out notice that iL isad. " gasta will encounter so many diffieul- vised by the West Italian & Panama ties that he will be competlei to aban. Co. that their cable between St don the task. I,ucla and St Vincent has been re- Special Counsel in Prize Cases. KEY WEST, Fla., May 17.--At tile re- quest of Rear-Admiral sampson, the attorney general has appaln.ed E,i- wacd K. Jones, of New York. to act as special eoun,M in the trim of prize cases. 31r, Jones has requcsted that no more cases be taken up until his ar- rival, Wednesday. Morro Flashed Her Glim. Cmcxoo, May 17.--A special to the News from Key West, Fla, says: The Vilmlngton's crew was amaz2d t,,o see Morro castle's Ilash light las night for the first time since the blockade began. It was suggested that the Spaniards were cxpezting the Cape Verde leet. p;,rett, rct-:Lorin cblc cmnmunieatto with St. Viucenl, Grenada, Barbado Trinidad attd Demerara. :; lows Stat0]Federatzoa of Dt'llUqt2E, la., May 17 state fedcratiou of labor tnct city with a small gules. Tl, dc.t ,iesi,m over by President Joseph lly tumwa, and Was devoted to pVelimi, narY )york for the eonveution Contemplating More Ailtlary Crub$r M Attain, May lions have beel give attthorities of Barcelona the mig