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May 14, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 14, 1898

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I [ II I II &lt;- 7 G Ba00, Erupti0ns_ Bores Re Out and Discharged Hood's Cured. "3Iy son had eruptions and sores on his fate which continued to grow worse in spite of medicines. The sores discharged a great deal. A friend whose child had been cured of a similar trouble by ttood's Sasaparilla advised me to try it. I began giving the boy this medicine aud he was ,(,hen getting better, lie kept on taking it nntH he was entirely cured and he has never been bothered n, ith eruptions since." Mas. EvA DoLn^lm, Her(on, 111. S a rs.a.- t.Buu pardla America's Greatest Medicine. $1; six for $5. Prepared only by C. I. Itood & Co.. Lowell Mass. Hood's Pills are tho ,t .ter-dinner pills, aid digestion. 25. APDroprlateness. "I took out a living picture show once," mid the theatrical manager, "and I had sev- eral (pleer experiences. "% e always had trouble getting suitable music, for one thing. I remenfler.hat we sl ruek a certain towu where the nlUSiC v'as furnished hy a seedy, freckle4aeed young man who officiated on one of those l)angety- bang pianos, l asked him if he could think of muMc suitable to each picture as it was disolaved. "'0h, ye' certainly he couhl, 'and do it im,romptu.' The performance opened, tie was seated at the plane, aml he urncd to look at the firs picture. It was 'Adanl aud Eve in the garden of Eden." .  "He didn't ires tat, an instant. Like a :'*,7,-* flash hc turned and began pounding out: .... there's Only One Girl in This World for Me.  ucago Journal. |ron leaI Its. If manners make the man that explains ome men's nndone condition If a man is ruled 1,y his feelings he is spt to travel ill a t,onrse. If riches didn't have vdngs there would be - fewer flyers in tile stock market. If s man cmdd only see himself as others ee him he wonhln't say a word about it. If a man thinks life in't worth living he can very easily find a wav to give it up. If thd dodns were olien oh electior day it might be possible to r)oll a full vote, If Eve hmtn't been forbidden to eat that *pph' the chances are it wouldn't have hap- 4eed.-=Chicago Evening News. Exuberant patriotism is often used as a cloak hy knavish poNti(.ians.--Ram's Horn, A fellow is never a auxious to work as -hen he isn't able.Wahington Democrat. II Ilnl I I II IIII [ [ I I "1 [ DEWEY AND HIS NEN Will Reap a Rich Harvest as a Reward for Their Work at Manila. The Law Gives Such Vict0rs Liberal C0mpensati0n--The Amount Depends Upon the Numerical Streugth of Commodore M0ntej0's Fleet. NEw YonK. May 10.--A dispatch to tim Times from Washington ays Rear Admiral Dewey and his men will not have been fnlly rewarded for their vic- tory atManila wheu they receive the thanks of congress and the medals of doted to be struck for them. Under the law they have become entitled to a rich bounty. Unless the numerical importance of the fleet of Admiral Montejo has been overestimated, its losses overstated, the officers and the men of the Asiatic station will be en- titled to share among themselves some- thing like $187,000 bounty money. Section 4635 of the revised statutes of the United States provides: "A bounty shall be paid by the United States for eacll person on board any ship or vessel of war belouging to an enemy at the eoullnencclnent of all engagement which is sunk or otherwise de:,troyed in such engagement by any ship or ves- sel belonging to the United tates or whhqt it r:y be necessary to destroy in consequence of injurie: sustained iu action of $100. if the enemy's vessel was hi an inferior force and of t200 if of equal or superior $orce. to be divided among the officers anti crew in the same manner as prize w.oney; and when the actual number of men on board any INSURGENT FORCES, Reliable Information as to Their Size and Character, KEY WEST, May 9.--The insurgents have now about 8,500 men in the vicin- ity of Gomez's camp--that is, withina radius of thirty miles. The best troops east of the Jucaro- Moron troeha are tim division com- manded by Gen. Gonzales. He has 800 infantry who arc well armed and well disciplined. One company is armed with Mauser rittes which were cap- tured from the Soanish. For these rifles there is but a small supply of am- munition. The other compauies are armed with the lo-g Remington which throws a bullet of 43-caliber This is the weapon in common use among the insurgents. They prefer it to the Mauser, in spite of the latter's repeat- ing property. The AvaUable Foree. "Gomez's immediate corns:rod con- sists of a bodyguard of 150 cavah'v and 75 infantry, under command of Major Joseph Desrampes. Desrampes ix an American. from New Orleans. und a good artist. This force of 3,500 is all that are in fighting shape just at pres- ent, but if there wcre amns and equip- sent it could be swelled to probably 3O,O00. "Gomez told me wanted 40,000 guns to equip an army large enough to drive tim Spanish from the island. He wants l00r$oY8 Both the method andresults when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gentlyyet promptly on tbe Kidneys, Liver ahd Bowels, cleanses the sys- tem effectually, dispels colds, head. aches and fevers and cures habitffal constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only l"cmc<ly of its kind ever2ro- duccl, pleasing to the taste ancl ac. eeptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy andagreeablo substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug- gists, Any lliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- cure it promptty for any one who wishes to t T it, Do not accept any substitute. CAI.IFORNIA FIO SYRUP gO. SAN FRANCkO0, CAL. LDU/SVILLE, KL NEW YO N.Y. ..... snell vessel can not be satisfactorily as- certained, it shall be estimated accord- ing to the eomlllement allowed to ves- sels of its class in the navy nf the /nitc(l States; and there shall b paid as bounty to the captor' of any vesta.1 of war cap- tured from an enemy, which they *nay I,e instructed to destroy, or which is immediately destroyed for the public interest, but not in eonsequeuce of the injuries received in action. 850 for every person who shall be on board at the time of such capture.'" According to the reports from Manila the Spanish fleet consisted of ten or eleven cruisers, gunboats and torpedo boats, with erews amounting in all to I#72 men. ]tear Admh'al l)ewey de- stroyed stun, of these vessels, perhaps all of (heal. but if he did not, then a number were destroyed by the enemy to prevent them from fallin{ into the bands of tim United States. Adirnrai Montejo was increasing the bounty fund with every vessel he sank, and Spaiu will undoubtedly have to pay for tho:c losses zn Inaklng up their in(lem- nity at the dose of the war. At $[OO for each man of the Spanish naval force, the amount to be divided amen,(; the American sailors will be $17S.=00. Tim vessels of the United States were. if anything, nndcrmanned. The numbers will be under rather than over t, 7'.13 The $1 7.2;)0 will be distributed to the fleet under section 4(;31 of tim revised ,,tatnte. i'ehttinff to prize money. Ad- miral Dewey will get one-twentieth of the whole amount of bounty awarded to his command. That will give him ......................................... $9,200. GRDVE5 TABT E LE-00 S CHILL TDNIC 18 J UflT Aft OOD FOR ADU LTB. WARRANTED. PRICE 50 ot$. GALATIA, ILLS,. NOV. 16,189"3. IPar Meal:else Co. St Lores. MO. Gentlemen.- WO sold last yesr, fO b0tt|es of GROVES 'rASTEI,ES}4 CtlILI, TONIC and have boasnt three ro aJready hls year. In all lr ex- i,erienee of It years, lit the drug business, have never sold an art{ele that avo aea allivereal atis- IaetiO t yotlr I,i'le, $'our t rtlly. A BN EY. CARl(  CO TAPE WORMS **& Itpe worm eighteen feet long s$ lonG(came on th0 scene after my taking two CASCARETS, This I am sure has caused my Iliad Ilealth for the past three years. I am still taking Casearets, the only cathartic worthy of - ot|eo by sensible people." Oo. W. BOWLSS. Baird, fss. ... OURE CONSTIPATION ... BltttDtt S*tlt 2tmly, Chle*,:o, Mtr, M. ,w Yrk. $1 ...+......+ ,...+ 1. an. s,,.rao,+o, b. o,),:re.- ei*As ,o UE Tobacco Hblt If he has a fleet captain or what passe for one, the latter will have a share of something like $1.800. There will be left to be distribnted to 1)c distributed to the vessels of tl'e fleet, according to their pay rolls, about $175.000. This will go to the seven hips and in about the following shares: Olympia $5.000. Baltimore $0,r00, Boston $25.000. Raleigh $22.000, Concord $20,000, Petrel $[2,000, McCulloch $9.000 To the eounnander of each single vessel there will go one-tenth of the amount to be distributed to that vessel. 'l'l,(, comnlandcrs of tile ships will get the amount respcctive]yas follows: Capt. Gridley, Olympia $1.500; Capt. l)ycr. 1;Mr;more. 4,000; ('apt. Wildes. loston $:L509; Capt. Coghland Raleigh, $t,2)'.): Commander Asa Walker. Con- cord. $2,000; Cmnmander llodgcson, M('i'ulloch. $900. After the amounts mentioned have been deducted, the residue will be dis- tributed to the lesser officers and sea- men of the ships in proportion to their rates nf pay on the day of the engaffe- meni. The amonnt to each eamcn. it is believed, will be about $50. VITIIlN A IfE'W llOUR.% Spanish Fleet ]lelleved to ltave leen Loe:ed. WAstlr'rON. May 9. -llavin, I definite information that the Spanish which ]ell t. Vincent ten days ag'o is no; at the Canaries ,)r n,l Cadiz. the au- (}for;ties eonlidehtly predict that Real" Admirul Su.:npson will engage in a bat- tle within the next forty-eight hem's. The oflleial view tonight i: that the Spanish fleet is at some point in the Windward ishmds, whirls, are to the south o-" Porto llieo. Favors Am.erleao Control. WASHlNGT(). Momlay.-- KeenIy alive to the pmsibility of tlic United States transferring the l'hilippine Island to another power. ]'urope is watching with intensc interest the policy t,f thi counl ry as to their ulti mate destination, It cnn be stated on high diplo,n:ttic autJmrity that. rather than the Philip- pines shouhl become the po:session of any other nation provided tley can not 1)e returned to Spain Enrope, us a whole, prefers ttiat they shall remain the propery of the American gOVClr. ,- merit. large Remington or Springfiel.d for the infarttry and carbines of the salnc character for (lie cavalry "I believe if u rm' are sent to Cuba for (.he insurffenls Lhey had better be springfield rifles, of which our goveru- ment has a large supl)ly in it,'; arsenals It is a simple and effective gun. The Cubans arc not accustomed, not" havo they the experience and facilities, tO care for complicated repeatinff weapons. Twcnty thousand reachers, a weapon of wonderful effecfivcncss in Cuban hands, are also needed. Goutez says he can raise 10,000 men in Santa Clara province alone. Tlle re- cruits will be mostly ranchers, whose (x,cupatiou has been practically de- slroyed by the Spanish, and who are t{lel" for revenffc. Gomez is a great believer in the effectiveness of cavalry. Ite wants to organize his new army on a basis of 1009 cavalry in Santa Clara province. 300 in Matanzas province, 500 in l[avana province, and 500 in Pinar del Eio. In t'uerto Principe province the insurgents are now all cavalry. Garcia's forces in Santiago l)e Cuba are all infantry. In the reorgauization thcy should be compelled to remain in- fantry. They are drilled as such, and never having had horses, are accus- toined to make large marches on foot. 1 know Gomez wants to unite Garcia's forces with his own, although Gomez did not tell me himself. The old mau never makes his plans knowu when he ean help it. My information, however, comes from the inside. Gomez regards artillery as very important, but the Cubans have none. The Food (2uestlon a Serious O:*o. To my mind this food question pre, seats an almost insurmountable obsta- cle to the scheme to utilize the insur- gents to drive Blanch from the island. even if there were no others. Gomez's army in its present shape is totally in- adequate to undertake such a task. I is scattered over the entire island. This disposition is absolutely necessary in order that the men may not starve. Gomez can not mobilize even such forces as he has nntil food supplies have been sent into the island by the United States, to say nothing of an army of any considerable size mobilized, lIis army would starve even if not crushed by Blanch. Now it will be cxceedingly difficult, not to say possible, to land provisions in large quantities on the coast of Cuba and gct them out into the interior to (;omez. Small amounts of arms and ammunition, and even provisions, may, and are being loaded nnder cover of darkness and carried into the interior by small bands of insurgents, but to supply even it small army in this way is impracticable. It will never, in my opinion, be accomplished successfully. The country along the northern coast being extremely rough and hilly, and while sheltering small surreptitious bands, imposes a natural barrier in the way of concerted action along tllat line. Then. iu a move of auy extent some opposition from Blanch must be reckoned upon. Unless enough tin;ted States trnops are landed with sn''h an cxped it;on there is a strong probability that it would never be of use to the in- surgents. TO FORTIFY AGAINST HUNGER. Spaniards Will Try to Get Provisions Into Zastern Cuba. I(INaSTOX. ,lama;ca. May 9.--The Spaniards are u'ying to provision the forts of Eastern Cuba before the block- ade begins. Today shippinr merchants here received cable requests froul San- tinge and Manzanillo for cargoes of food. It is repeesentcd that there is time to send large quantities. Two schooners have been chartered })ere. and one has been chartered at Montejo Day. CUBANS ARE HUNGRY. Thonsands of Them Eager for Food and %Var Against Spain. Nl,:w YORK. May 9.--The Evening Posts Key West. Fla.. correspondent says: An artist who has just arrived from (;omcz's camp says that there are IS.000 Cubans in the neighborhood of Sancti Spirt(us, but they gre short of arms and ammunition. They also have difficulty in obtinirrg sufficient food but are full of enthusiasm and desire to eo-operate with our army. The cou- I dition of the reconcentrados is de- nor;bed as pitiaMe in the extreme. II I I II I I I I III I I I I A CHEERFUL WOMAN. From the DemocaTBazll, Ind. Every_ woman cannot be beautiful, but a cheerful face often supplies the deticieney. But no one can be cheerful and bring joy to others unless they have perfect health. For- tunately, science has placed this priceless boon within tbe reach of every woman as the following inddent proves: Mrs. Amanda Robinson, wife of %Villiam Robinson, farmer and stockman, near HowesviHe, Clay County, Ind., is thirty- two years old arid had for several ),ears been in declining health and despondent. For three months she was not only unable to attend to her domestic duties, but too feeble to be up and about. To-day she is in good health and able to attend to her household affairs. She relates her experience as fol- lows: "I was afflicted with female troubles and was in a delicate state of health. I lost my appetite, grew thin and was greatly de- pressed. Aftcr taking various remedies without beingbenefited I was induced by a 7 ' friend to tryDr. " illiams Pink I ills. "Ea r 1 y in thesunrmer of   l cured five f''-._-"'  ]'[ boxes of tl, ent / ,Q / j }b"/.,,{{ a n d before  / ] -xq finishing the / VY /,,-  . second b ox. 9.:L---. ' __/[I I began lo im-  L_-"/ ,.'': =-- f [ and by .:t'.. I " / 2 prove the time I had Y:'", // //...{ taken the five .. " J; /,-""-- boxes I was "  4/,, 17 able t o g o a b o u t m y A Priceless Boon usual work and stopped taking the pills. "Our daughter Anna, twelve )'ears old, was also atllictcd with decline and debility. She lost fle.h, seemed to be bloodless and had no ambition. She took two boxes of the ills and they restored her appetite, aided igestiou and brought color to her cheeks. She is now n the best of health. I think Dr. lViltiams' Pink Pills for Pale People the best medicine we ever had in our family and recommend them to all needing a remedy for toning up and rebuilding a shattered sys- tem,'" No diseovery of modern times has proved such a blcssing to women as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. They restore strength and health to exbansted women when every effort of the physician proves unavailing. These vegetable pills are every. where recognized as a specitic for diseases of the blood and nerves. Proficient. "The idea of hohling that woman is not smply fittcd to cnter imblic life!" she ex- claimed. "What is there of nmre value ta one in public life than the art of extem- porancous speaking, and when it comes to sI)eaking extcmporsncously--" "My dear," he inicrrupted, for only the night before he had failed to get home nntil late, and the memory of what happened was still fresh with hi,fi, "your point is well taken. "When it comes to speaking extem- poraneously man is really only a base imita- tma. --hma,o I est. A Natnrul Effect. m a good deal tv, ck on those )ewe Mrs. Bongpong ;s wearing to-night." "[ don't wonder at it. Everybody says they ar. pate."--421eveland Plain Deal,:. WIFE OF CHINESE MINISTER. Madanl %Vu 'rin" F*tl Is a Thorough Going End-of-the-Centnr V o nlOlh 51ini.ier Wu, who with his large reti- nue succccded Minister Yang Yu lnst stumner, s by far the nlosl progressive rel)rcsenta/ive China ever sent to the United Slates. As is uell knowuhei. a lawyer by profession, and was edu- ealcd and took hi.'; degree as barrister at Lincoln's Inn. London. l[e speaks l,;nglish fluently, which is of immense advantage to him in his present posi- tion. and is a thoroughly wide-awake and up-to-date diplomat. Not eonten; ith English he is now studying the French language with the same assi- duity with whi('h he undertook English. Mill('. Vu overlurns all of one's the- ories regarding the conservative ('hi- ncse women. She is a veritable tyl)ical lady of high rank, as is cvident from ber tiny foot which is, byaetualmcasure- ment. only lhree inehes in length, lht for all thai .he is a bona fide end-of-lhe- eer.tury womnn. She began the study cf l,:nglish imnn'diately after eoming here, and speaks it fairly well now. She assumed her sochfl dnfics very speedily, nnd has ]n'esidcd with ease and grace at the dinners and other fnnctions whieb Lave been given at the ]eKatiou. ancl she keeps a ('lose and care- ful aceo(Int of all of the cxpenscs per- taii)ing to the houseleeping of her treat houselxold. When is remem- bered the exclusive life she led before coming hcre it can cosily 1)e credite( that in her new position she has had much to learu, but she has kei)t ](er bright. (hu'k ahnond-shaped eyes wide open. and has shown a wolnuu's native keen wit in adjusting herself so charm- ingIy to her clmng'ed environmenfs. While the Chinese ahvays appear in their native dress and long cues and seem to fflol'y in their individuality, heir neighbors frmn the sunrise king- dora, the .lal)anese, nre u]tra-Europeuu in dress, nlanncr, and, :as far as possible, speech also.---P1H{adelphia Times. THE LEITER FORTUNE. There Is : Pnl't of It Invested lU Neorly Every Ills Chicago COl'DOra( i,ln. Twenty-two million dollars is de- clared ll,e value of the zeal estate owned by Levi Z. Leier in Chicago. ';'here is not a pareel of it itli an ip- cum[)ranee, lie is 1he largest stock- bolder in the ('hicaKo city railway, Iris block of 3509 shares beil:g werth about $1,000,000. and the h'gest stockhohler in lhe ffreatest banking instiiution in the wcst, the Illinois trust and savings bank. itb ils shares sclling around 400. Tl, e Lciters. fathcr or son are in lhe clircetory of the ('hicago Edison company, ihe South Stdc Elevated eom- pauy, the I;niversnl Gas company nnd the M(ilua] Fuel Gas company. "l'hore is nol a gl'elt local corporation in which they are not sioekholders. They are in 1he l'nion Loop eompany 1he Nor|hwestcrn I, road. the Wcst. Chicaffo Street Railway company. The Leiter name has been a synonym for ready nmncy wih the brekcrs for yeurs, ll) ,treet parlance, the retircd dry goods mcrehant has been in the position to raise more cash on shorter notice than anybody else in the west ex(,epl possi- bly his old purtner. Marshall Field, nr his present opponent, Philip 1) Ar- mour. Ills silver mines have been the riches in the uest. His ranch inter- esls have alone bPcn large enongh to ]nl himeonsi)ieuous. Nineteen years ll) when nails were at (be lowest prwcs ew, r known, he bought nnd stored every keff his agcnis could learn of. liis bnldilgs of over 1,000,000 kes ahnost trebled in value within a 3cal. Tlie l.ciler wealth for 15 years has l)('ell frce frnfll any bnsilleSs cntu)lg]e- u)cl)s, nt;)s easily ltl]d rapidly enn. vertible. 'l'hal: is why he ha been col: ee(icd the ability to raise more mnnc?, and to raise it qntcker than anv otbe weslerner.--Chicqgo Evening News. I!emlnded Him. Suddenly he kissed her. "Sir," sh( cried. "'you forget yourself! .... Ah, t see." lie replied, "Ibai one was for ynt;." Thereul)cn i'lc remembered himsli quite l]berally.Phi!adelphia Record. NEEDED HIM IN THE HOUSE. The Cool Retort of a Vlt/y Girl to Her Complacent Fiancee 5eti Hizn to Thiaking. Among weddings slated for the near fu- lure is that of a clever young lawyer who has just won for his hride a charming girl to whoe heart he had long laid siege. The law- yer is not without a certain amount of good )pinion regarding ifimself, and particularly pride himself on being rather a favorite anmng girls nf his acquaintance. Nearly a year ago he first sought the hand of the bride to be but she demurred. A few nonths later e met with a second refusal, bul determincd to make one more effort. By this time lhe voumz yeoman had come to r(;gard him with a'good deal of cstcem. This feeling grcw in warmth, and so. when, a week or so ago, he mace more urged his suit, she said the word which made him the hap- t)iest nia in town. "And 'ou will bc mine?" he asked. "''es.' "It seems too good to be true. When shall the wedding take place?" "l--I don't know." "There is no use in putting it off." "No," she answered. "1 thir not." The young lawyer named a day preposter- ously (:lone at hand. and after some hesita- tion his charmer agreed. "1 knew that vou would realize that you v'ould be happierwith me than without one," bc suggested with just a hint of triumph in h s tone. Perhaps the girl concluded that this was as good a time as any to take him down a peg or two, for she replied very coolly: " * " s Yes, 1 do reahzc ]t now. You .co, papa is out of town on l>usiness a good deal, so that mamma, aunty and I re often quite alone. | have thouglt it all over and bare come to the conclusion that it would be ever so much safer to have a man in the hou all the time." The accepted ]over gasped in astonishment for a nmment, bat tl,en, seeing a twinkle in his adored one's eye, forgave her on the spot. On ihc way home, however, he voted that his future wife wmdd be a dangerous customer in repartee.--Cbicago Chroificle. Thrown Into the Shutle. "] t's a little tough on our yomlg Chicago," langhed the man from Saginaw, "and I wouldu't tell it in Bay Ciiv. 1 had some business down in Texas {hat required a good deal of raih'oad travel. One day 1 round mvself on the parlor car v'ith no one but the'porter and the natural desire for companionship asserted itself. After we ilad talked fnr a time, durilm which lye had the tact to addres, me as 'e(lnnel,' he ven- tured to inquire in an apologetic way where I was from. " 'Saginaw,' l responded. " 'Sag'saw tunnel; whar's dat sah?' " 'In Mi('hizan, my bo' ' O. :,e sah. gas. ])at s ni De- troit. I lfad a gcn'l from dar las' wintah, sah." "l simply went into the smoking com- oartinent snd communed with myself for the rest of the trip."--l)etroit Frec Press. Bad Poy and Hord %Vork. "J'he bad pay and hard work of trained nur,e has often l>cen made the subject of beuevolent remonstrance l)y eminent medi- cal men and nonprofessional philant hrol)ists. It is well for an invalid, before ie get  so bad as to need a nurse or doctor, to use Ifostet- ter's Stomaeh Bittcrs if he has chills and fever, eonstipation, rheumatism, dyspepsia and nervousness. Use it regularly. A Cure, Author--] am troubled with ,nsomnls. I ];e awake al night hour after hour thin]ring about my literary work. llis Fricnd--ttow very foolish ef you! Why don't you ot up and read portiohs of it ?--Boston Traveler. Fast Tlnze to Colorado. A new th'rough Sle, eping Car line between St. Louis and Colorado Springs will be etab- lihe(l over the Wabash-Reek Island Sh)rt Line, May 15th, 1898. The time will be the i'atest lnade with through service betwern these two points by many hours. A through Sleeper will leave St. Louis ou Vrabash train No. 3 at 9.20 a. m., arrwing a Colorado Springs the next morning at 11.4)0, with a di- rect connection for Denver, arriving at 11.30 n 1 ... m. This is the fastest through service ever established between bt. Louis and Colorado. Returning, the Sleeper will leave Colorado Spriugs at 2.45 p. m., and ar- rive at St. Louis the next evening at 6.15. Patrons of this line will avoid the only nn- pleasant feature heretofore attendant on Col- orado travel, inasmuch as the trip through Missouri's fertile fields will now be by day- light, and the unattractive portion of Kansas will be traversed during tbe night, v, ith the mountain scenery to greet the tourists in the ]nolnl nlg . The (ast time of this llne will naturally commend the XVabash Route to intending Colorado tourists. Particulars will be gladly furnished on ap- plication. C. S. CRANE, G. 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