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May 14, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 14, 1898

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:l&apos;llYlllt tubticaa. Posters are out anoouncmg two days racing at the Fair Grounds on -- .... May 25i.h and26th, under the man- Saturday, May 14. ]agement of Mr. G. F. Fisher of Nat- _ 1 chcz. An excellent program has been ktctal Journal of the C0r-arranged. porllon of Woodville. Who Crokinule Club held a very ---- pleasant meeting at the residence -f 'impleAnouncementsof marria- Capt. R. M. McGchee on Thursday anYUbeWantobtained.the best and that medicine is Chain-that des and deaths will be pubhshed nlgbt. Tbe successful winners of the berlain's Cough Remedy. first prizea were Mrs- L.T. VenLrcss] You wantaremedv that will not without charge, and Mr. Gee. J- Adams and of the only give quick relict but effect a per- Subset! tti on per n nn ont. Cash . ...... $1 50 Otherwise ...... ........... $2 00 New Orleans, May, 13, 1898. 12otto-- ...5 11-16 Middlin ................. The health of the community was never better. Meier Louis Trader attended court here during the week. Capt. J. F. Jenkins, Chancery Clerk of Adams county was in town Wed- nesday I keepTin Top Jel}v Gla:ses. G. J. ADAMS I t Ladies and 3entlemen's Hem stitched colored bordered Handker- i chiefs; others ask from 60c to$1 20 Iper doz. esellthem at 40c to50c per doz. Ask to see them  Roths- childs. -- 4"-' 4P" t"- ) VtlE. YOU IIAVE a BAt) COlA manent cure. You ant a remedy that will relieve the lungs and keep expectoration easy You want a remedy that will cot,n- teract any tendency toward pneutno- Ilia. You want a remedy that is pleasant and sat'thto take. Chamberlam's Cough Remedy is the oh, medicine in use that meets all ot tfiese requirements. This rem- edvis famous fsrits cures of bad co[dslhroughout tile Uuited States and inmanv forcigu countries. It has many rivals but, for the speedy and permanent' cur'o of bad colds, stands without a peer and its sph'm- did qualities are everywhere admired and praised. For sale by G. Kaun. One of the greatest evils resulting from a protracted war wouhl be the llnal transformation of the United States into a great military vower booby Mrs. IIenry Johnson and Mr. L. ,r. Ventress. Try a bottle of Adams Sarsaparilla and purify )-our blood 25 cents cheaper than IIoods at GEe J. ADAMq. $ A very interesting entertainment was given at, the Edward McGehee College on last Monday night by the Kindergarten class. Every one in at- tendance seemed highly pleased and bestowed much praise upon Miss flay- den fur her skill in thus training,he httle folks. -1-4a Whc cold snap has done nodamage to the growing crops and the reports come to us from nearly every section that the outlook for a big yield ts i'cry TIlE 6E/00 SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : o SUCII AS o-- OLD [OWOPOLE RYE, 2UIITdW t YE, .F.REWCH BTL/1WD Y, WIW.ES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE CIGARS A/ways on Hand. :ffThoe is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examiuc nay stock. n. S. JOHNSON. Men's StYaw Hats, 25C to S1 50. We have a full line of Hamilton-Brown Shoe CCS Shoes, in the latest Styles for': , Summer, These goods fife as honest as one of Uncle sam's gold dollars, and you Will be pleased with them, Every thing bran span new and neat for Summer weal', C. SCHAEFER, Ftrst class brick for sale by A. 1". Benedict. Business has been rather dull this week, owing no doubt to our farmers taking advantage of the good weath- CApt. C: M.Stricker. of the Monitor. "Carroll," now protecting Old lurer and Fort Adams was in town Wednes- day... Twenty five soda tickets for one dlar at Argues. Thirty yards good Sea lland cot toqor $1, at Rthsehilds. arid Douglas Magruder attended the darme at Pinckneyville last Thursday / .-_ | is good ted by Three dlvorcesel the promising. The corn stand Chancery Court and one case denied and if not seriously damaged by thc .tis week. All part!c.s colored. weathcr, a lar,te:._crop_.,,is a surety. " Messrs J-A. letead and W.A. The renowno,I Thompson Glove- l:)leksntfrom the East were welcome fitting summ r Corsets, only $1, at ., Vi ttors to our town last Tuesday. Rothschfl I s. JOB WORK AT THE tEPUBLICAN. Grading the ground and construct lint aside,reckon the lot owned by the Woodville Gin Co., is progressing fine and in a few days it will be com- pleted. A levee contractor has the job and wthhis outfit consistAng of about 20 mules and the latest improv- ed dh't, moving tools, a large amount, of dirt is being daily moved. __a A full and complete line of the cel- ehrated Jim. B. Stetson & Co. II:ds, in the latest shape awl styles. Our price only $3, at Rothschilds. Theassignmenr of the two regi- ments called for in Mississippi is as follows: The first regiment that is mustered into service will go to New Orleans where no doubt they will at once embark for Cuba. The other regiment is held in reserve, subject to the call of the coast, commando, s, which is evidently to be hcld for r.: ]coast defences.. ,,.. Mr. ]. R. Davis o_f._ Tarbcrt was a -=: - visitor to our town on Wednesday. lie Keep cool by patronizing Argue's reports crops in his section .in fine Sado Fountain. eodition. :.---,, _ Amid the booming of the cannon bUss TulieDavldsonofNewOrleans and the best wishes and sincerest art&wed on Wednesday m( rning for a h(,pe for a speedy return, .ur sold er visit to bet brothers J A. & I. R. boys departed on _Monday morning at 10 Cclock for Fayette be j,fiu tile Jeff Davis Guards, and thence t,)go to Jackson for mustering int(Lhe scrvice Davldson. The 2ity IIotel is being renoyatcd and when the repairs are coml)leted of Uncle Sam. The nmnber that left will be much more comfortable and was small, hut they were full of pa- convenient. I triotic feeling. Tlmse ,,hat left, were ,.-e-., - I Capt.. Gee W. tIealy, L/cut. L.B. Coroner and Ranger. Base Bails, Bats and Mils at t Watt, privates W. P. Watson, John [ Woody/lie April 3 o, *898 3 w GF.O.J. Ax.'as. I Lowry an(l ()scar Whetstone. We ] Seedlcs Raisins, (',iron, washed / have not as yet learned if Lit('3' all ] Nf)'PICE. Currants, shelled Almonds, the last passen a satisfactory examination.] BIDS to build a hridgcacross2"eek to specl tic it/gins nn file in the chancery clerk's of the season, at O. Sehaelers. We trust however that they will and I near H. T. Sharp's aecordiug ,,-., that their regiment will be anlotlg the[ ,,lute will he received up to 9 o" lock We are reformed that all of the first to be mustered into service t A. M.. on Is' Me,n-lay in June 1898. boys who left here as volunt.eers have r.: 'P'a, lhmrd ram,ryes the rlgh to reject t,,d the examination and been ac- The Woodvill;'in ,% Mfg. Co have any and all bids. C A. Coos, Clerk. uessed to the war" chariot, Defeat, for our squadrons at the outset wouhl so arouse tile people that onlv a navy isfv them. The very duration of the ..... "  " foremost nnlitarv natiou on the  and a hmgdrawn out conflict now wonhl land us at the end in tlmsame[ position--Fx. coi:'r,, t f 11 hne of tne well known All those interested in tl,. A,,n,tal] A L1 RI/, WOODVILLE, " " " "; -" ' ' ot Directors at tim Court Ilo,t,e n.ext I !  --DEALER ilN-- /. rla evenin_, May Ist at ! S atp t. y   , (,(:,EHEE Pres, I DRUGS an One small iron m'av mare ahut'2'/ t{ lll(00llll00 b b0bJLl Public SchOOl BOokS one returning same to me will be re- arte ,  LJi I .fAs....s,  t Adams, ,fL. Stationery, Painters Szpp]ies; Cttlery. 2"ri.: " o n i IXI   ! lt,,.dware, ltminain" Oils, : Garden Seed dfe Was taken up by T. B: McCramc, ' cek selected ir3, grat care andwarranted a representea. . . at his p|ace, near Macedonm, la me 3rd Supervisor's dt.stnc.t, on tle 2]st ItO an O ore =. , inst., the follo,ving. ,,escr,t)edhandses.ray. :high, [ f MeLAIN & VENTRESS, Braml, & i(Irei;, One hay horse about '5 Which we offer for a short F.A. L,,.,. W.P.S. W,=ss -. o. "*" " ' * 12 years old. branded on the left hip i at 7Sc and $t t with the letters V 1) I), in triangular shape. Also one bay horse colt, time ONLY ,,omys,d, hmdm a hw, kthrnepnd about 2 years old, has blaze in the face, ' th S1 - d S1 = II hind feet white, 1)randed on the ,t{ wor 20 an .o0. wooov, ross. oow,.-.; ross. bOthleft jaw with the letter H. The horse [j}] " Office in MeGehee building. Office in M,Gehee Blltldli  is appraisedat'25'andthecltat$'5" ,...rtin Rothschild & Bro The owneris hereby notified to come M DR. C. S. HAMILTON, ......  " for'yard, prove property, pay chares, , J. ]L JONES.. and take them away or they ,,,ill bc 1  , . nETIST JOHN W. BRYANT,  tISS. WOODVILLE  Office at Sehlesmg e ouse. April 18, :95 ly. DR. CHAS. E. CATCKINGS WOODVd,LE : : : : MISS. ()ffice ill Adams Drug Store. --I)EAhER EN-- Family and Fancy Grocerl{s. C#fi'f 6 toneries, Oysters, TropiCal ]"ruit @ a l kinds, Su'gar, Coffee, Flour, -at S/arch, Raisins, Nuis of all kind epted. tIurrah for "our hoysV'_ Chancery Court adaurned Wednes- day evenl ng after a three days session. Tlere was very little business before the Court, only nne lit,igated case. signed the contract and madc all ar- , ------ ,-----=7------. 5 14 1898 4w. ;-L .......... -- ............ -c__-:L@ -. ral|gcmenl s for the putting in O|" the I round bale press in their newginnery'[ L l.J  l: E R , p. i,, wnvrE. ' ..... "" ""e "" " ;  ...... Wonnde,,a,,dh:",tw""'tbeset ,o are 0re,ared to "'l ats"'rt White Er0ery 0o,, 1 presses witl I)e operated by them. / notieeanyordcr for ILdugh CVl)ress JOSEPH SARPHIE, LUMBEfl at, t The JeweIer, The supcri.rity and adwmlages of/ low prices. Correspon- MAIN STBET. - Under Masonic Ball. this press over the square bale has' deuce s(,licil,ed. DEALIRS IN-- | "Soda Water aud Milk Shake, JNO. F. tRVINE & SON. Screen Doors, EleOrte Fans No not as yet been clearly dem(mstrated, [ but as the managemeut of the new I 3 19 98 6m. flies on Argue's Drug Store. _ Gin Company are practical business I ];OIt--Sz-(LE.--Imp,',,ved Chufas, A complete asscrtment of printed men, we know full well they havel the best known bog feed, no pest,...10 Woodville. Scud orders t(, Iliram, Cambrics, Percal aud Madas cloths, earefulh' canvassed tbe sHuat i m and[ cts quart, 5('l,a peck, delivered m their conclusion aud decision in the / Mis.. CtlAS. F. A. I(ELt,(;OG. just the thin for ladies' shirt waists, ,-.tter is no d.ubt directed for the| 3 5 4w. _, w.-.,h.ohlh| best interests of the couuty: lh .| ._.. ,,, ,,,,, ,-a,.,- Skin Dzseases W. J. Cha )man, oue'-d the best ous buildings has t)eet awarded Io tilt', _M_ -u---es ,.n the road, was Sml,h ,ros, of ,,,,s p,ae: wh,, ,,., in znow- u, u,,,,'- - ' "(r their usual w,wk,nanHKe n:,nner For the speedy and permanent cure f here Wednesday evenm m ( nr.;__ I push the work t-aspcedy compmtn)n. 4ter salt rheum and eczema, Cham- ,ot,f his firm, Simmous narowa,e[ --'"'"- . ,.,,-,r) .,din's Eve aud Skin Ointment is """-,, .... ,o [TItE AMERICAN N'*, u,,.* o., u, .............. " -- " I AND ltA W A II. ,vithoUting and ansmartingequal, alines,It relieveSinstantlythe itaCh na tb( r(stdence of ,Mr ,n tcn trts s,xteen Marrled:--At . .  " " / A portfolia, " P: "' "' [ ' its continued use effects a permanent S. D. Wall near Whiles,own on last. / vic,,s iu each part, o[ ,,he. fluest[la!f cure. It also cures itch. barber's itch, no,day eve ng, Mr. Joel Prattt tone pictures of tle Amerwan a:, scald head sore nipples itching piles, Wed ., . .. ......... t.,- .... / Alha and Ilawafi, has just been s- chapped hands, chronic'sore eyes and and Miss Martna w an. ,e. ............. Cued by a Chicago publ,sbing ho,,s,', granulated lids. officiating. The happy couple have The Illinois Central" iaii,',,ad has the best,.wlshes of the REPUBLICAN. made arl'ang(ments for It special edi Dr. Cady's Condition Powders fm :r I: |iOU for t he I,enetlb of il pat rot,s, and horses are {he best tonic, blood purifier mdvermifuge. Price, 25cents. oldby DR. L. W. MAGRUDEK, Physician and Surgeon, ' ' 1 Our stock is ahvavs WOODVILLE, MISS. Fancy and Saple Grocerms, ,Cant y, ' - Cakes, Fruits of all kinds, Tobaccu [ ;2'lal:;t':l(TPm;;1; 'g Office at residence, April 7, .88 ]y and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. t desigus it, : : :  -- -- F,a, 129S ly.  ....... DR C. C. CROSS. Office up stairs over the Postomce" -- . _ :)f a 1 km,l, and Fresh Family (;re .. I ....................... A certes, lleceives daily Fancy CaJ'-{ 1 Spectacles, ye.Glasses &c. A.G. 8It NNON, ,lv ,,f all kinds. Maccaroni. cooK-:|t " tUey - lonelor- t etl in the best style, from 9 A.  ".I )nn|in V ]t t"2,.,:.,,,,i,o,,, ,'-,,." " ""m" ' "'"t'?'''''.'= " . WOODV'"L. roSS. Feb ,2 98 ly. -- are confident, with Will practAee in all State and nutted our Prices, Accuracy States conrt in this 8tale WILSON Realestatebonght and Idon eom- WALSH & a,,,ll'romptness, wc | can please you : : mission. Office o Cgmmercial ltow. Mr. and Mrs. MarLin lh,Lhschild a speeimeo copy can be seen at, the -- left, Sunday morning via Centreville local I. C. t, ickct office. Single |)art.s dlCONTRKCTOltS OF-- ,he G. /Cd/, ,: CEMElqT IVE  H.S. V kN EATON. Canned Fruit and Fish, ,. bine brand el,owing Tobae. ]!resh Bread every daT le sp plles arriving daily, larch 21, 1896-y e- T REaP A SS NOTIOE; All hunting and t reslaal ot Retreat a n d Da ,nero placed iS st;fief . prohfl)ftcd under penalty of the Ia /;1 xso SoWm'g. Oct., 9th '"L--tf: ffESPAS8 IOTCg: All hunting, flshin.g or ntlt,i trespassing on Gten BurBle s strl ctly prohibi'ted lie Paw. All former yoked. Go. T. McGIH It TRESPASS :NOTiCEo .... " : Any person caught I or other wise trespassin I Collins or Ohl Lewis [ prosecuted to the lull ] aw. All former permissions re ed. F.D. Lwzs. < d. H, Sd,YDd]v:, -ucCessOr to Franir B i andnrgans, fie left yesterday, but will return during the month of Mav to tune the pipe organ in the Ei)iscu- pal Church at hieh time he will fill all orders for tuning and rel,airing pianos anti organs left with Mr.a. J. Nohle. Country orders solicited. [ ar, teed or no pay. I  In addttlOn, It f,.nishes its readerS Every Sunday Morning With a Oholc Collection of   J ORIGINAL STORIES. $        SKETCHES and POEMS By AuthorS of known rSDutatio TM Dally and Sunday   $1200 a year Semi-Weekly, issued Tuesdays md Fridays  $1.00 a year Sunday only I $.OO a ye { Send for mple copies,  THE TIMES-DEMOGRAT. @    New Orloems. @I@ soable prices. ...... Siiol) oppos]te,,\\;V.),(3, llonnys res- t,el package of "BLAK "DRAUGHT idence. L tIC S. IObAND'. reeof charge at ._ .&ug. 21, 1897-t loges here and at Meridiau, but have Sept. 4, 1896-t closed dot the one at Meridiau. and , t to iv( sttnlents pr,.paret " ; s . the vsry FOR ALE. best business training to be had t..y- where. Catah)gue scot on applica- The housc and lot iu Woodville, t/on. 5l. J. lIAllRIS, south west of the public square knwu President. Jackson, Miss. as the Susan Scot,'lie, adjoiuing lot Sept. 11 1897-tf of Dr L W Magruder, apply to [south of Woody/lie will he prose ' It S VAN EATON. cuted to tlie full extent of the la-w. NOTICE, 11 20 1897 tf. I A stric watelt will le kept ot sam, I hate j,,.t received and will keel / / plantation for trespassers constautly on hand a full supply of TRESPASS NOTICE L W. MA(+rtr)R (JOFFINS a,,d CASKETS, / All hnuting on Simrall aud Schae- ' .............................................. : of all Stsles, wlSch I will sell at t'c'- for places is strict@ pro:tibited uuder I penally o[ the law.  ' ' [ L. W, IAGRUDEr. [ Cholera and Yellw Fever are pl 11 20 97 tf, I ,-.,,.,,d by n.,,in ltaCl(-.IRA|I T, Trespass Xol,ice. All persons found litntmg, flshmg or otherwise trespassing on the Bur fiamwood pMntation about 3 mile larger crowd wUl attend. rose reeived-iOho', ladies Rich- elieu Rit)bed Turner Vests, Lisle Thread and handsomely trimmed. Would be a bargain at 25 eenls but we are satisfle4 with 10c; a Roths- ew Orleans. ing take Chamberlaiu's Cough lteme- -- " == =-: - IdY" It always gives prompt relief. The meeti[g of those lot, Crested in It is most excellen for colds, too, as ir called for last Tuesday, was it aids expectoratiou, relieve the our Fa , . ..... I lutWs and nrevents any itemlenev to- nOt as well attendee as we open Iri " ' " - " " - =,l "@'lid' but severale:: a r p[:rmt wardp]tel,mon,:.[:,:salebyG. Kann . .citizens were pres . -, - - lng the matter over, made a call for] Mr. J. E. Hines, tbe old ,eliable another meeting for next Saturday, Ifiann tuner, ]ms beenl, ere for several Ma21st,,.at which time we hope a weeks repairi,g and tnning llmnos r. of whichhody he'sa" ,.,home on ma l,e had a, ,eu ee.ts c.,.b ..... e. It Stands at thc Head BR,cK ,t,m.tes " ..--o SALO Friday. Mr. I1;oLhschild was mat: tures, costshut oned.lh)r:. S,!l.crp- -*'" w o r K. '-" CUARANTEE ht0m  Im,hr tLw, -- ...... " izdance at the session oftle Grant] tionsfor the setmavneiel wtn ,e I @ Y : ' : t, ,l,ent. ,n view ,,f {be present exeite- r,...,h.d --OU, WoRIc. tu;{{;': pstairsinu'ead::Feuv" Lodge, K. ot , I ment, regardilag Cuba ttlese p/el u,'es member. 1,,,'e vcry t it,iclv. Call ka the : --o,-- patronage Solicited. $::;..g '- ................... _--- South-West Corne, of Public Sq i, ", :." % ." _ ,,., lomce and s,,e t ue,n. 1)2, JOHN F. THERREL, I have Mways on hald a Iml i The famous arauoga . aet-, .u, I :.'--e-.* Brow o's, lhtrbcr Shop. " - - : .............. atiele of "  I,eaveOrderwtthWetllin& Itiekey or Ben " r 011 ', , , - .eold, on draught at " " Ares t Mr EhshaBerry. of tlns place, saY 5outhern,ooo** ,,,,,,,,,,. c,,o.., n.. , he ,,ver had a,,yt,,in, ,,o. SO'aC". Physxcmn anti 8u_ge i|ey, Brandy ,|m | |, -- ":  | much good a,td give such qumk,rehef - --- "wney schoco''tcsa"''un'''omr''enmati'''asha'"ber'a'''s-''Newspapers' , ratr,c',FOR SALE.danta, i,,n siluatcd on IInnlmgThe pnhlic are hereb, nntified thatis prohil,ited on the Hur- y:I'It?iS!an d -oi vb Buns at Acgues. | Pain Balm Jle was bothered greally  '1 he ' I ' " :.t-... .- |vithshootingpainslrom hun toknee O@OO@ Ohl River, Wilkiuson County, Miss. gette, Ehnwood, Belleview aud (?,or- Office ' : ,. Pane oror_aan to| until lie used this liniment, which TH containing shout ;520 acres. For don Plantations. If you a.) I. - ,, i,;,o / affords orompt relief.--B. F. 1;aker, I All former permits ate hereby re- --- - . ........ nx mzs /ADS O' . parLicu!ars apl)lV Io, thetUne-t re pa:r,, ,orold refianm ptano tuner'" r,.,wno ...... . s, r.r,, o,,,o : z. o "" ,,oo,,,.,,,o, ,'"--.W:'T"':" ,,o,,o,,..,,v. oo.,,:.. ]OltN A, LOWltY, :-bel ThehCreexcurslon--wlichdUrinnmrnlna nt. 5 o'clockthe methief,,of MaY.h.ereand rcn/byyardsAmongG. Kann.of E ufl)roidery,Ur late" '"receHtSremnantsare- 1'/in 5/1 ." ,-,Democrat o ]9 1898 4w. __ 'L'ItESCE. FU E L I REC'I-'0,--- Fancy Liqm rs. Vermouth, Tuesday ......... o-, ' ." . ,, r, tece q hev are put on sale POSITIONS GUARANTEED. [ Ilunting or otherwise trespassing ou the McManus, Farish and Bowling A Full Stock of Mcalie and WOod- turned the next morning" at 6 o''elOCK, J' .... ............. v " - ".L.-b at To (Irad,mte of llaaris' Practical I Greeu places is strictly prohibited un- en Cofltns aways onhand at Wood- ............ .,.a ,, our at 0c, c anu ,u, ,u .............. : It Gives cooedeeoc Business College, Set}eel of Short,de r i)enalty ofthe law. All former was pretty lailuy au ...... a ....... d ville, Miss., Main St. dltIens. Those who went report ttotnscnnts --.-=-- : AlI TheNews, Uau,t, Telegraphy, etc., oactson, pernissionsrevoked. ,, Mississippi. It. M. McG1;IIEII. having spent a very pleasant day In When you cannot sleep for cough- J. II. I'INI)LETON. Both Horace and Foreign. We have 1)ought the Vayatt Col-