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May 14, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 14, 1898

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uodillt tlmblua. Saturday, May 14. J. S. LEWIS, Editor and ]Proprietor. -- , r TO ADVERTISERS. &apos;['HE WOODVI,LE REPUBLICAN tJ the oldest newspaper iu the , tate; has a larger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; bans. If half the stories told by I the Jingoes in Congress, a few weeks ago, are true, the blockade must have finished a large num- ber of starving Cubans by this time. A report comes by way of Ja- maica that an attempt was made to laud troops at Cmnfuegas and that the attempt was defeated wtth some loss to the Amermans. We doubt this because it is im- probable that any effort would be made t,) land a handful of men OUR COUNTY FAIR. Elsewhere in our columns will be found a call for a meeting of the citizens of the county, next Saturday, May 21st, to find out the sense of the people in regard H. S. Van Eaton, from the N. O to continuing or discontinuiug Daily States: the Fair. At the meeting held last Tuesday there was a very small attendance, and no action was taken in the matter further than theappomtment of acorn- JUDGE H. S. VAN EATON. The Arkansas flood is causing the most extreme and wide spread d stress Under the caption of "The Missis- throughoul, that valley. 1 is called lhe wor.'t since 1844. In a0dititm to sippi Senatorship," we take the fol- losses of prolberty, it is feared that lowing complimentary notme of our quite a nunther (,f lives have been lost,. It is still ;it Litt,le Rtwk friend and fellow-townsman, Judge and will tote the hiuhest recorded mark, it ttor beyond, I)ef,ru' it comes tea slnlnd. "l'he full effect on the "The recent death of the lamented Walthall leaves a vacancy m the United States Senate from Mississip- pi. It now becomes the duty of Gov. McLaurin to fill that vacancy until the next meeting of the h,gisla- ture of that State. A numlmr el mitres of three to canvasa the gentlemen have been mcjtioued in county and also get up a subscrip- that connection. We trust our 3lisis- tion for the benefit of the Fair sippi friends will not think it, itnperti- re;tin river is very difficult L<elimatc in fe(;t and inches. It is risihg at Greenville, and will pr(,lmbly cmneto a slaud here today. Forlunalely a fail has scr In at Cairo.--VicRSburg llerald. Tlle tlerald alluded yesterday to the weiht of taxation m)der which Italy labors and groans. This may be judgedof hv the single ileal or the s'dl la. wfiich is so high that, it, s('lls f,,r sixteen perlt'e un ()llnCP. gherefore *. is on Cuban soil. When Uncle Sam gets ready to land troops he will TIliltla | | i it At Lagrano, Spain, a mob of - starving men anti women under- ANNOUNCEMENT. t,lok to sack a warehouse contain- Fo CosGrgss. ing provisions, q_he mob was To the Voters of tile Sixth Congre- charged by Spanish cavalry slonai District: Believtnl that an investigation of and was charged in turn by the lily record in Congress will show that armed with axes and fiave discharged my duty, actively, women faithfully and efficiently; that I have completely routed. If they have kept all promises and broken no party pledges, I therefore am encouraged no better 3 soldiers in Cuba our to agatn solicit the support of my constituency for re-election and here- by announce ms' candidacy, subject to the action of the Democratic party of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respectfully, W. F. L()VE. ,= WAR NOTES. Telegrams report that the boys in blue will have a walk over or a run over. Gen'l. Miles will command the army of invasion and have his "headquarters in the field." We predict for him better success than Joe ttooker had when lie established "headquarters in the Spanish fleet has returned to Ca- saddle" (luring the late "unpleas- diz and if true this will cause an antness." entire change of programme on the part of the U" n i t- ed States in the conduct of the war. As our Atlantic [coast will no longer be threatened, Capt. Sehley's fleet will be free to op- erate elsewhere and is said to be under sailing orders, but of course the destination is kept secret. Admiral Sampson is at Port Rico and is expected to attack that Island. A large force The German newspapers are showing disgust at the return of the Spanish fleet to Spain instead of striking a blow for their coun- try. The overthrow of the Spanish government seems to be only the question of a short time. Don Carlos seems to be tile coming man, although a rcoublic may bc declared. At this writing, Friday, it is by will and report at the next meeting. Our Fair has, for the past few years, been somewhat of a drag and most of our people seem to have lost all interest in its wel- fare. It has been a constant drain on the Stockholders, jwho are becoming justly tired of it and are now seeking for some way in which to make the Fair self supporting, tThe exhibits have been a reproach upon the people of our county. In a great many departments there were no neat for us to make a suggestmn Every Amerman citizen Is interested in the naming of a Senator, no mat- ter from what State he may be appointed or elected. There is a:gentleman in Mismssipl)i who has played some part in the affairs of that oommonwealth. For many )'ears he has been a shining light in the Democratic parly; he has been an able, a learned and a conscientious jurist. He served one term in Congress, end from the clay he took his seat in the ltouse he hecame a power, and his power was alwa) s exerted for the benefit and gh)ry of theState, lle was a gal- lant soldier of the Confederacy, attd lml)ttlaity is as wide as his acquaiutance aud reputation. When he rettred [rein the llouse 5Ilssissil,. pi lost her strongest representative. As Louisiana was shorn of her strenKth in that P.ody when John EIlis retired, so Mississil)pi losLone of the chief I)iflars of her power when Judge It S. Van Eaton, o/ Wilkin- son county, retired. If the Governor of Mississil)pl is looking for a worthy man tu fill the large place lately, occupied hy Wal. exhibits at all, and we can truth- his fully say, that beyond a few pony races there was nothing to attract a crowd. The benefit derived from these annual Fairs is evidenced on every hand and especially is this so in regard to our horses, as the standard hus been raised very much, for our county is now pro- dueing some record breakers. thall; if he seeks a This is good as far as it goes but the law ; full of if as much attention had been given to other lines as has been gtveu to the raising of horses, the benefits derived would be un- told. VVe earnestly urge the citizens of our great county to come to- gether on 21st inst., determined man learned in the erudiuon of American history and pohties; able, honest, devoted and fearless, he will find in this superb Democrat and citizen of his State the very sort of a man he ts seeking. We apologize to :our Mississippi frmnds for dipping into their affairs : but Judge Van Eaton seems to ns so snperlalivelv titled for the American Senate, even in its better da)s, Ittat As a C{}ll- sequmwelhisarliclewhich isemsid- ere(l a dai y neeessily even for Ameri- can cal.tte, is unused hy lhollsands of ltaty's poor. This alone is en(,ngh to create revoh|tions.-Vicksburg llerald. PROCEEDINGS OF CI1ANCERY COURT. May Term 1898. Pre.eqt lion. Claude Pintard Chancellor. J M. Sessions, Sheriff and C A Coon. Clerk. In the matter of the3 annual acct. of Emma llelen, Floreuceand Mary lluff, nfiuors. Aceottttts cxamiued and alh)wed. First amtnal acct C A Coou gdn of Wm G Still examined and al owed. l"irst annual acct ()f Andrew Jack- son Admr of estate Amlrew Jackson dccd examined att(l allowed. 2rid Day. Est of Wiley le and H WG Morgan minors, order approving loan or LEON SCItWARTZ. " " C It.EYLAd(J SCHWARTZ & NEYLAND, M ai n Street, WOO DVI II.L, con- no means certain that the Span- to unite with renewed vigor, lend we cannot resist the temptation to be sent to Cuba at once to fleet from Cape Verde i at Cadiz their assistance to th'e promotion 'dip in.' " quer it, and troops are being rap- though telegrams from London of this Institution, which is for We fully agree wiih the States in idly concentrated at Southern say so. It is plato that Spain is the good of all. Wo have the all it has o say in the above with ports for transportation to Cuba. playing a waiting game, aud the best country that the sun shines regard to Judge Van Eaton, as i' Since lhe Quaran/ine reMrietitns arozend onr towm have been raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh floods of all linds and or store is now replete with best staple and fancy ffroeerzes, dry floods, etc, to be foznd. The plan of Campaign is given as follows : Washington, May 10th.--The President to-night, after consul- tation with personal friends anti army and navy advisers, came to the conclusion that the Spanish fleet would have to be attacked off the Spanish enact, where, m the opinion of all experts, it in- tends to remain. Theprogramme, therefore, is: 1.--The invasmn of Cuba and the seizure of Porto Rico. 2.--The seizure of the Canary Islands. 3.--An advance against the Spanish coast. The Navy Department is not afraid to meet the issue, and is confident of American success in such an engagement. Its highest officials concede the practical equality of the fleets m point of number and metM-throwing strength, but declare that super- ior gunnery and seamanship on the part of our naval officers will 'in the day. Circumstances, however, may alter this at any tme. Twenty thousand regulars are now ready to be sent to Cuba and these are to be followed by 40,000 volun- teers. The situation a the Philippines is serious as tie following dis- laatch shows: Hong Kong, May 10.--Massa- cres are repo_rted to have occurred utside of Manila, the insurgents butchering even the Spanish wo- men and children. Rear Admiral Dewey, it is said here, find the insurgents growing dangerous. It is added that he cannot control them, nor can he #nable the Spaniards to do so. There m olm;Japaaese warship at Manila. The insurgents are mostly Ma- laya who are a fierce and cruel race, and unless Uncle Sam inter- venes to protect them, the Span- lards on the islands are in danger of being massacred. Troops are being dispatched from San Fran- cisco to support Admiral Dewey, and to hold his late conquest. It is reported that Spain may send a fleet through the Suez Ca- nal to attack Dewey and recap- ture the islands but this is hardly probable. From all accounts great victory of Admiral Dewey has abated her desire to tackle another American fleet. Reports from Jackson, Miss., are to the effect that many of the wdunteers will be rejected by the Examining Board, that the 1st Regiment may be reduced from one thousand to six hundred. Complaint is made that require- meats are entirely to exacting, and we think are justly made. It will be remembered at the begin- ningof out" civil war, on both sides, only men who were physi- cally near perfection were receiv- ed, but it was not long before this sort of nonsense was aban- doned. LATEST. Associated Press. May 13th, '98. 9-30 A, t.--Ssmp- ann's fleet successful. His ships have subdued San Juan, Port Rmo. But a few shots necessary to dn the work. The enemy returned the fire three times. Seven shots were fired from Amer- upon, and all it needs is a devel- opment of its abundant resottrces, so let ever:y one work with this aim in view and orove to the world our numerous advantages. And we can see no better way to attain this end than throu;gh these Fairs. Should the Fair be permitted to stop, through the negligence of our people, it would be a public calamity, the fruits of which we would reap in future years, besides being a disgrace to a proud and enlightened people such as old Wilkinson possesses. The following appeared in the Sun- day Times-Democrat : Two days ago the Jackson corres- pondent of the Times-Democrat wired Lieut. Gov. Jones as follows: "hat do you think of the deal suggested by the Meridian peUtion to Coy. Mebaurio to resign and you appoint him Senator: Your Jackson friends repudiate the idea that you will entertain the proposition." The following characteristic reply was received to-day : WOODVLL. Miss., May 6, '98. Mr. E. E Franz, Jackson: man guns and left Morro Castle a "Dear SirReplying to ),our lele- rum. Not an American harmed or a gram asking my views in reference to the suggestion contained in a pet> seaman killed or injured. At last ac- counts city had not surrendered. The Governor's daughter remained with him all tile while. Other men and women fled from the place. Particu- lars cannot be had. Porto Rico has fallen. Dispatch from Madrid announce th arrival at Portdc France, Martinique. Ilavana, 8 x. t., yesterday, 12th, 3 large and 3 small ships appeared off Cardenss. A small boat was at- tacked by marines, who landed near the fort and seized ft. They also seized the semiphoue station, taking the coast guard prisoners. Admiral Dewey is not in posses- sion o! Manila. He has a hard task. Philippine insurgents not in control but a large force is needed to restore and maintain order. was killed at Bethel church just pre- vious to the battle of Bull Run. tion to Gov. McLauria from Merid- ian to resign, with a view of being appointed by me, as Ins successor, to the senatorial vabancv, I gwe my answer frankly : 'tate offices, including congres- sional potations, belong to the peo- ple of the State, to be disposed of by them, and are held m trust by the incumbents and are not the proper subjects of 'deals,' as you express it, in the Interest of officmls or private indwiduals. Holding these views, I am not prepared to enter into any trade in the premises; and I am con- gdent that Gee. McLaurin entertains smilar crews to mysel[on this sub- ject. "If there shouhl come from a well. defined majority of the people of tile State a clear expression of their de- sire for the appointment of Gov Me- Laurin tbthe Senate, it would be both his and my duty to give "the matter proper consideration and to Bagely was the first man killed in t'ke such acuou as was demanded. the Spanish war was ason of the Yours truly, J. II. JONES" first man kiled iu the civil war. He Tile above speaks for itself anti the Spain is in a state of revolution, and her government will need its Washington, May 13, 7:30 A. M. fleets for home protection. Special from St. Thomas, 12th, is One of out' mosquito fleet, the as follows: A portion of the squad- ron under my commnd reached San Winslow, got tqo dose to the Juan this ,. ,. :No armed vessels panish batteries atCardenas and were found in the port. As soon as was fired on, and chased by thre it was sufficient light I commenced to Spanish .gunboats. The saucy little craft had to run for tt but kept up a fight until she got un- der the protection of her big consort the Machias which speed attackthe batteries defending the city. rlus attack lasted about 3 hours and resulted in much damage to the batteries and incidentally a l portion of the city. Tile batteries rephed to our fire, but without ms- ily drove the gunboats to seek shelter behind the batteries. This i terial effect. One man was killed is the first a fight in the Cuban I on board the New tYork, 7 slightly 1 waters. / ' anxi0uslWnadedl in the squadron. No aeri- / Prident McKinley is ons damage to any ship resulted, t to sendrvlief totlmstarving Cu-I SAMPSON. ' frank and open manner in which our distingmshed Leut. Gov. and ttigh- ly esteemed cilizen, J. H. Jones, deals with thts question, stamps him a trustworthy representative of the people. No deal or political swap- ping wtll receive his sanction or ap- proval, which ts but proper and just. Oeoupying the high and exalted po- sition which he does, Gov. Jones feels that all personal consideration and ambition must be subordinated to the wishes of the people of the State, and until a well defined majority clearly expresses their desire, no considera- tion will be paid any effort to pro- mote the interest of any individuals. The reply above is dearly to the point and will be read with much pleasure by the friends of Gov. Jones throughout the State. Ncw goods arriving daily. I ha purchased a largc stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ticlcs, Hats Shocs &c. in tunney by C A Coon gdu, Secomlattnualacct M E V Collins by,,SVa,,Eaton00,,u,e,ami,,e,lan0000 ducements to large buyers. allowed. Maria Veal et al vs H, obt Veal, dis- missed at pltff costs FI llollimanvs J B Walkeret a] l)ecrce o distribution of proceeds o1: sale of laud among Ihc heirs. First annual accouut of CA Coon, gdn. (,f [rnr, Mary and l'oderick BeaumontminorSlowed. examined and al- YOUR DOOTOR Ninth annual acct of Edwar(l, ffa- cob and l'e,','ie Josepb min,,rs, ex-  FICHTS a[nined and allowed "[" J U Payor vs E Kaiglcr ct at, con- tlnued. Second attnual aect of John, Cleve- land altd Calhariue Brown by Carrie Brown gdn, exautim'd and allowed Petition ofJ A l'edhead g(ht, tor sale of land gra,ttcd by ('ourt. Eveline lilies ys Duncan lilies, divorce granted Duncau Stewart et al vs Peulopc Sterling, petition for sale ot land granted. Est Wm Adams dccd, luventory prcseated by J 51 Sessions. admr, ap proved. Est,,f Celena nnd Fant,ie Aaron, voices our sentimeets for many years lniuors, ]oan of tniuors moue by gdn past. Although this distinguished approved slid order for further ]()all. gentleman has retired from polKical Est Andrew Jackson deed pctilion of B F Swayze or order to retain live life, and is not aspiring to senatorial honors, we are confident that he would aoain, as iu the past, make a name of which this or any other state wouh] be justly proud. But b,* this as i may, his ability as a statesman is conceded hy all, and as lie is not a candidate and will not be one under any consi,leration, furLher commen , is useless. If reports are true MississiPid has not furnished her quota of trorq)s to tl, is date. We can hardly realize this, and hope for the honor of the State that it is a mistake. It never occurred to us that all the National Guard would volunteer for a war, as many of the members join for the killing effect a l)rtght uniform will have on the grls,and never proposed to expose their delicate persons to bale. rent torte,t, granted. Est An(Irew Jackson deed. petition by A(Intr foreontirmalion of sale o[ agricultural pro(blots, confirmed. Report of sale of personal properly of esL of Vm Adam by J M essions adnn', confirmed. Est Wm Adams deed. eat declared iusolvent att(lall claims against the estate ordered to be i)reseuted to the Clerk by the 12 el De(: L898 for adju- dication Pieas Lively vs Grant Lively, di- vor(' granted. Eat S P Adler deed, acct of ./as M Sessions cxtr allowed attd executor discharged Seventh annual acct of Stella M,r- gan gdn of Jos Morgan exantiued and allowed. I l':,t of Joseph anql J A I,edhead ,Ir. 1 miuors, gdn allowed to iucrease the I expenditures for maintenance atttl/ education o[ minors to $600 zach per / an n u in, Est Jos Aaron dccd. iuventory ap- i)roved. Firstaunualacctof I A Redhead gdv ofJAJoseph JnliaN. attd Ella N. Redhead minors, examined and the villainous fumes of vilegunpow- allowed. all of which I propose to scll at so low that it will be to your intc to examine my stock. Special PEETR MOLLER , Disease with lnedicine. If the me(licne is not right he cannot , conquer disease. If the drug- gist does his duty the medieine  will be right, and )'our doctor  will stand a good chance of . winning the victory. You can hclp your ,h)ctor by ! hay ing your here. L)rescriptions filled I PHARMACY, ARGLIE' , E. CIIISHOLM, IMtanage:r, . :M:. V-. L=W00Z. No. 5 Night Tr,da Leaves Memphis, 7:5b pin .... ' ' Viogoburg B'I0 al ' ' " t' " '* (JourevillO O:lota ........ Arrives New Orleans 10" No. 6, Night t'rain leavvs New orleaus .......... Ccn trevillo .......... Vicksburg ...... " arrives Memph18 No. 21 Day Traiu Leaves Vieksba'{,- " " .... arrives New Orleans No. 22 Day Train leaves 'ow Nrlea,xs ........ arrives Viekslmrg. Train runs daily except 8mday, , 71 MaZes Woodville " lea-R,'e.s B:tyou S;t ra .... arrivps Slaughter No. 722 Ioav-r SlaulMer " " arrives Woodvillr 4:20 8:35 1 l:..t 7:1o. 5:30 1I-I 9 a 11:1 am 12:20 der, but sttll there is plenty of pluck and manhood among the young men of Misstssippi, and we areeonfident they will maintain the honor of the State. Rome, May l l.The powers are holding a conference to consider the )roposition to compel Spain toue for peace on the basis of relinquish- in_c, Cuba, guaranteeing enormous indemcity, pcrufitting Dewey b) hold thePhthppmes until all demands are paid. Fresideat McKinley will be approached unolltcmlly to learn hs views as to such a course, The situation iu Spain is growing worse every day, and rioting is re- ported in nearly all the large cities. Fhe military parly has turned appa- patently agaitst the dynasty, and t is feared that the country is on the verge of a terrtble revoluUon, which wtll resul in the complete overthrow of the present monarchy and theca tahlishment in its place of a strong military dictatorship.Sates And now Gov. A. J. McL.lurin. of Mississippi, comes forward and of- fets hlsservices tq the goverumettt to lead the Mississipl}i troops tn Cubaor elsewhere as they may I)e needed. Thtsindicates a'eommen- dable spirit of patriotism on the part of the governor. We hardly see how thegoveremenean rjeut the offer In his ahsence we guarantee that the affairs of the office will I)e c)ndtteted in an able and l,atriutic manner hv Lieut. Goy, J. It. Jones .--Grenada Sen'iuel. The Spamsh troops m Cuba are posting bulletins on trees Ihroughout the country asking the Cuban army to join them to fight the comnton en- enty, the Americans, whose only de- sire, they say, is to capture tim is- land and afterward exterminate the Cuban race. 'Nhat a world df impu- dence the Spanish butchers possess. After years of cruelty, oppression and bloodshed, during hieh the poor Cubans have died by the thousands, their oppressors now appeal to them for aid on the plea that they will be exterminated' As if tlta would not soon be the case ff left in the hands of their uruel masters.Clarion Led- ger. 1 ;I0 2 :.. ,1:15 The only Lille runnin .'qnli,1 Trail:s he,,.en :00Eomlohls and 00Tow Oax|ymg elogant Pullau Bttffet SIoopiag Cars iu both directiona. uring Passet, ger a speedy and 'comfortable journey. l,'or lales, Jl:q,s etc-, apply to Agents ur ad 'r .as. JNO. A. ISCOTI', Div. Pasa'r Agt, 1 rtP1rxs, TEN.SSt,'.E. Est of Ella N Redhead a miuor, gdn allowed tocxpeud $250 per anuum for maintenance and cdttcation ot the nlillor, C, lcrks acts iu vacation approved and conlirmed by the court. 3rd Day. Susie D ]'ects vs Thos 1I Curry et al, motim for dolts to have 60 days to answer, gra,tted. Est of M A Ferg,,son deed, report of sale of laml coufirmed" County Library was examined by the (!haucellor and found in good conditi u JoeThontasvs Ella Th, mas, di- vorce granted. Wtn Scott vs Charlotte Scott, deft allowed 60 (Is s to answer bill Estate S P Adler. deed, Decree or- =deriitg Executor to distribute stoney on hand among creditors whofiled their claims with the Clerk for exam- ination and adjudicatimL Eva Trager vs Fred h:graham, bill disntlssed at eomplts costs. Est M A Fe,'gusoa decd. admr or- dered to distribute proceeds of sale of land among creditqrs. Roe Watkins vsCatharm Walkius, diw)rce denied aud bill dismissed at complts eosts. Court adjourued to Court iu course. REGISTRATION NOTICE. In accordaneewithSection2 chap- ter 51 (,t the acts of 1894 att(l chapter 113 and especially Sections 36t5 attd 3687, 1 iil visit the following named precincts on .the days herclnafler ntentione(l for the purpose of regis- teriug those who have not heretofore registered, to- wit : Precinct. Date. r r oodville, Monday and Iuesday 6tl, and 7th .Tnne 1898. Turubull, WeduesdayJune 8 1898. WI,itestown Thursday " 9 "' Centreville Saturday " 11 " CoousMill Mmt day " 13 " Macedonia Wednesday " 15 " Dry !Cork Friday " 17 " Porrytown Monday " 20 " Itosetta Tuesday ' ' 21 ' ' Cold Springs Thursday " 23 " Beaver Creek Saturday ' 25 " Percys Creek Monday " 27 "" OhtRiver Wednesday" 29 " Fort Adams Friday July I "' Piuckncyville Saturday " 2 " e, Do,,egal Iuesday " 5 " After which the books will be kept open at mv office for five days to reg- ister all who may apply who are enti- tled to register, but all parties wish- ing to vote ill the comiug November electio,t most register four months before the day of election. N' K. F. JOi-I. SON, Circuit Clerk and Registrar. 5 14 1898 4w. A. T. BENEDICT. MANUFACTUREII, REPAIRER AND DgALtR IN gamag00s, 00arts, Farm Wag0ns, 5a&&tcr00, g'., dEent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 Which are universally acknowledged to be The B0st and LIOHTEST RUNNIN0 WAfl0N Made. Agent for F(4ZIER ROAD and SPEEDING CART, are great favorites among Horsemen AGElqT FOR THE 2r00a Teace The most extensive Manufacturera of Iron Fencing in the United Btstl Parti-ular ttettion paid to re-covering and ri All work done promptly and at lleasonable Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf , r , - '1 . ][- i TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or tresoassing on the Artonish lm:ds under fence ispro- hibitcd uaxler fall penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pasture after February 15th will be charged pasturage--50c per month. J. A. G!LLESI'r. 1 15 1898 ty. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby, forbitMen to hu'nt or herwkse trespas on my lands k.nowa as the Gil(latt tract, the Lul)ety tract and Fleet trwct, about 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penaly of the law '. F. g 'r. Dec. 19, 'a6-tf