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May 11, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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May 11, 1973

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Friday, May 11, /973 ........................................................... until 1:30 p.m. o'clock C.D.T. on! Lmnp Sum L.S. Removal of COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES June 4. 1973. at the Farmers Old Bridge "C". Sta. 715ph, s 25 Home AJministration Office., 3.475.0 Cu. Yd. Unclassified by John J. Dale, Jr. iWoodville. Missi.sippi. at which Excavation tFM IBorrow & time and place bids will be op-Undercut) ' .............. e:ed and read aloud. The no-I 124.28.0 Cu. Yd. Unclassified PASTURE MANAGEMENT because we don't have time to tire and instruction to bidders. Excavation PM) wait for more rain t. dissolve fpam uf ];]d, form of eontraeI., 2.429.0 Cu. Yd. Channel If not removed, rysgrass and clods and recharge the soil. plans. pecifc'ttions. and form Change Excavation FM) 'Small grains overseeded on per- Some fields can be planted of bid hmd. perfm'mance and 8.848.0 Sta Yd. Haul of Exca- nannt pastures will severely wiLl]out any tillage by uing a payment bund. and other con- wtion (FM) dan]age bermud.-,.assrr -" or bahia- contact herb'.cide like paraqua.[ tract docunlenls my be ex- grass. RiLl:or graze the a,ra to bu,rn down weeds just before amined at the following loca- 8G0.996.0 Sta. Yd. Haul of Ex- cavation CPM) heavily or clip to remove these or just after planting. In this irons: I 17.469.0 Unit Haul of Excava- winter grls2s. All ryegra.a or case a precmergence herbicide Farmers Home Administration Stnall grams should be removed should also be used on a band CoanLy Suprvisor's Office Lion {Special} PM) 37.208.0 Cu Yd Gr,anular Me- by June 1. I:ehind the planter for later Woodville. Mis.issippi I,terial (Clay Gravel Bae Course) Summer pastures need to be germinating weeds. Earth & Associates. Inc. " C1.3 Gp.B} LVM heavily fertilized during May. If your .soybean seed have not Consulting Engineers 25.0 Cu. Yd. Portland Cement F:llow soils test recommenaa- had a germinati:n test it] the t Jackson. Mississippi at' Concrete Paved Ditch (Class ..... C tlons for the different grasses..pas t 4[} to 63 days, it wouldl Copies may be obtained Concrete} Most of the fertilizer should be be a good idea to check germi- the Office of Berth & Assort- I 57,641.0 Lb. Reinforcing Steel a.uplied befm'e July 15. Te,mpera- nation again before plan.ling, ales. Inc.. located at 2906 North 452.0 Lin. Ft. 15" Reinforced lure or moisture conditions are Have your seed treated with a State Street, P O. Box 4386, SUch that we normally get the recommended fungicide, partic- Jackson, Missis,sippi, 3921,3. upon] Cncrete Pipe Culvert 456.0 Lin. Ft. 18" Reinforced most fertilizer response beforelularly if they test below 80 pet'- ! payment of $25.fl0 n,ne of which ! Concrete Pipe Culvert mid-July, cent. Seed supplies are such this is refundable. 62[}.0 Lin. Ft. 24" Reinforced The owner reserves the right Cohere,to Pipe Culvert SOYBEANS year that we cannot afford tltot Applying a fungicide to youbr rove to replant. waive any informalities or to 292.0 Lin. Ft. 30" Reinforced ,Soybean seed and minimizing TRANSPORT SAFETY reject any and all bids. Pro-plant tillage can both aid Make sure your Slow-Moving Each bidder must deposit with in getting s.3ybeans off to a fast Vehicle emblem is clean and his bid. security in the amount. start ahead of weeds, clearly visible before entering a form and subject to the condi- Doing the least tillage neces- publ!c road. Alz check out your tiGriS p,rovided in the notice and sary to obtain a stand without flashing lights. Make sure all instruction,s to bidders. sacrificing weed control is the lights a,re clean and functioning. No open bidder m,ay withdraw Objective. The later the plant- Pull over when possible to let his bid within sixty (6'0} days tag, the more likely it becomes lothen s pass. after the actual date cf the tkat minimum tillage will bel Use lower gear wi,th load down opening thereof. needed to con'serve seedbed hill to help your control. Use a The work to be done is essen- mois.ture. I power gear with load up hill to tially as follows: Avoid excessive deep tillage:prevent shift 'stops or stalls. Construction and installation of 204,300 feet of water mains 200 water meters, all valves and ]lll:-' Miss'ssippi' up to and not later fittings for the IV-[-  than 10 a.m., May 14. 1973. for construction of a water distri- the right to cut and remove all bution .system. trees marked or designated for South Central Watex "-- that purpose on Section 19, Association. Inc. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Townhip 4 North, Range 2 By: Sam Ashford Letters of Administration, West, Wilkin.son County, Missis- Presiden:t C. T. A.. having been grantecl sippi, and estimated to contain Attest: on the 17th day of April, 1973,' 892.225 board feet of pine and Emma Zell KnighLon by the Chancery Court of Wil- 5{]0.18[} board feet hardwood Secretary klnson County, Mississlppi, to sawtimber (Doyle Rulel: and. Date: May I. 1973 the undersigned upon the Es- 867 cords .hardwood pulpwood, 5/11r4w 'bate of Dick Rosso, Deceased, more .or less. Before bids are ...... noV.ce is hereby given to all submitted, full information con- Division Of State Aid Road Persons having claims against cerning the material for sale. Construction said estate to present same to [cnditins of sale and submis- Mississippi State Highway the Clerk of said Court for pro- siGn of bids should be obtained Department bate and registration according from the County Forester Mis- Board Of Supervisors Of to law. within six (6) months si'ssippi Forestry Commission, Wilkinson County from this date. or the same will Wcodville, Mississippi. The right Section 900 The Woodville Republican, Woodviile, Mississippi. 1.810.0 Lin. Ft. Steel Piling CI,ASSIIilED ADS ( 10-BP42 } 143.66 Cu. Yd. Class "B" Bridge FOR S&LE: One buckskin mare, Cone.rote about 8 years old, with saddle 246.0 Lin. Ft. 31' Prestressed and tridle: one bay gelding, Concrete Beam about 4 years old. saddle and 159.0 Lin. Ft. 40' Prestressed bridle. Good for ladies and chil- Concrete Beam dren riding. $300 each Phone 3C.115.0 Lb. ,Reinforcing Steel 888-645. 1.566.0 Lb. Structural Steel '27/tf Page7 Concrete Pipe Culvert 2{?8.0 Lin. Ft. 36" Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert 124.0 Lin. Ft. 42" Reinforced Concrete .Pipe Culvert 116.0 Lin. Ft. 48" Reinforced Cqncrete Pipe Culvert 6.0 Each 18" Reinforced Con- crete Pipe Flared ,nd Section 16.0 Each 24" Reinforced Con- crete Pipe Flared End Section 6.0 Each 3:}" Reinforced Con- crete Pipe Flared End Section 6.0 Each 36" Rein,forced Con- crete Pipe Flared End Section 4.0 Each 42" Reinforced Con- crete Pipe Flared End Section 2.0 Each 48" Reinfoxced Con- crete Pipe Flared End Section 152.0 Each Right - of - Way Marker (Type I) 5.0 Each Reflectorized Traffic Warning 2.0 Each Project Sign 406.9 Cu. Yd. Class "B" Struc- tural Concrete SURFACIIG ITEMS 51.380.0 Sq. Yd. Mixing, Shapr ir.g & Compacting 289.0 Lin. Ft. Concrete Bridge Railing Contract Time: 200 Wgrking bale in field. Call R. A. Hart- Days ness. 888-4441. Basis Of Award: The award. 5 '4/2w if made. will be made to the FOR SALE: 8x39 ft. house trail- lowest, qualified bidder on lhe  or. needs some repair. Can be basis of published quantities. [seen 5 miles north of Woodville Flans and specil'icaLions are on Highway 61. or contact Mrs. on file in the office of the Chan- Prentiss M, athks. cery Clerk. Wilkinson County, 5/4/2wp Woodville. Missis.sippL and in the office of John D. McQraine, WANTED: Good home for 2 FOR SALE: Used Caprice mobile home. 12xg5. 2 bedrooms, 1//2 bath, carpet. Call {5[}4) 654-427,q after 4 p.m. 5/11/4w FOR SALE: One used glass-lined 30-gallon .hot water heater; one portable Whirlpool dish- washer, used very little; two 8-55x15 tires with approximately FOR SALE: Rye grass hay, 60c 5200 miles of wear. A E. Pharos. phone 888-4254. 5/11/2w Wilkinson C o u n t y Engineer. Woodville. Mississippi. Plans and 6 months old. Call Nolan Sesser proposals may be secured from tat 888-4906 after 5 p.m. Alonzo H. 8turgeon. Chancery 5/4 2w Clerk of Wilkinson Coun,ty, at Woodville. Miss. upon payment of $10..9[}. which will not be re- funded. Ccrtlfied check or bid bond for five percent t5% of total bid, payable to Wilkinson Coun- ty and the Sate of Mississippi, POSTED: All lands owned bY the undeL'.gned are hereby posted against all hunLing, fish- ing or otherwise respassing. Mrs. Mac Bradley. 5/11/6m WANTED--TIMBER LAND: Pri- vate investor interested in male white part-collle puppies, timber land. Write P. O. Box REMOVE carpet paths and spots; fluff beaten down nap with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Ben Franklin Store. 5/ll/lw ATTENTION MEN must accompany each proposal. SEMI - DRIVER TRAINEES Bid.does are hereby notifi:)d NEEDED: Local & Over-the- that any proposal accompanied driver training being of- by letters qualifying in any feted through, facilities of a manner the condition under major truck line. On-the-job which the proposal i,s tendered type training; no experience will be considered an m'egular necessary. Indust,ry wages ex- bid, and such proposals will not, reed $6 per hour with benefits. award. Steve Reed President Board of Supe,rvisors Wilkinson County, Mississippi 5/11/3w 5/11/4w be considered in Area Co:to 404/875-2941 ,or write to Eagle Mountain Corp.; P. O. Box 3fi8; Atlanta, Georgia 30[}80. 4/27/tf FOR SALE: One Hammond Ca- deft Electronic Organ with double keyboard. Call 888-6689. World's Largest Plantation 4/2[}/3wp WANTED: Lands to Sell. Let The world's largest cotton 4304, Jackson. Miss. 39216. giv- ing all details on your land. 5/11/4w EXPERT REI'IRS on Watches, Eye Glasses, Jewelry, Clocks, Fountain Pens, and Electric Razors. Every job guaranteed. qee our excellent selection of W.'iteh Bracelets and Watch Bands. WOOD'S Woodville. Mississippi WANTED TO BUY: t'-ulpwood both long and short wood -- Mixed Hardwoods and Oak- Pecan-HJckcry. F r e e timber marking service. E D. Massey, 41 Homochitto St., Ntchez, making the For immediate application call Miss. plantation is IocaLed at Scott, us sell your lands too. Call Missisgippi. It c.cntains 38.090 Charles L. Barry & Associates, acres. It is Delta and Pine Land i42-1921. NaLchez. 17.983.0 Gel Cuecback Asphalt Company, owned by a British t'13/8wp for Prime Coat tMC-1); or firm. It has its own hospital FOR SALE: Large ,red saddle 17,983.0 Gal: Emulsified Asphalt and c.hurches.Souree: Miss'is- mare, 3 gaited $250. Call 645- fox Prime Coat (EA-1 or EA-P) sippi, A Guide to the Magnolia 5621. 42.498.0 Gal. Asphalt Cemen't State. 4/20 tf HOUSE FOR SALE: Cartcr Sub- division. 3-beuroom, 2-bath, large den and kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoin- mont. FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, 2-bah brick home and grocery store located in Centreville. Phone 645-4831. 3/23/2mo POS'I'Et: All ands owned by the Tansy [stalld Huntlng Club, as well as all lands leased or controlled t)y the Club, ate hereby strictly posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise tresnassln R. be forever ba,rred. Samuel W. Rosso Administrator C. T. A. of the Estate of Dick Rosso, Deceased. 4/0/4w NON-RESIDENT SUMMONS State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson To: William S. Davis. A non-resident of the State of Misslssippi, whose Post Gffice and Street Address is: West Feliciana Parish Jail St. Francisville. Louisiana You a,re ,summoned to appear before the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, on the Third Monday of May, A. D. 1973, to defend Suit No. f,007, in said Court of Mary Lee Davis, wherein you are a De- " fondant This the 24th day of April, A. D., 1973. to reject any and all bids is NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS for Surface Treatment (AC-15) reserved Sealed bids will be received 892.0 Cu. Yd. Cover Aggregate This 17Lh day of April. 1973. by the Board of Supervisors ell(Type I Slag or Stone); or Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk Wilkinson Country at Woodville, 892.0 Cu Yd. Cover Aggregate 4/20/4w Mississippi, until 11 o'cl:aek a.m., (Type tV Uncrushed) ............ June 5, 1973, ann shortly there- 455,0 Cu, Yl/;,eal Aggregate "EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE after publicly opened, for con- (Type VI Slag'!lbbne or Crushed TO CREDITORS .truction of grading, drainage, Gravel) " Of Edna Brannan Massey, base, surfacing, and bridge on I 261.0 CU. Yd. Seal &gregae Deceased 3.585 miles of county highway I (Type VII Slag or stone) Letters Testamentary having on the Woodville-Pond-La. Line[EROSION CONTROL" ITEMS been granted on the 25th. day Road, Wilkinson C,ounty, Mis- 10.9 Ton Commercial Fertilizer of April, 1973, by the Chancery sissippi, known as State Aid] (13-13-13 I T.on/Acre) Court of Wilkinson County, Mis- Project SAP-79(19) I 2.2 Ton Ammoniu,m Nitrate sissippi, to the undersigned in Principal items of work are'32% (490'Lbs/Acre) Case No. 6998 upon the estate approximately as follows: 43.575.0 Sq. Yd. Sprigging c,f Edna Brannan Ma:sey, de- I ROADWAY ITEMS 9.0 Acre Top Seeding ceased, notice is rhereby given I Lump Sum L.S. Clearing and Lo all persons having claims Grubbing against said estate to presen 4.0 Acre Random. Clearing & the same to the Clerk of said Grulbing Court for probate and rcgistra- Lump Sum L.S Removal of lion according to law within six Old Bridge "A", Sta. 592plus13 (6) months from this date. er Lump Sum L.S. Removal of they ,will be forever barred. Old Bridge "B". Sta. 638plus13 This 4th day of May, 1973. Lydia Massey Berryhill " 18.0 Ton Mulch Vegetative Material (2 Ton/Acre) 2,250.0 Gal. Mulch Asphalt Emulsion 1125 Gel/Ton) 8281.0 Sq. Yd. Solid Sodding BRIDGE ITEMS 2.9 Each Test Piles (10-BP42) 1.0 Each Loading Test I Alonzo H, Sturgeon Executrix LOANS Chancery Clerk 5/4/3w 4@.7/4W ........... ARTISEMENT FDS INVITATION FOR BIDS South Centreville Water Forest Products For Sale On Association, Inc. --K 000 County School Lands Separate sealed bids will be from $100 to Sealed bids will be received received by South Centreville by the Clerk, Wilkinson County Water Association, Inc., for'the Bill Consolidating Loans 00oap of Supervisors, Woodvnle, fonstrue ion of a Wter System ==m=.m=   , A:c:,:  p::i?/:tAn;Yo:::;:Re;:::dMa;e. When the ,crew isyou - Free COUNSELING, SERVICE -- Call Or Stop By Our Office 1 Woodville Finance, Inc. S tak] H andlO --] ........... -, _ -. .-:.'--'..,.;v, ,.. :.,,. - Even in a one-man operation, Hesston makes it possible to include a moderate size haying program with the Stak- Hand"" 10. Yes, the StakHand 10 will get your hay up and out of the weather at the hourly rate of four to six tons, And the slacks have self-storing, weather-resistant capabilities. Couple the StakHand with a StakMover 10 and you can out up hay one day, then move it later o6. See us for all the benefits of a StakHand right away. We can even show you how the StakHand 10 system lends itself to feeding programs, ,,,StakHand is a reg=stered trademack of the Hesston Corporation Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. Depot Street Phone 888-2011 MR. FARMER: Soybean planting will be delayed this year due to the heavy rains and flooding. We have the equipment and personnel to apply your Granular Fertilizer and Liquid Treflan at one application. This process will save you time and money. Call us and let us discuss this process with you, or any other chemical needs that you may have. ADAMS COUNTY CO-OP Phone 442-7488 Seargent Prentiss Dr. Natchez, Miss. I OUR OFFICE IS CILOSD  NOON ON SATURDAYS, EFFECTIVE NOW. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Gloater, Miss. I I TIMBER SALE James M. Vardaman & Co., Inc., forest management specialists, solicits bids on two tracts of timber in Amite County, Mississippi. One tract contains 384,600 bd. ft. pine sawtimber and 128,600 bd. ft. hardwood saw'imber on 210 acres. The other contains 951,700 bd. ft. of pine sawtimber and 138,500 bd. ft. of harwood sawtimber on 110 acres, both in Section 32, Township 2 North, Range 5 East. Sealed bids on a lump sum basis must be received b James M. Vardaman & Co., Inc., P. O. Box 1831, Hattiesburg, Miss. 39401, not later than 10:00 am on 23 May, 1973. Write for prospectus or contact .Joe A. Kuse, P. O. Box 423, Brookhaven, Miss. 39601 or call 833-8834. James M. Vardaman & Co., Inc., Standard Life Building, Jackson, Miss. Tel. 601-354-3123. Branck Offices at Hattlesburg, Laurel, Brookhaven, Meridian, Bogalusa and AMxandria. I I All this for only $763 .fl00at bargain! o. isa How else could a family make so many visits.., and firm up so maw; plans.., for so little cost. So. reach out and let our voice touch the oncs ou love. And dial direct on those lovin' phone calls the fast, personal 1-plus way. Save even more by dialing at ni3ht or anytime on weekends. Love that Long Dist00ce South Central Bell Mississipp peopl 9 keeping you ht IOtlC/1 %