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May 11, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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May 11, 1973

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/ Friday, May 1 I, 1973 The Woody;lie Republican, Woodville, Miss;sslppi Page 5 t Proceedings Of The rwere cpcned as follows: Jerry $187.32; Com. Sewer, $65.00: Out- same. $40.35: Willie Scott Me- Dawson. ref. dep., $10.00: Willie 41; F. R. Blankenstein. supplies, iness to come before the meet- Enis, Woodville $225.00; Wil,lie side Water, $43.31; Penalty, $217. Carstle. san]e. $253.23: Chas. T. Mason• same. $7.50. $44.24; McGehee Motor Parts, ing, upon motion duly made and Woodville Mayor & Lee Spiller Woodville. $300.75: 97: Cut off & on. $18.00: Sales Netterville. same, $75.32; Frances General Fund: Commercial same, $3.01; Planters Hdw., Inc., seconded, the meeting recessed James V. Gross, Wodville. $325. tax. $890.95: Deposits• $195.97: Townsend. same. $366.90: Rich- Bank. St. Imp. Bond I.nterest. same• $2.00: Seal Tractor Co.. until Monday, March 19. 1973 at I]oal-d ()l! Aldermen 00; sidney Stuart, Woodville, Total, $21,615.57. ard T. Watson. same, $134.47; $300.00; Robert L. Skipper, ex- repairs, $7.32; Beckham's Elec- 7 p.m. March 6, 1973 $51.95• Collected: $21,262.31; Delin- Nannie W. Landers. wages, $14. pense Police Academy, $30.00; tric Co., same. $38.75: Jimmie's M.N. Lewis, Mayor 'i. At the Regular Meeting of Motion by Alderman Bryan, quent: Lewis Allen $10.80, Ira 12; South Central Bell. phone J, ohn Dorsey, contract work $99• Auto Service. same, $97.32; Recessed Meeting the Mayor and Board of Alder- seconded by Alderman Best andlDea n Keeton $1•04. Je.rry David- expense, $5.12: F. R. Blanken- 00: James Foreman, expenses, James R. Williams. supplies, Monday, March 19, 1973 men of the Town of Woodville, unanimously carried that ne son $4.88.. C: E. Emm, ons $5.88, stein, supplies, $11.79: McGehee $50.00; Robert Claiborne. same, $504.99; W holesal'e Supply Co.. At the Reces.sed Meeting of ':' • o. . . ' MississiFpi, bugun and held in bid of James V. Gross be ac- L. C. Brown $1.31. Ronnie Davis Motor Parts. same. $15.70: Plant- $37.50; Pat Cawn, fire pay, $27. same: $44o.38, Central Utility the Mayor and Board of Alder- said Town at 7 p.m., there were eaptcd in the amount of $325.00. $1.74. Joseph Lee Dixon $1.70, ters Hdw.. Inc., same. $17.47; 50; Sidney, B. Mealey, same, $27. upply co., same, $145.23; Corn- men of the Town of Woodvllle, I munlcal;lon Associates Inc, la pre.,.',t M3y:r M. N. Lewis, A1- The bids for the purchase of Wiley Collins $2.34. Thomas L. J. H. Lambflin, consultant fee, 50; Carl DAquilla, Jr., same, $17. . " " ' " ' " -iMississippi, begun and held. in dermen Cage Chisholm, Hubert a garbage refuse body were op- Piazza $21.71, Annie Catherine 265.98; Seal Tractor Co.. re- 50; Gary D'Aquilla, same, $12.50; I dm contract, $5.62; Super Serv-Isai d Town at 7 p.m., there were B. Curry, J. M, Best and Thoma cued as follows: Big "T" Weld- Thompson $5:87, Jim Teal $31.61, pairs, $7.33; C. M. Treppendahl Howard L. Carter, same, $10.00;  8ta.!on, gas, $64.43: CWW&]present Mayor M. N. Lewis, A1- ' : John Brondum, same, $10.00;  ma teurement & Reserve!derme n Thomas M. Bryan, H. B. M. Bryan, Fredriek P. Cavin, Jr., in Supply Co., Inc.. Baton Albert Havard $4.30, Willie & Sons, Inc., supplies, $1.75; Mike Loan. same $15.00 South '•  ' • " [Curry, Cae Chisholm and J. M. " Jimmie's Auto Service, repairs, ,'una, naner $25000 Frances Supt. of Utilities' and Street Rouge: 1 only Model 133 Stex- James Ross $20.51, Charles Jack- - .  . , _ Town end Clerk outside wateI ] Cemmissloner and Frances ling "Hippo" Refuse Packer (13 sen'T5.90, Charles Andrews $3.26,,$97.33: Big Three Meter Repair Central Bell, pllone exp., $90.71;]  ' ' ' Best and Frances Townsend, SW Miss. EPA, hghts, $190.30, I ' . Clerk• Townsend, Clerk. cubic yards), $4.992.76:1 Safety Fannie Lee Gavin $5.63, IkelInc., repairs, $1.08.72; Wholesale " • • • $4798' Clerk's Special Account ' reimb $330[} Commezcial Bang Motion by Alderman Bryan Switch, $23.{}9; 1 PTO & Pump, Evans $28.74, Islah White $10.67, Supply Co., supplies, $63.60; Cen- McGehee Motr Parts, supplies, n ^'- o_' =_,' .... • =, ,, ,,  .. ,[ ,,n-, ,,,,,a, ,,._,,,, ÷ ,,,,, ..... : that the minutes be approved $270.00; Mounting on your truck, Willie Lee Peters $1.85, Glorial tral Utility Supply Co., same, '" 1 .... Parle" & Co same v o mc,v u,o.oo e,- _ ............ .... +o :, as read, seconded by Alderman $150.C0; T,tal, $5,435.76. State & Dean Myers $5.19, Houston Park-, $32.00: Natchez Pipeline Const. $88.90: Planters Hdw., Inc., same, erm 'unc, r,anse,, vu.. After examining' the Real and' ::f Local Taxes; Term's: Net; FOB: er $3.82, Ernest Smith $13.93, Co., same, $77'8.45; Miss. Power $'128.01: Laurel Hill Lbr. Co.. The Mayor and Board of Al-IPersona 1 Tax Rolls and making Chisholm, voted upon and uriah- Lauren, Iowa; Del: 7 to 10 days Charles Edward Buck $11.47, Joe & Light Co., lights, $21.09: Corn- lumber, $66.59; C. M. Treppen- dermen proceeded to equalize'ne r chan-es a motion was Motion by Alderman Bryan, ' I cessa y g , imously ca,tried. ARe. M. Stutzman $5.42, Leon Wil- munication Associates, Inc.., ra- dahl & Sons. supplies, $34.1; the assessment zolls of the real made by Alderman Best hat zeeon2ed by Alderman Chisholm I Motion by Alderman Curry liams $1.91, Larry Box $1•97, dig contract, $5.63; Super Serv- Beclham's Electric Service. re- and personal property, the Real and Personal Tax Rolls • and unanimously carried da,t] tha the bid of Big "T" Welding Larry C. Kendrix $22.49, J,ames ice Stati:on. gas, $64.43; State pairs, $24.60; Jlmmie's Auto There being no further busi- as submitted by Mayor M. N: the bills in the, amount of $19,- ] Supply Co., Inc. ,be accepted in Ross $17.28, Alice Scott $21.01, Tax Commission state with- Service, same, $126.14; Hunt & hess to come before the meet- Lewis for the year 1973 and the amount of $5,435.76. sec- J.ack Johnson $16.56, Eugene holding, $16.71; public Employee's Whitaker, supplies, $143.95; Otis ing, upon motion duly made and equalized by the Mayor and I)91.65 be paid. ended by Alderman Chisholm, Prater $6.53, Ronnie Davis $9•22, Retiremen System, retirement Ward, cutting tree, $50.00; Miss. seconded, the Board recessed Board c,f Aldermen, showlng a ! Alderman Chisholm made a voted upon and ,unanimously lWillie James Parker $3.25, Jo- $557.82; Commercial Bank, with- i Valley Supply Co., supplies, $283. until Wednesday, March 7, 1973, total of $'1,336,534 be approved, motion that the Town take a carried• ,seph J. Powell $5.43, John Henry holding, $482.90; Erwin Graham, [54; Communication Associates, at 7 p.m. seconded by Alderman Chis- 'page ad in the Pilgrimage Edi- The following is a report of Conrad $6.63. Willie Mason $16. refund deposit, $10.00; Mary B. iInc., xattio contract, $34.25; M.N. Lewis, Mayor holm, voted upon and unan- ,tion of tle WoodviIle Republi- Clerk's Special Acc,cunt: Brought 53, Willie Pope $16.88; Total, Scott, tax assessment, $164.76;IWoodville Republican, publish Recessed Meeting imously carried. can for the sum of $85.00, see- forward, $423.0,7. Disbursements: 1521, 615.57. • Frances Townsend, Clerk, pay minutes, etc.. $63.90; Miss. Law Wednesday, March 7, 1973 Motion by Aldecm'an Chisholm ended by Alderman Curry, voted Mr.s. Alice Stockett, labor, flow-) Light & Gas Fund: ,Grant acct. dep. (John Henry Conrad). Enforce:merit Officers Training At the Recessed Meeting of ltha t the levy of taxes f, or the upon and unanimously carried, ers, $8.00. Reimbursement: Gen- Carter, Jr., salary,,$116.85; Wal- $5.96: (Willie Pope), $15.00; Academy, General b,asic class, the Mayor .and Board of .lder- ear 1973 on total valuation of T? the Real and Personal Property Alderman Best made a motion oral Fund, $8.00. ter E. Davis, g,r., same, $188.84; Grant Carter, Jr., salary, $116. $300.00; Egsie Harris, jail board. ! men ,of the Town of Woodville, I in the Town of Woo dville. Mis- that Mrs. Margo P. Ferguson, A committee of citizens of the Herbert E. Felter, wages, $45.51 85: Robert Claiborne, same, $10.00; Mosler, bank vault agree- Mississippi begun and held inj W. J. Miller and L. Q. Hender- Town appeared before the Board Robert Fields, Jr., salary, $126. $144.72: Jack Curtain, same• $51• merit. $34.00: Super Service SLa- Isai d Town a.t 7 p.m., there were sissippl, as shown by assessment s,on be appointed to serve on and t,rcsented a ,petition re- 74; James Foreman, same, $191. 78: Walter E. Davis• Jr.. same, rich, gas, $532.50: Woodville Pub- the Election Commission and ques.ting sewage and fire plug.s. 53; Robert Claiborne, same, $144. $188.84; Robert Fields. Jr., same, lic Library, contribution. $25.00: I present Mayor M. N. Lewis, AI- rolls be and ls fixed t Twelve ........ • dermen H. B. Curry, Cage Chis- (12) Mills to bc deposited in the tha.t W. J. Miller be appointed After due discus'siGn and con- 72;. Dave Lewis. Jr., 'same, $135. $122.21; James Foreman, same, Mrs. E. M, Collens Est., rent on holm, J. M. Best and Thomas General Fund. The same was Chairman, seconded by Alder- 4deration, the Board delayed 67; Eul.a Mac Liberty, same, $191.53: Dave Lewis. Jr., same, dump, $5.00; Mary B. Scott. ex- M. Bryan. and Frances Towns- seconded by Alderman Best, man Curry, voted upon and action and filed the petitbo`n. $13.44; Sidney B. Mealey, same, $136.74; Eula Mac Liberty, s.ame, penses, $50.00; Robert Claiborne. end, Clerk. v,cted upon and unanimously unanimously carried. The Clerk is charged with the $170.59: Ed Porter, same. $116. $13.44: Sidney B. Mealey, same, same, $37.50; James Foreman, As the Board began evaluat- carried. The bids 'for s.ale of garbage following: Res. Gas. $10,329.97; 85; Huey P. Robinson. same, $170.59: Ed Porter, same. $116. same, $50.00; John Dorsey, con- ing the Real and Personal Rolls. General Fund - Twelve (12) ::: t, ruck were opened as follows: Com. Gas. $4,124.10: Res. Water, $113.75; Robert L. Skipper, same.  H5eY be RLO;S;p e ,amee: tract work, $112.20; Clerk's Spe .... '; Seal Tractor Company, Wood- $2,919.73; Com. Water, $686.38; $185.38; Robert Carter Slan, 3. o rt r, cial Account,' reimb., $84.44; the following were assessed or ,Mills to be paid in U. S. Cur- vllle, $3P.,1.00; James V. Gross, Rc:s. Sewer, $174.66; Com. Sewer, same, $126.74; Lawrence Wells• $17836; Robert Carter Slan, Southern Uniform Co.. uniforms, changed as follows: rency of Genera] Warrant. • ] Brown's Velvet Ice Cream as- It is fuzther ordered that M. Woodville, $105..00. 67.65. Jr., wages, $111.52; Jack Curtain, same, $122.21; Lawrence Wells, $4.85. sessed $1500 Equipment N. Lewis, Tax Collector be Motion by Alderman Bryan, The following is a report of salary, $42.37; Joe M. Best, same, Jr.. wages, $133.62: Hexbert E. Combined Water Works and Gulf Oil Corp. assessed $2611),chared as follows • seconded .by Alderman Best and he gas, w.ater & sewer o]lec- $39.75; Thomas. M. Bryan, same. Felter. alary, $45.51; Mid Lou- Sewer System Fund: South Cen- Storage Tanks  unanimously carried that the tions for the month of Febru- $39.75; Cage Crhish01m, same, $5. isiana Gas Co., gas, $7,093.61; tral Bell, ph,one expense, $5.12; Gulf Oil Cor- s ..... I Twelve (12) Mills on $1,336,534 p. as essea uu th "  " bid of Seal Tractor Company in cry: Brought forward, $312.23: 97; Fredrick P. Cavin, Jr., same, John Henry Conrad, refund dep., Concordia Contracting Co., 7th Land 170 Buila:n- * ...... I e amount, o assessmen rolls ,. 'the amount of $301.(}{) be ac- Rcs. Gas, $11,906.44; Com..Gas. $621.93: Hubert B. Curry, same, $4.86; ,Clerk's Special Account, partial estimate, $5,706.00; Jor- l [of $16,03,8.40. , I There bei g no further buis- .,. cepted. $3,940.21; Res. Water, $3,121.57; $5.97; M. N. Lewis, same, $278. retmb.. $33.00; Prudential Insur- dan, Kaiser & Sessions, supervi- IBM assessed $2085 Machinery -- ..............  ....... Tile blots for sale of ractor Com. Water $716.00; Res. Sewer. 50; Fred Clifton McCarstle, Sr.. anee Co. ins., $583.79; Albert siGn constr, seveage plant, $1,08. S.Eui.meM2tmre as- ing, upon motion duly made ;: - seas "  ,= ' ..... ] and seconded, the meeting ad- "'• rmey owies assessea $0 I,ourned .'+il Machinery I j ' ' I M.N. Lewis, Mayor '. Standard Oil 'CO. assessed $4440 ;'{ Machinery, $20 O,ffice Eqmp  --" ' "'- The heart beat's abou 72 ¢ TO cnent'\\;Merehandise $800' $5260 times a minute" 100'000 ime a Total ,: / Leon Bolden assessed $75 Land day. James & H. M. Broome as- ....... . ...... sessed $200 Land, $500 Building, SERVE YOU ........ ,,,oo ' \\; J James & H. M. Broome as- sessed $400 Land James Brown assessed $100 Land BETTER & P. Ja,rvi's assessed $i08 Land, Budding $500. $8130 Total Vlvian Johnson .assessed $150 Land, $200 Building, $350 Total Veola Lollis, Leola V. Jones & Nancy V. Wilson assessed $100 MP&L .... $800 Building, $900 Total When an Annie. Brown Palmer assessed $10 Land, $300 Building, $400 Total Customer o,,= o Anna Palmer as- sessed $100 Land, $300 Building, $400 Total Service Tom  Gladdls Scott assessed M(R K C alls for ,,0o Est. Olive B. Singleton assessed $100 Land, $400 Building, $500 MP&L Answers o MOBILE EIOME Est. Charlie Smallwood as- sessed $150 Land, $200 Building, .,.SO much more with Service ..,o , Mrs. Bessie D. Terry assessed |OOkir/ for,/ • $300 Land Mrs.Bessie D. Terry assessed Live the elegant life for les $100 Land $301) Building, $400 than the rent you're now A stormy night. Total payingt Join the pacesetters, C. M. Trep,pendah] & Sons, A high wind. Inc. (Pt. SW£ 27-2-2W) 3.88 Move into an exciting new A sudden crash. J acres) NW Cor. of g.unction of Mark mobile home. Today[ A tree has fallen across a power line. IR/W wy. 61 & Miss my. 24) ' assessment raised, from $700 .to The Mark ls made exclushtelv qor The result? Electric service goes off. $1o00  v .,,o., o,o .ore.,.. division of Natio Homes Car- A call from a customer is received by Joe Louis & Jenennette Wrd poration, world's most expm'[. enced name in housing, Mississippi :Power & Light, and in minutes a assessed $10 Land Est. Susie Williams assessed truck is on the way to the trouble spot. ,1o0 Land, $150 Building, $250 JIM REEVES A skilled M P&L crew, efficiently trained in Total working as a team, proceeds to locate and The Board tn'structed the Mobile Homes, Inc . Clerk o nol)lfy ,all laersons of repair the damage, assessments or changes and that objrecta,ons will be heard at Doris and Jack Electric service is restored, skillfully and as . Recessed Meeting on Monday, McDan/eL Mgrs. quickly as possible. M. 19, 1973. There =being ,no furttler busi- Centreville, Miss. Through 50 years of scrvic to western Mississippi M P&L has maintained a record of dependability. And M P&L customers know they can rely on that record of service. Natchez Stockyards A dependable supply of electric power. A dependable and prompt response whenever Jerard Allen, Manager turbulent Nature interrupts the supply. Twenty-four hour"on call" service is a part Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. of M P&Ls deternination always to serve you better. SALE EVERY THURSDAY • 00I00'/I/IisslSSlppl pow,rl & U00Sl' TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE TE For Local Trucking Call KIRK FOI Woodville