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May 11, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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May 11, 1973

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Page 4 I .!.o o p  q o o . L ,i ,J o o . i o o ,, . ,, . ,, . .'led i I In slte of the opUmlsm Gov. eratic committee, Mayor Charles Bill Waller continues to express Eversof Fayette and Mrs. Pat about ,the chances of Missis- Derian of Jaekxon. slppl's Regular Democrats re-. But. for reasons unexplained, galnln, g their ,former eminence he will not include Aaron Henry with ,the national party, the in the bargaining.. Henry is state truth is that the ,tenuous rela- chairman of the loyalist faction. tlonshl,p eontinues to deterio- The Mexican stanti-off will The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi i ment, Inc. in the sum of $40.250 tion 19, T4N, R2W.) l visiting relatives the pas,t week- to furnish one new elcvating (Her.e follows copY of order i end. scraper for use of the Fourth of Board accepting bid of J.A.i In the heart, of the Homo- Supervisor"; District. same to be Russ ConL,:truction Co. in thechitto Rivet" Valley among the paid for from Revenue Sharing sum of $10,C0.L) for remodeling:rollir.g hills of northwest Amite Funds.) and repairing the Wilkinson ,C:unty is the picturesque town Ordered .that the Board do County Commodity Warehouse.)]cf Crz.sby. Loc.ated on Highway now reees until Wednesday, IHere follows copy of order 33, this com, munity of a few ovex April 4, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. of Boarti adapting a policy for a thou:and citizens has been for Steve Reed, Presitient accommodation of utility facili-lover a h,flf-century the scene Wednesday, April 4, 1973 ties on the Ritfllts-or-Way of lef one of the most gigantic The Honorable Board met thisl County-Fderal Aid and State lumber industries in southwest day pursuant to recessing. All i Aid Re,ads as pxomulgated' byMissi.sippi.. , Possessing a history members were present. Also,the State Aid Engineer on Jnn- that :s bL)th czlorful and unique, 1Crosby was not always as it is present was Alonzo H. Sturgeon, I uary 17, 1972) " Clerk. t Ordered ht the Board do I today. The earlier chapters of Ordered that the Board doinow rcess until Wednesday, Apriliits history began before 'the now recess until Thursday, April 18, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. ,birth of this n,ation. In 1789 rate. once again put the Loyalis,ts in 5, 1973 at 9 :o'clock a:m. Steve Reed, Presidentt Jhn Foster with his Indian The chances that the regulars lthe position of receiving the Steve Reed, President Wednesd.ay, April 18, 1973 !wife settled on a Spanish land will regain na,tional recognlti:n iparty call for the n, 0n- Thursday, April 5, 1973 I The Honorable Board met this granL along the stream that throug,h the federal courts are, vention in 1976. And once again, The Honorable Board me.t this I dav pursuant to reessing. All today proudly bears his name remote. In fact. some jurists, Mississippi will be epresen,ted day pursuant to recessing All jmemers were present. Also I He became lhe first recorded not involved in. this particular[by a delegation which probably members were present. Alstpresent was Alonzo H. Sturgeon, I sett'ler in Amite County: litlga, tion, ace already on the will further alt, enate many Mls- present was Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Iclerk. " record with the opinion that the sissippi regulars from Lhe party Clerk. The Clerk of the Board of i matter is a political and not a .of their fathers. Ordered th,at he Board do Supervisors is hereby ,ordered to Perrytown News leg, el ,problem One remedy, which Oov. Wal- now recess un,til Tuesday, April draw a w4rrant ip. the amount] But. Democratic tradition, es- ler seems reluctant to pursue, is 10, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. of $18,921.63 on the Revenue' Mrs. Emma Perry has re- pecially in view zf the Water- legislation which would require Steve Reed, President Sharing.Fund in :f'avor of Coun-! turned to her home af'ter spend- gate disclosures and the obvi- the popular election of conven- (Heee follows copy of order ty Construction Co. in satisfac-ling two weeks in Natchez with ,ously sick economy under the tion delegates and pary off1- f Board releasing R. J. Senko Nixon administration continues cials, from the duties as temporary its hold in the minds of some Alabama. which uses this'attorney for the BOard and re- oldllne regulars, method, has successfully resisted storing Clay B. Tucker as at- In fact, his tradition is a challenges hrough the stormy torney for said Board, on recov- key element in he curxent Democratic conventions of the ery irom hi' accident injuries.) moves ,to find promising Demo- sixties. (Here follows copy of order cratic candidates to try in 1974 Loyali'at leaders in Mississippi of Bzard accepting bid of Carter Equipment Co. to furnish one to unseat two freshmen GaP wbuld be hard put to oppose congressmen, Trent Lott of Pas- such legislation, especially in the used motor grader for the use of the First Supervisor's District cagoula and Thad Coehran of light of their political impotence .at, a price of $7,974.75, same to J.aekson. I ln the state legislature. At the same time, here may But they regard Gay. Waller's be paid from Revenue Sharing Fund and County Road and be some major defections o theattempts to date at reaching a tion of final estifiate,of work:her daughter, Mrs. H. B. Huff. cc,mpleted untie,r, the ,order of' Those who visited hex Suntiay Board of Supervisors in Minute i were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Havard Book W at page 281, and a sup-l of Baton Rouge, Mr. and Mrs. plemental agreement herein for iEverette Thompson of Fayette, cleaning and: painting all steel! and Mr. a.nd Mrs. Shad Perry; in old bridge. Allowance: Albzo H. Stur -i Jr'' of Na.tchez. We send our sympathy to IVrs. geon, Clerk, $300:00. Hazel Hazlip in the loss of her Minutes of the :April meeting brother - in - law, Mr. Jimmy were read and approved ,by the Holder, of Biloxi, who was killed President.. Ordered that the Saturday in an automobile acci- Bord do now adjourn until the dent. Funeral services were to next regular meeting, which will be held Tuesa,ay in Shreveport, Republican party in Mississippi. compromise as superficial, in- Bridge Fund.) e M.cnday, May 7, 1973. La: .  Here follows copy of' , ex:bl and self servin ..... ' Steve leed President lzrmer Gov. John Bell Williams. fl e " g' m nara ettin an emereneyl .. " ' Lynn Perry of Natchez, daugh- for instance, has recently told As t sLands today, MsSLlpp bid for renairin flood damagel . -- . ler of Mr and Mrs. Shad Perry, intimates that he is planning to Republicans appear to be the ...... s mstm. tl]is week with Mr ' " "  n' d 'to bridge across Buff:ale Bayou l #.,,,, NWS I  , ' - switch to the GOP and run f.or beneficiaries of the ragme e n *' Harold Smith Road o i %,num]f  I.and Mrs Jewel Anders and other U b/lU  * a second gubernatorial term in situation The Loyahsts are not j,,,t, c.nt.r,wttnn o in the l ,members of her family. 1975. about to gve up their positionl m ....   aan .... + be Mrs. Md.ena Tllexy wa I  ....  -s Mi-k, orr-and In the meantime efforts .by wi:thout a hght And unless the  ,, =, ....... a,, l:er Crosby home +,he past w - , .' , ..... e or h nes t'is osition '  .......................... Send l cnieren vi,siea nmr parents, regular Democrats o effect a .... Fund.) .............. h_slMr, and Mrs. Pha oa erry, uov rn :c a  . P ,I . . r h P compromise Wllth the loyalist or ,another major pemocram]  ....... ' ............ f ':- of' tuess oI wesmy nu  I ....... ,.o.eru ,luuw upy u au ' ere Mr (and iamlly 'rlot.y. .faction are at a standstill Oov. fioure in the state intervenes, I _ . . [family for the weekend w .. Waller has said privately that voters can look for a further 'persns Ln.ame.a serve--'a.s,!U-land Mrs A1 Story and ehildren, t Dx. and Mrs. Sidney Johnson ' . . rors in uircuit uourt o WllKln- he is w.llling to negotiate with Balkamzatmn of state Demo- - .... nth be I Alice Re,anne, and Holly, and[ and Mrs. Nm,a Sturcuvanv a.t- ...........  , son oun,y or z m,o s -,,- oa s W H Tyson and'] tended the graduation of Miss the Loyalists' ,two represenVa- cras, especmy m re ..... -innin  thirt" da"s after selec ..... ............ ....... s s   -  children Anne and Barry Mary Ann Johnson rom Sout.h- ive,s on the national Demo- lner national pary, tion, same appearin,g on Pages! Mrs V L Cam;bell was in west Junior College in Summi 283-310, Minute Book W.) I ' " ' Sunday (Here follows copy of order Tuesd,ay, April 10, 1973 this' Orosby last week. COUNTY BOARD OF of Board .accepting the bid of The Honor, able Board met Mr..and Mrs. Jack Marshall l Mr. and Mrs. Jewel , Alders day pursuant to recessing. All spent last weekend in their visited Mr. and Nrs. H. B. Huff Colonial Chevrolet Co. iln the .sum of $10,600 to furnish lo the Fourth Supervis,e,r's District two heavy duty cab and chassis trucks, same ,to ,be paid from Revenue Sharing Fund Said or- der also accepted bid of Colo- nial Chevrolet Co. to buy two used trucks from Fourth Dis- triet at a price of $1200.) (Here follows copy of order taking under advisement bids received for the sale of a usec motor grader to the First Su- pervisor's District.) (Here follows copy of ,order of Board accepting bid ot" Equip- built on tlie SU PERVISORS MEET (Continued from previous week) Tuesday, A.pril 3. 1973 The Honorable Board met this day pumuant to recessing. All mevabers were present. Also presen was Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk. (I4ere follows copy of order of Board authorizing Third Su- pervisor's District o advertise for .sale the following equipment it no longer uses: fised Cater- pillar Dozer. used 1964 Ford pickup truck, and used hehe- made tilt tandem trailer,) quality.of the central air condiltmone00 we install, N That's why we sell A$ ,qua'lift,el r:ehr w .COuIO ha,ldle arl=v number o W like rrar'm ,,.+rd iOf th sarrl r,,r.::.Lrs tuf Customers IIkeit At1 kman'a (:,,.:qldltJon,J Cortl|,L',f :!':,ysl@m dgliv'rs Al3r; W,gl W(l H"HflLII i:tr'l Ar?'iEflB (ff'li. Vv,3 krlOW .our CiJStOfiier the ';.:IL*alt), r,e xpcis m ;[1L;'"' cd.l /rr, ar'la central rs ar.e mad,@ With llh :,*r['l[,,*  il'l Irld crafts- g(.]e IZ"tlO tffOLl$ A,rllarlZ4 1 jj r .  z  u J . Relr Ig@r- NtO OBLIGATION ANALYSIS us make art ar,al'ys;t$ Of you, r hOme.(;oOllil Oee,ds arid You'll be surpr!ed at how I.itfle it tO O(lllOY Amal Conditioned C'(lm|C,] r t a cenvuty,,Old tri@ition of lir=e ,: :rfllsl/tal:Shi,l, SERVICE members were present. Also present w.als Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk. The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is .hereby ordered o pay the folio.wing claims, in the following amounts, to the for lowing parties, from the Ntrs- ing Home Building Fund.: Hub Refrigeration & Fixtures, Est. No. 1, $14,726.70; Larue Boyd Elee. Serv., Est. No. 9, $6,7664,1; Brookhaven Maeh. Cont., Est. No. 12, $6,030.00; Malvaney Asso., aret., $941.72; Meridian Ortho- pedic App., .supplies, $43.79; Gil- bert Hyde Chick Co., monkey I bar, $302.50; Mississippi Bedding I, Co., bedding, $1,147.61); MeNeese Medical Supply, cha;irs, $98.82; Affiliated Hospital Prod., beds, $12,806.90; Will Ross, Inc., sup- plies, $62.10; Webbs Electronic Systems, A-24 Zenith, $1,580.0t); Will Ross, Inc., cart, : $2119;1; Webbs Electronic Systems, files, $165.32; Affiliated .Hospital Prod, ,furniture, $12,185.12; Will Ross, Inc., chart holder, $113.24; MeNees Medical Supply, bed pans, $'178.22; McComb Station- cry Co,, furniture, $2,582.24; Barrfield & Co., same, $1,350.80; McNees Medical Supply, same, $446.15; McComb Stationery Co., calculator, $34,0.00; W!ill R)ss, 'Inc., furn. & supplies, $1,016.23; Toal, $63,098.87; Olivetti Corp. of ,&merica, typewriters, $474.76; i Total, $63,573.63. Ordered, that the Board do now recess until Tuesday, April 17, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. Steve Reed, President Tuesday, April 17, 1973 The .Honzrable Board met this day pursuant to .recessing. All members were present. Also  ,present was Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk. (Here follows copy of order of Board directing clerk o ad- vertise for bids to be received on May 14, 1973, for the right t ctt and remove all trees marked or designaed on Sec- Complete INSURANCE Coverage Protection PLUS Servicel Be Sure---- ----Inure With FOSTER Insurance Agency 888,4362, Woodville home in Arkansas. and Mr. and Mrs. Shad Perry, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Lee wereJr., i.n Natchez Wednesday. Friday,, IVlnv 11, 1973 Miss Evelyn Thompson of I was in Batln Rouge for Fayette was an overniglt guest I medical check-up, l: of Mrs. Ema Perry Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. HollingS,: Mrs. Ida Perry spent the day worth and sons ef Jackson spen: Frid:y with her father, Mr.I the weekend with Mr. Jess e' Walter Cavin, in Darrington[Ferry and Mr. and Mrs. Alto 1:: community while Mrs Cavin Perry. For The Perfect Mother's Day and Graduation Gift Lingerie House Dresses S po rtswea r Gift Certificates Assorted Gifts Jewelry and Etc. 125 Jefferson Davis "Blvd., Natchez, Miss. II "  HI LIVESTOCK SERVICE Livestock hauled to any auction barn or other destination of your choice at reasonable rates. Individual order buying service. $ Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in, pasture. Other livestock services available on req uest. i Contact O. K. FERGUSON Phone 888-6682 Woodville, Miss. T H & R FORD, Inc. Woodville, Miss. # AND INFLATED SERVICE CHARGES, ETC. I I I III fill "i I I 1 II T III ! who, being in );our corner, will endeavor to stand forward in manly combat against the oes ()Tours and his) o sensible economy! 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