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May 11, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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May 11, 1973

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Page 2 The Woodville Republican Woodville, Mississippi Friday, Mav 11, /973 -!;: <': ,. :i'i rhWoodvilleRepublican Published every Friday by The Woodvllle Republican, Box 696, Woodville, Miss. 39669 John S. l,ewis, Owner & Editor .ubscrlptlon Rates: One year, $4.00:6 moo.. $2.251 3 rodS., $1.25. Payable in advance. Second Class postage paid at Woe(lville. Miss. 39669. Centreville News Miss Margaret Welch ,and Mr. PTC TO HOLD RECEPT]ON Louis Welch anti hks dauglter, Miss Li'sa Welch, of Zachary AFTER BACCALAUREATE La., visited i*n the home of their SERVICE SUNDAY NIGIIT sister, Mrs. Audrey Hughes. and, Cheerleader try-outs wore helot Mr. Hughes Sunday. I A reception given by the Par- last Wed.nesdy. Judges included Friends of Mrs. H. A. Clark, ent Teacher Club ,of Centreville Dan Shaw. Debbie Duke. Laura the former Cookie Phipps, re-IAeademy to be hpJfl in the gym- Perry and Mark Hutehins. wire I gret that she:is ill and hospital- natorium immediately following all al'e LSU cheerleaders. The ized in Southwest General in the baccalaureate service Sun- feller, tug girls were chosen for POLITICAL McComb. . !day evening, May 13, will honor next year: Football: Betsy Field Friends of Mcs. Pearl Ander- Mrs. Kathryn Chapman. retirin and Emily Rollins. senmrs: Jan .   son regTet tha.t she is hospital-' Academy Leacher. and the 25 Brian and Elizabetll Perkins. ANNOUNCEMENTS I ized in the Field Memorial. Fam- members of the graduating juniors: Eileen Phipps and Sue The Woodville Republican is ily members spending last Lweek-tClass' Ellen Rollins. sophomores: and authorized to announce the fol- end with her included Mr. ani Everyone is invited to attend Ellen Caulfield. freshman: Boo- lowing candidates in the May Mrs. Ccar C:ney of Ma,gnollaithe function ketbalI: Susan Scott, Sue White. Democratic primacies in the and Mrs, Ralph Gilbert of Jack-' ...... Pamela Whittington, seniors: Town of Woodville: Isn Mr., and Mrs. Ed Oehmig of MRS. OFHELIA SMILEY DUNN Priest.Christy .,splom.sre:Jenkins juni:cr;j_V: Tan YaAnita FOR MAYOR Chattan.oga, Tenn., are house DIES IN ARKANSAS AT 101 Garig and Myrna Reynolds, Town Of Woodviile guests of their son-in-law and ninth grade: Naey Sm,!th, Centreville Academy ..................................................................... NEWS From The Fi00es Of This is our last week of school The Republican in the 1972-1973 'term. Most of uz are ready for the exams fac- "Backward, turn backward. ing us at ,the end of the week Oh T;me, in thy flight .... " and ALL of us are ready for the ummer vaeat.ion which begins as soon as the exams are over. THE CH 00,NGING TIMES- Let's take a look at the supermarket today. Yes, current prices seem high; we are as concerned about them s you are. We must shop just as hard end as carefully as you do to be able to offer ..................................................................... the lowest possible prices on the wide variety of choices and 25 YEARS AGO the conveniences you have come to expect from our store. How- Mr. and Mrs. Montrose Bar- row of H0'usto-n. Texas. were uests of hc,r parents. Mr. and Mrs B. F. Babers, at Roscmound plantation. Miss Addle Leak and Mrs. ever the modern supermarket, as we know it today, does not have a very long history. It has evolved in the past 20 or 25 years. Big-volume, self-service merchandising-which is now a part of the American way--was pioneered by the grocery industry in the late forties. The neighborhood grocery store, with home spend the day al, the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C Leak Mrs. K. E. Curry went clown a New Orleans on Wednesday for a visit of several days to er daughters. Misses Lucy and Mary Curry. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde It. Wood spenL the past Sunday at her scene in the early fifties. The grocery really became a super-,, market, with lower prices and more consumer conveniences and services. Conveniences which we often take for granted, such as one-stop shopping in air conditioned stores; ample adjacen/ parking; and over 8,000 items in a single store, were just becoming o reality in the fifties. Convenience foods became popular as more snack and make-ahead foods, and partially-to CHARLES E. JOHNSON daughter, Dr. and Mrs. R., J. Graves,id*e services for Mrs. eighth gLrade: Deborah Weems former home In Slidell La. On MARVIN N. LEWIS Field 3r., and family. Ophelia Smiley Dunn of Lake and Angola Wheekj, seven,th Wednesday they had as guests fully prepared foods were created for easy family meals and Mr. and Mrs. Donnle Nutt Village, Ark.. were cnducted grade; Pde Wee: 'Doric Ann aer mother. Mrs. George Steele, entertaining. FOR ALDERMAN and son,s have .moved to their last Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Greer, ei,ghth; Lori An- her brother Mr. Jack Steel."., new home in suburban CenCr.e- t.he church cemetery at Ebenezer ders and Mary Be'-th Reynolds, i':d her brother-in-law and In this time of tremendous inflationary prices, food prices h,ave Town Of Woodville vllle. The brick structure is lo- Baptist Church in Amite County seventh grade; glm Smiley, istcr. Mr. and Mrs. F. Abney, gone up, along with many other things. RON SENKO coted in a beautiful wooded with the Roy. Ed Causey and sixth grade: and Jahna Greer. of that ,town. area near the ,residence of Mr..the Rev. Larry C. Mills. offi- Nona Hughes and 8arab Mills Mr. and Mrs. Fieldings Cas- We, too, are very c'oncerned about the high price of food. We GENERAL ELECTION and Mm. V. S. Mulkey. elating, fifth g.rade. els and baby son of Tampa, are constantly strivinq to hold costs down and want you to know June 5, 1973 James Gabtel "Gabe" Brown, Mns. Dunn. who was 101 yeacs Bot.h Sixth Gcades went on a Florida, are expected here this we will continue to use modern advancements and search FOR MAYOR four-month-cld son of Mr. and of age of April 8. 1973, was a trip to Natchez last week. T]ey veekend for a two weeks visit Town of Centreville Mrs. Jim Mack Brown, wasl,native c.f &mite County ,and was visited A'uburn. a beautiful ante- dth his mother. Mrs. Nita J. I christened on Sunday, April 29,]the Wife of the late Tom Dunn. bellum home The .Ntchcz Dem- 2assels. FRED L. HETZLER in the Adams Unlted: Methodist ! She is survived by one daugh-  oe,'at, and t e Natetez Museum A. L. "Butch" REKSE I Church. Joi,ning his. parents for,er ' Mrs. Bessie Rogers, and two tMrs Etheridge and "Mrs. Sumrall Mrs. Charles Newman enter- a PAUL FRANKENBERGER the occasion were hlS grandpar t .....  ' ' -  ep sons, G. T. Dunn and Will aaeompr/.ied the students on the 'coined Wednesday evening at ..... ELECTS OFFICERS cuts, Mr. and Mrs. John B;an.- Dunn, all of Lake Village, Ark. trip. linner in the lobby of the hotel r'ru " , Idn aames; and his reat'gmother, ,Mrs Harry Lord nu- ____ h,asOUralreadySUm'merl:agun.baseballThePrgramcity ,. :,. _ MOTHE ,'S DAY VALUES At a recent meeting of the _ -" ". - - TO ATTEND FAMIL'" ..........  Mr ann Mrs A B. Daniel el -- League eam. wich includes :fluded members of the family. l'aren 'reacner taUD O* enre-'-" 'Sh,;oe _:gt-- nd" ' Mr.;Gibs F-'wgeraer REUNION IN TEXAS egh- ani:l ine-yar-,oad. bays, 50 YEARS AGO ville Academy the entire slate r o played their fi.rst-game on May of officers was relected to serve ,' .... , =, L O Miller is h00vin00 o Beautiful Potted MUMS - q]e "973 74 session The,, guests in me home of Mr. and Mrs. ura Mars alis and Mrs. 3. The Dixie Youth team. which are''t Hollis" * Knighton- - presi.aen' " / ..... Mrs J P Marsalis and 1Vrs era J. B. Robinson planned to leave includes ,boys be5wegn the ages argo shed erected over his saw for /other's Day ' ' Marsalis on Wed,nesday. on Thursday for Cold Springs, of ten and twelve years, has n dplaning mill in this town. Mrs. Iris Jelks. secretary; ,nd Mr. and Mrs. James T. Smith Texas. where Shey will join. played three games with %we knd ethel" buildings will be put Doze00 in $2 89 Mrs. Marian Lipscomb, reas- of Nashville, Ten,n, spent sev- other family members at the wins .and, one loss The Babe up as they are needed. This urer. oral days this week visiting in home ,of their sister, Mrs. Nan Ruth team. w,hich includes boy )lant is turning out dressed ---- the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archer Oslu,nd, for a family re- be,tween thirteen nd fifteen umber of all kinds and of good USDA CHOICE Heavy Beef A group from Thomson Me- Charles Berryhill and family, union. Others attending the of- years old, will begin with a prac- 4uality, and shipments are go- mortal Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. Smith were resl- fair will include Mr. ,and Mcs. tice game with Gloster next ng out of town regularly. Round Steak lb. $1.19 spent Tuesday .at ,the home of dent,s 'du,ring Camp Van Dorn R. S. A,rcher of San Francisco, Saturday.. eTh Senior Babe We are glad to see that the Mrs. D. N. Red'head or Lake days. Calif., Mrs. Ruth Archer Shalfer Ruth team. ,which neludes boys own authorities have placed a Rump Roast Ib $1.29 Rosemound where ,they cele- The lev. Karl McGraw of of Port Gibson. Mrs. Dorothy between fifteen and eighteen anger sign at tire osrne,r where bra:ted the birthday icf the Jackson vlsged in the home of tAcher Daniels of Baton Rouge, years old, will begin practice he Prentiss Highway intersects Pot Roast Ib $1 35 Women of the Church. his mother and breather, Mrs. Mrs. 1. C. House of Batesv.i!le, this week. The following men Main Street. There have been " " Mrs. Glen Anderson, a mem- K,arl McDraw an,d Robert, Sun- and Mcs. Dick Speed of Mentbne. have volunteered be coac,h dur- many near-accidents ,at this ber of the CA faculty, accom- day having accompa,nied a group Ala. " ing the .summer baseball pro-lzorner whic h of course, caused Armour Quarter Loin partied her fourth grade el.ass of .childre n f?om the Village Before returning hore Mr gram: BunY,0)vens , Victor Me-[the crectio p of the sign. Pork t-L... lb. 89c on a picnic ou, ting Tuesday at Who' Pcesen'ted .' prog.ava Of]Mmali.s plans to' vlsi; *.or sev2 .KeY,.,J'err'1{',a,Y.rd, R,bbie :R0.b,!*,',}, M:,;,and" }ar'. L,..T.. Ventress, ,,I,OS ......  on, Conway Peele Wdham W atch last Kintyre, the Colville J, ackson songs at Centceville Bapt'st oral days in the h,me of Mr. s , " ' .[Jr., went up to N ez ' " ' r-n,h Church 'hnd M- 1". T. " Housely, J ' H Hughes, and .: ' hase a new - 'c . ' . ' ........... Davis and fam,ly " '.. ' l, eek where he pure d U. S. No. 1 C'mrles R Jenkins I Slat automobile thin bern the in Houston, Texas. " ' * ' ' g YELLOW ONIONS lb. l Wh " ' :' "" ' 's e!uihf " ' z2. Fresh Criso en .,.T.S | . Born to A1/C and Mrs. LewfslRou_ e Mrs C;nerl _ . ISchlss and little daughter of CUCUMBERS 3 for g y, enlor | . ' Campbell, IIL in a Spkane'/s'-'onsor wil'l' ' i .... [Der/.Ver, Colorado, are expected p , go w m me groun | VIII Wash, hospital on May 7, theirt Commencem nt x r i :.:[here this Saturday afternoon on w'v , ;. .' .......  . e' e e c ses Wml, *,i,-;t t- " ....... +s Mr and Fresh Crisp I n nrs cnlm, a s.:.n regory .ews. be held in *h o',,mnot,- .... la *  ...... '"" ' ' , Mrs Lee C S loss |   Maternal grandparents are Mr .... ..... . ..._.o.,I-' ' ' BELL PEPPERS 3 for and Mrs. Davis Freeland of ..,.,. , ....... . ....... [ The openklg, of the Pren.tiss I t h,nk .... ,. o --- - Spok, ane, .and paternal grand- Last -ue - ni#h ..... Hhw.ay b tween Woodv;le and Save 50c - [-iDton ' T stray , 15 Mrs. 1.3011- "" "" '" " I ,. .%, parents are Mr..and Mrs. Lewis erl,. -rid her i'merican  ........ I Natchez now m, akes hat tawn I | ..mV ' campbell, II, of Centreville. m.:o ,.:.+ ... :, .... .,..,''.:u:51our next door neighbor. I INSTANT TEA, 3 oz. jar 89 ..................  ........ ' 'u] Mi es Margaret and Maryl | [- O1' ' \\; -'/' - Baton Rouge to see the movie , s. .  _.. . : ] | \\;lUll " "'Y' "Youn ""ins" n" The- " -, nowaen .or 'ass unnsmn, who/Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines I I /]1 -- ----,. 7.,. - CARD OF THANKS a, M:Dala's f,. hm:r1[ re. attendi.g the . Low.a-al I Ifll ' II 1 r-r  ,%b I I would like o ake the me- .a,nd also drove over o the river ]State University at Baton louoe, I CAKE MiX box 39 UA  ,pent Saturday a ad Sunaay nere, I 1' II qill 131rla d:lum of this newspaper ,to thank to look at the high water I': ' ' * : i ' ,, Iltl i " " * //' Ira- '' r as the guests of Mrs R M Mc i /l! h,V , . . ou relatives, friends and neigh- Several of our students par*tic-} .... ", Armour Fresh i  o I Gehee and Mrs J A Redhead | )-, 'i . :bets for Sheir many expression, s ipated in he Wilk:A,mite Riding " iLARGE EGGS dozen 49, | ""  4[. of, ktnnes,s shown us at the Olub parade .and rode? last Sat- i 75 YEARS AGO I' /111111 . ,death of our beloved father, urday. We are proud o,f R L]. | : Karold Brus,s. The ,prayers of- Frazior, Bobby McCartney ,andl Today will be heldthe prima- Heinz Strained , | r feted ,for his recovery, the flow- Kem Reid, CA studen,ts who vo,n I ries for sending delega;tes to BABY FOOD 9 I Ot ers, ,and ,the cards sent during ,hrst place in rodeo events. J the .C'ounty Convention which tar g i " .his hospit.alizatin race deeply M,r. Home in,forms Us hat he[ meets ne:xt Tuesday, which ap.preciated. May God bless each "has recently ,been notified by] Convention will send delegates Dove' [-]quid ' % /  I ' " ...... School Association and the,meets in Jackson on the 29th. DETERGENT, giant size 48 ,, . ,=. . of you. -- Christy Brus. both the. Missi,sstppi Private It .the State Convention w'hlch J V]l'00lnla Lynn s  Cnt':'eBlaerd::d;catt11 theat- te)SsilvaerdceadeS:l twhmgn tti WOOLITE, 8 oz. bottle 54 I " " . I -' ceived clear Cla's's A, acered.ita- I ounty. I n . . .. . . . _ .,, te on00uwau lion for bot,h, the elementary The weather for. the past Sunbeam or Holsum 5': I rarKmeaaow chopping enmr-.enrrevllle _ o 1,7 ,and high scho:ls .'. ' week has .been everything the I to have L " ""'-'_ ' ,planting community mightwik,h BREAD, 4-30c loaves 9 I, , , . for and no doubt great progeess ' ' The Holly Retreat Homemak- (With $5 Purchase) ,.,, ,, .... , , , ..... , has been made with the crops. ors Club held their May meeting Cotton is being scraped in Squire Shop be last Thursdayafternooninthe several places while corn is MadebyCoca-Cola " home of Mrs. Mone't,e Gunby doing ,as nicely ,as can be. A FANTAFLAVORS 5 28-oz. bet. with ,a good membership at- large yield of buth products will te,ndance and one gues, Mrs. no doubt be made if presen.t Jennie Ch,a.nee, present, ineications go for anything. Mrs. T. J. Cobb, president, op- ened the meeiing with the club WILKINSON COUNTY'S FINEST collect and conducted he bus- METHODIST CIIOIR iness session, A repoct was given HONORS THE CLARKS by Mrs. Rosa Duck on the Apron MEN'S SHOP Sale held in Woodville and the :mmedi.ately following services Sew FLair in N.htchez. at Cen, treville United Mehodis't H Mrs. gave the after- Church 1.ast Sunday, the choir as noon's talk on the rising cost f honored Mr. ,and Mrs. Joe P. of food as compared with every- Clark, choir 'members, a a] G d.aynecessities. Cos s erolerecipes lu n.eheon held at the ,home of I were dlstrfbuted o the group. Mr. and Mrs. William Notice- Hand, craft was on di:splay due- ville. Farm eureau insurance in.g the meeting and among Mr. a,nd Mrs. Clark and their believes in making them were two lovely ,afghans three daughters will move soon friends. Theyalso believe recently completed by Mrs. Mary to Se,n.aobia where he is plan, t in keepinR friends by pro- tkTULatl0/. viding the kind of in- Chance and Mrs. Gu,nby. manager for The Wm. Carter surance protection you Du,rl,n,g he soci'l hour the Company. want and need. Call your hostess served: cake and punch. local Farm Bureau in- -- Mr. and ,lrs. Robert A. Smiley surance agent today-- Visiting"t,n t'he home of 1Vrs. ,and children of Baton Rouge " ..P ' he's a good man to know. Harris Jones and ,family Satur- were recent guests in the home Richard day were Mr. ,and Mrs. J. L. of his gran, dmther and Launt. Dun,away, Jr.', ,his mother, Mrs. Mfrs. Lillie Smiley and Mss Flaccomio Sally Dun,away; Mrs. Edna Dun- Je,an,ette Smiley. 888-3661 or 461 ningan, a.d Mrs. Valerie Ba'- 'Mrs. Harris Jones spen.t Wed- Parkmeadow Centrevilla Box 444 rousse arid her ,two grand'sons, nesday visiting Mrs. W, rentz , Woodville, Miss.  Bra and Jeff, ,all Jf Baton White, patient in Southwes, t ' Rouge. ' Gtietalattospltal in McComb. Parkmeadow Shopping Center-- " n', I iii I i . even better ways that will enable us to bring you good nutr tious 4P food at the lowest possible cost. H. C. L,,'ak. Jr.. were here last Tuesday from Rauge to delivery service and charge accounts, began to fade from the