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May 7, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 7, 1898

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Spring is the Time WLen In3purities in the Blood Should Bow Expelled Arnerloa&apos;e (:reateat Medicine le the Best Spring Medioine. In winter months the perslllratiou, no profuse tn summer, almost ceases. Tills thrown bask into the system the im purities that ahou',d lave been expelled tirough the lres of the akin This and otller causes makes tile blood intpure in spring, Boils. pimples, tremors and eruptmns titan appear or SOMe more serious disease uy tko its start Huod's Sarsaparilla is the remeAly for impure blood ill all its forms. as proved by its marvelous cure el blood dt,ses. It is therefore the tnedine for you 1) take in tim spring. It expells all ]tumors. and puts the wlm]e system ia good andition for warmer weather. Hood's Sarsaparilla If Amerieu's Greatest Medicine. Sold by all ruggists. $1: slx for $5. Get only Hood's HOOd'S Pills ...... th o.l pi,ist+ tail0 wi lh ttood's Sarsaparilla. GEORGIA LADLES TIILL THE TRUTH.  crs ago I hd tMow 'ever  3 montbm 'ivo Doctors at- tended me. but I cent]used to grow worse utll Jeom- meneod taking l)ro 3I.A. Simmons Liver ]Had]sine three Iime a day, aNd I wa well before one Package w tsk, a. II:ve taken a few doe"llack Draught," but (lid not think it cleansed ny Livers. weU as Dr.ff A.. L. :M. _ IF=mile Complaints. are two critical and even danger ous ]periods in female liie, when the grsateat re ]a necessary. _ The first, when the glrllasse from child- hOo't, wcmanhood; it through .ignorance Ornetet thia mystcri,as doyempneut is - alrlerea with or ti/warted, even in the llest degree, they are liable to some malady froqucntl preying moat serious, aQch as hy'deria, its oz" even consumption; to  the second period, called "'change Of life," there is often much distress an( !1r. At both these perlode of life Dr. ffStns 8qutvn" ine Wine tv InvJa* ble, audit isrocommeuded that a dose of it b tiaken twice awek or some time, be- and during the menstrual poriods  for Strcngtheuing the system we trOhgly trgo the u,e of Dr. M. AL lit]re. ae ]E4 vet cdieinc, a dor:  bod, ff.e Ga., w, ys: used ]Dr. M. A. Shnmons Liver Nedleine In my family for ) yearswlth sue- cess in manyeases of ]indi- gestion and Sour SCorn- ash. I think it saperier to "Thedf,r(l's Black Draught" am: "Zeilin's Regulator," and I shall eeommond Dr. Iive Hysteria caaed by natural or ac.quired feublenefls 0otitution, raentai su flaring aml#hloay, drngements of the sexual sTstem , such as strual irregularities, delayed develop. t thn gcneriv organs, or too strong xal i)ropensities..l)urmg a flt the lilnte clothes shOUld De lOOSencu sue "ontd have an abundance of froth air. The sudden, copioa and continuous appli- i0n of old water to the h sad mad face will rthe fit short. Between the paroxisms, t'. 2L SLns LlverlIedicioeshould be taken tocorrect torpidity of the bowel n &sourer of treatment with Dr. St.. tt .ttW Vlne Wine Which 15 spectaUy to rmov$ the ma-hae uisoraers. Addms P. K. DEDERiK'S SONS, : 2 ck'i Works, Albany, N. Y. Appreciative, 'hat a tleautiful specimen of inlaying!" ,e  imed the guest. " [ as," 'replied Mr. Cumrox as lie put his hm  behind and tiptoed complacently; "btt 'that isn't anything. You ought to have een Hie outlay it r'cpresents."--Pitts- rgh Dispatch. There is more ('at;,rrli in this section of country thau ttii ot|il tie,!ay,*' pat to- e, and uulil the last tmv years was uf'nral}h% For a g]'elt niany pronoauced it a ircsl dilate. least remedies, and b) con- enre with ]()ca[ treaLuleNt, |curable. ScieNce has pigeon be a eonstitutiona! disease, and constitutional trcatraent h ('ore, nlalHlfacttlred by F..l % Toledo, atria, is the mtl' cm'e on tim nmrket. It {, in doses trout lO drops to a acts directly on the blood mucous surfaces of the system. They , hmdred dollars for any ease it cure. Send for circulars and testi- as. Address F. J. Cheaey & Co., To L,., om by l'huggists, 75e. l'st Family Pills are the best. The Good It Did. [. Gossip--Did your advertisiement for trier in the Daily Blaze doyou any good ? tim. Fetid--Oh, yes, the "De Styles, the ddys and tim VaN Bilkerings all saw it commented oa it. GROWTH OF A GREAT MAN. Step by Step He Won Hil Way fra Obscurity to a Proud and Affluent Positiou. The man who lied come to Washington after an office was talkjug over old times with Col. Stilwell. "Do you remember lilt Gowans?" asked the visitor, "Puffeckly well," replied tim colonel; "puffeek]y." "I believe he settled in your city, did he not '," "Yes, suh." "lie didn't seem to imve a great deal of alnhiti,m when I kNvw him." "There's wiiere you show yourself a pore .ll(ig of hUlllan NatNre. SU}l. l Nevvail saw a nlHIl get along f'astu}l In eIJr eonuuuuity, tlltl" "lerhaps l did him an injustiee " $ou UN hmhtcdlv dut, sdi. , iJv, befo he had ileen the]'e thl'ee weeks ic l,ad got t() })ea nlajel; in less titan six months tie was kNOWN as 'cob.el.' aNd whee] left a great nlany people were al]udiu' to him as 'general. "Still, that doesn't prove thai lie has ac- complished anvtidng practical.'" Don t nntake, sllh; doN t imagine that he has wasted his opportunities. A man cannot achieve all things at once. mill His rise was grallual, hut mire. ] didN't tell yeu what itappelted to him aftuh I left the ('it3'. Step [:" step he made his way, suh, from major t; coh)Nel and from eol<;nel to genelal, and still onward and upward, until now, mill, he tla got to be a real postluas- ter, witil, eonqleusation amounting to at least $600 per annam, suh."--VashiNgton Star. THE CAUSE OF DYSPEPSIA. From the Republican, Scranton, Pa, The primary cause of dyspepsia is lack of Ctaiity; the absence of nerve force ttwl0ss of the life-sustaiNing e elNeNts of the blood. No et'glu cttu pFoperlv perform its func- tion when the source o[ nutriment fails. A;hen the stomach is rohbed el the nourish- nlCN demanded by nature, as,ira]hit]on (c;tses, /nlnatura] gases are geuerated; the el)tire ,ystm responds to the discord. A pr;ietica] illustration of the syulptoms and tort.ure (if dyspepsm is furnished hy the ease of Joseph 'I. Vaudyke, 440 }lickory St., ScraNton, ]'a. IN telling his story Mr. Vandyke says: "Five years ago'I wan afflicted with a trmlhle of the stomach, which was very aggrawtt. ing. I had no appetite,  cou]d Not enjoy nlysclf at /'t2'}t' N any tinle, a/l<l especially [K'(#',") was the trouble severe " /' whim 1 awoke in the lnorn-  \\; ing. I did not know what 'f" the ailment wan, but it lie- [  | came speedily worse, and [ | I I was in constant misery. [ J [ "f railed in my" family  ] physician, and lie diag- I ] l nosed the case as catarrh [, [, [ of the stomaciL lie ore- ;:::k mm scribed for ale and I had --- ids prescription filled. I In SJ[iserll. took nearly all the medicine, hut stiil the trouble l)et:ame worse, and I felt t} at my condition was hopeless. 1 tried several rem- edies recommended by mv fr ends but w t l- out benefit, After I hail'been snfferingsev- 'ral ntoNth, Thomas CasH)bell, also a resi- dent of this rlty. urged me to try Dr. Wil- liams' ])ink Pills'for Pale People. "tie finally persuaded me to buy a ))ox and [ began to nee the pills aceor,ing to dire(tions. Before l had taken the second box 1 began to feel relieved, ami after taking a few nl re bo'xes. I (onsiderc 1 myself re- stored to health: Tim l)i]Is gave me new life, strength, aml)fition ;and happiness." l)r. Williams' 1 ink I ills cm'e dyspepsia by restoring to the blood the retluisite coa- tituents of life, by renewing the nerve fliree and enabling the stomach to proml)tlv and properly assimilate the food. These pills are a specific for all discuses having their origi- nation in iml-loverished blood or disordered nerves. They contain every element requi- site to goner,el nutrition, to restor strength to the Weak, good health to the ailing. Remainder nnd Reminder. "Vhat a cute little shirt you have for a pn w per Mr /otley '. 'Yes; that s the only woolen undergar- ment I ever bought of a peddter."--N. Y. World. Supreme Court Sastalns the Foot- Ease Trade-mark. . Justice Laughlin, in upreme Court, Buf- falo, has just ordered a pernmneut iujunc- tion, with costs, and a full accomlting of sales, to iue against Paul B. :Hudson, the manufacturer of the foot powder called "Dr. Clark' l"oo Powder," and also against a re- tail dealer of Brooklyn, restraining then from making or selling the Dr. Clark's Foot Powder, whieh is declared, in the decision of the Conrt an imitation and iufrinlgeinent oT "Foot-Ease," the i)owdcr to shake into ynur shoes, nuw no hH'gelv advertised and sohl all over the country. Allen S. Ohusted of Le lion, N. "Y., is th(i owner of the trade- mark "F'out-Ease," and he is the first indi- vidual who. ever advertised a foot l>owder extensively over the eouoLry. He will send a sample Free to anvoncwho write, hiNt for it. The deeishm ih this ease-n ,holds }*is tradenlark and renders u pal'iics liable who fraudtdently attempt to profit hv tie extensive "Foot'Ease" advertising, n'l) ae- I iNg upon the market a spurious and siiNilar appearing preparation, ]abeled and t)ut nl in envelot)es and boxes like Fo(,t-E se S m- ilar suits will be brougitt agaiN., ethers whu are now infriuging on the Foot-Ease trade mai'k and eolumon taw rights. The Ruling' Passion. I offered thaf: lady $5,)0 for her interest in the proptry  amt si]b refused to consider ttl proposition." I offered her .4,9.90 and she lumped at it."--Detroit Free Press. Don't You Sleep' Does your Head Aehe? Somnifi Caffein cures instantly, All druggists, o3 rents. Dr. PaxtonMedieal Co.. 201 River SL, Troy, N. Y. BILL ARP ON PENSIONS Present War Talk Brings the Sub- ject to Mind. Gives Soutc Statistlel Show-lng the Antount Paid by Georg'iu to Her Old Sold/era and the v*V I do tv a. atl memories eolue over us aboul this t inle. T1;e tocsin o1 impeud; Ng X. ar ctrries ns back 37 3ears. when Georgia and llle south everywhere was in a btalC of feverish excite,out---when the roll of drnrn and the thrilling notes at" the fife were heard in cities aud towos and recruiting camps and men, womeu aud children all seemed to be wihl with patriotic enthusiasm. Only the aged Iuen and WOulen were serious and sol- emn and silently smothered their ap- prehensions. After the state had se- ceded it was hardly safe for a man to talk for the union. Here and there could be heard a bold, defiant voice like that of Pettiffrew, tile great lawyer, wile, hen asked by a countrynlan tke road that wouhl lead him to the lutmtic asylum, exc]ailned: "Any road, sn'; every roatl, sir; all the roads, sir. The whole state is one vast lunatic asyhlm." The war fever is as contagious am the sniallpox, nd is an epidenlic ior which there is no cure but blood. Apt'i] l an historic month. In April the first .'nns of the war were tired and l:ort Sunller fell and surrendered. In April PresideNt Lincohl called for 75.- 0uu men to sup!rcss the rel)cllion, in April Vit':'iuia secee(l,-d frona the nnit)n. nnd Gen. Robert E. l*'e seeedeA frem his allegiance to the United Slates army and tendered his sword to his state and tle coufcderaey. In April President Davis telegraphed Guy. 1;rown for three eontpauies to march immediately to orfolk. and in 24 hours n battalion was on the cars and arrived there be- _Core the Virginia troops did, And. last of all, in April Lee trod Johnston bo.'h surrendered thelr armies and the war was over. "lhere is a worhl of history, sad, thrilling and glorious history be-] tween the begimfing and the end. Whol that wa. in it can forget it? It grows brighter and grander as the years roll] on. No wonder the survivin veterans I wish to meet onee more. For 30 years[ their glorious (leeds have 1)een tossed about as treason and rebellion and a crilne, but these old soldiers have never snrrendere(l their convictions nor felt ahamed of their sacrifice. And so let them gather in Atlanta in July and have one more embrace and eonfedcrate again in inenmries of battles lost and battles wou and hardships innumcr- utile, and at the iasi a sad but sweet rs- urn to honle and kindred--a home desolated [md a kindred "thinned by death. Every train brings news now--news o impendiug ar--but we are not ex- eited like we Were then. Weremcnlber heu lhere was no telegraph wire to ]hnne aud tbe daily signal calne with the daily train from Kingston. If 'iley Itarbin. the old engineer, flare three long', loud, cheering whistles on approach to town everybody waked nl) for good news and exchanged greet- igs. "Lee has whipped 'era again," was the watehword, and the people hur- ried to the depot to meet the train and get all the good of it. Two whistles from the engine was indifferent news and one was bad and sad, but did not eome often, for old Bob Lee and Stone- wall whipped them as often as they got at them arid would have been whipping them yet if our boy children imd grown up u list le faster. We ahnost robbed the cradle aud the grave for sdldiers, and have long since been recons:'dered and readjusted, and are now generall ac- cepted and approved by the railroads and the people. Now the commission has to meet only once or twice a month, and one competent man as chairman is all that is needed. Col. Tramnlell, from his long expermnce, could run the whole business, and this would save $5,00O a year, besides the secretary's salary, which is another thousand, If Col. Trammell or his successor needed any occasional help to decide newqnes. tions he might call in the comptroller general and the secretary of state, who would willingly serve for nothing part of one day in a ulonth. Sclloo]Commis- sioner Glenn has that kind of help on his board, and it costs the stae noth- ing. Why can't we do t]lat and save a leak of $I6.000? Why not? Itellyou, my tong-suffering friends, the govern- tncnt expenses have got to be cut down lu some way; not just a little, bnt a ood deal. "Sine qua nons" are bigger things now" than sinecures. The people are poor. The preachers tell us thata hungry ]nan can't get religion, and if he should he can't enjoy it. Ifwedon't top the leaks the udtole dam busi- ness will bursl and Wash away and the mill can't grind at all. I remember well when we had no pensions nor school fund, and the people got along pretty well. The young men married the young girls and left the widows for the widowers. There was no such a word as trousseau in the dib, tionary, but if there were less eloti]es there was more love and fewerdivorees. But, we will talk of these thi]ffs lat'er, ,'hen we get tattle legislature, l'mnot going to vote for any man who will not promise to cut down the taxes, and we will talk about this pension business when the veterans meet in July. I was ruminating about that day--the anni- rersary of the greatest battle ever ['ought and the greatest victory ever won by eenfederate soldiers. It wasa small affair compared with Gettysbnrg and Shiloh and t.he Wilderness. but its impression on the country and the sol- diers was inure profound than any oth- er. It was like a young mother's first child--none that ever came after ever created such a sensation. How vivid are the scenes, the rapid night nmreh from Winchester, the crossing the Shen- andoah l)y torchlight, wading up to the armpits vvitL, guns and cartridges held lap. I can see Jimmy Sntith, the little drununer boy of the Eighth Georgia, and Litt!e McKosker, bobbing up and down over the deep places with water running into their mouths, while taller sohliers behind them held t:hem steady. l hear the shouts of Stonewall Jack- son's men as they came through the woods and inrncll the tide to victory. [ see the willow glade and the little where Dr. Miller and his assist- ants worked all night with their knives and probes and bandages, and every little while said "next," like lbe barbers to their customers, i see the dead in tie pine thicket and the wounded placed in the ambulances and hurried to ths Lewis house for a hospital. I see the New York zouaves in the field near the old "gtone fence on the pike. How- thick they laid upon the ground'--bow fat, they seemed next morning as t:ie burial sqaads rolled them into the shallow trenches. They had swollen in form and feature during the night until their corpses filled their looe clothes almost to bursting. But when we all meet on the 21st'we will talk over the misty past'and re- joice with those who rejoice and wep with those who weep. A sea of tears hs already been shed, both north and south, bat still the eitaliees are nor, empty nor the hearts of the veterans seared over by the iron hand of time.-- Bill Arp, in Atlanta Constitu tion. eve]] then g'ot only one for three foes. style, of Fiction. I shah ahvays think they ought to have "Yes," said the man with the heavy toted fair with us and fought ",ts two to one instead of three--don't you? I field watch chain, "he didn't get along wouldn't have a i)ension that took three in life." to one to win--.woutd yon? When 1 "To what do you attribute the differ- was a sl'ho01boy 1 had a fight with an- enccin your careers?" other boy and two of my friends "lie wasted his time building castles clubbed ifl nnd sorter helped file. andI in the air. while I went ahead and planaed maps of booa towns."-- Wash- never t'elt so ahatned of anything in sly life. Iut old Georgia llas never discounted her gr'ttitutle to her sohtier: or thmr widows. She is a long ways ahead of her sister states. Last year she paid more to them than all the other south- ern tates combined paid to theirs. Vir- ginia paid to hers $140,000, Alabama $116,000, orth Carolina $113,000, South Carolina $100.000, Florida $65,OOO, Ten- nessee $68,000, Mississippi $75,000, Ar- kansas $42,000, Kentueky nothing and Texas $38,000. while Georgia paid over $6OO,OOO. Now, while we can boast of this. yet I am free to say and dare to say, for Fuddy,,7 ' Are you in favor of a single tax, ' I am not limited, that our pension laws Duddy 2- '[ go farther than that. I would have no tax at all,"--Buston Transcript. are not just and need reforming Georgia has overdone the thing. Pen- FIBROID TUMOR CONQUERED. by Lydi E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound--Strong. Stat, ment from Mr B. . Lombard. @0f the greatest triumphs of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is aquerilag of woman's dread encmy, Fibroid Tumor. growth of these tumors ia sosly that frequently their presence is not au- d util they are f ' ' " d. alted w.ndcrlng b ex- unusual siGns should be awarded to the needy, and the needy only. The grand juries of the counties should distribute the pension fund and make election of the poor soldiers and the'poor widows and be required to add 25"pe cent. to the fund apportioned by the state. Consid- ering the general depression, the state is paying too much. It shonld be re- duced at least one-half, and let the counties make np part of the deficiency. Where is the justice or the propriety of paying a man $100 a year who is worth $i&000 or $20,000 while many poor in- valid sohtiers who fought just as hard an(] endured Just as mueh. but did not lose an arm or a leg, get nothing. I see tha both Atkinson and Berner. tff their declarations, speak of, the rewards that were promised the soldiers. That is a mistake--nothing was promised nor was anything expected. They fought for their country and ten dollars a month and hardfack and bacon or beef, and that was all they expected The word peflsions was not in their diction- ary. I kno.w a widow whose husband was killed at Bull Run. and she does not need her pension and at first de- alined to receive it. but changed her mind. and gives it all to widows who are needy. The grand juries of the counties know who should be the bene- ficiaries of the pension fund. and if they have to add 25 per cent. to it they would be careful to see that it was not mis- applied. It seems to me that a leak of at least $100,000 might be stopped in this way, but, as I am not a candidate, maybe I don't know. Then there is an- other leak tha needs stopping. The raih'oad commission should be re- formed. When Campbell Wallace and Col. Tram.ell ad Sam Barnett first took hold of it there Was lots of work to do, and ittook nearly all their time. system without hav- re or apreeeden't. They estab- tu,, down the g-min I: oahave mysterious ,  ,ifthereareindica ?Aons ofh}flaxarmtion or '. splaement, don't wait :hr time to confirm your fears and go through he horrors of a hospita oueration; ure Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound righ away and oein lt tree. n hav n heaitati,an about being perfectly frank. ad what M B. A. LOaARD, Box 71, Westdale, Mass., says: fld not be here now if it had not been or Lydta It cured me era fibroid tumor iu my womb. Iktr could do 'could not cure me at the hospital. I Will' tell you about it. I had been ia my usual health, but had worked quits her& When my monthly period came on I flowed very badly. The doctor gave me,udieine, but it did me no good. He saldthe flow must be stopped if possible mt nd the cause of my troubl Upon examination he found there tumor in my womb. and gave me treatment without any benefit Aleut that time a lady called on me and recomhaended Lydia E. Compound; said she owed her life to it. I said I would {ioon after the flow became more natural and regular. I stili inglon Stay Unfoetunale. "i'm afraid I tiara 1o% a palmiest," said the young Ilysician whc realizes ,.he value of ulaking an tmpression. "Didn't you know what remedy to prscribe ?" "l'erfeatly. That part of it was sim- ple enough. But I couldn't think of the Lat2u for "mutaxd plastx.' " Wash- ington Star. couldn't Read It. "I've heard it said he was a mind reader," said her dearest friend "It's no, true," she replied, bitterly. "How do you know?" "He has been calling on me twice a week for three months and hasn't yel, mustered up the courage to propose." Chicago Post, TruIy ('atefu !. Cholly Softley (concluding the inter- vi.ew)--And if you refuse me your danghter I shall kill myself, sir. Col. FireaVer (warmly gra.spmg his hand)--And [ will nevah forget it of you, suh. and 1 beg to thank you kind- ly, suh. for taking the johoff my hauds, suh,---Jude. Raisiu a Teehnleallty. "No," she declarel severe] y; "the lips that touch liquor shall never touch miteI" "t bee" to assure yo,u," sad Col. Slit- well, without hesitation, "that 1 shall never think of paxtaking of a mint juleD without'a straw."Wahington tar, Looked That %Vay. The Office Boy--Say, I believe the shippin' clerk is thinkin' about marry- in' you. The Typewriter W]ay, the idea! "On the dead, [ do. i heard himask- in' the bookkeeper how much salary you got."--Cincinnati Enquirer, A'hy Pa ObJeeted. She---I'apa says you must not call o me any Inore. He--Dos be know that I love you? "Well, l told him, but he read in the paper somewhere that lople that ae much togetiler grow to look iike." Yonkers Stt emnan. A Sign of Improvement. SmithHois )'our daughtex gettiug on with her IJiano ,essons  Brown--I thi2k she must be improv- ;ng. The last tenants in the fiat above us stayed two weeks.N, Y, Evening ,lournal. Mny Varletlee of Tobuee Plaato There are 40 varieties ot the tobacco pleat. HUMOROUS. The Only Thing Left.--"How does Blankly get along? Ite says that he'a too proud to beg and too honest to steal." "1t6 gets trusted." lndiau- al)olis Journal. D,'ee Miss "Mamma, nlayn't I take the part of a nlilkntaid a the fancy boll?" Maulma -"You are too little." Wee Miss---'q,'ell, [ can be a condensed nlilkmaid." Tit-Bits. "Tomuly," said his gentle-faced grandnlother, "yell're a regular /]tile ! g'hntlon, lIow can yl)lt eel so nluch '.)" "'Don't know. Guess it's just goo,a luck."-- l)etroit l,'rec Press Wife (snllden 13' awakening) ---"]tnrk! What's the matter? Fide is 'way dowa stairs, yelping as if he were hurt. What's happened to the little ilear?" "l threw him at a burghtr." ---N. Y, Weekly. Doubting Wunmn--"Realiy, now, are these egg's fresh?" Grocer "Ma(htul, if yl)u wilt kindly slep to the telel)hone and call up our farm, you can hear the hens that laid those eggs still cack- ling." Cincinnati Enquirer. Newspaper Proprietor--"I can re- meulber the time xvhPn there was no Sunday paper with more than four pages; and ]low we give onr subscribers 40. and sometimes more." One of the Subscribers "Sud, isn't it?"--Boston Transcript. "]lave you given n l) your idea of man- teriug sonie Europeau language?" said the courtier, "'Yes," rel)lied t]le ('hi- ]lose emperor. "'D,']mt'sthense? Ther,: is no nl%;IlS of telling' which I will need in order ;o talk to my neighbors."-- Washingtotl Star, An Overpraised Man.--"Thaekeray a master of style:" rel)eated Chollie to tile earnest, person. "'My deah fellaw, BLOOD P01SONIN(i. A Nurse's Experience. She'd rather have one than three. There are thousands Of eo le sufferin 1 - . D P .. and to heal. Before the #ix bottle had f'rom blood polsonlug who have almost]been taken the ulcers were healed, the beggared lhemselvesin bnyingmed eines l skin sound and natural and my health from which they have obtained no hell), better than it had been tar )'ears. ! have There are thousands of others who first or been well ever stone. I had rather have last have tried Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla and one bottle of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla thau fonnd perfect healing. One of these three of any other kind." others. Mrs. A. F. Taylor. of tnglevale, N. Dak. relates thefol"lowinFexperience: This is but one example of the remedial "About two years ago, I nursed a lady vSlne ot Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla in all who was suffer:lag ( and finall y died ) from forms of blood disease. There is no other blood poisoning. I must have contracted blood medicine that cures so promptly, the disease from her ; for shortly after her " so surely aud so thoroughly. After nearly death, I had foul" large sores or ulcers, half a century of test and trial it "is the break oat on my person. I doctored far a standard medicine ot the world for all long time, both by external application diseases of the blood Sores. ulcers, boil. and with various blood medicines ; but, in tetter, rheumatism, scrolula and ever spite of all that I eould do, th sores would other blood disease is curable by Dr, Ayer,'  not heal. They were ohstinat e, very pain- Sarsaparilla. The success of this reined,, ful. annoying, and oly getting worse all has caused man imitations to be put oi3 the time. At last I purchased six bottles the market. Imitation remedies work im- fDr.Ayer's Sarsaparilla, thinking I would itation cures. T'e universal testimony, is give it a thorongh trial. Before the first that "one bottle ot Dr, A vet's Sarsaparilla bottle was taken, I noticed a decided ira- is worth three of any ott]er kind." If you provement in my general health ; my ap- are interested in knowing more about {:his petite was quickened, and I felt better remedy, get Dr, Ayer's Curebook, a story and stronger than I had for some time of cures told by the cured. It is sent free While using the seoond bottle, I noticed i on request by "the J C. &yer Co., Lowell. that the sores had befzun to look healthier Mass. 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Le Roy, N.Y. The hlgges hlaze is not a sign of the mNS ................. heat. A straw-pile will rove a nrlmtter Klondlelti. blaze than a on of eoal.--,ant s nora. A Dose in Tilne Saves Nine of Hale'l Honey <if llorehoun t and Tar for Coughs. Pike's Toothache ])rope Cure in one.inure. them slmwed a coat that had lhe least approach to a fit.'*---Cincinnati In. qturer. One Resource. "There we were," said the old engineer. "We were go- ing at least 50 miles an hour. In front was the burning bridge and behim were 12 coaches fil]edwith passengers. The loeonlotive was rushhlg towards destruction at a frightful pace. It wal an uwfttl nnnneut." The Boy--"Why didn't you back i)edal?"---Life. RATS OWNED THE CAR. Chicago Railroad Official Ha Trouble 'ith the Rapacious l|odeut for a Time. The private ear of a P-urlington rail. way official, with headqnarters in this city, has been infested for near]y a year with a [)rood of rals. It is not lnl)wn how the verntin g'ained a foot- hold ill the arist:wratie vehicle, but they evideNtly t)ecauletired of the fare on the freight traiN,s and [)icked out the private car as a "good graft." It is noi unusual for rals or ntice to get illtC dining and sleeping cars on railways, but this is the first instance on the Burlington at least that they have made their appearance within the sacred pre- cincts of a private car. It was during a trip In the west las| summer that their presence was first noticed, but little altention was paid to them. as it was thongbt that they would stay but n short time. They were first noticed by their appearance in the kitchen, where they seemed to like the work of the private eook. Becoming bolder they invaded the remainder ot the car. Poison and traps were set for them, but they were rats of experience, who knew tle look and taste of th "rough" and who were too wary to yen- tare inside the trap even when it was baited with imported cheese. They con- tinued to live on the fat of the car and to make it, very unpleasant for the oecu. pants. The latter would awake in th night to feel four little eet runnin over the coverlids or *,i hear the gnaw. in of sharp little eeth eatinff away the woodwork (if the ear. For awhile the officials earried raI terriers on his trips, but the dogs never 'ot a ]-at, and the ollflelal and his employes were in de- s.pair. . On one Geese|on. when the owner o the ear had out wlt,h him one of his su- periors and some members of the let- ter's family, the ladies were made hysterical by the presence of the rat and had to abandon the trip and return on a regular trair,. Finally the rats be- came so bad that the car was put in the shops and a north side rat catcher ws sent for. IIe brought both dogs and ferret,s, which were used to working to- gerber in exterminating rats. In every nook and corner where rats can go the sharp-scented ferrets fon nd their way and it looked as thongh the rats wotfld baffle them after all. The ear is provided with a double floor and it was decided that this wa the only place where the rats could have concealed themselves. But there was no hole big enough for the ferrets  en- trance, so a portion of.the flooring we,, cut out. The ferrets were let in find in a moment seven bi rats came one bY one jumphlg out of a hole cut. for a steam pipe. But they emerged t death, for as th y came outa doffseized each and broke its back.--Chlcage Ciaronicle, Novel Railway Tra'vellnf. Passengers to Bulawayo by the ne,a raihvay experience something of a nov. elty in crossing the Shashi river. A correspondent writes that when he wished to go over there were three to fmlr feet of water in the river, and con- sequently the engines could not crosS, or the ;ater wonhl have extinguished the fires. The method adopted was t:c make a train equal in length to the width of the river, and then an engin was placed at the rear. which hustled the train across the river, so that it ex- tended its full width. Another engine --or. nlore literally speaking, a brace of dike. calle<I ON me aNd Willed his feet on it. ---Richmond Dispatch. When a man becomes thoroughly content- ed he has outlived his usefulness.--Chieago Fits stopped ree and permanently cured. *News. No fits after first day's use of Dr.'KiiNe's We think Pisa's Cure for Consumption i Great Nerve Restorer. Free $2 trial bottle & the only nledieine for Cougils. -- Jenni treatise. Dr. Kline, 93a Arch st.. Phi]a., Pa. Plucker'd. SpriNgfield, Ill.. Oct. 1, 1894. Very few people have weak eyes from She--"Now. san you gness my age, ms. lookin'g on the bright side of things.--Chi- jor?" Gallant Major "No, I can't; but cage News. youdon't look it."--Tit-Bits,, l l irl ----3 :For Infants:and 6hildren. 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Get our specla'prlces before buytnf " we 0ay the Freight. rrtlnlttt UNION FENCE co.l'" NI,III "> 45 H St. Atl&ntaGa./il hlll -;'" engines---were waiting on the far side, ,3 ..a st.. 61VEH A.,WII-Mad, and t,hesewereeoupledtothetraina.d TENTS AWNIr6SI A draffged it out. It was a new way el ta]aa, n fording a river by tlie rail. The bridge | liM at the Sbashi has been compleX'ely. Wag0n and Horse 0v*r,, A|it detentl0nHablt' NEWfr0mHOMEw0rk, CURE. 1 washed away, andat one flute the water H---ERS ] DR. PURDY, It0,tt,,i 1 ,,'as eight feet. over the old bridge. Tou LEE BIOT 7 flee flee Cl$--Farms, much credit cannot be given to the en- |! UUUI U[JU ,ly lamtal 8eUthl YRs CstO. W.ILcRtwoae& co. gineers and the station master for thelr energy and courteousness, for the way they walked through the river in order to guide the trains was worthy of Brit- ons:--Bulawayo Chronicle. In the Klondike. New Arrival--If the food snpply here should become exhausted during hh winter, isn't there anything else t) fal back on? Old Miner (tzrimly) --- Yea  thl ffraund.Up-To-Datt. MEMPHIS, TENN. WELL ""'" LOgMIe & N YMAN, TIFFIIq, EDUGATIoNAL. Sllmms! of Virginia. Law [ _ eth lam=ua. ,lru1 I to [ ; Bep 1. lS98.  lor Oat- Ioguo, addreml REGISTRAR Tastes Good. A.N.K.--F WRIIN .tat that % l  ,;g