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May 7, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 7, 1898

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+!M i &gt;i+ ." . Saturday, Ma-y 7 dilcial Journml of th0 Col portion of Woodville. Simple Annonncementsf marria- o. and deaths will oe published without charge. I Mr. Geo.'W. Healy, manager (if Argue's Pllirmacy, has resigned his position to volunteer. His position is held open until he re:,urns. The Wo.dville Methodist Sunday Sch,(fl-will celebrate its Children' l)ay on the lhird Sunday (if Mi month. Quite an elaborate pr(iffrani is being prepared. The public iscor- dially invited to attend. The renlwned Thompson Glove- 7 llliSl''ililioli per ,-llililllii. tiffin7 hummer Corsets, only 1, al, .$150 Rothschild's. C  lh ...................... ............. $2 00 Otherwi,Qe ..... MARKET. cw Orleans, May 6, 1898. I 'otttm-- .. 5 . Middling .................... The weather is very pleasant. Mr.E. I Iyde Rust (ff Woodlawn was in town Oll M[indav. _ -ID-- JOB  ORK AT TIlE I.(EI'UBI,I('AN Mr, M. Saniuels of Fort, Adams was In town (in Thursday. // D Mr. JoeStutzman wears 1he smile this week. IIsa fl e zir! baby. Chancery Cltn'i meets next, Monday with Judge Pintard asOhancelli'r, Messrs Kcl.h and Sinls or Fbrt Adams were in uJwn (m Wednesday. Firt class brick for sale by A. r. Benedict. Twe,ity live soda iicket for one dollar at Argues. Sargeanl l)ow(If Fayettewas pres- ent at, the tnassmeeting Wednesday. Mr, Chits. li. Day, 1if Baton iLtmge, visited our city yesterday on tiuMness. Tliirlv vard g,,id Sea 1,laud cot tnu for $1, at Ritll.chihls. Mr. d''-ss Kate hep- herd left for New OrleansLhe lirstof Mr.E. Chisholni has accepted the p,,sitinn at, Argue2s caused by the resitmat.ion of Mr. llealy. Soda \\;Vater au[1 Mill< Shake, Screeil O,ors, Electric Far.u. No files on Arg,ie's Drug tore. Messrs John aiid e;J.| Murray, W. V. Bryai!t and 5I. t3ai'Ler ;if {lie 5Lh )tt.. e(e in Ltiwn tin Monday. -<,..-%, ? : V13"#y f'w fariner. in lown this The annmineement in our htst, issue thatMiss Hayden would have eharge (if tile Operetta Ul tie given sotm, was a nngtake. :is we are hifornled that it. will tle under the supervisi+m of Mrs "}Iraullette and Mrs. Tncker. Miss llattie Wl]eelcr after a visit, (if several weeks ttI Mrs. D.H. Walhlee, left yesterday mm'ning for her |lOille in Mobile. F, Iis Wlmcler is a ligbly a(-compliHed Y,uuglady, wile uiade many friends llel'e, all of wntinl ex- tend to her tt cordial invitation to visit our town again. "A fnll and cotnldete line of theeel ehrated Jml. B. ,'-,teton & C-. It.s. in the latest shave awl si$1e'. Our price only $3, at Rutlischihls. .... iters / gave a The King's Daug de- lightful enLertainmeni at the resi- deuce of Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Johnson last Tucsday nighl.. It was designated a "llorrnr Plrty," aud the guests were pleased and nicely entertained..From iudivatinns we shl,uld judge tl+at quiteanice libtlesum was realized. Everyone present expressed thetil- seh'es as being bighly pleased. 1 have the famous Prates' Stock Feed for sale. Just tim thing for poor, unconditioned stt,ck. Gee J. Adalns. On Saturd.:.Y night last a tiief en-'cd the rodin (it Madison Turner arid st(de his hat, pants and $25. gobt,. the week. gecd was charged with the thieft ant %Ve are g stale LIa Mr. D.C. arrested, lie was tried 0crete May(it Gildartis imp Iovhig ill health slid Milleron Moriday and the case was will s(,m le lid ai21ln, referred t,o Ille (Jralid Jut)', his bond was fixtd at $200 which lie failed to isln:t itr.n,'a<hedigive and went, to jail. R(iht ha> Needless Ra , " i (urranls, shelled Ahiionds, the lastiearned ibe name nf "Slick. DuclQ' of tile seas(m, at t;. Schaeh:rs. I sinner, line ago. The Spinning %'eel Cluh w---'-ll meet/ Keel, c,,,,I i,y patromzing Argue's at the r+,sidence of Mrs. Pendleton Sado Ftluntaln._ [mxtl Tnesday evening. Oar citizens hardly aOP vecia the very high and exalted p,sid(m occl:- pied liy nnc <if .ur most w(irthy citi- zens, Lieut. Gov. J. it. Jones. It was only a few days agoihathis admirers away from h/line, prcseutc'd his name asaeandidate lor Senatnrial honors. The Lieut (_;ov. has however announ- ced that under uocireumstances will tie lie a candidate for this position, and. alth(itigh, very grateful t,+ "his Iriends for their considers.flea, deMres it, t+1 be stated tllab hi deternlinatiuu TO THE PEOPI:E tnc WILKINSON COUNTY. The Directors of the Fair Associa- lion desire to know the mmse of the people n to the conthluance of Ihe AnnliLil Fairs. To this end we ear- ne, stly urge. every,me int(.reled in the Fah" Io meet Ibe lloarll [lf I)ii'ector. iu .Oliliei] lit lhO {'llui't lioilSiJ at 12 o - clock, Tuck(lay Mnv llllh. 1 Ai. MeGEIIEE, Pres. Ladies" an,1 Jentlell(tl's Ileiu .tllehed col,lrell Imrdered llandker- chiefs; others ask front GOt: Il$l o0 per dz. t\\;e sell lhenl at 40e I[I b0c per (h,z Ask tO see them at, Roths- cilihts. WHEN YOU HAVE A BAD COLD. You want the bc.t medicine that ?nit be, (llltained. and that is Challl- berlain's (jOrlgli ]{emedy. Yell want a, renicdy that will not only glve quick relief bnt effect a per- illanellt cilre, You want a rernedy thatwill relieve rite hi ngs and keep e, xpcctorathnl easy Yell want a renledV that will colin- t;ei'ret any tendency toward pncuino- ni'a. You want a reuledy tliat is pleasant and safe,to take Clianiberlaui's Congh Remedy is tim only nicllicine in nse that meets ill (if ttiese requirelnentS. Tiffs rem- edyl. faln,iu f:)rits cures of bad colds thronghout the United State aud in inallV tel'elfin countries. It has inanv rivals, but, for tile spead andperilane, nt clire o[ bad colds, tands witliout a peer and its sl)leli- did qualities are evervwlierl a (lluiiOd and prai,ed. For sale hy (. Kanli New & dvertisementa. LOST. A tonsil search Terrier puplly, ahou, sLx mllnths ,ll<l..stray- ed or wa .tolen |rllm Col. .Jones" re.ldence dnrlng the fir Any one returning hun ()r Rlvln inorulalion as to llis whereabouts will he re- warded. RANGER'S NOTICE. Was taken up by T. B McCraine, at his place, near Macedonai, ia lhe 3rd Supervisor's distrtct, on the -ist inst. the,f-IIowing described estrays : One bay horse about 5 hands high, 2 years old, brar, ded on the left hip with the letters V D I), in triangular shal)e. Also one bay horse colt, about 2 years old, has blaze in the face, both hind feet white, branded on the left jaw with the letter H. The horse is appraised at $2 5, and the colt at $ 5- The owner is hereby notified to come for,yard, prove property, pay charges, and take them away or they will be sold a the law directs. JOHN W. BRYANT, Coroner andRanger. TI-IE 6EM 00ALOON week. All are bnsy planting cotton and W(irking out their corn crop. A eomI,lete assortlneni of printed Calnbrics, l'ercal and Madas chilli.% jll.,t life Ihing for ladie shir walst., at Ruth clulds Judge Van Eatmt has had the an- noalc(la% of whitewa-h put on the :Parkfence and it improves itvcly Miss \\; i glt, ta V:iuen (lied at hcr home eight miles south-east, of Wood- Ville ou Apri(28th. The /atuily have our sy mpathy. =7- ---- ; L]eV J. W.aGrisler left for Centre- vtlle ou ThursdiLy to at,ist in a pro- ira(ted meeting at, the M. E. Chulch td that place. Thenext, reg ar ineeting of the CrliKiuttie Glub will tie held at tli0 l e>- i,ilit;211[ (.:apt. H.M. blt-(Jellee on Thursday, M:ty 12th at b I/chick. IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITI1 A FULL STOCK OF : : PTISE LIQT OB --o SUCII AS -o-- OLD .MO NO PO L E _RYE, PURITd3  27 YE, FREA'CH BRd3D Y, WINES, ETC. Choice 8rock of FIHE CIGAR8 Mways on Hand. -Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pnr- poses will do Well to call and examiue my stock. A. S. JOI-INSON. WoodvineAprn?,,S9S3w_, I Afa, Ro,h+o o i [++ w th +1, d $1 +N ++TON STA PE OF MISSISSIPPI. or . an . . WOODVIhLIg, MISS. To Jane Bell Johns licks, the defen- Office iu McGehee building. ,la,,t: DR.C.S. H You are colntuan<led to appear be-  fore ttl0 ehaueery court of file courtly nENTIST of \\;Vilkinson. iu slti(I slate, on the to (hHt, nd tile suit in sfiid court Of f..lOU,4:i--,,?:=,.-,,i,.--,,.-"-'" ,.u.x=,- - 100DVILLE,r III$8. is fixed. Mr Ehsha Ber,:y: 'f thls place, ssys lie never had anytlihig do hilli So I nlu('ii good and giye such quick relief] from rheuniatisln as Cliarnberlanl <'l Pain ltahii. He was bothered greatly / with shooting pains lr(nn lillu t0 knee/ nntil lie ii.e,d Ibis lininient, whiell|  " r ,iffords prompt re]ief.--B. . Bake ,] itib_gi.t 8t Paris. elite. For sale by ( Kann. tfiell, thatoi tlle9th 1lay of May 1898, * e claim. .:,ainst said  estale will be . , , t e ..... I1 ==='= taken up for exaninlatiml and a(13 - At 5 o'clock ThursdaY m(irttingmtr ditathnl, and that all elaims must be l eitizeu were aroused from t, heirshnn- 1 filed, with the, Ulldersigned clerk of bets by tile cry (if fire, anO it. was / lhe chancery conrt of Wilki,i,on soon found that the residence occu- connty, tty said dsy. and all creditors pied by Mr. John Sessions and family ulav attend 'l'his llth dav 6f May 1898. l]h,auor .|ohus, wherehl )-ou are a deflin uiiit. This llthda\\;of April. A. D. 1898. (2. A. (30ON, Clerk. 4 16 1898 4w. NO'I'ICPl TO CIIEDITORS! The creditors I)f the estate of M. A Fergnm)n (leeeased are noti- was burning. Despite th faithful efforts (If the earliest arrivals on tht sne, the spread of the flames could not be checked and in a shdrb time he intire building was consumed. Tim househ.ld effects were.nearly all saved, Theiluildiug was ,)wned Ily Miss Eltzaheth Johnsnn and was in- sated htr|$1500. Mr. Sessions wa. Mr. A. bl. McGeitoe:: ::and his daugh- not, at h<)me wheu the fire necurred ters Misses Kate and Fannleof Pluck- and kllvw nothing of it until several tie) ville, came up Thursday to attend huurs a tier. : : the entertainnient ab Lhe College. t / Among <lur late recelllts are 10,000 Capt. llealyand L.ieul. L. B. Watt v,rd-f Emhr,,idery, renlnantin 5 will .leave M(luday luln'ning ill ]( in yard pieces. Tiley are put ,in sale theFayette Guards. We will give ai 5c, c and 10; wortlt double, al lutmes of the privai, es who aecoutpany l{uthschiMs- lglien you cannel sleep for cSugh- ing take ( antberlain's Cough l{eule- (Iv. It ahvay gives proml)t relief. It: is most excellent forcohl, too. as it aids expectoration, relieves IIic lungs and prevents any Itcmdenev to- ward pnenuionia. For sale by (J l{,allli. It Is buL proper hat we sbnu]d say and nolethat the National Snuvenir Day at, ltl,thschild's on last Thursday was the most successful (if these an- nual display's ever made by tbis ell- terprising firm. The day will be long rememhered by our people, for in C. A. COON, Ulerk. 4 16 1898 4w. S FATE ()F MISSIS,IPPI. To'rl),l.. L. Curry. W. 11. Curry, Annit' J Curry, Julia Curry and .IsS. l. Citrr)" ltlittl)r heirs)trial d;i- fen,lauls and their father "1 hns. Lhc m next weeR, The Kindergarten entertaiument. which was i,o tare place last Thur:- d Y night was postponed on aecnunt of the weather but, will be given Mon- day night. All axe cordially invited. Our Cit, izens were entertained this week in several instances. Tuesday by the King's Daughters, Thursday at t, he CollcAe and Friday by the pu- .pits of the public school. _ . I) -- ?= Lowue%s Chocolates aad Ben NN00NNNNNNNiN Men's Stra Hats, 25c to S1 50. \\;e have a full line of Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co's , " S Shoe , in the latest styles for Summer, These goods are as ' honest as one of Uncle Sam's gold dollars, and you will be pleased with them. Every thing bran span new and neat for Summer wear. | C. SCHAEFER. NNNNN@00NNN aUST fu111ine oftl+tov+.e111<nown 00I00ECEIVED :+ " C KANN. , wOOI)VILLE, " " " : " ' " 00Nanhattan o-----, DRUGS and .00EI]iCINE,00 C FMIC00tS Public School Books SHIRTS, t{ I i<t& "aft tlardware lgltminating" (,ils. ' = Garden:Seed dfc. . '.. White and Colored l .kp2!,e::!Ti@lslpi?:c;i:i:2c:r3iiall/::,e,$:unde;;e:y2e:aer,__ orre(:lUy,, f F. w., VVhich we offer for a short A. W P. s. O. McLAIN .& VENTRESS, Bramlett &.'lMckal'. time ONLY at 7Sc and 00ii| ,t00,ruys,00t :0umlm Att,,nepad WOODVILLE, MIS P. H, WHITE. W.S. WHITE. 'i JOSEPH SA RPHIE, The Jeweler, Our stock iS always con) I)lete eompri.i ng the latest arid newest designs in : : : Diam0,ds, Watckes, Clocks, jewelry, Silver-ware, IXoveltfes, Catlery, Spectacles, ye.Glasses &c. Repairing ! Is a special feature of our bnsiness, and we are e,)nfidont, with our Priees, Accuracy ll(id Promptness. wo can please you : : CUARANTEE + 0 UR W'ORE. NOTICE. The public are hereby uotifled tt}at Hunlin,2 is pmhii)ited i)n Ihe ur- :ette, Elmwood, Belleview sad (;or- dn Plantations. All [oruter permits are h(,rebv roe yoked. CH=kS. COHE'N.  N(,v. 20, 1897-t! '['ItESPASS NOT[CE. Huuting or otherwise trespasslng on the McManu,% Farish and Bowlil)g Greeu places m strictly prohibited nn- uer pellalty of tim law. All former permissiolis revoked 1. M. McGEIIEE. J. H. I'.ENDLETON. White Grocery Co., MAIN STREET. Under Masonic Ita/I. DEALERS IN Fancy and Staple Groceries, .Candy, Cakes, Frtlitsof all kinds, Tobacco and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. Feb 12 98 ly. I S. MARANTO, CIIoICEST ] rnit,% O)]<ter, Nllts ,, al i,,,,,t, a,,d I,',y!, ,r,t,y .L.,'o ii ie lle, ceives daily P tlilcy ta/i- .c_r . CL.5. Ma(:,earoni cooK- ir '(IV ot all k%llll/l. * ' " :.ell in the best style, from 9 A..,tI.. ;to 8 P. t. Mttln t. Opposite BaUm & DampL Feb 12 98 ly. WJILSff& WILSON +, Office at Schtemuger ttouse. April 18, '95 ly CONTRACTOI{S OF b-- BRICK ,% CEMENT +WO RK.+ Eslimates ]Furnished ]Patronage Solicited. Letve Order with Wo, ttlln & HIcke or Ben Dec 18 97 m. FOR SALE Tha Palrick I)lanLali"n situtited on Old River, \\;\'ilkias,,n C(lUlIIV+ Mis. e<)nttoning at)out :320 at;res. For parLiculars al)ply t(,), W. P. S VmTaESS, \\;Voodvillc, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. ('urry : Y,u are commanded to appear before the chaat'ery conrL o| the eollnlV (if Wilkins,m ill sald slate i)n tile 2iul Monday in May A 1).. 1898 to defend the suit in said CllllrL (it Susie l). t'eets ,,herein yoU, the said iiiilitlrs, are de[elldanis. This 15th day of AprilA. D. 1898. C. A CouP, 01erk. 4 16 1898 4w. No'rICE TO "rEACHERS. Exa,uinatian ill he held in April acel,rding h) law, lln the lt. 2nd, 3rd and 4,h Fridays and Saturdays in April 1898. JostcA'H JOHNSON, Supt of Education. q 19 1898 4w. LO MBERI We are preoared t+l fill at, shnrt noth'e any order f()r ]ough Cypress LUMBER atlow prices. Corrcspon- Bolls at Argttea. point of display we d3 not thinkit dence st)li(-ited. JNO. F. IItINE & S()N. =,---,, can fie excelled. The time being up- .  ' , 3 19 98 6Ill, 1[ VOU have a I)lano or organ tl) t p()rt, une for patrmt, lO feehng and dis. . ..... tuae ('l' ret)air, wait for J. E. [lines, I play, this firm had their store very FOR SALE.-Iml:ir,vert Chufai + ..... ..... ).t ,,t'iah|e ,)iaul) tuner who' vill[ tastefully decorated and draped in the best known hog feed, at) p,e,s[, iu "bkl ere d'"lrin" tthe inollth of May. t the Nationali e<llors and emblems, c.ts quart,, 7,)ct, s. pe,K, Oellele,fl in / , ........... : W(ll)dville. b,,nd (irders ill Hi'atn, ,: :s : . / The tri-cotors mlngie(I wltn 1II0 Ut;il- .., ,. f'+S F z{. ](.ELLOOG. A del ghtful aud much needeltlraln/cate tints of the tint silks, organdies t vt 4w ......... feh lln Thursday night. It, was just|:e:c, cirried iu st()ck, made the effect / o ..... _. __ In time as fields and gardens were be-/charming and Dleasing to the eye. 1 TRESPASS NOTICE. gtnning to suffer from the need of/The Snuvenir selected by the firm for All IlUning on my Illace is striekly moist, ure. | preseutati(m Lo their friends, was it ,)rohiblted under penalty el the la,% '\\;:M ers leae to /silver spo(m in tbc bowl of which was M'ES. E. W. JeeR. Mr. and Mrs. E. Y ' " ":/the battleshio Maine, and (in the ll 9n 97 tf da' for a pleasure trip. Mk. Myers Is I hanale a p,]rtr'ait of her famous Con,- " ........ a delegal,e to the Grand Lodge in mander, Capt. Sigsbee. 51early200 of Sil Diseases "Vicksburg and with Mrs. Myers will these Souvenirs were given away. t VIsit friends lib Shaw and Jl'eeuvil whicll will evidence its suct'esa In . = = -_ = -- For the speedy and permanent cure of Capt. and Mrs. 1/. C. Bramlette re- point of attendance. ,tter, salt rheum and eczema, Chem. turned from Washington last Sunday '" uerlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is evening. They report, the Capital Mr. J. E. Hmvs, the o:d eliable without an equal. Itrelievea theitch- City full of martial excitentent and ifianll tnnvr, has been here for several ing and smarting almost instantly and its continued use effects a permanent en]o'ed the animat:ed scenes iu Can- weeks repairil,2 and tuninlz ptanns cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, and organs, tie left yesterday, lutt scald head, sore nipples, itching pries, gl,ess. [ will retnrn daring the inonth ,if MaY chapped hands, chronic aoz eyeauand Also received 100 doz. ladies Rich- t, tune the pipe organ Ul the Episeo- ga'anulated lids. elieu Ribbed Tnrner Vests, Lile pal Church at allieli time lie sill lill Thread and handsonelv irilnnled all orders f,)r tuning and rel)airil Br. Cadv's CondLti0n Powders for horses are the best tonic, blood, purifier Votild he a bargain a 25 teals but pianos and organs lef with Mrs. J mdvermifugo. Price, 25c0nts, 8o14by are 10e ; Roth*- tile, atisfac io liar. POSITIONS GUAltANTEED. To Gtatluafos of lIaaris' Practical t Busiuess College, Scliooi of Short Hall(t, Telegraphy, etc., Jacksolt, Mississippi, %Ve have'tlought the Wavatt Col- leges here and at Meridian, but have eh)sed out th0 one at Meridian, aim Sept. 4, 1896-tf prepared to ive students tim v,,ry best business trainiug to be had .ly- I FOR ALE. where. Catalogue sent ,Ul applica- I The houseaud lot iu Woodyille, tion. N. J- ItARRIS, I south west of tho public square known a the Susan Scott lot adjohling lot Presideut. Jackson. Miss. Sept. 11, 1897-tf NOTICE, I haye just received atul will keep constantly i)n hand a fall snpplyo[ COFFINS and CASKE , of all Styles, witich I @ill sell at rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite W. C. Bonnys res- idence. THUS. ROLAND. g 21, of Dr L W Magrnder. apply to H S Vxx EATOS. 11 20 1897 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hnnting on Siulrall and Schae- fer places is strictly prohibited uuder penalty 9[ the hiw. L. W, M,or, rx)za. ll Office iu MtLhoo Buitd.iag, mat.eial 1tow. J. lt. Attorney N WOODVILLE, DR. eliaS. E. CAT0INGS [. --DEALEH I-- RRItltll 00ltIl 0000ll01t, Family and Fancy GI WOODV,,I.E : : : : Shss. a.ltlnerieSkin(ts,' Sugar,Oysters' ()ffice iu Adams Drug Store. S(are|i, laisins, Nuts Canued Fruit and f'ish, ,e. uy J14 '94 tf. , Fiite brand chewing 'robao. Fresh Bread evory day. NW .... plies arriving daily. DR. L. W. MAGKUDEK, Marci, 1, lS96-y Physician axed Surgeon, All huntin and tres WOODILLE. MISS. Retreat and l)amero. Office at resideuce, Alril 7, .88 ly prohibited, under ()c., 9,h'9:. ,f. DK C. C. CK0S$. TRESPASS Dental Surgeou, All trespassing Oil Glen Burme OODVILLE. 3iL ,S. s strictty prohibited under Oe' u p stairs over the Postl,ffiee. w, All tormerGto. A. G. SHANRON, TRESPASS X( Any person eaught at 00ouselor ,,r,,,,,.r+iso,ros Collins or Old L,wim WOODVILLE+,: MISS. prosecuted to tliO lull aw, All formo# Will practice in rdl State and Uaited ed. States oourts in thia Stato Heal ostat b,,aght and ld on com- mission. Office oa C3mme]eial Row. d/. /t", H. S. V kN EATON. Tx-axa]i. :113 :0=l. TitE .... Otli.t up.atairs iu the Odd Fellow*t BET Bnilding. t Scuth-West Corner of DK. JOHN F. THEKREL, I have always o,, hand a article of Physiciaa and Surgeon 00ilhy, |.00fly ,lfil+llIl WOOI)VILI,E, MI88, Ta. amT vxmmn]m eli Office ou Main St. at his i)ldSt, nd FU R ERkL DIRECT0 R, A Full St9 ek of Metalie and W'ood- eu Coffins always on htmd at Wood- villo, Miss., Main St. TEb, DIT N 4[P CIS. Domesfie and Ira! Pancv Liquors. Boltled and Keg Boor, Iotalways on hand. My friends and ct dud me ready to do bnsin,+ A. Mrch 12, 92. 3'resp0.s Notice. All persons found huutntg,'flshlng or otherwise trespassing on the Bur n.amwood l)lanIation about 8 milee south of Woodville will be pr0ae cuted to the full extent of the law. A strict watell will be kept oD saml plantation for trespassers. L %\\;'. MAGRU1,ER cnt O,olera and Yellow I"vet v,'-tol by u:=lg "P' ACg- am fra tO.A. OPP