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May 7, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 7, 1898

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lt08driRt uluan. Saturday, May 7. J. S. LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. &apos;r1iE WooDVILLE IEPUBLICAN ts tile oldest ne'spa, per in the State; has a htrger bova fide cireulaiion tha,t any other newspaper in this eetitm; therefi)re '." is Th Bed Atlv00isiu[ Melii00, Advertisers Sear this in IM, t Lee to M.,jor ........ the volunteer army will I)e greet- ed with loud by all South- erners. President McKinley has shown no bitter war memo- ries linger with him. ----4,41b* J Dispatclfes as !ate as the 5th and6th' inst., give no news from Admiral Dewey, owing doubtless to the cable beiug cut. The capture ,,f the Philippines hv the United Slates is causing great excitement m Europe, and thet,tlkofiintervention is beiug renewed with Germany in the lead. IL is being asserted that the United States will SoL be permitted to hohl the )shreds if Generalship in MILITARY MASS MEETING. L,,nd,,n. April 3t).---Brssey's Na- his repart of the several different val Annual f,,r 1898 was ])))hi)shed cat)nly fut)d, which xereexamined Vodnesdav cveniug there was to-day, lt e,)ntains the ,)s))al mass an,I approved aml ordered rob) re- held at the Court tlouse n mill- ,d vahtahle lnf,Jrm'..tlan. L,,rd Bras. corded. ']'hi. dqv.loseph Joltneon. S,p't. st'3' , Who  I he father of lhe editar of Edtwati;,n, pres,q)ted hi, report far tary massmeeting, the purpose of the Naval Annt)al, and who is the mOl)th of April 1898.- which was of which yeas to a,certanu 'is llel" Governor ,! the British e-I,,nv of approved and ,,rdered to I,e filed. It as possible Wl]kiuson County's Vtet,ri:). e'mtribntes an arli le on is l')lrther ordered that a warrant ist)e tlnwel' to the (]overuor'8 |lppeal the p-silmn of the lillsh saw" in ta him fro" $62 21 salary f,i)' rnl)th of for tl'ool)s. Other than tile firlllg 1,98. which e,m,lu,les .ltll a ph.a April p:)yalde o.t of the chool fund. f,r a league of the English-st)caking Ordered that the f,) lawi)t(_r be of Woody)lie's 16 inch (in length) con,,tries, an,I sat'a: l)r,m,1 ,)the n)i))nte.Q. I)) accordance with order -t the Fh,ard of Snpervi- canll(,ll, there Was little enthusi- "In the present ) posit i,m sin's pasqd at ils'Ap, il ate,ring the astn shown. CaL)t. E.C. Coffey, of affairs we Mtall not relax o.r Board ot Sttperviors n,et o,, Tues,lay eff,,rts ta create s,)ch naval f,,rces us the, 12th day ,,f Aor, I. a a vo,nniitt(,e of Co. F., M. N.G., .iddressed will insure the safety of the emldre,' la aaess dtl,ltaze claimed bv Mrs. 51. tile meeti,lg and was listened to !hut if. it, the i,r, mvgs ,,f ttme we can E Onties. hv reaso)) of a l,'ul)lie road by au audie/lCe represeltthtg all ] accolnldish a closer nni,,n helweer) whi,'h was laid out lhrouh her prop- classes of citizens, fr(,lU the atn- ] .nrseh es and the United States ; if ,,rtv and the l)rt)l)(.t.ty of .lohn Collie,'. I after dne eonsid(watian, we asess tlm bitious youths, who would be we can estahlisi, a I)erpett, al leaeuv datnage, ttstai))ed b, M,' Ogden at of all Euglih-spt.alers for settli))g S10t) and John Collier at $60. Colonels if sufficiently urged, to their (hfferenccs Iw arl)ilrali.n, nay L T. Vnx'rrtESS. ttle chocolate hand patriots, all 'store. for mutual defense if thrcal- Jas I). CAGE AXXOfJNCEME NT. FOR CaNG RES8. To the Voters of the Sixth Congres- sional Distriet : Believimt that an inwutigation of my record in Congress will show that I have discharged my duty. actively. faithfnllyandeffieientlv: that Ihave kept all promises and hroketl no party pledge, I therfor'e an, eneonraged to agaiu olieit the support of my constituency for re-election and here- byannonnee my candidacy subject to tlm action of the l)emoeralic party of tile Sixth District of MiuMssippi. Very Respeet:'ully, W. I,'. LOVE. MAN)NIC /IEI,ITI N(. lrember ,f Wt H WII=KI.SO'N R. A.C. are notifi(d that the meetin -f the Chal,ter will hike place at tl)o Lodes, romn .Tues,h,y avon)rig next, at 8 o'eloek. TI,e Compnt,ions are reqnested to atlend promptly. J. F. THEREEI.. WAR DOTS. Commodore Dewey's great vic- tory in the Philipl)mes stirs the patriotic heart of the country to its core. It was a most daring act to entera fortified harbor at mght and attack a fleet of war- ships under the very guns of bat- teries which it had songht fdr shelter. The victms' was vet'). complete, all the Sp.mish ships being destroyed, att(t it wtll rank among the great naval battles of any age or country. Spain does not I appear to I)e satmfied with tile loss of Manila and the Philippine Islands. The Spaniards seen, to be a wonder- fully optimistlc race of l)eople. Their war minister becante fran- tic with joy when he first heard of the destruction of the Spani.h fleet. It) was happy because the honor of Spain had heen so nobly vindicatedI One umre 1hrashing will probable set the country wild with patriotic joy I ...... 4 "qlt-- t- The European papers are loud in their praise of Commodore Dewey's daring and skillful achievement. This is parttcular- ly true of the British attd Italian so disposed. anxious to serve U'ncle Samuel iz, cne,l hy external foes. ther) we )hal TheKreuzZeitung s.tys that if the capacityof conks. the Monroe doctrine means young men offered thmr "America for the Americans," it ou'ght also meaff "for the Ameri- cans only America." It does look as if Europe and Asia might get up a "Monroe doctrine" of their own, and with sonic show of reason. England will not join thi's move I)ut will l)rob'tbly side us, attd thin fact renders inter- vent)on extremely improbahle. Federal troops have been land- ed in Cuba, attd news from Wash- ington declares that an act,re campaigu will lie inaugurqted at ,race. Adndra[ Saml)son was Ol'- dored to qttack Matanzas anti sieze it as a base of oper,ttions A few services when voluntccrs were called for. Tlley will join Capt. Coffeyat Fayette Monday, from which place they will proceed to Jack- son, probably not later that, I'uesday. It is much to lie regretted that with a company of her own, hut it isa source of satisfaction that they will be with such "m organizttion :is the Jeff Davis Volunteers; th'tt they willlle commanded hy Mlssissippians under the illustri- ousFitzhugh Lee, in case they are called into active service, and this we doubt very much. for the army. near there waiting the movement of the A,nerican troops. The tel!owing dispatci was re- ceived here Friday mornmgat 8: 55, from Associated Press : Royal l)owers exists in name only. Queen Christina has .u'- rtmged to leave Spain. Military Government is being gradually established. No reports front I)ewey. lie is considered tnaster of the situation of Manila. I)e- have changed the elreuu]stat)ees Our latent resotlrces wotJht he It,() ovtrvlieln)intz t,, be challenged or eontesled. Let ns the,aM the h,q)e thal a eonsummatiott s,, hal,l,y max some day hc reached 1, 3 , the saga211V ,f onr Slalesllien find lhe growing wis,h,m and good will of our Rindrcd Imaple.". No incident of the recent mul tiplication (,f industries has at- WllldnsouCountycouhl not send traete(I mmealtenttn and bcen Gen'l. Gomez is WIIAT SHALL WE DO WI'I'H 'EM. Assn,nmg that we will take tile l)hilil,l,lnes, ft. indeed, Como)od,,rc Dewey has nat aires)Iv h,,istcd l)s Itag over Manila, the question arises asia what we arc tn ,Io with then]. There are al),)ul, a hundred islands in the graul) , hut (,nly a f ,w ,,f them are worth anything. 'l'lte main )slant1, h,)wever, and one ar two(,f the lesser ones, are ex'retne]y fertile and rich in ]r,ulttets and the l),ptt - latmn numbers nearly 7,000,000, eonl,,,se(I t,t Malavs -rod a mixed p:trtment is taki,]g steps to send him aid. Spanish goverumcnt are postmg bulletins all over the country asking the Cut)ass to help theln. Their attswer is "Anything suits but the St)anish Governrnent." The President thinks the actual w'tr will he over in one week. CO3IMERCE OF TIIE PIIILIP- PINE ISLANDS. Wasl)ington, ,May 4.rhe nnder- standing at the State Del,artmentis that Consul Oscar ['. W[lliams. ot)r representative: at ,Manila until the re- cent war hegan, is no aboard the flagship Olympia, Manila harht,r. A mail report from Consul Wil- liams reached the State l)epartment recently untler date ,,f Manila, Feb. 28, last.. It gives a fall desertption of the Phil)ill)the Ilamls. their re- 'marc)s, gr,,wth of American trade, press. The Germans are not par- etc.. and will he ineorl,arated in the next valnme issued hv the Bureau ticularly delighted at the result af Stalistics 1) 3, the State Depart,neat. of this first hattle, but slill their Mr. illiams' report says the local naval oflleers do full justice to and European a,tthorities esdtnate W L JERKINS. ] A. CA RTEF{. C T NETTERViLLE Sworn to and snbscril,ed befure ,he this 2d day of May. 1898. C. A. Coos', Clerk. Ordered that Yancey Cor Overscer work said road. Ordered hv the Board tha) thesnm +,f ane hnn,lred dallars be; ath,wed to Mrs. M.E. Ogden and the s)tm nf Fifty (hdlars be alh,wed t,)Jahn Col- lier| payable ant of the Co. Treasury. for which warrant shall is.))e for dama_,zas as reparto,,I by the member oFthe Baard this day for lay)agent a the area of the Philit,Ldne Islands at 150,000 squares miles, and their pop- ulation at 15,000.(]00. Tim island of Luzon. in which the CiLv of Mat)ila is itnated, Is larger thati ew York and Marne, an,t has a pol,ulatian of 5,000,{)00, and the island of Mindano is nearly, if not There are seorea,,f the gallantry of the American fleet. It is certain that this de- claire victory will insptre more respect for U'ncle Sam's fighting qualities, and we will hear very little of intervention from this time on. An idea ,)f the extent Ihe exlent O| the Impulalion (,t the Phlht)pines mav l)e f3r,ned wiwn it is statcd that the stx New England States an,I New York, New Jersey, Pcnnsylvama and Delaware have 10 per cent le.s area and impulation. Mr. Williams states that, t'enty- two consu lates, representing I lie lead- ing commercial ),unities ot Ihe w,,rht ace established at Manila. lie a(hts thesnrprismg staten,eat: "The volume of export trade com- ing under my ,dfienal SUl,ervGt,m equal that of my twenty-one eonsu lar eolleagues torah)ned." IIe then shows in detail how the tratle of the Philil,lAnes with the United States exeectts that of all eth- er c, mnlrles eolnhined, and that it is growing at a remarkable rate. tie savs ext,arls It) Ihis c,)untry average $1J)00,000 a m,,nth. The report states that 216.000 ))ales,)) hemp were exl,arled d)trmL lhe last three m,)ntl,. Of Ihese 13.752 wen: ta the Ueited Si ales and 78,000 tu Great Brttatn and (,'Ater c, mnties. quite as large. -,,..9---- O! her Is]an(Is, It ts reported that a revolution of is imminent at Madrid and that the present dynasty will be de- posed, and give place ta a Repub- lic or to Don Carlos. We are not interested in this fronl a patriotic standpoint, but nevertheleas we are very sorry for poor Christina. She is not a Spanmrd, but is an Austrian Arch Duchess, and withal a devotcd mother and a true woman. IIer appeals to Europe for help have been most pathettc; 'tnd now that the throne of her little s/)n is being threatened by the fickle and brutal Spaniard, over whom she waS, nnf, wtunately, ealle(l to reign makes her fate all the more lntiful. We eannot rcach any conelu- ion, front telegraphic dispatches, the or'castes of nloro coll]ulenl public r,)ad thr,,llffh their Isads. And lhan that relating to cotton seed, the said M. E Ogden. this day, by whiehln ante-hellum days was the Connsel. objected totne allowa me bane of the southeru fal'uler |)ut made to her a))d claims as damagns the nm of $60o and prays an appeal now hr]ngs hinl ]'trge sums of ntoney. Instead of piling tt in the fields to rot, or dumping it into streams it is utilized in the mannfaclure of a dozen differenl 'trticles--pal)er, fertilize, c'lttle feed, soap, lard, oil and other articles--and I,riugs millions (,f dollars to this section of the countryBraudon News. Tim Lexington Advertiser from the allawanee ta the tire,,it C,,urt wi)ich appeal is'ranted npon the said M.E. ()zde,) entering into hand in the s,tm ,,f $1(',0 for eostsof appeal with one st)retv ta be apl,roved hv the Board a)i,l lhe'said M E Og- den is given nntil thepfirst Monday in June next, to exee,)te said Appeal Bo,td. Ordered that the hands an ,Tnhn Q. Morris" place I)e assigned ta raa,t front Prater Ilill to tap of Lindsey IIill undcrA. W. Lanehart, Jr. over- seer. speaks from experience. It says: On account af ehat)e of ownership "Sinee war it is, wouht in not bc ordered that lhc f,,llowin land he as- well for each of our farn,ers to sessed to I T. Hart. Nor1[) part el plant several ll,ore acres of c()rn east haft ,f s-w qr of set;. 4 T. . ]{ and save a few Inore t)lgs for 2. west. 30 a(')'es, instead of Annie E Koch" asses) to D Aan,I (!A Ander- bacon for next ye'lr,9 A retro- I sa, the san)h-west quarter at)d n,,rth spective vicw of thirty-s x years half of s,)nth west quarter, sea 2 ]{ will convince t]leu] of the neces- 1 east, 160 acres, iustead of L,htcabv; sity <)f .(h)pting such | course, asses to W J Marsilas h)ts 1. 2... 4 Bread .tn,[ feed st.uf in sure to go ,5 and G, Bh>ek 34, lows of Ce))tre- Ul), "tnd cotton is t: sure to go ville, instead of Mississippi Valley down." to . and assess la D F ('(n)n all of Block 4'. town af Centrcville Inslea, I ae to what move the (overnment Mr. Williams shows /r,,m this that the United .%tates has 64 per cent ot will make in the direction of the export lrade frets'the Philippines t'hba. It is said that General as aKainst .36 [or Great Britain and Miles is opposed to an immediate otlwr eoumries invasion, but in the n)eantime The lml,ulation 3f Manila ts com- i,osed o! i60.C0O natives. 61.000 t h. troops are being massed on the nese. 4100 .'paniards and 250 Euro- gulf coast, and it is hardly proba- peens other than l,aniards. "l'ie hree,i,ff Malav.negr,,.Si)at]ish. wtth Vashington, May 4.Dewey's a sl,rinkting ot Eur,l,eans and per- magnificent victory 'it the Philil)- sons of pure Eur(qmaa des))n,. The pines has i)crked up the spirits of l'hflilq)ines are i,t some respee'.s ar the administration wonderfully n, orc vahable than Cuha, and lhey "lad led to the deterulination to have long been e,,ve,ed hv the'great I)awers of Eur,,le and hv Jal)an strike a vigorous bh)w ill Cul,a l'herc is little reason ta dot)t,) Ihat Plans were i)erfected to-day to otlr Imssessi,n ,,t them w"Lthi t,e land 60,000 men tn Cuba within ,}f Mississippi Valley Co : asscss to Martha Bn('kncr 4 7;acres in sa)tth- C'lt corll.r of s(),lth east quarter of sauth-east quarter, scc 25. T 1. II, lw. instea(I (ff Sqo]re B,teknea.. In the matter of the petition of Vil lie Williams. Wnt Leak). etals , or- dered that the same t)e reje,:te<l In the n,atter of lh, I)r,p,sition c,f D ,'. Rawles, ordered that the satne be ,)l>l)osed ar least hy Germany and Franee. A cot)flier ilh Ihese I'o powers, or even one of then), won[d make thc new territory come rather htgher than it's wt, t'Lh, but at lhe same time we eouht n,,t aff,rd t(, stth)nit ta dictation m regard to it after we had won i at a cost of the next ten days, and Del)artn]ent has awarded the con- tract for the transp,,rtation of ths great .irnly. Thirty vessels will I)e required. ROBERT FOX PARDONED. The Govenor pardoned Mr. Rob the War deterred. Bids to buihl the brid_e aeros. Cr,,,,ked creek were opened and read as fallows: F. A Leake in tim sam of $374 5' T AJahnson. " '' 375 Oq ,h)h,, I) Mt, rray " '' '249 O0 W V ]rya,)t. '" " ' 283 5o John I) Murray I)eh)g the ]owesL and hest bidder, ar(h;red that the ca)) Anleriean i,h)od and I reasnre. It is thereh,re i,raposed tl,at the ert Fox yesterday, and we are glad of government throw a military force it. We think this act of mercy to an into the tnain island, tn which Ma,)ila unfortunate yonng man, will be hearti- ts situated, and hold i,mtil |he war lyapproved by all who knowhim. is over, an,I then g, in ,ith England This impulsive youth, probably has- t,'aet I,e awarded t.. him )lpat, I)i giv- ing hon)i for double the a,n,,t, nt of his bid. This (lay .loh: I) [,)rrav presented Ills b,)nd for Iuihlin_ tlie bridge which was lilc,l and is hereby aoprove(|. Ordered that the ('lark advertise ar Jal)au , t,r hoth of them. and es- tahlish a joint I)r,,leet-rate, nndvr which the lrad of the ),lands shall he free to all nations. That scheme might work at,Lsat. isfaet,,rily, I)nt in any event we shanld ,nakesnre of a strong naval base and eoalin station in that tily and badly advised, put himself in f,,r I,itls t,, hnihl a I,rid,..,e across the creek n,,,r !t. T. Sharp's accordin a position, from which it has been to .p,,Atieations or, file it, Chancery most difficult for his relatives and Ch, rk' Office. friends to extricate him. Ite is again Ordered that lhe ca,traet to buihl bridge scar ,'apt. ,I. T Nettervill's be a free man. andhaving received a les awarded to F. 4' Leak )or 1(). son he will never forgeT, we have no All nmml,ers voted yea for allow- quarte. The straitsin whieh Corn- doub he will be a tnodore Dewey found himsclf lten ueful citizen. the I,orts on Ihe Chinese mai)dand were eh,sed to ]IllS 1, 3, lleLltralitv measures, aresuflicient proof ot the ahso]ute necessltv ,)f our securing a port ta relil attd coal our 8hip8 II1 time of war. We don't need any otlter itosses. sion ia that part (,! ,he orl,I. bttt [hts resallree we inns) liave.SIem- I,his Scm,iLar. COST OF WAR. Washington, May ,3.'lhe senate committee ,,n linanee resumed its sitting at 10:30 to-day, hearing e- retary Gage on the. necessity for i,teh)ding In the var reventte, hill attlhori,y f,,r the lsnar, ce ,,f h,,nds. Theseeretary snpl)lied Ihe commit- mittee wilh all U,e Inf,,rmatian la I,ossession as to the cost ()f the war up t,, date and also the hest esti rntes ohtainahle t,f fn,tlre exl,enscs Sec etarv Gae lohl the c)mtl)LtLee Ihat the test eslhvates ohtahmhle indicate tha for the next two u)onths the war will increase the g,)verntnen- lal expenditures at)on) 50,000,000. By that time the entire amoun in Ihe Ireaury witlt 1he exeel,tian 6f law-abiding and It will be remembered that he and Mr. Harry Coleman were accessories with Dabney Marshall in the killing of Dinkins, some years ago in Brander, for an awful slander uttered against Mr. Marshall. All the parties plead guilty of murder, and were sentenced to the penitentiary for life. Mr. Fox has been an exemplary prisoner, and his timely pardon will give him a new chance in life. We congratulate the Governor most heartily for this act, for ir will bring joy to many a hearth. stone .Vicksburg Dispatch. The res,)urees ,,f the Uhite(l Slates are so vast lhat we ourselves wit,dlv fail to realize them. We arc mas- ters of the areatest of tl,e cents)eats. We are the I)asessors of the perfect system of gm'ern,nent. On our own gralll,d we are nl)re Lhall a Inateh for aliCe of the fo]lowh)g aeeonnts: [ .A Carter assessing (tan,affe oll road 1 day .......... $ 2 ot Ed ltaynes snppart as panper. 3 00 Harrmt Watt " " 5 00 Easter An,iers,)n, ' ' 2 00 Mrs M E Ogden. :amaze sus- tabled by ahallge in rand, l@0 00 Joh,I Collier dalllao'os sustailu- ed by change of road .... 5'1 O0 Wiley ('aria. to 1 days ser'lce ltvit)g -ff road ........... 1 00 ,/as M' Sessions. Postage )rein Sept. to May ........... 7 55 Jas M 8essi,),ts. c;,nveving two prisaners 20 mile, ...... 8 00 Dr, Catchin, Pr(,f services far manthofMarch, ..... 16 00 l)r (hdchi,)gs, Chief Health Officer ................... 50 00 Dr Catching), Prof. Service for rrmntln of April ..... TB]Iatfiehl.,luror of lnnaey. Tohn A [,owry, ' ' '' Dmtg Gihlart, " " II R Caon. '" " W J-I Wheat, " " Rabt Lewis, " " Paul l(.leeber, winding town Clock. month of April ..... 6 25 allE,trol,e, still'barring Euglandand J llart, Spike ............... I uu laseph .h,hnsm. i)oslaom, .... 2 00 RItssia. We ha*.'e'ta to al)roa,I f,,, Mlss (:lara Walker t)pp,)rt of n,)thing. Witl,nn ourseh'es, we ar, l'auper m,,nth of April, .. 15 00 ahso]tttely self.suslainin,r. In al J A Tx'evilian ............... 4 60 mechahienl arts un(t martial appli- W L Jenkins dam- anees wc lead lhe ,rhi. Our food a/es an road. 8days, ... I)r,,duets are cxhaustlesa. United as W, ettlin tq I[i,;kev. spikes ..... 1' J (4raw, s, 4 mile, h)mds .... th. ,1,1 re.erve wt, ttid he lexliatlste(I a nation na power on earl]l e.))l,I stte- and $30.000.0t)0 ,,f Ihe reserve als,, cessfully et,me aaint[us. This ts n,,1 laken. Mr. Gage ala sla'ed it to hh, ster. he his ol)ini,,n ,hat Ihe revenues would decrease on aeeotmt of the war In view (,f t|t,,se feels he can sidered some auth,riz,tion for the issne.f ba,,ds necessary, lte said na e.tlma'.e had |,eeu made of the uast of war for a veer henee aS I,O ,,ne-ould say how long it would continue. .I A ]{edhead. ]nn,bcr and nails (as M Sessi,,n. Jail Fes, .. It i Ihe siml,le trnth : nnd ]'a,'tin & IIidet, lumber ..... the state, men, soldiers and finant:iers RE L(]aant Co.. rnerchat,- of Eur,,i,e kn,,w it very well. The die for jail ............. American who disputesit eitherdae Thas E Mnrray. lumber ..... M N itnn,phreva h,,nber ..... not kuaw ]liS own ct)uaLry, or greaL] over-esti,nates lhe ouler world. ()ll the ,nterial de we have nothintr to lear from war--'Courier Jonrnal. PROCEEDING S Jas D. Cage, tsesing dam- age on road 3 days .... WG H)tff Jr.. Inmber ..... C T Netterviila, asessit,g dam- affea on road. 1 day ..... L T Ventrcss. assessing dam- ageson road2 da, s .... LEON SCII W.ARTZ. C. 1I. KEYL. SCHWARTZ ,l NEY[AN Main Street, WOODVlLLE, Since/he Quaran/ine resh'ietbs arauvd onr toew have been raised u,e have been daily reeeivin fresh floods of all bin ds and ozr store is sou, replete with best saple and fancy ffroeerzes, dry oods, etc, to be found. New goods arr/ving-daily. I h purchased a/arge stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping t ic/es, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew y, al/of which I propose to sell at so/ow that it will be to Your inte to examine my stock. Specia! ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHTS Disease with medicine. If the medicine is not c,mqaer (]/sease right he cannot If the drug- gist does his duty the medicine witl he right, and your doctor will laud a good ehance of winning the victory. Y,,u can help Y,)ur doctor by  Laving your l)rescrip[ions filled here. ARGUE's PHARMACy, ,V'. HEALy. Mirta,e.z.. v-. --- = 7 :bb bltU 4:2(I :35 li:5u 5:30 No....,5 Nighl,. Tz'.,iu Leaves 'lempas, "' "" V/l.burg t . ** ., ot *t (Je!ld't:Vi|iO ...... '" A rl.ivas New 0." J e. ill is Nt,, (:, .i,:ght, .t rain lea ebb.New' O' leans ,t  tt " Om tr, vlt# .......... Vieksl)urg " " " " ,u')'ive [ert)t,llla N,,... 21,, Day., Tr,,in Le,,ve " arrivo New Orloan Na., ..22 D;ty Tr, in leav,,a New N,leans " a,'riv,m Viekslmrg. 89'5 5:55Am Train r,ms daily except Sunday. N,), 721 lo,ve Won,Iv)lie " " lenve Bayou ,q,, ra ' ' " arrivers 'nlTfflltor No. 72"2. l,,av,. .qlarl'l,fer 9 | 1:10 )2:0 " " "' P,vnn ,,rrt IITO " " arrivr Won,lvill  2:'1!t 4:15 The only T,ino runn,n..ntiJ Trni:. ho*,rt,o --'Wom'lla3t ,nd. X%7"owor]e ..G allying elegaut Pullm)m Bt,fl't Sleeuia Oa *ltrln.g zassm, ger, a oeed ...... a ......., .....  ,g rs in both dirttiolt ]2"or llate I/ells'a, .a -- u,.u,t:s-amo ]onrney. ' " (/.: .t.', ,fill)ply I Agenl, a ura,f ar.8= au. &. col'r, Div '" ' " : "- _. x a, ms r &g$, MP]IIS, '1 ENNESSEE. A. T. BENEDICT, ]7 0[I MANUFACTURIR, REPAIRER AND DlikLga Ill ,00 5addT.er00, 79". dffent for the Celebrated 0WEiSBOR0 WA0NS Which arc universally acknowledged to be The B0st and LI6t/TEST RUNNIN0 WA0N ]lade. 6 00 90 1 00 4 O7 ]2 9O 68 8 2(} 38 9O 59O 6 on 1 55 2 00 40n Agent fi,r F(4ZIIIL are great 00Lampicr00 ILOAI and SPEI,;])ING CART, whie favorites ulnong Horsemen AGENT FOR THE Ter00ce C00mpart00, The ,st extensive Manufaetarers of Iron F,0ing in the Uited I:ltat, ] art,,'uhtr attel,t, lon pal,l to "v-eOveril,g atld rigging -- Ti:as adl le|. AJI work dune prulnptlv and ;tt lieasoltable Woody)lie, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf ............... , , . ,, . ' - i i r i i .... ' .... II h]e that this is being done merely town is made up of h,w bnihlings, aa o f lhe lhial'd O[ Ssipt'l'visors M N Humnhrey hint)mr, .... 11 75 TRESPASS ,'OTICE; ....  to give them the benefit of sea the i)eol,le are in constant ,lread (d Washin.tan, May 3 Exl)eeting Ordered Yhttt W. L ,lenlons and I. " A  " " earthquakes ()ec of these c,)nvnl- I'ItE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, Carter be appo:nted a committee lmthing. It is sound! military sions ktlled 300 i).ol,le, attd the last that the Senate would be in sessmn VILKINSON COUNTY. } t(, inspect the work of Crooked creek ],rinciple that all strategic moves one, ia 1880, wrecked ,most of the to-da,; the War l)ellartment ollleial Bridge when same is completed. Be )(remembered that at a regular This day th, hoard wsitd the conn- should be execttted quickly. This town. Th city I,r-per is will)in Itad prepared a list of j,ersons whose meeting of the Board of Supervisors ty Jail and find tl,e same clean attd was the secret of Stonewall ,Jack- walls, where the government httihl, non-nnati,,ns were to lie sent in as ::r2 ;at|:;I; 12 of said County began and held at inahealthy conditiot, son's success, and in the France- tl['.gaa o k ,ere arc st, x, dat.{Major.General s and llriadier Gene- the Court liouse in the town of Ordered that the n:m,nbers, ahe,.iff . I I , ", mint, a nam- ' ........ Woodvi}le, said Connthv on the 1st an,I clerk ,h'aw their mileage and per German war the German armies, her of Commerce aml complete else- I rats" 'tne ,,st mcludetl tlze name of guided by thegreat Von Moltke, trie hght and tephotre systems. /the }Ion. Fitzhagb Lee, formerb' Monday, being the :2d day ot dies) as follows: were on the/r march to the . o [Consul General at Itavana, as a Ma- t May A.' D. 1898. " L   entres' .,lay 6 m ........ $4 65 = ' .TDCage 2(lay 14 nt ............ 5 40 " There are a' present in the Uuited [jot-General, and it is believed also I 1)RESENT" V L Jenkins '2 dav 15rn .......... 5 50 lrench frontmr the day after war States eena)e twelve senators who [those of W R. Shafter, e,mmmnding[,-. L" T. Vntrea. President, ,Ta D. I A Carter 2 day: 19,,/ .......... 5 90 was declared. We hardly I'eheve served in the union :trnr and twelve the hri,,ade' at New Orlcan and .1 r t ,;age, W L. freaking, 1. A. Carter, C T Nctterville 2"day 12m ........ 5 20 e-,'.,o-,- C T. 'etterville, tnentbers. J M Sessions shff 2 ",lay. .... 2 (g) that our Government proposes a wha served in the eonfe/terate army. F (('ale eotn,a '" -' ',,. 7.'1 dilatory c0urs There are tiftv-seven represenlativ=cs I " , '  numg the reg nens / " J:.s.M. SESStOSS. 8h'ff C A Coot, clerk 2 day." ......... 3 00 who er$,ed m the t:nioh army attd fat l'ampa, 'both of wl,(,n are now t This day Tho. B. Ilatfield. Treas. adjonrn until next regnlar meeting. The a ontnient--'itzhu h j : ' ' , C A. COON. Cle,':. Ordered that the Board do now P ., . g thin}- ho ,arc ex, tonfederatcs,' ,' Ex" -. brl,adter'3 " gcntr,ds, to maj,g' e, ncrals., urer of 'i.kinson CountY,,l,x.escntt M L.T. VEN'rt:ESS, l'rcsidcnt. All hunting or tresoassing on the Artonish lahds ttndcr fence isDro- hibited nnder full penalty uf the law. Any stock remaining or) the Artanish past,,re after February 15th will be charged pasturage50e per ,nt, nth. J. A GILLESPIi 1 15 1898 ly. OTIUE TO rRESPASSEI{S. All person are hereby forbidden to hnnt or otherwise tresl}ass on my lauds known as the Gildart tract, the Lhbertv tract and Flee tract, abont 1 mile nortlt-east of Woodville under pena!*,y of the law F. F. BE T. Dee, 19, "96t[ ent free. Ptent$ , Fgt.