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May 7, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 7, 1898

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WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1898. NO. 47. VOL. LXXII. &apos;T00/IIS A FAMOUS VICTORY! Spanish t L(,et Defeated in Two Terrific Engagements in Manila Bay. e Cruiser Don Juan De Austria Blown Up and/Ill on Board Kill00l---The Span- ish.Flagshi]), the Maria Christina, Set on Fire and Destmye:l. Other Ships Disabled and Several 0theru Sunk to Avoid Capture--As the News Comes Through Spanish Chan- nels. and No Mention is Made of the Loss of American Vessels, All of Our Ships Are Supposed to Be Afloat. news to be transmitted which is in ' Soon afterward fire reached her mugs- favor of the United States arms. In order that Commodore Dewey may offi- cially notify his government of the re- sult of the engagement tt wi]l be neces- sary fro" him to send his dispatches to Hong gong, which is 600 miles distant , from the present position of his fleet. I The deductions which have been I drawn from the dispatches as sent by the Spaniards from Manila are that the Spanish fleet was annihilated. The May 1.--The greatest naval of modern times has been fought the Philippines, and the squadron Commodore Dewey, of the i nitd States navy, has won a glorious 1 to the latest reports, which don't attempt to deny, been destroyed two ships at navy and the loss killed upon the Spanish that De'roy's squadron under ee vcr of darkness, day broke arrived off the theory that their ships were destroyed, as set forth above is founded upon the manner in whieh th press censor sent the news from Madrid after it had been transmitted in a form satisfactory to the officials at Manila. That the de- feat of the Spaniards was a serious one seems certain from the fact that the Spanish officials admit the loss of three of -their best war- ships, and white making this state- meat fail to say that au American ves- sel was destroyed Had one of Com- modore Dewey's ships gone down as the result of the engagment, Spain would have resottnded with the news, and the fact would have been tele- zines and she was blown to pieces, Meanwhile the shore batteris exe- cuted some good firing, and t le Ameri- can fleet drew off, only toretur nto the attack immediately. The Reina Chris- tins was soon on fie, and th e cruiser Don Antonm de Ulloa and the gunboat Mindano were damaged beyond all use- fulness. At midnight it was given out that "the Americans remain' in th harbor, but the forts and what remains of the Spanish fleet are keeping up a resist- ance." Spanish officials, however. still claim a victory, inasmuch as the enem: has not yet taken Ma- nila. The, Olympia and the Maria Christina were the first vessels en- gaged, but the latter was soon crippled by the 0iymp ias guns. and fire soon finished the flagship of the Spanish squadron. The Spanish admira ls transfer of the flag to the Isla De Cuba was an act of great daring. The Spanlshreport con- tinued to the fleet that the Bait!more. I Olympia, C0neord. and Boston emppmu I the Spanlshiships in the second attack. thusiastic rejoicing "For days they, in common with the people throughout the country, have been awaiting news fr,un the Philippine )shnds. as every- ...... ila thing pointed to a bttle at Man that mi'ht be a decisive conflict of the war. Wilen the newsea me indicating a great victory for the American squad- ron the enthusiasm of the people was let loose and the stets of the city rang with cheers throSghout the night. The first news of tllbattle received in Washington came ]n a brief cable- gram from Madrid about eight o'clock last evening. As the  night wore on the cable continued to sing the news COMMODORE DEWEY'S FLEET, NOW .IN PHILIPPINE WATERS, THEY MAY INTERFER Possible Foreign Complications of Our Foreign War. Iinsttin Charg I 'nlted Stntee with lngrml i t ade---liilninrek Declares AKatnmt Neat rality--Franelm Oomeph'a hnteSt London, April 30.--The Moscow eor- espondcnt of the Standard says: Pnb- kc opinion in Russia. so far as it is ex- POWDER WORKS BLOWN UP. Explosion CanMt A wfuI Itnvoe nl Santa Cruz, CaLlA New Jersey Plant Destroyed. Santa Cruz, Cal.. April 27.--Three ex- plosions d>out 5:15 Tuesday afternoon at the Ca!Hornia powder works eatteo t greater loss of life than any of the previous accidents in the history ol thcseworks. Eleven people we,re killed, and all that remains to tell of thee gun ttton plant is some twisted irou and a large hole in the ground made by ni- troglycerin The first he.try shock from the eplo- crossed syu)pathizeswithSpain- Apart sion was felt for many mi!es around irom admiration of the courage timt I and was sepanate!y followed by two ventures upon a conflict with an over- lighter shocks. T, he mnoke from the whehningly superior antagonist, Ru- works rose in suehdenseveiumethat sis has received a severe blow in the' I uspeeted friendly agrcement between[ ihe United States and Englnnd The l llussians do not forget placing their fleet at the disposal of the north in the wnr of stwee ssion in 1861, and they are blt.terly aggrieved that the United Stutes is not equally mindfal of this service now May Lend to Tronhle. The inlerest of Russia in the war is evidenced by her leading statesmen-in starting the idea, which was soon taken up by their colleagues ai Berlin. Paris and Vienna. t.hat the first real naval imttle must be used for ending the war, ,vhleh practically means pressure on Sptfin to give up Cuba. beeanse if the war htsts too long it is thought the United States might create a powerful mvy. That Russia shonld allow the I Inited .tates to retain the Philippines it was impossible for a time tn perceive the extent of the damage that has been caused by the explosion. It was sid that the tire was sprcading and the main magazine was in imminent dan. er. Not only the smokeless powder plant, but the nitroglycerin and gua cotton works were destroyed. The f,6ree ol the explosion was so great that the slfingtes from the roofsof the buihlings were blown into Sant Cruz. over two miles away. The worst feature Of the disaster is that this was one of x smokeless powder works in the country and the government is anxious to get all of this powder possible. Only last week a big shlpment of 100 tons was made to the cast Lt will take several mouths to rebuild the work. ]'he explosion was followed by fire which pread to the surrounding shrub- MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. Rallrot,d Valeatloas. The State railroad commission has just received the tax returns flx)m tl various railroads and their branches in the State, showing the valuations placed upon same. as follows: I C. R. R. (M. B. AN. Die ............ $ Y & M. V. R. It..Yazoo branch) ..... IC. It. R. iC, A. & N. Dlv. ............ I.C. R, H. (KosninsKo hranchl ....... I. C. il. 1L tMenlllllit 1)iv.) ............. I. C.. R, R. (uialu llue,) ..... iiiv') ..... Y,&M. V, R.R, tN. J&C ....... Y. I M V R R tBayou Sara braacll) Y. & M. V. R. R (Helena branelt) ..... Y. & M. V. R. R. (Tallahatehle branch) . & M. V. H R. (Riverside l)lv. l) .... Y, & M, V. R. IL (RIverade Lllv.) ..... Y. & M. V. H. IL (nlaia ltatl ........... 71 ](, (,, M,  B, R, t ................ |,|69,1 outliern llllway Company ........... 1, tt!73l 206.5 A. G. s. R. It ....................... M. &('. R, R .......................... 55i,28 1. O & N. E. R. R ..................... t,74(i, A. & V. R R .......................... 1,37:,3 M. & O. R. R ........................... 2,I,'- L. AN. R. it .......................... 77,s7 M I. & P R. R ...................... 19.6 Chase of a Convict, A desperate convict on the plantatio of V. L. Pearman near Cleveland Last wck knocked down tle gu:rd ed iris rifle anti shot him The all ran, bnt were overhauled and brought back with the excepthm of th would-be inurderer, who 'ot away with the gun and took refuge under a cabin on tile plantation. A negro guard entered the cabin to capture the convict, and. finding tile cabin empty, looked through a ctck iu the floor. While engage in this inves- tigation he received a bali from the rifle in tiw hauds of the desperate con- vict, The bdl entered his mouth and  12.464 831,3 :" 564.6"/1 ,viihont ample compensation to llussia bery and timber on the hillside A lodged in the left side of his neck. t:ul her allies appears as doubtfnl as force of 100 employes was immediately t About twenty or twenty-five men that the islands should be allowed to called out to fight the fire, which was then armed themselves and went after fall into the hands of England by ar- e.tinguished. The part of the woiks i the convict. They approached the ranffemcnt with the United States destroyed was situated on the opposite house from all sides. Two n without such differences ayising as side of San Lorenzo river from the main werin advance, and one of them, on might easily lead to war among the plant. No powder exceptthat iu proe-la$cekainingthe convict was under t3a " ess of making, is known I0 have been cabin, dropped to his knees and otmned Iilsnlarcl Opposes Neutrality. destroyed. There was probably nbout great powers London. April 50.--Prince Bismarck. 600 pounds of tha,t in the buihlivgs. No ,ccording to a dispatch froul [lerlin. doui)t is entertained amongthe ofiicials says Germany ought not Io bind her of the works thai theexploionwadue hands by a nentralily declaration, to an accident. Prince llismar tk lhinks that Germany The works were estalillshed in 1861 must abstain from interference in the on the present site. on th'e line of the onilict of the United Statcs with Spain South Poeifie Coast railroad. They a tong as possible but that she must eom)rise 21 powder mills, ten shops, interfere instantly and most energet- six magazines and stores and 35othex eallv the moment her interests demand buildings. Easton, Pa., April 29.The towt el iul erferenee. Great Friend to gpain. Dover, in Morris county, N. J.. and the l.ondon. April 29.--The Vienna eorrs conntry within a raffius of 0 miles wa spondeut of the Morning Post says startled Thursday afternoou by aseries Emperor Francis Joseph prh, ately con of terrific explosions, the first of whieh trihuted 20000 I$100000) to the na occurred at 2:10 o'clock. The cxplo- fional naval subscription in Spain and sions occurred in the Atlantic Powder hqs further shown his sympathy by" company's works, and the plant is now )ermitting a number of Austro-thm- a muss of.ruins. Six workmen wer garian oflteers to join the Spanish flag, killed and four otbers were seriou.sly Archduke Eugene has gone to Madrid injured, some probably fatally The to tay with the queen regent during works Were situatcd in anlsolatedspot this critical period. Austria maintains seven miles out in a rough country he strictest neutrality, but I am in- from Dover. There were ten buildings formed from the best source that in in the group and all have been de- the event of a revolution in Madrid the stroyed. Austrian forces will be at the dsposal The first explosion occurred in oneof of tt W queen regcnt. The emperor iv the packing houses, eaused. t is delcrmined that her majesty .halt have thought, by e spark from the pipe of a the benefit of iris fllilest protection, careless smoker. ']'he concussion set " off t,he explosives in- another packing Blaneo'e Reoort. house near by. Debris and burning fire. The convict was hit in the mouth and another ball entered his billy at Or near the small of the hack and ranged upward. Orator|col Contest. OXFOaD. April 29.--Tiffs has beet day full of interest to the faculty of the University of Mississippi as well as to the people of Oxford and Mississippi. Following basel)all between Tulane and. the University of which was played this afternooP "canto the see()nd annual cont.t of the Gulf States Inter-Collegiate "Oratorieal Asoeiation. This eone took place iu the chapel at the Univer- sity of Mississippi at 8 o'clock tonigkt / Three universities were represented, as fol low s: George tl. Terriberry, Tulane Uni+ versify; F. W. Rice, University of AIa, barns; Landrum Pinson Levell, Uni- versity at Mississippi. The chapel was filled to overflowtiR with a erowd of enthusiastic admirer of ti{e different contestants. Ex-Su-' perintendent of Education. Hon. J. ill Prvston, Ilom Jehu A. Orr. of Colum- bus. Miss.. and llou. Booth Lowry ot Jackson, Tenn., acted as judges of th Madrid. April 3o.'l'he folowing is timbers of the wreeked buildings were contest. he subsunce of the official report arried high into the air and fell in a The speeches of the different relate- made bv ('apt. Gem Btaneo on the sub- shower over the remaining buildings, sentatives were all thoroughly alto:e, iect of :he immbardmcn of the forts setting fire to the main fi,tory and the up-to-date productions ff brain young of Matauzas by ships be!caging to other five packing houses and the two men, and showed a thoronghae ' a full .ras of the sUt Rer Admiral Sampson's sqnatlron on shell houses. In a brief time the ex- reparatiou and g .sp Wednesday last: plusives in these buildings were sei oil jest in hand. 'Three American cruisers fired on the and ]eft deat,h and destrnetion in their ba:ttees of Fort Morillo, at Mata=za's, wake. without doing a,ny damage %Ve fired 14 shots to which the Americans replied wit:h lltllehest l'rll Yet. a rnul.itude of mitra!leuse (quiek-firing ]{ey lVest. Fla., April 27.--The Iight- glns) shots, which did ,rt do any injury, "The American squadron also fired 14 house tender Mangro':e puled proudly cannon shots at the Aban,iia battery., only into Key West harbor Tuesday noru- one mule being killed, to which the Sl',a.n- [n with the richest prize of the war t.h battery only replled with four shotshas thus far, The captive was the Panama, the squadron was beyond range, George H. Terriberry of Tulane W0 the prize. Gen, S, D. Lt Vrgea to Patrlottsm- Gen. Stephen D. 15; presidentof thl A, and M, College, spte at Merlian last week to a larg and enthusiastic audience. He urged the young meu t Coy MeLaurms call f respond to . . i '  volunteers, and paid a high tribute t lI on board Wera killed. It is l that the Spdhish Ship Reina was completely wrecked ad r commander killed. at once, upon arrival harbor, opened fire on the Span- and forts, aud it is said that served,--their guns with The Spanish report says that five of sips were badly damaged and was compelled to nature , :.-,  "The whole squadron of five ships then Capt. Quevedo, a big trans-Atlantie threw sevepal shells Into thet0wn, wlthou lilaer and an auxiliary cruiser of ths  --..-- " ' BALTIMORE RALEIGH .---- doing any d,rnage. Spanish navy, which has been plytngof OLYM:pLa CONCORD " .: .-- , , "The French andAustrian eonst.S have late between New York and ttavana. BOSTON.  __- -- , ..... s ..... * am;ra] protested against ttte bombardment, as it _  ...... : --    ....... --- --. Can- of victory for tne squauron o, ,-u : ...... ---ed without any previous She had 29 passengers, including three ........... ". was aurin tnls atIaeK ttv , ........ ; W into re- " S'-" ....... --' *--qe been, graphed' from one end of both coati It . g " Dewey and the interest gre warning to foieign subjects, women, one Frenchman and one Mex- lmclss. __._._p+__.t eadb i tabu: tfllacau lat are ment I T s maangthestationsarefuR The ican aud a crew of 72. As:the Panama 4 a.m. the ';ngitgem0ut.whlc it h ri Dlapa at 1 s.dld some dam carried two 12-pounders shecouldeasily have annihilated the little Mangrove. e came via Madrla, anu  " f ld letin after bulletin was poseu " ,' and as the latter eamc into harbor with from Manila. As news from the Philippines, and there Manila had the con- is an immense gathering in the MADRID, May 1.A dispath to the cable, au attempt was made CeUe de Sevilla. The eivil guards Liberal from M'nlla says tha the the dispatehe% <b t:is know  America. squadron arrived in sight of result of the ,battle wa as M S'ubig bay at four- )'clock Saturday at-: ternoon.. A reconnaissance was made frth'that the Spanish ship " !  of tho bay, after which the vessels im- were crowded wi:th people.: all diseuhs- l mediately left',itlte .direction of Ms- ing the one exciting topic Of the hour. Austria blown xvas up Hundredsgathered in front of the aila. 4 :Severa private telegrams now cn- bulletin boards,, al every  sclntilla of firm the reP)rts t)f a battle at Manila, newsand it wits all glorious--was re- 'i was b L  .the Spanish veelo able o  get refuge under the guns (of evl of,the Spanish fleet were )revent tlien ,alling into the admit his men the first on- to and naval at- that ushered and that, al- the women of the South. He said hil services were at the disx, al of the IV" ernor. The Walthatl Guards met Lee Rtthe depot and escorted him the city hall. Revol t In the Bfln4 Ayltm, The trustees of the lustitute for the Blind met at Jackson last week f li of the newspaper offices, each sueees- Say 1oo were slain, prize there vxas uot a craft but sa- first time under the new sively onveymg information more . Key West. Fla.*, April 29.--One hun- h::ed, herwith rousing cheers. The and elected the gratifying than its predecessor, thOtdre d Spanish soldiers are believed to Panama carries a valuable cargo of gen" Miss C)rnella Luskof crowds in the streets became uprar" have beeu kille or inured during ious. Good S well as bad news'spreads Wedues(]ay's bombardment ot the forti- eral merchandise, including a large teacher; Miss Frankie Sol.el, quautity of corn; Much of itwas meant second teacher; Miss Haxrtet Gaato, - rapidly, and by ten o'clock the streets flcations that were beiug erected te proteel the harbor of Matanza against to proviston_____the Spaniards in Cuba. Jackson, music tether. It is stat,. Dluaeter to Pack Wrain. : that of the thirty-five pupits of the in.. statutton less than a dozen will remati. They all 6oncur in stating that the ceived with euthusiastie cheers While 'Span'ish ioie weoe very heavy, victory had been expected, tho news of LCommodgrDewey made his way,in- it--coming as it did from Spanish COMMODORE DEWEY. on horseback were called out to preserve order, and all preeau. tions have been taken. There is much muttering, but Up to the present noth- ing serious has occurred. At the thea- ters, oafeaand in front of newspaper offices last evening the people loudly lamented the unpreparedness of Ma- nila to resist the American warships, whose attack had. long been expected. OLYMPIA LED THE WAY. GUns of Dewey's F/gship WOrked Ter- rible Desttctton. MA)mU, via Biarritz, May 1.Ac- cording to Spanish reports here, Com- modore Dewey led the way into ManiTa harbor with the flagship Olympla. Th are ex- forts o Cavite at once opeued "t and for several the engagement soon became general. passed Th avoided the har- bol a ,  a Austria. invasion from the sea, Obedient te peremplory orders from Blareo the Sa, n Francisco, April mEitery commander f the post is sup-, just reached the city (ra tertbleexplo- being miffed at the ehauge of supevta- pressing all news concerning t le siou of powder, that, wls being eerried, tendent aud teachers. result of the deadly marksmanship of by pack tram to Col. Dan Burns Can- American gunners ulmn hisown forces, delnria mine in Mexico. The explosion A Slntn|sH 8pyo oth,ly wih. the Olympia, Raleigh sourcesgave veut t6 he patriotism of the people which has been pent up for aud two oth Vessels, despite the sub: t days It was a spontaueous outburst marine defenses plaed in ttac ehaanets I of patrigtie feeling that scarcely Knew tO the,right and left 'of Corregidor i [ bound,Commadore Dewey's name was , lahd, whcr th'ere was also a battery. / on every lip, and his praise were sung The S anlsh sqadron, though maxk"  in the rejoicings of the people. , P . , , , . - --_- I: edly inferior in guns and armament to | Another Blow for the 8punish 8hips la e American ,essela, attacked the lat- [ Amerlctn Wttter. . . t th .... = .... ---Uantr; and acorn-d- ST Jonxs, N. F., May 2.--l:l,e gay to withdraw. The governro'f the Philippines has telegr.aphe.d that the Manila squadron is in a g0od.;,strategie position off Ca- rite. He added thahe arming of the volunteers eontinats .and that the Spaniards are ready to resist any at- tempt to land and to defend the integ- rity of the eotmtry. WASHINGTON TURNS LOOSE. Her People Beome Wndly Enthusiastic Over Ne*vs  of Atmtrl Dewey's ViCtory at [anfl night, containing the following proc- lamation, received from K. Hon. Jo- seph Chamberlain, imperil c,retaxy of state for the colonies: "No coal shall be supplied toe-uy bel- ligerent Ships except for the spqcifle purpose of enabling them to proceed direct to their own country, or to some other named neutral destiuation, with reference to which the supply of coal is given *'Coal should not be Supplied a z. it there are reasonable grouuds tor sup- posing that it is, in aet, to lm Usekl for another purpose." The prolaxnation is regarded as pro- WASmlWrO-, M-Washlng tu is reJ'0ie]ng.'- Not since the dark days of venting the Spanish fleet from.seanr- the great civil conflict at a- third of a ing coal here for an .attack on &mer- century bgo iave the people of this city lean coast cities. been so profoundly moved by war news The Army of Invasion. a they were last evening. WAsmzo, May L--It is official- The first battle of the Hispan0-Amer- can.'war has been ug ht an4 victory ly annouuced that the army of lava- on Tues- lies With mmaAor Dewey's sqaIron under the Strs aud stripes. Rianeo evidently wants tominim'ize the took place ou the read uearSan Vieente, Frank Unando, a Slniard, whohi effect ofthefirstreportofthevictoryof state of Sinalos, on April 4 last. The been hanging around town for so Aaneriean ships and American guns pack train was unasuallylorge. Itcon- time, was arrested at Vicksburg last that reach Madrid. sisted of over 110 mules and the aOtend- week on suspicion of being a Spn ant. numbered some 40 Mexicans. A Aks for Millions. part of the retght consisted of ammu- Washlngton, April 30.--The score- nition, caps and boxes of powder. It is tar,y of the treasury Frida,y received reported that,218 boxos of powder and from the .ecretary of war estimates of 20,000 caps exploded with such force the deficiencies in t he appropriations that 1 men and 60 Inules were killed. spy. 8hot TWO of l[is Tenalits. Sam Klinc, a wealthy wagon n iaeturer of Columbus, became invol in a dtfficultv with two negroes, on hi place near ('lumbS, last week, aaxt required fok the use of the war de- Blaneo' Lntet. shot both of tiiem. Mr. Kliue immv- partment for the rcma!ning two months of the present fiscal year ag- Madrid, April 27.--Gen. Blaneo cables diately gave himsglf and was ptaed gregating$34.019,997, lnhisle:terSec- that the sitnation is unehanged ltis undera$1,0001mnd- retary Alger says that the aetsofeou- latch says: "This (Tuesday) even- gress approved April 22 and 20. 1898. trig' a division of five American vessels Spen , , ". approached Marianao.. The SFauish Rev. I)r. autboriziug the enrolhnent of a omn teer army and placing the regular gunboat Nigera repulsed three de- Memphis, army on a war footing, will necessitate stroyers which entered *the port of theCumberland this increased appropriation for the Cardenas and compelled them to re- Starkville du'in: the past Week. organization, support and maintenance treat. I believe the Amerieans will not had large crowds every night._ t of the new forces, dare to disembark in Cuba." lgevere Storm. - To Itereaae the Army. Day Is SteretarY o[ tate, ite a severe storm Washington, April 28.--The army re- Washit{g'lon, A,pril 27.--The presi- organization biil became R law during dent has nominaled Willi'am R. Day, Shaw one day last week, the day nnd the war department offi- Ohio, o be secretary of state, molishing the scbool house e;als have begun to devise the best John Sherman resigned, aud Johla lug down considerable timber. means of carrying out the purposes of Moore, of New York, to"be assistant force Of the sterna seemed ta the act, which will re.suit in au iuerease secretary of tate, vice Wiltla R. uorthsterly direction. of the regular Rrmy to more than riO; Day. The seuate pomply oanflimed ilatl ot E d. l 000 men. the nomitmiion of Judge Day to be ace- aged 5, qgo-Succeed ltoo=evelt, rotary of state. Washington; April 28,--Former Rep- lll ill Aahes. resentative Charles H, Allen, of Massa- chusetts, has been }chosu to sueeeed