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April 30, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 30, 1898

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/sla4.., April 30. . s. LEWlS00 Editor and Proprietor. ADVERTISERS. TIIII WOODVILI,g REPUBLICAN ts the oldest nevspaper in tile Slate; has a larger bona d, circulation th+tn ally othe: newsptper ill this ,cetiot,. therefore :&apos;: is The Bed Mver00ih[ 00edi00, Adver00m Bear thi i A NN()t TNt E ME NT. I'OR CoNe1{ ESS. To file Voter of tbe Sixth Coagres- uiOllfll l)itrio/: Believing that an inwtiuration of my record in t'onress will rhnw lh'tt [ have disellar'od my duty, ative v. ft|thfnllvattdofl]4.ientlv; that [ haw kept all prt, antl hroken no narly pledrer, ! thertfore am encouraged to a+ffain olicit tile sllt)POg t mY contltnellCy for re-ejection and here- by anuotlnee Till" candidacy sul)je,:t to tllt a,'tion of the I),moeratie party Of the Sixth I)istriet of Mississippi. Very Respeet:'nlly, W. le L()VE, 1 i i . . i++._ _ Mnsonie Mt.ethlg. "q'tIIE llopnlnr ,D,nthl'." neeti;, o Asylum o,]ze. No. t;3, F. A. ,i 'v:l[ hr h,,1,1 ,t the T,(*,llze lt,,o*) W.d e dtty evening, corn mencin, n t 7 t/+ r+'oo,. NAV.4. OPERAIION." ' ' ' ' . IUp to 5saturday .m, informatiou I had been nla.qe pul)h(, at Jackt,n as Ad'liral Sampson on 'e(lnes- to the cond ti(l of military mat- (lay with the cruisers New York ters in this Slate. There h.s and Clncin||ati atut the monitor Puritan srletrced the batteries that uarded Mantanzas. The entrance tr the bay is about three miles wide, fortified on each side. The New York was fired upon atttl returtted the fire, the other sl),l,S joined in and took position Inidway between the f(,rtifica- mn. The range was from 7000 o 3000 vawta. At the latter din- !tan(,e nearly every shot hit the enemy's works. Their batteries Under the Bill l)tsed I)v Con been a notable lack of news :it)out I gress on Salurday, '"['o h|erease tilt, the state militi for the last few, /ihturv Estahhsh:nett in time of ,vat." tile Pr,'siAtut ,n Monday days. AJmut all we have seen called fur 125.000 w,hlnteers from was a slatement itt the Clarion- / tile S;tates in l,r(,porti,)n Ledger that fifteen men of I tt,)n. The quota fruln eacht pol)ula-state is the Capita} Light (uard wouhl i given heh)w volunteer ...4,.,-o ......... The organized pnrtion of tile state C()Nf]RI]S  ltEC'I,A leES TIIAT A S'l'Al'b] OF WAR EXIslS. On Monday ',lie Prt!sident in a hor: message to (7ongress rt'cited ha SI)ain. "he trt,ating th,. reason- were s/len(.ed ill eighteen nlilln- able demand. [,f hi ,,v,t't)ment an es. None of the ships or tlloir llea.tlrt ot h,silil , toll,wing wJ!h t ['HE PI{E.%IDI].'q-'t' CAI, L FOR I BY 3"tiE PRESIDENT OF TtIE 125.000 VOL[TNI'EEI{S. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLA MATION, ] hereas, by air ttct of Congress approved :(p:il 25, 1898, it is de- c!ared that war exists and that war has existed.ince the 21st of April, . D., 1898, hetwee.n the Uuitc(t States of America and the kingdom of Spairt, and Whereas, ir heing dcsirabh; mililia, national ua.r,ls, is given the that such war should be conduct- preference. (;oversets 3f the states ed npou princip|es in harmony with the l)resen.t views of nation's ,nay splr,,iul ('ompanv and regimen- and sanctilmed I,y recent, prac- lal ,,fli(-er after the w)lunseer sum- tile, it has already heen announc- panics or rest|nests are ulustered iltt/) !he service ol ;he U'nited States. men were hil. It is evident the forts were weak and hadly mann- ed butthev hqve acqu/red some exl)erience arl(I inforn]atlol] as It) tile advisab|lity of invi!ing a fight with U'. S. war ships. Casualties of the Spaniards tlol ktlown. At Key West tile [/oekading squadron has acttu|ulafed quite a fleet of eel)lured steamers, seveti or eight m slumber. Ot 3t'd the (2oluutbia ash Marblehead of the Flying Squad- run steamed north from Hampton Reads att(f at last advices were l:tyiug off the Massachusetts coast. Important ,ews from Commo- ed tha the policy of this govern- ment will be nol to resort t() pri- It L]overnors do nut make sucil up- vateering, bat to adhere to tile that in,lant, anl ,'Olnl,lete sevvrance I')inlnlct, ts, as of eonrse they will. rules of the decl,tration of Paris. t Now, therefore, I, William Mc- of relalt,,us t l.hl.., action, which hy the I'reidcnt woul:l Ul)l)oint. The Kinley, President of the United the ,,sa,e of ,,ati,,llS aue,,tn.oa,ltes a"ltermt ,,f service is two ),ears unlesstStates I f Atnerica, I,y virtue existing sale el ar heLweeil sever- sooner discharged. of etgn powers." lthe l)oer vested t n me by the Theretore h,' had .n the 22,1 Int-.. [ U.der the Bill for reorganization ol constitution aud laws, do hereby ordered the hh,t.kade of err'nan I)or,s of (nha and reeomlnen,led the C,m- *gress to declare thai a state of w:r exists between the Unilt.d Stales of America and tile K,lr,l,,in (,f Spat, I Fo which tile lto|l.e and S.nate re- /p,nded inlnedialelv and nnani- mously bV tile ad,q)ti,)u of tile for LIowing j,,inl resolution : "Be ]t enaeled, etc. 1. 'l'ital war be and 'Ate ame is hereh 3 de(lareJ I,,) t-XlSt and that` tear lies existed mnee the 21st day of AI,ril, A. D., 1898. ]ltchdtug aid day, between the Uliled StaLKS ,,f America and the Kingdom of Spain. "2. That the President of the Untied Slates I)e anti is herebv di. recte(I anti C,Ulowered to use tile entire land aud naval forces of tile United 51ales and to call into tile actual ervie(, of the United States the mihfary of the several Slates, to l such extr, nt as may lye necessacy to] carry Ihis act intt effect." The President placed the onus eta declaration of war npon Spats and Congress followed the lead, therefore it was declared thttt hos- tililteshave existed mace the21st last , the date of the note of dismis- sal to Mi,ltster Woodford from tile Spadh Minister of State, which is a. follows : llt. '.he membex's are sputa,4,., req,, stetl Io attoml. By ordar dore Dewey's squadron, Olympic, . _.J: I". TI:IE_RTIEAL -. Baltimore, Raleigh, Conc,..d and  ...................... - ....... i Boston, cui*es, and Petrel and Zecretarv of Stale Sherttia[ire,n- -- ", . ,' .S," _ ' " [McCulaugh, guLl)oats, is ex)ect- ed un M.,nday. Assistant ecretaryted B this time it " . I r, ,late DaT hi succeeded him Post. t ," .Y .  is thought /tnere has been :t battle between master Gereral Gary resigned a[ . . _ , .... that squadron and the Spanish eelc ago ann was succeeded ny _ fleet at or near Maull,t The ene Charles Emory Smith of Pennylva-' ' ' " ' " nit. my have a greater umber of ves- ....... ,D.- ela but none of much force. Who will Gc, illeLaurin pptfnt They may not give battle anti to fill the one:pired tetra of General Commodore Dewey may not at- Walthall, ts a question which natu tack Manila, which is said to be rally excites some public intertst, well fortified, but may, capture lt ia presumed titat the Governor sonic other port as a base of will fill tile vacancy speedily, as the supplies. ienak ........... is in session..,_...___ The. Oregon is coming up the T . here shouhl be no bitrrv in .end coast of South Amerit;a. No "In compliance with lag tto,laa t Cnba, Gea'l Gomez i fears are felt for her safety. do|l very eil. The regular migh* The Spanish naval forces seem | the aickl season without ex to be well coneentrated at ,'(',ape chambers ot the Umted States, which nhtstaltty, ff camped in a de Verde I. Cadiz and in the m denying to the legal sovereignty lmal4by h)ealDy, provided of course Mediterranean, will] no disposi-] ot Cuba and thr(atening an Immedi the)" did not ran into the yellow tion to move, though ])ortugal, [ ate armv.d intervention itr Cuba, is lever, Dnt green troops wonht die the owner of Cape de Verde is-lequivalent to an evident dec!aratmn ot war, he government of his Males- like slteep, aside from yellow fe,er, lands, it is s'tid will proclaim her tv has ordered its minister In Wash- We do not believe a,v vohmteers neutrality and force the Spanishlington to withdraw wi,h,,ut loss will be sent to Cttba before Novem fleet away from those islands, ot time from the North Amer- No doubt they will be l, Ut Unless Spain is willing to give up tcan terrisory with all t h e personnel of :he legation. By Itetttthy g-ampa at home nttil Cuba, Port Rico and the Philip- this ant tie diplomatic relations tlkIr bevome somewhat_. ......... seasoned, pines she will be forced to risk llich i)revlously existad between The number of sol,hera of the reg- her tJavy it] battle, the two eountrles are brokeu off; all  ,dfiuial COlU In unicat i(ms between nlar army at Chtckamauga continues Apprehensious in this country their respectye representatives cease, to raerease. The formatton or a as to attacks upon our sea coast and I hasten to eommunicate this to the arlny, lmssed on \\;Ve(Ines(lay, al: (tee]are aud t)t'oc]ain: infantry companies must have at ]first. The neutral flag covers /enemy's goods witfi the excel)tiot luast 84 privates, besides the non- nf e()ntr.tbands of war. oomrnissioued oltieers. Rcgiments Second. Neutral goods n o t .ill consist el twelve eonlpanies, contrahands of war Ul'e not liatlle <tivided into three bastalions of tour to coufiscation uude' the enemy's eonlpanies each. flag. / Fronl this is will he observed that/ companies whD.h fail to recruit to the tegulalion standard mast be con- solidated. Governor, if they w]stl, may appoint one army officer in each reKiment, btlt no5 more The President will appoint Major Generalsan3 Bri,,adier Generals of Volunteers, also the Staff officers. In every respect Ibe w)lunteer force will,tend on the same footing as h- reg  a army, will he subject to the same regulations and receive the same pay. 109 regimentsof]ufantry, 16 hght and 20 heavy batteries, 2 regiments attd 30troops of cavalry are em- braced In the call. Third. Blockades in orderto I)e binding n]us' he effective. Fourth. Sl)anish merchant ves- selsit]atty oortsor places of the United States shall I)e allowed until May 21st, reclusive, for landing their cargoes and depart- ing fronl such ports and places and such Spanish vessels, if met at sea by any United States ship shall be permitted to continue their voyage if on exanliuation of their papers, it shall appear that their cargoes were taken on board by the expiration of the above tern], provided that no contra- band of war articles are found on bnard Fifth.--Any Spanish merchant vessel which prior to April 21st, 1898, shall have sailed froln an Two regiments of infantry are call- foreign l)ort, boun(l for any po:t ed for from this State and Jackson is or place iu the UL[tcd States shall be permitted to entcrsuch named as the rundvzvous, where they port or place and aflerwards de- a painful will be mustered in and properly organized lain eolnpanies and regi- ments, if not already done. Alabama--Two regiments of infau- try aud one battery. Arkansas--Two regiments of infan- part without m()[estation. Sixth. The right of search s to'abe exercised with strict regard for the righter neutrals att(l the voyages of mail steamers, and not to be interfered with exce,t on duty, I ilave the honor to infm'm fry. the clearest ground of snsl)icio n your Excellency that the President California Two regiments of in- of a violation of law in resl)ect of having approved a resolution of both fantry, two bnttalious and tour heavy contraband or blockade. batteries Colorado One regimentof infantry (Signed.) VLLIAM McKinLEy. an,1 one light baltery. - ..... .,,-- .- Connecticut--O.e regiment of in- FROM El)WARD ATKINS0'" 'S fantry, one light battery and two ATLANFA AI)I)RES. heavv batteries. l)elaware--One regiment of infan- try. Florida Oue regiment of infantry. Georgia Two regimeuts ot infan- try and two light batteries. Illinois--Seveu regimettts of infan- try and one regiment of cavalry. Imliala--l,'our regiments ot infan- try and two light batteries. Iowa Three regimel)ts of infalltry and two batteries Kausas--Three regiments of infan- try. From the Vicksburg Herald of 24th, we take the following extract /from the address delivered by Mr. Atkinson before the Atlanta Cham- ber of Commerce on 14'h anaL, and regret Lllat our space d,,es not per- rail the pubheation of the article el the Heraht in connection therewith. Mr. Akinson justly condemns the d'tsioa of regulars Is ordered. wl eonalst of three brigades of three rimeate each. Many recruits will be required in all the branches of the Itnlar army to briag tha eotat+aniea vp to the atau,lard contemplated by Bill reorganizing the army. By that bill the regular army in time of war ill Increased to over 60,000 men, thougbthe number of r,giments is mot tlmet++.a&ed. The Spaarsh taercban,mcn rq' Is cities are with)ut reason, All the important harl)ors are heavily mined and the cities are protec- ted by heavy guns. It is not rea- sotmhle to suppose that a Span- ish fleet would waste its time in attacking small places or risk its ships against mines and fortifica- tions, while our sqnadrons are threatening their possessions. RECRUITING THE ARMY. Kentucky-Three regiments or iu- year Excellency tllt in nrder, on fantryan<l two troops of cavalry. your par, Tou may make urh prep- Louisiana--Two regimeuts of in- aratmns as are smtable.t' fat)try. A declaration of War by,Congress Maine--One regiment infantry and one heavy battery. on the 22(i on acconnt of the refusal Maryland--Oue regiment infantry, gassing method uow in use in the outh, at least so far as long staple cottons are concerned. }:[e says: "What have you (lone o improve great ert)p of green seed cotbon of comulerce 9 Where ts there a gin ot our demands, tostead of, or with the Premdent's blaekade proclama- tion, it seems to us, would have been the straight forw,rd and more manly course However. the couutry is well satisfied and will continue t,o be satisfied if the war ia vigorously pr, - secuted; whtch does not m(an that four heavy batteries, st,and which appr()aches The ginning factories of Egypt, in its perfection? MassaehusettsFour regimeuts" of I do no know through personal kuow- infantry. . and three, heavy, batteries, ledge about your gin stands, bu 1 do Mch]gan--lour reg]mentsmfantry know that with high speeds, rush of Minnesota--Three regimeuts infan- business, and in bhe effort to get try. quantity with(u regard Lo quality. Mississippi--Tworegiments infan- you have steadily deteri,)rated the try. cond[t,l(n ()[ [,he Anlel'iCit[i coLten MissonriFive regiments infantry crol) as compared o th;it in whi(-h aud one light battery. etnrt,d hy our bh,ekadilg squad. IrOn abould be released, exuepting ,,f eourae ships that were trying to run the bhtckade. They are not, cover- ed by the Pr,'sident's proclamation, tpubiiahed dlsewbere. However they will Imve to be condemned by a prize Court. which may release ttm. Two of theae sidps left New Orleans on 22rid with proper clearance papers and in ign,)raace ot any war or hh'kade. A day or two afterwards ey wvre captured in or near the i'lda straits. Their retenl ton would savor of sharp praottee sttd aeema morally wtoag, tl ant legally Senator Walthail died m Wash- tagtoa oa Thursday evening of last week of tphoid pnenmonia. His dettth, while not tmexpeeted, has mmaed moee regret among his broth- er meoatora and the people of'his Htal than is usually aee)rded to laeu of even his l)rominent posthn. Hie surpassing ree-rd as a Me)or Geoerai, under adverse con,litt,m. ith his ourtlineaa of manners and kindly disposition, won htm friends Imong all elasaes and with his l)olitt. adversariea, while his firtunesa and ibility 0ommanded the respect of all. Funeral servtees were held In ohataher on Satnrdav and at the Episcopal Church in thousands of ur )oung volunteers The military situation in the shall be thrown into Cuba in the country shows the want of first rainy season to die by the hnndreds rate tnen in the Departments and from disease where one is killed or at the head of the governments. The President, through the War Department having made a call for certain volunteers upon the governors of the states, the of Hce wounded in battle UPT.. OF EDUCATION KINCANNON has outlined a plau to combine wiLh the work of the Teachers InstiLutes speclal crops were delivered t V hc Montana One regiment infantry, great ptatJtersoa fOl'ner day, who ebraska--Two regiments infatttrv did the best they c(uld under the for- n)ersystem of labor, and even the New ltampstlire--Oe regiment of slave labor got b,Lter results than tn infantr. New aersey--Three regm]ents in- this rush have been obtained under a bet.ter system of labor. There is but fautrv, nne ginning" psLablishuent of which ] [New York--Twelvv regiments o! have any reformation which is rapidly iufautry and two trooi)s cavah'y, approachJug, it' it is sol fully up Lo a North ('arolina--Two regiments oft true standard, and that is the Ad- infantry altd one heavy battery, vance Girl and Mil! Company, or Oldo-Six regiments of infantry Vicksburg, whichis under ttle direc- four light b'tttcries aud two squad- lion of a Belgian and not, a Soul, her- runs of cavah'y her or a Yakec. I of the Secretary of War now is crowded with representattves from many of the states demand- ing mod/ficattons of the call as it relates to their respective states. Bills passed for army reorgani- nation and the volunteer srvice only after a declaration of war has been made would cause con- fusion and disputes in most eoun- tries. That is the case in this country now. New York has her 12,000 vol- unteers splendidly organized and retdy to move. lilinois hasS,000 LEON SCIWARTZ C. It.YEYL SCHWARTZ & HEYLA,+ Main Street, WOODVlLLE, M Since/he ztaron/ine res/ricti ns aroztnd onr tow have been raised zve have been dail7 reeeiviff lresl floods of all l:,/nds azd ozer stoz.e i.s nozv replete z:ith best s/aple and faej roeerzes, dry floods, etc, to be/bu, z, zd. New goods arriving.daily. I h; purchased a/arge stock of Dry good00 Clothing, Notions, ttousekee, ping a] a lltic/eS'of ;,.00Ilats 00hoes &c. in/gew Yo I propose to sell at so low that it wil! be to Your intere00 to examine m y -stock. Specia! ducements to /arge bu300ers. I_)L TM' ..ISTI00 MOLLER FICHTS M D/sense with medicine. If the  :' me(l/Line is not ri lit he tnot m ++o + + u can bell) Yonr '|octol b 00av.lg 00ou, V,, +c, ipt,o,,s fli'le00  , here. ' "+'+' " ARGUE S PHARMAcy " ' O.W. -klEALy /a,aa _ So. Lo+,+0+ VuK+btr { i ++ +1 ++ t.+. + -," tt +t -t (L  'J Ill't: Vl i i,U t. A l'l'[ves /'ew eric lilts No, 6, Nigh 'raiu  New ,, ,, ,, ,. , Or I+aaa ,, ,. ,, Oentreville " " Vcksblrg " "" '" "' tl'rives -[omt,hls ............... .'rriv. New Orl.a,n __ " arrives Vi<'ksbnrt, Train runs dai"-'ly except Suuday. No. 72) leaves WoodviIlo " " leaves ]+lyon q ra +, '+ arrives ,qlan+hter $$ LI .... arrfvem Wao,lvillo 7:55 pa D:U am U: 16 am IU ;;3 batig 4:20 pm 8:85 put It:50 put 7:10 m 8am 5;80 pm 8:05nut 8:5.5 t,m 9am 11:10 am ]2:20 pm T e or v Line .... . . 4:15 Dm --dEol]l  .,,. ., .... t+++,,,.o,+. / u.r,v,.', " + + _,'" J-' W Orle ;+,. ,.. ,, goJ.ts a speedy and ootttfol, t tble C .... a in both dlreeldolaa, tin a* +z. -tbil, v, ./,LI-)H ,_ _ ..  ' juuriJey "\\;v ++o% ttl+t,t J" uO agenls oP a,r al.m, + oO. A. CO' r, "" Die. Pass'r Agt, /MP/IIS, 1" .NEssvz. that of Farmers Instnu:es to some Oregon--One regiment infantr. In that gm stand areon]y two roller t'enusylvania--Ten regimeuts in- ginsot the type which are used Jn MA*WUrACrVm-P, RE/'AIRER AND DEALER IN extent. At present this does no] fantrv and four heavy batteries. Egypt |n the preparation of the long seem to ustobe feasible. Who is I Rhode[sland--Oneregimentiufaa. green seed cotton. Ihis is better g00rriag00s garts Farm W00g0n00 to talk of practical farming and ira. ] try. cotton than Egyptian, because whiter = proved agricultural methods m the / Soulh Carolina--Oue regiment in- types--Allen,and tarter, yet. Peelcr,nOt tO()Griffin,,fine, etc.--Many  fantry, one battalion aud one heavy have been deveh)ped from the green Teachers Institutes as now constitu-battery" Tennessee--Three regiment infan- seed in the Mississippi Valley; but, A. T. BENEDICT. J dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA0Ng Which are universa]ly acknowledged to be The B0st nd LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for FI4ZIEI ROAI) and SPEEDING CART, whie are great favorites among Horsemen. AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Fauoing in the United tat. J'ard,'ular attentiott paid to re-cOvering and riggitg "X'2g2ts Stdd lcs. All work dotte proniptly ald ,t l leasonble rates. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf ,.: --_- 60 YEARS' EXPERI TI{ESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on the Artonish lahda under fence is pro- I)ibited under full penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pastnre after February 15th will be charged pasturage--50c per mouth. J. A LILLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. NOTICE TO I'RESFASSERS. All persons are herebv forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the Gildart tt;act.. the Luberty tract and F]t'et tract. ahout 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penaly of he law F. F. BE T. D.. 19, '96-Lt ted, in a manner to command the try  until withJn two years it has all been murdered in the saw gin, until intel- respect of intelligent farmers? Only[ Texas--Three regiments iufantry lient growers began to despair ot men with special knowledge, derived and regiment cavalry:. makiuganv ext.ensive impr<vernent. | Utah--One lr0up Cavalry and two These t, wo roller gins have been phtc- from experience and education are/light batteries. ed ill Vicksburg hy my own influence. c,)mpetent to do this. And lhe few / Vermont--One regiment infantry. The, fact is airs Ldy proved, in their we have in thl+ State who are quah- | Virginia Three regiments iutatl- operatiou, that you can equal the try. EgypLiaa coat(m, aud perhaps, excel Htt!y Springs, where he was buried ts more than strange that the Re-ling tbem what will be expected us- on blonday. Amongst the Senators mg up of companies to the stand-  publicans refuse to put a tax up- f der the president's call for troops: "The number ot troops tromyour wilOfinal eeorted, ardwili under thenecessitat,neWeonsolidatinaW, 84 privates,of on bank deposits, and refuse to I State nnder the eall of the 'President, to their resting! ttllow any attempt to be made to / dated. It isAprllthe wish23' 1898,or theWillpresidentbe--'r, hat Money and l/ep- companies n eases where they pass an Inc)me Tax bill which the regiments of the lqatlonal Guard Love, Allen and bulh. are not recruited to the standard. would aw,id theobjcctions against, or the State militia shall be used as of the dignitaries of the I The regular arnty requires the last bill raised by the Su- the rea,n that they are armed, the funeral besides an , far as lheir number will permit, for concourse of people. 'l'he many recruits to bring the arms / for tits hie and ex- t of the service to the legal mill- preme ('ourt, which, it is not (te-!equq3ped and drilled. 'Please wire as early as. possible, wha equipment, a man pure and ah,ve re- I mum. This w,)rk will reqnire nied could be done. Ht)wever, ammunition, arms. blaul(ets, tents. ' etc., yl) have. and what, aoditional in private and public life,/considerable time. It shows how- no ntatter what war taxes were you will require. Pltase also st.ate all times l) a high sense the de. ever the absurdity of the talk laid au issne of t)(inds is neces- when troops will he ready for musts,' o! drily. 8ueh a man was tsd Senator. May he fled have other work to do. If the Washington One regiment infan- ib, espetiall:v in color whenever you scheme is practicable atall, it will be] West Virginia--One regimentinfan I apply the requisite intelligence and after the managers of the ]nstitutesltry' energy to that purpose. Wisconson Three regmtent infan- In workirlg these roller gins, what are educated tn practical and aLien.[try, may be culled a new discovery also waitittg the order of the Presi- tific farming. I Wyomiug-One battalion and one has been ntade, which may be of very dent and in other northern states ......... ""'-- troop cavalry grea ilnportance. As the ct, ton there will be no de|ay and there TH WAR REVENUE BILL will [ District of Columbia--One battalion comes from the rollers it is c ndensed orthDakota--Fivetroopscavalrv. in some measure in a very thin and im0erfectlap. That is tosav theair are no disputes. In some of the place an additional tax on beer South Dakota--Seven troops of Is squeezed out of it., so that wheu it cavalry. Southern States it is different, and tobacco and a few other arti- Idaho--Two troops cavalry, is laid in the ordinary form or a There will be difficulty in the or- Lies and authorize am isuo of Nevada--Oue troop eavah', square bate, it does not react quickly ,, enough to be charged with any con- Arizona--I we troops,.cavalry. siderable amnt of entrapped air. ganization ,)f companies'and reg- $500,000,000 of ten-twenty 3 per New Mexico--Four troops cavalry. The bale being then made up and iments and delay in their tender I cent bonds. At least, in that ()klahomaOne troop cavalry, then subjected L,) the moderate pres- to the general government. In t shape the bill will pass the House, The f:)llowing is a copy of the t,e]e- sure or an ordinary screw press comes this State it is likely that the fill- ] as it probably will the Senate. It gram sent to each of the Governors of out nearly as dense as the ordinary of the taes and Territoritxs. Inform- bale of saw-ginned cotton artier it has been subjected to the second great compress, in which the country bales are reduced in size." ,411 ita. England has issued a proclama. ties of neutrality. The war shlpaof this country under it were required so leave British ports in ta'enty-fonr hours. It ts expected that, theother European nations, excepting Ger- many, will proclaim their neu'raht), tit ashort time. It is sis. expected sarv, ,and in the shape of a pol)lt- to the Untied States service. 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