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April 27, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 27, 1973

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). % L Page 4 I COUNTY BOARD OF The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Miss;ss;pn; $150.30: MCA-3932(PPI. $113.60; Dunbar. same. $3.00; Clay Scott, $15.00: Planters Hdw.. supplies, Friday, April 27, 1 car Tillery, same, $268.95: Vic- The Clerk of the County Board of Supervisors iS State L:come Tax Fd.. same. $1. hereby ordered to draw a war-".: ,:. by Paul Pittman SUPERVISORS MEET tate of Mississippi County of Wilkinson Be it known and remembered this the 2nd day of that on April. A. a m. he Samuel E. Smith. reg:su&apos;ar. $107. same. $3.00: Mary Russ, same, tory Tax Fd., w'held. $153.283 40: deputy, $350.0.17" Judith W. '15.72: Dame. $3.39; Betty Daw- 10: Rot]cement Fd., Co share, rant on the Schcsl Speci,al Fund Brown. et. rpl'.. $81.75: Anabel ! son. salary, $707.28 Julia Hen- 113.94: w'held, $113.94: Soe. See: in favor of the Wilkinson Maxe. ,sam'< $59.77: John J. derson, same. $213.C0: SammyJFd.. w'held & Co. share, $29.24: ty Minimum" Program Schooll Dale. co. agt., $278.63: Marjorie Joimston same. $221.75: Louisa i Ins. Fd.. same, $146.83. Fund in the amount of White. home ag. $171.44; Mary Rad Fund: for the Public Schools share It doesn't seem to be in the But almost everyone ,s certain forec,ast at this ,point. but most that President Nixon plans to educators agree that severe cuts replace any vestiges oi" President McGraw. same, $221.75: Ketch- Fifth District ings Co. receipf, s, asses'',?,r, $298. Arm:trong, signs, etc. $2.973 63; priv. lie.. $33.25 Ginn Office Supply, sup., 224.75: Singer. repr. I SW Miss. EPA. utilities. $2.31; Dr. Charles Stern, reed. serv., 233.60; Jefferson Davis Hospi- D.. 1973 at 9 o'clock Bailey, sect, y, :28.25: Edgar De- W:lkinson County !ahoy, janitor, ,188.3f): Clay B. Board of Supervisors convened Tucker. Bd. atty., 330.00; E. E. ]n regular monthly session at Ben.cbt. Jr., dist. atty., $125.00; calculator. $81.80: Betty Daw- the Courthouse. Victory Tax Fd.. w'he]d. $288.80; son postage, $20.98: Mary Russ. State Income Tax..same, $41.103 J. P.. $35.00; Gordon Rymer, in the massive injections of Jehnson':s "Great Szciety" with The roll being called, the fol- Retirement Fd. Co. share. $129. same 295.00: Samuel Minor fede,ral funds to Mississippi's programs of his own. And that lowing answe,red pro,sent. Steve c5 : w'held, $106.10: Soc. Svc. Fd.: aame. 10.C0: Myrtle Wisner public schools would be a trip- includes education. Reed. A. J. Darden. Leon Cavin. w'held & Co. share $255.95: In- same, 220.09: Woodville Repub- pling bloW. Mississippi's school officials Louis Gaulden and Tom Ashley. surance Fd.. same, $98.94; Me- l',can, adv.. $85.90: forms. $6.20; Misslssl.ppi school officials. I believe that the. Better Sehool',s Ahc present was Alonzo H Stur- Gehee Motor Parts. pts.. $198.70; same, 227.90: same, $18.70: pub. echoing, -no doubt, bureaucratic I Act o 1973 will tend m weed econ. Clerk. H & R Ford. serv., $25.62; G & R & adv.. $70.53; pub. notice. $49. reassurances from up the line. ou some of the less effective The monthly reports of John Uniform Co. uniforms, $97.65; 35: Sanders Elee. Serv.. serv. ct. resist that .President Nixon's lprograms and consolidate some J Dale, County Agent; Marjorie H. B. McGraw. reimb., gas, $9. hse.. 214.09: McComb Stationery, $71.72: Tom Ashley, salary, $503. aid-to-education program will of the existing ones. In addi- F. White. Extension Itome Ecn- 50: Egsie Harris. jail board. $102. supplies, $5.70: Dan Minor. serv., 19: Jewel Anders. same. $271.77 provide federal assistance at tion. there is a feeling that the cmist: and State Hospital Corn- O0:6,1-24 Gulf, gas, Sd.00: Super $10.00: South Central Bell. same. Sidney Nettles. same, $253.26; ess, entlally the same level as new school year will see the mission were received approved Serv. Sta.. same. $145.58: South Cir. Clk.. $24.21: Bd. & elk. $137. Clyde Nettles. same, $26,1.27; that provided by appropriati.sns decentralization of control with and filed. Central Bell serv. Shff., $36.45: 24: Co. agt., $39.57: Supt. Edu., Mo,rris Nettles. same, $270.07; set to expire at the end of the more decisions being made at Claims against the County H. B. MzGraw, shff.. $739.14: $33.37; Town of Woodville. utili- Buell Wisner same, $284.79; current fiscal year. the state ratlaer than the n,a- were d:sposed of as foll,e,ws: Wal2o Welch. deputy, $336.513 ties. ct. hse. jail $60.613 Victory Claude Johnson. same. $253.26; Yet, lhose .ame officials, tional level. , ] General Fund: Wilk. Co. Min- Herman Anthony, :same, $341.70; Tax Fd. w'held. $284.70: State Earl V, an Johnson. same. $259. reared un now to a school pro- 'Certainly, we cant see thelimum Prog., H/S Exemption re- Edith Carter, s.ame,$221.75; Vic- e' --" ....... '--. assist Nixon administration abandon-i imb $5,16924' Wilk. Co. School tc.ry Tax Fd., w'held, $207.80; Income Tax, same. $60.72; Re- 02: Jerry Nettles. same, $271.763 gram incr, ges a ' , .... . , tirement Fd., Co. share, $85.50; David Day, same. $274.77: Otis from Washington, privately con- ing strong ,sup<art for vocationaliMaint., same, $5,119.49; Mrss. State. Incc,me Tax Fd., same, w'held. 285.50; Soc. Sec. Fd. Jackson. same, $117.09: Victory less to periodic misgivings about programs that are now in ef]lDept. Audit, 1971 audit, $1,425. $2725: Retirement Fd., Co. w'hcld & Co. share $210.60. Tax Fd.. w'held, $228.40: State the direction and thrust of the feet.' one top school o ff'c'a ] C0; Alonzo H. Sturgeon. ,relmb. share. $99.0: w'held, $99.00: Soc. First District Road Fund: Inc:me Tax Fd., $3.38: Retire- SOIL SEDIMENTATION LABORATORY ,administraUn's program for s.a1.11 hcte e inch. oil, Bd., $2.00; Seven Day See. Fd.. w'hcld & Co. share. D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires. $50.38; meat Fd.. Co. share. $154.13: the new school year. ;i , 5 ". ould b[; problerns lDistr. Co. supplies, $20.20; same, g'245.72; Ins. Fd., sme $133.65; Super Serv. Sta.. tire repr.. $4.00; w'held, 154.133 Soe. Sec. Fd., At issue, primarily, is the under dc new act. Ohc elcmnnt, 1527.75; Mutual Insurance At., Basel Floyd, inquest juror, $3.01); A hatf-million dollar prawling monolith most often as yet to bc fully determi '1 bond, Reed, Port Coin., $18.003 Russell Smith, same,' $3.00; Jaye S & S Auto Supply, p.a,rts. $19. w'held & Co. share. $457.54: Ins. -eicrred to' as Title I By far the is whether the President will be[ same, Sturgeon, $18.00; same, Br.cdwell, same, $'3.00; Oliver 46: Louis Gaulden. salary, $467. Fd.. same, $33.03: Planters sedimentation laboratory 90; Oliver Lanus, same, $287.46; Hdw.. hdw., $521.83: Buffalo Wa- adjacent to the Ole Miss most significant o,f 'the federal able to hold the line againstlAshley, $18.00; ins., Health Dept., Prater, Jr., $3,00; .Mose Dennis, Gerald Wilkinson, same. $286.07; ter Assn.. utilities, $6.36: H. M. port at Oxford was the I , ressure to alter aid programs in terms of dol- ConGressional p ," , , 42.09; Cliff White, off. sup., $33. same, $3.00; Leviilre Ashley, such laboratory in the tl d s In ll5aarerr :chtt $::35y0 2eBadn same, $3.00; Gordon Rymer, Henry Har,'is, same. $287.46: Longmire. hdw.. $1.00. [built exclusively for soil :2ooT eihPr:ldt $M :lnSllT:n tbu::;trate, what is crucial t c s, p same,' $15.0; Waldo Welch, Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $104.40; J Co.-wideD McCraineRadEngr & Bridgeserv FUnd :$520 mentation  and .... ,,,,research' for tie clmrrent fiscal year Andl t public education in Mtssis-$167.89; Campbell Pest Control, same, $3.09; L.tcr Smith, same, State Income Tax Fd.. same, $1. . nman same 47732" probl .....  ,r ........ one ._ .'. z , :_' '. ,_i ..iewd  qppi i' that chosl adminis-/erv jail $550' Ketchings Co., $30; Samuel Aft,aCres, same, $3. lO; Retirement Fd., Co. share..Od; R. M. I , , $ ;] the primary studis at the tna is a noisy sum wneu v  / ........... that that figuret trators have come to rely heavily / Inc., off. sup., $4.25; same, $14. 00 Don, old Fields, same, $3.00; $72.07; w'held. $72.01; Soc. Sec. iFau 1 Chairman same, $270.57 Source' U S Dept of A: lights,_ ........ i,ht er cenCon federal assistance to finance/35, same $540" Lawrence Print- Allcert Griffin, same, $3.00; Elzie Fd., w'held & Co. share, $187:20; I Fred MeCa,rstle same, $310.69; etllture .... in Ih e amounts Lo 'auuub e  p e to' ' ' ' of all the state's general fund programs they have corn ling, same, $18.80; Samuel E. Ande,rson sme, $P003 Gordon Rclbert Tyson. labor, $36.00; Woodrow Price, same, $268.86;} _ " annro'nriaions for this year view as essential. / Smith, pctage, $31.003 R. L. Rymer, same, $;$15'd0;ElzieAlbert I Charliel Stewman,Lee" sames, ame,236.00:$12.50;Ber-61_ G.75; V.victoryPerrY,TaxdraglineFd., w'held,Pr" $359.$39. i " 'h;'Tltle I progranl in Mis-I Should these {unds be cut'Netterville, exp., Cir. Ct., $3,.00; Griffin, Same, An-lthal 24 Gulf, gas, 210.40; Gulf Oil 00: Retirement Fd.. Co. share, I slsslppt currently employs about materially, aomimstrators woum earnuel E Smith, Moron erm derson, same, $3.ff0: tester Froduets. fuel, 2298.00. $10.393 w'held, $100.30; Soe. Sec. Fd.. w held & Co. s.hare, $300.30; I 7.000 tea.chers or teacher' aides/le hard put,. to adjust. In addi- court, 21.861.00: John Rollins, Smith, same. $8.00: Waldl Second District Road Fun,d: and provides the p,rofes,sional tion. it could under,mine the elcc. comm., $20.00: Jean Trep- Welch. same. $3.0; Lemire Ash- 'llied Eqt. Inc.. pa,rs, $1,302.51; Ins. Fd., same, $93.96; Bettye staff for what is known in claim that Mississippi's public pendahl, same. $20.00: H. N. lley, Jr., same, 23.00; Ray Whig- edueat:cr's jargon as "compensa- schools are now offering quality Jensen, St., same. 220.00; John hame same, $3.00; Gordon Ry- SW Miss. EPA. utilities. $3.00; Sturgeon. S.B. 1726. $300.00; education to school c.hildren of Ashley, same. $20.00; Samuel E. mer. same, $15.00; Oscar Hughes, D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires, $28.06: Fernwood Ind.. creo. bridge ]br., I Th, ateduCatinincludes" special classes both races. S,mith. same. elk., $15.00; Healer- same. $3.00; John ,Gaines, same, fuel. $803.05; Super Serv. Sta., $1294.703 W, codville Republican, tory for the .academically and cul- man Bos., off. sup., $2.90; $3.03; Arthur Muler,ay, same, $3. tire repr., etc.. $64.20; Kathleen adv. bids $74.55: same, $15.90; I O'Fal!on. moving trees, $6.00: Weste,rn Auto. hwfl.. $1.103 Me- I turally disadvantaged as well as Scott's Auto Repair. serv., $1,194. Comb Stationery, .repr. calcu- special emphasis on basic aca- $75.7; off. sup., $20.70; same. 0O: Albe,rt Griffin; same, $3.00: DIXIE "WHITE ItOUS" Ketchings Co., Inc.. deed book. 00; Alexander A, rchie, same, $3. The home built by John $6.09; book. $8.153 Alonzo II. ,General Archie, same. $3.00: 70; Carter Eqt. Co.. parts. $15. lator, $154.57; Planters Hdw.., Baeke in 1851, in Pass Christian, Sturgeon postage, freight, $58.1 Gordon Rymer. same. $15.00; 23: H & R Ford. serv., pts.. $237. ihdw. $2.52; McGehee Motor l was used by Pres,ident Wood,row 05; South Central Bell, serv., Co. Henry Dyer, samei $3.00: Ralph 74; McGehee Motor Parts. pa,rts, Parts. pars. $5.55: Chuck &i $165.13; Steve Reed. salary, $468.  Junior's Body Shop, serv.. $15.' Wilson and his family in 1913 Agt., $:18.86; Miss. Power & Light t Broadway, same $3.00; John for cheir winter vacation Co., utilities, ct. hse & jail, $100. D:rs,ey, same, 63.00: Emmit 96: Theed,eI;e Brackens. s,ame, O.: C. M. Treppendahl &Sons. I quarters. 42; Alonzo H. Sturgeon, auditor,' Jones. same, $3.00; Sylvester $234.65; Fred Brown, same, $255. hdw., $6.95; J. D. McCraine, 54; Arthur Clark. same, $271.283 postage, $9.49; Super Serv. Sta. demic skills, especially in the primary and elementary grades. No one professes to suspect thtt PreSident Nixon's new pro- gram will materially blunt the th,rust of the present programs. the Severauee Tax Refunds. The Clerk of the County Bo,rd cf Supervisors hereby ordered to draw a war- tal, same, $86.69: Super Serv. rein in favor of the Wilkinson Sta., tire repr.. $6.02: Scott's County Board of Library Tru s" Auto Repair, serv.. $717.00: Ca,r- tees on the County Library r: ter Eqt. Co.. serv., pts., $598.62; Fund in the amount of $16,000 T. L. James Co.. asphalt. $450. for the support of the 03: Buffalo Services. tire repr., Public Libraries. $26.35; fuel, $627.70: tires. $49. The Clerk of the 97; H & R Ford ,serv., pts., $78. County Board of Supervisors 4.7: McGehee Motor Parts. parts, hereby ordered to draw a r, anl on the General Fund eipal and Interest Fund in faY0 t of the Wc, odville C Bank in the amount ,sf for payment of a note with In- erest. Ordered that the Board now recess until Tuesday, 3, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. Steve Reed. President H & R FORD, Inc. Woodville, Miss. I i AND INFLATED SERVICE CHARGES, ETC. II "' who, being in your corner,combatWill endeavorthetO stand forward in manly against foes (yours and his) of sensible economy! I His weapons in these combats are: Fine Ford Automobiles! Sold for very Fair Amounts, Easily Accomplished Financing, High Trade-in Values and Excellent Service, accomplished by his Ford l00actory-trained Mechanics... TOM H011ins, same. $227.32; Ar- No's, $147.30; D'Aquila Oil Co., thor same. $252.75: Isiah fuel. $13.36; South Cen,tral Betl. Selvage, same, $243.95: John scrv.. Eng., $5.04: same. $9.05. Selvage, same. $256.65; West Public Health Fund: Wilk. Co. Ware. same. $271.283 Victory Health Dept., allotment. $850:00; Tax Fd., w'held, $123.30; State !Polly R. Evans, regr. vital stat., Income Tax Fd.. same $1.10; $40.00; vital stat., $16.75: Miss. Retirement Fd.. Co. share. $85. 52; w'held, $85.52; Soc. Sec. Fd. w'held & Co. s.ha,re. $367.94: Ins. Fd., same. $348.87: Sam Minor moving tree. 25.0.9; Ralph Wall, gravel, $38.50; Alex Ventress, same, $106.50. Third. District Road Fund: Centreville Motor Co., serv., pts., State Sanitorium, T.B. patients, $79.00. County Farm Fund: Wil. Co. Welfare Dept.. expense $75.,90; child welfare, $50.00; Variety Sh,ack. supplies, Fsod Stamps, $9.46; Bettye Plitt. postage, $50. 90: C. M. Trependahl & Sons. air cond., $529,90; Ginn Office $216.76: T. L. James & Co., as- Supply, supplies, $9.78; To,wn of phalt, $46.20: same. $90.00: Fern- Woodville. utilities, $17.43: Miss. I ,w.:od Ind.. creo. lbr.. $1.094.70: Power & Light, same, $15.183 I Mnna Erstling, lot rent. $10.083 Alonzo H. Sturgeon. record deed. Scott's Auto Repair, serv., pts., $5.03; Hederman Bros., p,rint I ing notes, $60.79; Clay B. Tucker. $5.00: Ca,rter Eqt. Co.. same. $351.95: S & S Auto Supply, pts., B1.48: Betty Dawson, tag, $6.78; Pl.anters Hdw.. hdw.. $18.00: A. J. Darden. salary, $599.97: Idar- old C. Bruss. Jr., same. $276.24; Leslie H. Hughes, same, $307.65; Marion E. McCurley, same. $294. 01: W. Lum McGraw. same. $279. atty fee. $300.00: Alonzo H. Stur- geon court costs. $80.50; S,outh Central Bell, serv., $17.60. Courthouse Building Fund: Juanita Robinson, administra- tive services. $350.00. Revenue Sharing Fund: Jerry Enis, service, $140.003 Retirement 136; Victory Tax, w'held, $113.403 Fd., Co. share, $6.30; Soc. Sec. IState Income Tax, same, $4.82; Fd., same, $8.19. i Retirement Fd., Co. share, $43. 88; w'held. $43.88; Soc. Sec. Fd.. w'held & Co. share, $245.72; Ins. Ffl.. same, $193.153 Centreville Motor Co., serv., pt., $304.18; Gulf Oil Prod., fuel. $399.25. Fourth District Read Fund: Hydrotex, labor, $622.60; T. L. James, asphalt, $45.00; Eqt., Inc., parts, $16.113 SW Miss. EPA, utilities, $3.00; Otis Ward, mov- ing tree, $10.00; Clarence Mc- Morris. same. $5.00; D'Aqulla Oil Co.. tires. $.291.643 Super Serv. St, a. tire repr., ec., $102.013 D'A- qudla Oil Co.. fuel, $423.70; Ca- ter Eqt. Co., serv., pts., $66.05; Jimmie's Auto Serv., same, $363. 68: Planters Hdw., parts, wire, - $73.00: Leon Cavin. salary, $468. 96: W. W. Hammack, same. $288. 09; Charlle McMorris, s,ame,'$133. 44; Elmo Sanders. same, $288.09; Howard Wyatt, same. $204.22; Irvin Dennis. same. $342.60: Os- CATChlNGS Insurance Agency Phone 888-4591 P. O. Box 32 Woodvillc, Miss P/O Mutual Insurance Agency Phone 352-88i5 Jackson, Miss. /:ire - Automobile Life - Bonds MOBILE HOME ..,so much more of what you're' Iookip for! Live the elegant life for less than the rent you're now payin9! Join the pacesetters. Move into an exciting new Mark mobile home. TodayI Tha Mark is made excluslvely for us bv National Mobile Homos, s division of Natlona Homes Cot" potation, world's most exlaeri" enced name in housing, JIM REEVES Mobile Homes, In Doris and Jack McDaniel, Mgrs. Centreville, Miss, Did you know? 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