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April 23, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 23, 1898

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Spring Medicine A Good Blood Purifier a Neces- sity NoW HOOd'S Bareaparllla Unequalled for Making Rtoh, Red Blood, necelty for taking a Rood Spring Medicine t3 purify the blood and build up the system is based upon natural and un- avoidable causes. In cold weather there hM been less perspiration and impurities have not passed out of the system aa they Should. Food has consisted largely of rich, fatty substances, and there has been . less opportunity for outdoor exercise. The result is, the blood is loaded with im- purities and these must be promptly ex- pelle 2 or health will be endangered. oods Sarsaparilla ts the best Spring Medicine because it is the best blood purifier and tonic. It thoroughly purifies the blood and gives vigor and vitality. A J S a rs.a.- nvvu o par, lie lsAmerlca's Greatest Mcdicin St ; six for t ""A'- D|l|a are the favorite cathar- ||rutl  flsa tic. Alldruggists. e. Hablt, NEW HOME CURL Fal$ detention from work. 6uarantsed. Writ4 DR. PURDY. Hoton, Test Even Up. During the summer of 1896 a handme! ;ew Egland woman paid a visit to one of : the North side society queens of Wichita. In due time a swell lawn party was given by the hostess at her home, to make the visitors acquainted with her friends. Among those invited was Will Beatty. tIe was presented to the eastern lady, and it happened to be his good fortuue a little later in the evening to lave her on his arm promenading over the velvet lawn. In the course of the con- rsatton Miss Blank asked Mr. Beatty what business he followed, and,, he replied: "I'm a commercial traveler. The visitor, 1DOn - in a moment of mental aberratmn, this remark: "in the east corr, mercial HIS TERRIBLE SUSPICION. It Spreads =t Thick Smear of ODaqui Gloom Ovcx' His Correct Yoonar Life. Reginald Asheroft was the son of rich but refined parents, and yet he was not heppy. There was a pained expression upon his handsome countenance, and ever and anon he walked to the window and looked out over the beautiful prospect that stretched away toward Wilton manor. At last he mounted his favorite cob, whicb had for two hours been hitched in front oi the stately old mansion, and dashed down the broad highway. Upoa reaching Wilton manor the young man dismountedand rushed in. Geraldine lIuddlethwaite, who had seen his coming, met him at the door. There was a fond clasping of hands, a long, long look that was more eloquent than words could have been, and then the hand- some,,, pair entered, the drawmg-room. Something troubles you, Reginald," the beautiful gir[said at last. "Ah, do not try to keep it from me. My love tells me that you are in trouble. Tell me all, sweetheart, and let me share your burden." "Dearest little one,' he answered, as her fair head was pressed against his breast, "I suppose'I have done wrong to come hers and east my gloom over you. But I knew you would worry if I stayed away. Forget tltat I am not myself to-day. I am unwilling that you should suffer simply because I n3ast/' "There, there, darling," he replied, draw- ing her to him again, "I will tell you all I will be frank wit, h yon." Then he sighed, and after a brief silence resumed: "You know I am to take part in the match game of golf to-morrow/' "Yes, yes," she answered, and a startl[,d look came into her eyes. "Well " he went on, "I am almost sure that I a'm to be made the victim of a con- splracy--that somebody has been tampering with my sticks. I examined them this morn- ing, andone of them looked as if it had been sandpapered. I am almost sure, too, that it weighs at least half an ounce less than it did before !" Geraldine Huddlethwaite was so badly shocked that she eouhl only stare at him, and timy both sat there in dumb silence. Cleveland Leader2. do not go in the bet society." The gestures of a woman with pretty the last word had hardly left her hands are always beautifuL--Vashlngton h "They don t here, I Democrat. was carried on after I e ' " in cntirely diffcrentchannels.--Wichita Some p.ople s sole ann seems to be to have things to lock up.--Washington Dem- holtldn't beer drinker be arrested] ocrat. / A man can never thrive who has a waste. i ful wifc. OVERWORKED WOMEN :  tO 1 ]Phlklm From Wolnen Who Have Been Helped From Sickness or lalt2. e ordinary every-day life of rooster our women Is a ceaseless tre eAmil] of work. How much harder the daily tasks lcome when some draaffement of the emaie organs makes every movement painful and ystem unstrung! The following letter from Mrs. WALTEE S. Srkill, N. Y., tellsthe story of many women, d shows them how to get relief: : "DEAR MRS. PINKHAM :--I cannot thank yell cgh for all Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. "When I wrote to you I had suffered for years with falling, hl- ation and ulceration of the womb; my back ached, and I was so much distressed I could scarcely walk. I was a burden to myself and did not i whether I lived or died. "I have taken five bottles of your eine and it has done wonders for " ma as all my friends can testify. I can now do my own work, and do not know my gratitude to you for the good your medicine and advie have done me, I owe my life to Mr lmkha m, - Mrs Pinkham's counsellsoffered free' all women who  need advice about th. Her address is Lyrm, Mass. Mrs. P. tl. HUTCItCOI, Kel Jerton, Iowa, tells here in her own words how Mrs. Pinkham helped her: 'DER tR8. PINKHAM:I was in very bad condition before I wrote to began the use of Lydia E. I know what todo. I suffered i]ILL ARP'S PEAFOWLS A Neighbor Complains of Them in an Anoaymous Letter. Peacocks and Women -- Jaeob and llaehel's Love Affalr--Arp Re- ealls an Experienee of His Youne Days. "Sic utere tuo et aheum non toedas," which means if your chickens get in your nabor's garden he must sic tile dog on 'era, or words to that effect. Yester- day I received a kind letter from sonic unknown friend saying that cur pea- fowls were annoying the neighboring gardens aud if they were not put up they would be killed. I was ruminating about this ano0ynmus letter, and my opinion is that this is not tim best way to make a complaint. Our nabors arc all good and kind to us nnd I suppose it was the fear of giving offense that kept the writer's name from the let- ter, but I really would have felt bet- tcr if the writer had told me face to face about the peafowls. As it is, I am II fraid several unbars lmve been feeling nnkind and I don't know who to apolo- gize to. My wife has told me several times that she feared the peafowls were trespassing and that we bad better get rid of them. Well, we have had four cr five every year for 12 years, and they never did any seriousharm to our own garden--not half us much us some of our nabors' chickens and dogs have done, but folks are folks about such thiugs, and nobody likes to have other folks' bipeds or quadrupeds prowling around. The peafowl is such a nice, pretty, aristocratic bird that we thonght the nabers would like to see them oe- casionally, and if ihey I)ehaved badly n low stones and clods and sticks and womauly "shoes" would drive them away for good, for they are timid and e;iMiy insulted. As for putting them i:p, wc can't do it, for we can't catch t!lem and they roost so high we can't reach them. A colored Methodist preacher couldn't. And so wheulgot the anonynu)us letter I engaged a friend to conic and shoot them in the treetops, bat they had' flown away b5- fore he got here. We then baited them into the workshop and finally caught them :lad have sent tbem to the coun- try where nabors are not so near or so Imonymous. The lwafowl is a historieblrd. Solo- niou sent his ships to Tarshish and brongilt back ivory and gold and pea- sachs. And the Lord said unto Job: "Who gave to the peacock his goodly wings." It is said to be the most mag- r;fieent of all birds; its form is elegant; its utovements g'raceful; its phnnnge re- splendent with tints of green, golden, bronze and blue; its long bushy tail is beautiful beyond description with its iridescent hues, velvet centers and bril- liant eye spots. In tbeirlncomparablc robe we find all that glistens in the rainbow and sparkles in the mine--the I,zurc Iints of beaven and the emcrahl el tile fields. Now isn't it a piHytokill n bird like that? And yet the ancient llomuns killed them for tbeir hrains ond tongues and it took 1,000 to furnish enougll for a great entertaiument. "l'h? peafowl is a galhlaccous hird, but not graminiferons, lfow'sthat? Itbe- Icng's to the po/yl)leeiron ffenera of the sltiffam;ly of pavonlne. ,Just think of i! The bill is nl,qderalc ,,villi the base of the ('uhncn elevated, lhe apical half arched atd vaulted, tarsi long and strong, spurs conicsl, antcrior toes nnitcd at the base und ille tarsi in the females t ubcrelilate. Mirable dictu! tnme ileople don't tenow all Ilnii. Maybe l;ly anllylnous friend didn't kuuw it or be would have had marc eonsideration for the bird. Their fo',;tl is fir:tin, ced and iuseets, i but riley are non-scr:lichil)us. 'l'bcy! r every month, when on my c:ui't scratch for i lcir lcgs are not built eet would have such a bearing-down feeling, was very weak, womb was that uay. They sing lint one son and swollen, back ached, appetite wasvery poor, also had trouble with my head. lhat song' Ires trut ,:he slmrt straiu of have taken several bottles of your Compound and cannot say enough in its tao notes thilt sounds like "l)aon, '' and tavor. It helped more than all the doctors." that word is its French nnme. There is not much melody ill this song, especial- tyalalLPtukbam'sVegetableompound|aWoman'sPemeayf0rWoman'slI- ly ,,he,, oft in the stilly nig'ht it tries to '  ph:y upon its gralnmalthone and begins ....... FOR YOUR PHOTO6RAPH. PROPOSITION 1. IIUAW VINE WINE CERTIFICAT]I, .... Write us Ist How long you have used or ld Dr. Simmons Square Vine Wine. 2nd State Diseases it cured. 8d Give names of those it cured. 4th State the difference between its strength and action sad the. and actton of NeElree'a Wfne ef of letter enclosing re- taken t 11 send you a (FREE). PROPOSITION . IEDI INE CEBTIICATES. WHte ns ist How you have known, Dr. M. ]bledi- cured. hl Give of t 4th Stae the dLffer- its strength and action and and action Of J. H. Zeilin and the Chatta. Medicine Ct's Black Draught/ both oh Woody Bulbs of Roots and of and have sold at abont mid should not retail at c.ohsumsrs are not imposed M. A. Simmons Liver Medl- from the purest and most care- ;of Cost, with and Stems of the oar set process extracted and i tway not be $oJd at less than g5 The ason of the difference zs this: Cou r$ manufact- medicine under the namo Liver Medicine." bill ald, the medi. ee "chea cilv8 for ross of the t'S t L "that ,y make Is made by umeformula." What more conclusive there b that all their Liver re medielneW known r adve raise that it ir etmtomem to untruthfully esame as urgenntneartl- oolor of truth to the de- Mv.g the piature of a Dr, r wrapper, thereby anne- their erticle wtth our Dr. M, A. Sire- which ha established of which hu of letter enclosing a reeently_ we will mall you a $l.fl@ CO., ST. Louis, ,Me, Worth $l.O0, for 14 mt.  il I ) ;/  0--0 9 l1 finishes with a wih] Commanchee s?reech. Like some children, they are to be seen and not heard. )'hit I have long wondered why the male was mude so inncia more beautiful like every other crop, needs than the femule. This peculiar disHnc- tion seems to mark the males of all nourishment, galtinaceous birds and makes them ar- rogant and vain. "As vaiu as a pea- A fertilizer containing nitro- cock" is onc of the ohlest proverbs. When one is in full array lie will sit. gen, phosphoric acid, and not npo. thc balustrade for an hour an( less than 3o of actual survey hilnself in the half reflecting Potash, window glass. What he wouhl do be- fore a large plate mirror I do not know but I found out long ago that the best way to steal your neighbor's pigeons wns to set np small pieces of Iooldng gass on the shelf of the dove cote. But in mankind and most all q!ndru- peds the male is coarae, domineering will increase the crop and ira- lind nnadorned. In fuct, n, ost all men prove the land. are positively ugly and unattractive, and WOulan weds him because she can't Or books tell altabout the subject. They do any better. It is woman who wears are free to any farmer. he ornaments of nature, und "when GERMA KALI WORKS, ca Nassau St.. New York. WONDERFUL CANDY flEDICINi. PEPSIN IARSH- MALLOWS. FOR THAT FULL FEELINO AFTER 71EALS. DELICIOUS MARSH M A LLOW --SOCI ETY'-$ FAVORITE CANDY--WITH PEPSIN IN IT, OOOD TO THE TASTE AND GOOD FOR THE TOMACH. DON'T UFFER; SWEETEN UP YOUR STOMACH AND YOUR DISPOSITION WITH THESE MEDICATED flALLOW.-% BY MAIL ONLY o CENTS (TWO SILVER DIME). ADDRE5 THE PEPSO CANDY CO., t27 WEST 3=nd STREI, NEW YORK CITY. unadorned is adorned the most." Strange to say, she wants more than the Creator gave her, aud delights to ar- ray herself in beautiful fabrics and wear pearls and dlalnonds and other jewelry. This is her nature, and she cannot help it. She loves the beauti- ful and would be miserable in a room w;thout a mirror, though I have seen solne who never had but one admirer. I wonder who were those sons of God who saw that the daughters of men were fair and took wives from among them and raised up giants and mighty iqeli of renown. 1 won:ter if the women of that day were so beautiful that the angels came down to mate with them. Tlei'e is no telling wlmt men or angels wi!l do for a beautiful wonnm. I have I.cvcr ceased to be sorry for Jacob, who worketl seven long years for Hachel and then had to take her omely sister, and hail to work seven years more to get tile girl of his choice. But the sacred hi,tartan says these seven years WILL nOYO Ot I Ia $fTED C.IVE FREE -'4 ................................................. "seemed to him but a few da:y, for the love he had to her." Was ever love like that? Not in these days. Men must have been scarce in that country or laehel wouhln't have waited that long for Jacob. Old Laban was a sheep rais- er, and I reckon his nearest neighbor was another about 50 lniles away, and t h:,se poor girls never saw a young man ones a year. l tachel let Jacob kiss her cn sight before she knew his name or where tie came from, ant] that historic kiss has come down to ns through all the corridors of time for 4,000 years. i remember that away back ia the40s when I wa s J'0unl{ and airly handsome my father sent xne on busines to Mis. smsippi, and as there was no railroads [ bought a horse in Mobile and rode across the country to Vicksburg. One night 1 found comfortable lodgings with a big cotton grower on the Chica- ,.:aha river. IIc had emigrated fom South Carolina many years before with iris wife and little children and about 200 negroes, ttis name was Calhoun, and hc was a cousin of John C. Calhoun. There he lived outside of civilization; net a school nor a church within miles of him, and he kept putting off moviug his family to where there werc some. His oldest dangiter, a lass of 1S, was as shy of me as a fawn, but she brnshed her hair and washed her face and changed her dress and shoes and gaze d and liegered on the sly long und sweet- ]y. 1 made advances to her that night in the parlor, and pleased her father and mother and bewihlered her, for 1 soon found out that she was a flower born to bhshunseen. Whenlleft the next morning the old gentleman fol- lowed nle to the gate and begged me to come Lack tbat way. "Maybe you and Sully might fix up things to :otlr no- tirol," said he, "and if you do I can spare you 200 or 300 acres of the finest land in Mississippi and as many niggers as you want to tend it," and he laughed in a half serious and half joldng way. There were no 14years abolt that, but I never saw Sally any more. Poor girl, I have often wondered what became of her. She was of good old Carolina stock, but was smothered in the woods. No companions, no books or newspa- pers, no nothing bnt niggers and cot- ton--much like Rachel, 1 reckon, who saw nothing but sheep and longed for a nice young man. 1 remember that t.wo negro boys hehl torches for ns to eat our supper by, atnl everything else wus of the saute primitive style. But what has this little episode of mine to do with peafowls and nnony- mous letters? l don't know how my though ts d ri fted that way, but they will  drift. To go back to them, 1 will say that a woman did not write the letter, for she is too fond of the beaufifnl to want to ldll a peafowl. And if the man who wrote it had have known thcir amient, historic renowa he would bare taken off his hat to that beantiful bird and said: "Good-morning, sir; I hope you are well?"--lill Arp, in Atlanta Constitution. THE SNOW SHOVEL AT SEA. & Familiar lmplcznent of Land Uae That Is Found on the ,Va- ters as AVell. The common idea of a snow shovel is that it is used to clear the sidewalk and that sort of thing, but the snow falls on the sea as well as on land, and if there is a shipin the way of the storm the snow, of course, falls on its decks just as it wonld fall on an3dhingasbore. It may be that the snow that falls ou the ship will be washed off by the sea, or it nmy be necessary to cleau it off, so as to give a better and securer foot bohl on the decks and to facilitate the working ofthcship. This is often done with snow shovels, wkich are carried by probably nine out of ten of the deep- water ships, from one to three eaeb, ac- cording to the size of the vessel. The snow .llovels used aboard ship are rnnde especially for that n.e. They are not iron or steel shod along tile edge, as most of the snow shovels ,sed i along the shm'e are, and whatever metal is used in their construction is s.o placed that it cannot come in con- tact with the deck. No iron shovel is ever used on a ship's deck. As a nastier of fact, the snow shovel is used on shipboard mostly when the ship is in port. where she may remain for a period af weeks, discharging and reloading; bu when the vessel sails lhe snow shovels are stowed away in the large lazaretto aft, or nnder the forecastle deck forward. On a ship bound for San Francisco he snow shovels may be needed when she is rounding Calm Itern, where snow sonte- times falls in summer. Slmw that falls upon the deck In the waist of the ship |s likely to be washed away by the water she takes nboard ; he decks more likely to need shoveling are those high- er above the sea, the forecastle deck and the qnarter deck. In a time of I snow squalls the captain would per- llaps keep a man standing ready with a shovel to shovel off the snow nfter every sqnall. There might bc times. when the decks were iecd and slippery, when the captain would have ashes strewn upon them to give a securer foothold.--N. Y. Sun. Our Ariatoeraey. "They're not in the amc set with us --oh, dear, no." "Indeed ?" "Oh, not at all. We're a much older family, you know?" "Yes'?" "Yes, certainly. You see, their grand- father was in trade, while all the money in our family was made by our great-gran d father."--Chicogo Post. A Post Prnndiul Frot. "Gentlemen," said the after-dinner speaker, "gentlemen--[ am totally un- ll'epared to--er--to---to reply suitably to the toast which has been nssigned to me this evening; bnt--" "Good! Good'." ereid the enthusiastic audicnee, and with such manifest sin- eerity that the speaker sat down.-- Harlem Life. %Vouldn't Mrry for Title. "You wonldu't marry for title, would OU ?" "Of course not. The girl who marries ,or anythiug but love is a fool. l don't mind saying that a man will have to have a title before I can love him." Thus he saw his hopes disappear in lhe gloaming, even as many another has seen them.--Chicago Post. Gives Others Pain. Doesn't Mrs. Plnnkett's daughter take great pains with her piano les- sons?" remarked Mrs. Potts, listening ] to the sounds coming up from the tlat below. /"Gives," thoughtfully answere'd Ports, "gives is the word I should use."--Up to Date. The Artlat'a Lament, 'True art is lo conceal art," men declare, I'm willing to agree it A wondrous truth; they've hung my ple- ture where No human eye can see itl --Puck: Just Possible. "Ha, a repor'.er has put my nam0 in the paper." "Did he spell it correctly?" "Yes." Impossible. What 's your name? "John Smith.",Aiaslee's Magazine. TKEN HE FA___ INTED. BREAD, POTATOES and MILK. Th@ Young Mnn Found Mlaa Gertmtde In, But he Vaa Not His Fair Get tie. One evening not long ago a St. Joseph young man, who is quite well known in so- ciety, stltrted out to call on a young ] who lives in the eastern part of the The young man had but recently met charmer and had never been to see her. did not anticipate any difficulty, however, ill tlnding the young lady's home, as he had received careful direetions from those who had been there. In due time he arrived in the neighborhood in which the young lady lived, tie was undecided as to the exact house he was seeking but after some hesita- tion he selected that which he felt positive was the young lady's place of abode. A ring of the bell brought a big darky mammy to the door. "Is Miss Gertrude in?" queried the caller. "Yes, sir; step in;" was the answer, and the young man was ushered into the parlor. It seems that he was too deeply engrossed with anticipations of pleasure to follow to make close serutinv, else he would have ob- served that surronldings were not jnst what he had reason to expect. After a few mo- ments the young mau was aroused by a deep and powerful voice, unmistalably t'hat of the negro mammy, and its tone ]eft no question of the relationship between the speaker and the person called. "Gertie dar's a man in here what wants I to see yoQ' In a moment "Gertle," who resembled the ace of spades in color, came into the room and the young man fainted.--St. Joseph (Me.) News. AN AF-FLICTE-ED-'THER. From the Times, Paw Paw, Ill. A resident of this town who has lost two I children during the past six years by vio- lent deatl}s has becn utterly prostrated by the shock, and seriously sick as a result of it. One child (aged 9) was killed by a cy- claus in '90 while at sehcol; another, three years later was run over by a Burlington R R. traiu. That griefs andmisfortunes may so prey on the ntind as to lead to serious phy- sical disorders has been well demonstrated in this ease. As a result of them, her health was shattered and she has been a constant sufferer since 1890. IIer principal trouble has been neuralgia of the stomach which was very painful, and ex]tibited all the symptoms of ordinary neuralgia, nervous- ness and indigestion. Physicians did her no good whatever. She was discouraged and abandoned all hope of getting well. Finally, however, a eertam well known pill was "eeommeuded (Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for _)ale People.) She supplicd herself with a quantity of them and had ro taken them two weeks when she noticed a marked im rovement in A Constant Sufferer. her condition. She continued taking the pills until seven or eight boxes had been consumed and she considered herself entirely cured. Sile can now eat all kinds of food, which i sometlting she has not been able to do for years. She is not troubled in the least with nervousuess a: she was during the tinm of" her stomach troubles. She is now well and all because of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People a complete cure has been made. If any one wonld like to bear more of the details of her suffering and relief gained by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pill,s for Pale People they may he obtained probably, by writing the lady direct. She is one of our well known residents, Mrs. Ellen A Oderkirk, Paw Paw, Ill. The ExeeDtion. IIe--I had a seheme so the fellow eould makc $10,000 as castle as turuing over his hand, but the fool woddn't go into it. She--Then a fool and his money are not always so easily parted affcr all.--Yonkers Statesman. Hour's Tlti ' We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cbeney for the last 15 years, and believe him p'erfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. r V/est & Truax,  holesale Druggists, To- ledo, O. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Itall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucou surfaces of tbe system. Price 75c. per bet (le. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials free. Hall's Famgy Pills are the best. Wife (enthusiastical]y)--"How much do OU think we took in at the bazar?" Hus- nd (quietly)--"IIow many, you mean."-- son Traveler. baake Into Your Shocm Alleu's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, nerve as, ma :ting feet and instantly takes the sting cut of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort ltiscovery f the age. A1]en'sFoot-Easemakes tight or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, catlons and hot, tired, ach- ing feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all drlllZ'ists and shoc tores, 25c. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. No Room for Doubt. Brown--Is he absent-minded? Jones--We!l, I should say so! Why, I've known him to lend his wheel !--Puck. O]i, %Vhat Splendid Coffee. Mr. Goodman, Williams Co., Ill., writes: "From one package Salzer's German Coffee Berry costing 15c I grew 300 lbs. of better coffee than Ican buy in stores at 30 cents a lb." A package of this and big seed catalogue is sent -ou by John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Vis., upon receipt of 15 cents stamps and this notice. Send for same to-day 1 6 There ave o many people goifig around with snbscription papers that a man can make many these days by locking his Office, or store, and stayi@ at home.--Atchison Globe. Lots of young menwho like to show folks how many ehanges of clothes they have often ha:en't them paid for.--Washlngton Democrat. An Atchison man"has taken a flashlight photograph of the under side of the dining room fable, which he shows to his wifewhen. ever she abuses him for chewing tobacco.- Atchison Globe. People who baby"their children alway re surprised when tley start to school and get umnercifully guycd.--Washington Dem. ocrat, A man may inherit foolish traits from his father, but if he has a silly romantic first name like St. Clare, it was his mother wh gave it to him.--Atchison Globe. Mrs. B.--"The ]a(y Dabbs is going: to marry is highly intellectual. She speaks dree languages." Mr. B. (eondo]ing]y)-- "Poor Dabbs."--Boston Traveler. Wh, you hate yourself, and feel that you re being generally talked about, it is a sipn :hat you shmdd look after your health. Atchison Globe. It is funey that a sutterer never stutters when he attempts to swear.--IVashington Denloera t. "The jury were out several days, and then failed to agree." "That shows the folly of masculine juries--a jury of women ,vouM have disagreed ranch sooner than that."--Tit-Bits. Some women have notlfing they are tm prmid of as tlleir frailty.--Washhgton Dem. ocrat. Culture make us uninteresting, beeausc xhen "'e arc cultm'ed we generally quit gos- dping.--Olicago Record. A man who can wear a pair of overshoes .intil they are out of style is certainly not ;ery exttz,:agant.--Waahingtoa Democrat, ale Lived on Lenten Fare. A Dyspeptic's daily diet. DyspepMa i one of the most prevalent of seasoned with a little salt, and drink only diseases. Thousands 3f people suffer from a little milk. I beeame so bad that a trifle it in a more or less aggravated form. Few too much of even these caused terrible diseases are more palnful to the iudividual suffering in the regions of ihe stomach, or more far reaching in their effects on darting pains back of the eyes, attended human life andhappiuess. What the dys- with dizziuess and partial loss of tight. peptic needs is not local treatment, not TheontywayIcould get reliefwasbyvom- mere temporary stimulus. The real need iting. FiuallyI had sucha severeattaek is the touing np of the entiresystem. For- that the entire left side of my body felt tifythesystemanditwilldoitsownfiht- numband partially paralyzed, andinthis trig, and promptly eject any intruding condition. I was taken to my roomuncoa. disease. The success of Dr. Ayer's Sarsa- scious. The physicians failed to help me, parillaiucuringindigestion and dyspel)- and none of the many remediesltook did sis is due to just this quality which tt me enygood. At last a friend presented possesse, of renewing the vital forces, me with a bottle of Dr. Aver's Sarsaparilla repairing the waste and loss of the body. and before l had used half of it, Icouldsee The ordinary treatment brings the food a decided chane for the better. I used down to the level of the weak stomach, three bottlesauc was so completelyeured Dg. Ayer'sSarsapariIla uts strength into that for four yearsIhavenotbeentroubled the stomach, andbrings tt up to the level of withtheoldcomplaiut, but am rugged and the strong food fit for men. It does this hearty aud able to eat anything that can by strengthening the entire system. The be eaten. It would be imposslble to say stomach cannot stay weak wlten all the too much iu praise of ]Dr. Ayer's Sarsapao ether organs are ga,niag streugth. Whatlrilla and l would not give one bottle of it Dr, Ayer's Sarsaparilla will do for dyspep- ] for a dozen of any other kind."M. S. siaisbest illustrated in cases likethatofl, *-ridian iss M.S. Shields, Meridian, Miss. Mr. Shieldsl ........ '' '" " had got down to the last lcvel of dyspepsia. [ Try Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla if you are But let him tell his own story:-- Idvspeptic. If you waut more testimony to "For years, Iwas afflicted with dyspep-ltfiek'ahe of the medicine, get Dr. Ayer'S sia which gradually grew worse until IICurebook. It is sent free on request by could eat nothing but bread and potatoesl the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell. Not His Fault. Lots of men have college diplomas hang- "'Fweddv, why don't you let vour mus- ing in their parlors and weeds growing in taehe gro,)?" - " - their gardens.--Washington Democrat. "Why don't I let it? Good heavens, dealt .... boy, I do, but it won'tU'--Chicago Tribune. Don't You Sleep? .... ,--- , ,  Does your IIead Ache? Somnifi Caffein ine rlp, o'nettmona may e varaeor cures instantly. All druggists. 25 cents. Dr. VlEU lisle s toney ot /lorenoun(t ano lar. P.vfan "/kTorl;o.lf2, 9al-ivor.-. Tvv  V 1 lke s Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. ----Our Lau_ua_r . Why. don't gir/s employed- in match, fae - ........ tomes get married sooner than other girls aom--waa a queer language ours zs. Chicago Daily News Dick--'Why? "We say a man is no,game when he is Pisa's Cure for Consnmptior is an A No. ehicken-hearted." 1 Asthnta medicine.--V. R. Williams, m- To Cur--e a Co----l-d in One Day tioch, Ill., April 11, 1894. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Man is the architect of his own fortunes, druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. and he doesn't have to move every spring.-- Friends, They Say. Chieago Reeord. Amy--Isn't that a small shoe, dear? A young man's seeks are not always acci- Matld--Yes, dear--for the foot!--Boston dentally exposed. Sometimes they are : Traveler. silk.--rashington Democrat. _ I I _ ,w-- r .... - lomotcs Dieslion,Cheer ul- hess and Ilcst.oatatns neit { Oium,lV[orphine or Ntaexal. I NoT N oTZC.  :z- /,, - Aperfect Remedy for Cons tlpa- tier, Sour 5tomach,Diarrnoea, Worms,Convulsions ,Feverish- hess nndLoss OF I,KEP, tac Simile Signature of /q'KW YORK. CASTORIA For Infants and ghildren. I , I II The Kind You Have Always Dought Bears th0 00ignature of ' The Kind You Have The Bea.tiful Life of France! Written by Anna A. Gordon, for 2x ears her private sec. retary and most intimate friend. Officml memorialvolume eudorsed by the W. C. T. U. The Most Popular Book of the Centur Size 8xzo inches, nearly ;oo pages, beautifull Retail pric, C1th, $2; Half-Morocco, $2.75; .De $3.75. Sent postpaid on receipt of price. olie|tori Wanted , made selling necessary; most liberalterms: credit paid: circular and terms free. Write for o MONAROH BOOK COMPANY, Dept. 30 Asents for the United State, England, Ca;ada, Australia, etc. 4 Ill. Philadelphia, Pa. Oakland, C&L i Address nearest office. BEFORE THE DAY OF SAPOL|O THEY USED TO SAY "WOMAN'8 WORK IS NEVER DONE." Soot turn. Tim working parts o| ANY AERMOTOR EXCHANGED FOR A ROCKER B E A RI N O, alng, eyet-golng eyerlstiDgt power- doublins, UP-TO'DATE '98 MOTOR, 8 FT. FOR $6; 124t tr tl=;;s.n. for 3t). Thor run hk a bicycle, and are made like w&tch, every movable part on roaers. D0ble= leered mUl power. TheAermotor ran when all other mUll Sfd ,till, and made the steel windmia bulins. i THE NEW BEATS THE OkD AS THE OLD BEAT THE WOODEN On reeeipt of amount, rtevised motor (but not wheel vane) will be sent to replace old one then to Offer ubjezt to eaneellati0u at an our o14 wheel te not sn ermotor, write ro terms of swap-new for old--t o go on old tower. Aermotor C ULTRY quirea neither toni bag and have Field and lot tone- prlcea before buying. UNION FENCE CO ITS ,,0,,,.,,,, PRNENTLY Iazaity Prevented DR. KLINE'g REA NERVE RESTORH 8pastas and St, ttus' Dance. : : after first day's ue. Treatise and $ trial 1 to Fit patienm they par ng oeivd. Se.d to DR. KLINE, Lkl. Bellevue Medicine, 93 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA.  00SEHD FOR I DII nigh Grade '98 Models $14 to I OREAT CLEARINO 8A LD of 5T Dookofart fEAD (I'CLE CO,, (IHi(AGO. 7 NNN NNN ACRES--Farms, Timber, /I I UIJIJII UUU Colony lands I nlSl heap, YaEs CATALOGUE. W.H.CR&tVFORD a L). WELL .AO.,.E.v-.-s. l,OnMl8 & NYMAN. TIFFIN, . i 6ETRICH""'c00'" Wutad." SSpr Tate a Co. -- i GURES WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS. " dl Beet Cough Syrup. TMte Good. U Nil  In time. Sold by druggists. A. N.K.--F 17ON WHEN WRITING TO p?ee state that yoa W the meot tn this 7 :2 "