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April 23, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 23, 1898

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&apos;0$[l)l|e $U[1|t1t1I. Lowneys Chocolates and Ben i 1 have the famous, Prates' Stock - _ ... _ .. : Bonsai Argues. ]I"ee(1 for sale. Just the thing for " -- := = : poor, anconditione(l stock. Saturday. April 23 The merchants ,,t our tow,l have i Gee J A,tams. - . " - -- again decided Io close heir slores at .-u-. '00eial Journal of tho Cor- 00'cl'00ck in t,,e e.'onin, be00lnoiog K,,o,,c,,,,1 ,,y i.atro.i00,og Argl, e's Maylst, This move is evidenceor p0rati0n of W00dville, the rcgard and welfare entertained Sado F,,uutai,u between the employer and employees, *.-m-. ....... as it gives the latteran hour or two of All thelatest novelties in BelLs. Simple Announcements of marria- recreation each evening from a long, from 10 ts up to 75 cLs just reeeiv- ges and deaths will be pubhshed tedious hot days_.= __ :work. ed, at Rothscnilds. without charge. We are inf()rmed hy Miss Swanson. ="'-: THE CHE[tTI,'R OF [NCOltPCRA'rfON OF "THE principal of Edward McGehee College, \\;VooDVHam GIN AND MAUFACI"URtN( @l]bSlTilt|Oll per altnUlll, that she has been fnrtunatc enough (;OMP,NV." Cash ................ $I 50 to secure ex-Gov. J. M. Stone to de- George J Adams. Martin Rothsehlld. W. V ....... liver the Baeca]aurate Address "t the Morris, R. M. McGelwe, Henry Johnson and (#, ",V. ]lellderson tnd their successors are Otherwise .................. $2 00 College Comlile[icenlenL ()n .June 31'd. horeby constituted and aeclared Io be a body This news will be received with a corporate ullder lllo ilanlo and slyh Of "Th(; MARKET great deal of pleasure as this distill- Voodvitlu (ill and lIalltl[aClurillg('olllpally" for the I)llrl)ose as follows, Io-Wil : Of ,iltll- gtlished genllcntan is well known to in, and i)alin cellos, ()lJCl':t't{tl Oil Mill. New Orleans, April, 22, 1898. many of our people personally, and GristMill, etc., a.nd Matnufaelurin Indus- Cotton his ability as an oral, or is co lceded by tvit,s generally, at Woodvilh:, Wilkinson Middling .................... 5 13-16 all We conm'atulate Miss wanson (.ounly. Missis.ippi--and by the said name may have lmrpotuaI suec*cssiOll for t, he period Spring is here in all its glory, upon her success of Pifty years fronl the approval of tins z  m - (3hH'ter IILV Sll( all(l lie SllCAI plead all(l l)e : = --" A Military organization has been impleaded lefore any court., contract and be Cellini'aCt with wl(hitl the limi s of its eorpo- JOB W OR( AT TIlE EPUBLICAN. started here during tile week by Mr r:ue powers, may hold all real and personal - - - -- Gee. W. Ilealv. It has about tveu- property neeessaA'y for carrying out tilt; per- Mr. S. O. Steelier't-of Turnhull was t-five members so far. As we point- possof Its oranlz:mon within the limits prescribed by law May sell, convey, mort a visitor to our town on Mouday. ed ont last week, tile ou]y way tO get gage or otherwise enoumher its real and per-- : = : =: ne,'es=ary for earryi]t;Z on its business. May First class brick for sale by A. r. into actor service is through the or- s(mal property. May purchase all real estate ganized militia the National Guards. take lienson real :.rid personal property in aediet. Later, if more meu are reqlln'ed new the conduetimz (,f its business. May a, dopt aI|(l  eOllllllOR seal }Lnd al-or tile SaLLI(O l.t .... cou3pgnies of vohlnteers will be cur- pleasure and may generally do all things Capt. and Mls B'raflette will not dially welcomed by the government th,tt m:y be necessary for the successful preset!Lilies of lh( I)ulness of said eorpor:t- retAlrn from Washington until the Every tOWU ill tile Soutil should have ,ion mtine(msist, ent, with lhe Cons itution flrst of May. a military organization and we hop( tnd txs,)tlheStat,t,fMississill)U ,= = :: ,, tile cotnpauy here will be recrllited to Tilt, Clt.pitd Stock ofsai(i C'ovl)oralion 'dudl b(fixed :tl;ifly Thousand dollars divide(l st,errs for the defense of our greater strength and proceed with lll- hire Mt.wes el ore: hundred dollars each and flag and honor are offering dustry and resolution to perfect them- lhe nobilities of Mareholders shah be as now from every sect,ion, selves ill tile drill and InallUa] of arln , provided by law. AnY Three ot the persons hereinbefore - -- :a*'-'# llSAl|ed may O )en books of subscription to tit,, Twenty five ;od'a--tiukcts for one Elsewhere in these column will be ('al)hal ;Io .k of said (v)"Doralion and when - }ks lllll('h :lSa Nix lhOi.lS'llld dolhurs of said t'api- dollar at Argues. found a call bo the citizens O eel' {al Stoet is sul):scrih('(/ tor. lhe sllt)cril)('r' or my: conllt, y who are interested iu its wel- hoseown lff a ,jorily of the stock may Mr.J. Burruss McGchee willhold fareand who desire bo see il, increase ldatmeti  at, such'lime as they may agree upon and elect a President and live " service in the Episcopal church to- [ its nlany advantages as a county caI)t- direl 's, who touotht, r shall eonstitut,o a lnnrrow morning at, 11 Cclock. bte of producing something nlore Lhall Board of l)irectors three of whom stroll con- : - : = ALL COTTOn, This call is for the De()- st ute  lU,wum. The said President and The store of IL E. L- Coon & Co., pte so interested to meet the Board el mavDirectrbe dcsixmttedSlmll holdbyOflicOthe forsloekhol(lersSUeh tim(.andas received a new cob O[' )aint, DirecLorsnf the Fair Assoeiatiou on mtU t]wirsueeessorsarc elected andquali- which improves its appearance very Tuesday, May ]0th a5 12o'clo('k at the fled. ,They and their sueeess(,rs iu ofli('e hall l!lallage all(l carry O11 t!le bU|III'SS of SO|t| C(ulrt ll0use. We earnestly nrge a t;orporathm, shall appoil[t u(']t officers and much. large attendance from all parts of the ;Lgelll'S as tllo, y llllty (|' !rill llCeCt4sry, lix t-he Soda Water aud Milk Shake, (',Oil tILe and a st, rollg desire asp evi. ilecessal'yitlllllll{ OfrtlleslhOir forC"mlhe)(qlsissue'tin'andPrest:ribetransferlh('of 14crees Doors, Electric Fans. No de, nee of material assistance, t, hab a stock and t(topt such rules {ill(1 by=laws as factor haL llas produced kenetlcial i t y  , ty ( '('  proper and ne,.'essary fo] the flies on Argue's Drug'Store. rCsllltaS 150 our people and C(H.lntY slay i,on( lCtItnd I I tna,,oment Itlld secucity of be pcrpet, uated. The most, casual ,aid (hwporal it)It pi'ovided the s:tnle are/fil ::- a II1 COIIIli'[ Wil]llh " ('onslitlll|Oll :tlld ]awsof Considerable satisfaction was ex- observer can readilydiseern the bene hestaleof Missis.dppi. Afiertlwexpiration lpressed by our citizens tha Congress fits that have accrued fronl t, hese fill- term of ofice ")f the lirst Presi(hmt and ])i- " I't'.TOI'S. I|W l*resi(hnt and l)irectors sh:tll hO has at last settled the Spau]sh-Ouban nua] fairs and it mus ntfl. fall i.hl'(llnzh el,,et.ed ammally on the Firs1 'Pue,d,ty h* W;[ll[ (if assistance, rIhel'e have beeo 10A'eh of eR('|l yqtr or al such lime Rs tnay 'negotiations." ,= _ == "J a few energetic self sacritlcitlg gi|,i - be dtsi,mal.d hy 1he rules and by lawn ot the bir. and Mrs. John A, Lowry were zens who have expende:l considerable Corpor:lioi. "Phe Presi(hmt and Direelors shllbe Stock- made happy by the arriwt] o[ a V()Ullg time, money and work b() pl'o[uote h ,ldm.s and in lhe eh.etlo, of Prcslde nt and SOil at their home. We congratulate this enterprise and they arc williug I.O Directocs every sto, khohler shall have 1he the happy parents, eonlinlie to do so if others will ]()ill ill right to vt)e, n] person or by proxy -the llllllb(*r O shl'os of Sl4)C owt)t'd |)y hilJl fOP == = == t, hJs worR looking Lo onr muLual (od smauy p,,r<ons as a,.e to he elecled. Thirty yards good Sea Island cot or lend en('ouragenl,ml, to the enter- -- tou for $i, at Rothschilds." ,rise hy interesting themselves in its .[it*ew 8dvertisements. success A complete asscrtment of printed Dr. H. Loft,m of St. Francisville STA l'l': ()F 3IISSISSIPPI. lambrics, Pereal and Madas cloths, will locate in Wo,dvllle, arriv|ng here ust the thing for ladies' shirt waists, on' the 25th inst. ltis olliee will be'in To Jane Bell Johns l'dcks, the defen- Rothschllds. the Mc(}eheo bui]ding herc he will daut: be pr( paed to do all kiuds of denial You are co|nmanded to appear be- John J. Foley (oTl:)'an old resident we k aL reasonable prices. Ite solicit fore the chancery court o[ the county phtce died at, his home on last a snare or the patronage, of Wilkinson. iu said statc, ou the '. He had been an invalid for a ::-=" Second Monday of May A l) . 1898. time previous o decease. Among our late reeeil)tsare 10,000 to defend the suit in said court of ,=:== 3ards of Embroidery, remnauts in 5 Eleauor Johns, whereiu yet| area TheKiu_'s l)augbters meI at the yard pieces. They are put, on sale defuntaut. aeofM't:s. Tucker onTuesda'lasl" atSc, 8cand 10; worth deuble, a This 11thday?f April. A. D. 1898. They will send uu inviLatiuns soon A. COON, Clerk for one of their pleasant, and clever Rothschilds. 4 16 1898 4w. social entertainments. Also reecived 100 doz. ladies Rich- ' "' ' T C ' ' " ' " = =: NOI(F.  O REDIr()RS! Seedles Raisins, CLron, washed elieu Rihhcd Turner Vests, Lih ...... shelled Almonds, the last Thread and handsomeh, Irimmed The creditors o[ the estate ot 5I. A )f tho season, at C. Schaefers. Would be a bargain at 25 cenls hul Ferguson (It,ceased are herel)y ,oti- we are satisfied with 10e; at Roths- fled, that on thegth (lay of May 1898, the clai|us aguinst said estate will be The friends of-lr.-and Mrs. M. II. childs. ,hschildwiltbeglad to learn that taken npfur examination aud adju- = .... dicatlon, and that all clnims must by Rothschild is much improved and Mr. Ehsha Berry. of tl, s place, says filed, with the undersigned clerk of her tel, urn home from New York he never had anything do him so the chancery court of Wilkiqson expected. |ueh good and give such quick relief county, by said dsy and all creditor -'-=: flnl rlmnmati.m as Chamberlain's - ulay attend. "Dr. L. A. Murdock left, Monday Pdn Balm. lie was bothered greatly This ilth day of .May 1898. g, via Centreville. for Jackson, o attend the meeting of t.hc with shooting pains tr0m trim to knee C.A. COON, Clerk Medtcal Association. He will n||til he used this linimeni, which 4 16 1898 4w. affords prompt relief. B. F. Baker, home to-day, drbggist, St. Paris. Ohio. For sale == = == STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, There will be an entertainment by G. Kann. ===== I"o Thos. L. Curry, W. tl. Currr, at) the College Friday, :April 2.% If you have a pmno or organ to Annie J. Curry Julia Ct|rry and 8 by the children ui the 'aries. All are e.|'dially invi- tune or repair, wait for J. E. Itine% Jas. L Curry minor heirs and de- to attend, Admission tree. . the old reliable piano tuner who will fendanls aud their father Thos. H. - == == be here (lurin the month of May. Curry: The reuowtte,I Thompson Glove- .,== You are commanded to appear summer Corets, only $1, au Mr. J. E. Hines, the old reliahle I,efore the chancery court of the :hild's. piano tuner, has beeuhere for several eounty of Wilkinson in said stale on Y. & M. V. R. g. Co., have not weeks repairing a,d tuning prunes the 2ad Monday in May A D,, 1898 yet, decided t.o put on the and organs, tie left yesterday, hut m defend the suit in said e,,urt of assenger train on the tranch will return during the month of May Susie D. Peels herein 3ou, the said hter t,o Woodvil]e, but the to tune the pipe organ in the Episco- minors, are defendants. ,lions are that, they will do so in pal Church at hichtime he will fill This 15th day of April A. D. 1898. near future, all orders for tuniug and repairing C. A Coo, Clerk. Constant consumers of coffee, tea pianos and organs left, with Mrs. J 4 16 1898 4w. tohacco should lay in alarge sup- Noble, Country orders solieited. NOTICE. of these necessaries, for in the Satisfac,ion guaranteed or no pay. of war a tax of considerable ====: BIDS to buiht a bride across ,unt will be laid. Coffee 3 cents, Crooked breek near Mr M E Ogden's 10 cents aud tobacco 6 cents. Ladies' and 3entlemen's Hem according to specifications on file in ::w stitched eoh)red bordered Handker-theChaneery (qerk' office will be The weather thi eek has been all chiefs; others ask from 60c to $1 20 received up to 9 o'clock a m on the be wished for and farm per doz. VVe sell them at 40e to 50e 1st Monday iu May 1898 The Board have progressed rapidly. A rain during the early part of the per doz. Ask to see them a Roths- reserves the right to reject any and ped wonderfully both garden childs, all bids- C.A. Coo Clerk. - := : =: 4 9 1898 4w. =-== When you cannot sleep for cough- a number of our citizens went ing take Chamberlain's Cough Rome- NO rICE TO TEACHERS. on Percy s Creek ou a fish fry dy. It.always gives prompt relief . They had a most enjoya- It is most excelle|l for colds, too, as Examinations will be held iu April time. Smk,swc|'ein abundance it aids expectoration, relieves the according to law, on the !st, 2ud. lt,t,here was a superabundance of lungs and prevents anytendencvto- 3rd and 4h Fridays and Saturdays medicine" close at hand. ward pneumouia. For sale by G Kaun. in April 1898. JOSEPIt JglINSON, Pendiet,nn has organized WHE YOU HAVE A BAD C)LD. Supt. of Education 'y Club. The members 3 19 1898 4w. ab the home of Mrs. Gee. Adams You want the best medicine that are instructed by Mrs. Pendleton. can-be obtai||ed, and that is ham- L J/Y][ l E 1 v is most proficient in h|s dainty berlain's Gough Remedy. beautiful accomplishment,. Yon wautaremedy that will not We are prel)ared t till at shrrt == = =: only g3ve quick relief bnt effect a pet-- not, ice any order for Rough Cypress - A full and complete line of the eel- maneut cure. LU MBEg at, low prices. Corrcspon- Juo. B Stetson & Co. [Hats, " You want a remedy thatwill relieve dence solicited. latest shape and style. Our the lungs and keep expeetorationeasy. JNO. F. IRVINE & SON. $3, at Rothsehilds. You wsnt a remedy that will cone- ............. 3 19 98 6m. teraet any teudency toward pneumo- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. := - =: nla. , Guild me at the residence of You want a remedy that is pleasant La,d ()ffi(.e at Jackson. hss, Mar. lletto on Wednesday. The and safe,to take 9th 198. is in a flourishing condition, Chamberlain s Cough Remedy is Splice is hereby giveu that tlm for undoubtedly do much good tile only medicine iu use that meets lowing named settler has filed notico church matters. They intend in all o[ tfiese requirements. This :ero- of his inteutiou to make final proof i near future, to repaint and carpet, edy is famous f3r its cures of bad support of his claim, and that said Church, improve the many other essen, colds throuhout the United State proof will I)e mde before tim Circuit and in many foreign countries. It .,:lerk of Wilkiusou Couuty at Wood- mprovements, has many rivals, but for the speedy vi'le, Miss, on April 23rd 1898, viz: and permanent cure of bad colds, Jefferson D. M0tcalfe II. E. o. he entertainment on last Friday stands without a peer aud its spies- 23,908 fr the e  ue  sec 26, t 4, n by the studeets of the Edward did qualities are everywhere admired r 1 west. i[e names the follxinff ehee College was a pronounced and praised. For sale by G. Kann witnesses to prove his continuous re- tn of attendance . The voungladies i(lenee upoo and cultivation of said and all acted their several parts - hind. viz: Tholnas W Cavin, Wiley an easeandgraceequal to more Skin Diseases ,o,,,, performers, and the play  "Vines nit of Darrinon, Mis. wit,h good taste and skill. JAMES lhl.L, Register. For the speedy and permanent cure of 8 12 1898 6w. merits were delicious and ,tter, salt rheum and eczema, Cham- sold out before the close, oerlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is F()R SALE.--Improvect Ctufas. ..... without an equal. It relieves the itch- the best known hog feed. no pest,. 10 Wo0dvilleGin - and Mfg., Co ing and smarting almost instantly and cts quart., 7Sets peck, delivered in bids on the erection of its continued use effects a permanent W.odville. Send orders to ltiram, t,helr plant and from cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, propose putt, trig scald bead, sore nipples, itching piles, Miss. CHAS. F. A. KELLOOO. all purpo- chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and 3 5 4w. has as yet been granulated lids. regards the round bale TRESIASS NOTICE. 'willdeclde in the very Dr. Cadya Condition Powder fer All hunqn on mv place is strietly Oue thin the horses are the best )rohiblted l.he law, about, is Price, )rove y E, W. Ioort. )ut, iu. 2C TI-IE 6EM 00ALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PTlbE LIQT Ol=S o SUCH AS o 0 LD OWO PO LE 2 FE, P UR I TI W t E, FREWCH BRdA'D I/., FIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE Cl6AR$ Always on Hand. lllThose is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call aud examine my stock. A. S. JOHN SON. JUST RECEIVED A full line of the well known I Manhattan t i SHIRT$,II White and 0olored \\;Vhich we offer for a short l : time ONLY at and ti00| worth $1.25 and $1.50. ,, Martin Rothsohild& Br. ._.L ..... P. H, WItITE. W.S. WIIITE. While Grocery 00,, MAIN STREET. - Under Masonic Hall. DEALERS IN-- Fancy and Staple Groceries, Candy, Cakes, Fruits of all kinds. Tobacco and Cigars. Best ExLracts in town. Feb t2 9s ly. ....... m" , , . JOSEPI][ SARPHIE, The Jeweler, S. MARANTO, --DEALER IN-- CoXCEST Fruits, Oysters, Nnt f all kinds, and Fresh Fandly Gro certes Receives daily Fancy Cau- 'dv of all kinds. Maccaroni eook- e('l in the best style, from 9 A t. to 8 P, M. xu Main St, Opposite Ilaum & l)ampfi Feb 12 98 ly. WALSH & WILSON, -11 CONTRACTORS OF it. BRICK @ cEMENT Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leave Orders wDh Wttlin ,% tlickey or 'eIl Itt'(,W ll'S, B,tl'ber hop, Dee lg ,)7 2! I. FOR SALE -) The I atriek iJlantati,m sitnate+l on Old River. \\;\ilkinsm Connrv, Mis. eo|l|,'llni' about 320 acres. For particulars apply Io, W. P. S VEX'mESS Woodvllle, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. P()SITIONS GUARANTEED. To Graduates of Haaris' Practical Bnsiness College, School of Short Ilaud. Telegraphy, ctc.. Jackson, Misis.ippi. We have bought the Wa,-att Col- te,ze here and at Meridian. but have cloed out the our at Meridia,, and prepared to give students the vrv best business training to be had  0,': where. Carol gue sen! ,,n pplica- ti,n. N..I. IIARRIS. Presbhmt. Jacks m. Miss. Sept. 11, 1897-tf Our stock is always complete, con]prising tl,e latest aud newest designs in : : : Diaoads, Watckes, Clocks, Jewelry, SITter-ware, Roveltles, Catlery, Spectacles, y-6Tasses &c. Repairing ! Is a special feature of our business, and we are confident, with our PHees, Accuracy and Promptness. wc CaLl please you : : CUARANTEE 0 UR IPORR. NOTICE. The public are hereby notified that iIuntu)g is prohibited on tlic ur- ette, Elmwood, Belleview and (?,or- ,ion Plantations. All former permlts are hereby re yoked. CHAS. COItEN. Nov. 20, 1897-tf TRESP&SS NOTICE. Hunting or otherwise trespassing au the MeManus, Iarish aud Bowlin Green places s strictly prohibited un- der penalty of the law. All former permissions revoked R M. MeGEItEE. J. H. PENDLETON. Sept. 4, 1896-tf FOR ALE. The honse and lot in Wo0tyille, south west of the public square known as the Susau Scott ..lot adjoinig lot o[ Dr L W Aiagruder, apply to Men's Straw Hats, 25c to S1 ,7)0. have a full line of Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co's Shoes, in the latest styles for Summer, These goods are as honest as one of Uncle Sam's gold dollars, and you will be pleased with them. Every thing bran span new for Summer wear. C. SCHAEFER , "j! C KANN. WOODVILLE, ..... - DEALER IN DRUGS and ICINES CHFMIC00L'00I00 Public School Rooks Stationer. , Painters Spplies,'" Cgtler Fu Y . . : . Y. , In2 Hardware, lllunztnatn Orls, Garden Seed e. f'Phvsicians pre-cri. , ptions carefully compounded, and orders cck selected   grat care andwarrantedoa represented. . 8.9z- .--y. F. A. McLAIN. McLAIN & VENTRESS, 00t0tup al 0010n Ia00, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office in McGehee building. DR. C. W. P. S. VENRTESS D. 0. BRAM tTT, , 1, 8. HAMILTON, "ENTIST, WOODVILLE) 'IS8 Otiice at Schlesmge Iouse. April 18, '95 ly. DR. 0HAS. E 0ATOHINGS WOODV*,LE : : : : tSS. ()ffice in Adams Drug Store. uy J:4 '94 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MIS. Offioe at residence. April 7, ,88 1 DR C. 0. CROSS. Dental Sm'geon, WOODVILLE. MI88 Office up stairs over the Postoffiee. A. G. 8HANNOR, 000unl0r kw WOODVILLE, MISS, Will practice in all State and United 8totes courts in this State Peal estate bought and .-rld ou com. mission Office on Cmmrcial Row. H. S. V MI EA0N.  it00y al Cnml000 00tlaw, Ofllee up-stairs in the Odd Fellows Building. DR. JOHN F. TREILRF.eL, Physidan and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Ofltee ou blain St. at his old Stand JOiIN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of Metalie and Wood- eu Co.ns always on hand at Wood- ville, Miss., Main St. Trespass Notice. All persons found hunting, flshm or otherwise trspsssing on the Bur namwood plantation about 8 mile south of Woodville will be prose outed to tile lull extent of, A strict watch will be kept on aam plantatilm for trespassers, I, W. blxra l-f S VAN EATO. 31OT[CE. 11 20 t897 tf. i [ haye just received aud will keep ...... constantly on hand a full supply el I'RESPASS NOTICE. [ COFFINS "and (ASKETS, All hnntin ca Simrall and Schae- , -- of all St.les. which I will gell at tea- fer t)laues is strictly prohibited under sonal)le prices. ,p opposite W. C. ideuce. TII( ROL DEALER IN-.- Family and Fancy tzoneries, Oysters, aq kinds, Sugar, Coffee Starch, Raisins, Nnts Canned Fruit and Fish, v. Fine brand chewing -Fresh Bread every day.. plies arriving daily. March 21, 1896-y TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting and Retreat and Dame*on oroh t bl ted,-under Oct., 9th '97tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. " All hunting, fi,hing or trespassing on Glen Burule s strictly prohibited under he law. All former yoked. Go. TIESPAS8 NOTICEo A n v persuan or otfier ls Collins or,Old prosecuted to the full aw. All formet- ed. F. ,4: H. BEST outh-West Comer of Pttbli I have al,.V. a hand a mab- atinle ol T, BEST BR]D OF CIGARS, omeativ attd Fancy Liquors, Vermouth l