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April 23, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 23, 1898

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---2 Saturday, April 23. f. J. S. LEWIS, llttr and loprier. TO ADVERTISERS. THE WOODV1LLE [EPUBLICAN m the oldest newspaper in the State; has a larger bona fide circulation than any otheJ newspaper in thi ,ection; therefiwe :" is Aave00i00q Me00iu=, Aive00ism hu this in Mind, ANNOUNCEMENT. FoR C()NIn ESS TO the Voters of the Sixth Congres- Mortal District : Believing that an investiEatiou of lily record in Congress will show that I have discharged my dnty, actively, fa|thfnlly and efficiently: that I have kept all promtes and broken no party pllges, I therefore arwl enr&apos;ouraged }oagai, solicit the npport of my stltuencv for re-etection and here- ann(tuner my candidacy, subject to tim action of the l)emocratie party Of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very lspect'nlly, W. F LOVE. TIIE ULTIMATUM AND WHAT CAME OF IT. On Wednesday evening the President sent to the Spanish. government an ultimatum, requir- ing an an.wet by today. The ultimatunt was the joint resolu- tions of Congress. The Cortes met on that (t.zy, and no doubt the Sl],mish Ca )mt Stlbnlltted the demands of this country to it and act,d it) ])erfect accord with its wishes. The policy of l)ro,,rasti- natic)n and delay so long andso skillfully played bySagata was brought to a sudden ternnn.ttion. <loubtle.s as much by the anger of the Spanish parliament at what it conceived to be the it,sulis conveyed asbvthe su!}stancc of the ultimatum. The result is tersely given in thefollowlng dispatch received here this, Friday, morning: "The North Atlantic Squadr<m has gone to blckade llavana. Also the fleet from Key West,. Comlmniesare lnshJng to South Fl)rida to embarl. Spain tired W<)odfrd dUE, before he could deliver McKinley's ultimatunL" SuPtmsing the dispatch correct. it does not mean necessarily that Spain has declared war, but that Two of the splendid Hamhur,2 she refused the deulltn(ls made A'nriean liners have been sold o Ul)OU her in the most positive and Spain, o enswe way short of a declara- ....... 4, ..... t m of wa'; the abrupt dismiss- Chinch bugs arc destroying corn al of Mihiter Wood ford. If this arid cane m the euntry about Ah. beville. La. is true, Congress may proceed to ...... 9,, ...... declare war formally, or the Prc- PROBABLE ARMY MOVE- JOINT RESOLUI'ION AGREED ,InN 1 TO BY 3'liE HOUSE AND SEN A TE. The concentration at three Gulf ports and ;tt ()hieamanga offif-I On the 1801inst. Compress passed teen thousand infat:!ry, artillery tie foll,Jwing j-mr resolution, which anti cavah.y of the, regular army, was sent to and approved by the I torpedo boatdesroyers are held, so the hiring r,f steamers for trans- President on Wednesday. far as is known. This fnrce has been l)orts an(] the utter:tires and "Joiut resol|ltlon : / reinforced by other powerful cruisers, Joint res(dulion for the recogultion / and no doubt if the Spanisb authori- movements of high :trmy ofcel' o[ Ihe indepen.lenee of Cuba, de- ties intend Lo give baltic be the seem ccrtMnly to indicate that it man(ling that the government of' Anleriean ileet the Spanish battle is the pur[)ose of lhe Presi(lent tel <|Jam relmquisii its authority and ships also will be sent to join the fleet, Inove {ill arflly in|o Cut)it upon it government in the island of Cuba ; in those islands. Seven small torpe0o (leclaralh>n of war or the 1)egin- !ningof hostilities without such declaralion. to itbdraw its land and naal forces !from Cuba and Cuban w'tters, and 'directing tim president of tim United States to use the land and navtu The organized militia, natmnal forces of the United States to carry l guards: of several of the states] these resolutions into effect. are in cxcellent condition, under 1 Where,s, abhorren conditions discipline, well drilh (1 and / which have existed for more than i Ulree Years n the island of Cuba, so equil)l)ed. New Y<)rk, Pennsyl-[l.earour.own borders, have sh(>cked vania and Illinois easily an(t hn-t the m<>ral spnse of t e people of the Uuted States, have been adisgraue cr)uhl supl)ly fifteen lo Christian civihzation, cuhninating or twenty thousand men, if they as they bane m the destruction of a would volunteer, that is, offer l'uited States battleship wztb to their services to the President. A greater force than ishere men- tione<l hardly could be thrown vn- toCuba aluostat once. If the green troops of the other states hundred and sixty-rex of ts officers and crew whileon a fmendly visit it] the harbor of ttavana, canno longer be endured, as has been set forth by the president of the Umted States m his message to Congress on April 11, 1898, upon winch the action of con- wouht volunteer (without which jgresswasinvited under the law just ent|cted they] Resolved, First--That; therefore,the people :ire not "tvai/-dde,) and were m<]b- of the island of Cuba are and of ilize(t, they couht not be brigaded, right ought to be free and indepen- equ/l)lmd and supplied with med- dent. Second--That it is the duty of the iea] and conm[ssary stores, field United States to demand, and the eq'tipments and tr:tnsportation government of the United States for active service, withoutconsid- does hereby demand that the gov crah]e delay. In great emeren- ernment of :Spain at once relinqnish its authority and government in the cies suehcompanfesandregiments island of Cuba, aqd withdraw its have had guns thrust rote their land and naval torces from Cuba and hands and been hurrmd into ac- Cuban waters. ABOUT TIlE NAVIES. Spain is handling her fleet with caution and judgment. The cruisers that were it] llavan harbor have been withdrawn to the Oape de Verde where the fleet of torpedo boats and boats convoyed by two gun boats have left Cuba for Port lico, where proba- bly they will remain. Within the las three weeks an ef- reetive auxiliary fleet has been titled oul in the navy yards of this country and the work is still progressing rap- idly, as ib ia pr(secuted day an0 night. The four grea American ocean liners head this fleet, withoLher fast going oceanseamships. The rank and tile of it, so to speak, consists of very fast yachts and oceau going bugs which have beet] armed with rapid ilre guns aud torpedo tubes. These compara- tively small vessels will afford protec- tion to battle ships in action against torpedo boats and destroyers besides aetin as sentinels a5 nighL when nec- essary. We also have a torpedo fleet or 8;vessels besides the dynamit, e cruis- er, Vesuvius. The latter on Wednes day tested her three guns b3 the satis- faction of the otlicers in charge. We have building a number nf orpedo boat,sand dcstrof, ers which will be completed probably in about nineby days. ,Just what the governmen ship yards areS.doing towards increasing t, he navy is not known exactly as the authorities very properly are reticent, 00'CHWARTZ & NEYLAND, Main Street, WOODVlLLE, M Sincehe Quarantine reslrietiens around onr tow have been raised zve have been daily reeeivin fresh 2"oods of all lffnds and or store is now replete with beat staple and aney grocerzes, dry oods, etc, to be/bnd. New goods arr/ving-dailv. I ha purchased a/arge stock of Dry goods, C/othing, Notions, Housekeeping tic/es, Hats Shoes &c. in New y, all of Wh/ch I propose to sellat Prices so low that it will be to Your interest to examine mj stock. Special in- ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER The cruisers San Franmeo. and New Orleans (la',e purchase) are at ,i(lent m']y<h) so I)y beginning naval operations. On Wednes(lay, as soon as the All that, is Indispensable to a modern navy we have. Whether we have enough of it, and it is as good as the President signed the joint resolu- tion. But no such ...... r, ..... 'l'hi-<' ', .......... .country belie},es the near future ro- _ _ +:,,,, +1., , . , .... . . . ,,,,-,t,y ,, . \\;,.--tua u]e presment of the badly will determine While w P tt ....... t: panlsu 31mister was exists in this case unnea States be ........... ' * ' ' elook ,alt yJJ iA.mi. . .... . ,anu ne neret) is wisn great dread u on ' vViHk notified of the f.tct " , , . directed and , Y . P the possible  I1 . , . lie pompt- % e m,13 l)resume therefore, ]f .,.: ..... empowered. ,o use the destruct,on of some of our w'r " ]-OR lydculan(led his passl)ort , which an invasion of Cuba is made in b"neUd''at3n--nya' to.tees ofthe withtbeircres wednnol f;; :himPS  FICHTs W s ct ,  ant] LO call Into aetnal n  as: ,iven at once "rod he depart- the very near future, that the service of the United St " " me t fear the general result, of a con-, ed witl}, h,s s.uite for Canada that regulars, qnd perhaps an equal militia of the several statesa';Ssull  fl!ethththe Span!sh navy" We be- t  Diseas ".- .even,ng. l'h,s surely was a fair number of ,,'ell drilled, disctplin- an extent as may be necessary to w;ch eau;,;t:nuan'uc =Squadron oft  med/meyi vtn med.icine. If the mtinmtion as to how his m>vern- e<! an.t .... " ...... , ....... carry Ltus resolution into effect ..... v .. pson ]s uommander-  con s nor r,ght he cannot m ,._ . , ....  . " V'lU'l*lvcl volunteers will h- ..... ,,. , ....... " ,-whsef, with a uozen vessels -f ,h. ]  quer d,sea., ,, ,,- - i men ,,om<t itct ,n tt, e l, rem,,, be used. hereb';:;{iscla,,3s the_ U n,ted StatesJ auxiliary fleet, could sink or c,;;t,n,'e/ m g,.+.t does his cl-uty tle':e.,d -ru-g- v e see no reason to doubt the f , . uuv u spositioa or an tie, . .  will be r" e(lClnO '- I uch shouhl be the intention nten ion to exer" 2 ...... Y .el that, Spain can seud onLI 'a ,, .,, zght, and vo i- ,...+,,. , . . , , . . '. . e,s everel nl ' . I- 11/1 ,+ U UCuI truth of the subtance of the dis_ i the desgn to co_o,)era+, a; .... +l,, jur,sd,0t,on or control ..... ..;IAnd we do not underest, matethc  ..,:-- .sta[d a good ch )it( h gn'en s t,) th , , ....  a sland exeet "'" pamsh olllcers and seamen The ' ,,tuning tl3e Vmtor ance of 1_[ ,. ,' e firing out lith the forces of Generals Gar .... p for the paciflcatmnlarebravea ...... ' ; Y  Youcttnl.,- Y" . of B'oodford, though it seems leia and Gomez wo,,V. . a ...... !ereot: and. asserts its determina- I,,a , ,,, ,,uu sunnorn, goou sailors . hav/n ..... ffu,p your,lector lay . , , -.u  uzSvt*S- tl )n Wueu tha " , -.- -- , --, j'utlr )re . " - nul,ke]y tohave been done before ed And +h. : ...... ,.._ , , ....... t s accomphshed, to[ " _ .  ___ here. l scrlptmns filled ....... '/ "  ...... a(l/ng Iorce 'Ff e une government and control of / -- , ......... ['.7_  at.][(U E, . ne ettve/'et tim ultiurttuut lwouh! be landed upon the east the island to Its people." [TO THE PEOPLE O' WI',KINSON   l]['I][j[l.Cy tti!mtwar has begun .is acer-lern, i)robablyth e south eastern rheabove is tile Senate resolutmn / ..... COU2IY"  (o. w..4_[t.- ' lily t II(l trial is what the eodn- coast of (.nhn T+ .. _ ,, reported by it, ..... :.: ...... . 111o 1)lrectors of t le Fair Associa-  "-'Y, ana e-. tr [, ' t  ...... u wt)Ul(l seem. + .... *ajutnuy OI tile then desire to know the sense of h,, "]Voo . .g " ,Y )i ants and wants to know lgood strategy, in he absense of] toreign rela:ions committee last people as to the continuance of ttie ';ATz ..... ._ 1D['I, 11[o at)ottt, an army large enough ta i ...... + I week, excepting ehane of title a,.a An[.ual Fairs. To this end we eat"-" -z";'r - As to tliemoven]ent of theI/,,v ........ , "..-:, ..  "'-' teaddit]onot, .... .,- . "" !]es.t]y nrge ?very ,,ne interested in the . -.,cg./t , . , ...... -,,u uv]te attack Irom I , .... - ,u turin resoluu3n latr to meet file Board of Directors i -- - squ It[IOns anti (oln)anz  , I  lne Vur ie am ounc,l at the t , , : " ,'s ' ' I ' ",., rchtted, B,anco,to so re-enforce the Cuban " P" endment, recomz- -'. , "',., , 'of rt tIouse at 12 o - _ a m=. .... v .----'.----.  no ,ehtnc 'tu,, th = c,ocK, I uesuay Ma l()th ll| I ! " ".' 'e is to be phtced tn such aru,y that any invasion of the " =" e Republic of Cu0a, wh,eh was R M MYGEItEE p,=o I,,flfl  I report,s. The Spanish flect is re- Eastern provinces by the S.-,,n .L ,the minority report of the Senate " ' ' ..... ""JlUlII IiU' JL|ll.l..lfl PI 0 " + ,   1 - z 1 r'JLI . -- -vw HiHi p t(d to havelettCz)ede , return,tree assed th IIIII I +slants cotnin+ ,,( st 'lf ;e'(]e ar,n.y t,sc,arch of food, tn case +to 37 Th:n the r =oe,,ff;e-n-?te b3 ol .Th.e Souther++Field, published at , . ( fl |t , , , " 'd .. our au- or the nlocKacte oi: the northern '.. " . .  ...... ,on as amen- wasnngton ut3, embraces ever, "  /J- "V-. , neu pcsseo uv a vote of 67 to 21 opportunity to build up t m south  No 5 N/'h' " ___ " -IV.I_. V . .',. [ is (levoted to the agrictitural' ,', ",ff  ,r,ln Leaves MelilJhls" '', - - " Viuburg the Brooklyn navy yard 1897.98. A n,,ble eff,,rt will be made to beat it in 1898 99. Hon. Hector D. Lane, l'resident Of the Cotton Groers" Asociauun, died at his home in Alabama, on Tueaday. That .qenator Money was just ifiablc. the lie to Senator Welling uo one who re(ts the co;Ioquy IItween the gentlemen, will doubt. We are uuder ohligations to our Jbl Representative, Hen. W. F. ][ve for repeated Congressional  fa- OtS. And to.ienator Money for hi stmohes on the Cubau questmn. The Times. Dzmocrat is resl)onsihl Ior the statement that one patriotic another in astreet Car by telling him that the tt 3ing adroon was off for the war. Key B%st, will not fool round on any blockading exl)ediions" INCREASE OF TIlE ARMY. It is likely that the regular army will be increased somewhat to l)laee it upon a proper war footing. The three bat:'dion for- clean up the whole business, but m'ttion, or some equivalent, is no doubt also it will not beat- absolutely necessary in warfare at tempted. We feel assured that thisday. Unless romp'roles are]the government will adtted to the regiments that for- / chances of unequal combat take on no mation cannot be made. unless land, any more than it would the number of regiments are re- scatter Capt. Sampson' 's fleet dared, whichshou]d notbe done along the north coast of Cuba before the strong Spanish fleet recently assembled at St. Vin- cent, Cape de Verde Islands, is accounted for, or located days l imnt to Cuba with the first troops lnded on the island, and no doubt President will make him a Major of volunteers. Asst. Secre- y Roosevelt 4as re- posiHon to enter the army, says as aid to Gen Lee. the week there has been the provinces of Pinar del aad Havana, the Cubans attack small forts, which pr,,teet all I towns in the four western ea that hve not been de- abandoned. These at- 7:55 pm B:IU am 6:16 lata 10" Ga 4:20 pm &35 pm ]J:50 la 7:10 m 8 am 5:80 Pm 8:O5 a 5:55 Pm Train rl-- No, 721 leaves Woodville " " leaves Bayou Sara 9 am 11:1) am 12:fi0 pm 1 ;1o __ I,,m 2:35 Pm The only Line - 4:15 pm 2,d1:!::131.'iO]::1.-I ' r,,nn,,, .%,ia 'rr, i,.+. ',e,..,, ar.ry, ng elogant Pullman  -- 'T' Olla :l:m surln.g -Passehgers a s .... uHet Sleeping Cars in For 1. veay ann oomfortabie "o -- both diraetiona, th ' "'.Puete.,a 4"t  J urney. JNO. A. SP(i', Agents orad "rr'ss. Die. Pasa'r Ag k EMPHIs' "P-NESSEE, thorttes have certain infornt.ttion p ,rt,, of Cuba, WOU](I b'.' repelled, and w,:nt to the conference commit- mauufactturing, mining and business ', ,, ,, to lhat effect, the North Atlantic The reguhtr army, now nearly tee of the two IIouses. interests of the country tributary to " Ceat]'vmo fleet, whmh consist of the squad- ,, the Great Southern Railway. The " ' " " " - rons in t lanll)ton R-a(Is and at ready to n love, would be sutticl- The House conferees insisted upon issue jnst r eceive, I contains the f o l- ent for that purpose, striking out the words "are and" in lowing valnable and highly interest- " '. ,, ,, ' Oentreviile The best information indicates th first resolution and the recogni- ing paper on Mississippi, from the " Vicksb,rg that Gen. Blanco has shout 72,- tion of the Republic of Cuba. After ;+  6+ 16 a ' . pen ot Mr. E. E. Floyd, assists ]t ,, ,) ,-, . arnve Memphis __ !irector and agriculturist of tim Mis- I N 000 Slmnlsh soldiers, for duty, in further conference an agreement was smsippi,. Withexperimentour natural+tatin:facilities fo,' I i-+ w'6';'(at]s g'' ' " ' ' the +s]and, attd would h'tve 20,000 reached striking out the Turpie growing cheap feed an,t for raising [ o. 22 D+ volunteers additional. No doubt amendment reeognizteg the Cuban stock, tins branch of farming couhl ] ...... ' ' ' .tun 40,000 U. S., infantry with :de- gnvernment, and retaining the word., easily be made very remnneraive and | -- " arrives Vicksburg, - quate artillery and cavah-y couhl of the first resolution, that is the at the same time of great value in enriching our land. Few, if any, joint resolution as published above, states are so well adapted to the pro- " " arrives ,qlaughter The Senate adopted the conferenee duction or so great a variety of for:g, crops and of asgood quality of hays t , t ,, , g [or report, by vote of 42 to 35, thirty- is Mississippi. With imr wide va,'iet Bavm ,%wa tire senators holding out for the of soils aud miht climate, ever), " ' arrivesWoodville forage plant of any value that is recognition of the Cuban Republic. adapted to the south can .be success- In the House the vote against the frilly grown here. recognition of the present gov., in "The turf oats am-t hairy vetch for winter pasture and Bermuda gras Caba was 178 to 156. 14 Repubh- and lespedeza for summer and fal cans voting with the Democrats pasture, we an easily have good The vote to accept the report ot the e " I grazing tue whole year This is h- I pAty theory. Wc baye at the college confereace corn mittee was practically /beeu practicing tiffs method for see- unanimous, 310 to 6;5Rep. and l'eral.ears. away from Cuba. Dem. "If the oats and vetch are sown the latter part of Augt,st or about the A T BENED|CT,, '"-- 1st of September, they will furnish Of course, the suppositions By this time, presumably, the je]- good grazing from the ndd(lle of No- here made may be all wrong. The at vemberuntil thelst of May, and by ly-fish which has misrepresented this the 1st of May the Bermuda is ready V[ANUFACTuR.ER, RI.pAIRER AD DZALER or eighty thousand men within what Congress and the people think I August until the middle of Novemt)er + audmoreofteu uutiltbeJast of De- " Hg]]6S tbe next three weeks along the about the deLrnctioa of the Mainecember, the lespedeza will fnrnish  J gulf coast and throw them oe]l and her crew, and the penning up/excellent grazing, t "Lespedeza not only has great ,d,d,e])  .o mel] upon the Cttban coast near and starving of non Combatants in power to withstaud long droughts, .) tIavana, and march upon that Cuba. Gen'l. Woodford is said tn but will carry more cattle and furnish ,/1gent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA00N8 city at once. A great considera-/be a nice old gentleman socially, but more nutritious feed. per acre, on + then, the speedy ending of the lh e has proved himself to be the most we have. Now, with this combina- The Best and LIGHTEST RUNNIN(} WA(]0N Made. poor laud, than will any other grass Which are universally acknowledged to be . war, might and probably wouldundoubte d and universal dlplomatlc [ion of oats, vetch, Bermuda and result from such a movement. " - lespedeza for pasture, not to mention ass that ever represented a great cow--eas alfnt ,...( But one thmg is evident as yet to country inEurope. I toe,'- JohnsonV ...... grass' .... andClver'a numbermelh'of Agent for F(AZI ER, ROAD and SPEEDINO 0ART, whir the public; the government is o. - ]h3 s VlllUable grazing and forage are great favorites among Horsemen. preparing as fast as possible to CONCENTRATION of the army has ] p , perfectly adapted to this stale, I feel 1]o hcsifancy in sayiug AOENT FOR THE throw an army into Cuba. been progress for the past few days. t!mt we can raise cheal)er beef, '' ['J ("']' '"L'J" r, ."'L f''rpr,, .,D.-----__ Eight regiments of infantry will be cneaperp(!!.k, cheaper mutton and cheaper rank and butter than cat] the The Jackson Limbless Cotton assembled at New Orleans, seven at northern people." humbng has been pretty thoroughly Mobile and seven at Tampa. The  __ The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Feuoingin the lgailmd lttate ,) exposed But perhaps Jackson artillery and cavalry, with infantry, /'e tae pleaszre in ] art'ular attentmn paid to re-covering and rigging made enough off of the gullible to will go into camp at Chicamaugua I anounci.,ff to ozr lay, ' 3L"e:00:a00 l00add 1008. , reach his objective point--indepen- battle field. Some of these troops  All work done prolllptly and at lleasoaable rates. denee of five cen . cotton, have reached the places mentioned t patrns that on31"onda, l " ay 2nd, 1898, we wdll Woodvflle, Miss., Sept. 189P tf --'-------- and others are on the way. Atlanta/have ottr The State Board ot Health held TRESPASS NOTICE oould be readily in- small--too small to be effective any strength desired, and shouht be recruited in the double the national states to at least the oJd standard is now the headquarters of the De, 31RRHL S0V1/RIR Dy I 64 men. Coml)anies of 100 or an important meeting in ffacksoa on partment of the Gulf with Brig.Gem I more men wou)d be more eflici-1 Tuesday. A long set of resolutions Graham in command. No doubt, lat whiehtime we cordial. dangerously ill ent.  e do not know wh'tt -td-I were adopted and their carrying out, when war is declared the State troopsIlY invite the pzblie to. resulting from an at- vice the Department has given to/it is believed, will prevent shot u will be ordered into camp to perfect/vi8it OUr -ElporillTb of] to .... quarantines a every cross-road in their organization and ia:rease their fashion. Foirs truly, I I is feared he ean- the state autborities in refer-  .. . -g n ,ence to this matter, but tt is the'lease of aa  ...... permanentlY,all the peoplebUt ofWetheinl/aru.ingneXt mat/erand in importance to I ' el aemle or yeuow zeyer., efficiency. Preparations for the in. ,/]/I. t00othschild # Bro. with equipping the state I ------,+t-,- ]vasion of Cuba, if it Is lhe intention 4 22 2w. / mstearnestlyhpetherwise'Itr')('psproperly. If the regunents / 'fH,: R,WR at Vieksbur,,,.as 9, andnt:d nc::dn;:h;i;l:;editntj:;;doCl:r i L could apare a man of hm of natmna[ guards were rec, rnited Wednesday evening 48 ,i .   t umber! Lum -,ber. ' and fine ability less now to ful! strength no dout)t the will go a few inohes hohe " as time in the hist,)rv of the foree ould be increased to over !. .  ,r. "lhat many seem to think. LagR+ A Tnnes-Demo- 200,000 men. From t)resent ip +s very hJgh water but the levies aret - - - I . o " " " " ' " '" h I " " " . , J am prepared to fill'al dicatlons thts for<e with the re-, o dmq all rght as vet we are la a 7;) cents buys ,,ou - a ..... 1o,. t, ..... ; . .. I orders in 1}1 f(,l;t; "+" tv; say. lhe water+is runnin;ou: I;/:ittr,e ( %a:( z , -t,t,-emss ....... ,u,.t-o mr a,,,, C, ul r 3t,t,5. " " ] the I '' ebY the Manhattan . P ,p,e,s Lu,n etd of Thursday says the sh a! irt +lS Walthatt have al,an-I troaop t ,boear d MtlllilrOn Wooj!vll!etnd Ciinto, . , " g ' nmeut may .ry ral)idl v and in a fru. d,,,o +n ........ " i rs everywlere ask , .. teen miles south-east ......... z ,,,,:t a0 for them but Woodvlle of +. ' - half the money I require, dauger will be past. take them at Rothschild's. " I HENRY S/MMON,g. 4 ')" -,, IgR ly, new round bale processes will on sale. One of th,m ,t. Compress Co., will sell out- inners A description of thin method witl be given next week. Supreme Court l)eeis]ons. Eva A. Teager vs. John F. Jenkins, from Ctrouit Court of Wilkinson cnunty, I,verd and remanded. J.D. Rei ly Va. J. R. Carter, from same or; same order. L-ll]g COTTON PLANTERS JOURNAL for ril ia a rery valuable number tO notion growers, buyers and sell- er, ao ia fact, is every number of thla pubheation that we have seen |t Ie published monthly at Mernplda, a year and shouhl b in the of every iatelligeut farmer. (}ell. Fitz Lee evidently wishes to at this time, if atall. The dila- tory action of Con'ress ]n respect to army reorganfzation is as short ighted as their action is indis- pensable to preservation of the army. With reference to the volun- teers to be called out,the War Department will act judmiously, as was anticipated. The national guards, as the orgamzed portion of the State militia; will be invit- ed to enlist in the service of the United States for the war. They will then be volunteers, will be / m'e indicative of the rel)onse I on the same footing as the regu- made to Gen'l. 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