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April 20, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 20, 1973

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/ Page 4 ..... -, ..................................... Rosetta News AAICC|IDDI IllTl(lg&apos; ! Rev. Clyde Arender announces IVII,,),.)A.J*,,III|I ,,11L-1%  that Easter Sunrise Services will ,  be held at 6 a.m. at Crosby .  United Methodist Church. Ev- by Paul Plttman  eryone Is invited .to attend. i Mrs. France Breedlove visited i! J Mr's. Jean Smith in Natchez -- I Friday and Saturday. ' 'tO, (Paul an resumes!writer, compa.ring Waller  I Mr and Mrs. Elton Perry of ,, ' weeklformer .governor J P comma , _ ". . , writing Ou.tlook .this : _^ I Gonzams, ua visited Mr and after ,a months bsence while in this light, is mucn admlcd . "  " round the over Mrs. Mmky Perry sunday. he recuperated from an oper-]and quoted a . g -  - - ation.) . no,r's office these days. . is ClI:?adE' aWrivCdlas:Fride:/e: In spite of the glowing reports But .the t legls!twe , t visit Mrs Graver Day for this Perry, Carla Vaughn. Lisa Ross. n le lslators *took home ,to quite differenL Power .s ge- eok ' ma y g r " so'  . Gay Callendar, Scott Conerly, their cons,tituen'ts .about the ac-, ring things done, one Hou complis,hments of the recent I membe, r snorted. "The governor LiaJhn Sterling,TemplEtn'Terri Bellue.Janet RickyJelks z 1973 session, the truth of it is lec.uldnt muster the votes o that the session, more than any get anything ps.ed. But. he did in recent years, opened deep'Lhave enough to muddy the wounds which probably wlll not water." heal ,as long as Gov. Bill Waller And he adds, "At least Cole- remains in the chief executive's man knew where he was office, headed Oov. Waller, no doubt, could Historically, here is nothing The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mbs;ss;ooi Name Honor Roll For Centreville Academy Pr'.neipal Hlllery Hcrne of Cer.,treville AEademy has an- nounced tke honor roll .tudents for the past six weeks term. They nctude : First Grade: B 'Mack Brown. Jill Clark Wendy Clark. Dar- rin James, Rus, ty LipsEomb, Billy Martin, EBrenda Kay McGraw. Roxanne MCKEy. Second Grade: A Gayle Jhnston, Kevin Seal. B---Lisa f Frldav, April 20, 1 l LETTERS To The Editor 3G50 Harrison Street Baker. Louisiana March 27. 1973 Bear Mr. Lewis: Just want you to know much I e:tjaycd the PI1 edition of 'fhe Woadville Re ]ican. It was very and idl'ormative --- cspee.ially s:cc { irn abaul Judge McGehee and' the lebtel's ab'.;ut Bowling Green. I also enjoy reading the s'el aside each week for reli I Mrs. Marie Wisner and chlNI news. and use the verses dren of Jackson, La., visited Mr. I fat" daily Bible readi::g. and M m. Lloyd, Jr., I Hous!ey, Shirley Pools, Phill,ip A subscription to the Wednesday. McKey, Jean Jelks. Carla Cody, ELI B}ATS A BEAUTY -- Eli :Thitaker .proudly hefts lhe 3-pound ville l=aper was given to me Mrs. J,oe Mathis vi:slted her ,Lori Netterville Gary Whet- {hess which h caught last weekend in an area farm pond. Eli said a gift. anti I look forward son-in-law and daughter. Mr. stone, David Ccrrban, Lisa Dal- that he hooked the lunker while fishing with a shiner from a Iecelving ib each week. and Mrs. Robert Craighead, in ran. l)irogue. Eli and the fish had a mighty battle, during which the Sincerely yours, Monroe. La.. the pa'st week. Third Grade: A__Kris Clark. fisherman took a dunking when his boat turned over, but e Talmadge Carter Jeffrey Sturdtvant of Hous- Rus.sell Conemly, MargaretO'- finally landed the trophy-size beauty, as attested above. ton, Texas, s visiting his grand- Quin. B Julie Bellue, Jonathan ' soothe 'the trLoubled waters some new about friction that has rparens, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Campbell, Georgia Cavin, Way, no ...................................................................... 50 YEARS AGO Hiram News by wielding a light toue.h wi'th developed between the legisla - G. Sturdivant, fo,ra week. Huusley, Vicki Hughes. Ken Th Fi[ Of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Williarn's his veto power between now'rive and the executive branches Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M. Priest Jelks. Duane Martin. Christy FrOm e es of Baton Rouge returned to Word has been received and Apr,ll 18 *hen the deadline of state government. Indeed, and Children of St. FraneisvillelRyals. Lisa Templeton, Clift,n __ --. their home on M,nday morning friends here of the bilr,th of fcx vetelng legislative aetion l.the con,stltuttonal prelrogatives visited her mother. Mrs. Louise] Van Cleave. Anita Wright. lhe Republican after a pleasant visit to he.." little daughter to the Rev. roll's around, ella,ted to both pr, cbably h.el, p Day, and Mr. and Mrs. C harlie Fourth Grade: ,AJeanne paren,ts. Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Mrs. Joe Strahan. Bro. Stra, hi .But even at that, %he schism to encourage periodic skir- Brabham, Jr.. Sunday. Fools. B--Mike Adams. Nona "Baelward, turn backward, Chambers. is now pastor of Fyffe which has steadily developed mishes. ! Mrs. G. C. Strain o.f Durant Hughes, Seattle James, Joe Lips- ,between legislators and the One modern day twist to the vatted Mr. and Mrs. Joe MetAls comb. Marry Longmire, Reva Oh 'rime, in thy flight .... " riverThe onSteelt,hebrigeprentissVerHig'hway isBUffal ChurChemployedat Fyffe,in heAiabama' governor apparen:tly is going Waller style is his preoccupation Tuesday. McGuire. Sarah Mills. Billy ........................................................................ was opered to traffic on Sun-and recreation area of ,to get worse before it ges with a decided ,populist political Mrs. Rabble Arnold and Mrs. Rogers, Connie Walker. better. And the governor's philosophy. In defending the Charlte Bra*bham visited Mr. and Fifth Grade: A--aulie Clark, I 25 YEARS AGO daYof automobilesand as a resultfrom Waod.vlle.hUndreds Grace.Church" The little girl is hinted veto of key legislative small .loan bill, opposing a tax Mrs. Murdoek Havard and Joey Dawn Jelks. B Betsy Easter- I Mrs. Hannah Joseph, Mr. and Centreville. Gloster and Natchez I Visiting Mrs. items, if it devLelOps, will have reform measure and calling f,or i,n McComb Thursday. ling, Kim Jelks. Theresa Jahns-  Mrs. Ernest Dampf and Miss passed over it during the day. [ Longmire have been her the effect of the rift a $20 exemption on automobile Mr. John Hauer of Part Gib- ton. Michelle Phillips, Ma'rk'Frances Goslinski spent the day A number of cars from Natchez dren, Dr. and Mxs. Jack that became so apparen,t during tags, for.instance, the governor son visited his brother-in-law Propst, Kim Smiley. last SundaF in Glo.ster with visited Woodville and as many mire. and Mr. and Mrs. the pa*t few mon'ths, invoked hi.s desire to do some- and sister, Mr. and Mrs. George Sixth Grade: B--Lorle Anders. Mrs. Anna Joseph and Mr. and. we;t o Natchez from this town. Jones of Quitman, TexaS, In all fairne,s, there are two thing for the "little man." Greer. Sunday. Paula Barnes. Patrick Camp- Mrs. Louis Kahn. this week Mr. and Mrs. sides ,to the story. Key Waller But some flsea,1 experts in the James Sturdivan,t. student at bell, Edwa'rd Causey, Wall, age I The Board of Mayor and A1- aides echo he line that he legislature grumble that ,the Northeast Louisian.a Universi:ty, Cenerly, Cathy Etherldge, DLar- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lewis, 'dermen of this town is publish- Lngmire arc spending governor apparently likes--hat so-called "little man" doesn't Monroe, is home for he Easter ryl Gallent, Holli Knighton, Jr., of StreE were weekend ling an ordinance in this issue spring holidays from school is ,that ,his differences with the pay .hls s.hare of the axloafl holiday.s. He was given ,a trophy Terry Mann, Larry Mills. Roy guests at the home of 1)or I for the building of sidewalks iting here. .leglsl'ature .stem .from he fact anyhow, and meaningful ax for mos,t improved defensive Perkins, Karen Pools, Mollie' mat.her. Mrs. A. W. Carter. fin our town This is a mosL pr,a- I Mrs. Prenia Taylor and that ,he is bringing a measure reductions must be geared to player in spring training. Rollins, Edmond Seal, Gaff Mrs. D. H. Wallace has been gresive move and one that exert, Jan and Rickey, of ,authority to the chief exec-Ithe middle class Mississippian Mrs. Odell Day was ho.nored Simpson, David Vine. Angola away from home for the past should' 'reEeive universal aP- dena. Texas. .pent the utive's Office whic,h as been to be effective, with a .blrthday buffet dinner Wheeler, Laurl.e Wrig,ht, Mike week. She went to New Orleans proval from our people, Tile with her mother and sister. ,lacking in recen, t terms, i Whichever side is right, it is on Sunday at her home. Out- MeDaniel. last Thursday for a short visit board has so planned it that Helen Cavin and Mrs. In fae,t, a recen, column by a ta fact that some of vhe meas- of-town guests for ,the occasion Sevent'h Grade: BRonnie to her brother, Mr. John Watt, concrete walks will be placed on Floyd. Mrs. Cavin .was up, veteran Ml:s'sissippl political ures the governor has opposed included Mm. and Mrs. Morris Barnes, Ted Dalferes: Leisa and. from there to Vicksburg one or both sides of eve,ryprom- feeling' well. Mrs. Taylor Edward Day and children, Mr. Koc,h, Timmy McKey. Jimmy i'er several d,ays with the inent treEt in the town. Jan vsitefl Mrs. and Mrs. Chlarles R. Bass and Pools. Christian family at All Sai'nts Nothing addsto the convenience Longmire Saturday Th children of Albuquerque, New Eighth Grade: B--DonE,ater- College. and appearance of a town more e Mexico, Mrs. R. L. Allen, Mr. ling, Myrn,a Reynolds. Jonn;ie Mr. a.nd Mrs. William B. than goad sidewalks and streets. and Mrs. Robert McCaffee of Lyn James, Ellen Caulfield. Withers motored to New Or- so we heartily endorse this pro- CATCHtNGS GOOD LUCK Vicksburg, Mrs. John H. Day Ninth Grad'el B--Teresa Ste-leans for the day latst Sunday. gressive movemen,t by our City and Mrs. Jo Gall Loftin a, nd vens, Tanya Priest. BennyP,ole, Mx. Svend Treppenda'bl pen,t Fathers. Insurance Agency daughter of Natchez. Many Eilee'n Phipps, Llnda Hughes. the of this week *in New "/5 YEARS AGO Phone 888-4591 St friends vi,sited du,ring the day Tenth Grad'el A--Susan Rob- Orleans attending a meeting of Our trains left a li,ttle la.ter P.O. Box'3 ore to extend best wi's.hes, ericson. B--Ann Crapbell, ,Lois General Electric dealers, th,an rthe USUal scheduled time Misses P, auiette ,ad Argela Frazle,r,:. , Housle',.:Jm ...... Mr: "ad" .Mv. , 'Jos, Oecrge 'of uring this' entire week. The Woodville, Miss Pc,man of Smithdale ViSLited Jelks, Christy Jenkins, Sherry Baton Rouge are expected to schedule has not as yet been Shoes Jeans their father, Mr. Paul, Mann., Pa, ttie O'Dell, Cathy spend the weekend here with e,ha,nged and no early pros,pecvsl P/O Mutual Insurance Sr.. Sunday. . Rish Darryl Vines. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M of its :being so on account of the  Phone 352-88i5 Eleventh Grade: B--Sandra Miller Ladies', Children's, Men's would h,ave tended to dilute the Boatner, .......... BEtsy Field, Stoney I M,o=o'-: t,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,u-a ..... m arrivingSmall pOXis scare.the same.The time for Jackso.n., MIss. LoIun, Emily omns power of his office. Some of ' . ILeake ,are at thei, r 'home here Generally speaking the ire - Automobile Ready-To-Wear these include the Cagitol P,e- Twelfth Grade" B--John .n- ...... ........ land Missies Lefla and Joyee weabher for he ps,t week ]a,as Planning Commisslon anc the aerson, ta rlan, uenle w,m-  .......... ' '- " h r 1 lamp-in' a% 'ono, mr a s'nor, been unusually fair and brightl Li00e - Bonds aer Debbie ODeft, C e y , , rs s Man, owe, Tra.ining Program. , ' .... t from their con 'es a and a great amount of workwas' And, at earlter ,move to make Schrimpf. studen,ts ,at Mississippi Sout.hern no .doubt done by our farming l Oliver W. atehlngs, St, "Our Prices Are Still he state highway commission College. communlty. I appointive rther than elective, Lucky For You" drew fire from several quarters Mars Hill News on the ground,s tha it woul give the governor's office too We are sorry the Mrs Kill much control" over the vast news notes were lst somewhere Centreville, Miss. amounts :s;pen,t for highway ,cn the wa,y last week. construction, Mr. Walter Cavin is back . home ow recuperating ,fter being ,hospitalized for a Field, Memorial. We hope he will soon be feelin'g fine again. Mrs. Cavin has been sick, .too. but is feeling beer now. l%cent guests af the Louis rnolds were Mr. and Mrs. Da-  vid Felter and Misses Frances Long Distance ,,,, and Karen Stuart..all of Baton Rouge, Mr. and .Mrs. Gor- don Rmer of Roseta, Mrs. " Fred Holden of Baton Rouge, ts forlove and Mrs. Emma Bryant. . Sunday guests of Mr. andMrs. Walter Cavin were M,r. and Mrs. Rus,sel Ford of Wo,odville, Mr. Cara"00n00 i ' A lovln' phone call is the best thing.., and Mrs. Clyde Nettles,' and Mr. [[0 ":'! next to being there.., and when you're in and Mrs. Mar.,is Nfles of Silver I . _,.11' : -- "' love no one wants to count the cost. But you Creek, Misses Sherry ,and W,anda - -.. can havea lot of visits by phone for the cost Cavin and Miss Jnet Carter and a friend of Baton Rouge, of one trip. For extra savings dial direct the fast, Miss Mmry Ashley, Mrs. H. Ig.  aiP" Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. Eu- ,,,,,,...,,,, personal 1-plus way. gone Prltchard. i, - Isn;t there some one who would love to Mrs. Mettle Whitehead and hear from you tonight? daughter, Mrs. Mary Frances Havard, of Natchez were recent : . v,l'sltors to Mrs. Florence Cavin. Vislln,g Mrs. Kennon Ashley ,. over ,the weekenei were aer ieces,' Misses Sherry ahd Wan- da Cavln and Miss Janet Carter ,.,,.,a Love that Long Distance o, Baon Rouge. ,,',,w,,,,,,,.,.., .- Mr. ,and Mrs. Elvin Perry, Jr., i..,,.,,,.s,,,,,,, , ,,,., and: hr t'.,01/wl,tt % 'D" of Natchez ,we*re weekend guests ti 'of their parents, ,Mr. and Mrs. ,:.,,.,r. On  I  0 Elvln Perry, Sr., and Mr. and |',&|.*llrflmhi,.,n Mr,f Eddy Murray. ,*-,.,,,,,, Crl'll We are orz 5'o hear h,at ,..,m Mrs. John Arnold is till in Jeff Davis Hospital in a serious Th0 Johri Dee.le (i'lenera|K)r II Caravan , :rmgm 9 ,300rt(l,,Ideaa yot. cond,tlon ad .ope that she wll.l wy] At OUt' bg Caravr, ShOW yOU' II g@t)o know|our Oyr',am<: t$w $ound..Idoa l"aciot ,- from tAG )nsde ou!! KnOWledgeable ., soon be better. "[ JOhm.Deere rpremmat,v$ on hand witt a(tual, working culaav , ROSETTA rtlo.dlelS O IX.. LRive .loAn Deere irmovalors rnake hiS a "'ontd Bell Mr. ,and Mrs. Wayne I-Iawr ,11 I gene,tion" opportunity. Dotf! m,, i, - you,Iriet, d, won',' South Central and, son, WaY.e. Jr., of Natchez visi.ted her parents and g, rad- fther, Mr. and Mrs. Iverson Th y A il 26th IVli,,,,,Ipp|peoplokeepingyoaintouch Murray v u|saa , pr , at