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April 20, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 20, 1973

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""ra, ..&apos;<! ?0_  7o., RAYMOND WALSH I JUNIOR I. R. CLUB IIEARS CLUB HOSTESS [TALK ON CItILDREN'S IIOME | The Irwin Russell Club met  A large nu.mber of guests Friday, April 13th .at The joined members of the Junior with Mr.s. Raymond Irwin Russell Club last Friday as hostess. There were aftern2on at the home of Mrs. members .and one guest, A. W. Treppendahl with Mrs. Huber't Curry, present for E. aM. Kee. Jr., as co-hostess for The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi LOCAL STUDENT WINS I HOLY WEEK SERVICES l Crosby News SCHOLARSHIP AT MSCW t AT ST. JOSFPII'S Sunrise Services In Crosby Columbus -- More t,han 35 The Holy Week observance I Tile Baptist and United Mettl- scholarships, some ranging in ,hedule at Sl. Joseph's Catholic odL% Chu:ches of Crosby will value up Lo $1,00D, were awarded Church her.c i; as follow,s: to students during Awards Day Cummemcration of the Lo, rd's have Sunrise Services on Sun- on April 5 at Missis:ippi State' Last Supper, Thursday, April 19. day, Aprll 22, at 6 am. at the 7 p.m. I Crosby United Methodist Church. College for Women. Judy Ham- mack of W.o.odville received the I Commemoration of Jesus The services will be outside, $250 Louise Eskri.gge Crump. Christ's sorrowful journey, weather permitting. Rev. S. P. Award. Judy, .a junior majoring Crm, ifixion and death on the tIi:'ks from the Baptist Church in English, is tile daughter or c,oss. 3:a p.m. Frlday. will bring the message, and the Mrs. Ellis Hammock of Route 1. I Rcsurreetim] Service. ttoly music will be under the direc- Woodville. 2aurday, 7 p.m. Lion of Roy, Clyde Arender of the Methodist Church. EveLryone I All m,;u'b::s of our commu-. 11ily are invited to tiese services, ts invited to attend the service. of an. :.dulL house mother or ::J matter in what manner they Boy Scouts Attend SAFE DRMNG AWARD Page 3 Centreville News (Continued from Page 2) CENTREVILLE JAYCETTES TO IIOLD BAKE SALE The Centreville Jayeettes un- der the leadership of Jheir president, Mrs. Michael Stewart, are sponsoring a B,ake Sale to be held in the parking lot of Parkmeadow Shopping Cen,ter, Centreville. on, S'atur&ay, April 21, begl, nnin,g at 10 a.m. "lhe aaycettes invite y0u to shop for your Easter cakes, pies and candies at their s,ale. occasion, a meeting at which Mr. Alonzo cou::le with 14 to 16 ch,ildren to serve Christ as His f.allowers. ;pring Camporee The program chairman for Welch spoke on the aims and a home. The grounds are well .................. Crosby Boy Scout Troop 128 ] Vlsi.t"ng in the home of Mrs. Mrs. J. A. Massey, acomplishments of the Sunny- li?4hted and provide a chapel, attended the annum Spring Jim Barker over the weekend guest speaker Mrs. Curry, brook Children's Home a.t Mad- swimming po,al and clothing ;UNRISE EER'glCES AT Camporee at Percy Quinn Sta,te were her son-in-law and d.augh- did a program on the his- 1son He was accompanied by store among its facilities. I!N.VON taAPTIST CIIURCII Fork April 13-15 for the Andrew ter, Mr..and Mrs. Edward S'mitt, of Fort Adams. Mrs. Curry Mrs. Welch and was intr,aduccd Old-time discipline prevails Jackson Council of Boy So,outs and son, Da,nny, of' Baton by pa.ssing around a post- by his sister-in-law. Mrs. Fred with the aim "of giving a sound gaoler will be observed at of .america. Clarence M. Dunnam, Rouge; her son, Mr. Edward with a picture ,of the 1927 Netterville, program chal,rman, mental, zp:ritual .and social Union i-'.apList Church on High- T1]e troop had 100 percent Conzervation t e ch nician of Barker, and son. Rusty, of Den- wate;r in Fort A,dams it OF.crated as a foundation un- l:aekzround. 'r:,e,'e are no de- way 503. Cro::by, w;th a s12ecial representation at the camporee. Woodvllle, at left, was presented ham Springs, La.; and Mr. and ,almost have ,been dated der the guidance of the Ohurch nominational restrictions. An :u:tri:e on Sunday morn- Those going were Scoutmaster Mr, s Charles Cxnton and gra.nd- The Mississippi River a of C,flrist. Sannybrook was char- effort is made to see that the :z]'g, pril 22. a 6:0,0. All a,re Mickey Petty, Will Hughes, Rob- a 15-year @ale Driving Award at dough,for. ,Laurie, of Baton ime ran by the foot of tercd in December lg63 under children are well dressed, and invited to "tttOl]d. er[, t:ardin. Rickey Butler, Deron a ecent .meeting of Soil Con- R:uge. bluff and a fort was built the leadership of Mr. Weleh and or those who do well in ,scho:l On Saturday ailernoon. April Petly, Wes:s Hughes, Jennlngs servatlon Service empl.yees an Mr. and Mrs. J. P. MarsMis the Spanish. The earli- beganoperating the next momh a chance at college is made. 21. [kere will be an egg hunt Farman. Wade H, ughes, Larr B.,rookhaven. The award was and mothe;r, Mr,.'. era M.arsalis, sett.lement in the county was with six little children. Today avnilab!e. A personal in'forest on the church .grounds for all Grce!;e. Asistant Scoutmaster presented by Roy D. King, area} had as weekend house guests Mr. here in 1698 'by Father that numbc:r has swelled to ap- extends into adulthood when children be.g'.nnig at 4:00. Fol- Gr(g &re!ilL John Hardin, an& conservationist, Sou.thwes.t Mls-i 'and Mrs. Norwood McCoy and In 1764 a Major Loftus proximately a hundred. The they are encouraged ,to retutrn lowing the egg hunt the ladies Davy Smith. sIssippi. Mr. Dunnam was eom-]daug hter, Lor'aine, of New Or- am.bus,bed by the Tunics children at Sunnybrook come to vlsit, and space is provided ef the church will serve supper The Scouts left Friday after- mended for having ,driven a leans, Mr. Law.ton Robbins of and the settlement be- frmn broken t:,omes and fall into for this purpose, including their fc,auring deep f:'ied chicken and r::an, despite overcast skies, .,o government vehicle during th, is Clinton, La.. Mrs. Emme,t$ Rob' known .as Loftus Heights. ether categories which render families, i'i:: ]] prepared a the ehu,reh by :each the camp early since their time without a prevents,tie ac- bins of Baton Rouge, and Mrs. the name was changed to them unadoptablc. Mr. Welch thanked club mere- tile men uncle:" the guiding hand projects didn't begin until Sat- ciden.t. He was also commended Evelyn Wilson of Galveston, Ad.ams in honor of Presi- Mr. W, elch's .avid in,rest in b,'rs: again for the pregents the of Mr. Alt:n Alh'ed. urday. SatuYday morning the for his a.afety-conselsusn'ess ,and Texas. Adams. In the early days t!ae welfare of homeless child:ren child,con were sen.t at Christmas. All services will be under the eouLs worked on .the projects was encouraged to maintain MLss Irma ut,'.er vs,ited in the settlement a road was springs from personal experi- With the rapidly :swelling num- direetlon, of }:ev. Warrcn Whir- for this camporee cleaning the this good reco,rd. In order to the home of her sister. Mr.,=. Es- ter of children to be provide,'t aker, pastor. ,Nature Trail and the qualify for .this award, Mr. Dun- tel!e Racliff, and fm,lly in Lib- for the home welcomes any ................ bridges on the trail a.t Percy had to d,rlve an average of erty Sunday. Chroug, h .the ,hills toward once, he said. Lef fatherless at, and this was the be- a yea.r and a ha!f. he, Coo, was of the Natchez Trace. :, up like these children Adams was a thriving in a foster home. A grad.uaCe during riverboat days and of the University of Mississippi, ,the famous steamboats Mr. Welch became an English stop:s here for passengers teacher and was a minister for personal or material assistance IQu.nn. Saturday night the,re was 2,000 m:les per year and observe which comes their' way. Per['y|own ews a group meeting of all the I safety rules and regulation's.. For .the occasion, handsome Souts who attended, and i arrangemen, ts of mixed spring Mr. and Mrs. Barney Hazlip awards were presented. The flowers featuring bearded Iris visited theist .,:an-in-law and Crosby troop was presented a and Verrbena enhanced the living daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth blue ribbon for their proficient Complete and sun rooms and for,med the Leake, and family in Clayton, ca,rap site. Tilen the Crosby INSURANCE troop we,.s presented a special Coverage Protection PLUS Servicel Be Sure------ ------In=ure With FOSTER Insurance Agency 888-4362, Woodville This Coupon Good For freight. The .town was in-25 yea;rs, and suppo;rted a- 8unnybrook, which began with a large dance hall: wo  an old residence and 35 acres I massive centerpiece on the din- La.. S;turday. Baptist and Catholic; I of land is now a million doll.or lna ra:m table. A pink anti.white [ Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson and so., Ienaie, Of Me,crab and Mr. doctors and a weekly project. T.:e children are housed checked cloth .trimmed with land Mrs, Ernest Fynn Brown The Fort Adams in five modern home:s, on a organdy ruffles and lace cove;red I,t was the setting fo.r family unit plan with a farm the table Mrs,, George Nichola: Iv:qted Mr. :n:t M'.:. WiN sward fc,: .their aiding in the recent flood here in Cro;by. The troop was prese.nted a Cer- tificate of Appreciation and 15c at Burnham's Concession Stand Next to Centrevme Motors Centrevllle, Miss. I Y I E. Hale's "Man Without!unit three miles away for {.he '" anti Evans Wall's older boys Tiny children are God." , p!aced in foster hames antil team from the Sm:ithsonian I they reach school age ,and can excavated several years I rejoin their brother,s .and sisters and found the :found.aLiens i:n a home under the supervision fort and .,mne arti- 'Mrs. Curry chewed a plan gram the guests were seated location of the fort. 8h.e]around a table centered with a displayed an old: ledger lovely arrangement of spring gave a pi, cture .through the f].:wers. A delicious .party plate parchased of life in the was :ervcd. g.h 18,0's. 'I'1t.' next mcetip.g will be on conclusion of this most '/{,pri'l 27{I" at the lx0m, e of Mrs. ,and in.formative pro- J. M. Sessions. served chicken salad at one end 'en and family Sund.ay. each boy a special slide for his of the table and Mrs. Ch,arles f Guests in the home of Mr. Scout neckerchief. The Scouts Whetstone coffee and tea at the 'and Mrs. Fharcah Per,ry Sunday are very proud of this award.. other Completing the party fate were Mr..and Mcs. Elan Pe.rry The Scouts returned home of Gonzales. La.. and Mrs. and Saturday night. were party san:lwiches, pecan Mrs. Mlcky Perry and e hildret ,tarts and cheese straws " ta,.d Mrs. Tho!a Hazlip and The club will meet so'sin on daughter, Beverly, of Natchez. Miss Fatty Molloy will be vls- Thursday, Aprlt 2& at the Fre Guests of M:r. and Mrs. Barney itina her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nebterville house on Lake St. Iraz, lip Sunday were ,Mrs. L. H. M, all oy, for the Easter Jotm with husband as gue,ses, once Locke and her daughter L holidays. Co-bootes,sos wltt] Mrs. Netter- 'in-law. Mrs. Philip Locke, of Mrs. Helen, Molloy and ville will be Mrs. S. B Curry, I?:{.on'-.e. 2u:t Mr.'and Mrs. Naomi Cahoon drove cars to the Mrs. David .,:amlctte. ML:.sIppi .Jun,or "Historical $o- " Ch,arles ' Wletstone and Mi's. ........ ' I ' .. MZ.:' and Mrs. Larr H!{=ard .of Charles Seal, Baton Rue spent the day Mc, ndsy with their mot.her. Mr:s ietys Convention la:t $,tur- d.ay. Accompanying hem ,were Mrs. Freddy Nelson, Mrs. Sarah / Squire Shop. WILKINSON COUNTY'S FINEST MEN'S SHOP extends to all "r- > ./ ' ,a ,", Parkmeadow Centreville Prices Effective Thurs. thru Saturday, APRIL 19 - 21 " " 2 oz. McCormick Sunshine  303 Autocrat DOG FOOD GREEN LIMA BEANS 23c | 303 Autocrat Whole or C. S. 25 Ibs. li YELLOW CORN 21c $3.25 303 Autocrat '"'- GARDEN PEAS 2 for 35c 303 Autocrat TOMATOES 23c Emma Perry. Smith, Wllma Bateman, Sandra Mr. Dean Murray, son of Mr. estic. Dionisia Trim, and mem- and Mrs. Jr tim R. Murray, had bers of the Mill-Creek Historical the misfortme t,o fall at school[ Soclety: Elaine Smith, a,ll and in.lure his arm. We sendlS*mlth, Lynn Jackson. Joy Lynn get we[1 wishes to him for a]Smith, and Linda Molloy. After qJcefly rceovery. ]the meeting,s the group toured Mrs. Hazel Hazlip and Miss the Old Capitol' Museum in Dorothy Adams were in Natchez Jackson. The conve.n.tion was at Friday on business and visited Mississippi College ab Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Byron H.azlip and Did'ya kuow: There were nine family, sovereigns, regimes, or ,govern- Mr. J,a,mes Ander:s of Natchez ments whieh ruled In this '...'.'pbnt the day Friday with his re.glen. paz, bnts, Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Any persons with news or a A nders. 'aet for the Crosby news, please Mrs. Ntna Stv,rdivant was c.all me, Will Hughes, ,at 639- happy te have he, r son-in-law, 48'83. ,and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kent Mr. Zeke Petty of Tarve,r, Thompson of Natchez, here this Ga., and Mr. and Mrs. Wagon week vhile they were on vaca- Pa,rr of Jas,per, Fla., ,sited In Lion to help the others work the homes of Mickey Petty and on her new .hmne. family and Mayor Kenneth Mrs. Em,a l%riy saent soy- F,e.t,ty and f.amlly April 6, 7 and era,l .days lasto week vW, ting her 8. ]sen-in-law and daughter, Mr. nd Mrs. Everette Thompson, in ,and Mrs, Elvln Perry, Jr., of Fa.yette. Na'tchez. Gue.sts in the home of Mr.. Friends of Mr. Claude Johnson and Mrs. Elvln Perry were Mr. will be h.appy to know that he .and Mrs. Ronald Perry and is feellng better after being sons, Steve and Mike, Mrs Cllf- eonfh:,ed to bed several d,}ys last It, on Etheriflg,,e and daughter, week. 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