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April 16, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 16, 1898

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% Saturday: April 16 ----. , . _ memorates the dehverance from Egaytian slavery, and during tile cial Journal of the C0r- eightd,ys ,othir, g le,ven is eate,. Owing u) the illness of Dr. Wohlberg p0rati0n of W0odville. Simple Annouucements of marria- gesand deaths will oe pubhshed withmlt charge. nnservices were held on Wednesday eveningor Thursday morning. Lowneys Chocolates anti Ben Boas at Argues. Among our late reccilJtS are 10,000 The Jewish Feast of the Passover, I have Ihe famous PrattC Stockl which ended on last Thursday night, Feed for sale. .lust the thing Ior was strictly observed by the Jewish c, mmunity here. This l&apos;east eom- poor, unconditioned stock. Gee J. Adams. # -e*,.i $ Keep 6()el hy patroaiziag Argue's Sado Fuuntaie. THE CHEATER OF [Nc()nPcn,%TION OF "THE VOODVILLE GIN AND MANUFACTURING OMPA'Y." Georze J Adams, Martin Rothschild. W. V. Morris:R. M. McGehee. Henry Johnson and C. W. tIenderson and their successors are JOB WeaK AT THE IEI)UBL1CAII := I :: First class brick for saic by A. F. Benedict. Ibisstill aliHleel)ol and farming operations are retarded and somewhat behind. "l'wenly five soda tickets for one dollar at Argues. Mrr. i'. D, Lew'is"--- returned imme hereby constituted and declared to lie a body corporate under the nanle and style of "'The Woodville Gin and Manufacturing Company" Slsbsl:e'itetioit Der lnllllill. yards of Embroidery, remnants in 5 for the purposo as follows, to-wit: Ofglnn- Cash $1 50 yard pieces. ]hey are put on sale Ingand baling cotton, operating Oil Mill, ....................... GristMill, etc., and Manufacturing Indus- Olhorwise .................. $2 00 at 5e, 8e and 10; wortll double, at tries generally, at Woodvilte, Wilkinson Rothsehilds. ()ounty, Mississippi-and I)y the said name -: may have perpetual succession for tbe period MARKET. I M'r. arid Mrs. d.(;. Stern celebrated of Fifty years from tile o, pproval of this Charter. may sue and be sued, plead and be ew Orleans, April 8 1898. t on Monday their Crystal wedding, it impleaded before any courl, contract andbe ' eonLl'ilGt with within thelind sofitseorpo- I :often-- being the 151h attniversary of their rate powers, may hold all real and personal M]ildling .................... 5 9-1fl weddinu. The affair was ene of the p,'opert. necessary for c:trr)'lng out the pur- lq"ittures, .Tone .................. 5.5:2 nlosb fleli'htful (if the season and posesof its organization wittlin the limit prescribed 1)y law. May sell, convey, mort,- '' ()ell)tier .............. 5.5(3 many wistles for a continued happy gage or otherwise encunlber its real audper- wedded life were expressed for the sonal property. May purchase allrealestate I host ,nd neces:,ary for carrying on its business. May hostess. N umerous crystal t0ke liens on real :nd personal property ill presents were received tloth froa] thecondueug of its business. Mav adopt, friends ar he)me and a broad, and use a common seal a.nd alter tile same at :. = : pleasure and may generally do all things may be necessary for tile succossful Also recc.ived 100 d,lz. ladies Rich- prosecution of the business of said corpora- elieu Riibed Turner Vests, Li-le ,ion not inconsistent wit& the Cons,itution cud uws or the SLate of Mississippi. Thread and ilaodsomely trimmed Tle Capital Stock of said Corporation shall be fixed at Fifty Thousand dollars--divided Woaht be a hargain at 25 eenls bill intoslaresofohehundreddolhtrs each and we are satiMied with 10c; a Roths- Lleli:tbilltiesofsharclleldcrsshall beasnow providt.d by law. ehihls. Any Three of the persons hereinbefore . _ = named nlay open books of subscription to the (!spiral dto(.|,: of said Corporation and when Mr Ehsh Belry of this place, says as nlueh as six thous:md dollars of satd capi- he never hat1 anvthiug (to Itim st, tal Slock is subscribed for, the subscribers or Sunday evening from a short husiness much good attd give 8rich quick relief trip Lo New Orleans. from rheunlatism as Chamberlain's Missllattie Wheeler of New Or- leans came up oel sl Sa nr(lav's train (;n a visit Iu Mr,. D. it. Wulla('e. Among the vism)rs r(i our town this week were Mr. E. T. Hari (it and H. Van Harl, or tlul,chins, MGs. A,,mobhv line ,f shirt waisls with adiustablc white collars ai 39 cents, at, Rotlschihl's. Dor;t forger the Marble Party at, the gectoryTuesdas, April 19tA, at half p,it 3 :?clock. Our people arc very nHl('h interested Pain Balm. H.e was bothered greatly with shooting painslrom hun to knee until lie use(I this liniment, which affords prompt relief. B. F. Baker, drbggist. St Paris. Ohio. For sale by G. Kann. LADIES have you seen our GIgl)LE BELTS. se! with jewel and without. Prices from 35cup. Jos. Sarphie. Mr. J. E. Hines, %he old tellable piano tuuer, has beelthere for several weeks repairing and tuning pianos lhoe ownhlg a majortty al the stockmav hold a, meetinr at such lime us they ma; a't'('e upon :tlld elcct a President and flv'L directors, who toother shall ('onsiitu|e a Board of l)irc<tors, three Of whom shall con- stilute a q uorulu. The satd Presldmt and I)ircetors shall hold office for snch tinle a8 may he (l,slgnated by the Stockholders and until thoir successors artelected and quail- lied. The.y slid their successors in office sh';dl manage and carry ou tile huillOSS Of s:li(] Corporation, shall appoint such officers and agents as they may deem necessary, fiX the alnOUUt Of their corn Dells ilion, prescribe thr necessar rules for tile Issue and traufor of stock and adopt such rules and by-laws as they nlay deem proper and neeessal'y fOl the conduct and ntlnagelllent and security of said 0orporation, provided tile sanle are not inconliict wilhthe Constitution and]awsof the State of Mississippi. After the expiration term of oflie(, ot the first President and Di- rectors, the President and Directors shall be elected annually on the First Tuesday in March of each year or tl such time aS may be designated by the rules and by laws of the Corporation. in the eon[l'(v(q'sv t)(qwecn oUl gov- crnnlent slid Sl)31ii atilt all llcws ou theuljec isanxh,usly awaited. '"--" , " pal Church at. hieh time he will fill MissGeoriria Swans,n left for Ne all orders for utniag and repairin,, Orleans Wednesday where she we,,t to meet her mohcr. Tile5: are both pian(). and organs leg witi Mrs. J expected here this cvenlDg. Noble, Counlrv orders solicited. .a.+ Satifaeli,n guaranteed or no pay. Mr. and Mrs. (I,,)..I. \\;(hlrn spon| _+. several dayson W.dlawo during the That lhe eondi!ion of the people early part ;)l" the wet'k the guests of in the county is better than it has The President and Directors shallbe Stock- and organs, lie left, yesterday, btl| hqdersandnttheelectlonof President a,m will rctnrn dnriog the month of May Dircciorsevory Stockholder shall ]lave the right to vote, in person or hy proxy--the tO tune the pipe organ in tile apiseo, numberofsharesofstock owned byhlm for US nlany persons as .re to he eJeet(,d. New &dvertisements. STAFE OF MISSISSIPPI To Jane Bell Johns Ricks. the defen- dant : Mr. and Mrs. E. tlyde R,,st. been for m, anyyearss well evidenced You are commanded to appear be- * bY the very Slua]l quantities of meal fore'the chancery court of tile county Soda Water and Milk Shake, and m('al ricing now sold either for of Wilkinson. in said state, ou /tie Screen Doors. Eleeirlc Fans. No each or on credit. One of oar ]ar;e Second Monday of May A D . 1898, [ (si HIlliSllIU(qllS which does a very ex ttq}sjve I)UslDO,ss, reports the sales o, l tlesc neee:sil, ies as being tile snla]les! ::n rec(r'd Jn their bt!Mne<. Thi means Collsi]t'A',tblc. and if t, he sam, a'l,ian ao0 m,/eomenl, is continued ttl:" a few Years our pcopld [nlls[ nccossaFl- ly become indepandent, and pr()sp(,r. (us. and our COUIILy one =of the rich , iu II)e st, at,e. It lherefore be- h)n'os :,!l I look well to their eorh fl,es on Argue's Drug tore. B0 sure and aI!,end the Mar]de ' ILirtv at lha Roctery w"t Tu,:.d',y aftornt,m at ha] f 1):IL 3 (l'e},,ciz. Thc ehildreii are prumlsed a pleasant time. A comlJlete asq, rl, .f ri.I.'e,1 Cambrics, !>ercal and Madas cl.lhs. to defend the suit in said court of Eleanor Johns, wherein you are a defnu.!ant. This 11th day of April. A D. 1898 C. A. COON, Clerk 4 16 1898 4w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS! The creditors of the estate of M. A Fergus,)n deceased are hereby noti- lied thaton the9th day of May 1898, just the ihin for la,lie shirt  alSl,., C 'O!' Ihal ir he ',he las[ to t,e m'aleetc(;, a Roihsehlhl%. ,,-e, the claims against said estate will be ,,_.,, Ladit:s' and Jt tlece' lleu taken up for examination aud adj!- Our lrmns :fro aain a,rivin on Stllehe(] coh,red bordered llandker, ,licatlon, and that all claims must bt. faille, rrluch t.( l he sat israel i)tt _of all. chiefs; others ask from 61)c ,,$1 "2(' filed, witll the undersigned clerk of The train are, w has flnished the ecru- per (t,,g. \\;k e SOIl theut at -10c o 50c the chauccry court of Wilki,ts<m strt]ation work which was assigned to I per thz Ask to see them ai, Rvth- county, by said dsy and all creditors them. ehilds. may attend This 11th dav of May 1898, C. A. COON. Clerk. 4 16 1898 4w. SFATE OF MISSISSIPPI, "Fo Tlvls. L. Curry, W. H. Curry, AnnieJ. Cnrry, Julia Curry and ,las. L Curry minor heirs and dc- feudants cud their lather Thus. t'. Curry : Y,,u are commanded to appe,,r E'OTICE. lungs and prevent anvtendencv to- before the chancery court of I e There will tea m,,etingof the Bd. ward pneumonia. ForsalehyGKanr. eonntv ,f Wilkins)n in aald stae,m .Mr. Win. Dahlho af W:lyqde w:,s ---,,- In town Mnndav evni,g, havig Theorgi,mal iadicbeauty pins aL come here rt, meet Mrs. Datlbom who 10e per pair they ;r' ustfu]. NO arrit, edonlvl, mday's train from Newldressiseomplete without them. Orleans. :_ ... los. Sarphie. From what we can learn the cdd :o- I weather has done very lit!lo, if any When you cann eep for cnogh- damaffe 1o lhe truck rarm,,rs near ing take Chaml,eriaiu's Cough l{eme- Centreviile 'rod th(, (,utlattk poinls to dy It always gives prompt relief. a very favorable harvest tor them. It is most excelleu' for colds, too, as it aids expectoration relieves the of I)ircetnrs of lhe Fair Ass')ciatim lext, Tuesday April 18th at 12 ,'chink. txEo. J. ADAMS, Secb'y. 75 cents hu3s you a first-el:ls white slnrt made by lhe Manhattan, Shirt Co. ; d-aler8 evervwh,,re a:k 50 for them b,,t half Lhe na)nev takes tht, mal, Rtllhschll,t's. Mrs. Ralph Gunst'of For',, Adums Spent, several days here during the early part of i.he week. She came iu for the purp, sa tlf attending the cele- tration of the iSth an]versary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. St ,rn. Dr. Wohlberg who bas imen away for several weeks ill New Orleans un- derg,ing au (ipt, raLhm returned hotlle Sunda) evening somewhat oimprovcd hut, yet unahle to !,e Otlr anmng his Inauy friends. We trusl he will soon be entirely recovered. STATEMENT Showing the condition of the Banking House of Eddy. Aaron of Woodvllie. Miss. on Mar. 3lI 1,S98. Published by direction of Cl/apter 14 of Annotated ('ode of 189;),. RESOURCES. LOans fll)d fli.cOUnlS on personal en- (lursell l(:nts, real est aTre or eo i lateral securl  ies ..................... -14.13,,dl ') Overdraft s secured and u nsccu,'d ;: :. '71,8 22 Stock aud Bonds ...................... 9,58/ , lh'al Estate. Furniture and Fixtures. 2,:7 59 Exp mines ............... 392 Siltt Exei, and Cadl;'i,i; "i/'1;d:;;<'a 4, 2o Total ............................ $96.230 45 LIABILITIES. Capital Pald n.. $10 (DI , llqHu ................................ 5,00(I  Undivided Profits ........... ..... ... 4 900 7 lndividt al Deposits subject to check 76.329 67 Total ........................... $ 96,230 45 OFTHE ABOVE AMOUNT OFLOANS &DISCOUNTS. To Officers of the Bank ............... Nothing. To l)irvcIors of the Bank .............. Nulhin. To Stockholders of the Bank ......... Nolhing. I. Edw. Aaonof Edward Aaron Bank. of Woodville, MiMssippi, do bql'eby certify that t:- = =e ttle foreoiug is a lrll(% full And exn, ct state- Dr. It. L()[Lllu of St. Franeisville nlentofdtlo Assets and I, iltbililAes of said Ba.,lk on the day aud date nanied therein, as Will locate iu Wo,,d vllle, arri v|ng here shown by the hooks of same. I he25th inst. His office wrtl be in EDW. AAR(N. the McGeheebuilding where he will cepared Lo do all kinds of dental at, reasoaable nriees. He solicits a share of the Patronage. If yon have a piano or organ t,) tune ar repair, wait for J. E IIines. the oht reliable piano tune.r who will be here durin the mouth of May. We eongratulate our wort.y sheriff the arrival at his homo of a full Deputy. We sincerely hope that they young man may fi,llew in l, he footsteps of his parents and arrive at manhood, respecIed and as ifigbly esteemed. On last Saturday two negro prison- ersconflnedln bur county jail dug througt, the brick wall and made theii" and at his writing are still at One was plaee(l in jail nn the larceay and the other for Sworn to and subscrn)ed befom me Chan- cery Clerk in and for the County of P'ilkin- son, Mississippi, this, the 9t h (lay of A pr 1898 (L A. COON. Chancery Gierz. " Examined and found correct. W-. l). IIOLDER, Auditor. This llth day of April lS98.. WnN You If.wk BAD COL.. You aant,, the best mediciae that an be obtained, and that is Cham- brlain's Cough Remedy. You want a remedy that will not only give quick rcliel but effect a per- n)anellt cure. Yon want a remedy that will relieve the lungs and kee l) expectoration easy r{ "t2 m waist a remedy.that will conn- teractanytendeucy toward puoumo- nia. You want a remedf that is ploasaul and safeilto take Chalnberlant's Cough Remedy is tim use that meets all of tl'mse requiremeuts. This rein- conceaied weapons, edy is fantou f3rits cures of l)nll : - -'--- cohls throughout the United States JUst received due tlundred dozen and iu many foreign countries. It a,n,)a Manhatt, au shirs in wlute has many riva]s, bat, for the speedy sad colored to be sold for a Stlorl and permanent cure of ball colds, stanils witllt)ttt a peer and its splen- only at 75 cts to $1, were worlh did qualities are evervwbere admired the money, at R%hsehild's. and praised. For sale by G Kann. the2ud Mondoy iu May A D., 18'8 to defend tbesuit in said court ,,f Susie D. Peets wherein you, 1he sai, min,ws, are dcfen(hu,s. This 15, h day of April . D. 1898. C. A CO,N, Clerk. 4 16 1899 4w. NOTICE. BIDS to tmiht a bridffe aeros: Crooked breek near Mrs M EOgden's accordi,,g to specifications on file i the(hancery lerk' office will he received UD t() .9 o'clock a m on the 1-t Monday in "day 1898 The Board reserves tim right to. reject auy and all oitls" -- C, A CooN, Clerk. 4 9 1898 4w. o'rICE TO "rEACHERS: Examinations will be held in April aceordinto law. on the 1, 2nd. 3rd and 4h Fridays and Saturdays in April 18[)8. JOSEPH JOHNSON, Supt of Education f; 19 188 4w. LLlPlBERI We-are pre0ared ta fill at sh,rt n(tt, iee any order for tough Cyores. LUMBER ab low prices. Corresp(m- dence solicited. JNO. F, IRVINE & SON. 3 19 98 6m. e Pastnre for horses and cattle, flit,, grass, ruuning wat.r, apply to MRs. M. McMANuS. 3 19 98 4w. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at Jaekson. lhss, Mar. 9th 18915. Notice is hereby gives that the fol- lowing ha,ned settler has filed notice of hi intention to make final proof i,, support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Circuit ('ler-k of Wilkinson (/ouuty at Wood- rifle, Miss, on April 231'd 1898. viz: Jefferson D. Metcalre H. E. No. 23.908f, mthee t. ne  see 26. t4, n r I west. tie names the foll,in witnesses to prove his coutimlous res- idence upon aud crtltivati,m of said land viz-: Thomas W Caviu, Wiley It ls rumored that the "officials of the Y. & 31. V. gaih'oad Compauy are eontemplating puting on a pas- naer train o run between this point This train willmake connectlon with the early sout,h LbOtlnd t, aa|etat qlaughter and if i is :laur, on will he a much needed eon- vealeneo t.n the travetin public. The!stiles (ffa the 8itplng Wbecl M r de k'.,rty at lhe Y fternoon. o'clock. Th lssion-fee lie ten be Cavin. John Davidson and James Skin Diseases Vi,tesallot Darrinton, Miss. e 8 12 1898 6w. lAMas IIxLL, Register. For the speedy and permanent cure of tter, salt rheum and eczema, Chain. FOR SALE.--Improved Chufas, ,erlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is the t)et known [dog feed, no peSr. I( without an It relieves theito!t: cts. qt ,lrt, 75cis, , -p,eel, de|lere, . ,d in" mg and s'nartmg almost instantly md W.udville. Send orders tn Hiram, its continued use effects a permanent Mis. (HAS. F. A. KELLoOO. cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, 3 5 4w. scald head, sore nippks, itching piles. -- chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and 'I'REIPANS , NOTICE. TPIE 6EM SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS W1TII A FULL STOCK OF : PlYl:500-00. T, IQIy OL=500 o---SUCII AS o OLD 3OWOPOLE RYE, t) UR I Td W R FE, FREWCH BRdWD F, WIWES, ETC. Cho&e Stock of FINE CIGARS Always on Hand. lltThoe is need of PURE LIQUORS for medtcal pur- poses will do well to call cud examine my stock. A. , JOHNSON. --- Iml ='T'I I I _-t t REOEIVED !! A full line of the well known .,. Which we offer for a short time ONLY at and q$| u_ .... worth $1.25 and $1.50. rtm Rothschdd & Bro. P. H, WHITE. W. 8. WItITE WMte Grocery I]0., MAIN STREET. Under Masonic NaIL DEALERS IN Fancy and Staple Groceries, Candy. Cakes. Fruitsof all kinds Tobacco and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. Feb 12 98 ly. tt -1  { S. MARA00TO, I0 " --DEALER IN-- CHOIOEST Fruita, Oystersl Nutt fall kinds, and Fresli<Familv Gro certes. Receives daily Fane)' Can. dy of all kinds. Macearoni cook- ed in the best style, from 9 A. . tO 8 P [ , lln St. Opposito Bkum & D,mpf. Feb 12 98 ly. WALSH & WILSON, ' CONTRACTORS OF o RICK  CEMENT ,.,,+ w o R K. "" Esfimates Fnrntshed Patronage Solicited. ',eavo Ordors with Wettltn & Itiekey or en flrown's. Barber Shop. ")ec 18 97 2m. FOR SA LE "rim Patrick ptantatbm situatod ot Old River. u ilkinson C-unv, Mis. eontalni.g about 3"20 atres, or partieu!ars apph, to. W. P. S VI,:NTRESS  outlllle, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. POSII'IONS GUARANTEED. ro Graduates of IIaaris' Praetieal B,,snes College, School of Short Itana, Telegraphy, etc,, Jackson. Mississippi. We have bench+ the Wavat Col- lewes here and at Meridiau. bat have closed out the one at Meridiau. and prepared to ivo stndeut the v,ry best business traiuiug to be had t ,ty- where. Catal, gue sent ,is .applica. ti,,n. N. J, HARRIS, = Preaident. Jclon. Miss. Sept. I1. 1897-tf *O2 ICE. DIAMONDS AND WITOR00$, Our training and busin,ss expe. rience have mada us expert.s in our line. A Diamond is a Dia- mond, even if the color is poor. the cutting bad,or the Stone flawed. A watch Is still a watch even if of poor make. There is as great a dtfferenc between a fine watch and a poo one, as there is between a lira diamond and a poor dlamoad. You may know the difference. but in buying you will be wise to get the advaatage of expert knowledge, which we place at yonr service, free, Watches reRulaSed tree. JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, NO'| ICE. The pblic are hereby notified that Hunlln is prohibited on the'Sur- _ette, Elmwood, Belleview and Gor- don l'lautatious. All former permits are hereby re; yoked. CH AS. CgHISN. Nov. 20, 1897-tf TRESPASS NOTICE. Hnnttng or otherwise trespassing on the McManus, Farish and Bowlilg Green places is strictly prohibited uli' der peualty of the law. All formiC- permissions rvaked R. M. IOGEttEE .... J. . P,mmTO, Sept, 4, 1896-tf FOR SALE. The house and lot in IVoodviile, south west of the public square kuown as the Susan Scott ]ot adjoining lot of Dr L W Magruder apply to H S VA EaToH. 90 1897 tf. -I'RESPASS NOTICE. All htmtiog on Simrall and Sehae- I have just received and will keep fer plces is strictly prohibited under eons taatly on hand a full supply of penalty 9f the law. COFFINS and' ASKETS, will setl at rea- bh Oil L00attst Doveltie00 ID : l00iliDery. ]Dress Goods consisting of careful selections of Organ- " dies, Dotted Swiss, Lawns &c. 00Tnbroiderie00, I.aces add ]:]ibboDs that are bound to please you. ]VleDs add Boys (!00loth. |Dg strictly up to date in styles and quality. Yoz will be su, rpriszd at the z, e zre offering. C. SC HAEF it vatu C KANN. WOODVILLE, - . - - - , . D S and MEDICINES C H Public School Books Yobooo nd. li Stationer. y, Painters:. Spp.lies,. Cuttler. y n2 Hardware, ltlztmtnattn2 Uils Garden eed  c. ' f'Phvslclans precriptlons Caretully compounde(a, and orders correctly cck selected i. i grat tare andwaralltd as represented. ,awet v. 8. 9I..--y, F. A. MCLAIN. W P S. VENRTE,S D. e. B}A;aLB'/, '. .'. tlU McLAIN & VENTRESS, Att0r00p ad 0uml0rs t L00w, WOODVILLE MISS. Office in Mc(;ehee bull ding. DR. C. 8. HAMILTON, ENTIT, WOODVILLE, Oflce at Schleslnge  'douse. April 18,-95 ry t[ISS DR. CHAS. E. CATCHINSS tl?|I00Illl |211101L WOODVLE : : : : MiSs, Office in Adams Drug Store. uy J 4, '94: tf. DR. L. W. MAORUDER, Physiima and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MIS. Ofltoe at residenoe. April 7, .88 1 DR C. C. CROSS." Dent- Surgeon, WODDVILLE. MI8, Offiee up stairs over the Post-fflee A, 0. Sa00U00N0i00. ad Co00!Mw Will pra01ae in all 8tabs &lad United tatea oOurts in tbis 8tat Bramlett & Tucker.. Att0nep nd WOODVILLE, MISS, Otlee ia Ghee nereial Row. J. H. J0hES. Att0my =d C000ml00 WOODVXILE, MIlL Office ahova the Ropnbliea Olee, --DEALER IN--. ;amily and Fancy Groceries ,aoneries, Oysters,  Tro t,l kinds. ugar, Coffee Slarch. Raisins, Nu=s anned Fruit and Fisi. &e. Fine braad chewing Tobacoo. Fresh Bread every day ew_sul lies arriving daily. March 21, 1896-y TRESPASS 510 TICK. . All huntintz and t, rospassl-g getreat and I)ameron wohiblted, under penalty MASO ,' Oct., 9th '97.--tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All huuting, respasing on Glen ] s st'ictly prohibited he law. All former oked. GEe. TIESPA SS 1, Uolllns or ( prosecuted aw. All f( ed, F. D. Lwzs; Real estate boa aiemion. H.S. V ittm00y C0mel0r kw, Office up-stairs i the Odd FMlows lhfllding. DR. J0N F. HERREL, Physicitm mad Sargeon WOODVILLE. MISS. Office ou Main St. at hi ,,i,i Stand JOHR A. tSWRI, FURAL DIRECTOR: A Full  ! Metalic and Wood- en Cotns etlwe, ys on haud at Wood. vtlle, Miss., MMn St, =r r ,, . -- Troapass Notice. All persons lound h.ntla flshm or otherwise trespassing on i'he Bur namwood plantatioa ahont 8 mile. south of W'oodvil|e will be prose outed to the fail exteat af {he la. A strletwateh will be kept O sam, L. W. MAOItUVR, ,lid on oom s'gL