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April 13, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 13, 1973

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Page 12 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, his feet came into contact withl the turtle. Letting out a scream which could be heard a city , ...byOr. GeOrgueoBe:o  I block, the Texan Jumped out ,oA .:o, ,,o0,.. | of bed and turned on the no,at. I D111Ct01 - ;T i About hat ,time the Flori@tan .... - ...... came running into the room. MORAL JUDGMENT COMING Ta'.wan constitution; there are I ;Wrdtin :tied :mw;rd'id ytohe about 700 000 Christians--Cath- I ...... ' ...... hin ~ There aLre two Chinas. Their 1: and 'trotestants and large I scream'e 'Tnere s oz,c 's societies contrat each other in numbers of Bud-.hists, Taoists, Jin my bed," he Texan replied: almost every way. As some and Iamists Thousands of JThe mn reacnea crown ana forces in America seek to turn church;;,' all "ore; the islavld]pulled back the cover. There American respect and friendship nation, are crowded on days'of[ was the fifty-pound ,turtle away from one and toward the worship ' | exactly 'where the Florld,ian had other, it is well .to know s,ome left it. of .the basic facts about each China. Our government, basic- ally for reasons de.scr:bed as "in the interest of World peace," has .hown friendliness and respect toward Communist China. Wh'.'le our government has no,t offi- cially w:thdrawn its friendship and respect fxom Island China ( T a i w a n ), e,ur officialdom wat:hed w:thout effective re- sistance while the United Na- t'.ozs kicked out the l,ttle cap- italls,t nation and embraced Soc:alL,:.t-Communist China. There appears to be a moral inconsistency in what we have done. There could come at any t:me a showdown in which ,the Uni,ed SLates would be con- .fronted with the choice ,of for- saking Taiwan or rejecting ex- pans!on plans of Communist China. As I see it, it would not he a deC.sion on inv,olvement In war, but on whether our preent official treaties w',th Taiwan cntinued genuinely to be backed with old fashion American integrity. It is .most un:.kely that Taiwan would be The living s,tandard on Tai- wan is one of the hi,:hest in As:a. During the last 10 year.s it has increased each year by an average of 10 per cent. The gross national pr.duct has risen from $431 million n 1952 to $6.5 billion in 1972. Agricultural land is owned by .arly 703,009 farm- ers; private industries, wth huge inves, tments from U. S. enter- prisers, have begun to compete in the world markets. There ave ,three major privately-owned TV networks, 78 radio sta,tions, 31 daily newspapers and some 1500 magazines. There is no Govern- ment censorship. At The Human Progress Level Here are some stais.Mcal con- tr.sts between the two Chinas: Tai.wan's diet is Asia's highest in calories and second highest in proteins (2,680 calories, in- cluding 69.2 gzrams of protein, versus Communist Ch,ln.a's i,780 I calories and 30 grams of pro- ,,n ) Per capita consumption of electric power: Taiwan, 216 kilo- watt hours; Communist China 13 kwhs. Motor vehicles: Tai- Heads Mortgage Firm abtaekzd by an aggressor so long as that integrity is secure. Yet Red China lilely will test or integrity. Contrasting Ways A national moral judgmen by the American people must be made, it would seem to me, now or m the near future. So let's look at a few facts in the contrasting societies of Main- land and Island China. I know Mainland China from my liv- ing there fro" years among her people and teac,hing at Sun Yat Sen University at Can,ton. I know te Communists. who san my missionary family out of China. I know Chiang Kai-shek, and I know the modern li&tle nation of Taiwan. Mainland China is under the rule of atheist Covnmunists. There is no individual freedom. The econ,omic sys,tem is State Socalizm -- property, produc- tion and distribxtio,n faclllties are owned :by the Government. Prices are fixed and people re assigned their Jobs by the Gov- ernment. The Government is a dictatorship; ruled by Mao Tse-tun,g and Chou En-lai. Churches are not permLtted; worSh.,p of Ood is a crime against .Communism, punishable as a defection. Encouraging Achievements Island China (Taiwan is a democrat:c Republic with three freely elected Houses in Parlia- men,t: The National Assembly, t:e Le,gislative Yuan, and the EXecutive Yuan. Mayors and mgis'trates, members of ,the Provincial Assembly, and City Councils are also elected. Every citizen 20 years old or older may vote. Membership in the three ,ational g.verning bodies was expanded in the election,s of December 23. Basic economic principles are private ownership of property, the free market, ahd self-reliance. Prices are controlled by consumer prefer- once, wages by competition and individual capability. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the wan, 139 bicycles, 49 mo,torcycles and 9 autos per 1,O00 people; Communist China, 20 bicycles, 0.3 motorcycles, and 0.8 autos. H._spitals or clinics: Taiwan, one fer every 13,0,0 people; Commu- nist China, one for every 110,008. Educa,tion: Taiwan, 98.5 per cent children 6 to 12 in school; Com- munist China, 78 per cent. Which nation if a choice mut be made -- has demon- ._,trated spir',tual, economic and political principls and achieve- ments worthy of the respect and friendship ,of the U.S.A.? I Will we default in our old J fashion Axneican integrity or v'ill J,t prevail? Whatsoever Things by Donald E. Wildmon PRIDE The two states of Texas and ?lorifla have often comleted ga!n,t each other because of .he natural endowments both ave. Many tales ,have been old about people from the two :'tares trying to ,cu.tdo each the, r. The tales are often very humorous. P,rhaps I have one you haven't heard. The Texan was visiting his friend in Florida. For the first .ew day,s the Florldian made great effort to show his frlen.d ..igh.ts of the Sunshine State. But .the Texan seemed unim,- pressed with any of the sights I he saw. He would always say I that in Texas they had some- thing bigger and. better. Getting a little disgusted at the pride of the Texan the host decided that he would get one on the Texan hat he couldn't tcp. So one night, just ,before bed, time. the host sl, ipped into he Texan's room and put a fifty-pound ,turtle in his bed. The Texan. came in,to his room as usual. He put on his pajamas and crawled into bed. He reached over and turned out ] | II I I iiii I II ADEQUATE PROTECTION? We are all naturally concerned about proper and adequate insurance. Our plans are written with you and your family's specific needs in mind. Why not inquire today about auto, home and life insurance plans? No obligation. FOSTER INSURANCE AGENCY ! I I After a few :moments of .-=ilence .t.e Texan looked at his ho.:t and asked: "What is it?" The Floridlan, trying his bet to keep frcm laughing, re- plied m a very sophisticated manne:r. "Oh, it is only a Florid, a bedbug." The Texan looked at the turtle a little, l Oklahoma City, Okla.  Vir- clever, then turned to his host and sad: "It sure is a little cent A. D'Aqufla, a former squirt, isn't it?" l Woodvllle residen, has ,been Well, pride ,Is kind, a humorous named president of Delta Mort-,s. But often pride is gage Corporation, a mortgage more harmful than it is humor-' -- ous. A man should take pride by .1-imself. in ,his work, but pride that lalph Waldo Emerson wrote overrules humility in spirit is a in "The Sphinx": "Pride ruined vei'y .dangerous Chln:g. A man needs some pride about him i.f ke is to accom,plis'h his best. But I he also needs to remember .that J pride must be mixed * with hu.mfl,ty and never assume J that what he has accomplished he has accomplished entirely Mississippi banking firm with offices in New Orleans, Gretna, La., Okla- ,horns City, and Denver, Colo. D'Aq.uila's appointment was announced this ,week by C. Wayne Litchfield, chairman o.f the board, of Delta Mortgage Corporation. Mr. D'Aquila joined Dclta's home office in New Or- leans in 19{}1 as .an accountant and .most recently was executive vlce president. Incirlik, TurkeyU. S. Air Force Technical Sergeant James V. Ogden, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James V. Ogden, Sr., R,t. 1, Crosby, has shrived for duty A native of Fort Adam:s, he with a Air Force up,port unit graduated from high ,chool in at Incirlik AB, Turkey. Woov:lle .clad a,itendd Soule. i Ser,eant budget Business College, LSU in NeW ltechnician, Ogden, a Previously served at Orleans, and Tulane University. I Kelly AFB, Texas. He is m.rried to the farmer Antonette Ted,esco and they of The sergeant, & 1963 graduate Gloster High School, a,t- have a son, Roy, 19. The D'A- tended Southwest Junior Col- lege, Summit. His wife, Sandra, is the daughter of Nr. and Mrs. Johnie L. Hobbs of Novanto, Calif. i.I t_ U. S. Forces, Germ.any--AJmy 'Sergeant Ernest Walker, Jr., hose father lives iw Centre- vtlle, participated with some 15,0g0 American and llied ,troops ,in Exercise Reforger IV in Germany Jan. 22-26. Sot. Walker is egularly as- signed a' a squad leader with quilas reside .at 2114 Mehle Ave- nue, Arabi, La. asset to you. Just always re- member to keep Lt balanced with ,humiLity. /,rrogant, pride ,will do not hi:ng bttt destroy. But pride mixed wit.h humility will mean 'a better life or you .and for hose who come .in,to contact with you. The steamer Sprague, often the angels." Let us hasten to lca]led "Big Mama," is the Company A, 20 B,attalion, 16th say that pride has also ruined world's largest sternwheel ,tow- Infantry at Ft. Riley, K,an. many humans. For pride has beat. It belongs to the City of The U. 8. Air Force Mil'.ary about it some very destructive Vicksburg. Th, boat was pur- Airlift Command flew appzoxi- c,apbilities when 1,t lsn' kept chased by the City of Vicksburg mutely lg,900 U.S.-based soldiers in proper perspective. J for $1 in 1948 and, i now the and more than 1,{g tons o Never rid yourself of proper scene of the f, amed Vicksbtrg equipment ,to ,three different pride, for it is a very valuable play, "Gold in .the Hills." .airfields ,in Germany in preps- Friday, April 13, 1973 I ration far the event. Immemaely after arriving overseas, the redeployed units drew combat gear and vehicles from prepositioned storage sites in Germany and moved to the exercise area to begin the five- day field maneuver. Pit,ted against the airlifted forces were Europe-based ele- ments of NATO Forces of the U. S., Germany and Canada. Emphasis ,of he maneuver was to test procedures and tech- niques for receiving and deploy- ing units after ,they arrive, rather than on rapid air trans- port of troops from the U. S. Farm Bureau INSUkANCE COMPANIES "Owned By Those It Serves" * * Inland Marine * Farm &, General Liability * Workmn's Compensation RICIIARi) =,'I,ACCOMIO Woodvi|le, Ms. 8ox 444  Ph. 888-3(;61 or 46I / When the figures dodt add up...Come see us. That's what we're here for.., to help you over the roulh spot's in your financial budgeting. To do this, we've assembled a full range of banking services.., from - ,checking accounts to auto loans to savings programs, plus sound advice on any financial problem. Don't let money matters get you down. Come by.and let's fiure it out toflether. a FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK