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April 13, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 13, 1973

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!:i  , /. Fr da X, April 13, 1973 MINUTES OV MEET BD. OF Et)UCATION OF V(ILKiNS()N CO. The \\;V :I: :::on County Board of ]_d::::..c:: ,,t in regular c-:. .  3 o':lck p.m., Man- day, ..::..h  YJ3, in he of[ice of t::c Coun:y uprintendent , :f ._J:j:. i:=, wilh the follow- in in 3z2'- c :s preent: John G.n D.=.:!zt 1; Mar-e Rusiell Groin, ]../:rx; 2; Chy',:le's H. Cam:b1, Prc!dent, District 3; R. J: Nettcrville, Distr'ct 5. Ab- sent: W. V. Carter. In af'Jition to the foregoing members of the Board, Bernard Waites, Superintendent of Edu- cation, was present. The m:.nutes of the Februaoy 5, 1973, session of the Board were read. On motion by R. J. Nettcrville, seconded by John Green and unani,mously carried the foregoing mtnute were up- ,proved as read. The monthly travel reports of Berna=l Wa'.tes, Superintendent of Education, and John Clark, School Bu.s Mechanic, were read. On motion by R. J. Nettervilie, seconded by Marie Russell Green and carried by unanimous vote, thee reports were approved as read. Having authorized .the Super'- intenden.t at its Fcbruary 5th sesslon to advertise for bids for c,afeteria equipment and sup- plies, the Board proceeded to open the only bid received: William Winans Attendance Center: I Single Convection Ov- en, Montague No. 1153-4 extra racks. $1.012.25:1 Vulcan Range, No. 6GL-70.R-10 open eyes - 2 ovens. $587.fi0:1 Deep Fat Frye, No. NJ-42-SSP As-specified, $512. 75: 1 Steam Jacketed Kettle, Green No. AHll-30. $1,386.90; 1 Electric Can Opener, Edlund No. 203. $130.09:12 Bun Pan,s. Wearever Alum. 18" x 28", $'46.80; 4 24 Qt. Stock Fots, Voll'rath 8/8 heat conductive bo.ttom $172.9:); I Twen'y (2:)) Quart Mixer Vulcan No. VB-2(} as spe- . elf!eft, $935.45; 1 Three Com- partmen Sink. 7.4" x 30" x 14" 2-30" dr.'.n bexrds. $629.15: 4 Scoo,s, No. 20 I-::..milton Beach. $19.50: 15 Steam Table Pans g/s, (12 S:ze 12" x 20" x 4", $192.09, {4) Size 12" x 20" x 6", - $9'6.00. Finch A,.ttendan, ee Center: 1 Electric Can Opene r. Edlund No. , 253, $120.,0; 1 Clean & Soiled : Dish Table as pe sketc,h, $977. 0; 1 Two (2) ?ompart,ment ink, 2" x 30" x 14" 1 left hand drainboard 24" long, $356. 10. ':i Wilkinc,n Oc.:nty Training Sheol: 1 Three (3) Comprt- m,.n,t Sink 24" x 30" x 14" - 2 - 36" integTal dralnboards, $659.0,0; 1 40 Qt. Vertical Cutter/Mixer, Hobart No. VCM-40 as specified,  $2,232.80. On m,st, len ,by John .Green, seconded 'by Marie Russell Green and unanimously cazrled 2+2.DYNAGLASS WIDEGUARD TIRE 2,., 30 ' "the WoodvIlle Republican, Woodvllie, Mtsstsslp'pl the bid of Westbrook Manufac- turing Company was accepted to upply Item 1-3; 6-7; and 9-16 n the order as listed above for the three ac,ool) .at a total cost of $7,22.45. Having been authorized by the St.ate Department of Edu- cation .to secure proposals for the purchase of five '(5) fifty- four passenger school bus chas- s'.s, the Board received and op- ened the following propo.als: H. & R. Ford, Inc., $16,688.90; Colonial Chevrolet Co., $17,997. CO. On motion by John Green, seconded by R. J. Netterville and carried by unanimous vote, the Board accep,td ,the bid ,of H. &. Jaequeline Cage, William Carter, Jr., Hazel ,.ee Davis, Ethel Vir- ginia Dennls, J.acqueline Dennis, Mose R. Dermis, Shirley Davis, Sandra A. Dennis, Alonzo L. Dunbar, Maoy 'Malone Dunbar, Persell D. DunbaL Alvin R. Gaines, Anthony Honer, Ollie I Renee 'ones, Ralph W. Scott, I Talvish M. Smit'h, Mitchell J. Stovall, Jerry Pa.trick Veal. Corrective treatment was ap- proved for the above studen,ts cn motion offered ,by Ma,rle Bernard Waiters, Russell Green, seconded by Joh.n Toan,apor,.tation R. Ford, Inc. to deliver five (5) I fifty-four passenger school bust chassis to Superior Coach .Cor- Ed Smith's Stere was the "end of the line" for land vehicles .p.oratin at .Koseluski, MlsalS-[on the Lake Mary.Road last Sunday as the high ,,.ate," covered slppi iox 'a total oz o,o.uu. I The Supertn,tendent asked he l'the highway just beyond that point. ...... llundreds el people gathered Board to consider approval of[in the area to view the record hign waters and to muncn ,oas corrective ,treatment for the fol t  , I # ' ' -I'n Sm'ths field directly across the highuay from his store. lowing students: Deborah Cage,' urani- Power & Light dahl & Sons, Inc., $4.0; John Green and carnied by Co., $8.84; ReX lL. Ash. $7.67; Crain Chemical mous vote of the Board. Service Station, $3.90; Jordan Co., $195.00; Planters Hdw., Inc., On ,m.otion by .Marie Russell Auto Co., Inc., $24.24; Superior I $9.65; Singer. 38.85; Dave E. Green, .seconded by John Green ISales co., $49.55; L. & M. Tire Cartel', $6.09. and unanimous,ly carried, the lervice,' Inc. $80.00; Gulf Oil following bills on he Claims[ Corp., $1,779.88; Chemetron ienanceWilk' Co.-wideFund: TownDis'triCtof Centre-Main- Docket were approved for pay- Corp., $3.30; Standard Oil Co., ville, $290.20; The Woodville Re- ,meat: $17.4D; H. & R. Ford, Inc., $18.62;. publica.n, $5.75"; C. M. Treppenr County Administration Fund:/McGehee Motor Parts, Inc., a.hl & Sons, Inc., $27.05; Crain E!arnrard W, ali,tes, $73.10. 15184.45; ,Natchez Electric & Sup- Chemical Co., $'345.00; Beck- ,General School Fund: The'ply C.z., Inc., $87.04. ham's Elect,rio Service, $12.00; Woodvilte Republican. $50.53; I Other Cu,rrent Costs Fund: Glenn C. Thomas $13.33: Camp- $40.0D. [Miss. Power & Light Co, $194.09; i bell's Termite & Pes,t Con,trol, Fund: M, iss. $273.25; $604.20: Woodville Util- $15.00: Dorena Davis. $40.(}(}; , :'.?gff $8.09; Catchings Clinic, $8.001 Cumbo's, $32.50; Delmr Pub- :':;,:i, lisher.s, $3.14; Educatiorml Sys- ::Z:'i::i terns Development Corp., $77.14; ::v'ia::, " Miss. Business Education A'ssn .... :::;(: [$17.09; Ginn Office Supply Co., ' ',::',::)J., In.c., $1 ;054.56; Wendell B. r l::= ' Holmes, M.D., $53.00; The I,nter- i:::':2 state Printers & Pubs., Inc., $t6. :):!! 97; Jefferson Davis Memorial ':ii:i Hospital, $75.25; Johnny Lewis, $18.8{); McGe:hee Me,for Par:ts .... ::iii, Inc., $87.61; McGraw-Hill Book Co., $17.(}9; Miss. Power & Light Co., $16.43; James Moss, 28.70; Miss. Power & Light Co., $338.27; Fred Netterville ..umber Co., $220.09; Planters Hd, W., "Inc., $452.58; School Sexvice Co., Inc., $19.02; Value Mart, Inc. No. 102, $524.28; Wood's Auto Supply Co., $322.23; Woo dvLlle Utilities, $7. Only the tops of man.v camps on Lake Mary remained above 54; F. R. Blan,kenste.i, $1.00; water last Snnday afternoon. ' Dave E. Carter, $60.00; Mary F. ' Carter, $1.9.50; Educational .SY- ities, $674.30' Town of Centre- Joseph R. White, $40.00; Sandr ,terns Dev. Corp., $551.82; Lind,, ville, $20[;.00; Bcckham's Electric Faye Feltus, 2(}.09; Dorena De- ly Auto Iaats, 2.55 i ...Ann 2" Service, $45.0.0; C. M. Trcppen- vis, $40.00; Ivy Dell Davis Jones, Waddell, $14.3'0; Wooawne uu- $20.60. I ities, $248.05. Wilk. Co. Public Schools-Proj. On motion by Jo'h Eh'ee, 793(}21 - ESEA - Title I Fund: I seconded by R. J. Netervllle and Childcraft Education Corp., $14. carried by unanimous vote the 56; G.inn and Co., $213.28; Ginn Office Supply Co., Inc., $53.15; La. Biological Supply Co., Inc., $66.85; Miss. Sch,ool Supply Co., $2,371.8(}; Scott, and Co., $144.40. Wilk. Co. Public Schools-Proj. 799031-,SEA-Title I lund: Ace Hardware. $438.13; Banerot P,a- session, adjourned. Charles H. Ca.mpbell President ,,Vtest: Berna,rd Waies Eecu,tive Secretary Per capita consumption of beef in the U.S. bus doubled per Co., Inc., $77.70; F. R. Blank- since 1940 to 113.3 pound leer ens,teln $27.72; Mary F. Carter, year. , %. April 1923-00prii t973 50 th Anniversary Two 500-kilowatt vertical generating units (above), which were in the old Jackson Generating Plant when MP&L purchased the city system In 1023, the year of the Company's founding. MP&L's largest power plant today, the Baxter WII son Steam Electric Station near Vicksburg (at right), has two generating units, also -- one a 550,000-kilowatt unit and the other a 771,000-kilowatt unit, making a total generating capability of 1,321,000 kilowatts, or 1,321 times the capability of the two original Jackson plant units back in 19231 From MP&L's four gen- eratlng stations today there is a capability of 2,002,000 kilowatts, with an additional 2,040000 kilowatts already planned. Through the 50 years of its existence MP&L has worked toward a goal that is summed up in one brief phrase: Helping Build Mississippi. The guidelines that have always pointed the way toward achieving the goal are contained in an MP&L document known as "Our Policy." The policy defines the Company's role as Mississippi citizen, neighbor, employer, and investor in the many communities and areas where it is privileged to serve. In short, "Our Policy" sets forth the promises MP&L makes to its customers, employees, investors, and fellow citizens. They are promises the Company intends to keep. We reprint "Our Policy" proudly. The activities cited in it-- along with MP&L's taxpaying support of government at all levels-- are positive ways in which the Company works toward building Mississippi... and toward serving you better. Our Policy ii I III i I The policy of our Company is to -- Furnish dependable service at rates which are reasonable to the customers whose patronage makes our business possible and which will provide a fair return on investments to those who have placed their savings in this enterprise. Provide worthwhile employment to'all employees, with due concern for adequate wages, equitable working conditions and opportunities for development in both human personality and job situations. Maintain continuing and dedicated efforts to preserve the environment where we live and work by protecting our air and water resources and by building and maintaining facilities which are both functional and attractive.- Participate actively with officials and the public we are privileged to serve in programs designed to bring about the full development of human resources, economic growth, civic advancement, and community betterment. Live as a good citizen, striving.always to preserve America's free economic and overnmental systems and our heritage of individual liberty.z ." oo...c  r President JISSISSIPPi POWER . LIGHT MIDDLE SOUTH t