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April 9, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 9, 1898

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 ; : !: i iiilU!;i-ii I I&apos;11111 Ill I I I III I I IIIII IIIII mw C . .t, 76t nemeay re tion, sour Stomach, Worr. fonvuhions.Feverish- and Loss OF $1.m , $ 51gatue of "Y'OItl. |1 CASTORIA For Infants and Children. III iiiiiii I Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the of The Kind You Have Always Bought, CASTORIA THE n[HTAu*n OOMPANY, NEW YoaN nr'l. .... I I THE INGENIOUS MAN, A vlstincuon. Stranger (to Highlander in full uniform) Sandy, are you cold with tile kilt? HIs Invention AVasForgntteninTIme Sandy--Na, men, lint I'm nigh kilt wi' of Need, the eauld.--Detroit Free t tess He was a very ingenious man. Ite had lade an iavention whicl} was of great value. SarXT. OF Oalo, CrTv OF TOLEDO [ _ ]In thuugbt so, at at, if the world did not, LucAs Coc'rv. t " and he ib:a Ls xnventmu patented. ]t Frank,l. Cheney makes oath that he is the 7 **J k combination camp-stool, cane and urn- senior l)artner of the firm of F. J. Cheney bella. The cane was the usual form of the & Co., doing business in the city of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said invention. At a bigparade noth!ng could be tirm Will pay the sum of One Hundred l)of more convenient, and for an ordinary, unex- cd rainstorm, what could be 'better? lars for each and every case of catarrh that ,  man is sure to have his walking stick with cannot be cured by the use of HaWs Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CliENEY. him It was not so very hmg after tbe invention Sworn to before me and subscribed in my had been perfected that the man was out presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. walking with his wife. and a sudde.n shower l&6. A. V. GLEASON, came up. There were no cars accessible, and [Seal] Not,ry Public. the only thing t do was to run, and the Ifali'sCatarrhCure is takcn intcrnal]yand nl,acky pair did this with a vengeance, acts directly on the blood and mucous sur- reaching the hou hot, uncomfortable, and free.faces of F.timj.svstcm'(',HENEySeml& CO.,fr I estimonials,Toledo, 0. ptty wet. Sold by druggists, 75c. "Well, we are here at last," said the man, drawing a long breath of relief. Ilall's'Fanfily Pills are the best. 'Yes, sam the wife, disconsolately, "but In the Bame Clef. I think I have ruined my n,.wb(n(.'And, . Every musician has the idca that if he John Smhh,' she added, uhh a I wouM consent to lower himself to do it, little scream, "what do you  rove he could write a successful popular song.-- doner You had that ohI inv oars ,5omerville ,Iournal. The ntan tells the ,tory, and thinks it is Shnke Into Your Shoes Alice's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, nervous, smarting S great j(&e.--N. Y. Times. fcct and instantly takes the sting out of (eras and bunions. It's tile greatest comfm't A Oreelau Gag, discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Easemakes Virgil occasionally indulged in humor at tight or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain the expen of hisfrcind. Meecenas. tie cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, ach- made at mc t line a t,ilgrimage to "Hn or,.cle i,g feel "-l'rll it to-day. At all druggists and ,,.hoe storcs, 25 ccnls. Trial package FREI. atcenasDclphi,: and on iris rctm'n said to Mae- Address Alien S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. I wa awfully bored while I was :(wavy S . md Maeccnas, amt wuat was ;, You know what you say about your poet , that Immt you, amicus mensU kiu? Well. that's the way your folks whe "'Tim aumtrs, of course," was Virgil's have money talk about you. -- Atchison quick response. (l]obe. This incident goes far to prove the in- l)on't yon Sleep? Does your lIead Ache." restive genius of the Greeks and Romans. ,;omniti (:ahein cures instantly. All drug since even at tat early date augurs and _ee had into Detroit Free gistL 25 cts. l)r. ]'axton Medical Co., 109& cotne 201 River St., Troy, N. Y. Explosions of ('onghing are st<)ppcd by t Naturnl llltor'y. ]I/ale S tloney of Horehound and Tar. Teaeher--W bat can you tell me about the Pike's Tooll;ache Drops Cure in one minute, rabbit? ............................ Pupil--Its left hind-foot is lucky.--Puck. _ The people who ge the lpasr mail are the .... WorSt kickers  L, ca toe nadl is late.--rVash- A hand separator--not letting your right . ington DemocraL. band know what your left is dobag.--Rura] There is aImli;cn;-; o{ ibe'taeari,, and it New Yorker_: .... " .... t Mlied to love. It produces the tuot agree- Empty wagons rattle most.--Vashington ?ILo===!.}St e?:ess 0 f !e m can o.r:-7(! oet ]e: (la.)Democrat. OVER-WROUGHT :NERVES OF WO)IEN. tracts From Letters Received by Mrs. Pinkham "I am so nervous and wretched, ' "I fed as if I should fly." tIow familiaz  expressions are. Little things annoy you and make you irritable. You  can't sleep, you are unable to lift ordinary burdens, and /. ,  are subject to dizziness, g;: That bearing-down sea.ties helps to make you ' "  1 1 Yea havo backache and pains low down " , f  in the side, pain in top of head, later on i ,, / at base of the brain. Such a condition points unerringly to serious trterino trouble. I f you had written to Mrs. Pinkham when you first experienced impaired i vitality, you would have been spared these hours ot awful suffering Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sister, unless you act promptly. Procure Lyaia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a, once, and begin its use, then write to I4v:s. tinktmm, at Lynn, Mass., if there is a:tything about your case you do not understand. You need not be afraid to tell her the things you could not explain to the doc- tor. your letter is seen only by women and is absolutely onfldentiM. Mrs. Pinkhnm's vast experience with such roublcs enables her to tell you Just what is best for you, and she will charge you nothing for her advice. tMi:s. JEls I]LRLY, Youngdale, Pa., writes : "DINAR Ms. PL'HAM:WIll you kindly allow me the pleamwe of expressing my gratitude for the wonderful relief I have experienced by taking your Vege- table Compound, I suffered for a louff time with nervous prostration, bak- the, headache, loss of appetite, a hvvy bearing-down feeling, also burning nstn the groins, I could not sleep, was tired all the time, hadno ambition. Lie was a burden to me. The pains I r.uffered at times of menstruation were something dreadful. I thought there was no cure for it. I saw your advertise- ment in the paper, and nay husband advised me to try your medicine. I took " EAST, WEST, HOME 18 BEST," IF KEPT CLEAN WITH SAPOLIO ,OVER SEED w lit tDrJ pires airs tls fl|eo, A BI00YOI, WHITE MAN AND INDIAN, A Harnalesa Sidewalk Eneonnter in lront of a Cigar Store. Standing in front of a cigar store in a busy city street was the wooden fig- are of an Indian, holding out to the passer-by a bunch of wooden cigars. This figure was about three feet in height, and stood upon a pedestal 2 feet higb, which was supportcd upon low wheels, by meant of which it was rollcd in and out o the store, to and from a low platform resting hi)on the sidewalk. With all its supports the figure rose about six feet above the walk. Coating along tbe sidewalk was a man with a jag, which,anowever, might not have been noticed by the casual observer. He was of grave demeanor, and he walked, for the most part, as straight as a die; but just as he came to the figure of the Indian standing on the sidewalk holding out the bmteh of wooden cigars he lurched heavily to starboard, collided witlt the Indian and knocked it over, and then went down himself, and there they lay, the white man and the Indian, side by side, on the walk. The Indian lay perfectly quiet; the white nmn struggled to get up. Hear- A REALLY INTELLIGENT JURY. The Verdict 'as in Accordance with the Evidence. "It was the funuiest thing I ever saw in a courtroom," laughed the veteran of the bar, wire was enjoying an informal snmker with Iris brethren. "I was in the new west then, trying to gct a good start. One Of the resi- dents had mysteriously disappeared, and his wife was arrested under a suspicion that she migit be responsible for the fact. I defend- ed her. "On the stand she was simply irreprei- ble. I only got to ask her one question. That was more than plenty. She talked precisely as though she were wmmd up and could not stop until the mainspring was completely rc]axed. In the midst of her tirade she was interrupted by an inquiry by one of the jurors. " '\\;Vho are you ta]kin' to Bill Spriggins,' she shoutcd. 'I don't 'low no cattle like ou to be quizzin' me. Ef you don't know ow to treat your betters, I'll Icarn you, you pin-headed coyote. Ef my husband was here he'd pcrferate you miglty quick, and I know it. But I kin take care of myself cflamalonewoman. I'm here to tell what I know, and I'm goin' to do it if it spills blood.' "There was no staying her deluge of words n,l the judge was at last driven by sheer Le peration to tell the jury to retire and do h, best it could with the facts in its posses- sion. "When the jur3, came back ]Jill Spriggins, as foreman, stood up. to give the verdi(t 'We find,' he said, 'that ttds here nmn Mcekham has diserpeared at the ban's of lng the (.rash the proprietor of the cigar some persing or persmgs unknown. ,Vc tim] ' fmther that we arc unancrmons in surspect- store rnn out upon the sidewalk. When in' as how he mighter been talked to death he saw the Indian down his face was )y his said wi%.' It tool< the sheriff and all sober; but when he saw that the figure ds deputies to h01d her."--Detroit Free was uninjured his face was smiling, lie ?ress. righted the figure up and stood it onec A man would rather spend five dollar more upon its platform. It was quite foolishly than to lose a nickel through a hole uumoved by the encounter, and it held in his poeket.--Vashington Democrat. We can't nee the benefit in learning to out the bunch of wooden cigar's just as before, while tim white man still lay upon tbe sidewalk struggling to rise. Ite got to his feet finally, but minus his hat. This was back on the aide- walk, eight or ten feet front where he bad ri;en, and be came back to get it. llalf a dozen people or more lind gath- ered. atlraeted by the crash and by the sight oi the two figures on tire side- walk. and these now stood around and watched the man try to pick up his hat. They all smi!ed as they looked on, they couldn't help it. lie was a well-dressed, good-lookh)g m'm. and he still preserved the same un- hroken gravity of demeanor; the en- eonnter with the Indian had not dis- tnrhed hhn in the least. Put he had q difficult job on hand now, to pick up hN hat without going' down again himself. Anybody might have picked it up for him and put it on his head. but every- body wanted to see aim do it, if hc could. Anti so |ire people stood and watched. and smiled, and saw him try; bending slo,ly down, down. down--ah! all but reaching it, all but losing his balance and then partiy straightening up to try a 7afn. ']'hen a sntall and friendly newsl)oy who had been standingby with a bundle of newspapers under his arm. sntiling with the rest, intervened. When the man went down for hls but again the small newsboy set his shoulder nnder the man's shoulder and so SUl)ported him and steadied him down. smi]inffatl the lime as he did so. ]{e might have picked up the man's hat in un instant. but he didn't want to do that; he was like all the rest; hc wanted to see the himself pick it up. Apd with this help the mm did pick it up, and. standing upright, he placed it on his head once more and faced about in his original direction and started on. This t|me he walked straight past the wooden Indian and on, to all appearances soher as a judge; the knot of onlookers melted uway, and the incident was elosed.--N. Y. Sun. THE SICK CHAMBER. Sonic Suggestions oa tO Ira Propex Care. In spite of atl that is written and said in favor of rugs for e]mn]hers, t[}erc It]'e conservative lmople who adhere to the "'all-over" tacked down carpel, hi time of itiness in the family it is a problem with many housekeepers ot this elass how io keep the carpe:t of the sick chamber clean wit)rout raising dust. With the wisb "'father to tbe thought.'" some put off the seei)ing, hoping that the patient may soon be well and oul of hed. This. however, is most imprudent, as meanwhile, the ac- cun]ulations of dust thicken, and if the patient Mmuhl become worse instead of better, the inevitable cleaning must be done, and not without some vigor(ms, dust-raising strokes of the broom. It is much better to l)egin in time by wiping the carpet wilh a clamp cloth or spot]ge--tl}e latter is th'e best. Redit: the sponge frequently in e]ean water containing a few drops of ammonia, .qtteczc as dry as possible, and ruh well both sides of the nap if it be a brussels car pet: then wil)e wilh a dry, soft cloth, and the carpet will ,,e sweet md fresh, all the dust having been transferred to the water, l[theroom fs very dirty a carpet sweeper might be run over it before the wiping, provided the noise does not dislress the invalid. ]ht generally the sponging will t)e found suffleient. The woodwork and furniture of the room may be treated in the same manner, except that the ammonia may be ]eft out where var- nlshed furniture is to betonched. But the secret of success with this method is not to let he room remain loug with- oat ntlenlon. Every few days the proc- ess should be repeated to keep dust from gathering.--Ladies' World. Compressed Flour. Flour ia an itu in household use that is looked upon as indispensable, but where it must be transported for any considerable distance it increases rapidly in value, because of its bnlk. Experiments are being made in Great Britain with compressed flour, which is lint up nnder such pressure that three pounds can be I)ut into the space or- dinarily occupied by one. In this prac- tical age, econmny of space is nn im- portant item, and if these exp'criments prove a nceess, it will be possible to ship to distant points and out-of-the- way localities, an amount of breadstuff not hitherto obtainable in such regions. N. Y. Ledger. Pot lloaa llave ),our kettle on the fire with one work puzzles.--V/ashington Democrat. GAINED 22 POUNDS IN 5 WEEKS From the By-Stander, Macovb, Ill. Alderman Louis W. Camp, of our city, has tuite astonished his friends of late, by a re- in kable gain in weight. He has gained .2 ounds in tire weeks. Those of his friends w] ) do no know he facts of his sickness wilt read with interes the following: "I was broken down in health and utterly miserable," said Mr. Camp to our tepm'tcr. "1 was unable to work much of the time aml so badly afflicted with a form of stomach trouble that life was a veritable nightmare. "l tried various remedies, but (luring the ness I obtained no six months of my sick relief. 1 had always been a robust, hcalthy man and sickness l)ore heavily upon me. "About two years ago I was advised to try Dr. Villiams' Pink Pills for Pale People. I purchased one box and received so much benefit that I used five more and was en- tirely cured. I gained twenty-two pounds in five weeks. Since l stopped taking the pill I have scarcely had au ache or pain. Interviewing the Alderman. "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills restored me te health, and I mest heartily recommend them." L. W. Camp on oath says that the fore going statement is true. W, W. MELOAN, Notary Public. Following is the physician s certificate at to Mr. Camp's present condition: I am a regularly liccnsed physician ot Maeomb, McDonough County, Ill. I have very recently exannncd Mr. I, \\;V. Camp a to his genes:el physical condition, and find tl same to be all that cmdd be desired, appetite and digc:.tinn good, sleeps well and has all the evidences of being in a good physical condition. SAM'L RUSSELL, :hi. D. ubscribed and sworn to before me thi 0th day of September, 1897. W. V. MELOAN, Notary Pablic. NOT AN ART ELEVATOR. One Girl Who Vaa Sati=fled to Paint Pictures. The art student shook her head in whim. si d proLcst. She has just come back from si years' study in the Paris studios, where t had the reputation of being a talented couscientious and ambitious worker. "1 am glad to be at home again," she said; "but everybody takcs things so seri- ously over tere. At least the girl art stu- dents do. They haven't lhc pluck to get down at the bottom and dig away on fi'st principles in a way that every Frenchman thinks perfectly natural ; but they are awful- ly busy with ideals. They belong to clubs for elevating all sorts of things, l've been buttonholed on every corner by people who want mc to join clubs The day I got into my studio ;,ome of my old friends eame to see me, girls I had {corked with before 1 went abroad. They all looked deadly seri- ous and of them struck a Curtius-dcdieating- his-life-to-his-country pose and said sol- -%"}: ,iargaret, we need you. You must help us elevate American art.' -. "[ jus tucked a pillow behind my head and said: 'I'll be hanged if I do. I'm going t( paint pictures.' They are terribly disappninted in me. I d, 't breakfast until ten. 1 can't do honest bard work, with my best force, on less than ten hours' s]eei), and so I take it; lint it scms nobody can elewte art and sleep in the mornings. I'm willing to give up my swell studio and go over' on Tenth avenue to live in'one room and work as I please rather than paint things I don't be]icve in bccause they would sell; but I'm using what nerve force I have on my work, and so the girls think I am unregenerate Club me no clubs. My dub is a maul stiek."N. Y. Sun. Scenic Route East, Through "the Land of the S]k." The Southern Railway, in connection with the N. C. & St. L. Ry. and the Penna. R. R,a operates daily a through sleepingear b/ tween Nashv'ille, Tenn., and New-York, via Chattanooga, Knoxville and Ashcville. This line is filled with the Randsomest Pullman ])rawing Room Buffet Sleeping Cars, and the east-bound schedule is as follows: Eeavc Nashvqle. 10:10 P. M.: Leave Chat- tanooga 4:10 A. M.; Leave t(.noxvit] 6:5 ,. M.; Arrive Hot S>prings 11:46 A. M.; Ar- rige Asheville 1:15 I. M.; Arrive Washing- ton 6:42 A. M.; Arrive New York 12:43 1 ). M. This sleeping car passes hy daylight through the beautiful and picturesque nountaia enery of East Temmssce and Western North (Jarolina, along the French Broad ltiver. A second train leaves Nashville daily at 3:30 P. M.; leave Chattanooga 10:00 P. M.: I.eave Knoxville 1:15 A. M.; Leave Itot Springs 4:) A. M.; Arrive Asheville 5:10 A. M.; Arrige Washington 9:,35 P.M. Ar- rive New York 6:23 A. M. This train car- ries elegant Pullman Sleeping Cars Chat- tanooga to Salisbury amt Salisbury to New York without change. Train leaving Mem- phis daily at 9:15 A. M., and arrive at Chat- tanooga at 9:00 P. M., connects with train leaving Chattanooga at 10:00 P. M., for Washington and New York, via Asheville, and afl'ords excellent accommodations to parties enroute from Memphis and the west to all points east. People always laugh at the first man to follow a new fashion, and at the last one to dopt it.Atchison Globe. Vlllie's Qaery, Spring M edicin rhese two words emphasize a necessity and indicate a remedy. SPmG--the season when the blood is most impure as a rcsult of the win- ter's closer confinement, higher liv- ing, slower action of the kidneys and liver; when humors of all ldnds, boils, pimples and eruptions are most liable to appear; when thc wcak, languid condition of the whole bodily struc- ture demands and welcomcs help. MEDICInE--that to which the millions turn at this season--Hood's Sarsapa- rilla. The orighal and only prep- aration especially adapted to the pres- ent necds of the human family; that which makes the blood pure and clean, as shown by its thousands of wonderful cures of dreadful blood diseases; creates an appetite and cures dyspepsia, as shown by its "magic leach"in all stomach troubles steadies and strengthens the nerves as proved by people formerly nerv- ous, now calm and self-possessed, j thanks to Only those who have been relieved l of great suffering can fully appreciate the gratitude with which the testi- monials overflow written in favor of Hood's Sarsaparilla. Just read this: ) "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen:--"My first experience with Hood's Sarsaparilla was when I used it as a tonic and spring medicine : [t did me so much good my faith in its merits became very strong. About years later I had a running sore fot. I/; developed into erysipelas affected the entire limb. At I was Very Much Run Down as I had been troubled with dys: The drain on nay system was so and my stomach wus so weak I became i ready victim of malaria. I feared couhl never regain my health. ach rebelled at the simplest food, and medicines prescribed for me gave littlere]ief. Isentforabottl( Sarsaparilla, and I had taken this cine but three days when I be prove. Continuing with it, I am better and stronger than I ever ex ed to be. It has purified my blood given good eireulation. I have had return of my o1 troubles since/ W. KANE, Media, Pa. Hood's parilla is The I,od[ctne For You Because of Wbat it has done for others because you ought this s r that which will do you tlte most Nood's Sarsaparill America's Greatest Medicine, because it cures when all others fail. Be sure to get Hood's. HE MEANT WELL. Kut Ilia Carelessness Got Him Into Trouble with His Girl. A 'oung geutleman, whose gallantry was largc,y iu excess of his pecuuiary means, sought to remedy this defect and save the money required for the purcimse of expensive flowers by arranging with a gardencr to let him have a bouquet from time to time in re- turn for his cast-off clotlms. It thus happened one day lhat he received a lmneh of the most beautiful roses, which he at once sent off to his]adylove In sure antieipatimt of a friendly welcome he called at the hoqse of the lad" thc same evening and was fret a little surprised at the frosty reception he met with. "You sent me a note to-day," the young lady remarked, after a pause, in the most frigid tones. 'q--a note ?" he in quired, in blank aston- ishment. "Certainly; along with some flowers." "To be sure I sent you some flowers." "And there was a note inside-do you still mean to dcny it?" With these words she handcd the dum- founded swain a scrap of paper, on which the following words were written: "Don't for- get the old trousers you promised me the other day."--Tit-Bits. A man takes off his gloves upon enter- ing church, whilc a woman puts bers on.- Washington Democrat. To-morrow will be like to-day. Life wasles itself whilst we are preparing to live. Emerson. A woman's idea of the best plastering is the kind you can drive a nell into any- whcrc.--Vqashington Democrat. 'ery few people care to be undertakers, et a reat many arc willing to run funerals. --Vashington Democrat. Oh, What Splendid Coffee. Mr. Goodman, Williams Co., Ill., writes: "From one package Salzer's German Coffee Berry costing 15c I grew 300 lbs. of better coffee than Ican buy in stores at 30 cents a lb." A package of thin and big seed catalogue is sent you by John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., "upon receipt of 15 cents stamps and this notice. Send for same to-day, l 6 Oft Proved. Money has wings, as is frequently shown by. flicra in the stock market.--Philadclphia 3Ames. The best man is he who tries to perfect himself; and the happiest man is he who feels that he is perfecting himself.--Socrates. I can recommend Piso's Cure for Con- sumption to sufferers from Asthma.--E. D. Townsend, Ft. ttoward. Wis.. May 4, '94. The most ludicrous being iu the wm'ld is he who tries to bc unhappy aad can't.--De- troit Free Press. Whenever we hear the women talk in- dignantly because another woman is spoiling her husband, we hunt him up to congratu- late him.--Atchison Globe. Fits stopped free and permanently cured. No fits after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Free $2 trial bottle & treatise. Dr. Kline, 933 Arch st., Phila., Pa. ttow to dissolve bones--feeA the children on corn meal, fat meat, pie and cake.--Rural New Yorker. To Cure a Cold in One DaF 'rake Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists retired money if it fails to cure. 25e. Iany young men's first idea of business is to learn to hold a cigar right when not smoking.--?, ashington Democrat. A I)0CIOR'S DIRECTIONS. They save a daughter from blindness. When a father writes that yours "is the best medicine in the world." you eau allow something for seeming extrava. gance in the statement if you know that the medicine so praised, cured a loved daughter of disease and restored to her the eyesight nearlylost. The best med. leine iu the world for you is the medicine that cures you. There can't be anything better. No medicine can do more than cure. That i why JohnS. Goode, of Orrick, MO.. writcs in these strong terms: *' Dr. Aver's Sarsaparilla ts the best med- icine in-the world. My daughter had a relapse after the measles, due to taking cold. She was nearly blind,and was obliged to remain iu a dark room all the time. The doctors could give her no relief; one of them directed me to give her Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Two bottles cured her om- pletely." The thousands el testlmonials to thc value of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla repeat over and over again, in one term or another a common experience to have Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla prescribed by a physician. 2t is a common experience to see u "com. plete cure" follow the use of a lew bottles of this great blood puriiyiog medicine. Because, it is a specific tor all tormsof blood disease. If adisease has its origin in bad or impure blood. Dr. Ayer's Sars- aparila, acting directly on the blood, re. moving its impurities and giving to it vitalizing energy, will promptly eradicate the disease. The great feature of Dr. Ayer's Sarsapa. rilla is the radical cures that result trom its use. Many medicines only suppress disease--they push the pimples down under the skin, they paint the complexion with subtle arsenical compounds, but the disease ragesiu the veins like a pent-up fire, and some day breaks out in a vol- canic eruption that eats up the body. Ayer's Sarsaparilla goes to the root. It makes the fountain clean and the waters are clean. It makes the root good and the fruit is good. It gives Nature the elemeuts she needs to build up the broken the expressmu: "The doctors gave her dowuconstitution--notttbrace itupwith no relief; one of them directed me to I stimulants or patch it up on thesurfaee. give her Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Two L Scud for Dr. Ayer's Curebook. and learn bottles completely cured her." more about the cures effected by this It is a common experience to try ]Or. remedy. It's sent free. on request, by the Ayer's Sarsaparilla as a last resort. It is J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass, ii'THE RUSH To T,E KLONDIKE. i 100,O00 Fr0sDc6t0rs this Year--Is there Room I0r Them ? --Th00 B00st Routes to Dawson 61tu/and what to tak00--Th00 M00th0ds Minin0, and all ah0ut rh0 ftlaaan 60untru. :' THE FIRST AUTHENTIC AND THOR"OUGH ARTICLE. With TMr W - .0. Illustratlom. By S. S. Bta, President of the Chflkoot Pa Tramlmrtatton Co  THE PREVENTI-00OF LYNCHIHS,.o, . Tht Prhlm in the South,# starts. By E.dwatd L Pel, . . 1 | t 19 THE BLOWING UP 9F THE-BATTLESHIP .MAINE, I Spain and the United States. Z011-0REYFOS AFFAIR. e@ THE n rumont Arther St. Bartholomew', Da? i  " Interviews with Zola, Nordau a d D y SILVER IN THE HEXT GAMPAI6N,  These articles, and filty more, arc in the 0000MARCH REVIEW OF REVIEWS No up-t0-datc American should miss It. This magazine is lnvaluablo for the country physician, lawyer, clergyman, merchant, and the intelligent farmer. It gives all the legitimate news, with nearly a hundred portraits and pictures, every month. PRESIDENT QATES, OP IOWA COLLEOB, sss: "There caonot be found In any other current literature tn the Engliah language $o brilliant an interpretation of passing events in every part of the workt." BISHOP JOHN H. VINCENT: "' I regard the Review of Reviews ss th latest and best means of aid for the busy man who wants to be familiar with the language of the time." TIIE LATE FRANCE5 E. WILLARD, PRESIDENT WORLD' W. C. T. U.: *' The brightest outlook window tn Christendom for busy people who want to ee what SOUTIt CAROLINA LADIES DON'T LIE. k Inman, S. C., says: I hav" ! , tt used Dr, Yd[. A. Simmons ]Liver lIediclne for  years, with the best of roe sults for Sleeplessness, ] lqervousness, Indlges- 7 tlon sad Swollen ]Feet. -/ It cured/iss S. Itamme of a complication of di- , eases ishe saysit saved her life. I think it far "ZeIlin's" and the "  Draught" medicine. Falling of the Womb, l'ae eases of uterine displacement very numerous and constitute cause of intense and wide-s Its symptoms are bearing-m sensations, pain orwcakness in tho sometimes a sense of goneness at the pit o the stomach. It may result from too fre quent childbearing, wearing garments tha ompress the waist and abdomen, over- lifting, standing on tho feet too long, general debility. . -- We would strongly urge the use OZ 1.,I Simmons Squaw Vine ino which wit purify and wtalize the b)ood, gi e tono andl etrength to the musclcs of the uterus, that it will be kept in place. To facilitate :. quickand complete recovery, we reeom- ] send as an Injection our I;lexinanFem|O ] ,mody, which will produce i tara. d/d0000g00c Walhalla, S. (3., writes= t have used Dr.  , Slm-  moss ]Liver edietno :1  more than 20 years, for Tel  /pid Liver and DizzznSS, I take a dose every two 4 weeks and feel right, al I " * i know it is far Superior tO i  "Zeilla's Regulator,"  klli oase. Womanhood; Tho health and welt-boil depend ut fection of which most im irregular straation, g of the cantyor too profuse menstruation. The diseases can ba cured. Dr. Simmons Squaw Vine Wine is a delightful remedy to take, entirely harmless, ren from nsr- cotiea, purely vegetable and peoducen n unpleasant aSter-results. It is unequa .e. as a uterine tonic and curative agent for ats female diseases, as It is impossibIe for weak- ness of the uterus and generative organe to exist when it is faithfully and persistentlY_ used. Constipation is another bano of woman's life which can be cured bY USI D. E, k. Sinzaons Liver odlCtD Corn responds readily to proper tilization. Larger crops, fuller ears larger grain are sure to from a liberal use of containing at least 7 actual Potash .-I)YOI  ON A POSTAL RD NDWEW L$1NDYOUOI) I iGl" |LLiTTP-D CTLOGV FREE - 18OWlnvrzve Htw Hz:H. Ck; /|1 g bag have Field and Cheapest I_ng. Get our We pay the ght. 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