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April 9, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 9, 1898

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IBudllIt tpllbhtau. CONGRESS AND THE PRES- -Saturday, April 9. IDENT.cuBA.SPAiN AND J. S. LEWIS, Stripped of the sensationalism Editor and Proprietor. which fills the eohunns of the = ..... "--- '- ............ , daily papers, the situation in ref- TO ADVERTISERS. THE ,rrOODVILI.E REPUBLICAN xs the oldest newspaper in the 9tare; has a lar_er ona fide cire,datlon than nny othew newspaper in this section; erence to Cuba and the relations between Spain and the United States is plain and simple. This country as yet has made no den[and upon Spain to evacn- ale Cuba, it being well under- stood that suchadetnand would thorefi)re :" is condition further diplomatic ne- gotiations evidently are futile. and are excusable only on the ground that delay is necessary to our defense. These are facts and are pertinent whether the above dispatch is true or false Minister Woodford seems to be an emotional sort or person who has not understood the drift and force of public opinion in his own c,,untry and the President until the last fewdays hasbeen no be futile and considered insulting. COII'ON AREA IN 1898. It, seems to be conceded that there will be very little, if any, reduction in the area: planted in cotton this )'ear. In northern Texas certainly, and in Georgia and Carolinas proba- Idy there will be a reduction, for those people are not so wedded tto Ihe all cotton idea and are better farmers than those of the Gulf states where it is likely ; the cotton area will be increased rather than dimia- [shed, under the fallacmus belie[ better, for though he appreciates ap aren v incre aH  t t,, tt I, Mr. Woodford's continued "ne-lthe public sentiment, has I)een P. tl .that ascd production . ,, . . . , . . . . can l)e maae to offet the loss In 1[ JJ0| J[?||1 JJ|,, t,atlons have brought hnn mto ln) ads tzy his klt(:hen col)last and ,,ri., lvsd;tatt a, Ms ; I/l general ridicule. /the peace at any pr]cefraternity to e :.. q,vtim ms4 umi ta m, The Po " . . ,, /act very much like the ass be n [his connection we rel)uhlish an - oe has nse(1 Ilia iqnu 'tween "" - " " " "' " " " -- - ........... -, " "/ the two t:UnOles of hay. ] extract from a ractica] farmer to ANNOUNCEMENT. ence with Spain to secure t!le / * "- -'----/-"-b'2"'2 ' /the'Suthern FarmPGazette. If the FOR CoNaZa utmost concessions towards the / AUXILIARY CIUISERS m unfit) of cotton Ion To.the Vet.era of the Sixth Congres- Cuban Insurgents, looking tel era had this m " p ters and farm sonaJ 1)lstriet : ea .... " Th " - an s sense and enter- Believing . that an investiffation of p ce, an(1 the continental .oowers. | e.t.overnment has .purchased e-*o''; ""'..,-, ...... ,, Ku,rlous' ..... ruture wo my re,:,rdin Congresswill show t!,at] have brought pressure to bear|a, nunmer of the fleetest steam loom up instead of tile re uut nave tfiacnarzea my ratty, act[yew. I ,,,,,,. . " - - -- /hl,,. : ....... . -- " p sent pros- faithfnllyand efficiel",tly; that I havet.t'"', " ,pam to the same end. |-'r" '" ?.ur c!)asl; V, ls.e trade and pect for four cent cot[an. kept all promises and broken no party/rngmnd s refusal to join in a | s converting them mto cruisers. "It is a fact well known to ev p!e.dges, I t!! am encouraged/concerted movement to attem,)t I It has not yet taken (nossession of one that our finaneml ,,,,,,,,un' ..... er:,s to Bglll SOlICIt [nc suppers el nlY , , [ ' . , ' !ili!::00S:!ii00ii00 The Louisiana Constitutional Con- vention seems to have made a mess of the suffrage quahficatioa Now that the President has made up his mind, he will no doubt act vigorously. He is a good man handicapped with fee- ble advisers and a certain mental timidity which moved him to avoid responsibility. His physi- cal courage is beyond question, and once the war "has begun he will recover his balance.Mem- phis Scimitar. LEON SCH WARTZ. C H.NEYL SCHWARTZ & NEYLAN Main Street, WOODYILLE, MI Since/he Quaran/ine restrictions around onr tow have been raised we have been daily receivin flresA Natchez, Miss., April 5--The Adams Light Infantry, Company B. have tendered their servmes to Gee. McLaurin to be organized into a naval reserve in the even! of war between the United States and Spain The company is about fortv strlmg, is well drilled as National Guardsnien, and hold themselves in readiness to re- spond whenever they may be called upon, The boys are en- thusiastic, and their captain J. H. Scott, will lead them ff they are called out. PROCEEDINGS m contemplation bv the powers, declared no doub these world production. Various remedies have of the Board,,l' Supervisors " beaters for speedthe Spanish been suggested. It is a problem _goods ofl all kinds and or store is now replete with best staple and ancy grocemes, dry oods, ere, to be found. 8hawneetowu, Ill., on the Ohio :river wasllocated on low land, twen- ty feet below the level of the river at high water, was protected by a gov- ernment levee twent 3-five feet high atld encircled by a range of hills New goods arriving-daily. I h, purchased a large stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping titles, Hats Shoes &e. in New Yo all of Which I propose to sell at so low that it wi/1 be to Your inte MIS,'NIC 4EETIN[;. has settled that part of the ques- tim[ has taxed the mihds of our best PIIE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, Mrmbersof W H WlLKlZ8ol, I-L tion. navy has nothing that could catch th,nkersand most practical farmers WILKINSON COUNTY. I to A. (' are re)lifted that th,, r,.znt;r It is positively certain that the either of themwill be converted for years. That something must be examine m,.fin of the Chapter will take Be it remembered ttlat at a regular my stoek. * ' .... ducements to iar00 00i00'pec-aI t " .... Cuban Insurgents ,,,ill not accent rote powetf.ui fighting sh,us as done ,s e v.,dent, or we ('ann.o.t see meetiu of the B .... ptaev at ne L.,a.e room xueauay an .... " well ........... '-' "- . Iuture relief. I suonos It will ,, g earn of Su ervtsors evening nexl, at 8 o'c]o,k. 'll,e armistice Item pam or any a urn[eaten commerce as- . .......... .. n.t of said r, ........... P... .'(' UL]> CrS. 2!00ii! . PEETR MOLLER ' g entreville .... niues inHavanaharbor. If anr|reductlonisthe question An,,nf C A. COON. Clera.   ygUR DOCTOR It on the lit lUSt, sa).s the Times Dem- L:: for more t)me to get the further proof was wanted that the|t.he,pl.ts suggested would brlngthe urT)d]k:OSnB Ha[field, treas-  00ICHTS  octet shil,lwd two cars of mio,I ertcans along the coast out of 3Iaine was destr .... a oa .......... |Sea,red relief, if carried out. M tou))f_V presented ." . _._e. uuDa ..... lie re orted th ' -, .,.,,uut attors tla aP i 't-:-- ut ,.st'" ue'L iarmer" re areY Ills report of the several different   VegetabLs, which was the second " " p at a bell[g-1 assassinated by means of a mine |as much' [land f-or ot)n as Pne pmay approvedCunty fundSandWhiChordered:Wereto beeXamined'recorded  Disease with medicine..If the ,hipmeat erentmessage from the President operated bvSnanish offieials ,thas .ish bn when heisr   i:si:!!ii  ( -  to Conl'e8 wo-l.i ......... :, .... I,.'.. .....  r . . _ . .... : , , : . ead:v to plant The x, uoney zn the treasury was also ueasourZrL"-"" _ Suerea-- * It" " . t: , -,,., . l'tt=ulpttatu, a I -eve olscovereu In London. An te nlm l)tant every other, row in cout|teu, and found to be correct. ....... g .. . omamsas- slaughter of our Cltmens andhelelectrmal en ineer teI" eotton and ln June let him )lantthe _Th}sday Joseph Johnson Su tot uous are on Paonaa nl . , . g s Ifles that he . ! . . P y ght whlt.h reoulre d until (I.-A -. . | ._,. , . . remaining rows in oeas. Thi Educatmn presented Ins repartfor the destroyed Pit[s" dru,r stnre o,.a .hi, ,'1: ...  .uay to corn- om a /arge numoet ot mines in 1896 will serve reth "es t . : s you z nonth of March 1898 which was or- .. ".. _ " _ " ...... ptete tnetr removal. Gen'l. Lee land in 1887-8 to Spanish officials to .... Ibt h,,' .. C . Im acreage tiered to be filed and a proved It upera ttouse. Loss $70,0C0. In- asked for shin t,, t..n ....... , .......... ". - , " "':'X': .... , -t. dus not reduce he further ordered that Pa war'a,,[ h s  /nn/ng the victory. ......... stnr,.,. .o,.,' * -r ......... pol'b Lfle .e purpose el mlulng roar harbors, yield fie rouen,_ as my exl}erlence. , issued to, him for.$6." 21 payable ........... out  LaXl: can help your doctor bv . --,-* people and numerous vessels are Ferrol, Cadiz, Carthagena and Ha- teaches me. I make at least three- of the scnool tune.   vmt, your l}rescriptiotl flllol - : No:i - . fourths of a crop of cotton, and peas t Oaatrnh}pR s::bb:dgi:},i!!!  a" ['9aere"  , vana, that tlmt the mines were (livi. without hmit You enrich o - AIGLrE. S pHltJAC_ - we wo:hldo d m u:l,:,  ::;d d faC:l: e ?:;::g:lg:dg lth:h::i?:tki ,led into four eons,gumel}ts and I ....... " . 3' u, tteville enc ' [ lan(l, SO thai In SIew years you can meeting place for the Cou resale  Congress, when the P,..;A dis laced I c g ua ....... ' ..... .,. p S l,htly on account faulty that, nt was impossible to explode/make a hale per acre with every workmanship.  (-EO. W. HEALy. /M[aaa.,. Convention, as suggested- by our conferred with. the H o u s e them accidentally V he can doubt/alternate row in peas, have an shun- Ordered that R L Price be apooin- ,ou ntv votem perary, but we fear the [and Senate co m m it tees o n ....... that, these miues were placed in the., stock[dance audf feed,your a UdbaconCOns,,qat home.neutly fatBe, tedto GrangeVerseerstore.f road from brick ch u reh . -- -- meonvemenee el access for the delc- fore[fin relations and informed earners for wnicn taey were intended sides, you save one half fertilizer, Ordered that Wm Mason, Preston gates from the eastern couuLws will them of the facts they unani- sad especially In Havana harbor, one ha'If hoeing and one third plow- Robinson and Robt Veal be assigned to [: E Brown's road Further .r- IO  l00/0000i0000ippi hlJ00y prevent tta seleclioa by th district tnously agreed to thedelay, as did threatened as it has been at any time ins. We have tu cultivation thus dered that J O Sims be appointed for the last years with possible lava..)'ear 24,000,000 acres. We will overseer from Woody[lie road to But- tmini[tee._ -*--.Q.,.- _ the Congress. No other man sion by U S. war ships? make (in round numbers) 10,000,. fain in place of W R Sims Ca t. 8tbt:: : s F 27:: than Gen'l. Lee could have .exer" ht: Man::' n:a  d::t b ?edd:ph l?: ;:::: plis ,5)t ,00' :t tehrat2brLes be}:tpp  a rR:h: ;:d th!::hlfluence, but sach is the,t h e i r 2:deed v Hou eo o ,}r nt $ 0 te --.- o_ __ ID tloH on Tuesday. He estifled that ' p ' tta ne has inspired for| ...... Y " o follow the pea suggestion, we 8toeketts gate, --   "7"  --, lie had an doubt that the M,,t ..... his character, and the abilitv. I :.nn or her erw wzth the cons[vance, would have 12,000,000 iu cuh ivation Ordered that N M IIumphreys be ...... .____. -----_ . ,, - ..r . . .... , -f ...... h,t" ...........  , -. J" / it not by|the direct action of the S,mn  uich wouhl yield 7,500.000 bales appmntea overseer of road cominenc- o.  ght Train  -- .... omwn up t,y a mine lOCated by the ,- t, utage ann resolutions lie/.. ......... r " t}r RIIO aa am_. o . " ' lug a zu mite hoard and -,,,; .... , ,, , ,, ,, ayes Memphis, ._ ...-- . . .  , . . . tsa 0mcla}s. It ['resident McKinle ....... ,,,,.vvt, a o cents per pounu Redhead " " . ....... a , ,, ,, ,, "' Viekbur -.,'" t,,- 4panlsh autimrltles but decdned to has displayed in a difficult and lead his ",-" ........... )' a gala of $50,000,000, to say m,th ,qa .... nffll.wtb hands from sonic ...... ,, . (jeatrovillge a:0 ate expreu an ()pinion as to whether Uangerous situatmn that what he| ...... y, aua the mg about the cost of prod,Ptmn, On account ofehan-e of ownerhZ,- z....[.. " Arrives New Orleaus :.12a a-' |oanKs aria corpora[runs and boards which as I hay " , . s --,r,  u: .... the mme was fired b sked for has been c , e shovn, would be ordered tuat the folio  ,, ,, u leavesNe y the Spanish " ' oneeded ] wi} g land be ,, ,, .,  Orleans  , . ' . . of trade are w" " a " ' - --" author[ties without auestnon . Ilhng to accept blood ]. bout one-half. If t is ant desirable assessed to Mrs W P Jones instead of ....... , Ceutreviile 4:2o pv. "  " " k [J "  " ..... - .... /moneytortlehvesofoursail,,r,h,,lptansomanyt)eas vuca,,..-,! andEEWall, 163 acres msec ,, ,, ,, . VWksh,,r. i'3,Spn .... --'-*-- - , 1 seems to oe understood that' " ....... pinders, sweet or' Ir'., - v-.,,, 28 t J r 1 e '" arrives Mere .... li 50 pm Dr. Lipscomb, one of the Wile,e- ,t._ n ...... |peopl of this country are not Peace I .... '_zsh potatoes, I Ordered'th ......... N_ / .... Juemph,s ":;0--.. __, ..... ] bus rreslclen Will reeomm,-A ;,, t ..... " t Wlldi eQtlal success / hr,,,al,t ,.. I . at urry baker oe ap- ,,u. zx uay '1'..  Leav -- ": .... lllll|e OiS uas,a au a an vXl II II #  v /uKsnu p oners ot [temper coun*.y was ,., ..... , .... "| y price snows a clegeneracy iu [acre. ,,'t .......... "_ _7 2 *'s'' . pointea overseer of road from Fort ,, ar.......', , ... rg, - ,m- eo,,.a -..,,,_ .., _  . I L,.rventIon OUt no tlaerecognition I,,a,.:.: .............. I .  y .... .) l,'.,ur ,ann ann Iarmed I Adams to ted of mile hill ] r.. ,  _ ,,vea o Orleans  ,,,.- --- , - .uu --.t ut mur(er oa z]is seP,md I .... . le v.,u,o,u a-u mannooa wnica r.,,ia/it aa o,,,.a-,-z . . . .,  . ' - . , o zz D.o,__ o:oo nn, trh, I,;,} ....... . ..... - ...... IofCuban independence. If al ............ "-"|._Z.-'2":. eu'anu teeny 1] vueyedthatJ]m Hendricksbeap-I .... -',':.y.ttttn.eavesetvNrloaas -- --_ _;r-- .............  capttaz punishment, Helot. ...... :, i_  . . -, [,uuuury aaa nee reaches. |nm ozereu uu tot tile ten acres I pomte(l overseer of road from Forl [ arrives Vicksburg, :05 am wlzsenteneed to t,e hung on hi::wu.  o, ea contes ,n Uon-| As to the London diseovery Mon.|'ammakznga bale of 8otton per]A,?:toupp er landing. I No 7fl1" T'rainrnnsd'l;exce-tSm}da 5:65p first trial but secured a nw t.;.t g s anti the result may be, iflday's .... press disoatche .,, |acre, auu corn, etc., iu proportion. " I - cou!- or cnange of ownership I ,,, ,, )eaves Woody[lie 1 3'. / ee viii district ia flee sha.e eY "_ . p " z for mines in whichlthe method efficacious in h, ....... overseer make the chane raed fo ' ' _ Die Pass r A ---- .... . _. o g P Y r .... , ,..,,t o, , ..... ,. _.,:__ , were used fourteen and a half tons of/Sanat,rlal , .... ta,t : .... Z " , ;,.u All members v,,ted yea for all,,.,. M ZSPnzn , 2Nssz g .,..e-, -,. ',l,,, ,auumg nere govern- ---] -,,.,,ua.:,,PTTTI lI?'lrlArIt xz-x.i.U.lz'xrr' lilTs'n gun cotton. The. w,--t ........ ,,,oo ,,...._ I Y;-,,u,r me ..... em to' .... -... tU UnlO,. ClerKs In. &nce o'f thn fr)llaino.,.,:,:n'(n""* - ..... " meal work la being pushed The the d}rect surveillance of Gen F,-- [  p y of I, Ile National Rel)ubll_ Joseoh IIenlev 2 daw l.vh, ,- " can     ' uommitteeent out thousands n:oad .... ". ........ .'...".$2 O0 .- uaodezand Capt, Bustame,,t. The of telegramstobusinessmen i a all Miss Clara Walker support pau - A T BENEDICT river at Fort Adams probably will The following dispatch came in latter was then th head of the Span- go six or eigtit feet higher than the Wednesday evening: ish torpedo school. By order of sectioua of the eouutry reauesin,, pets for March ........... 15 00 lass rise. "Fr . . these offeers the mines were divided them to wire their Senators aa Ed Haynes support as pauper..8 O0  :: ,, ooot00 " " 5as[er _z.n(.lerson t t MANUFACTURJSR PAKER  [AjjR I dent s message wont go to Con- Ferrel, Cadiz aud t artbagena. The half of commereml Interests to stand Woody[lie Re ublica ..2 00 gless before Monday "Pain ha mines were afterward under the di- by the President and su.-..e-. -'-- : ...... P n 1st quarter s ....... : ..... o -o- 00o00ooo',, .... 00magas FarmWag0ns Harn00s00 agreed to all demanls." " rest[on of J. P. Gibbons, after Gib- h, 7 'firm .aad wise policy. The i M Rothsehil  Bin ngSse fo 40 00 bona' patents which are described in eiegrams began coming in to-,lay, paupers .................. 2 75  We doubt the accuracy of the Siemens book on torpedoes and and to-night several hundred were ]  I Berger making key for haud first statement, at this writing, mines. Gibbons', from whom a reporter of received, all toll,,wina ver,, eloo" [ cuff ................ 35 As to the latter statement, if the Associated Press obtained the in- the letter of tile suegestmn seat out I Paul z.. . . " , Wetthn & Ihckev 2 spades ..... 1 80 trueit amounts to nothing. While formation, and who furnished to from here. The effect hev have[ -2;,ber wzudmg clock two Lieutenant Commander Colwell a .... ...  t ,,,u.t.s ................... 12 O0 uaa, however, Is very amerent from/los /lenley lumber ........ 23 ]0 ..- - " 'understand that a demand was p " n which wrecked tho Maine [ torsand members are iadl  Grenada Sentinel to bal due for W|II from ten to twenty feet of] md, etch. tt^ . :.L ..... was then employed by the firm a'l nan[. They comnared nato g. bill of/June 1897 ............ 10 75 r:a!i!: :iii:'' :T!!! I rpo:d :m h .... a 21' w,tntrawat ely :h: m ?::d an  r !, ii:i!n;2{ :!: o :haaT: : :s!e! , r ! ii t i2:h r, eg; !.mn: ! a i;rtt h! oi tdii:! ........... ubeteOrdered tl}at tbosconfirmed and spreadfllwingon the reportmin. t To the Iton Board of Supervisors: f,,,, } ....... [_ " . .YISpanih rule, thePrime Minister/ Themanage: of the Westminister mad, am[ the amount of melodic Tho undersigned appointed b. your -,,,, ,v -sea recovetea, tie of n ) . , . - - |Engineerint-Comnanv d,h;i'; ,, finns bestowed u on[he Jeace-at. houorable body to lay out change in remaiader will not be reeovered t ?,!?, ?agasa, a ndtheSpan./successoroTtheafore.;ne,iiO, ledtre price men and Pthe dnstinuisn tbe Natchez & Liberty road across until the water fall, 'l'hcr, w -o |i_sh tamnet see[are [nat no such |and with which Gibbons is eon,,'/',i |Sena,or who leads th, ,n -iV eaT, as rest " " r . . .  " t demand has been made--that .... !  thatCrkedwe haveCreeklaidbegoutleaVeand tOstaked"reportoff confirms the latter's statement as to man a black mark said road it} accordance with the g U tttu ;on wuicu uas been I v.j,,. ........ Y * It) be placed of). - - neither would nor could _ . |t.e manuiacture or mines tot Spain |posite the nam, S of Statesmeu m " promptly relieved, entertain u Gibnons who is ........ : ....  " ' " the petition for the same. Respectfully, ,, ormcr sergenr II},)oK Kel}t Of Ihe deeds of .,.- ..... sueh a proposition for a moment |of engineers and a tovernn,.,,t ;,. I.. . . mea by ::: [iBr:,t ed:':rE,.f : ::Ob7: Isf p :h,e s :;rS:eatnC: :s d:=:'nd: tiwMaTffli'r2cfi::QPPi!i!( :4!i!elot / !'?ivs:iiii: Wile Cavin. , vi a t lw  e Ordered that the Board of Super- , visors be appointed a cmnlittee to g were bnrried a Wac .. certainly relates to minor ,.,,.;n ' " ing 500 pounds of uu cottoa tersely, Ioo. Senator Ioraker " meet on Tuesday April 12ti 1898 to "" ............. '" s . g , . , for assess thd damages on the new road ------., , . .... everal of wimh were manufactured Instance, o one urging support of as laid out by J H Henley and Wiley ' the same day, April 3rd Several erations or proposition, with J for Spain tto has ex erimented the 'fi . , , . . . . htmdred ,eo}le atted zt P rm and zse pohcy, re lied I I n ed the funeral which Mr. McKinley and Minis- w" h the mines largely at I ortsmouth I 'If "ou will '-in  .......... P . Cavin, c,,mnJzssmners j Capt. Davis and 2000 that of Mr ter Woodford h .... r, ......... :.__ [a, nq save that once laid they retain[, at  '.. u, m,orm me wua. t .Ordered timt the clerk advertise|for .. ....... . - ..... ,, a,.ustug, tne]r properties for fifty years In |'h.. pohcy ts I -,11 be uader obll blus to build a bride across Crook prone that the Jar[era death at thenlselves ] a(i,htton Gibbon gauons it canuo t( g ed " , p eying diplomac t " " " s asserts that it is in} [ , .: ' t be discovered reek according to specifications on ? bund to while feedin Con,r-,, nn ,.. t .... exph)de aeei-, j } c mneery clerk s office. | J, - . . hand of some one was o , possble for theln to mere file }, I ' maser, U a f-rzone cnncl.i,n_ tt. ,..,nt, ...:.,. '- 'f .... . ""' ieqta.y, as.the electric corrents for/ :- = :, _ |_ Ordered that the county tax be te- e t "" Z _ ......... r-r... ,u arty ana snenanlgan./[nezr exploszon are formed only by t The persistent interference of [funded to andy Hu,,ter on horse I, ea Journattsm from its us No re  the manipulation of a eom I the r vameu at $40 = ..... " i t asonably well/nfornled man ke ..... i ., . " picoted/ p o-Spanish party, reuresent | vooar(l es ee]all (leV s r mass. nut ne evzaenuy was heh| but should know that the Sl,an-iv,.ht acci.tenP ' d atre ,PieS"/ed ,n B ashington chiefly y See- |azOrde",ed, that }!ae members, sheriff I:':::,:,   ' """e " 4 .W "O ' , ' " "e O P ' e 'v''' e" de.r , 0 ," to hoht _c:)s%ari'oWhi.('lLare alway:'lepf in" the I r?:::;Bp ss and Gage,, ts having ]diTnf:o'l?:s nezr nnleage aud per . " Ul)On The Baylor Cuba to the 1,: ..... " ' or Ulrzerent officials, and . g errec t)on on uon- [L q' v,,, .... o.,o.  ,: ...... ga he was sun},orted b .... / ..... }ter en(l, and thatieven if an outsider obtained posses, areas and on the oeoole Ameri- |J  ,'C2;'?:.LT?L  z, .......... w ,a _ _ ' a " ,,n l they wonl(l instal]l;lV desh'nv ...... siou of them. it wouhl b- ;,,,n.o.- .n o,f,a..k; .... 2._.'. , .. |7.. L,ff  uay Za m ............ 5 40 ' Of Ule ...... people of that oh, }..:.: .......... ", "-- -a. ble to man[ ulat( the ke  .... v:-,.*" -[2".Y'_ ..... ,u,p uauno ennure tne l  t enKlnS 2 day 15m 5 50 weal a .............. .,,/,,,,.,Sr,y n.u any uynastr that'o,,i instrnctP:,ns yboard w,.th- tt.mught.that a question of prin- I A__Carter 2 day 19nl ...... 5 90 u ,,._ ., ,--,t.,ae u,at/would give up the Island. Th/s: Gibbons further avs the n, ines al,d  cple anq duty can be determined I Ct. Nett.e,'ville 2 (lay 12m ........ 5 20 ell!at v:lle s,taen and/country Is" determined' that th, their conneetiug cables are nnmt,,.....,, ,i or considered by the orofits or I ,  essm,,s s!}ff 2 day ........ 2 00 H}sLitutzon were not S anmh  " an,! hc asserts im wouh I , h)ss of toek s 1'' zx uoon cmrK 2 dav 3 O0 .  0 " shall getout of Cu} ....... " l )e able to ". S eculat'ors or of " '';'''" th JAn,1 ...... ...... l.ho,.e )" .... h,u. .... It." ,I.LI'"" curcdllen[llV' ,them if ally l}art were se- ,ant, yb,,dy, else" ,---NewP York Pl'oSs ]a Ordered that the Boarcl uo now diourn until next regnl,r meet[ J 4". dffent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which are universally acknowledged to be Tho Best and LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for F(LAZ[ER ROAD and SPEF, DINO 0ART, whit are great favorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufaeturers of Iron Fanning in the Uitad Btate. ]'artiular attention paid to re-covering and rigging "loxas tadd lea. All work done promptly and tt Keasouable rates. Woodvilie, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on the Artonish lahds under fenoe is pro- hibitcd under full penalty of the law, Any stock remaining on the Artonish .pasture afterFebruary 15th will be charged pasturage50c per mouth. J. A {-tLLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. NOTICE TO tRESPASSERS. All persons ar9 hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the Gilder[ tract, the LhberW tract and Ftee tract, abozit 1 mile north-east of Woody[lie under penaP, y of the law F. F. BE T, I)cc 19 ,i, i .... Lt. i , ...... -- 50 YEARS" TRADK MARKn A. n.Y.ono eendZng a sketch ald de'lptZo amp uml T asoertmn our opinion fr whethe a,. vent}on is probably patentable. O)miID.IOS- ou%rictly..con:fldentiaL_lWmadbook o Patamt4 tmtz xre Ul(Zellt &ieDJ, IOr 1481rizl nlg4t Patent taken throuh Munn k-C $01 illdway,