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April 6, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 6, 1973

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COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEET (Contin'ued from last week) First District Road Fund: Reed Hd,w. Co.. hdw., $2.35; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, tools, hd,v., f52.52; Laurel Hill Lbr. Co., lbr., $32.0; Scotts Auto R- pair, serv., $81.25; Louis Gaul- den, salary, $467.90; Oliver Lu- aus, same, $287.46; Gerald Wil- k:nson, same, $286.87; Victory Tax Fd., w'held. 180.59: Retixe- meat Fd., Co. share, $57.38; w'- reld, $57.38; Sec. Sec. Fd., w'held The Woodville Republkan, Woodville, Misslsslpp! $123.30; State Income Tax Fd.. 'Hdw., hdw., $9.84: Big River Students Aid Red Cross In Cooking Friday; April 6, 197-3 t.EGAL NOTICES Legal Notice NOTICE OF PUBLICATION same, $1.10: Retirement Fd., Co. Supply Co., brake control, $29. share, $85.52; w'he!d. $85.52: Sm. 00: E'eotts Auto Repair. serv., Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. h-lre, ,,9ft4.72; L'ufalo Water Assn.. 367.94; Ins Fd.. sam. $348.87; uLiliti.. :6.38; Tom Ashley, sal- H & R Ford, serv., ps.. $761.88; ary, S503.19: Jewel Anders same, Robert W itehea2, r.o.w., $450.03. $271.77: Sidney Nettles, same. Third District Road Fund: $253.26: Clyde Nettle:. same, Scotts Auto Repair. serv.. $202.'261..27; Morris Nettles. same. .: Minna F.,rstU:;g, rent lol,. $10. $277....7; Buell Wisher. same [:0: A. J. Darden salary, $597.97: .294.79: Claude Johnson, .amc, Harold C. Bru,s. s, ame, $257.32; $253.26; Earl Van Johnson. leslie H. Hughes, same, $287.51; ,:ame, $259.02: Jerry Nettles Mar:on E. McCurley, same, $274. same, $271.76: David Day, same, 7; Lure McGraw. same, $261.27; 274.77: Darrell Lapr,airle, same, Victory Tax Fd.. w'held $8.20: ',.17.38: Otis Jack,son, same. $94. S!ate Income Tax, same $'3.38; 15: Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $241. OF FINAl, SETTLEMENT a Legal Notice OF CONTRACT NOTICE OF PUBLICATION Notice is hereby given that OF FINAL SETTLEMENT the Contract heween the Board OF CONTRACT cf SupcrvLsors of Wilkinson Not.ce is hereby gven that County, Mississippi, on the one the Contract between the Board, and Roadbuildcrs Con- cf Supervlsors of Wilkinson. :ruet:cn Co. on the ot,her paLrt, C:=unty, Mississippi, on the one ;dated the 22nd day of AugusK part. anti Newsom Brot,hers on 1972. for tle construction of the ot!:er part, dated the 22rid Slate A'.d Project No. SAP 79 16, S "A" Centreville-Maeedonia; 6ay of August, 1972. for the con- I "C" struction of Stae Aid Project "B" Macedonia-Hirman; No. SAP 79 (21) being, a section 1Woodville-Lane Hart. N. End: of the U. S. 61-Wilkinson County being section of the "D" - E ' Hart: La. Rd.: "F" & Co. share $149.18; Reese Me- Retirsment Fd.. C. share, $42. 5fl; State Inczme Tax. same, $3. Highway in Wilkinson County, W o o d v i I 1 e Lane Hwy. 24: "G" tor Sales, .,srv., $159.00; Gulf 0:1 75: w'hcld, $,t2.75; Soc. Sec. Fd.. 3: Retirement Fd., Co. sEa,re, M:.sis.s.lppi, has been fully and Wo:dville-Jackson Woodville - Pinckneyville: Prod., fuel, $255.21; Carter Eq%. w'helfl & Co. share. $234.04; In,:. $165.99: w'held, $185.99; Soc. Sec. completely performed ,and final Newtonta-State "H" Co:, rent grader, $00.00; Cen- Ffl.. .a:ne. $193,15: Centreville Fd.. w'!]eid & Co. share.culvert.$485.44;$224, settlemcnbThis noticethereunderis givenhaSunderbCen Wh:te'SwilkinsonSChOOIcounty,Rd. H[ghWaYMi.issippi,in T':xaeo, t!re ret:,"... $21.59: Bur- Ins. Fd...ame, $388.62: Ameri- made. trevl,!,e Motor Go., srv., pts"lfnlo Services. parts, $8.34: Rol- can United Prod.. $118.03. lins C.hain Sw, same, $4.95; Me- 16; Buffalo Services, tires, $208. Glori,a Williams and Joyee Tolliver. along with a number of Section 9016, Mississippi Code of has been fully and completely Second District Road Fund: Gehee Motor P,arts. sam,e, $25.05; 92: tire repr., $69.30: parts, $5. other Homemaking tudents a: WCTS. have ieen working wl, th 1942, in pursuance of the au- performedhereu_nder and has been final made. settlement .lonz; H. Sturgeon, xec. r.o.w.. ulf Oil Prd., fu,:l, $4.34.33. i25: fuel $812.11: H & R Ford. the Red Cross t'c',r the east week. They are shown preparing m.eals thority conferred upon me by I Ths notice is given under $32.D9; Laurel Hill Lbr. Co.. lbr., l visors cf Wilkinson County, in SectAon 9016. Mississippi Code 84.72; Big River Supply Co.. Fourth District Road Fund: s:rv'" pts. $76.06; McGehee Me- for flood viol:ms who are being housed at, LEe Neighbor,h;od :.,'a- order of the Board of Super- culvert. $217.64; Allied EqU Co.. Eqt., Inc.. pars, $53.59: serv., tor Parts. parts. $21.69. eility here. iof 1942. in pursuance of the au- lcarts, $2,066.39; Laurel Hill Lbr. pts.. 13S.37: SW Miss. EPA, util- Co.-Wide Road & Bridge Fund: Minute Book W, Page 247. Co.. lbr., $47.70; Carter Eqt. Co.. ities, $3.00: Leon Johnson. moo- J. D. McCraifie, Engr. serv., $520. Mrs. Dorothy Edler. Red Cross Dated this the 19th day of t, he'rity conferred upon me by parts, $223.9; SW Miss. EPA. ing tzees, $529: Carter Eqt. Co.. I0; R: M. Inman. s,ame, $477.32; worker, reported this week ,that Donald, Ella MeQuir.ter, Rosa March, 1973. I order of the Board of Super- utilities, $3:00; Pl, anters Hw.. srv., pts., $41,12: Jimmie's Atto Pitul Chapman. sam,e $249.19; a center has been set up a the Parker, Rosa Mac Scott. Earl Alonzo H. Sturgeon vi:_ors of Wilkinson County, in Fred M cCarstle, same, $254.29; Woodvlle Neighborhood Facility Dean Wa,shington. and M,artha Clerk of the Board Minute Book W. Page 248. ,hdw., $11.25; Scotts Auto Repair,. St:to.. same, $784.16; American of Supervisors United, culverts, $76.8: D'Aquila Woodrow Frce. same, $174.81; to house and feed refugees from Washington. ] Dated this the 19th day of srv., $131.25; D'Aquila Oil Co.. I S tires, $84.58;' Su'per Serv. Sta., Oil, C., fuel, $485.70; upcr Serv. Verlis Perry,. dragline opr., $323. t?e Ilooded arcas around .Lake Wilkinson County, March, 1973. a., tire repr., tts., .tc., $43.47; 9: Victe,ry Tax Fd., w'l]elfl, $33. Mary, Deer Park, Lo"h Leven CIVIC LEAGUE TO Mis.sissippl Alonzo H. Sturgeon 20;'Retirement Fd, Co. share, and Jackson Point. Moor food 4/6/lw Clerk of the Board t!re repr., pts., etc:, $52.52; D'A-ISD,A:luila 0il co., tire.s, $54.68; I,271. w'held, $927i; 8c. Sec. being served is being furnished MEET ON MAY 5 of Supervisors quila Oil Co., fuel, $738.38; Steve  Legal Notice Reed, salary, $468.96; Theodore Leon cavin, salary, .$48.96; W.  We have been requested to NOTICE OF PUBLICATION W. ttammack, same. $288.07; Fd., w'laeld & Co. share, $272.6.4; by the USDA, a'nd ea'rly .this  Wilkinson County, Brackens, same, $234.65; Fred announce that all concerned OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Brown, same, 255.54; Arthur Chrlie MeMcrris, same. $'133.44;. Ins Fd.. same, $93.90; Be,ttye week some 20 persons were be- members of the Wilkinson Court- OF CONTRACT 4/6/lw Mississippi Clark, same, $271..28; Tom Hol- Elmo Sanders. s'me, $288.09; Sturgeon. SB 1726, $300.{,0; ing sheltexed and fed. at %he Yns. ,same, $227.32: Arthu,r Lgllis. Howard Wyatt, ame, $178:04; Wcodville Republican, adv. bid. center, ty Civic League are asked to Notice is hereby given that Irvin Dennis, same. $342.60; $34.65; Super Serv. Sta., gas, Girls fr, cm the WCTS Home- meet at 6 p.m. on Saturday. the Contra, ct between the Board Texaco ,same, $252.75; Isiah Selvage, Daugt,a.s Nettl6, same $15.08; $159.58; D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, making Departmen˘ of Mrs. May 5, at the King Evn,anuel of Superviscxs of Wilkinson 00OTOR ame, 243.95; Jhn Selvage, Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $153.29; [ $40''48; grease. $3.40; Scotts Auto Mildred W. Bailey in the, Baptist Ohurch tFountain. Blue County, Mississippi, on the .one OiL same, $256.85; West Ware, same, quart $271.28; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, State'e Tax Fd.. same, $1, .Repair. serv., $$5.00; Pl, anters llth and 12th grades have vol- Plantation) west of Woodville.', and Roadbuilders Con- 10; RetSrement Fd.. Co. share, Hdw., hdw.. $31.64; Carter Eqt. unteered to plan menus and struction Co. on the other part, ..... ,98.82: w'held $98.82: See.. Sec. Co.. parts, $94.80; J. D. Mc- prepare meals at the center. Mrs. SUPER SUDS dated t,he 22nd day of August; 29c Kleenexl J r,is ]Fd., w'held & Co. share. $258.82; Ccaine. postage, $9.03; Molpus Ed!er said. They include Louise 1972, fo.r the construction of . 72 in box Ins. Fd.. same, $146.83. Lbr. Co.. sup., $83.30; C. M. Tre,p- Ross, Cheryl Hawkins, -Karen Giant Size Box State Aid Project No. SAP79 (22} FH'th Dhtriet Road Fund: l:endalfl & sons. hdW.,culvert,$1.79;$120.Big Singleton, L'nda LanuL Ethel being a ;section of the Wood- MR. PAUL'S l Auto epar. erv, pt, s, $2 River Supply Co., Myles, Joinetha Lee. Joyce Tel- 44c vtlle-Pond-La. Line load Coun- 10C ' " 65: McGehee Motor Parts. parts, liver, and Gloria Williams. Stu- ty Highway in Wilkinson Court- 35: Alonzo H. Sturgeon, rec. $3.90; Neely Blue Prin't Co.. dents who will be assisting in r.w.. $3.30: SW Miss. EPA, util- ty, Mississippi, has been fully l Supermarket MR. PAUL Is tiles, 2.32; c. M. TreppenahllSUp"$159'05: S,"uth Central Bell, lthe afternoon include Diane MR, PAUL/S and completely performed a,nd' ap eu-ermarLet ,le Sons, hdw., $27:80; Carter Eclt. :rv. $29.00.' Andrews, Llllian Jackson, Dtann final settlement thereunder has I CATCH[NGS co., serv., ps,. $57.83; Planters (Cont,inued next week) Jarvis Fannie Lewis. Mandy Mc- Supermarket been made. This notice is given under Insurance Agency -- " Section 90,16, Mississippi Code of 1942, in pursuance of the au- Pi,one 888-4591 thrity conferred upon me by P.O. Box 32 order of the Board of Super- visors of Wilkinson County, in Woodville, Miss Minute Book W, Page 248. P/O Mutual Insurance Agency TO Dated this the 19th day of March, 1973. Phone 352-8815 Alonzo H. Sturgeon Jackson, Miss. Clerk of ,the Board SERVE YOU Wilklnson°f SupervtsorSMississipplCounty, Fire-AutomobileLife Bonds 4/6/lw BETTER Flavor Rite Ollv,er W. Catchings..It'. Assorted Betty Crocker COOKIES CAKE MIX 4 pkgs. 3 pkg. 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