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April 6, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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April 6, 1973

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Vo/ume 148 Oldest Paper In Mississippi Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Friday, April 6, 1973 Established In 1824&apos; Number 44 Localisms by Lewis. From The Files Of The Republican We were sorry to learn that he ill-st.arred meat boycott has h, ad an effect even in Woodvilte, much of our economy is Ii.:! .::!based on the cattle industry. It ' "#as ,to ',be expec, ted that the i,,large-scale aUonal publicity i for the boyeot through the i' ;: da:ily ,press and IV would have :.i . its effect in metropohtan areas,  but we had not expected that mny local houLsewives, who are Vare familiar ,with farm eco- .omics, ,would reac,t favorably to the effort to drive down the tail prices of meat. We trus ha`t the overall effect of the boycott will not result in any appreciable decline in he price received for cattle on the level. $ m "Backward, turn backward, Rambler Nine Wins 2, Loses 1 Game The WCCA Ramblers won awo baseball games during the pas`t week and' drpped one decision Oh Time, in thy flight . . . :' to b'ing `their sea*son record o 13 Qualify Here; No Primary Set in Centreviile 6 wins and 4 losses. Their sched- hirteen candidates had qual- ....................................................................... ule for the week includes six ified for the May 8 Democratic 25 YEARS AGO games, with Centreville here on primary election in the Town of Thursday night, Pine Hills there Woodville up to Wednesday Miss Lulu McGe.hee came Friday, and a double header mrnl'ng of 'hls week. Deadline down from Jackson the past wlth Adams Christian in Natchez for can d.idates to qualify for the weekend to join ,her brother, Saturday. primary is Friday of ,his week. April 6. officials stated. Mr. William McGehee. and his Last Thursday the Ramblers In Centreville, no primary a, of ,auburn, Ala., at the traveled ,to Port Gibson and for municipal .offices is slated Rectory where $hey pert a walloped Chamberlain Hunt[ and all candidates will thus few days. She returned to the Academy 13-1 in a .f, lve-inning 1 enter the gereral election which capital city. game. Winnin,g pitcher Timmy/is cheduled for J'une 5. Dead- lr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Percell Gonda limited CH,a to 2 ,h,itsllin e for qualifying as an inde- and Mounty Percel.l made a while his mates garnered 10 1 pendent candidate in thi,s ace short vislt .to her f.amily here safeies off loser Turner. is April 26. last Sunday en route :back to Monday night a:t Van Eaton Mayor Fred Hetzler explained their home in New Orleans Park, WCOA nosed ou Pine tha since .there are no formal after pendmg the weekend in Hills 4-3 in a close battle. Win- municipal party organizations Natohez with his mother, Mrs. er Shannon Day was touched for e}taher the Democratic or Marion Percell, and sister, Mrs. for 6 hits wh,lle the Rmblers Republican parties in the To.wa Lawrence Gill. had only 3 hits off loser For- of Centreville, the pimary bal- Dr. and Mrs. C. E. C,akiings man. Seven errors by the vis- l0,ting was thus dispensed with and daughters, Misses Ann and itors led to heix downfall, while and all candia, tes are advisefl Frances, were visitors ,to New WCCA was harged with 3 mis- to qualify as independens in Orleans on Wednesday and cues. the general election. Up to T.huday of this week. Tuesday night the ,smite Tuesday noon of this week, no Our belated but sincere thanks 50 YEARS AGO School Corp. nine from Liberty candidates had formally quaii- Wettlin Treppendahl for his trounced the Ramblers 13-6 in fled, town of.ficials stated, al:- in getting some high Mrs. E. E. Richardson left an error-ridden contest. WCCA hough zeveva2 were circulaDi,ng pictures for our issue of last Friday for B,aton Rouge had a total of 13 hits, but made the petition's necessary to seek week. We were un,able .to an an exvended visit to her a near-record 10 enrors. Amirs office as independerts. get away from the office long dauh.ter, Mrs. Blake Hanrlgal, School accoun`ted for 8 hits and In Woody ills up to mid-morn- enough to take a boat rlde in and o her son, Mr. E. A. Rich- made 3 errors. Nettles was the ing Wednesday, :three candid'aCes luhe .backwater, ,and Wettlin ardson, and his family, winning pitcher, a.d Timmy .had qualified for the May 8th 'kindly consented to take some IVirs. Ella Stockett and Mr. Gonda yeas charged with the Democratic primary race for ,hota for us d.urin,g a trip to Cecil Sockett of the southern loss. mayor. They include incum,bent part of ,the county, were visitors his family camp on Lake Mary to Woodville on Thursday Mter- Marvin N. Lhwis, Robert F. early last week. Catchlngs, and Charles E. John- , , , noon. Lafayette Netterville son. Five persons had qualified I Dr. L. D. McGehee of Ham- as p,rimary candld,ates for alder- A recent best seller tells the mond, La., was ere Sunday on Dies Tuesday At Home man, *includlng lcumben Joe story of a seagull who learned a visit .to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M. Best. and Gary D'`aquila, 'the secret of perfect fliglt. Un- McGehee, Mrs. R. M. McGehee Lafayette Netterville, Sr., 64- Louis M. Nettervllle, Celeste like his brothers wlm were con- and Mr. J. . Red,head, and year-old, Wilkinson County no- Cane and Ji, mm,ie S. Harris, Sr. nt to spend .their 1,1yes in the spent the ollowing ,two days tire, died at ,his home near Candidates for marshal up ,to reary search for food, Jona'- i West Fellciana parish 'on a Wo,o.lville on Tuesday afternoon that time included incumbent .ban Livingston Seagull learned bird h.unt with his friend, Mr. of this week, ,the victim of an Fred C. McCtrstle and Tom o soar and to ,ride the wind Warren A. Woods. pparen`t heart "ack. Russ: and seeking elea;ion as Waves from one continen,t o Mr. W. L. Inman, a prosperous Funeral services were sched- members o the municiPM else- And as he widened his md progressive pl, aner of the uled on Thursday afternoon at ilion commission were Joe C. Jonathan ,grieved or western p,r.t of the county, two o'clock rom Corinth Church Leaks, Mrs. Isabella Scott and brothers who. had never passed through Woodville Sat- of Christ' wth Bro. ern,ard Parry J. J,o'lmson: 'fd, their minds above the urday on his return home from Wals offlciting, reich lnter- lally endless quest to fill their l a business trip .to Fort AC. ment in Evergreen Come,tory Oachs. I He repGrte. ekmt the n with Berryhill Ftmeral Home in Thomas F. SpiHman, .: Edcatiqn is m.c.h like Jona-[acreage .on h,.ls places will be charge. ,au's ability to fly. Knowledge]considerably increased this sea- He is survived by his wife, I Father Of Local ves us wings--it deepe r our / on. Mrs. Mazie Phipps Netterville. Ppreciation, enables, us to un-[ 75 YIgARS AGO "voodvllle; two sons, Emest Residents, Passes ,terstand and to see ,truth noxe! _ .. Netterville, Woodv.ille, and La- elearly, to look a. the ast and l Mr. J. F. Crook from 'an layette Netterville, Jr., Natchez; Thomas Earl Spill,man, u herebv b able  *va t e Cl,ty, Net, arrived here Wednes- a ,d,augh$er, Mrs. Shelvie Jean member of :the West Feltciana Dreent and uethns even atiC-Iday evem:ing. M,r. Crook came Rodviguez, Thibod,aux: La.; four School Board for 53 years and iOate th ,, -, . ,,,:le in here for the purpose of taking, Mrs. Leon Cavin, lrs. board pres,ident for 20 yeans, .ay fleldsmuslc art litea-]charge of .the Isrance De- Gover Curtin, Mrs. John Ash- died last Sunday at Lane Me- n'Ire, even the tecnologies--al- partmen't of E..Aaron. He  a ley and Miss Lnlian Netterville, morlal Hospia in Zachary, La., us to "soar" Knowledge i pmasan, arrows gervleman all of Woodvllle; one .brother, a age 85. He was he father us pleasure; it tra-nsports and will surely n,ke friends in I. D. Netterville, Woodville; an, of ,two Wood";ille residents, Earl out of our ,wn tight little thks new fiel of labor, nine grandchildren. Wayne Sptllm,an and, Mrs. Gerry mch in the sme man- Kaigler. the winds carried Jona-  .......... --'"------"--" In ,addition .to s longtime new lands, service with the school boaxd, 'For many of ,s, acquiring UncJe Pete J:rom Percy's Creek ScWs he was .also superintendent of the Sunday Sclool at New Hope often ends with re- our diplomas or---sad:ly--- ......... ""'" ,......._..,_,=.,. Methodist Church for a ,record 62 years. before. But no matter DEAR MISTER EDITOR: Ed, but they was more ads for Funeral services were held on our schooling stopped, we not have to quit learning.. This .courry is aining them cause they mstbe new in Tues(ay at Charlet uneral the field. They w, as plen`ty of Home, Zachary, with the keys. lbr, ary is the in- younguns to ,do everthing but baseball and tennis cam)s Eugene Kimble nd Jessie L. work. The mater was bung p advertised, Ed said, mostly by Mean officitlng, and burial for continuing ecuea: at the county stove Saturday college coaches hat want to was in 'the Spillman family corn- And It is free. The library night by Zeke Orubb, and he is pick up a few extry thousand ete ry in the Spfllm,an, commu- linds of reference books, one feller ?0h,at sin',% afraid of between recruiting t21ps. And nity. books to the most work. He can ay down aside of there was one flyng camp for technical writing. It He is. survived by two daugh- books on almost every sub- it and. go asleep anytime, farm. boys. Zeke reported to the fellers In all of,them adsand articlez, ters, Mrs. Iaigler, Woodville, and Mrs. ,annie Boa Hood, St. dozens of m alazines and where e h,ad, saw this tonga- declared Ed, he d,tdn't .find one Francisvtlle; ,three sans, Earl phonograph records zinc piece bout the "blue collar camp where a boy could go fer Wayne, Wodville, John D., A librarian is always blues" ,and the "white collar two weeks of .barn building, and Spillman, and Ed.w,ac] Spillman, to help a person find bl'hs/' which Zeke allowe to nobody is set up fer campers book he wants, o aswer Barton Rouge; and .by three mear everbody .that in't that like `to shoe horses Or fix sisters, three brothers, 14 grand- qaeseAon,s, r make sugges- scared of work is sick of it. Ever cars. The r0uble is, said. Ed. children, and hrce great-grand* for reading msterla, since the President come up folks i,n this country is `teaching children. one nee feel ignorant or with his "work ethic" business their youn,guns :tha playing is if he wlll egulaly about how ,folks ottht to enoy whmt life is abou,t, and that if  lse of his public library. he hallenge of work and he you got o work ibs jest to make Meat Boycott Is ng National Library Week, rewards-, of doing a harc job money .o play. Fsrthermore, -14, you are urged .to stp good, said Zeke, work ,has been said Ed, grown people is Felt In Woodville the library rd dis, on everb0dy's mind somepun learn,log that all work and no 2e raary ser vlce it has fierce, play makes Jack a bigger The meat boycott is eported. and your ,amily will Actual, broke in Bug Hookqam axpayer/so they might as well o have cut .appreciably inm Won, you join your It ain't o muoh: th,at folks is send the kids 0 camp and gt sales tot fresh beef }n some at tihe li,brary? scared of work as it is they all theirselves a new s p e e d b o a.t. Woodville grocery s*tores, whtle want jobs l.ithShe workout out. We are a country of ea, drink others said they noticed little : The We got  e place w,here this and spored, cause tomorrow lhe change Jn the total sales. The Weather clefeet ad dollar will ,be cheaper han week-lon,gbocottofmeaclled under Indiaed, Bug declared, `today, wa.s Ed's words. 'by a natioM consumer group and when you got 'bosses with Mister Editor, the fellers was went into effect last Mond, a' nobody :to boss but bosses, you general agreed :that ,the idee of Esti.mates of reductior in total Rain HI" "Lo ain'.t gltting m,uch ork turned woi'k from see to can't see has salves of 'red meat" varied here out. gone he way . of $1 a pound rom "no ,ppreciable mhauge" 1, Mar. 28. 0 2= F_ Doolttle was disagreed teak, but Clem Webster, fer to as much as "75 pecent off,'.' Mar. 2g , .33, 68 56 wlh Bg. Ed said. he had been one, said he wouldn't trade for a survey of (h,is newspapex re- 30 Tr 70 60 e.vtchg up on some of .1-fls the day. the only cmp a boy vealed., 3,1 ,60 79 6 .prli reading dring the week, ever heard of was Army and, l 0 75 48 and he ook votes of ad in 11 CCC. As for playing, allowed WOODVILLE TAXES DUE 2 0 80 47 the farm jorn,als. Wh'at is Clem, all them new cmps 3  .IS '93 5'8 going to,be real big his summer, acrost  he coun`try shore is Ed reported, is ,fishing and making a heap of work fer Temperatttras golfin$ oamps ev boys. Not ,that som,ebod, you.%gu.n t2t Yours truly, courtesy sahool . Uncle Pete River S'ill Rising; Cr, :st Pred ic:ted Monday Clear and czoler wea,ther ......... I forecast for the lower Msats- :! ]sippi River valley at mM-week Igave a ray of hope for no more ' ] upward revisions in the forecast i for cre,ts on the raging river which has already reached ear- record levels in many areas. As of Tuesday of hls week, . lhe N.ational WleaVher Service for the Lower Mississippi, o- eared a,t Slidell, La.. forecast a cres of 53,.3 feet on the Natchez gauge for April 9th. Flood stage at Natchez is 48 feet. The Natch- ez reading was 52.2 Tuesday, and the forecast called for a gradual rise until n ex Monday. when the crest ls slated wt 'that point. The Tuesday bulletin stated that the Mississippi cres,ted at Cairo on Monday t The rapidly rising waters of the Mighty Mississini inundate its fourth highes.t level in his- more and more property in the western section of Wilkinson tory. All other d0wn-xiver sba- County, as seen in these photos taken last Saturday afternoon, tions were reporting slight rises Above is Lakeview Lodge, which at that time had about six inches "freeboard," but which by Monday had several inches of water covering the floor. Lake Mary Lodge, built on a high mound, cmfla stii t',.l -,-, fo.r feet of water before beitg flotded l |r]|' |it|e :) Jhi :i,:#, Saturday. Seen above are two of the dozens of camps and trailer homes along the east bank of Lake Mary which have been flooded by the modern-record-high water. Some die-hard residents of the Lake Mary area are seen un- loading personal possessions from boats ad transferring them to trucks last Saturday after being foreet to evacuate their homes. This scene was taken just west of the Iron bridge over Percy's Creek near the Ed Smith store. /On Turkey Shoot Slated , ,ill ! Two From Council:,0000v ,son Court, 'are 0,, e auspices of the Southwest shotgun x, .22 calibre pistols, .22 fiat, a 10-county area To 'be he d 'ill be ' 12 ' gtmge IVflisslopi Planning and ,Devel- rfles, and bows ad amows. opment District. The grand, prize ,or the 'd,ay Invited to serve are Mrs. will be a .22 automatic rfle. Betty Plitt and Mrs. Anu Wllker-  A appgml woma s round ilI We have been requested tx son. Additional persons from als0 b featured and the qon- remind property owners of the iWltkinson County may also be Town of W<)edville  mmict J reruited in accm-- pal ad v, alorem taxe are de l tz ab], 4urtng he mon ] t  that day. The rising waters of the Migh`ty Missistsippi had inun- do'ted all low-lying ,areas of western Willtnson and Adms Cotmties by last weekend, with the backwater reaching the hills along the entire western section of ,the coun`ty. Heavy rains througl]out much of the lower Mississippi valley had resulted in several upward revls, lons f , ;:! cre-:,t forecasts in recent weeks. In Fort Adams the water had reached Maln Street. and by Wednesd,ay covered the area in ron:t of the Bill Martin store and reached within a few yards of the street at the Howard Stutzman store. I,n the Lke Mary area mos`t of the camps and house trailers located on the east bank of the lake were under wa,ter by early th'is week, although ,a few buit up on piling were still dry t that time. Many families have beer forced to evacuate their homes in this section, an:dhe Red CrU rpb6ii" "ta pro'sons were being housed fed at the Neighobrhood Facil- ity here early is week, Some relief from .the contin ued rise in the level of tlxe, Mississlppi ,in. this section ha4 been hoped for with the Ovo- jected op, ening of the l0ramza Spillway. However, on Monday of this week an Army Corps E'ngineers spokesman the spillway will not be opened, unte,ss the river reaches a 'major flood stage" ,because the diverted water would flood parts of he lower `atchafalaya basin. Hugh Brownlee. chief of opera- lions for the Corps' New C,rle,a/ns District, said law requires thet the river reach 49 feet on the :: gauge of Morganza before .khe : : splllway can be opened to ease 'the pressure on hlsipl levees. The cre,t forecast on te Natchezgauge, atthoufh a re= cen,t rec(rd, is wet] below the 'high polnt reached in 1937, as well as the record flood of 1927. In view of he present river situation we :feel our readers would be interes.ted in R few'. quotes from our flies, for ht period: April, 16, 1927: A crest feet is predic,ted April 23, 1927: Merchan being fmced out of stores ir Fort Adam, a,n'd are ntoving to higher ground on back streets. A refugee camp is being opened : in ort Adams 'and nher on lower Prcy's Creek. ,april 30, 1927: A crest of 58.5 feet now ,being predicted for Natchez by May 1Oth, 3 eet above all-time record of fbet in 1922. May 27. 192"/: Over 5,000 square miles in Louisiana now underwa:ter in the fune.t bounded by the Arkansas, Ou.ichita. Mississippi and Red Rivers. The crevasse in the levee ten miles below New Orlem,  which was cut by order of Ooy, Simpson, affords relief to tle: , serious situation confronting the Crescent Cty. Roger Yates, for,,er Woodville resident n husband of former Miss Morale' McGraw, wa one of fou men drewned in 'swirling W'rm O f the Yazoo River whe boat capsized. He wa a telephone linesman ..... May 28, 1927: The Red Cross estimates that it hs