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April 5, 2018     The Woodville Republican
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April 5, 2018

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Page 4 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, April 5, 2017 ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Good Nutrition Minutes Of The Meeting 0 il iiiiii ! ;ii',i! i',i',iiiiiiiiii!ii!ii i iiiiii ', ',i!i! ! iiiiii;ii i', iiiiiiiii]liiii! Offers Keys To Woodville Mayor and E ( I iii ~11 Best Deer Herds STATE OF MISSISSIPPI meeting and the January ruary 7, 2018, the Boa TOWN OF WOODVILLE 22, 2018, called meeting be lieard evidence concerning Time To Target Those - Pesky Fire Ant Colonies by Ann H. Davis, MSU Extension Wilkinson County Extension Agent Spring has arrived and many thoughts are turning to getting the lawn in tip- top shape for summer and planting vegetable gardens. Fire ants are common pests that homeowners and gar- deners need to fight all year around, but following our recent rains, there has been ants moving. an explosion of mounds ev- There are also some Liq- erywhere, uid Mound Drenches for use According to MSU Exten- in lawns and gardens. You sion Entomology Specialist can use a drench to elimi- Blake I~ytori, the best way hate large mounds that need to keep fire ants out of your to be controlled quickly; but vegetable garden is to do a if using in lawn and garden, good job of controlling them be sure to use an insecticide in your lawn, especially the labeled for use in home veg- area immediately outside etable gardens. Products the garden. Granular baits containing the active in- work well for this purpose, gredients spinosad, perme- but keep in mind that most thrin, or carbaryl are quite of the fire ant baits used effective as mound drenches in home lawns are not ap- and are often used to control proved for use directly in other pests. vegetable gardens. This is The key to success with not a particular problem be- liquid drenches is to use cause most of the fire ants enough liquid to thoroughly that invade small to me- soak the mound (depending dium sized gardens come on size of the mound, one to from mounds located in the two gallons). Begin by ap- lawn area around the out- plying about 1A of the total side of the garden. Applying volume to a 10 to 12-inch a labeled fire ant bait around band around the outside of your lawn and to a 50 to 75 the mound. This prevents foot wide band around the the queen from escaping outside of the garden two to through underground forag- three times per year (spring, ing tunnels and improves mid-summer, and fall) will control of workers. Then insure that you have fewer apply the rest of the drench problems with obnoxious directly to the mound. Liq- ants. Just remember, baits uid drenches are time con- are slow-acting and have to suming to mix and apply, be used preventively, but when applied properly Some fire ant baits can they will eliminate a mound be used on lawns and in within a few hours. the garden. These include Caution: Do not use mound baits containing the active treatments containing the ingredients methoprene or active ingredient acephate in spinosad. Baits containing the vegetable garden (Ortho spinosad are relatively fast- Fire Ant Killer is one exam-- acting and this makes them ple). Acephate is commonly a good choice for controlling used to treat fire ant mounds mounds that occur in the in home lawns, but it must garden itseli~ but it will still not be used around edible take two or three weeks to plants.Acephate is a system- see results. Don't wait un- ic insecticide that is readily til you have big mounds, go absorbed by plant roots and ahead and apply one of these translocated to leaves and baits as soon as you see fire fruit ofvegetables. SKINNER AC & ELECTRIC, LLC Eric & hmey Skinner. 345 College Street. Woodville Phone 601-888-4834 Service four System Now Spn.g Weather Is Here!!! Let us check ),our AC for safety & efficiency! Wk ow Air -i;la 'kal Work VISA/Mastercard Accepted NOTICE OF SALE WHEREAS, the United States of America, acting by and through the United States Department of Agriculture, is the owner and hold- er of the following real estate deed(s) of trust, securing an indebt- edness therein mentioned and covering certain real estate here- inafter described located in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, said deed(s) of trust being duly recorded in the Office of the Chancery Clerk in and for said County and State: Trust Deed Grantor(s) Date Executed Book Page Willie Henry Johnson, Jr. August 23, 1985 90 622 and Marilyn A. Johnson The. indebtedness secured by the Deed of Trust dated August 23, 1985, executed by Willie Henry Johnson and Marilyn A. Johnson was assumed by Debra Fay Johnson with Assumption Agreement dated April 8, 2008. The indebtedness secured by the Deed of Trust dated August 23, 1985, executed by Willie Henry Johnson and Marilyn A. Johnson was subsequently assumed by Erika M. Johnson with Assumption iAgreement dated February 14, 2011. I WHEREAS, default has occurred in the payment of the indebted- ness secured by said deed(s) of trust, and the United States of Amedce, as Beneficiary, has authodzed and instructed me as Substitute Trustee to foreclose said deed(s) of trust by advertise- ment and sale at public auction in accordance with the statutes made and provided therefor. THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that pursuant to the power of sale contained in said deed(s) of trust and in accordance with the statutes made and provided therefor, the said deed(s) of trust will be foreclosed and the property covered thereby and hereinafter described will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the West front door of the County Courthouse in the city of Woodville, Mississippi, in the aforesaid County and will sell within legal hours (being between the hours of 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM) on April 16, 2018, to satisfy the indebtedness now due under and secured by said deed(s) of trust. will convey only such title as is vested in me as Substitute Trustee. The premises to be sold are described as: Lot 29 of the Westside Estates Subdivision as shown by the official )lat of said subdivision of record in Plat Book 3, Page 15, in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Date: March 22, 2018 Michael Perry Substitute Trustee Duly authorized to act in the premises by instrument dated December 20, 2016, and recorded in Book I, Page 570, records of the aforesaid County and State. of the Publish: 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/12 by Bronson Strickland ORDER approved as presented, the sanitary condition of MSU Extension Service WHEREAS, the Board SO ORDERED, February each of the seven properties of Aldermen of the Town of 6, 2018. and found that the owners Researchers at the Mis- Woodville met in their regu- WHEREAS, the Town of of four of the properties had sissippi State University lar meeting at 5:00 P.M. on Woodville previously hadcompleted steps to clean Deer Lab have one simpleTuesday, February 6, 2018 set a public hearing pursu- the parcels and the Board answer to almost every at the Woodville Municipal ant to Mississippi Code Sec- determined that no further question land managers Building at 131 Courthouse tion 21-19-11 at 5:00 P.M. on action should be held in coil~ ask: Nutrition. Street, Woodville, MissiS- Tuesday, December 5, 2017, nection with said four paT- How do you improve the sippi; and, at the Woodville Municipal eels; and, '~ health of a deer herd? How WHEREAS, there were Building for the purpose WHEREAS, the Board do you attract more deer? present at said meeting A1- of determining whether or heard evidence concerning How do you grow bigger dermanEarl Dean Anthony, not seven specific parcels the sanitaryconditionofthe bucks or larger racks? Im- Alderman Will Carter and of land located within the remaining three properties prove nutrition, and most Alderman Russell Fry. A1- corporate limits of the town and found that each of the everything else will take derman Meagan Tolliver of Woodville constituted a owners ofthelotshadcom- care of itself, participated through tele- menace to the public health, menced steps to clean these Most hunters want a conference and video pur- safety and welfare of the three parcels, but the Board quick-fix- like culling- suant to Mississippi Code community; and, determined that further to improve the deer herd Section 25-41-5. Mayor Kes- WHEREAS, at the hear- cleaning was necessary. genetics. They think remov- hia Stewart Ford was ab- ing held on December 5,IT IS THEREFORE OR- ing these apparently ge- sent and in her absence the 2017, the Board heard evi- DERED, on motion of Al: netically inferior deer will meeting was called to order dence concerning the sani- derman Carter, second of improve the herd, but that's and a quorum confirmed tary condition of each of the Alderman Fry, and passed not how it works. Deer pop- by the Mayor Pro Tem Earl seven properties and found unanimously, that the hear- ulation genetics are very re- Dean Anthony; and, that each of the owners of ing pursuant to Mississippi silient to hunters or preda- WHEREAS, said meet- the lots had commenced Code Section 21-19-11 held tors. In fact, removing large ing was opened with prayer; steps to clean each of the at 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, D.e- numbers of bucks with a and, parcels and the Board de- cember 5, 2017, and contin: particular antler type will WHEREAS, fhe minutes termined that any further ued until February 7, 2018~, not change the underlying ofthe January 2, 2018 regu- action should be held in at5:00P.M, at the Woodvilte genetics of the population, lar meeting, the January 8, abeyance for a period of at Municipal Building shall according to research I've 2018 recessed meeting and least two months to allow be continued until Marah witnessed firsthand the January 22, 2018 called the owners of the parcels to 6, 2018, at 5:00 P.M. at tl~e Can hunters use selec- meeting were presented for clean said parcels; and, Woodville Municipal Build- tive harvest to change the approval; and, WHEREAS, the Board ing at which time the Boa~l IT IS THEREFORE OR- continued the public hear- will determine whether o~. DERED, on motion of A1-ing pursuant to Mississippi not the following parcels 6f derman Fry, second of A1- Code Section 21-19-11 to land do in fact constitute :a derman Carter, and passed February 7, 2018, at 5:00 menace to the public health, unanimously, that the P.M. at the Woodville Mu- safety and welfare of the minutes of the January 2, nicipal Building; and, community: -' 2018, regular meeting, the WHEREAS, at the re- "' January 8, 2018, recessed cessed hearing'held on Feb- (Continued on Page 5) Dear Mr. Editor: The Ole Man and I decid- ed to go to the nursing home frequency of genes that pro- found, producing on your property on Good Friday and visit his duce larger-than-averageInstead, we had a much are leaving. Uncle Jeb. Uncle Jeb has antlers? We worked with smaller buck population be- The best way to improve done got Where he don't re- Texas researchers to an-cause all the below-average the antler size of bucks on member so good, especially swer this question once and antlered bucks were re-your property is to improve not recent stuff. But old for all. We incorporated a moved. Now keep in mind, diet quality. Studies that stuff from the past, he rec- very aggressive harvest re- the bucks that remained in track the response bf deer ollects it pretty good. When gime that is near impossible the population were really exposed to the best nutri- we mentioned to him it wuz Good Friday, he went to to implement in Mississippi big, but, on average, their tion always produce positive frettin' bout not having the by removing over half of the sons were not. results. Managing forests, garden planted, so I reckon bucks in each class. Keep these two things timely use of prescribed tim he membered bout Good Put another way, all thein mind. First, the mother and creating food plots a~e Friday was usual planting bucks with below-averageprovides half of the genet- all tools to improve avail- day. Then he went to talkin' antlers were removed, while ics for her son's antlers, and able nutrients. bout his old mule what wuz all the bucks with above-av- there is no way to tell if the Summer -- when buc~ named Abe. He wuz tellin' erage antlers stayed in the mother carries genes for are growing antlers ar/d how he uster plow up the population. Conventionallarge or small antlers. Sec- does are producing fawi/s garden with Abe, and Abe wisdom would tell you that ond, about 70 percent of the -- is one of the best time's would know to turn to the all the big-antlered bucks yearling bucks will disperse of the year to improve de.e'r right when he said gee and are breeding the does and, from their birth area. Even nutrition. Habitat manage- turn left when he said haw. therefore, should produce if you could use selective ment will always pay big Uncle Jeb said that, vclien big:afltIered sons, ~iglit? harvest to improve genet- dividends for deer and oth- Abe went to sl~vin doWn ]~Jdtthi~:i'~hot th-eresult we ics, the youngbucks you are er wildlife on your pr0Per~ . with old age, he bbugh~;hi~- : ,t'r~,):~,~::~ ~ !( ;~ : . ~ ~1~ . ,"'" : self a tractor to plow with, but he got plumb agitated with the tractor-- said that dumb tractor never would learn gee and haw. Uncle Jeb told his wife that trac- tor wuz plumb useless and ought to be buried in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. Uncle Jeb say he's going to get up and get out of that nursing home and hitch Abe to the plow and get the garden ready yet. He tole us Abe has a wooden leg and has been havin' trouble with that. He say the termites is getting' in it this year, and last year the woodpeckers wuz after it. Actual, we know Abe has been dead fer years, but in Jeb's mind he's still alive. Been a couple years since Uncle Jeb has been able to get out of bed much less do a garden. Spring weather and sunshine makes lots of us older folks think we are able to do things we can't. Some days I wake up feelin' ::i~i: :?~:~:;:::~:~!~::i~:i~i~i~ii i: ~:: :: ~:~ii~:::iiii:: :::: :::;:~::ii i:~i ::~ii~i::ii~i:: like a spring chicken, but :ii! !i::i~ ~ most days I wake up fee- iii :i :::: : :::::~?~:::~:~:::: ::~ ~:ii::ii::ii~/:i::ii ~!ii::iii::i fin' like a wore Out old hen ~:~:~:i ::::::::::::::::::::: !ii!~:: ready for the stew pot. ~ ~:::~ The weather has done broke off pretty warm since February, but me and the Ole Man are takin' it slow with our garden. All them : rains has made the ground ~!~; ~i;~i ~;i-~c;~:~i~!i mighty wet. Plants are like people. They like to sleep in ~::::~ ;;: dry beds. ::i~,: Yours truly, Aunt Blabby from Beaver Creek 't itter Keep Wilkinson County clean!