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April 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 2, 1898

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HE BROUGHT IT FROM THE WORLD&apos;S FAIR. And kept it two years. How he lost it at last. "/*he great World's Fair, at Chicago, in t9, while it gave pleasure to many, gave pats to not a few as an /Indirect result of their visit to the White City. People were lured along the miles of wonderful exhib- its by the new marvels that nlet the gaze at every step, aud did sot r.alize their exhaustion until they dropped into a chair iu some breezyeorner by the lake, nnd "cooled off." That's what began the trouble, in many cases. Of one such case, :Mrs. L. W. Stevens. ]'Olt Fairfield. Me., writes : '*My husband took. a severe cold nnd tough two years ago last October--time of the World's Fair. which we attended. This very grateful for what Dr. Ayer's Cherr Pectoral has done for us, aud shall kee l) it constantly on hand iu the hoose."--Mrs. L. W. STIZVINS, Fort }:airfield, Me. Two years of doctoring for a cough two years of " remedies" that gave no help, of prescriptions that profited only the men who wrote them. and then a trial of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, w'hich helped from the very first dose and effeeted a complete cure tn a short time. The difference be. tween Dr. Ayer's Cherry Peetoral and all other cough medicines could not be better stated than iu this comparison of results. It has cured the moat stubboru and obsti. eagh lasted over two years, was accom- nate cases of chronic bronchitis and asth- partied by spfttingof blood, and nothing ms. ltisaspecifictorcronpandwhooping could betouud tohelphim, althoughvam, cough. It cures all eoughs and coldsaud ous remedies were tried. Several doctors all affections of the throat arid lungs were consulted, but their prescriptions promptly and effectively. In response to efforded nO relief. Finally, I saw an ad. uumerousdemandsDr. Ayer'sCherryPec. vertisement of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ] toral is put tip in half size bottles--sold at In my paper and pevailed upon my hue-j half prtce--5o cents. More about cures band to get a bottle and try it. The verylefffected by Pectoral in Dr. Ayer's Cure- trst dose helped him and he was com-]book. Sent free, on request by the J. {2. ]pletely cured in a short time. We fecl iAyerCo.,Lowell, Mas A GRAVEYARD COLLOQUY. Deltweea Tva Black Men on n Dark Night. /kt rare intervals the moon peeped through the billows o a elt of ileeey clouds and cast sie.kl; boa ns th'(, path of a form tieh was wdk i g slowly and steadily in a country gravewml. The figure stole ftwtN'e g!anee8 ahout him as e erect ta the grave of a man who ]ad diedt on tne gallows on Friday. Just as the eloK wa :oiling the midnight hone the $1oo lteward $1OO. The readers of tiffs paper will be t)lcasec to learn that tbere is at least one dreaded Jisease that s,nence has been able to cure m all il stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's l'atarrh (Jure is tim only positive cure km, wn to tiw medical fraternity. ('atarrh teing a constitutional disease reqnlres a :', astitut ona treatment, llatl's Catarrti t'.ure is taken iuternally, acting directly avon the blood and mucous surfaces of tile .):,tern, thereby destroying the found0tion of the disease, and giving the patter' form fell prostrate: on the graveuttering <rcngth by bnilding up the eonstitutmnand not a sound. Ahnost in an instant the Jsisting nature in doing its work. Tb ore arose. Taking a knife from his m'oprietors have so m leh faith in its cua- ket, he made a single, rapid eu and ve powers that they offer ()tie llundred turued to leave the place. A rnoonl)cam Dollars for any ease that it fails to cure. reveaMd a look of ghoulish glee on his -;end for list of testimonials countenance. Addres F. J. Chancy & Co., Toledo, O. Halt!" ne ngure stopped. Who goes there?" lit a poah niggah." The figures met and the lantern's flash discloses the identity of the men Sam Johnmng. "lliram Jackson !" "Whateher doin' heah, IIiram Jackson? l.okin 'to' gtmstes?" "New What yo' dMn' heah yo'se'f '' Come after ds rabbit s let hm foot. Ktehed him at 12 o'clock on a dahk night, ]e grave ob a man hnng on Friday. ay, nigah! ,'ouldn't take a thousand ahs fo it. Yo niggahs won't be in it e-walks an' d me at oak shootin' craps " --Luisville..Cu rier'2/o all.hal. _ Don't you Sleep? Does your Head Ache? muifi Caffein cm'es instantly. All drug gists. 25 ('ts l)r. l'axton Medical Co., 199& 01 River St., Troy, N, Y. Ak Pall)able lilt. Mis Elderly--Did you ever suspect me of bleaching niy hail' ? Miss Pert--tH no; f supposed it was that crier when you bought it.--N. Y. Jurnal. Sold by Druggists, 7",5:. tIalt's ]amily Pills are the best. A Sharp Answer. Mose--Ef I she'd escort anuddah lady toe de ball nex' week wouM yo' feel much cu't up? Clarina---Nopey; yo' would.--Judge. lnnoeent Children Saerlneea. The "slaughter of the innocents" eontin. ues, until it is cstimated that fully one-fourth of the hnman race die before attaining their fifth birthday, owing in great measure to our rigorous and changeable climate. And there are thousands of adults, even in thi land of plenty, that stomach, liver and bow. el etmplaints are reducing to confirmed in. validism,, whom HosCetter's Stomach Bit. ters would promptly relieve and invigorate. Malaria, rheumatism and kidney trouble yield to the Bitters. "tVhere the Danger Lies. She--Don't you think it is dangerous to eat musl)rooms ? fie--Not a bit of danger in it. The danger is in eating toadstools.Chicago Evenin eWS. WORKINfl WOMEN WHO SUFFER. ShOuld Get Mr Ptnkham's Advico--Tho Wholo Truth oan bo Told to her Becauao sho iS a Woman. The suffering and paln endured by some working women is almost past belief. Here is a letter from one of the multitude of women who have been restored to health and usefulne by Mrs. Pinkham's advice and medicine: DSd Mns. P]nKnA :--I feel as though your axlvico had lifted me from the grave. I must have been very near it. I suf- fered terribly at time of menstruation, was ngtantly troubled with ld hands and feet, was i] extremely nervous, could ff / aot sleep well, was trou- l bled with frightened dreams, had heart trob:te and a feclin# :,s though my bre,th was going to help but aH remedies failed, until I wrote to yo I nnot thank you e:mugh for your kind advice, mad I wish The following statement from Miss H. PATTERSON, Of 2531 Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Pa,. should interest all working women who are troubled with female complaints: "DXB M. PKUA:--I must write and tell what your medicine has done for me, I am a working girt and have to stay at my work all day. I suffered greatly with bearing-down pains and backache. 1 was advised by a friend to try your Vegetable Compound. I did so and can say positively I am cured. I have recommended your medicine to all my lady friends, and would advise any f my sex Suffering from female weaknees to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Com- ul a trial, for I know it will cure.' Mrs. Pinkham invites all women troubled about their health to write to her tt Lynn, Mass., and secure her advice free of all charge, All such letters are en trod answered by women only. t Mrs. Ptltam's dvlce-- Woman Best Understands a Woman s lib "Take it back ---go to some grocer who will give you Pearl inc." That's the only way to do when they send you an imitation. The popularky of Pcarline be- gets the habit of calling anythin :hat's washing-powder, "Pearl inc." Those who notice the difference in name, think perhaps "it's about the same thing." It isn't. Nothing else equals Pearline, the original and standard washing compound, m I FOR 14 CENTS Veeetables r  go.era xndh eee ousl r I i , EarhsstReaBee I0o can t a sect at a proht, and ][ . X.8,.d.;,: I " " t e r " " Kloadyko Melon lc the y,e d nlarged, If properly II ;2:-'I Iertfllzed. Most fertilizers do ]'/1[ Worth else, to, t4 eat. I "   pkgs. worth_ $1,00, ws will " mail you free, to ether with our do not centare enough | lY I i 1 l I upon receipt of this notice and le. l --- i_m. eotea$1l.0 i 1 tflLll* 6_ , co,, ,-, s,  t Vegetables zeedlb/enty q/'pM- az]z -- at least xoo  besides the phosphoric acid. and nitro- .00SENi} FOR l BIOYOLE ]t lIlgh ade "an Mead,, 814 t0 $40,  CREAT CLEARIIIO BAkl of qt so4 ql t/ models, best makes, l,lt to $18. ent on  approval wffhrd a eenl pfl$im? Fresuso I 2 of wheel to ourageala. Wrlte foe our mew NPlan "How to Fmrntt nleYele" and make IIIQ\\;money:..SPdCI AL Tills WEEg-40hlgh ,grado 'Wl n]odol [slightly shopworn], $1e.]$ I ]I each. ,.WamdeHnls Awheei,n a souvenir t Ook of art, FREE for stamp Willis they last. J. W. MEAD YCLE G[lb, ClrlIAGO. t  A WEEK aud expenses for holtest.ltJt e rose I or woman, s slmetal rt:presentatlve ill their wp" vicinity, l.cSlJonible llout: experieoeo ua- IevoIItas'y K SSLK  KIRKPAalS. l)bllelDh & PRINCESS BALL GOWN. k New Way of Making This Very Ilecomlng Ilallronm Design. A princess dress is one that fits the figure, front and back, without oppar- eat fastening or seam. The style is beautiful, but so difficult to make that the home dressnmker had better let it alone unless pretty sure of her own ability to fit a bodice. This ballroont princess is made of white satin laid in narrow tucks. The tucks are bias and are completed before s ] H -" g.e THE PRINCESS BALL GOWN. the material is cut. fn many shops you can buy white satin on the bias, tucked. Others will not bundle it on account of its tendency to lose shape. The skirt and vest of this dress are of rose chiffon. The sMrt is made by al- lowing two deep flounces of the chiffon to fall over the other. They are fin- ished by garlands of silk roses, The vest is of shirred chiffon. Satin roses can be worn in the corsage. IIELEN GREY-PAGE. '98 TIIEATER HAT. An Ino'ffensive Little Affair That Cllllma to Ile a Trlalnpl. Still another hat claims to be the theater hat for '98. This one in highly indorsed by leading milliners and is acknowledged to be the one most in vogue this ,)'ear. This theater hat eon- sists of two yards of broad ribbon four inches wide and four yards of ribbon two inches wide. You rquire also a quantity of very norrow ribbon wire and three-quarters of a yard of cbiffon, to be used for the two rear bows of the hat. It is best ,to select | TIIE TRIUMPIt THEATER HAT. an embroidered variety that will kee t, its shape..There in  Krent deal of beautiful spangled chiffon on the mar- ket which is highly recommended for this purpose. The basis of the hat is a double bow of ribbon whleh is set well to the front of the bead. The bow can bays a knot of ribbon in front or a shield of field or silver is used. These shicld come in the form of pin. and are very dceorative. The rest of the hat con- sists of three standing loops of narrow ribbon knotted at the base with a double loop of ribbon. tfELEN GREY-PAGE lllndoo First Steps in Engll-'-'. A nath'e has been eaught at Calcutta scaling the wall of the prcnaises into the compound of No, 3, Chowringhi. dressed in a complete suit of Europtn clothes. The man had. the previous even.g, concealed himself inside a shop, and lmd employed himself till morning in fitting himself with a cem- plete suit of clothes, tneludlng a white shirt, with studs and links, a red tie, carefully put on, black socks, a pair of boots, a watch and chain, handker- chief, and even a pocket knife, with a straw hat and stick. He west the length of writing his name inside the hat. On being caught he said he want- ed o learn Eglish, nnd as a prelimi- nary step tltought it best o dress him- elf in sahib's clothes.Bombay (In- dia) Advocate. COSt of Iloyn] Go3-a. Royalty, with one or lw,i notorious exceptions, ts singularly economical in dress. Thus, the German empress, who obtains her best robes in Vienna, pays from 40 upward. The empress of Austria rarely gx)es above 20. Queen Victoria is also economically disposed, and has never paid a really extravagant price at any time. The young queen of IIolland usnally gives 10 for a dress in Paris. but never more than 15. Considering (he nnmber of gala cos- tumes which royal ladies have to wear. their moderation is wonderful. The German emperor ia said to be the mosl extravagant man in lCurope for cloth- Ing, and the prince of Wales, while the best dressed, to be the most economical. I,onff. Bet(led Bneferla, A German professor reports tm has fmlnd living bacteria in wine which had been bottled 25 or 30 years. The Coreans are so different from their neighbors, the Chinese and Japa- nese that strangers never have any dif- ficulty in identifytngthem. While they have the slant Mongolian eye and a com- dexion varying from brunette to a swarthy olive, their noses are straight and aquiline, with occasionally broad nd snub noses, with distended nos- trPs; most of the Corcnns have Mack mir and those wlro have not cover it with lampblack and oil t make it so. The new irrideseent glass ts very I skh't is of o!'.ve, the lower porlioneut into square tabs and faced aroond with three-ineh bands of olive elvet. The waist is of the olive, wiih lhe arm-holes. open square neek and lower edge of the waist bound with velvet: the ollen .(luare al the heel< is tilled in wilh ri,'h lace. wbieh also forms a eollar and an outslanding rathe. The sleeves are of the tan satin, and have p('aks at the wrists which fall over the bael of the havds. Inside of these l)eaks are ruehings of fine la('e. There is a decided tendeney in mil- linery loward elaborateness in (he way of hat trimnling. Many of the new motlels have a brim at last half larger at lhe extreme edge thnn w,)uhl suttiee Io make a l)lain eirele aronn(l (he hat. This fullness is eri]nped up and plaited, pinched over and tisted over each con- volution, forming a space for trim- ruing of various sorts. Selmrate collars of rich fabrie are worn with dressy eostmncs. One of these is s(tuare at the baek after the fashion of a ebild's sailor collar. The square sides extend over the slmtflders, narrow in slightly over the bnst. then spread in a wide tab which ahnosl con- ceals the front of the waist. A novelty suit has a ruffle of em- brohlery set around the pointed bodice at the bhek. The rnflle extends over lhe hips, and inslead of foliewing the outline of ihe point in front it enrves" back from the bodice on either side and narrows to a ])oint nbout tell inch(.s be- low the waist line on either side of the front of the skirt,. A new hat is so arranged that it res)s nhuost on the back of the head. The front of lhe brim is rolled back ad the Slmce over the top of (he head is filled with fine flowers. The trimming is of ribbon loops and 1)lossoms. A sly]ish hat has a wi(le brim made very full. so mueh so that it is folded into large pJails at one side. Inside of these plails are c]tlslers of blo.soms and fans of lace. The trimming is of ostrich plumes and velvet flowers. A dress of tan-cohlrcd cloth has a bolero of hite salin embrtfidered in gold. There are shoulder caps of lhe same embroidery and high flaring col- lar. Gold embroidery is extremely fash- ionable, and t)assementerie, loads lip Of netal threads, is a favorite garniture. Parasols are profusely trimmed with lace, chiffon, silk muslin and all sorts of thin fabrics.--N. Y. Ledger. WOMAN'S FATE. From tho Record, :Bushnell, Ill, lifo woman is better able'to spcak to others regarding "wonmn's fate" than Mrs. Jacob Weaver, of Bushnell, 111., wife of ex-City larshal ,Veaver. he had entirely re- covered from the illness which kept !ler bed- fast much of the time for five or mx years past, and says her rccovery is due to" that well-known remedy Dr. Williams" Pink Pills. Mrs. Weaver is fifty-six years old, and has lived in Bushnell nearly thirty years. She is of unquestioned veracity and unblem- ished reputation. The tory o'f her recovery is interesting. "She says: suffe.d for five or mx years wth the trouble that comes to wouten at this time of my life. ] was much weakened, was nnable much of the time to do my own work. and suffered beyond my power to describe. was downhearted and melancholy. "I took many different medicines, in fact I took medicine all the time, but nothing seemed to do me any good. "i read about Dr. %qlliams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and some of my friend recommended them tfighlv, l made up my mnd to try them. I t)ought the tirst t-)./;, box in March, 1897, :'1 hd and was benefited '").;)- from the start. 114' "A box and a. t  _ e.ff/' half cured me corn- // l plete]y, and I am I I II now rugged and J  Ik_, stronm 1have not /I I . been ]tethered with ]l | V my troubles since  I began taking the Bought he first box. pills. "I have recommended tim pills to many women who are suffering as I suffered. They are the only thing that helped me in the trial that comes to so many women at my age." MRS. J. H. V/EAVER. Subseribed and sworn to before me this 23d day of October, A. D., 1897. O. C. II1CKS, Notary Public. Vhen woman s passing beyqnd the ag of motherhood, " is a crisis in her life Then, if ever, proper attention to hygiene should be exercised. '/'he attendant suffer- ings will disappear and buoyant health will fol/ow if l)r. Williams' Pink Pills are used. These pills exert a powerful influence in restoring the system to its proper condition, They contain 'in a eondensed form all the elements necessary to give new life and rich- ness to the blood. None In Stock. I Lady (to dog fancier)Wbat kinds of dogs laVe yOU Ior sale. D. F.--Scotch terriers. Chinese pugs, French poodle and English setters. "ttave you any of thesqocean greyhounds that I have read about. Detroit Free Press. Same EverYwhere. A ,man who has just returned from the Klondike says that up in timt region zero is nothing at all. tt always was nottfing evgrywhere.--Phi]adelphia "InquiTcr. liar.less Pride, There is no particu/ar harm in an Amer- ican boasting of his t amily tree as long as there is nothing shady about it.Phila. delphia Times. Varying I'os'er of * nays. At a recent meeting of the ][loyal so tety in London a description was give n af the ehange that oeeurs in the pene- trative power of the X rays in proper. ion as the air ts more and more com- pletely exhausted from the vaeuum in which the rays are produced. At a certain degree of exhaustion lhe rays penetrate the flesh and show the bones of a human hand in shadow. With a greater exhaustiou of air the flesh becomes uhuost perfectly trans. parent, while the bones remain opaque. Witi a still higher degree of exhaustion the rays begin to penetrate the bones; and with the highest vacuum throdgh whieh the electrie discharge will pass, the bonesemselves become almost as transparent ns the flesh. Similar varia- tions in penefratlve power can be pro- duced by increasing or decreasing the power of the current, or by varylngthe eleetrieal resistance of the tube. Youth's Companion. He SDoke from Exper|enee. Samanthy--Why do they speak of plowing the waves? They don't raiso anything in 'era, do they? Josiah (who has been aeross)--Meb. be lhey don't grow moeh. but them waves kin raise a heap, I tell yew! N. , Journal, Vhy Johnny Lolt I11 Job, "It's your wife at the telephone." said the ofliee boy. "Tell her I'E out for the afternoon." "tte says to tcll you he's out for the ).fternoon, mtma."--Detroit Free Press is the name given to the The following is a characteristic Hood's Sarsaparilla testimonial. Facts like these have made Hood's Sarsaparilla Amerieu's Greaiest Medicine and en- dehred it to thousands of tomes seat- tcred all over this broad land. ( "We llke to tell what IIood's Sarsapa- rilla has done for us. Our four children had diphtheria. From the very first our little boy Ralph, then seven years old, Hood's Is America's Greatest Medicine because Sold by all druggists. $1, six for $5. was very sick and for several days it seemed as if he would never be any bet- tcr. After awhile he began tdirnl)rove and in a few weeks was uble to go out. although weak and miserable. Then, gradually All Strongth/n His Limbs gave out. The l)hysieians told us it was paralysis, which sometimes folh)ws an attaek of diphtheria, We did evcrytbing for him. but he grew worse until he was in a pitiful condition, tie suffered ter- ribly at night and complained continu- ally of his head, anti in what little sleep he was able to get. moaned nn- ceasingly. He lost all conirol of the muscles of his body and limbs. /Iehad no appetite and complained of feeling sick at his stomachall thetime. After we had tried many different remedies and had about given np all hope we eont- menced giving him Itood's Sarsaparilla. In a short time he ceased to complain, his appetite improved and at the end of tree months he was able t.o attend school a part of the time. Now he is well and quite a strong aml rugged boy. You are at liberty fo use this testimonial if you desire, as we feel we cannot say too much in praise of tIood's Sarsapa- rilla as a blood pnrifier and building up medicine." Mas. If. E. ADERSO, Cure- bcrland, Maine. Economy is a]so a-characteristic ef Hood's Sarsaparilla. Every bottle con- rains 100 Doses. and hence there is a solid fact eoncisely stated in the fa- miliar line, 100 Doses One Dollar. Sarsaparilla it accomplishes wonderful cwes when all other medicines fail. Prepared only by C. I. lIocd & Co.. Apothecaries. Lowell. Mass. CHIDED HER MOTHER'S SPIRIT. Practical Young Voman Didn't Want is ne Aroused at Night. Kansas City has at least one young mar- ried woman who takes a very prosaic view of ghosts and so-called spirit manifestations. She was forced to spend a night alone in a St. Louis hotel, her husband being detained elsewhere by business. In the dead of the sight she was awakened out of a sound sleep y a tremendous noise in the wardrobe. It xas such a sudden and unearthly uproar that the woman, sensible and practical though she was. was frightened. 'lhc noise eeased, then returned 'l'h e woman jumped Ul,, lighted the gas, and made a thorough search both of the wardrobe and the room. There was nothing so far as the evidence of llie senses went which could account for the racket. The woman put out the light and went hack to bed. Fhe noise was not re- peated. Six months afterward, however, the woman was in San Francisco. and for the first time in her life, and solely out of cu- riosity, she attemted a Spiritualistic meet- ing. Almost immediately the reed tn, a perfect stranger turned" to her and .aid: "The spirit of your mother is present, mad- am, and she sas that six months ago (nam- ing the precise date) she tried to communi- eate with you by means of the wardrobe in the Blank hotel, St. Louis." The woman's practical good sense did not desert her. 'qA'ell, you just tell my mother," she said. "that the" next time she wants to coma.hi: cate with me not to makesnch an awful raek- et in lhe dead of night and frighten me half out of my senses "--Chicago Chronicle. ...................... Iticks--"l felt so queer last night after went to lied. Mv head was spinning around awfully." Wick--"Ym probably slept'like a top.' "--Boston Transcript. Swallow your trouble and bolt it down.-- llural New Yorker. Nothing feels qui?e as good aa an excel lent bed when one is awfully tired.--Wash- lngton Democrat. "/'d rather," said the actor, "that you I would devote fewer f your stories to my pernal traits and adventures and mor'e of them to my acting." "Billy, my boy,"' said the press agent with the easy familiarity of a man with an ironclad eont:act, "it is your acting that I am trying to draw the pal)lie's attention away from. --CieinnatiEnquirer. "A beautiful face is'like- a b--autiful flower,, it feeds our enthusiasm, stimulates human courage, and makes all things possible to man.' Michael Angelo wrote: "The might of one fair face subhmes my love." "Talent develops itself in solitude, character in the stream of life."---4octhe. We make unlovely all our every days by tlie little soul we put into our efforts, t)'y the way in which duties push us forward, by lack of tbat electric something which makes all word, all deed, qlfiver and glow.--J. F. W. Ware. What May Happen .=---Congressman Dennis (ten years heff.e)--"Mr. Speaker, I desire to present a bill grunting a nension to Mr, Fake Scribbler, ex-editor of the lhd]abaloo, whose health was ruined by the excitement consequent upon waging in his columns the late war against Spain." -- Philadelphia ,' ortn Amemcan. "I like not only to e loved, but to be t01d ttuat I am loved; the realm of sfleace is large enough beyond the grave."George Eliot. = Warned in Time. -- Minnie- "Gracious toe! ]iere is a letter from some eastern firm offering to send me a dozen cabinet aotographs of myself free if I will send em my picture." Mamie--"Don't you md it, dear. Most likely they are in the comic-supplement business."--Indianapolis JournM. Some men enjoy nothing much better than being a pall bearer.--Washington De.o- ere,. No woman has pretty hands dthout I knowing it.--aMngton Den, oral. Both the method results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts ently yet vromptlv on the Kidneys, ver and *Bowels(cleanses the sys. tern effectually, dispels colds, head. aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation, Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever pro- duced, pleasing to the taste and ac- ceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its [ec s, prepared only from the most roll hyand agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most p)pular remedy known. S rup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug. gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- eurc it promptly for anzone Who wishes to try t. Do not cept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIe SYRUP gO. 8AN FRAPIOkO0, CAt ffW ,F. * A FEW REQUISITES. .Vhnt Was Wanted of a Girl in One llousehold, The hired girl out of a jol) cast her eagle eye over the want notices of the newspaper. "Wante,t \\;Vanted, Wanted," she read in one or two-line ads, straight down tl2e col- nmn, shaking her ]wa(I at intervals as if disappo nted n mr sear('h. Finally her face lightened as she saw a ]eade(l notice in another co]unto of more pretensions than its fellows. She turned to it and read eagerly. Then she threw the paper frltnl her. "What's the matter?" asked the gM with her. "Read that." and she atlB, red .'p the sheet and handed it over to the other one, who read this notice: "'Wanted--A young and strong woman of good disposition and habits, obedient and knowing her place, willing and ready, act- ive and etfieient, to cool(, wash and iron. (lo general housework and take eare nf chil- dren. Evenings and a/tcrnoons 0" -when possible. Apply, with references, etc. etc." "Well':" said the reader. "It's not well at all," responded lhe one looking for work. "That man. whoever he is is advertising for a wife. I shouht say from the advertisement and l'm not ]ool- ing for that kind of a job. Just a plain hired girl's place is good enough for me."-- Wash ngton Star. $400 For New Namesl The Salzer Seed Co. want snital,]c names for their 17-lush long corn aml White ()at )rodigy. You can win tifis$400easilv. Cata- ogue tells all about it. Seed potatO)ca only $1.50 a barrel. $500 in prizes! SEND This NrOTICE AND 10CTS. IN STAMPS to ,Iohn A. Sa]zer Seed Co.. La Crosse. Wis.. and get free their great seed catalogue and 11 new farm seeds, including above corn and oats, positively worth $10, to get a start.  6 A Core. Author--I am troubled with insomnia. I ' lie awake at night hour after hour thinking of my literary work. Friend--tlow very foolish of you! Why don't you get up and read portions of it?- Boston Traveler. 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There should be no hoe ILLUSTP.hTED CTALOGVE FREE -'4: i 00i,00out,t. ! _ Tu,. of _ ll00iAil00 CO. te.ation of the menses tlelly_ 0 |80WIttlF..vrEgV. Hr. HAVN, GOng. | eurs netween the ages of forty end fifty. Great irrgularity takee plaoe in the p.eiodio ........... - " -  isenarges tot some time before the final : : : : : : : ; = : : : = : = : ; = = = *- cessation, there.ate nsuly experienein Georgia Melon Seeds sudden flashes of heat, fullness in the hem:l, headache and other evidences of constim- , .... tional disturbance, The nervouo system Arthtk?et ;nderth:s,allerenenttl;a.ctgeuah, .sympatheticallyresponds, and ,berets greal; Marketnnd.Nlxon(Jutaloupe, the 4for  cents. irritability anamelancholy, the patient 19 0ackson's African LImblesi Cotton--hen diouragedmad has a sense of fullnesao% ai,,o Seed from Mr. Jack.on--he elaims hetght 8ulloeuti0n. stalks 8 feet, no limbs. Very prolific, l'rlce,paekft At no time in her lifedoceawomnneed 0ecd.$100. Seed catalogue free. 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I @xist flushed lass, giddiness, especially on I- Iiili] O i.illkV i .Jili Ill a = 6t0oplng, aud throbblngl).ain in the head Incresea nymovement, lit may De cansetl [] I [ ny living too freely; too late rtsin -in the A! N'  1-6 = morning, combined with au Inactive life, Menstn]M derangements tn females will  .often occasion it. Dr. Simmons Squaw WilES wRrrl]ft Io A|}VEItTISEI?J PLILJl. VlnoW'meieeepelallTmade fortli61M! state that lrse I,w the Advertlsmuee I n  .