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April 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 2, 1898

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71! : q,sdt.t ublku. Saturday, April 2. _ flicial Journal of the C0r- of W00dville. Simple Announcements of marria- and deaths will be pubhshed! without charge. llbiCr|ptjl|ll per llllllllll. ....................... $I 50 Otherwise .................. $2 00 MARKET. New Orleans, Mar, 31 , 1898. ( ?orlon-- 5 t/ Middlin ....... =./.7.. ........... . Futu, res, June .................. 5.52 October ............. 5.56 Yesterday was April Fool&apos;s day. Have you paid ylr'Corporatlon tax. "The oard o;ermen meets on The B, mrd of Supervisors will meet next Monday. Jon WORK AT THE [EPUBLICAN" . Firqt class brick for ale by A.r. Benedict. ""Mr. Jesse Miller left for Centreville esterday to work on the Jeffersonian. Services will beld at St. Paul's church on Good Friday and ..Easter ldav. :D4e 75 cent hu)s you a first-class white sl[irt made b.V lhe Manhattan Shirt Co. ; dealers everywhere ask $1 50 tot them but half the money takes Ihem at R.thschild's. The sound of war is not yet heard but the country, from the daily pa- pers, is full of war talk. Dr. V. H. ll(Lewis, of Natchez, spent several days here during the week visiting his parents. Messrs M. Sanueland L. B. Siden- spinner, of Fort Adams, were visttors to our town during the week. The weather continues to threaten and at this writing, Friday morning, it is eloudy with indications for more r-tin. Mls Frances Ooslinskl returned home on Monday from a six weeks' tsit to friends and relatives in ew Orleans. A hobby line of shirt waists with adjnstable white collars at 39 cents, at Rothselfild's. Mr. C. Schaefer returned on Wednes- day night from a visit to the Crescent, City, purchasing goods for his estab- lishment. The r.klnole Club has again re-or- Kanlzed and will hold their nex meet- ing on Tuesday, April 5th, a t, he res- ideat of Dr. Mnrdoek. |: - :7 We have obtained the agency for tim- New Idea Patterns which is now on sale at the low price of 15 cents teh. Fashion sheets free. C. SCHAEFER. Messes. Bramlette & Tucker are now domiciled in their new and neat- ly arranged quarters. The tmllding is an ornament to Commercial Row. A complete assortment of printed Cambrics, Percale and Madas clolhs, jnt tle thing for ladies' shirt waists, a] Rothchtid's. The ,,Spinning Wheel" will meet n#Xt Tuesday, A pril.5th, at, 4 o'clock. at, the residence of Mrs. W. P. S. Ventress. A full attendance is de- alrei. Oidvouget f,:(::d'-yestcrday. The lraet.lee of playin Jokes is, however, dy4ng out. rapidly, and only the small l.y uses April 1st for his practical Jokes. The memters of Asylvm Lodge will take notice that next Wednesday -" lght Is the usual monthly meeting nt.ght, and they should be sure to at- tend. NOT ICE. " Our=people were somewhat alarm- cd this week (in taecount of the cold snap which came upon us sud- denly on Wednesday. They fearcd that injury had been done to the fruit and vegetable crops, but from indica- tions, no harm was donc and if we ave no more cold weather these crops will be the largest for many years. Just received One Hundred dozen famous Manhattan shirts in wlnte and colored to be sold for a short tnne only at 75 cts to $1, were wordl double tile money, at Rsthschlld . 1 have tile famous Pratts' Stock Feed for sale. Just the thing for poor, Reconditioned stock. Gee J. Adams. Mr.-H. M. Quinn, of Centreville, was over here on Wednesday, for thc purpose of purchasing ghe canning factory plant and from reports he succeeded in dsing so. A cnmpany has been formed at Centreville for this purpose and owing to the immense amount of truck planted, in that sec- tion, a canning factory should by all means succeed. Also received 100 doz. ladies Rich- elieu Ribbed Ttirner Vests, Lisle Thread and liandsomely trimmed Would be a bargain at 25 cents but we are satisfied with 10e; at Roths- childs. If we are to have a Fair this year, it is high time for the Directors to call a meeting and make arrange- ments for having their catalogues plunted. The catalogues should be is- sued as soon as possible, so that ex- hibitors may have time to prepare their exhibits, and not wait untila . week or two before .'the Fair, as has been the case heretofore. Ladies' and entlemen's Hem stitched colored bordered Handker- chiefs; others ask from 60c to$1 20 per doz. ,'e sell them at 40 to 50c per doe Ask to see them at Roths- childs. FOR FEN DAL5 ONLY White & Welcher have decided to remam in Woodville ten flays longer, [n which time tile), will make cabinet Photos at $1 95 per dozen. Remem- ber this is only for ten days from this date, April 1st, 1898. AN ACT to amend Chapter 68 of the laws of 1894, in reference to prop- erty liable to road duty and how obl aioed. Be it enacted by the Legislature of tile State of Mississippi, That" Chapter 68 ,)f tile laws of 1894, be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Section 1.---All the hores, mules. oxen, wagons sad l)luws behmging to persons who are not liable to work on the road, and also persons who are hable to oad duty, shall be liable on tile requisition of the over- seer e,f the dis.rict to be used on the roads not exceeding ten days for each hore, mule, ox, wagon and plow liable in one year. The owner, 3n the requisition of the oversee[ may furnish gnch animals or imple- ments, and if he dos not. tile over. seer shall designate some of the road hands to receive and care for n[t return them, and they shall be de livered to such road hands. Sectiun 2.--'rhat this ac shall take effect and be in force from and afte its passage. Approved February 11. 1898. THE CHaTER OF INCORPCRATION OF "THE .VooDVI LLE" IN AND MANUFACTURING The young ladies of Edward Mc- Oehee College are 0racticing a pretty ]Dr'am:t, RIgBECCA'S TRIUMPH, which the nabUities of shareholders shall be as now provided by law they will give at Masonic Hal! shortly Any Three of the perseus herein before after Easter. The play is one of named may open books of bscription to tlie CapitalStock ofaid Corporation ann wnen thrilling interest.and it will doubtless as much as six thous:md dollars of said Capi- be ,,finely rendered by the talented al steer is subscribed for. the subscribers or those owning a majority of the stock may young artists. A small admission fee I hold a meeting at such time as they may agree upon and elect a President and five directors. ho together shall constitute a will be chargecl. . I Board of Directors, three of whom shall con- ;ery,lttle'0000/00, wor00 h:00s i,eeo i s"'u" a.oorum '00i,e said 00.esi00e.t and Directors shall hold office for such time as carried on during this week owing to  may be desigeated by the 8tocklmlders and the falling weather. Preparations for I until their s tccessors are elected and quart- fled. ,Th-y and their soc(' offl": sha.ll theemp are already very late and the manage and * arty on the business ot sam Corpora ion..,.hal! appoint such officers and iflanter now needs sunshine and warm agents a. th .y m ,y deem necessary, fix de amount of :heir ,.omDens tion, prescribe the weather so as to catch up. . m.cesary = u es [or the issue sad transfer of slSck ann ad,pt.uch rules and by-laws as The rgular mon/laly lecture or ad- tiler slay de m pro,r a,,d necessary fol tim conduc and manazement and security of said Co"p; ralion, provid.-d the same are ;tot drm at the Edward McOehee College in t:onfl,ct with the Oonstitulion and lawsVof 'will be delivered by Mr. L. C. Schloss, the tale of MlsissippL After the exph.ation ' 'hursday evening at 8 o'clock on next . terniofofliceof tl,e first Presideut and Di- rectors, the President and Directors siall be elected annually on the First Tuesday in March of each year or at such time as may he designated by the rules and by laws of the Corporation. The President and Directors shah be Steck- h)lders and In the election of President and cording to ord ers'annUtiii,)n, - ..... stores, etc. The temperature of the ma azines at 8r M was normal, ex- _    ] T'_T THE (BE/00 00ALOON anti that did not explo 1 . 3. The explosion occurred at  BUSINESS M 9:40 o'clock of tile evening of Feb- LL STOCK OF : : I ruary 15. 'rhere as twoexph)- sions, with a very short interva, be- :1.22:) : Q o s | tween them. The shii " '  U  P41 _l--J .L. kt k.J . =a..J  l ) htted on the -" first explosion. "  "t oSUCII ASo I 4, The court can form no dctin' e ot.lnion of the condition of the wreck ........ , f T r T) x?-' " I ,rum ti, e dive% wreckage, OLD J[OAVPOLE rE, | 5. Techn c " , from the court deduces.that a mine PURITdV 1 rE, er tim shi on the was exploded und P .)VE,. ETC I 6. The explosion was due to no - Choice Stock of FINE CIARS Always on Hand. He has selected for his subject, "Are we Creatures of Destiny." The public re respectfully Invited to attend. 27  =: Among our late receipts are 10,000 yttda of Embroidery, remuants in 5 yard plece. They are put on sale at 5c, 8 and 10; worth double, at Rothschilds. The officers and memhers of the Gin and ManufaeturingC-mpany paid a visit to Centreville and Gloster on .Thursday with a View of examining round bale press system. They t adopt the best sys- tem and with this end in view, have no as vet detcrmlned. The cons are IbOU$ gltml to the pro as regard the rnuud bale and it successful ,peratiou not as yet, been,, clearly demtl[ fault of those on board. 7. Opimon of the court stating that the explosion of the mine eaused the explosion of the two magazines 8. The court declares that it can- not find evidence to fix responsibili- ty. The report is unanimous, and is signed by all the members of the court. It does not refer to the ex- istence or non existence of mines n, tile harbor of Havand, except in the specific finding that a mine was; exploded under tile ship, and tile opinion that tile explosi(m of th, magazines was caused by tile ext,lo siou of a mine. "There a great discovery. the tombs of the last three god kings of the second of the divine dynasties, which dates back 000 yefilS " Scientists are excited over the authenticated discovery of the toinb of Osiris, the chief god of the Egyptian, and brother (con- sort) of Isis, at Luxor. a village of upper Egypt, built on the site of Thebes. The nes was first received with incredulity, but all doubts were quieted by a telegram from the directolgeneral of exca- vations to the president of the Egyptian Cuuncil of Ministers.- The discovery was made by M. Amelineau, who in a letter also affirms positively that he has dis- covered that the tomb of tile gods Seth and Horus is in the same ne- e r 71 isl:l ktdlS G a zet te says: is no doubt this is Thus we know god ,ire 10,- New Advertisements. FOR ALE The Patrick plantation situated of, Old River, Wilkinson Cou,v, Miss. contal,dng about 320 acres. For particu!ars apply to, W. P. S VENTRFSS, Woodvllle, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. No'rICE TO 'rEACHERS. Examinations will be llFl(I in April according It, law. on tile Int. 2ud 3rd and 4h Fridays and Saturdays in April 1898. JOSEPH .IOHNS,IN. Sept of Education. 3 19 1898 4. LIJ IYlBE RI We are prepared t, fill at short n,tice any order for Rough CyDress LUMBER allow prices. Corresp(m- donee solicited. JNO. F. IRVINE & SON. 3 19 98 6m. Pasture for horses and cattle, fine rass, ruoning water, pply to. MRS. I. MCMANUS. 3 12 98 4w. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Utile6 at Jackson. Mss, Mar. 9th 1898. Notice is hereby given that the fol- lowing named settler has filed notice of all St.le.. which I will sell-at rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite W. C. Bunnies res- TIIOS. ROLAND. i[tenee. Ang 2t, 1897-tf MORE PUSH. E i t M?RE ENTERPRIS 4,4,4,  While Grocery 09. -* , MORE INFI,UENCE. l# srnEr. Unda Masonic Hall. . MORE PROGRESSIVENESS. d' b4" MORE SPECIAL FEATURES"  DEALEI'S IN Fancy and Staple Gr(,ceries, Candy, T TheTimes-Dem0raL $ Cakes, Fruitsof all kinds, Tobacco L 4- and Cigars. Best Extracts io town. I 4"r NEW ORS, Feb 12 98 ly. -- I MORE NEWS. 4" S. MARANTO, . ; MORE ADVERTISMENTS. 4" --DEALER IN-- f CHOiCeST Frnits, Oysters, Nnts' i T, r )f all kmds, and Fresh Faint y Gro : H ]lOST WIDELY CIU- ', ceries. Recei,es daily Fancy Cau-:/  CILATD NI:VSPAPEli dy of all kinds. Maccaroni Cook- 4.4" II ,rile sov'rH. @$4, ed in the best style, from 9 A. 'i I @$4" 4: to 8 P.. [. O--oslte - Subscrlbe for It If you want , l[aln ,t,* rr Baum & Dampf, Feb 12 98 ly. WALSH & WILSON, COMPANY." George J &danl, Martin Rothschild, W.V. of his intention to make final proof in Morris. R. M. McGehee, Idenry Johnson and 8el)port of his claim, and that said "v ltendersou and their successors are " '" "c "t ;. . ......... proof will be made before the Cn .el hereby coastl, uteu ann aeciarca to me a oooy . . corporate under the name atd style of "'The C, lerk of Wilkinson (oouty at Wood- Woodville Gin and ManufacturtngCompany" vi'le, Mis, on April 23rd 1898. viE: f rthu ur oe as follows to wit Ofgiun- . '.. " ......... o P P " '---" : ....... 1 deIIcrsou 1) tVle[(.a][e H I. !No. lag and baling cotton, operauug un am, * / ' " Grist Mill. etc.. and Manufacturing. I.dus- 23,908 f,x the e  ne  sec 26, t 4, n tries generally, .at W(ouvHle w.I)Kmson r 1 west lie names the fol ,,i io County, Mississippi--ann ny Lne 'solo name . ' " may have perpetual suceeshton forthe period witnesses to prove his eolttinuol| ree- f his " of Fifty years from the ap.proyal, o t._' I ldence npon slid ctlltiva|ion el said Charter. may sue and be sueu, pleau anonell,, A ,,;. 'l'h,,,,,,= xv /avin Wiley impleaded before any court, contract and be 1 ,,=lu. .... . , ,,,-.,,.*: ,,--  , - contract with within the limis ofitscorpo-/Cavln, dOllS [)aVlUSOll anti -Jallles rate wers. may hold all real and porsonal -W|*ao all al ) lVav';*t,rtex*t 1"io. prob%y necessary for carrying out I ........... J''h'[. Si'eis ter poses of Its organization within the ltm rs/ _ ',t )  ' rescribed b law ay sell convey mort.-1R 1Q Lq.q  P " Y " -- "-- " '  r-" .......... " e or otherwise encumner ls real ann pe I gag era Ma urchase all real estate sonal prop. Y. .YP ....... M FOR SALE --Improved Chufas noces.ary for carrymg on ls nus, tte. ,- " " ' take .enson real ..d per:l 7O;7o the best know,, hog feed, no pest. H; the conductlng of its.basin s. "'e sameat CtS quart, 75cts peck, dcllvcred iu and u a common seal alto alter n '   -- -'-" ureand ms*"-enerall  do all things W(,ndville. enu orders to Hiram, that may b'e necessary tar the successful MISS. (,ITA8. F. A. KELLOOO. ton of the husiness of said corpora- 2  w prosecut t lion ...... tlon not lnconsistent with the Cons:l u and laws of the State of Mlsisslppl. The Capital Stock of sald.Corqoratlon, shall P. H. WHITE;. W.S. WttITE. be fixed at Fifty Thousana UOllars--(llvme into sh:tres of one hundred dollar eaclt ann Directors every Stockholder shall have the right to vote, in person or by Droxy--the number of shsares of stock owned "by him for awmany persons aa are to be elected. FINDING OF THE COURT. Washington, March 8.--The As- sociated Press presents herewith a complete abslract of the rep(rt of tile court of inquiry which iovestia- ted the wrecking of the battleship Maine. "rile report is made of eight arti ties, as h)lh)ws: 1. The e, urt fiu4s thai .at the tiute of the exl)losion tile I)attlehip [Maine waslyingin five and one hall It0 ix fi.h,,t'il ,,f watt,r. ] 2. "l]le diseil)|iue aboard the Mfi I) iThosc is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical per-. poses will do well to call and examine my stock. " I . 1 -- --:g--- Sale Auction ! I Bein on e of the laest prehasm s at the aeetion sale of the Pelican Shirt  _Factory, New Orlea,,s, mnztfa, ettrers of shirts, tuaerwear and boys knee pangs, we are enabled to offbr extraordirary values ir these ools. jell8 enlau.ndried percale shirts, (worth 75c la.n dried,) 25c . Bous knee pants worth 35c for 2Or, .... "  : Jeans, sli6ttly damaged, worth 20w for 09 ce,#s. These are ody a few of on money savers and while ozr stock of the m at the  present tim,e is ample, we wordd advis . - immediaeprchase "as tw U are oinff '----'----'''' ouA with a rush. -- f(5( " " " I I JUST . t:: REC IVED A full llnc of the well known f " wOODVILLE, " DEALER IN_- 0000lVlanhat00tan , 00u.,csc.oo,.oo.. ,.0 ,::(::1. ,e,..,.,. " " " .- Sun..Lies, Cutt ry 2"urnz,,.  l Jo . er -anels t Statwn , :. .. : , i/ Hal@wtre, ltct,m.att2 Ud,, :i White an :I Colored =-Phvsicians prcrlptions carcfull) compotHdcu, and orders correctly lmar I . \\;Vhich we offer for a short F.A. M(:I,A,, W .P.S. VEN,T,S, ', o. ,,u.,...'rT. w.y. ,t,.. t tlme ONL T at 700c_a.d St MeLAIN a VENTRESS, Bra.I,tt a Tucker. . worth $1.2o and $1.o0. htt0ru0000d C0usel0r==00 htt00epad Cm00Imghi, ! . WOOI)VlLL, MISS. . . WOODVILLE, alSS. I t/nR h//d & o,,00,,,,,c(,,,,00,,,,,,,,,,;. J. R. JONES. WOOm'tLE- WOODVILLE, MISS, , Office at Schleslnge" v.k)use " i! April 18, ' 95 ly, Office above the Republican Oflt ' DR. eliAS. E CATCRISGS [. CUIZII(  --.IEALElt IN-- 00II00SI00NI ,'amily and Fa,,cy VooDV,tA-E : ; : MIss. I tmneries, 4)ysters, Tropical ---- .... ' Office iu Adams Drug Store. 't al kinds, Sugar, Coffee, Float, Soaf .... Starch, Raisins, Nu':s f all kinds. Canned Fruit and Fish, &c. p()SITIONS GUAItANTEEI). I DIAMONDS -'4 '94 tf. Fine braod chewing Tobacco. Uy dt) To Graduates of lIaaris' Practical .... Fresh Bread every day. :NeW sttp.- Business College, School of Short l)ltes arriving daily. ltantt. Telegraphy. etc.. Jackson, DR. L, W, MA6KUDEB,, iai't:l, 21, 1596-y _ Mississippi. We have bOllh the Wavatt OoI- kNr) Physician and Surgeon, TRESPASS NOTIOS. leges here and at Meridian, but have All hunting and ch)sed out the one at Meridian, and WOODVILLE, MISS. letreat and 1)amer(m l)repared to give students thevn'v best business training to be had : *y'- Office at resid(,nee. April 7, .88 lv t)rohlbited, under ' of the M ASO where. Catal.,gue S0tlt au applica- __ Oct., 9th'97.--tf. tion. N. ,I. IIAIIRIS. President. Jackson. Miss. DPt, C. C. CROSg. TRESPASS NOTICE. Sept. 11, 1897-tf Our traiuing and bnslness expe- rience expe,,,s ,n Dental Surgeon, a,: fi.hi,,00 or NOT['?E, our line. A Diamoud is a Din- trespassing on Glen Bnrme mond, even if the eol()r is p,)()r, s strictly prohibited under . [ ha]'e just received and will keep the cutting bad,()r the Stone WODDVILLE M[ ,8, he law, All t,rmer constantly ou hand a full supply of flawed. A watch is st:ill a walh Office up stairs over the Postoffice. yoked. GEe. COFFINS and CASKETS, even if of poor make. There is as great a difference TRESPASS :NOT]CEo  CONTRACTORS OF BRXCK CElV00ENT Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leave Orders witi X ettnn & Hickcy or Be,, Brow n' Barbor Shop. Dec lg 97 2m. "I'REPA'4 N() FICE. All hun:in ()a my t)|aee is st.rictl ,r,)hil)ltt'd ul|dt,r I)eoaltv :,f tire hw. Mrs E, W. J,).lt. 2() 97 * : to keep up wlth currentl ' ' @ ',@ events at home and abroad.  4, Dally and Sunday, per year.S12 00 i Semi-Weekly, per year ...... 1.00 (Tuesday and Friday.) u.days only. per ye.r .... .d .4" SAMPLE COPIES FREE. 4":4, ' , TIlE ,rIMES-DEMOCRAT, 4,: e4, 4 4, EI, E(TRIC BELT F EE. TO lntrodtlce it n(l ohtaln ,tgcnCs tho, kill - (l,rsigu,'d flr)n will eive away a ffw. of iuqr 5 G,rt|lvln Hlectric Bolls lnv .'liter! nv I POI . V0,n clef XVeo, Pls. uft le .New 'oi'k Ele- + a ..l,),) vtl: S [latent')5"/647 ;t pt tivo , U"ICt .. *Ja't'., - ' - "  " , ( c ,)t(),' ,erv)Us Dd)llliv, il!ellll I[v'" l S , ' )w: .." ad- ).,,sk, ..+ ,)n .... E ct, ri '- i" ") )')x <'t. N<w Y)r:.N. Y beweon a fine watch nd a po )r one, as there is between a fine diamond and a poor diamond. You may know the difference but in buying you will be wise to et the advantage of expert knowledge, which we place at your service, free. Watches regulated free. JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, 1 NO ICE. - ........ I The pnblic are hereby notified tha Hunln is pr!hihited ou the Sur- ette, Ehnwood, Belleview and Gor- I don l'hmtati()na. All h)rmer permlts are herehy re [ voke(t. CtI.kS. C )HEN. Nov: 20, 1897-tf I TRESPASS NOTICE. Ihtnting or otherwise trcspasshtg on the McManus, Farishand Bowling Green pla(.es ,s strictly prohibited un- der penalty of the law. All former 'permissions revoked R M. McGEIIEE. J. H. PENI)LEI'ON. Sept. 4, 1896-tf FOIL ALE. The honse and lot in WoodviUe, south west of tile public sq!,a)'e known as the Susau Scott .lot adjoining lot o[Dr L W Magruder apptyto It 8 VAn E,vroN. tl ?0 1897 tf. I'RI;SI)Ab N 01' I'.'..: l'. All huoti!_ on Si)urall :,at Sehae- rer i,laces is strictly proifibibed under penalty 9f the law. L. W. MAa RUDER. ll '2(} 97 tf. 1 A. G. SRANNON, WQODVIhLE, MISS. Will prnett in all State and United tate courts in this State Real estate imugh cad vld ou earn- mission. Office o mmerci?i Row- -- It, S. VN EATON.  00t00:my Imsehr L00w; Office up sairs in the Odd Fellows ;utldiug. ___ ...... DR. JORN F. TRERREL, Physician and Surgeon woODVILLE, MIS, Office on Main St. at his old Stand A, LI00WRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR, A Full Stock of Metalie and Wood- en cog[us always on hand at Wood- ville, Miss., Main St, Trespass No; ice. All persons found lmnting, fishing or otherv, lse trespassing on the Bur namwood l)latdation nb(,ut 3 mih's  south of W.odville will be prose cutt'd t,o the full extent of the la. A strict watch ill i)e kept on satm plantatiou for trespassers. i'd,micra and Fever  ov person caught huntM, (T; t)iherwise ires Collins or ()h! rosecnied to tim i aw. All former permissions ed. F. BBT South-West Corner of I have always on hand a.ut erm ar tickle of, ] TI IST VARIETIES TH] BET BANDS OF CTGARS, Domestic and Im Fanc Liqu,r. Verm,mth 5ml me rctdy to do busine&,..u =' A ft. 8.ut&k March 12, 92, Send tbe limb :,-:it fret. i