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April 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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April 2, 1898

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8&amp;turdsy, April 2. J. 8. LEV8, Pallltr and Proprietor. , mm .... , __2 ..... --  .... 'P0 ADVERTISERS. THIg WOOD VII.d,E [{EPUBLICAN XS the oldest newspaper in the State; has a htrger bona fide circulation than ny other newspaper in this section; therefire ,: is 00nttitm |es,r tiff in lift, ANNOINCEMEN F. FOR C()N(RES. To the Voters of the Sixth Congres- abmal D|trict: Be.lievhw that all investigation of ly I';olul tn ('ollgress will show that | have discharged my dnty. actively, t and efficiently: that I have romles aud brokeu no party therefore am encouraged allelt the support of my for re-electlon and here- aunonnee mv candidacy subject ,tim re.finn of the l)emocraHc party of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very ltespect'ully, W. P, IA)VE. I,okimrto a war with Spain we hardtbknow which is most to be dreadkl--the Spanish navy or the new.crop of penmoners that congressmen would create. According to a dispatch from Minister Woodford'at Madr;d, another strong fleet is now on its way to H;vana. The fleet of tor- torpedo boat de- which has been on its wayto Itavana fqr sometime has very probably reached Port Rico by this time. The greatest secrecy orevads in many of the bureaus of the War and Navy departments in regard to the various projects of defense and naval movements now going on, and the officials in many cares positively refuse to make public Itps that have been determined upon. Commander Bradford of the :Bureau of Equipment has been before the S n.tte Committee on foreign relations giving expert testimony asto the strength of the navies of the United States and Spain. Also advocating the purchase of the Island of St. Thomas of the Danish West In- di, as a naval station, The indications are that the crisis between Spain and the Umted States will come to a head within a day or two. Evidences of Thursday go to show that such reformation must have been given to the P.pubih;an majority , in Congress to prevent immedi- ate action. It is reported that the Administratmn is given until Monday for further negotiations. , Engineer Starling says of the present rise in the river: "From present indications it would appear that without more rata the river shouht reach a gauge height of something like 49 eet at Cairo. The Arkansas river is at a pretty high stage, add White river is very high. It iS to be hipped that the rose from streams will partially run before the crest of the wave gets here. It is however, that the Arkan- gauge will be somewhat than the Cairo gauge, tt more rain, it the ,..levees t'oth sides, it seems pro- bahle that a stae of .t0 feet will Arkansas City and The Crystal Bprings Meteor, wh0ae edi|or recently iu'peeted a number of suburbtm gardens, contains the following: "We were most agreeably sur- prised to cote the very forward growth of the fiehl vegetation, especially cabbage, peas, beets and carrots. The genial weather often 0days or more past was shown in the resp.nse of phmt life to its influen(;e and emerahl verdure clothed the landscape, so was the growth, e Jab- remarkably fat, advatrced, peas, wlnile beet, and carrots are bending their plant energie to snrpass t he records of farnier year. No hmdscapesin present handsomer up- than do ours at this of the year, teeming as : do with vigorous and stimu- vegetable life. Our indus- trious people are to be compli- ntented on tim visible evidences 'of {hrift and entvrprjse, for every hl visited betokened painstak- ing e4re in cultivation and lavish expanditure of fertilizers, the re: uits of which are seen in the LET IT CLIME ! "?' We believe there ought to be war, and we blieve there will be war with Spain unless she evacu- ates Cuba promptly. She has throttled the energies of the peo- ple of'that Island during this whole century mercilessly. Sp.tin stands convicted before the worht to-day of the most gigantic and brutal attempts to depopulate .t land by confining and starving its non-combatants that Ulo(lcrn times, at least, knows of. She has proved her inability to con- quer Cuba in the field. Neither the sentiment nor the manhood of this country will hmger toler- ate her rule of rapine and murder in Cuba, we are certain, therefore the issue of war or peace will assuredly be settled in a few days and that it will be for war.7-. It is useless now to talk about how well we might and should have been prepared for the strug- gle. We must cttaoce it. Pri- marily, of course, it would be a naval struggle--a conflict of bat- tle ships and a war of provateer- lug, and in the latter respect Spare is most vulnerable. No one can say but we might have to land an army m Cuba if out" fleets should be able to hoht their own and nmke an invasion possible, though if we can command the ocean that wouht noc seem neces- sary, as the Sp,mi:trds wouhl ne starved out. Spain, we fear, wilt show up with a trongernavy than has been expected. If so, and we should be worsted the country will hold to accountabili- ty the majority in Congress that for three years past has ntouthed and spluttered and at the same time has neglected to make even reasonable prol)ortions for the defense of our coast and increase of our fighting ability at sea. THE MAINE REPORT. The President submitted the report of the Maine Court of Iu- quiry to Congress in a very brief message, which we publish, and substantitdly without recommen- dation. The report itself is fat" from conclusive ItS to the cause of the explosion, though it finds that the ship was destroyed by some outside agency The outh)ok seems to threaten war between this country and Spain, though the Administration is still making an" earnest effort to avoid ft. The war sentiment seems to dominate Congress and it now hicks as if that body will precipitate one in any case. Reports are so conflicting that it is'ahnost impossible to form any reasonably correct conclusion as to the final result; but it is vertam that the present strained conditions cannot remain much longer. Neither ts it posmble to form a just estinmte of the issue that seems to have grown up be- tween the President and Con- gress. The former is charged with a truculent yiehting to the demands of the Money Power which demands peace at any price, while the latter seems to be dominated by the Jingo class which is reckless and unreason- ing in its demands for war in any event. Perhaps the truth lies between'the two extremes, and we sincerely trust that conserva- tive patriotism and statesmanship may yet find a peaceful solution consistent with the honor and dignity of the country. SPAIN'S FLYING SQUAD- RON. Special to the Picayune. atnl z),.illllttnLc ()quclado, which are nnw in Itl:'ana t'arbor. Un}trnllrof| A IlI(_,I'ICH U vessels WOUld havelit, fie,r no change against these slailm, no tntler how inueh they were oun U mbered. The Ll'a:.cgy board of the navy had warninz lwo weelc a'o tbat thi flat. washurridly being made ready for sea: and thisled to Lheprompt orders of ,,lie Puritan and the 'i?err,r t, re lieve the Massa(:huset.ts and t, he Texas at Key West in order that .'toy contelnpl;l|ef[ t'|J, tlIv)rt the Co<l hurt,h of llatterm might, be met, by ea-goilig aruuored shi]), t.he New York and Iowa and the Indi:na b(dnu ret;llned near Ilavaw. re watch the Viz(:a.a and the Oquendo. If the (]rlsttAml C,)](m and ,he In'anta M:ria Teresa are hound for |lawl,:t the Pu ri|an and the Terror will fully offset them. We give the above ns an exam- pleof sensational report. The assertion is made that the Ameri- can flying sqna(h'on]at tlampton Roads ts unprep.u'ed to meet this Spanish squadron. Mightaswell say that our fastest ships are use- less. If the five vessels at tlamp- ton Roa(ls cannot meet and whip these three vessels we had as well brmg home our ships iu caseof war, andprotect thent behind such forts as we have. PRESII)ENr's MESSAGE. Washington, March 2.--The Pre- sideut today sent the followiug mes- sage to congress: "To the Congress of the United States: "F.r some time Diner to the wsit of the Maine to llavana harbor our cgusular representative poiuted out tim advautage to folh)w from the visit of natit,nal ships to tlm Cuban waters in accustoming the people to the presence of our flag, as the symbol of good will. and oar ships in thefut- filhnent of tim mission of protection of American interesls, even though no immediate necessity therefor might exist. "'Accordingly on the 24th of Janu- ary, after conference with the Span- sh miuister, in whieh the renewal of visits of our war vessels to Spanish waters was discussed and accepted the peninsular attthorities at Madrid and Havana were advised of the pur- pose of thi government to resume frieudly naval visits at Cuban oorts and with that object in view the Maine wouhl forthwith call at the port of ttavana. ' 'Tills announcement was received by the Spanish government with ap- preciation of the friendly character of the visit of the Maine and with notifi- cation of intention to return the cour- tesy by sending Spanish ships to the principal ports of the United States Meanwhile the Maine entered the port of Itavanaon the 25th of January. She continued there during the throe, weeks folh)wing her arrival :No ap- preciable exeitement attached to her stay; on the coutrary a feeling ot relief and confidence followed tim resumption of the long interrupted iutercourse At forty minutes past 9 in the evening of the 15th of February the Maine was destroyed by an ex- plosion by which the entire forward part of the ship was utterly wrecked. In this catastrophe two officers attd two hundred and sixty-four of|her crew pemshed, those who were uot killed outright being peuned between decks by the tangle of wreckage aud drowned by the immediate isinking of the bt;ll "The appalling calamity fell upon the people of our eottntry with crush- ing force aud for a brief tinne an in- tense excite, meut prevailed which, in a eomulunit7 less just and self-con- trolled, might have'lead to busty acts of blind resentment. Ttds spirit, however, gave way to the calmer process of reason and to the resolve to investigate the facts and await the materml proof before forming a judg- ment as to tile cause. The course neee, ssarily reeommettded itself from the outset to the executive, for only in the light of a disDassmnately as- certained certainty eouht it determine the nature and measure of its full duty in the matter. "The usual proceedure aud the findiug of the court of inquiry was reached ou the 21st og March. "ltis herewith laid before Con- gress, together with the volnmiuous testimony. Its purpose is iu brief as follows : "When the Maine arrived at tIa- vane she was conducted by the regu- , "The state of discipline on board and the condition ot her magazines. boilers coal buukers and storage compartments are passed in review witl the eouelusion that excellent order prevailed and that no indication of any cause for an internal explosion existed tn an,/quarter. "At8o'eloek m the evening of February 15, everything had beeu re- ported secure and all was quiet. "At forty minutes past nine the vessel was suddenly destroyed. 'There wer wo distract eplo- siena wth a brief interval between New York, March 30.--The Trtb- them. The first lifted tim forward une's Washington correspondent says: part of the sltil) very perceptibly, the The departure from Spain of an ar- arena(l, which was more opeu, ore toured flying squadron, including the ,...:.--. ..... " ................. - ." ...... ' __ . IUllglJl| alll 13'1. gleaLel" VOlllnle ]S tn eanV'itSbla'r[etsers /ou_tge, attributed by the court to the partial ..... _ ' ! p gun a In I explosio  of two or lnoro Of the fur- nome wauers, IS consloereo a serious I ward ma-azines menace to the American fleet, at, Key ] ",, g " - West and one |ha" the UnFed S- " "2. "7[ he eviqeuee f the divers estab- ,, ' t, + b' lal, es . " . . ........ * ......... , ....... . ...... e ..... .... hshes that the after part of the ship wf;en'l'de;n'aln'hes'e"vc was practically intact and sauk it, theft may become primitively known. The[conditiou, a very few minutes after finn, all movements of vessels having [ to the effect that the lessor the Maine been ordered retained from the public] wa not due, in any respect to negli- by the Spa.Irish goxernment. I gence and that the ship was destroy- After these vessels oass Gibraltar it led by the explosion of  submarine wilt be definitely known within twen- [ mine, which caused the partial ex- ty fourhours.whetter.the are bound [ plosion of two or more of her forward for uaolz or bne L:anat'/es, ror Ib  n.b I n)a,azines conceived at t, his ime that they will [ T'lm messa,e concl,.Aeq'--'tI ha,,,, ?#1 a straightaway westerly courfle, ]directed that the findings of tim court a Inougn their enormous st'taming/of in-air,, a - th vi,-,o  ,;o ,,,,: radius, unequaled in the Anmri.can},r,p, . ,.' .... , 27,.;..'?;:L2VI2 , i at ux|t t, ,ll Ut, illttlulIlet tu navy, might enable tl,em to reach afly t ......... Atlantic port on the Al:nerican coati- tn?;gvernn! ear o. mr majesty, te .n qt t regeut, anti x (t() no permit ne I, wlth ut slop tog for coal. . - ...... The Amer can Plvint, s-uadron nt mvse} to doubt that the seue ot ius- H'm, pmn Ro.d.,. i. 'npr',pared. ""!to .... ti .e ,,f the+Spanish, nation will dictate the, .... t, thi fly, ng s(tu,nlron on t lie high ., a cot rse., ot act|on suggested, by () ()r seas. nor can auxiliary cruisers ex peel. land tim friend)y relations of the two Io I.uru it, back. l{s lhlgship, lbe I governlneuts. . It.he finest crop prospects for i Crist, bal Colon, is also a match f.r } '.It will h,. ,, .... ,,tv of th- ,, .... many years Should anythinglelth('r,he New Yt,rk or klro(,klyu I- " -+"Y': ........  . '+ .......... ....... . . .. ,. hV to adv]ue (..ougress O the resnlts life faii profits he realized thts I *,' tL't' naEa merwan:mcers nelt[er and.in the meantime (lelibvrate con- forward will be} n, rew xora nor tie jro.K vn sideration is invoked : would ovvrba]ance il. in offehsivene. uire uluny year8 j iih e seeolfft 'essel, t, he Infants Maria (Sined) " WILLIAM M'KINLI'Y. Ierc-a. is the siter of ,,he Vlzcaya "Exceulive Mansiun Mar 2 "98 ' AN OVEE-RIDDEN HOBBY. The press continues to demand good roads. The Clarksdale Ban- Jackon, Miss., March 26 --The nersays: I),)litical rangers--the men who have "The roads of the country are been farming lhe agrleultural farm- simply bad. We ought to have ers tot olfice only, and usmg a free better ones, and cau have, with a little organized effort. Good silver coulter--are growing desper- roads are worth more to the aver- ate. They are confronted wit+h ob- ago farmer than almost any ques- livion Some of ',he ablest and most tion now before the people. Yet patriotm free silver papers m the farmers will .go wild discussing state are rebelling against the insis- the silver question and the Cuban teuceof tie bosses that free silver question and other questions that be discussed at the campaign for do not (hrectly concern them, and never say a word about the road sate and county offiuers next ear, question until he starts to town as it was in 1895, to the exclusion ot and then he just says some bad state issues. +I'tey admit and point words." out the errors of that campaign; they confcss that time has! dose,,vet- ::-=-': ed the incompetem.y'ofmen who An act to suppress white cappmg and rode into office on free silver hohby like forms of intimidation: horses. Here are some issues that may stir Section 1. Be it enacted hv the the taxpayers to rage the mutiny: letzislature of the state of Mississippi The state house is dangerous, and That any person or persons who shall, leaks even to hegronnd floor, bv placards, or other writings, or Forth thousand dollars were wast- verbally, attempt by threats, direct ed at the extra session called by the or implied, of injury to the person governor last spring--the first extra or property of another, to intimidate session since Ames'. such other person into abandonment Four hundred thousand dollars of or hangeof home or employmen! "interest-bearing bonds have been shall upon conviction be fined no issued in times of profound peace." ex-eedin $500 or imnrtsonment in the eonntv jail not !exceeding six No public improvement has been months or in the penitentiary uot ex- m ade, eeeding five years, as tile court, in A bill was passed at the extra ses- its discretion, may determine. sion, and approved by the governor, ,ee. 2.--That this act shall take authorizing the borrowing of $200,- effect and he in force from and atter 000, to feed the depleted treasury and meet the uurrent expenses of tim its passage. state goveramen. Approved February 11, 1898. The special session of the legisla- ture mereased the slate tax, which is now dtiKher than siuce the black LIQUOR PETITION. va,nptre of radicalism was choked Fo the Honorable Mayor-and Beard from the neck of the commouwealth, of Ahtermen of Ihe town of Wood- Thousands of dollars of the tax- v, lle, Wilkinson County, State el payers' money were spent in days Mi.sisstlq)i : and days of legislative discussi,n of The undersigned qualified voters resolutions to investigate official resident within the town of Wood- drunkenness in hgh places ville, Wilkinson County, State of These issues are like the blond of Mssissit)pi l)eution your honorable Duncan. They incarnadine the sea body to grant and Issue to of state politics. Aud all the gab- bleof those tto have socked, and A. H. SANDMAN, hope to contiuue to suck pa l ) from a resident in said town a license to the state treasury through a silver Jell and retail vinous, alcoholic, mal tube, cannot hide them from the intoxicatingnnd Sl)ritunns liqttorsie gaze of a tax-riddeu people, less quantity than one gallon wthi The people of the State have had the limits of said town at the sal,,on an object; lessors. They understand house now occupied y idm on tl,. that the financial question has no south east uorner of th6 square more to do with the l)uildmg of a directly est of the court house, and state house than the building o! a we recommend the said A. H. Saml- state house has to do wiLh the elec- man to be (,f good rel)utation and a lion of a president. They also un- sober and suitable person to receive derstaad that the man who talks suelt hcense. Respectfully, gold, or silver, mr pewter, or printing Paul [lahig, press money, iu the state campaign Ben Brown, is not d,ing iL for the public weal' Wil,on Brnard Newel], l'hey know that such person s a Imnis Goslinski, self-seeker, trying to blindfold the Max l)aml)f, people against his incompetency by Marcus I. Berger, dsstraettn at'ention from Ihe con- David A. Diekey, dition of affairs of the state. William L. I)olk, But the state press s pointing out Leon Schwartz, the bug under theehil) , in language Fred blarteus, not to be misumlcrstood The l)(,ug Gihlart, Brandon News, one of the ablest, Richard Joseph Anderson, most consistent free silver papers in Robt. W Turner, !he state, under the cspthm, "Good Monroe William Brown, Men Should he Chosen," contains Francis F, Best, the following editorial, which pomts Ike Baum, the way from mistakes o| the past to Ike Gihtart, Lhe path of l)rosperity and greatness. Sah'atnre Cumho, "The stateeampaignis, or ought Charles Augustus Chishohn, to be, some months ia the future. Jack Wilson, Jr. and while tt is too earl.), to talk about Harry Hays Cage, candidates, it is not too early to ds- Jaeob Cohen. cuss'measures. Iu the first place, Charles Stewar! Hamilton, while the financial issue may lie tim George Chislmlm, overshadowiug issue in the next Alexander tlenrvSadman, national struggle, it is sincerely to be Lee Charles Sehh,sa, hoped that a man's fitness for office J,,seph Sehwarlz, and hmehances for election will not Simon Blumenthal, be gauged hy his ability to hurrah George Mitehvll Petty for "freesilver at a ratio of 16 to 1 Charles I)tckey, without waiting for the consent of Thtuas Roland. an), other nation." Free sih'er ts J. Lytton Sweeny, all rght, and the News wishes there Gee Blackamore. was $1.000 in ctrculation where there David Bennett Morgan, is just one now, buta man can be William I)elanev, just as efficient a constable, or just Thomas James "%VilLiams as wisealegnslator, no matter what Albert Bassett, his vtews on the money queti,m. Za('hariah Kelley, The trouble two 'ears ago was that Chas Chishc,lm, ,Tr. the people went wtld over the free Isidore R,,thschild, silver and lost all sight of individual George Frazier Turner, fitness in candidates. As a result, Morris It. R,,thsehdd, some men were elected to offices John A. Fosseluan, where clerical ability was necessary, }Iiram Whetstone mtth, who were entire strangers to the Thomas Samuel Harrison, spelling book and whose chirography Noland Stewart, rivaled ancient hieroglyphics, while Wilham Francis Best, high l)laees that demand legal talent James Gasner Turner, and business ability were filled by fourth-rate politicians, whose chief XVtlhe Cage lIealey Jacob Stu!zmaun, recommendation was a knack of stirring up "the people." Edward Higgius+Lewis, John Prestwood Mller, "There is little hope that the same Joshua Atwood Tihon, thing wiU not be done alalu in many Benjamin Goslinski, iastanees in county sad state. The good men who got into office will John E Thomas, Daniel E. Havard, have to watch well the corners, or they wdl be turned down for the Frederick A. Hart, two-faced pohdeians who are 'all James M. Watson, things to all men,' and whose short Isaac T Hart, Arthur Se:h Jolmsoa, eommgs +and office hankerings are , his hidden from the masses hy the cloak Jim x Washington, (,f hypocrisy and the stultified sutrk- mark ings of men with whom the end So]onnm Jacobv, justifies the means, no matter ho Ike R. Dawds(,n, disreputable may be the latter. Mat%in R-thsehild, Men are wanted whoean success Gabriel Kann, fully grabble with the. financial he- Jacob Adoll)hUs Davidson, cessiLtesofstte aud county, who Hillerv Jones, can and will invite capital instead of Willie  Francis Laneha,. drtvingit away, who ean make it William C Miller. I)ossiblefor rai'lroads to be built, )) |} factories to be Iocaled, insurance s rArE OF MISSISI! I I companies organized and moae) WILKINSON COUNTY profitably invested. When these Personally appeared before the things are done, then the state will undersigned Clerk of Circuit Court make the progress that ts natural in and for said eoun.ty and state remurcesdemand." Jseph Schwar!z who hing duly Honest, able, practical, patriotic sworn says on oath !hat the signs- men are what the people need and lures on the fqregoing petition are want to admimster the affairs of genuine and those signed with an X 2fate. This wasshowa when a free mark were signed by him at the re- silver Legilaturethe House and quest of said parties so siguing Senate in joint eonventionstood up JOSFPH SCHWARTZ. aS one n)an and elected Hen. J M. Sworn to and sul)scr}bed hefnre Stone aaone of Ihe commissioners to me this 1st day of March A. D. 1898. spend tim $750,000 which the Legis- K.F. Johnson, Clerk. latnre had voted to braid a new cap- By W. C. Miller D. C. it, d. tO take the place(,f the oldoue, Filed Mureh lsl, 1898 before the hi(.h Dovernor McLaurin had pro- Board of Mayr and Aldermeu of ]n,mneeq "daagerous" iu a message the town of Ynodville. u, Ihat leisla'ure.New Orleans M. JACOBY, :21erk of Board I>ieavune'sJaeksoa Bureau. ] 8 5 1897 4w, " ' LEON SCIIWARTZ. C I!.EYLA:ND. SCHWARTZ & NEY[AND, Main Street, WOODVlLLE, MISS Sice the Quara7/ine restricti(ns arot.nd onr tow have been raised we have been daily reeeivinff fresh floods of all ldnds and czar store is now replete with best staple and fancy groeerzes, dry floods, ere, to be found. New goods arriving-daily. I h purchased a largc stock of Dry goods Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew. Yo all of which I propose to sell at so low that it will be Io your intere to examine my stock. Special .in. ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHTS medicmeD/sease with medicine. If the +'' is iluL right he cannot conquer disease. If the drug- , , gist does his duty the naedicine w/]l be r/ght, aud your doctor !  will stand a good chance of winning the victory. You can help your doctor by Laving .)'out" pr,scripti(ms filled her. AI6LIE,S PHAl ACY, (:Eo. %V. HEA I,''. fl[ana,er,. No. 5 N/gh! Train Leaves Memphis, 7:55 pm .... " " Vioisbu:.g ;5:iu ,,tax ' ' " " " " Oeutn',villo 15: lfi atu, ...... '" Arrives New OrlealtS 10;3 o+1.nl No.,, ,,6' ,N,ight ,,'L'raiu eavc.s New () leua 4:20 pl:a . "' Cen trevitl 8:35 pm " '" " " " Vieksb ,).g l]:.rt) |,m .... ' ' " arrives Mempils 7:10 am s,,,, , Dy, 'rr,,in +,e+,ve  ,,m" " arriv,+, New Orleans 5:30 pm _ No 22 Day Trqin leaves New N,'leans 8:t15 arm .... _ .... arrives Viakbur., _ _ 5:55 pnx Trai0 runs flatly except Sunday. No. 7| leaves Wodt.ille 9 am " " leaves B,vm :ll'a .... arPives ,qlaught.r 11:10 am 12:20 pm No. 722 lear  lan',ter ,, 1:10 p ' ' 2:35 rn 4:15 pm '' , llVn11 <:rt.+.% " arrives Woo,lville --vl:emlhls and. lew Orleaas Grrying elegat Ptlhnau Buffet Slee in - raring Pasth ,or a s . P g Cars in both directions, th g peed 3 and com(ortabte journey For l,tes, .tl:q)s ere', a, pply to Agents era(/"r,.ss. JNO. A. tSCOTI', Div. Pass'r Agt, d. k:MPlrls, q-'reNNESSEE. A. T. BENEDIOT. MANUFACTURER, rEPAIRER AND DEALER-II garria00gs, garts, Farm Wag0ns, dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGON8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The B0st ad LIOHTEST RUNNIN0 WA6ON lad0, : Agent for F(L4ZIEIL II, OAD :tnd SPEEDING CART, whi are great 5vorites among ttorsemen AGENT FOR THE 00kam?icr00 rer00 The most extensive Manufacturerm of Iron Fencing in the Uuited Btat, ]'arti-ular attention paid to re-coverit!g and rigging All wor k done prompuv aau ,tt tieas0mble rates. W'oodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf TRESPASS NOTICE. ' [ All Imntiug or tresr)assing on tbe] / Artonish lat,(ls nuder fence is pro- / hihited under full penalty (,f the law. Any stock ren,aining on the Artonish pasture after February 15th v,:H be eharge,l pasturage 50c pet' ,uo,th. J, A (]!LLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. :NOTICE TO CRES FASSERS. I " / tlons striot All persons are hereby forbidden / sent free. Oldest to hnnt or otherwise tresl)ass on ,ny- Patent taken lands kn6wn as the (nhla t tract,[ the LO)ertv tract and Fleet tract,| about 1 mile north-east ot W-o(Iville| under l)enal,3 of dr.' law I F. F. BE T. I Dr 96"if !l _+. _ ." , BO MAnK! &. tu the it+