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March 30, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 30, 1973

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Fr;day, March 30, 1973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Miss;ss;ppl Page Early April is an excellent time to fertilize pexmanent pas- tures of ba,hiagrass and ber- mudagrass. Where soil test recommenda- 't]:ns are available these should be l'o]lowcd. In all fertilizer pro- 'grams the application of lime to gras pastures with a pH of 5.6 or below should be the first fertilizer practice. On acid soils lime is the key needed to make the other fertilizer nutrient,s perform satisfactorily to pro- duce high forage yields. However. where pastures have not been soil tested a complete fert':lizer ]s usually desirable. The application rate per acre Will generally be determined by .the amount of forage needed and the management to be an- Plied. An average fertilization rate for ea.rly April is 60-70 lbs. each of available nitr..ogen, phos- Phate and potash; 500 pounds of 13-13-13 or 275 lbs. of 8-24-24 Plus 125 lbs. ammonium nitrate Per acre will provide approxi- mately these amounts. By fer- tilizing in early April. the sum- mer grasses are beginning to grow and will get the benefit of the nutrients. Earlier fer- tilizer applications often stim- ulates spring weeds and wild grasse like little barley (wild bar.ley that robs some of he fertilizer before tile summer grasses start growing. To justify the cost of fer- ,tilizing pastures, the forage pro- duced must be utilized ,by live- Stock or stored for winte feed. If you are stscking a cow and her calf on two acres of open grazable acres, you must have a good uoil fertility program o Produce the forage needed. In Mississippi our ave.,rage stocking rate is about three acres per cow unit. Reason,able fertiliza- tion and managemen.t can cer- tainly reduce this stocking rate to two or less open gr.azable acres per cow unit. To keep our summe,r grasses growing a topdressing of around 60 lbs. (2.00 tbs. ammonium ni- trate) of nitrogen is desirable In June This topdressing will allow u to build some grass re- serve for late summer or hr- vest this surplus grass as hay. The first growth from bahia and bermud, a i.s the hlgLhest quality produced d,ring the growing season s amy surplus grass that accumulates in late ,:May or June should be h,ar- Vested as hay. Hay that is pro- dced in the early summer is USually higher quali.ty hay han late summer h, ay. Where ryegrass was overaeeded :n bahia or bermuda sod pas- tures, these areas must be heav- ily stocked and grazed to the round by early May. If the ryegrass is allowed to grow up, it will dastically reduce the early production from bahia a:nd bc.rmuda. If some overseede'2 ryegrass must be harvested fo hay, plan to take thi off no later than early May. To produce profits %rom your paures, you must FERTILIZE wisely and manage to UTILIZE efficiently the forage produced. LOSS MAY BE DEDUCTIBLE Damage or loss of farm build- ings, eqmpment and fences from the recent flood may be deduc.t- ible on your Federal income ax return, farmers are advised by Dr. Rupert Johnston, leader n agricultu:ral ecnom'lcs of the Cooperative Extension Service, Mississippi State University. But you must be able to prove that you actually ustained a casualty loss and the .amoun of the loss ,that is deductible. First, you must be able to identify or list the items in- volved and be able to pr, ove, if nece.sary, that you did own them. Second. you must have some record of your cost basis as ad,justed for determining the amount of the los,s. The ad,justed cost basis for your building would be the original cost plus any major remodeling less any d.areclLation all, owed or allow- able over its life to the date of loss, also less any insurance .re- ceived as a result of the loss from the flood. Fences and equipment includ- ing trucks or cars sed in your business are also items eligible for tax losses in he same man- ner as busines buildings. As a taxpayer suffering a loss, you must be able o show the ad- justed cost basis m your fences and each item of equipment in order to determine the amount of taxable lo,ss. For example, :ou built a fence on your farm or atround yo.ur business .property .at a cost of $5,09 ten years ,ago. Your orig- inal co.t basis ,was $5,000. You set it up on a 20-year straigh,t line depreciation basis. During the ten years you have made no major repairs. Half of the es- .tlmated life of the fence is gone, so half of'the va,lue h,as depre- ciated. In other words, you have $2.500 adju.s.ted cost basis. So if the fence completely de- or fall harvested stroyed, you incurred a tax de- i ductible loss of $2,500. Mow & Tow. ......... . , , r .... SAVINGS LIKE THESE! Model 100 Lawn & Garden Tractor, base price $1295.00. Get a 42" mower worth $225.00 at no additional cost. THIS SPECIAL OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31, 1973. Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. NOTICE TO ROAD MACtlINERY AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Bsard of Supervi.sor.s of Wil- kinson County, lk'sisippi, in the Boa,rd Room of the Court- least two years. This treatment house in Woodville. Mississippi, up to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. day of April. 1973. to purchase I read aloud.. The Notice .and Ins%ructions to Bidders. Form of Bid, Form of Contract Plans. Specifica- tions and Form of Bid Bond. Pe:rformance and Payment Bond. and other Contract Documents may be examined at the follow-- ing locations: Farmers Home Administration County Office, Woodille, Mis- sissippi Southern Consultant, s, Inc., 114 Office Plaza. Jackson, Mississippi Copies may be obtained at for cash for the use of .the tile office of Southern Consult- Fourth Supervisor's Separate I ants. Inc.. located ,at 114 Office Plaza, Jackson, Mississippi, 39206, upon payment of $35.00, "aone of whict] is refundable. The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder mut deposit with Road District. one I1) new ele- vating scraper equipped with at least 16[) flywheel 1]orepower engine of a total weight of not l le.s than 26,030 pounds scraper ' 4 capacity of at least 9.5 cubic ya,rds, hydraulic steering, heavy duty planetary drive axle ele- vator, variable speed elevator- forward and reverse, and tires of a size of a leasl 18.00,-25. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. This. the 6tll day of March. 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/9/4w NOTICE TO ROAD MACHINERY AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wil- kinson County, Missisippi, in the Board Room of the Court- house in Woodville, Mississippi, up to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. day of April, 1973, to purchase for cash f,or the use of he First Supervisor's Separate Road District, one (1) used mour his bid. security in the amount, form and subject o the condi- ti0LnS provided in the Notice and Instructions to Bidders. No bidder may withcraw his bid within sixty (60) days after the actual date of the opening thereof. The work is divided into sop- or, ate contracts as follows: Contract I: Principal items of work included in this project are the construction and instal- lation of 180,000 feet of water mains, 300 water meters, all valves, hydrants and miscella- .ne0us fittings fr the con*struc- ti.on of a water distribution sys- tem. Contract II: Pri,ncipal items of work included in this project is the consVruction of a 200 GM deep well complete with all grader of a type of not less than 29200 pounds weight, equipped with not less than 201 horsepower motor, hydraulic power shift moleboard, power steeering, enclosed cab, oil clutch and 14:00 x 24 twelve (12) ply tires. The Board re- serves the right to eject any and all bids. This, the 6th day of Mrch, 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/9/4w NOTICE TO MOTOR VEHICLE AGENCIES Sealed bids will be receivedby the Board of Supervisors of Wil- kinson County, Mississippi, in the Board Room of the Court- house in Woodville, Mississippi, up to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. day of April, 1973. ,to purchase for cash for the use of the Fou,rth Supervisor's Separate Road District, two (2) heavy duty chassis and cb rucks, wih or without four yard w, ater level gravel bodies with front telescopic hoist nd cab guards, equipped with 149 inch wheel- base, heavy duty 350 V8 engine, 5 peed transmission. 17{)09 pound 2 speed rear axle. with spline type rear hubs. heavy duty reinforced f, rame, heavy duty front springs, 23000 pound heavy duty overload rear springs, angleiron heavy duty front bumper, senior west coast mirror, s, cab lights, 7.50 x 20 - 10 ply tube type nylon front tres, and 8.25 x 20 10 ply ground grip rear tires. There is to be accepted sealeed bids for the sale to the highest bidder for cash ,one L(1) used 1968 Chevrolet 2 ton blue truck, Mo- tor No. CE538AllT062, SerLal No. 141776R1, with or without he 4 yard water.level gravel body thereon, and ohe (1) 1968 Chev- rolet 2 .ton white .truck, Motor No. OE538Al16998, Serial N,o. Fd089,D301192. with or without the 4 yard water level gravel body thereon, tha.t have ceased to 'be used by the Fourth Super- visor's Separate Road District, bids for which will be received at .the same time and place as bids for the purchase of the new trucls ,are .received and payment shall be made therefor valves, fittings, electrical, etc. Contract III: Principal items of work.includLed in this project is the construction of a 200 GPM water treatment plant with a 150.000 gallon ground scrage tank. Old River Water Association, Inc. Wilkinson County, Mississippi By: W. F. Rosenblatt, Jr. President Date: March 7, 1973 3/16/3w ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Town Of Centreville, Mississippi Notice is hereby given, ,hat sealed bids will be received by the Mayor and Board of Alder- men of the Town of Centreville, Mississippi in the Town Hall, Centreville, Mississippi until he hour of 7:30 O'clock p.m. on April 3, 1973, and then and there publicly opened and read aloud. The bids to be received will consist of ono (1) contract, Work to be' performed will be for construction of nat.ural gas facilities and will be essentially as follows: Base Bid 9,300 LF - 2" Wrapped Steel Pipe and Appur- tenances Alternate Bid - 150 LF - 4" Vented Steel Casing (2 Bores) W/2" Carrier; 70 LF - 2" Vented Steel Casing (1 Bore) W/%" Carrier; Appurtenances Drawings and Specifications for the above described work are On file and may be exam- ined a,t ,the Town Hall, Cenre- I ville, Mississippi, and copies , thereof ,nay be examined and/or iobtained from the office of Brth & Associates, Inc., Con- 'sulting Engineers, 2906 North State Street, Jacksoni Missis- sippi (Mailing Address: P. O. Box .4386, Jackson, Mississippi 39216), upon payment of $10.00 for each set, which is non- refundable. Proposals must be submi.tted upon bid form, furni*shed with the specifications and must be accompanied by bid security in the form of certified check, cashier's check or acceptable bid i bond, paya'ble to the Town of Centreville, Ml,.sissippl, in ,an amount equal to at least 5% of the bid submitted; such scour- at such time. Aso, there is to iity ' to be frfeited as liquidated be accepted sealed .bids to ,transfer the bodies of old trucks and .reinstate bodies on new fxucks, if old 4 yard water level gravel bodies are retained. which bids will be received at the same etime and. place a bids for the purchasee of the new truck, s and the sale of the old trucks are rece'ived. The Board reserves the right to re- Ject ,any and all ,bids on the purchase of the new ucks, the sale of the old trucks and for the transfer of the truck bodies. Thls fth day of March, 1973. Alonzo =4. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/9/4w 01d River Water Association, Inc. INVITATION TO BID Separate sealed bids will ,be received by the Old River Water Association, Inc,, for the con- struction of a water system, until 1:00 p.m. o'clock, Central Standard Time, ,o,n April 5, 1973. at the Faxmers Home Adminis- tration County Office, Woodville. Mississippi, at which time and place bids will ,be opened and ,d,amages, not penalty, ,by any bidder who may be awarded the contract but who fails to carry out the terms of the proposal, execute the contract and post performance bond in the sum and amount within the time specified. No bid may be withdrawn at- WHEN TROUBLE COMES, INSURANCE TURNS YOUR PREMIUM PENNIES INTO CLAIM SETTLEMENT DOLLARS. FOR SECUitITY AND PEAC OF MIND HAVE CMPLETE INSURANCE. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main St;reet Oloster, MISs. ter the scheduled closing time fdr the project for a period of 30 days. The Ownex reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Bid qualifications by the Contractor will not be allowed. ated in said County, on which the Taxes remain unpaid at that date. to-wit: 3rd SEPARATE SCHOOL DISTRICT BEULAH MARK. Lot 100 x 391 Published by order of the ft. (3E-339) less W 165 Ft.. $4 Mayor and Board of Aldermen T1 R1E. Val. 325, Rate 47A,, of the Town of Centreville. Mis- Listing 1.25, State & County Tax sissippi, Date the 6th day of 15.44. Damages .31, p.f. 1.00, In,t. .15. Total 18.15. Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 23.75. Damages .48, p.f. 1.00, Int..24. Total 26.72. W. M. LOCK. Camp on Kees land. $30 T3 R4W. Val. 250, Rate 47!.,.',, Listing 1.25, State  Coun- ty Tax 11.8& Damages .24, p.f. 1.0{). Int..12. Total 14.49. 4th SEPARATE SCHOOL DISTRICT MID-STATE HOMES. .30 A iI1 March. 1973 M. E. Erstling, Clerk WILTON JOHNSON, S pt. ofLot 4 of Div of lands of Lenora Town.of Cenhreville. SE4 of SW4. $5 T2 RIE, Val. 70, i Sanders (5Z-516), S6 T3 R2W, Mississippi Rate 47]/2; NE cot. of NW4 of 3/16/3w NE4. 9A  SWcor. of NW4 of SE4. 11 A. in W pt. of E2 of NOTICE TO CREDITORS SE4 of SE4 5A. $8 T2 R1E. Val. Letters Testamentary upon 20{). Rate 47!/.2, Listing 2.50, State the Estate of Harris D. Jones. & County Tax 13.51. Damages Deceased, having been granted .27. p.f. 2.00. Int. 14. Total 18.42. and issued to the undersigned 5th SEPARATE SCIIOOL by the Chancery Court of Wil-] DISTRICT kinson County, Mississippi, on ........ I MID - STATE HOMES, INC., persons having c ' g (6M-65). Town of Croby, Val. said e.state.are hereby notified 1800, Rate 47!/.2, Listing 1.25. to have the same probated, reg- State & County Tax 85.50, Dana- i,stered and allowed by the Clerk ages 1.71. p.f. 1.90. Int..86, Total of said Court within six (6) 90.32. months from .the .date of .the 1st SEPARATE SCHOOL first publication of t.his notice, DISTRICT or the same will be forever W.H. COOLEY, 1A, E of H'Way barred, in NE p. of SE4 less R/W Clara C. Jones HWay (6G-369), $4 T1 R1E, Val. Executrix 1910, Rate 47/, Listing 1.25, 3/23/4w State & County Tax 90.73, Dam- --N'ON-RESIDENT SUMMONS ages 1.81, p.f. 1.00, Int..91, Total State of Mississippi 95.70. EST. GEO. W. ALLEN. 1A in County of Wilkinson ',sq form (4Y-70), S17 T1 R1E, To: Charlie Young, Jr., a finn-resident of thLe State of Val. 610, Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 28.98, Dam- Mississippi, Post Office ages .58, p.f. 1.00, Int..29, Total and Street Address is: 11721 32.10. South Ploria Street, Chicago, GEO. & RUBY LEE HAMP- Illinois. You are summoned to appear TON, 5A in (5F-534), $20 T1 Want Ads before the Chancery Court off R1W Val. 40, Rate 47%,, Listing 125, SOate  County Tax 2.00, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, Damages .04, p.f. 1.00, Int. ,02, Get Ou ResuIfs. ou the Third Monday of May, i Ttal 4.31. A. D., 1973. to defend suit No. 5997, in said Court of Hattie l EST. FRANCIS TOLBERT, Lot Mac Jones Young, wherein youl 2-Est' Gracie Mattire (3A-371), Far Buea lore the Defendant. S1 T1 R3W, Val. 630. Rate 47V. U Alonzo H. Sturgeon Listing 1.25. State & County Tax Chancery Clerk 30.25. Damages .61, p:f. 1.00, Int. 3/23/4v .31. Total 33.42 I 2nd SEPARATE SCIIOOL LIST OF LAND TO BE DISTRICT SOLD FOR TAXES R, S. WHITE  BARNEY The State of Mississippi, THORNTON, Camp on Kee's County of Wilkinson land, $23 T3 R4W, Val. 200, Rate I, Betty Wood Dawson, Tax 47/z, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- Collector of the County of Wil- ty Tax 9.50, Damages .19, p.f, kinson in said State, will sell 1.00, Int..10. Total 12.04. on he frst Monday of April, SHELTON SMITH, Camp on A. D.. 1973. at the West door of Kees land, S3O T3 R4W, Val. the Court House of said County 100, Rate 47//2, Listing 1.25, State in the Town of Woodville, Mis- & County Tax 4.75, Damages .10, si:sippi, to the highest bidders p.f. 1.00, Int..05, Total 7.15. for cash, if aay there be, all the I C.R. PALiVfER, Camp on Kees 'following described lands, si,tu- J land. S3O T3 R4W, Val. 500. Val. 1010, Rate 47v, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 47,98, Dam-. ages .96. p.f. 1.00. Int, .48, Total 51.67. MID - STATE HOMES, INC., Lot 6-McUa,rstle Sub-Dtv. (5J- 255). $25 T4 R2W. Val. 810, Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- ty Tax 38.48, Dam, ages .77, p.f. 1.00, InC..39. Total 41.89. I Given under my hand. at Woodville. Miss., this March 5, 1973. Betty W. Dawson Tax Collector State of Mississippi. To. Herbert Arnett Poole, fir. You are summoned bo appear before the Chancery Court of the County of Wilkinson in said. Sta.te, on the third Monday of May, 1973, to defend .the Suit No. 5998 in said CouTt of EtTa Lindsey Poole, wherein you aro the defendant. This 14th day of March, A. D., 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/23/3w INSURANCE COMPANIES "Owned By Those It Serves" * Fire-Auto-Life * Inland Marlnv * Farm & General Liability * Workman's Compensation RICHARD FLACCOMIO Woodville, Miss. Box 444 -- Ph. 888-3661 or 461 NOTICE to Patrons of Williams & WilliamsFuneral Home and Policy Holders of Standard Burial Association Contrary to recent Rumors, we are not going out of business. We are looking forward to our 40th anniversary in 1974. signed Mrs. Hattie Hull: Woodville Branch Manager Clifford Robinson: President