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The Woodville Republican
Woodville, Mississippi
March 30, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 30, 1973

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Classified Ads WE BUY pine and hardwood pulpwood. Southern Timber, Inc., Phone 888-4431, Woodvflle.  4/1/73 : : EXPERT REPAIRS on Watches, ii  Eye Glasses, Jewelry, Clocks, : Fountain Pens, and Electric !i/ Razors. Every job guaranteed. //&apos; See out' excellent selection of Watch Bracelets and Watch Bands. WOOD'S Woodville. Mississippi WANTED TO BUY: Pulpwood both long and short wood -- Mixed Hardwoods and Oak- Pecan-Hickory. Fr e e timber marking service. E. D. Massey, 241 Homochitto St., Natchez. POSTED: ,all lands owned by Llle .under,igL.ed are hereby posted against hunting, fislmg, grazing alH] otherwise trespass- rag. iifly Hill Plant, aLhm /24/73 Ruby M. Orook, et al POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereb$ posted against all hunt, ing, fish- ing or otherwise trespassing. All previous permissions are hereby revoked. The Woodville Republlcan, Woodville, Mississippi POSTED: /lrton]sh and other POSTED: All lands owned by! lands lying WcsL or Ball'ale !.ivcr, E::d, and Eoul, h of Mls- 3:it)Pi .iver, and Nori, h by: !,sire Mary are lerc])y st,rictiy io:l,ed. Aii tormer ptwmits re- .eked. tqeu:;e t,o one ask per- libioll UD|,il [|IF[her notified. t/1/73 R.M. Stricker Est. POSTED: All lands owned or leased Dy the undersigned, in- cluding Oakwood Ranch, Egan Place, Joim T. Jctt Place, and the u:n4de,rsign*ed in Section,s 8, 9, 19 and 21, T3N, R4W, Wil- kinson County, Miss., are here- by posted against all hunting, fis,hm: or otherwise trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted. Dr. Kenneth O. Williams, B. R, Williams, Jr., R. L. Burrow, Jr., William A. Neeley. 10/20/6m I Call SANDERS Refrigeration and ElcetricLal Service f,or air conditioning, heating, :appliance and cleotrical repair service. Phone 888-7331 days, 888-4693 after 5 p.m. 3/3()/,tf FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, 2-bat)h brick home ,and grocery store located in Centreville. Phone 6,45-4831. FOR SALE: 1972 Ford Gran- 3/23/2mo OAPETS a f,right? Make them a beautiful sig,ht wil)h Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Ben Franklin Store. 3/30/lw FOR SALE: Two-story house with carport. If interested, please call telephone 645-2851. 3/23/2w FOR SALE: Fem, Me, white Ger- man Shepherd, 10 months old. Good watch dog. Call 888-6454. 4/14/73 Mrs. S. B. Curry the NcDtcrville Place are hereby Torino, 2-door. 302 eu. in. V-8, .............................. trictly po.%ed against all hunt- power steering, power disc POSTIgD: All rends owned or m:;, fi:.hin;, or otherwise Ires- brakes, air eonditio,ned, new leased by the undcrmgned are )',l::m}% including fox hunting. hereby posted against all hunl,- ing, fishing or otherwise res- pasing. 2/21/73 Fred Ncttervillc POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned In Wilkinson J/3U, 73 Charles Whetstone POST/X): All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby posted against all hunting, fish- ing or oLherwise trespassing. August Martens and tires, excellent condition. $2.360. Phone 888-4282 e,r cent,act Robert L. Skipper, Woodville Police Dept. 3/16/3w FOR SALE: Fresh ,game hen eggs, 20% below m, arket. 3 POSTED: All lands owned by 3/30/lwp lhe undersigned ,are hereby strictly posted against all forms ,of trespassing. Cheramie Bros. 3/23/ly HOUSE FOR SABLE: Carter Sub- division. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, large den ,wnd kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- ment. Friday, March 30, 1973 partitions A. Under layment on floor, particle board 3/8" hick B. Abesto, vinyle tile service gauge C. Wall existi,ng, pro finish plywood paneling D. Partition walls, same as existing ",valts with pine studs on 16" centers E. Ceiling - lay in accoustic tile 2' x 4' F. Repair to existing door and hardware G. Painting - all ,base boad FOR SMJE: TOMATO PLANTS. new mold doors, interior win- Better Boy hybrid, outbears dow.s and new work on eve of ordinary varieties under adverse conditions. Try them this year. NEW! Summer Series Hybrids. Pick fruit early summer, mid- summer, and late summer, yet plan.t all at same time. We also have ordinary varieies of To- mato Plants, and all kinds of bedding plants, ferns, and hang- ing baskets. If your local florist cannot supply you, come to our Greenhouses for plants. Withers Greenhouses, t-Iighw,ay 24 East. 3/16/3w FUND Memorial Dona- tions will be acknowledged I promptly as directed, Write or call Mrs. John S. Lewis, Memo- rial Fund Chairran, Woodville. t.EGAL NOTICES NOTICE TO BUILDING CONTRACTORS Miss. _ County, Miss., are hereby posl, ed Su,e M Martens cozcn per day available. Phone POSTED: till lands owned by against all forms o1' t, respa::,ing .............................. 888-4261). FOR SALE: Rebuilt Volkswagen the ",uderslgned are hereby Dogs or hogs will be dcslmoyed. POSTED: All lauds owned by 3/16/3w moors. All m ociels, up to 1972. post, e(- .jainst all hunting, fish- Mrs. Annis Dooley, Claude Doe the undersi,gned are hereby Phone 639-4421 on weekencs; ing or olerwlse trespassing, toy, and Clarence Dooley. pe:tcd against all hunting, fish- FOR SALE: All top quality 5.04-357-8.155 n weekdays. Mary Johnston 9/10/73 ing or otherwise urespassing. Garden Seed and Fertilizer. 6/20/73 Ethel J. Walsh S;ray dogs will be killed. Planters Hardware, phone 888- 3/2/5wp POSTKD: All lands owned by POSTED: All lands owned by 12/1/73 Mrs. O. K. Ferguson 2521. POSTED: All lands owned or the undersigned are hereby l, he Estate o[D, H. Brannan and .................................. 3/16/4w leased by Treppendahl Farms, ,: posted against all hunting, fish- Mrs. S. P. Brannan, including POSTED: Shamrock Ranch s lng or otherwise trespassing. All our Ford's Creek. SLill and heteby posted against all POSTED: All lands owned t)y Inc. are hereby posted against former permisPons revoked. Whitestown places, are hereoy hun, tint, Iisting or ot, h.erwsc the undersign,d are hereby all trespassing. All prewous lharles Campbell, Mrs, H, J, posted against all lmnt, ing, fish- trespassing (including fox hupt- trusted against, a]] hunting, fish- permissions revoked. 'ng or otl]erwlse trespassing. 2.123/ly OampbeU, J. N. Miller and Louis ing or eherwise trespassing, ing). All previous permissions 11/11/73 Mrs. Haycen P,h,ares Miller. Jr. 9/26/73 revoked. POSTED: Woodland, S t o c k 10/17/73 -- 9/22/73 Charles L. raves POSTED: All lands owned and Farm and Johnson Place are POSTED: /ill lands owned by leased by the undersigned are hereby posted again,st all forms POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby posted against all huni:ing, fish- the undersigned are hereby hereby posted agains,t all hunt- willf trespassin, lilled. All hogs and dogs posted against all hunting, fish- ing or oi,herwise trespassing. All posted against all hunting, fish- ing, fishing or otherwise tres- , ing or othexwise trespassing, previous permissions revoked, ing ar otherwise trespassing, passing. All stray dogs and hogs 11/3/6m Prentiss Ferguson 7/1/73 Mrs. 1. A. J. Sessions 3/8/73 Mrs. T. O. Sessions 12/1/ly Mrs. J. M.. Lessley will be killed. Henry and Staf- POSTED: All lands owned by ........ ford Fo,rd. the undersigned are hereby POTED: 2,11 lands owned by POSTED: egl la,nds owned by POSTED: Pleasant Valley Pl,an- 10/13/dmp posted against all hurting, fish- the under'signed are hereby the undersigned are hereby ration and the Richard PeeLs ing r otherwise trespassing, posted against all huflting, fish- posted against lmntlng, fishing, Trac are posted ag,ainst all WNTED: Land to lease for 3/9/ly Cleo C. Cassels lng or otherwise trespassing. All dogs, and hogs, and otherwise Irespassing. Hunting and fish- hunting rights only, in swamp previous permissions revoked. -- txespassing, ing by invitation only. area of Wilkinoa County. Con- BECKING General Merchandise, E. P. (Brltt) Lobrano. Mrs. Thelma Coghlan, 11/3/73 Kathleen O'Fallon tact Millard Milton, 345 Pine St., Mrs. Bessie Woods. Billy ........................... Denham Springs, La., phone Grocery, Notary Public. Book- keeping, Tax SerVice, c(smetics, 1/1/7" 1013/73 Woods, Glenn Wesberry POSTED: J ldy(hl.ll] Farm. Is 504-665-8086. shoes, clothing, feeds, seam- POSTED: All lands owned by ..................... he, reby sl,rietly lmsl,ed agalna|, 3/9/4wp " the undersigned are hereby POSTED All lands owned or ,all t]untinm fishing and other- stress. We invite your business. atxletly posted against all tres- controlled by H. E. Smith or wise trespassing. All previous POSTED: The Lessley Tract of Cheapest prices in town--never tossing. Violators will be prose- Robert Harold Smith are hereby 'ml'misslons t'evoked, the Morgan Estate, better undersold. Even though cri,ppled to he fullest exten% of posted against all hunting, fish- Carl M Treppendahl, Jr known as the Cla,rk Place, lo- since August 4. 1972, I will give law. Trespassers do so at mg or otherwise trespassing. 1212/73 .....  cared in Wilkinson Oounty and you the same service as always, .. flair own risk. 12t8/6va POS'FED: All lands owned by the leased by the undersigned is although I am unable to give de- Mns. Lotta Ventress Iryan PGSTID: All lands owned by mdersimed nre posted against hereby posted aatnst all hunt- livery service at present. Good James h. Ventress the undersigned are hereby all hunLin-, fshlng or ol,herwlse 'ing, fishing or otherwise ires- service nd good work our spe- . 10/21/72 posted a;'inl: all hunting, fish- '" ....... mssin, passing. Trespassers will be cialty, and trying to please yo / POSTED: Elml- Plan.ration in ing or otherwise l)hre;pa'ssing. 5/7/73 Sample Whitehead prosecuted, is our aim. Iring me your tax Wilkinson Coll*.y, Mississippi, Ja,rries M. McCraine ll/3/6mp C. Earl Cage papers, accounting, notary, and POSTED: All lands owned by bookkeeping work. Located in is hereby poste3 against all POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby POSTEO: Longview Plantation side alley across Main St., Cen- hu,tiag, fishing or othevwise the undersigned are herei)ylTosted against all forms of ires- is hereby posted against all treville, from Crown Service tespaslng. All prev.ious pe,rmis- strictly posted. No hunting, fish- [ passing and against hogs at all h,uning, fishing or oterwi,e Station bus stop. Mabel D. Beck- revoked, ing or trespassing wiLlmut writ-I times, trespassing. Violators will be ing, Becking General Merchan- MajJhier W, Henderson ten permit from owner. I. J., D. Mceraine prosecuted, disc, Grocery, Notary Publie, ............ 12'/15773 J:acl S0ke ]'3/30/73 D.''/:ltti '''' Ii/10/6mI 'Mrs. Carolyn H. Oage P. O. B,0x 945,6, Centrexitlle, Miss., ,< . ................................................................................................................................................. __&_-__ __ the Board of Supervisors of Wil- kinson County, :Mississippi, in the Board Room of the Court- house in Woodville, Mississippi, roof 2. Repair roofing - remove on eves and replace d,amaged wood- work 3. Hall A. Under layment on flo,o 3/8" particle board with service gauge, vinyle abesto tile B. Repair existing walls and place plywood paneling up to picture mold, approximately 9' 9", paint from pioture %o ceiling and repair and paint existimg ceiling 4. Conference Room A. Repair existing foor, place under layment particle board 3/8" with service gauge, vinyle abesto tile B. Walls - plywood paneling approximately 9' 9" high, pai,t from top of paneling o ceiling and ceiling C. Repair windows 5. Take closet and place pay tition, set two (2) commodes axed Sealed bids ,will be received by two (2) lavatories, connect to existing sewerage up ,to noon on Tuesday, he 17th. day of April, 1973, %0 remodel and repair the Wilkinson County Comxnodity House by addition of partitions, floors, and ceiling, and repairs to windows, floor and existing walls as needed which may be further particu- larized as follows..le-wit: 1. Room 21' x 57' f(r office Hunting Camp POSTED All hunting and fishing on lands leased and controlled by Lessley Hunting Camp is prohibited. Said lands are posted and patrolled. Vio- lators will be prosecuted. Lessley A. FLoor - under layment 3/8" particle board with vinyle abesto tyle B. Walls - plywood paneling 6. Electrical A. Two (2) wall plugs in each office, door switch .and overhead light All partitions to have base, shoe molding and finish mold at ceiling. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. This 15th day of Mrch, 1973. Aio,nzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk- 3/23/4w ASYLUM LODGE 63 F&AM Regular Meeting First Tuesday Each Month WM. H. WILKINSON CHAPTER R.A.M. Regular Meeting Second Tuesday Each Month K EQU/ M N Is now located in a big brand New Building located 1 miles south of the Cenirevilh Truck Scales on Highway 33. We Have Some Excellent Used Tractors. I Stop In and See our Full Line, of, I JO00N DEERE Products LAWN GA RDEN SALES and SERVICE Phone 645-3041 or 645-5611 Come In, Browse Around, And See Our Full Line.