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March 30, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 30, 1973

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k. The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Misslsslppl Soybean Seminar ....  Bryant. They allmade " bus'i Rosetta News Per;rytown News t worth, and o00il.00,en. Mr: and Mrs. Elvi,n Perry vis- hess trip ,to vicksburg Saturday. ,, - ...... lt, ed their son-in-law and dough- ! Mrs. Mattie Whitehead of " Mr. and Mrs. Barney Metcalfe Two Brothers Honored ter, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ethe- Natchez spent last week in Beau- and d,u;htar, Wanda. vi,ii, ed At BirthdaY, Dlnner " lridge, and daughter, Carolyn, in mont. Texa:s, visiting her son- Mr. a',d M:s. Mi'ky Perry Two bothers, M=r. Sh,d Perry,, McComb Sunday. in-law and daughter. Mr. ,and Wednesday. Jr., ,and. Mr. Pbaroah Perry, were .Mrs. Pearley D. Perry of Michael Durham. and chil- Mr. nd Mr, . Clyde Priest and honored Sund, ay with .a birth- Natchez was an overnight guest dren and her granddaughter, children of t,. Praneisvi]h and flay d,inner in the home of Mr. of Mr. Emma Perry Saturday. Mis Paulettc Cothren, wlo is Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Day ad ,and Mr, s, Pharoah Perry. The M=:s. Sally Cobb and daughter, tc'chin in Beauusnt,. on. Olynn, ol Natch,z visit,:cl dinner was served bullet style Mr& Joyee Brother and .son. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Arnold t,ieir mother, Mr:. L:mie Dry,  "e to ab'0ut fifty members of the ,:tt., of Cr,::sby, visited her p(:nt Monday in Natchez vis- the gast weekend familieS' and friends. Music was s:ster, Mrs. Lela Hazlip, this iting her sistc,r. Mrs. Mat,tie Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Petit furntdhed by the smas of the week. I Wh:tc,head. and with Mr. and and Mrs. Arthur E.:uss sf Cen- on,orlees, ,of Natchez and con* Mss Dorothy Adims of Bel- Mrs. Lee Arnold t.rvi!lo v:ited Mr. and Mrs. ' Spending the ,weekend with zalc',s. A..ut three o!cl0ck th.e zoni is m.aking her home with I George 13reer Sunday. large ,,blrtbday .cake was..served her aunt. Mrs. Hazel Haz]ip, Mr. and Mrs, Walter Cavin were Mr. and Mrs. E J. Welsh .of with doffee and Cokes. E;veryone while she is teaching ,heol' in Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cavin. Bton R.uge, visited Mr. Bob enjoyed .the day very much. Glo:.t,r for the rem.;Knder of Sherry, Wanda and Charles of Keller Saturd, ay. They all mc)- ........... th:s school session. Baton Rouge. Mr. and Mrs. tored to Hamm'md. La.. Sunday Mr.-:nd Mrs. Ralph Wl!:-on Ft. F,iwyn Cavin of LakelFharcah Perry and gl,rls, Phylis to see Mr'. and Mrs. James Liv- ind dh!, L!a, Ralph, Jr., Charle.:, La. visited his parents, 1 and Lancie joined them for a ingston. and Margaret, visited 1Vr. and Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Cavln. the visit. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rymer and A a recent soybean ,eminar Mrs. ,ick Wilson and son in past weekend. I Guest of Mr. and Mrs. Louis children. Robin. Allen and held at the Adams County Ex- -McCob Sunday: Mrs, Itzel Hazlip visited l'er .rnold Saturday and Sunday. Wanda. of Pr'tirieville. I,a.. Mt'. t, ension Service office for farm- Friei;ds of Mrs. Janet Murray brother. Mr. Faubus Paxton, and were Mr. and Mrs. David Felter, and Mrs. Jerry Rymdr f Con- en. of' this area Wayne Jordan. will be h,ppy to know that she other members of her family in  Miss Frances Hazlip and Miss treville, and Mr. and Mrs. Wil- a ,,), ...... ,m..L'  at left was featur,d Friday, March 30, Uncle Pete from Percy's Creek Says DEAR MISTER EDITOR: said. and people that has monthly paymunts bitter thar Nowadays, the best way to their monthly income still wil,1 fetch rain is to wash the car. feed their do better than they That ranks right ahead of ,set- feed their younguns. The fact is, feint the fishing tackle outside declared Ed. we don't own cars the front door like you're wait;- and pes, i's the other way',,: ing. for a buddy to come by and around, But it?s like when the pick you up. If you turn your Loncun flu is strong. We old lady loose with a pocket- don't want, it, but we feel left bTok full of credit cards you git out if everbody else gits it and the same sinking feeling .a,s we don't. wh.en you turn on t.he color TV General s.p e a k i n g, allowed five m!.nutes afore the Super Clem Webster. m a r r age Bowl and all you tit is streaks probable ives us a clearer of green Jello. undrlauding of the ups and I come by this information downs cf life than nything, the ether d,ay in a piece about Clem said he allus bad a soft the things that put the downs pm; in h heart fer his uncle in a life full of ups and downs, that -,ald he had a beef-s,teW I was reminded, Mister F.ditor. marrage, hhn being stewed that we don't want downs, jest half the time, his old ladY is at home after being a patient Betzoni last, waek. Karen Sanders of Baton Rouge liam Rymer and children. Jef[. on tle program John Dale. ups, and I thought about how beefing the other half a,nd in FII:d Memorial Hospital last and Mrs. Fred Holden, Mrs. Todd and L',sa. f Natchez vis- county agent Irom Wilki'nson, the downs use to be Is differe,nt ne!.ther one knowing which week..: . . Iars Hill News Wcnsel Taylor, and Charles ited their paren'ts, Mr. and Mrs. helped phm the lJrogr,am which as they were the same When I half come fi, rst. Clem said he i I Cavin. . 13.rdon Rymer. Sunday. gave the latest informati,on on was coming along all we had to was glad hlm and his old Mrs.,h.Willie Hazlip, Mrs. Tyrus Mrs. Wensel Taylor vial.ted her.  " Cobb ,rlf':daughtcrs, Mrs. Visiting Mr. and Mr,s. Verlis Mr. Richard Byrd, Mrs. Ed- soybean planting seed, herbt- do t. git rain ws mow a acre enjoyed a ,%,ane and won-: Brash!,r.;.pd sen, Scottte, and Perry for .the weekend were Mr. brother and sister-in-law. Mr. ward Byrd a'nd dalghter. Char- aides and markets for 1973. or two of hay. If that didn't ce,rful r e 1 a b'i o n sh.i p, oh.o's M:;ss tthy .Cobb of Crosby were and Mrs. Tom Perry a,nd c,hil- and Mrs. Morris Vines, in Natch- lotto, and Mr,s. David Sburdivant ..... L .................................. work right away, we could leave strange and he's wonderful, in Na.!eZ on business Wed,nes.- Iren oJ Morgan City, La. ez one day la.t week. and son. David. all of Natchez, day. (ln..their way ,home they Mrs. Ruth Nettles and chil-I We are glad t,o know that Mr. vt_ited Mr. and Mrs. Tommic G. vtsited.:::N,r.: and Mrs. Bryant dren of Silver Creek were recent lHenry Smith is back home and Sturdivant the past weekend. HazllI! acl girls in Kingston. uests of her parents, Mr. and feeling .lots bater. , Mr. James Sturdivant of NLU Mr.. ,S,e Perry spent :the Mrs. Walter Cavin I Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joe at Monroe visited his parents, .weekenil..irt,Jackson ,as a guest Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holden' of Roberts Sund, ay was her aunt., Mr. and Mrs. T. 13. Sturdivant, of .his,$andln-:law and daughter, Baton Rouge spent the weekend Mrs. Sallie Lieux, of Bat,on Saturd, ay and Sunclay. Mr. an,l;iViTs.. R, E. Hollings- with her si:ter. Mrs, Emma Rouge. Mr. ,'rod M,r. Larry Denham f:'andfath,er. ,: Startinfl out?.We can help. .... If you've just recently "tied the knot".., or you're about " to .... take a moment to visit with us and we'll help you - , ,with your financial matters. We have a full family of  banking services to fulfill your every banking need.., and we can advise you on other financial .matters. Getting ;started can boa lot easier...'if you'll let us help! ': FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK of Gonzales. La., announce the birth of a son on March 25 in Gcnzales Clinic. Maternal grand- parents are Mrs, Willie Roy Wil!lam. and the lasts Mr, Wil- liam;s of Gonzales, and Mr. D, N Williams of Rosetta is great- a bag of cement outside over- As fer 'downs, broke in Bug and go to bed assured of Ho.?kum a whole hunch of a .good shower afore day. neig,hbor wimmen called on his This matter was took up old lady last month when she Saturday night at the country store, and it was Ed Doolittle that ,repo reed where his preacher said we got to have t,he downs to reconize the ups. Ed, said .this called to mind th,e' salesman that allus wore his shoes 'two razes to little cause the only pleas,ure he could look forward to was taking off his shoes at night. Usual.,. Ed said, we don't have to plan our ups and d,,owns, they find us easy snuff. For instant. Ed said, we got a heap of built-in ups and downs in our cars and pets. T,hey ain't no cure for debt in this country was laid up with what sh.e like to call the Paris flu cau,se it seemed more in style than Londor!. Bug said they c.aagh one another up on all the gossip, ,and he noted that the widest mouths had' the m!nds. He said he become the 7tr.t dirt farmer to break the sound barrier when he old em all to go home. Yours truly, Uncle Pete No deeds to lots in Woodville appear until about 1819 when, /sa Sapp, the entryman, having completed his entry, executed til we do away with ca,rs, Ed many deeds to purchasers. The GOOD LUCK Store Shoes Jeans Ladies', Children's, Men's Ready-To-Wear "Our Prices Are Still Lucky For You" Centreville, Miss. American Oil Company (General Gas) P. O. Box H Liberty, Miss. 39645 SYLVESTER DUNBAR Route Salesman Phones--. Business: ome: 657-2191, Liberty 888-4403, Woodville After April I, call the above phone numbers foryour aas needs and mail payments to the address listed above. Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville .: %