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March 27, 2014     The Woodville Republican
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March 27, 2014

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The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 27, 20  4 Page 7B Minutes Of The Wilkinson County Board Of Education STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Spiller, seconded by Fannie Natchez Democrat, $394.25; $1,805.45; Cashs', $139.00; Docket Total: A brief discussion followed. COUNTY OF SON Bateaste, and carried by Quill, $31.49; same, Positive Pest Control, $154,300.83 Superintendent Timothy The Wilkinson County Board of Education met in regular session at 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 8, 2014, in the Office of the Superintendent of Education with the following mem- bers present: Charlie Floyd, President, District 1; Linda Boyd, Secretary, District 2; Fannie Bateaste, District 3; Billy Spiller, Board Chaplin, District 4; and Johnny Smallwood Vice President, District 5. In addition to the foregoing members of the Board, Timothy T. Scott, Superintendent of Education, Robin Acord from Mississippi Department of Education, and others from the community were pres- ent.The meeting was Called to order by School Board President Charlie Floyd with a thirty (30) second silent prayer. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Billy Spiller, and carried by unanimous vote, the agenda was approved with the following items: 1) Call to Order and Invocation; 2) Adoption of Agenda; 3) Elect Officers; 4) Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting; 5) Reports: 5.1) Receipt and Disbursement; 5.2) Prepaid Claims; 5.3) Reconciled Bank Statements; 5.4) Statement of Revenues and Expenditures; 5.5) Current Budget Status; 5.6) Cash Flow Statement by Month; 5.7) Combined Balance Sheet; 6) Claims; 7) Ms. Robin Acord, Mississippi Department of Education School Improvement Report for Finch Elementary School; 8) Public Comments; 9) Opening of Bids: 9.1) Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease- Section 18, Township 2 North, Range 1 East; 9.2) County Depositories; 10) Request to Change Contact Information on a Hunting and Fishing Lease Section 37, Township 2 North, Range 3 West; 11) Retirement; 12) Resignations; 13) Recommendations; 14) Safety; 15) Office Automation Center; 16) Drug Policy; 17) Executive Session-Personnel On motion by Fannie Bateaste, seconded by Billy Spiller, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board re-elected the following Officers for 2014: Charlie Floyd -- President, Johnny Smallwood-- Vice President, Linda Boyd -- Secretary, Billy Spiller -- Chaplin, On motion by Billy unanimous vote, the beard minutes for the December 2013 Board Meeting were approved. On motion by Fannie Bateaste, seconded by Billy Spiller, and carried by unan- imous vote, the Receipt and Disbursement Report for the month of December 2013, was approved. On motion by Fannie Bateaste, seconded by Billy Spiller, and carried by unan- imous vote, twenty-three (23) prepaid claims for the month of December 2013, were approved. A motion was made by Fannie Bateaste to table the following reports due to the bank statements not being received from the bank until January 8, 2014: Reconciled Bank Statements, Statement of Revenues and Expenditures, Current Budget Status, Cash Flow Statement by Month, and Combined Balance Sheet. Said motion was seconded by Billy Spiller. Those voting "aye" were Fannie Bateaste, Billy' Spiller, Charlie Floyd, and Linda Boyd. Johnny Smallwood abstained from voting. On motion by Billy Spiller, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, Claims 332,578 to 332,710 were approved for payment. District Maintenance Fund: SW MS Ed. Gonsultant, $1,456.70; MEA Drug Testing Consortium, $250.00; Leroy Strickland, $80.00; Merriel McCelleis, $80.00; Patrice Cothern, $80.00; Paul Perry, $40.00; Terry Sims, $40.00; Johnny Smallwood, $33.12; Fannie Bateaste, $33.12; Charlie Floyd, $27.60; AT&T Mobility, $31.22; Natchez Democrat, $219.77; Entergy, $2,585.84; Cintas Corp., $698.45; Zeagler Music, $320.00; Positive Pest Control, $250.00; Entergy, $5,243.30; same, $554.08; Tyco Integrated Security, $1,181.80, $653.87; Quill, $39.99; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $23.34; Office Automation Center, $1,523.00; Zeagler Music, $20.55; Donald R. Carter, Sr., $350.00; Waste Management of South MS-Natchez, $890.00; Waste Management of MS-McComb, $2,264.82; S/W MS Electric, $37.50; James L. Addison, $350.00; Rosa L. Robinson, $210.00; Cintas Corp., $82.98; The Advocate, $1,002.28; The Woodville Republican, $1,377.78; $31.49; Richland Equip., $25.47; Office Automatic Center, $25.00; Rodd Pest Control, $14.42; Office Automatic Center, $554.16; same, $662.50; Town of Centreville, $3,913.00; Town of Woodville, $5,293.90; S Central Assoc., $17.00; MASB0, $380.00; Cintas Corp., $282.10; Employment Publishing, $790.40; Positive Pest Control, $320.00; Smith Printing, $175.00; MSBA Workers Comp, $19,294.67; Vine Brothers, $201.68; Natchez Telephone & Security, $60.00; F. R. Blankenstein Co., $23.10; Office Automation Center, $1,588.75; Entergy $4,099.59; AT&T, $175.63; same, $41.88; same, $10.47; same, $31.41; same, $10.47; same, $652.83; same, $140.72; same, $196.29; same, $41.88; same, $169.84; same, $375.40; same, $6,120.49; Wilk. Co. Fd. Service Program, $216.00; Makeva Faust, $120.00; MASS, $275.00; Homewood Suites, $495.00; Argus Analytical, Inc., $134.00; Linda Boyd, $12.88. Fund Tots& $68370.43 W. Co. Schools Activity Fund: Scholastic Book Fairs, $1,515.83; Moses Wells, $60.00; Earnest Woodside, $60.00; Rosalyn Lacey, $50.00; Office Automation Center, $115.00; A Coast Tours, $3,300.00; Eloop Travel, $2,000.00; Postmaster, $46.00; Barker Bus Service, $1,500.00; MS High School Activities Assoc., $160.00; The Woodville Republican, $991.62; Three Sisters Florist, $145.00; Rex Team Sports, $3,343.00; Baton Rouge River Center, $2,331.00; Vine Brothers, $218.92; Avaya Communication, $112.99; Quill, $138.61; AT&T, $7.41; same, $1.41; same, $0.71; same, $2.02; same, $4.14; same, $7.64. Fund Total: $16,111,30 W. Co. Schools Lunch Fund: Luvel Dairy Products, $768.74;RichlandEquipment Co., $15.99; Cintas Corp., $44.66; Tyco Integrated Security,S867.69; Flowers Baking Co., $568.96; Auto- Chlor System, $1,699.30; Cintas Corp., $624.80; The Merchants Co., $17,327.61; same, $1,310.43, $49.14, $91.08, $1,433.49, $101.46; Luvel Dairy Products, $1,001.01; same, $567.00; same, $1,516.38; same, $834.75; Crumbley Paper, $2,008.81; same, $3,420.66 same, $1,929.19; same, $180.00; The Merchants Co, ($39.60); Crumbley Paper Co., $1,214.76; same, $905.20; Hotel & Restaurant Supply Co., $320.63; Big  M Supply, $339.11; AT&T, $42.37; $10.83; same, $10.57; same, $10.75; same, $38.98; Copiah-Lincoln Comm. College, $390.00. Fund Total: $38,444.82 Title I Low Grant Funds: Office Automation Center, $1.50; Cynthia Douglas, $17.72; Office Automation Center, $554.18; same, $1,325.00; AT&T, $39.60; same, $10.67; same, $10.85; same, $22.65; Generation Ready, $15,000.00. Fund Total: $16,982.17 Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund: MASBO, $180.00; Office Automation Center, $90.42; AT&T, $22.59; Homewood Suites, $297.00. Fund Total: $590.01 EHA, Part B Fund: Key Rehab Assoc., $3,060.00; Delvin Hunter, $180.00; Office Automation Center, $554.16; same, $662.50; Imperial Palace, $897.32; AT&T, $57.08. Fund Total: $5,411.06 Voc. Ed. Fd.-State&Locals Fds: Cintas Corp., $64.22; Quality Glass, $165.00; Cintas Corp., $70.18; Office Automation Center, $197.72; Cintas Corp., $140.36; Entergy, $1,153.07; Town of Woodville, $1,430.79; Office Automation Center, $64.58; AT&T, $31.41; same, $10.47; same, $36.63; same, $11.00; same, $16.06; same, $914.56. Fund Total: $4,306.05 School Building & Improvement Fund: Gordon McFarland, $4,039.99. Fund Total: $4.039.99 W. Co. Schs. Student Club Fd.: The National Beta Club, $45.00. Fund Total: $45.00 The above claims were expensed to the following funds: District Maintenance Fund, $68,370.43; W. Co. Schools Activity Fund, $16,111.30; W. Co. Schools Lunch Fund, $38,444.82; Title I Low Grant Funds, $16,982.17; Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund, $590.01; E HA, Part B Fund, $5,411.06; Voc. Ed. Fd. -State & Local Fds., $4,306.05; School Building. & Improvement Fund, $4,039.99; W. Co. Schs. Student Club Fd., $45.00. Robin Acord of the Mississippi Department of Education approached the Board to provide an update on the school improvement plan for Finch Elementary School. Acord stated that she visited the District today and will return on next week. She stated that she would like to possibly train and provide professional develop- ment for the teachers. &cord stated that she understands that the teachers already attend professional devel- opments, but she would like to reinforce it. Acord stated that she spoke with Superintendent Scott on issues that will possibly be accreditation findings. Board President Charlie Floyd asked Acord if she could pos- sibly help at William Winans Middle School as well. Superintendent Scott stated that MDE is being proactive for Finch Elementary School; however, William Winans Middle School is a priority. Acord stated that William Winans Middle School should receive federal assistance but she is focused on pre- venting Finch Elementary School from being an "F" for a second year. She contin- ued to state that she, along with MDE, will work with the District any way that they can. Principal Charles E. Johnson stated that they have completed assessments and every grade has shown some growth. A brief discus- sion followed. Board President Charlie Floyd opened the floor for public comments. Principal Charles E. Johnson stated that the Martin Luther King, Jr. program will be held on January 19, 2014, at 2 o'clock p.m. Board Member Billy Spiller asked ff the District and MDE provided emergency certificates. Superintendent Scott stated that an individual must be highly qualified and certified in order to apply for an inter- im certificate for teachers. Federal Programs Director Chavis Bradford stated that William Winans Middle School did not receive additional funds because it is not a priority or focus school. Board President Charlie Floyd asked when the public forum be held. Superintendent Scott stated that the forum will be held in February, because semester testing will be going on next week and report cards are issued at the end of January. Scott stated that he received a lot of comments and peo- ple were impressed with the banquet that was given for the Wilkinson County High School Football Team. He continued by thanking Board President Charlie Floyd on bridging the gap between A_mite County and Wilkinson County. Superintendent Scott asked Floyd to invite the sponsors to the next Board Meeting in order to acknowledge them. A brief discussion followed. A motion was made by Linda Boyd to accept the bid from Sanchez Oil and Gas Corporation for the Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease on Section 18, Township 2 North, Range 1 East con- taining 641.64 acres in the amount of $651 per acre. Said motion was seconded by Fannie Bateaste and car- ried unanimously. Bids were received from United Mississippi Bank and Concordia Bank & Trust Co. for County Depositories for 2014-2015. On motion by Johnny Smallwood, second- ed by Billy Spiller, and car- ried by unanimous vote, beth bids were accepted. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board approved the change of contact information on the hunting and fishing lease on Section 37, Township 2 North, Range 3 West. On motion by Billy Spiller, seconded by Linda Boyd, and carried by unanimous vote, the following letters of retire- ment were approved: Linda Lee -- Counselor at MLK Career & Technology Complex -- Effective December 31, 2013; Monica Stewart- Lead Teacher at Wilkinson County Elementary School -- Effective June 30, 2014; Alma Anderson -- Lead Teacher at William Winans Middle School --Effective June 30, 2014. On the motion of Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the follow- ing letters of resignation were approved: Emerson Delaney, III -- Computer Lab Aide -- Effective December 20, 2013; Charles E. Johnson -- Principal at Finch Elementary School -- Effective January 9, 2014. A motion was made by (Continued on Page 8B) LIST OF LANDS TO BE SOLD FOR TAXES (Continued from Page 6B) WELSH, RUI F. CARTER Receipt No. PPIN 6265 Sec-19 Twnship- 3N Rng- 2W Sa Sequence 635 PLT. W1f2W1/2 Deed Book-7P Deed Page-32 Parcel# - 3W60019 000(00 Acres 41.00 'OTAL TAX & COST 239.82 WELSH, RUTH F. CARTER Receipt No. PPIN 11594 Sec-23Twnship-3N Rng-2W TD-40O0 Se Sevence 636 NE CORNER Deed Book-6K Deed Page-231 Parch# - 32W50023 0O00100S Acres 5.40 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 2225 WEST, JENNY OR CHRISTINE Receipt No. PPIN 369 Sec-03 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-3 Sale Sequere 637 ADomoN-DB6E BLOCK-61 LOT-15 # ADDmoN-m GUY & CLARK PLAT Deed Book-8W Deed Page-188 Parcel#- 11E1012 (To01300 **TOTAL TAX & COST 113.80 WEST, MARY S. Receipt No. PPIN 14094 Sec-2 Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-1200 Sale Sequere 638 PART OF IRREGULAR SECTION 2 Deed Book-12K Deed Page-387 Parcel#- 11E1012 0600713 **TOTAL TAX & COST 88.55 WEST, RANDY EARL OR MARY S. Receipt No. PPIN 13870 Sec-02Twnship-1N Rng-lE TD-1200 Sale Sequence 639 STORE IN ASHLEY SUB 1ST DEV LOT 12 Deed Book-13V Deed Page-220 Parcel#- 11E1011 0401600S "TOTAL TAX & COST 79.65 WEST, RANDY OR MARY Receipt No. PPIN 12333 Sec-03Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-12O0 Sale Sequenoe 640 ADDfflON-DB 3B LOT-9 ADDITION.PG 634 ASH SUBD. NO. 1 Deed Book-13A Deed Page-5o0 Parcel# - 11E1012 060(Y310 **TOTAL TAX & COST 96.77 WHETSTONE, GLEN A. Receipt No. PPIN 2355 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-32O0 Sale Sequence 641 N. OF LOT 4 OF McGEHEE ADDN. Deed Book-gP Deed Page-287 - 21E7042 0100700 **TOTAL TAX & COST 164.53 WHITE, JUDY CARTER Receipt No. PPIN 3647 Sec-39Twmhip- 2N Rng- 2W TD-5100 SaJe Sequeme 642 ADDIT1ONNREC LOT-16 DEPOT RIDGE SUBDIVISION Deed Book-11B Deed Page-539 Parce - 22W7 0500170 "TOTAL TAX & COST 3828 WHR'E, RHEA MERLE ANDEFIS Recent No. PN 24 Sec-38 Twmhip- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Se Sequeme 643 ADDmON-DBDD LOT-PT 12 ADDmON-PG 122 MCGEHEE ADDN. Deed BookV Deed Page75 Parcel# - 21E7043 0201800 "TOTAL TAX & COST 39621 WILKINSON, CHARLIE OR LOUISE Receipt No. PPIN 12217 Sec-15Twnship-1N Pg-IE TD-lo00 Sale ,Semoe 644 ADDmON43 BLOCK-2 LOT-11 A,14 OAK HILLS SUBD. PHASE 1 Deed Bk-gP Deed Pam4 Parcel# - 11E1023 0(X}SO00 "TOTAL TAX & COST 115.57 WILLIAMS PROPERTIES, LLC Recept NO. PPIN 14655 Sec35Twr'ip-1N Pg-lW TD-10O0 Sa Sequence 645 PT OF NEll4 & PT OF SEl/4 Deed Book-13M Deed Page-414 Parcd# - 1 lW70035 OOOO140 Acres 3559 "TOTAL TAX & COST 112.88 WILLIAMS, AMIE PARKER Rece NO. PPIN 7709 Sec-26 TwmNp- 5N Fg- 2W TDO0 Sale Sequence 646 ADDmON-DB 3P LOT-PT.3 89 PLAT OF CASE # 2665 Deed Book-3P Deed Page-89 Pame - 52W70026 00O0600 Acres 38.O0 "TOTAL TAX & COST 123.40 WILLIAMS, BEATRICE, EST. Receipt No. PPIN 3898 Sec-28 Twnsltp- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4100 SaJe Sequence 647 BLOCK-SQ. 27 LOT-PT. 18 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 1 Dd k4t Deed PaOs-549 Parcel# - 22W8012 0401100 "TOTAL TAX & COST 141.14 WILLIAMS, BEATRICE, EST. Receipt NO. PPIN 3909 Sec-28 Twdlip- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4100 Se Sequeme 648 ADDmON-DB 4W LOT-27 ADDmON-PG 491 L N. KAIGLER SUBD. Deed Book-4V Deed Page-144 Parcel# - 22W8012 0401200 "TOTAL TAX & COST 51.14 WIS, DORA MAE, ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 968 Sec-05 TwnsNp- 1N Rng- lW TD-2000 Sa Sequa 649 LOT-TRACT II PARTTTION OF MARS ESTATE Deed Book-llW Deed Page21 Parcel# - 11W20105 000O910 Acres 5.30 "TOTAL TAX & COST 17.41 WILLIAMS, DORA MAE, ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 3040 Sec-34 Twnshlp- 2N Rng- 1W TD-30O0 Sale Suence 65O LOT-PT TRACT II PARTITION OF MARS ESTATE Deed Book-11W Deed Page-621 Parcel# - 21W80434 0000410 Acres 5.77 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 24.83 WILLIAMS, DORA MAE, ETAL Recelpt NO. PPIN 12981 Sec-34Twnsh2N Rng-lW TD-30O0 Saie 651 LOT..PT TRACT II PARTmON OF MARS EST. Deed Book-11W Deed Page-621 Pamel# - 21W80434 O0O0450 Acres 8.00 *"TOTAL TAX & COST 25.61 VWJAMS, FREOERC, K Receipt No. PPIN 7435 Sec-23 Twr6'- 4N P 2W TD-4000 Se Sequence ADDmON-DB 4Z LOT-3 ADDmON-PG652 MCCARSTLE SUBD. Deed Book-13K Oeed Page472 Parce - 42W40325 00021O0 .60 *q'OTAL TAX & COST 201.61 WILLIAMS, FROZENE & MANDY, EST. Receipt NO. PPIN 425 Sec-02Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1200 Sa Sequee 653 N OF STATE HWY. 24 Deed Book-3Z Deed Page-63 Parcel# - 11E1014 0200900 **TOTAL TAX & COST 20.11 WILLIAMS, FROZENE, EST. Fleceipt NO. PPIN 426 Sec-02 Twnshtp- 1N Ig- 1E TD-1200 Se Sequence 654 N. OF STATE HWY. 24 Deed Book,,4N Deed Page-527 Parcel#- 11E1014 0201000 "I'OTAL TAX & COST 20.11 WILLIAMS, JAMES CHRISTOPHER Receipt No. PRN 654 Sec-07 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-10O0 Sale Sequence 655 PT NE 1/4 SE 1/4 ADDmON-OB 8J LOT-PT 5 ADDfflON-PG 165 . ARBUI"HNOT ESTATE Deed Book-SN Deed Page-229 Parcel#- 11E3O007 0001100 Acres .73 **TOTAL TAX & COST 66.15 WILLIAMS, LATASHA Receipt NO. PPIN 151 Sec-36Twnsh RngN TD00 Se Sequence 656 PT OF LOT 2 & PT OF LOT 3 OF CAUSE 2578 AS REF IN DB 3-N PG 426 OF THE CONVEYANCE RECORDS OF WILKINSON COUNTY Deed Book-13W Deed Page-65 Parcel# - 43W70036 00040 Acres 1.00 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 89.42 WILLIAMS, LEE GREEN, JR., ETAL Recsipt No. PPIN 14342 Sec-23Twnship-2N  TDJ, O00 Sale Sequence 657 PART OF NWI/4 SECTION 23 Deed Book-13S Deed Page-711 Parcet# - 23W10023 0000210 Acres .98 **TOTAL TAX & COST 87.60 WILLIAMS, MATILDA VEAL, LE., REM., Recept NO. PPIN 1591 Sec-01Twnp- 1N  3W TD-lo00 S Sequence 658 SPTEOFRD Deed Book-11X Deed Page-59 Parch# - 13W10401 Acres 13.65 **TOTAL TAX & COST 253.58 WILLIAMS, MATILDA VEAL LE., REM., Receipt No. PPIN 1726 Sec-20 Tvmmip- 1N Rng- 3W "I'D-10O0 Se Sequence 659 PT E1/2 E1/2 Deed Book-11X Deed Page-59 Parcel# - 13W6O020 ooooloo Acres 61.14 **TOTAL TAX & COST 178.19 WILLIAMS, WILUE BELL G. Recept NO. PPIN 6997 Sec-42 Twnsh- 4N Fg- 1E TD-5300 Sa Sequence 66O ADDffE)N-PB. 2 LOT-54 ADDmON-PG. 10 GREEN ACRES SUBD 3RD DEVL Deed Book-7Q Deed Page-93 Parcel# - 41E7041 02022O0 "TOTAL TAX & COST 53.87 WILSON, DAVID & PATRICIA Receipt NO. PPIN 5265 Sec.65 Twnship- 2N Rng- 4W TD-20O0 SaJe Sequence 651 BUILDINGS ON LAND OWNED BY ARNETTE, MARY WADE PT. N. PT. SECT. Parcel# - 24W2O065 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 125.47 WILSON, JAMES A. Receipt No. PRN 12474 Sec-09Twnsttp-2N Fg4W TD-2O00 Sa Sequence 662 PT $1/2 Deed Book-130 Deed Page-698 Parcel# - 24W30309 0002000 "*TOTAL TAX & COST 261.98 WILSON, LATARSHA Receipt No. PPIN 14063 Sec- 1Twnsttp-2N Rng-2W TD-5O00 Sa Sequence 663 PTOFSWl/4 Deed Book-12M Deed Page-87 Pacel# - V10O01 O001020 Acres 1.00 "TOTAL TAX & COST 89.32 WILSON, UNDA C. Receipt No. PRN 4246 Sec-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4100 Sa Sequence 664 BLOCK-SQ 3 LOT-PT 2 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 2 Deed Book-13D Deed Page-533 Parcel# - 22W8014 0700400 '"I'OTAL TAX & COST 173.44 WILSON, ROSE MARIE Receipt No. PPIN 11843 Sec-31 Twrh-2N Rng-lW TD-30O0 Sa Sequence 665 FT. NEll4 NE1/4 Deed Book-1oK Deed Page-387 Parcel#- 21W90031 0001680 Acres .91 **TOTAL TAX & COST 740.74 WILSON, ROSE MARIE Receipt No. PPIN 11844 Sec-32Twnship.2N Rng-lW TD-30O0 Sale Sequence 666 PT NWl/4 NW1/4 Deed Book-1 OK Deed Page-387 Paroel# - 2 lWO032 0(XXO0 Acres 1.09 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 5.72 WOODFORI JOHNNIE Receipt No. PPIN 12430 Sec-05 Twr-p-2N Rng-2W TD-4(XD Sale Sequenoe 667 MOBILE HOME WITH ADDITIONS IN PT SE1/4 SW1/4 Parcel# - 22W30O05 0O00O00LH01 "TOTAL TAX & COST 65725 WOODSIDE, TERRY Receipt NO. PPIN 886 Sec.49 T 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Se Sequence 668 PTSE I/4 Deed I-IOV Deed Page458 Parcel# - 11E7O049 O001400 Acms 5.61 "TOTAL TAX & COST 212.44 WOOOSIDE, TERRY Receipt No. PRN 12225 Seo49%mstip-1N Rng-lE TD-10O0 S, Sequence PT. NEI/4 Deed Book-13R Deed Page-547 Parcel# - 11E7O049 O00( 10 Acres 11.44 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 52.98 WOODVILLE HOTEL LLC. Fleoe NO. PPIN 4332 Sec-28 TwnsNp- 2Nlng- 2W TD-51O0 Sa 67O BLOCK-SQ 9 LOT-FT. 5 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 1 Deed Book-12R Deed Page-179 Parcel# - 228014 1500700 '*TOTAL TAX & COST 12337.78 WRIGHT, AUDREY JEAN & PRIMM, NO. PPIN Sec..07 T 3N Rng- lW Se Sequeme 671 ADDrT1ON-PB 2 LOT-PT D ADDmoN-PG 26 MEALEY DIVISION Deed Book-W24 Deed Page484 Parcel# - 31W3O007 0001900 Acres 2.10 "TOTAL TAX & COST 647.53 WRIGHT, HENRY, EST. Receipt No. PPIN 4205 Sec-28 Twn 2N Ig- 2W TD-41O0 Sale Sequence 672 BLOCK-SQ 27 LOT-PT 16 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 1 Deed Book-12N Deed Page325 Parcel# - 22W8014 O906800 **TOTAL TAX & COST 165.37 YARBROUGH, CAROLYN NO. PPIN 11282 Sec-37 Twnship- 2N Rng-2W TD-20O0 Sale Sequence 673 ADDrflON-DB 3H LOT-PT. 2 ADDmON-PG. 373 JOHN A. FOSSELMAN ESTATE Deed Book-11Y Deed Page-9 Pamel# - 22W8( 0102140 Acres 3.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 277.65 YARBROUGH, CAROLYN Receipt No. PlaiN 11863 SecT/Twnship-2N Rng-2W TD-20O0 Sa Sequence 674 ADDITION-D 3H. LOT-PT 2 ADDmON-PG 373 JOHN A. FOSSELMAN ESTATE Deed Book-11Y Deed Page-92 Pe, rcel#. 22W803 0102"300 Acres 1.60 "TOTAL TAX & COST 6.45 20/20 INVESTMENTS, LLC Rec No. PPIN 6291 Sec-41Twnshtp- 3N Rng- 2W TD-5000 Sa Sequence 675 NE CORNER N:1/4 ADDmON-PB 3 ADomoN-PG 3 Deed Book-13Q Deed Page-78 Pame - 32W70241 0000100 Acres 2.08 "TOTAL TAX & COST 722 20/20 INVESTMENTS, LLC Rece No. PPIN 12478 Sec-02 Twnship-2N Rng-4W TD-20O0 Se Sequce 676 PT. SWl/4 Deed Book-130 Deed Page-158 Pamel# - 24 O002400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 261.98 6 M RANCH, INC. Receipt No. PPIN 3216 $ec-12 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-SO00 Sale Sequence 677 PT. NE1/4 NE1/4 W OF HWY 563 ADDITION-PB 3 ADDmoN-PG 21 Deed Book-7G Deed Page-265 Parcel# - 2LN1O012 0001400 Acres 7.O8 "TOTAL TAX & COST 28.06 6 M RANCH, INC. Receipt No. PPIN 33 Sec-24 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-5O00 Sa Sequenve 678 PT. SEl/4 Deed Book-7G Deed Page-265 Pamel# - 22W604 0O0O9O0 Acms 76.60 "TOTAL TAX & COST 289.65 6 M RANCH, INC. Receipt No. PPIN. 11767 Sec-12Twm2N Rng-2W TD-5O00 S Sequa'e 679 FT. NE1/4 NE1/4 & FT. SE1/4 NE1/4 W OF RD. 3 ADDITION-PG 21 Deed Bo-7G Deed Page-265 Parcel# - 22W10012 0001420 Acres 2,99 "TOTAL TAX & COST 13.86