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March 27, 2014     The Woodville Republican
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March 27, 2014

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The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 27, 2014 Page 1B List Of Lands To Be Sold For Taxes THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY OF WILKINSON I, Jeremy Ephion, Tax Collector of the County of Wilkinson in said State, will sell at noon on April 7, 2014, the first Monday of April, A.D., in the Courtroom on the sec- ond floor of the Courthouse of said County in the Town of Woodville, Mississippi, to the highest bidders for cash, if any there be, all of the following described lands and min- erals, situated in said County, on which Taxes remain unpaid as of that data, to-wit: Jeremy Ephion, Tax Collector Wilkinson County, Mississippi 3f27/2w WK2 LRMSAL13 03/20/2014 14:23 Wilkinson Tax Office PAGE 1 Processed Using Sale Fe Updated 3t20/2014 by WK2 wi 720 Recerds 2013 LAND SALE ADAM, PATSY S. Receipt No. PPIN 13058 Sec-26 Twnship-3N Rng-lE TD-5000 Sale Sequence 1 PT. NWl/4 SWl/4 Deed Book.10T Deed Page-161 Parcel#- 31 E70026 0000620 Acres 1.79 **TOTAL TAX & COST 236.52 ADAM'S CUSTOM PAINT & BODY, INC. Receipt No. PPIN 1125 Sec-02Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-1000 Sale Sequence 2 FT. IRREG Wl/2 Deed Book-121 Deed Page-192 Parcel#- 11E10002 0000500 Acres 2.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 1288.81 ADAMS, SANDRA FELTUS Receipt No. PPIN 323 Sec-03Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 3 ADDITION-DBDD BLOCK-PT 56 ADDmON-PG 122 ORIGINAL TOWN Deed Bookol 3J Deed Page-557 Parcel#- 11E1012 0400700 **TOTAL TAX & COST 811.66 AIME, RICKEY Receipt No. PPIN 5591 Sac-15 Twnship- 3N Rng- 1E TD-5000 Sale Sequence 4 NW COR SE1/4 SEl/4 Beed Book-13H Deed Page-716 Parcel# - 31E50115 0002000 Acres 2.69 **TOTAL TAX & COST 9.70 ALEXANDER, BOYD D. & ALEXANDER Receipt No. PPIN 1586 Sec-01Twnship- 1N Rng-3W TD-1000 Sale Sequence 5 LOT-8 FLORENCE WRIGHT PARTITION Deed Book-13T Deed Page-206 Parcel#- 13W10001 0004900 Acres 6.50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 20.61 ALEXANDER, 13YD D., ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 536 Sac-01Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-30 Sale Sequence 6 ADDITION-PB. 2 LOT-41 ADDITION-PG.32 ELYSIAN FIELDS SUBD. PT. II Deed Book-13Z Deed Page-197 Parcel#- 11E1041 0200100 **TOTAL TAX & COST 74.71 ALEXANDER, BOYD D., ETAL Receipt No. " PPIN 540 Sec-01Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Sale Sequence 7 PT. FRAC. NEll4 Deed Book-13Z Deed Page-198 Parcel#- 11E1041 0300100 **TOTAL TAX & COST 46.17 ALEXANDER, ROBERT LEE Receipt No. PPIN 5836 Sac-07 Twnship- 3N Rng- 1W TD-5000 Sale Sequence 8 BUILDINGS ON LAND OWNED BY ALEXANDER, BEULAH MEALEY LOT-C MEALEY DIVISION Parcel# - 31 W30007 0002000LH01 **TOTAL TAX & COST 131.91 ALEXANDER, TAMARA DENISE Recept No. PPIN 2281 Sec-27 Twnship-2N Rng- 1E TD-3000 Sale Sequence 9 FT. SE1/4NWl/4 Deed Book-11T Deed Page567 Parcel# - 21E70027 0000410 Acres 3.64 **TOTAL TAX & COST 19.12 ALLEN, CLARA Receipt No. PPIN 2531 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 8ale Sequence 10 ADDITION-DBDD BLOCK-PT 40 ADDITION-PG 122 ORIGINAL TOWN Deed Book-9G Deed Page-463 Parcel# - 21E7044 **TOTAL TAX & COST 35.51 ALLEN, DONDI LEA Receipt No. PPIN 12332 Sac-02Twnship-lN Rng-2W TD-1000 Sale Sequence 11 PT E1/2 E1/2 Deed Book-gZ Deed Page.641 Parce - 12W10202 0002200 Acres 1.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 208.69 ALLEN, LISA KAY PEARCE Resept No. PPIN 14754 Sac-22Twnship-1N Rng-lW TD-1000 Sale Sequence 12 PART OF IRREG SEC 22 Deed Book-130 Deed Page.415 Parcel# - 11W40(O 0000210 Acres 6.50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 31.86 ANDERSON, ANNA M., ESTATE Receipt No. PPIN 2553 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 13 ADDITION-DBDD BLOCK-PT 1 ADDITION-PG 122 ORIGINAL TOWN Deed Book-5A Deed Page-10 Parcel#- 21E7044 0202600 **TOTAL TAX & COST 66.99 ANDERSON, CYNTHIA LYNN, ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 7004 Sec-42 Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5300 Sale Sequence 14 ADDITION-PB. 2 LOT-5 ADDITION-PG. 1 GREEN ACRES SUBD 1ST DEVL Deed Book-10A Deed Page-7 Parcal# - 41E7041 0300200 **TOTAL TAX & COST 166.12 ANDERSON, EDITH WILSON Receipt No. PPIN 128 Sec-18 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Sale Sequence 15 MID. PT. W. RD. Deed Book.4U Deed Page-6 Parcel#- 11E10018 0001100 Acres 3.80 **TOTAL TAX & COST 13.52 ANDERSON, ELZ1E Receipt No. PPIN 6964 Sac-31Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5300 Sale Sequence 16 W. SIDE H STREET Deed Book-6H Deed Page-5 Parcel# - 41E7014 0100300 **TOTAL TAX & COST 425.42 ANDERSON, FREDERICK D. Receipt No. PPIN 5588 Sac-15 Twnship- 3N Rng- 1E TD-5000 Sale Sequence 17 ADDmON-DB7MW BAILEY, DEWEY LOT-4 Receipt No. PPIN 3711 ADDmON--PG 283 Sac-28 Twnship- 2N Pg- 2W TD-4100 B. J. HAYNES ESTATE Sale Sequence 35 Deed Book-13E Deed Pags-156 BLOCK-PT Parcel#- 31E50115 0001700 BLOCK-DIV. 1 Ames 15.93 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 1 **TOTAL TAX & COST 42.69 Deed Book-6S Deed Page-116 Parcel# - 22W8011 0301900t-I ANDERSON, IKE **TOTAL TAX & COST 468.20 Receipt No. PPIN 12594 Sac-03Twns/aip-lN Rng-lE TD-3200 BAILEY, KISAONZELLE 68 ;Seq 18 i:t4r .1 PlaIN a.1 '7 ADD..DB DO Sac-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4100 LOT-PT 75 Sale Sequence 35 ADDITION-PG 122 BLOCK-SQ 27 ORIGINAL TOWN LOT-P'r 16 Deed Book--98 Deed Page-526 ORIGINALTOWN DIVISION 1 Parcel#-11E1012 0300820 DesdBook-7M DeedPage-525 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 104.98 Parcel# - 22W8014 0300100 **TOTAL TAX & COST 2527 ANDERSON, JOHN & DOROTHY, ESTATES Receipt No. PPIN 974 Sac-05Twnship- 1N Rng- lW TD-3000 Sale Sequence 19 PT NWl/4NWl/4 Deed Book-60 Deed Pa408 Parcel# - 1 lW20105 0001100 Acres .97 **TOTAL TAX & COST 147.22 ANDERSON, KRYSTINA LYNN OR DUCK, Receipt NO. PPIN 12544 Sac-23 Twnship-3N Rng.4W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 20 LOT 5 MRS. MARILYN GIBBS FREEMAN, ETVlR PLAT UN REC Deed Book-11V Deed Page-398 Parcel#- 34W5031 0003700 *"TOTAL TAX & COST 223.19 ANDREWS, LARRY JAMES, REV. Receipt No. PPIN 11714 Sac-29Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-1000 Sale Saquenes 21 PT. S1/2 NW1/4 Deed Book-SJ Deed Page-470 Parcel#- 11E40029 0000450 Acres .43 **TOTAL TAX & COST 21.64 ANDREWS, LARRY SR., & RUBY N. Receipt No. PPIN 11251 Sac-29 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Sale Sequence 22 PT. $1/2 NW1/4 Deed Book-11U Deed Page-279 Parcel# - 11E40029 0000410 Acres 1.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 434.41 ANDREWS, SAMUEL L Receipt No. PPIN 11253 Sec-20Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Sale Sequence 23 PT. $1/2 NWl/4 Desd Book- 8F Deed Page- 391 Parcel# - 11E40029 0000430 Acres 1.10 **TOTAL TAX & COST 8.54 ANTHONY, NORRIS, EST. Receipt No. PPIN 5092 Sac-52 Twnship- 2N Rng- 3W TD-2(X)0 Sale Sequence 24 PT SW1/4 NEll4 S OF RD Deed Book-SP Deed Page-503 Parcel# - 23W90052 0001500 Acres..35 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 21324 ARBUTHNOT, JACQUEUNE F., LE., Receipt No. PPIN 5136 Sac-53 Twnship- 2N Rng- 3W TD-2000 Se Saquence 25 ADDmoN-mB8 LOT-PT I ADDITION-FG351 EX PARTE J, HENRY JOLLER ETAL Deed Book-12D Deed Page-649 Parcel# - 23W9053 00(800H Acres .50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 922.55 ARBUTHNOT, JACQUEOINE F., LE., Receipt No. PPIN 11538 Sac-53 Twnship-2N Rng-3W TD-2000 Sale Saquence 25 BUILDINGS Deed Book-12D Deed Page-649 Parcel# - 23W90033 0002800S Acres .50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 462.49 ,I, ARBUTI.iNOT, ROBERT Receipt No. PPIN 5296 Sec-14 Twnship-2N Rng-4W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 27 BUILDINGS ON LAND OWNED BY MASON, ELLEN, EST. & SPT, Parcel# - 24W60014 **TOTAL TAX & COST 182.56 ARCHIE, GENERAL, ESTATE Receipt No. PPIN 7051 Sac-42 Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5300 Sale Saquecee 26 ADDmON-PB. 2 LOT-3 ADDmON-PG. 6 ADDN. TO LONG GREEN SUBD. Deed Book-TL Deed Page-371 Pamel# - 41E'7042 0100100 **TOTAL TAX & COST 2.55 ASHLEY, TIMOTHY STUART Receipt No. PPIN 6845 Sac-24 Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5000 Sale Saquence 29 ADDmON-DB 5Y LOT-1 ADDmON-PG 374 DIV. JOHN OGDEN EST. Deed Book-9M Deed Page-223 Parcel# - 41E40024 0001100 Acres 16.45 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 47.23 ASHLEY, WILLIAM C.,JR. Receipt NO. PPIN 7135 Sec-35 Twnship.4N Rng- 1E TD-5000 Sale Saquence 30 PT SW1/4SE1/4 Deed Book-12P Deed Page-471 Parcel# - 41E900&5 0001600 Acres 6.75 **TOTAL TAX & COST 303.16 BABEL, JAINE F. Receipt No. PPIN 11481 Sec-27Twnship-2N Rng-lE TD-3000 Sale Sequence 31 PT OF NE1/4 Deed Book-12T Deed Pags-397 Parcel# - 21E70027 0000520 Acres 1.01 **TOTAL TAX & COST 1198.00 BAILEY, DEWEY Receipt No. PPIN 3708 Sac-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD4100 Sale Saquence 32 BLOCK-PT BLOCK-DIV 1 ORIGINAL TOWN DMSloN 1 Deed Book-gK Deed Page-1 Parcel# - 22W8011 0301600 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 9.50 BAILEY, DEWEY Receipt No. PPIN 3709 Sec-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4000 Sa Saquence 33 PT. SWl/4NEI/4 Deed Book-gK Deed Page-1 Parcel# - 22W5011 0801700 **TOTAL TAX & COST 7.38 BAILEY, DEWEY Deed Book-12W Deed Page-275 Parcel# - 41E40024 00(O210 ReceiptNo. PPIN 3710 Parcel#-11E1012 0600712 Acres 6.71 Sec-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4000 **TOTAL TAX & COST 88.35 **TOTAL TAX & COST 22.09 Sale Sequence 34 PT. SWI/4NE1/4 BELL, LETTA BLACKBURN, LINDA HENDERSON DeedBook-6S DesdPage-116 ReceiptNo. PPIN 4447 ReceiptNo. PPIN 12642 Parcel#-22W8011 0301800 Sec-29Twnship-2NRng-2W TD-2000 Sac-09Twnship-4N Rng-lE TD-5000 **TOTAL TAX & COST 34.98 Sale Sequence 51 SaleSequenes 68 LOT-60 PT SEl/4 COLLENS SUBD. ADDITION-PLAT Deed Book-BE Deed Page-45 LOT-PT. TRACT K Parcel# - 22W8021 0L32300 ADDITION-UN-REC "*TOTAL TAX & COST 316.19 J.H. HAZUP ESTATE Deed Book-10G Deed Page-474 BELL, LETrA F. Parcel# - 41E30009 0000710 Receipt NO. PPIN 4448 Acres 6.40 Sec-29 TwnsNp- 2N Rng- 2W TD-2000 *"TOTAL TAX & COST 10.85 Sa Saquen= 52 LOT-59 COLLENS SUBD. Deed 8ook- Deed "T ST . BAITY, SHARON A., ETAL LESSEE Receipt No. PPIN 1713 Sec-18 Twnship- 1N Rng- 3W rD-1000 Sale Sequence 37 BUILDINGS ON LAND OWNED BY JAMES, GREEN PT NE 1/4 Parcel# - 13W10018 0000100LH01 **TOTAL TAX & COST 684.52 BAKER, CHEABERT CHARLES Receipt No. PPIN 689 Sec-09 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E rD-1000 Sale Sequence 38 SPT. Deed Book-7Y Deed Page-601 Parcel#- 11E30309 0001100 Acres 3.30 **TOTAL TAX & COST 15.25 BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. Receipt No. PPIN 2286 Sac-27 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3000 Sale Sequence 39 PT NW 1/4 ADDmON-D.B. 8D ADDmON-PG. 586 Deed Book-13Y Deed Page..5 Parcel# - 21 E70027 0000700 Acres 6.79 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 1302.99 BANKS, PATRICIA A. & LUCIAN C. Receipt No. PPIN 594 Sao-05 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-3000 Sale Saquence 40 ADDmON-BK3-Z LOT-PT 2 ADDITION4:)G 491 HOLLY GROVE HILLS 2ND ADDN. Desd Book-12P Deed Page-111 Parcel# - 11E20105 0005300 Acres 2.43 **TOTAL TAX & COST 55.78 BANKS, PATRICIA A., ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 2703 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 41 S. SIDE HOWARD ST. LOT-PT. 17 CENTREVILLE MS Deed Book-12S Deed Page-16 Parcel# - 21E7044 1101800 **TOTAL TAX & COST 629.15 BARNES, ANDREW OF ORA BARNES Receipt No. PPIN 15020 Sac-36 Twnship-4N Rng-3W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 42 PT OF LOT 3 & PT OF LOT 4 OF CAUSE 2578 AS REF IN DB 3N PG 4;,26 OFTHE: CONVEYANCE BOOKS OF WILKINSON COUNTY Deed Book-13W Deed Page-56 Parcel# - 43W70036 0000230 Acres .50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 4.64 BARNES, ANDREW OR ORA Receipt No. PPIN 7633 Sac-36 Twnship- 4N Rng- 3W TD-4000 Sale Saquence 43 PTOF LOT 1, PTOF LOT2 & PTOF LOT 3 OF CAUSE 2578 AS REF IN 1313 3N PG 436 OF CONVEYANCE BOOKS IN WILKINSON COUNTY Deed Book-12C Deed Page-109 Parcel# - 43W70036 OOOO2OO Acres 1629 **TOTAL TAX & COST 3082,51 BARNES, ANDREW OR ORA BARNES Receipt NO. PPIN 1502 Sac-98 Twnstp.4N Rng-3W rD4000 Sale Sequence 44 PT OF LOT 3 OF CAUSE 2578 AS REF IN DB3-N PG 426 OF THE CONVEYANCE BOOKS OF WILKINSON COUNTY Deed Book-13W Deed Page.65 Parcel# - 43W70036 0000250 Acres .99 **TOTAL TAX & COST 6.06 BARNES, ANDREW OR ORA BARNES Receipt No. PPIN 15025 Sac-35Twnship-4N Rng-3W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 45 PT OF LOT 2 & PT OF LOT 3 OF CAUSE 2575 AS REF IN DB3-N PG 426 OF THE CONVEYANCE RECORDS OF WILKINSON COUNTY Deed Book-13X Desd Page-82 Parce - 43W70038  Acres 1.10 **TOTAL TAX & COST 6.90 r.NDILY, DEBORAH L Recelpt No. PPIN 5401 Sec-13T 2N Rng- 4W TD-2000 Se Sequence 53 lAG IN NW. PT. S. OF HWY. Deed Book-12N Deed Page.330 Parcel# - 24W50013 0000400 Acres 1.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 25129 BERRY LAND AND TIMBER, LLC Receipt No. PPIN 7579 Sac-50 Twnship- 4N Rng- 2W TD-4000 Se Saqueme 54 PT SECT Deed Book-13D Deed Page-258 Parce - 42W20050 000(00 Acres 68.00 **'rOTAL TAX & COST 17028 BERRY LAND AND TIMBER, LLC Receipt No. PPIN 14276 Sac-15Twnship-4N Rng-2W TD-4300 SaJe Saquence 55 PT OF $W1/4 SW1/4 Deed Book-13D Deed Page-268 Parcel# - 42W10015 0000120 Acres 68.OO **TOTAL TAX & COST 179.77 BERRY LAND AND TIMBER, LLC Receipt NO. PPIN 14277 Sac-03 TwnsNp-4N Rng-2W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 56 PT OF NE1/4, PT (3F SE1/4, PT OF NWl/4 & PT OF SWl/4 Deed Besk-13D Deed Page-258 Parcel# - 42W20003 0000110 Acres 504.80 rOTAL TAX & COST 120&59 BERRY LAND AND TIMBER, LLC Receipt NO. PPIN 14278 Sac-14Twnship4N Rng-2W TD-4000 Sa Saquence 57 PT OF NEll4, PT OF NWl/4, PT OF SEll4 & PT OF SW1/4 Desd Book-13D Desd Page-258 Parcel# - 42W20014 0000120 Acres 571.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 1447.89 BETHLEY, HENRY Receipt NO. PPIN 1752 Sac-25 Twnship- IN Rng- 3W TD-2000 Sale Saquence 58 SW PT SEC. Deed Book-ST Deed Page-71 Parcel# - 13W98025 0000600 Acres 49.00 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 317.77 BETHLEY, HENRY Receipt No. PPIN 1794 Sac-43Twnship- IN Rng- 3W TD-2000 Sa Saquence 59 ALLWOF RD _De,=l .-.. Deed Page-70 ParlI,. 13W90043 00000 Acs .00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 80.68 BETHLEY, MATILDA Receipt NO. PPIN 1596 Sac-01Twnship- 1N Rng- 3W TD-1000 Sa Saquenes 60 LOT-PT 10A BETHLEY PARTITION Deed Book-MB10 Deed Page-170 Parcel#- 13W10401 0006000 Acres 2.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 41.90 BJ ENTERPRISES, INC. Receipt No. PPIN 13814 Sac-04Twnstip-1N Rng-lE TD-1000 Sale Saquence 61 NE PT SEl/4 Deed Book-120 Desd Pe-249 Parcel#- 11E1(4 0100430 '*TOTAL TAX & COST 59.98 BLARN, UNDA H. Receipt NO. PPIN 6848 Sac-24 Twnship-4N Rng- 1E TD-5000 Sa Saquence 62 PT NE1/4NE1/4 Deed Book-13F Desd Page-470 Parcel# - 41E4024 0001400 Acres 6.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 317.69 BLACKBURN, LINDA H. Receipt No. PPIN 12643 Sac-09Twn Rng-lE TD-5000 S Seqce PT SEl/4 ADDmON-PLAT LOT4:tl " TRACT O AoomoN-UN-REC J.H. HA2P ESTATE Deed Book-13F Deed Page470 Parcel# - 41E30009 0000720 Acres 3.10 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 6.74 BLACKBURN, UNDA H. BARNES, BESSIE GIB,_.N Receipt NO. PPIN 12650 ReeeiptNo. PPIN 3891 Sac-10T Rng-lE TD-5000 Sac-28Twnship-2NRng-2W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 64 Sale Sequence 46 PT SEl/4 DomoN.m 4x ADDITION-PLAT LOT-22 LOT-PT TRACT H DmON-PG 519 ADDITION4JN..REC WESTSIDE SUBD. J.H. HAZLIP ESTATE Deed Book-13W Deed Page-560 Deed Book-13F Deed Page-470 Parcel# - 22W8012 0303900 Parcel# - 41E310 00(430 **TOTAL TAX & COST 37.88 Acres 22.00 "*TOTAL TAX & COST 80.03 BATEASTE, FLORENCE V. Receipt NO. PPIN 6981 BLACRN, LINDA H. Sao.42Twnship-4N Rng- IE TD-5300 Receipt NO. PPIN 12655 Salesaquence 47 Sec-11Twnship-4N Rng-lE TD-5000 ADDmON-PB. 2 Sale Sequence 68 LOT-26 PT SW1/4 ADDrrlON-R3. 10 ADOmoN-R.AT GREEN ACRES SUBD 3RD DEVL. LOT-PT TRACT H Deed Book-13N Deed Page.689 ADDmON-UN-REC Parcel# - 41E7041 (XTo00 J.H. HAZLIP ESTATE **TOTAL TAX & COST 241.68 Deed Book-13F Deed Page470 Parce - 41F_30011 0000340 BATES, CAROLYN Acres 20.35 Receipt No. PPIN 12554 *"TOTAL TAX & COST 65.52 Sac-26Twnship-2N Rng-lE TD-3000 Sale Sequence 48 LOT-PT 5 SAM B. HAYNES Deed Book-11S Deed Page-516 Parcel# - 21E60426 0000610 Acres 4.98 **TOTAL TAX & COST 49.15 BATES, CAROLYN M. Receipt No. PPIN 2516 Sac-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 49 E. OF LAUREL ST. LOT-PT. 2 CENTREVILLE MS Deed Book-13N Deed Page-524 Parcel# - 21E7044 0102800 **TOTAL TAX & COST 28.67 BEE, ERIKA L & VEALS, DOROTHY B. Receipt No. PPIN 14047 Sac-2 Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-1200 Sale Saquence 50 PT OF IRREGULAR SECTION 2 BLACKBURNI UNDA H. Receipt No. PPIN 12656 Sac-11Twn Rng-lE TD-5000 Se Saquence 68 PT NWl/4 ADDmON-PLAT LOT-PT TRACT O ADOmON-UN REC. J.H. HAZLIP ESTATE Desd Book-13F Deed Page470 Parcel# - 41E30011 0000350 Acres 18.51 **TOTAL TAX & COST 35.89 BLACKBURN. UNDA H. Recelpt NO. PPIN 12660 Sac-24TwnsNp.4N Rng-lE TD-5000 Sa Saquence 67 PT NEll4 ADDmON-RT LOT-TRACT C ADOtT1ON-UN REC J.H. HA2P ESTATE Deed Bok-13F .r'-,ed Page-470 BLACKBURN, UNDA HENDERSON Receipt No. PPIN 12646 Sec-10T Rng-lE TD-5000 Sa Saquenoo 69 PT E1/2 ADDmON-PLAT LOT-PT TRACT K ADDmON-UN REC J.H. HAZUP ESTATE Deed Book-121 Deed Page.4 Parcel# - 41E30010 0000110 Acres 43.86 **TOTAL TAX & COST 208.89 BLACKBURN, UNDA HENDERSON Receipt NO. PPIN 12649 Sac-10Twnship-4N Rng-lE TD-5000 Sa Sequence 7O PT SE1/4 ADDmON-PLAT LOT-TRACT F ADDrnoN-UN REC J.H. HAZLIP ESTATE Desd Book-10G Desd Page-474 Parcel# - 41E30010 0002420 Acres 6.71 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 55.08 BLACKBURN, UNDA HENDERSON Receipt No. PPIN 12654 Sac-11 Twnship-4N Rng-lE TD-5000 Sale Sequence 71 PT NWl/4 ADDITION-PLAT LOT4=q TRACT K ADDITION-UN-REC J.H. HAZUP ESTATE Deed Book-10G Deed Page-474 Parcel#- 41E30011 00OO33O Acres 35.50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 114.79 BLAKE& SAMUEL Receipt No. PPIN 1821 Sac-11Twnship- 1N Rng- 3W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 72 ADDmON-PB2 LOT.-9 ADDmoN-PG 16 ESTATE OF HENRY BLAKES Deed Book-75 Deed Page-94 Parcel# - 13W40011 0001000 Acres 10.80 **TOTAL TAX & COST 38.07 BLOOMER, PATRICIA A. Receipt No. PPIN 503 Sac-04 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1000 Sale Sequence 73 ADDmoN-DB 3Q BLOCK-5 LOT-30, FT. 29 ADDmoN-PG.339 BEULAH HEIGHTS Deed Book-12C Deed Page49 Parcel# - 11E1024 0201400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 150.14 BOTLEY, DARREL L Receipt No. PPIN 12983 Sac-15Twnship-lN Rng-lE TD-1000 Sale Sequence 74 PT, FRAC, NE1/4 Deed Book-9P Deed Page-443 Parcel#- 11E1023 Acres .51 **TOTAL TAX & COST 93.70 BOYD, JEREMY, ETUX Receipt No. PPIN 14206 Sac- 5 Twnship-2N Rng-5W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 75 PART OF TRACT "A' PECAN GROVE LAKESHORES Deed Book-13H Deed Page-68 Parcel# - 25W1041 0002930 Acres .46 **TOTAL TAX & COST 98.31 BRADFORD, TOMMY D. Receipt No. PPIN 13055 Sac-13Twnship-2N Rng-4W TD-2000 Se Sequence 76 HODGES TRACTS LOT29 PLAT UN REC Deed Book-13X Desd Page-461 Parcel#- 24W2043 0005300 **TOTAL TAX & COST 301.00 BRADt-Wvl, SETH Receipt NO. PPIN 14039 Sec-3 Twnship-2N Rng-4W TD-2000 Sale Saquence 77 BUILDINGS ON LAND BELONGING TO CAROLYN BERRY MORGAN, ETAL Parcel# - 24W10003 0000700LH14 **TOTAL TAX & COST 237.46 BRIGNAC, MARION J., JR. OR DARLINE Receipt No. PPIN 12975 Sac-31 Twnship-4N Rng-lW TD-5000 Sale Saquere 78 PT NEll4 SW1/4 Deed Book-11X Desd Page49 Parcel# - 41W70031 0000620 Acres 3.09 '*TOTAL TAX & COST 45.30 BROOME, JAMES D. & H. M. Recent NO. PPIN 3783 Sac-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4100 Sale Saquence 79 ADDmoN-DB 4W LOT-28-33&3641 ADDmoN.-PG 491 L N. KAIGLER SUBD. Deed Book4W Deed Page-117 Parcel#- 22W8011 O5OO400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 114.22 BROUILLETTE, BEN J. Receipt NO. PPIN 14560 Sac-08 Twnship-2N Rng-5W TD-2000 Sa Saquence 8O PART OF IRREG SECTION 8 Deed Book-13B Deed Page-252 Parcel# - 25W50008 0031100 Acres 27 **TOTAL TAX & COST 212.83 BROWN, BEATRICE Receipt NO. PPIN 973 Sac05 Twnship- 1N Pg- 1W TD-3000 Se Saquence 61 PT NWl/4NWl/4 Deed Book-sT Deed Page.368 Parcel# - 1 lW20103 0001000 Acres 1.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 349.57 BROWN, ELIZA OR NIXON, IRENE Receipt No. PPIN 3988 Sac-28 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-2000 Sale Saquence 82 LOT-7 JERRY JOHNSTON SUBD. Deed Book-11V Desd Page-130 Parcel# - 22W8013 0400400 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 57.23 BROWN, JOHN & NORMA Receipt No. PPIN 2525 Sac..38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 83 N/S CHURCH ST. LOT-PT. 6 CENTREVILLE MS Deed Book-7A Deed Page-523 Parcel# - 21E7044 0103800 "TOTAL TAX & COST 86.05 BROWN, LOUVENIA Receipt No. PPIN 4450 Sec-29 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W rD-2000 Sale Saquence 64 LOT-57 COLLENS SUBD. Deed Book-8Z Deed Page-346 Parcel# - 22W8021 0202600 **TOTAL TAX & COST 37.54 BROWN, LOUVENIA & WALTER, EST. Receipt NO. PPIN 3520 Sec-22 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 85 STORE ON PT SE1/4 Deed Book-4U Deed Page-183 Parcel# - 22W5034 2200400S Acres .30 **TOTAL TAX & COST 254.76 BROWN, LOUVENIA & WALTER, EST. Receipt No. PPIN 3331 Sac-22 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 86 PT SE1/4 Deed Book-6R Deed Page-68 Parcel# - 22W5034 2201100 Acres .31 **TOTAL TAX & COST 912.43 BROWN, LOUVENIA & WALTER, EST. Receipt No. PPIN 13268 Sec-22 Twnship-2N Rng-2W TD4000 Sale Sequence 67 FT. SE1/4 Desd Book-4U Desd Page-183 Parce - 22W5034 2200400H Acres 1.70 **TOTAL TAX & COST 1015.10 BROWN, ROGER JR. OR AUDREY LEE Receipt NO. PPIN 7031 Sac-42 Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5300 Sale Sequence 68 ADDmON-PB. 2 LOT-4.1 ADDiTION-PG 9 GREEN ACRES SUBD 4TH DEVL Deed Book-7P Deed Page-168 Parcel# - 41E7041 0302900 **TOTAL TAX & COST 42.92 BROWN, UNAMICO Receipt No. PPIN 2430 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- 1E TD-3200 Sale Sequence 89 ADDITION-DBDD BLOCK-30 LOT-8, 9 & 12 ADDITION-PG 122 ORIGINAL TOWN Deed Book-120 Deed Page-695 Parcel# - 21E7043 **TOTAL TAX & COST 114.22 BROWN, ZOLA A VEALS OR Receipt No. PPIN 7006 Sac-31 Twnship- 4N Rng- 1E TD-5300 Sale Sequence 90 ADDITION-PB. 2 LOT-7 ADDITION-PG. 1 GREEN ACRES SUBD 1ST DEVL. Deed Book-10E Deed Page-374 Parcel# - 41E7041 0300400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 68.83 BURLEIGH, HELEN CHARLENE VINES Receipt No. PPIN 6300 Sec-41 Twnship- 3N Rng- 2W TD-5000 Sale Sequence 91 PT OF SEll4 SEC 41 S OF FORDS CRK RD& WOF US HWY61 Deed Book-13Y Deed Page-310 Parcel# - 32W7(41 0001 000 Acres .87 **TOTAL TAX & COST 149.80 BURTON, STEWART M., JR. Receipt No. PPIN 391 Sec-03 Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E TD-1200 Sale Sequence 92 E. SIDE GORDON ST. Deed Book-12X Deed Page-369 Parcel#- 11E1012 0601300 Acres 5.72 **TOTAL TAX & COST 191.30 BYNUM, LEO Receipt No. PPIN 4648 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng 2W TD-5100 Sale Sequence 93 ADDITION-DB 5E LOT-l, 2 ADDITION-PG 203 SESSIONS DRIVE Deed Book-12D Deed Page-365 Parcel# - 22W8041 0400900 **TOTAL TAX & COST 72.56 CAGE, ANDREW & JONES, WANDA E. Receipt No. PPIN 4387 Sec-29 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 94 ADOmoN-P81 LOT-10 ADDmON-PG10 WESTSlDE HEIGHTS SUBD. Deed Book-13H Deed Page598 Parcel# - 22W8021 0102600 **TOTAL TAX & COST 286.20 CAGE, CLEO T., TRUSTEE Receipt No. PPIN 11923 Sec-49Twnship-4N Rng-3W TD-4000 Sale Sequence 95 PT. FRAC. SEC. Desd Book-llN Deed Page..419 Parcel# - 43W70049 0000400 Acms 5.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 2222.74 CAGE, ERNESTINE P., EST. Recent No. PPIN 1430 Sac-19 Twnship- 1N Rng- 2W TD-1000 Sale Sequence 98 ADDITION-PB3Y LOT-PT 5 ADDmoN-PG581 PC)WELL PARTITION Deed Book-12X Deed Page-122 Pamet# - 12W50019 0000300 Acres 1.25 **TOTAL TAX & COST 10.14 CAGE, MARY R. Receipt No. PPIN 7432 SAC-25 Twnship- 4N Rng- 2W TD.4000 Sale Sequence 97 ADDmON-DB 4Z LOT-7 ADDITION-PG562 MCCARSTLE SUBD. Deed Book-7Q Deed Page.408 Parcel# - 42W40325 0001800 Acres .4O **TOTAL TAX & COST 37.54 CAIN, SUBRINA Reesipt No. PPIN 11280 Sac-O5Twnship-lN Rng-3W TD-1000 Sa Saquence 98 FT. SECT. E OF DUNBAR CREEK Deed Book- 8F Deed Page-555 Parcel# - 13W20005 000(10 Acres 1.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 403.91 CARR, DWIGHT AND DORA Receipt NO. PPIN 5235 Sac-20 Twnship- 2N Rng- 4W TD-2000 Sa Saquence 99 PT. IRREG N1/2 Deed Book-10Z Deed Page-554 Parcel# - 24W20020 0000 1 (30 Acres 24 **TOTAL TAX & COST 254.96 CARRUTH, ERIK DANIEL Receipt No. PPIN 14124 Sac-23 Twnship-3N Rng4W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 100 Desd Book-12T Desd Page-462 Parcel# - 34W5031 0001773 **TOTAL TAX & COST 198.79 CARTER PROPERTIES, L.P. Receipt No. PPIN 12117 Sac-23 Twnship-3N Rng-4.W TD-2000 Sale Sequence 101 PT N1/2 Deed Book-9R Deed Page-464 (Continued on Page 2B)