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March 26, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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March 26, 2015

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Page 6B The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 26, 2015 Minutes Of The Wilkinson County Board Of Supervisors Be it known and remem- bered that the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi met on the sec- and day of March at 9:30 a.m. There were present the following supervisors: Wil Seal, 1st District; Richard Hollins, 2nd District; Bill Bankston, President, 3rd District; Jennings Nettles, 5th District; and •Kenyon Jackson, Vice President, 4th District. Also present were Bruce Lewis, Attorney, and Thomas C. Tolliver, Jr., Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. General County Fund: Thomson Reuters - West, $255.50; Jurors and Witness Fees-Allen, Shanterka, $76.80; Anthony, Dionne, $40.00; Arbuthnot, Tracey, $46.90; Cage, George, $41.15; Dobson, Charles,$74.50; Fletcher, Marilyn, $24.60; Groom, Melvin, $74.50; Harden, Mary, $41.15; Jackson, Stan, $26.90; Lollis, Tracey, $22.30; Netterville, Demetria, $42.30; Shorey, Suzanne, $57.25; Shuck- row, William, $49.20; Sims, Aleshia, $51.50; Smith, Charles, $48.05; Stewart, Gale, $41.15; Veals, Ledell, $60.70; Voorhies, Sr., David, $46.90; Walker, Marcus, $58.40; Williams, Jessica, $42.30; Reese, Mary Ann, $37.25; Smith, Alvin Lamar, $36.10; Arbuthnot, Jr., Edward $31.50; Lanehart, Royce Craig, $21.15; Wisner, Cynthia L., $40.70; Clark, Christine, $34.95; Cotton, Gloria Mae, $34.95; Rogers, Anthony Lewis, $34.95; Henry Nicholas Francis, $34.95; Longs, Sonja L., $21.15; McGregor, Michael B., $37.25; McNabb, Kay, $37.25; Floyd, Sean Casey, $38.40; Jackson, Jr., Hubert Raymond, $26.90; Ashley, Thomas A., $52.20; Newman Jerlene, $21.15; Tolliver, Myrtis M., $21.15; Washington, L'mda, $37.25; O'Dell, Janet McDavid, $40.70; Patterson, Terry Marie, $48.75; Claiborne, Lee E., $38.40; Haynes, Marion, $48.75; Edwards, Joseph, $34.95; Walker, Lakisha LaToya, $37.25; Crum, James Joseph, $37.25; Arnold, Jennifer Deneice, $47.60; Gordon, Lula Mae, $49.90; Packnett, James D., $31.50; Patin, Bruce G., $20.58; Gaines, Trmeka Meshon, $25.75; AT&T, $134.52; Pitney Bowes, Inc., $815.82; Pitney Bowes Purchase Power, $417.98; Pitney Bowes Global Finance, $405.00; S/W MS Mental Health Camp, $8,437.50; Shameca S. Collins, $1,000.00; Carmen N. Brooks, Attorney, $2,000.00; Redd Pest Solutions, $130.30; S/W MS EPA, $212.53; Entergy, $5,742.73; Anthony Heidelberg, Attorney, $3,000.00; Judith Brown, $403.20; The WoodviUe Republican, $238.19; State Treasury Fund 3053, $12,414.07; Waste Management, $551.80; Benecom Technologies, $1,412.94; Telapak Internet, $24.00; Town of Woodville, $3,637.36; Avaya, Inc., $82.99; Netdoor, $110.00; Nieman & Associates, $14,525.00; Shoemaker & Co. CPA, $4,900.00; FMCH Catchings Clinic, $60.00; McCarty Ford, Inc., $422.08; State Treasurer Fund 3601, $224.00; Cage's Janitorial Service, $530.00; C Spire Wireless, $572.62; Southern Teleommunications, $3,043.90; Ann Johnson, $266.95; Travis Sharp, $834.75; Nolan Thompson, $141.95; Treppendahl's Super Food, $215.81; Nikki Jenkins, $225.00; Adapts Electronic Monitor, $240.00; Holland & Rigby, $300.00; Amy Foster Ryan, $350.00; David S. Crawford, Attorney, $200.00; Jessie W. Stewart, $100.00; Delta Computer Systems, $3,325.00; Information Technology, $20.00; Office Automation Center, $1,110.00; Boiler And Pressure Vessel, $60.00; Lexis Nexis Matthew Bende, $74.78; Canon Financial Services, $127.00; AT&T, Mobility, $48.70; AT&T, $68.00; Wilkinson County Health Dept., $4,337.00; Woodville Board of Library, $7,833.33; American Medical Response, $6,666.67; Jennie Boyd, $2,240.50; Town of Woodville, $36.61; Town of Centreville, $4.58; Buffalo Services, $2,716.60; Central Office Supplies, $1,833.01; Mid-South Uniform, $65.36; Lawrence Printing Co., $594.24; Mid-South Uniform, $65.36; Smith Printing, $762.16; Natchez Heating & Cooling, $9,952.95; Wilk- Amite, $448.00; Outdoor Power, $271.78; Infoware Network Data, $6,195.00. Maintenance of Reappraisal Fund: Cothren Engineering, $2,025.00; Herring Appraisal, $4,429.70. Fire• Rebate Insurance Fund: Treppendahl's Super Foods Fire Fighter Training, $203.95. Tire Waste Disposal Fund: Entergy, $61.53. Emergency 911 Fund: S/W MS EPA, $34,53. Lake Mary Spillway DIP 282 Fund: SLC, LLC, $41,800.00.. Law Library Fund: Thomas Reuters - West, $533.70. Volunteer Fire Dept. Fund: Entergy, $9.20; C Spire Wireless, $61.99; Buffalo Services, Inc:, $818.55. District One Read Fund: C Spire W/lreless, $109.11; Jay Cavin, $350.00; Town of Centreville, $500.00; Entergy, $19.32; Sanders Repair Service, $266.98; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $16.96; UMB, $1,718.82; Amite Co. Bd. of Supervisors, $260.00; Buffalo Services, $70.79; same, $2,960.60; R. J. Daigle, $4,827.90; Amite Co. Bd. of Natchez Salvage & Parts, Inc. Why buy new when used witt do? USED AUTO & TRUCK PARTS Bay Here! Pay Here! USED AUTOS 601-442-3626 or Toll Free 1-800-759-0631 / "2-Night Free Vacation!" ~onlerd by boat znOd oulrezdl 0enlen ~OP~IM~/U~IH~ Climb Supervisors, $1,040.00. District Two Road Fund: C Spire Wireless, $104.16;A & K Railroad Materials, $515.53; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $340.14; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $21.66; Puckettt Machinery, $498.25; Kubota Leasing, $1,688.44; Caterpillar Financial Service, $2,067.06; Buffalo Services, $4,427.00; Dickerson & Bowen, $2,567.70; Puckettt Machinery, $6,788.00; Stribling Equipment, Inc., $4,500.00. District Three Road: C Spire Wireless, $87.38 Town of Centre e, $29.00; Jr.'s Auto PartS, $186.03; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $1,240.00; BuffaloServices, Inc., $573.47; Sanders Repair Service, $169.65; Richland Equip. Co., $55.69; Puckett Machinery, $341.70; Concordia Bank & Trust, $1,350.00; same, $1,304.95; Raymond Bocking, $100.00; BuffaloServices, Inc., $446.37; same; $3,327.30; Custom Products Corp., $741.96; Amite Co. Bd. of Supervisors, $2,075.00. District Four Road Fund: C Spire Wireless, $109.11; Town of Woodville, $30.95; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $686,12; S/W MS EPA, $250.15; Sanders Repair Service, $129.90; Entexgy, $71.51; Puckett Machinery, $307.28; Kenyon Jackson, $707.94; Concordia Bank & Trust,, $1,104.56; UMB. $1,650.87; Buffalo Services, Inc., $3,793.20; Dickerson & Bowen, $1,659.60; Concordia Bank & Trust, $2,891.52. District Five Road Fund: C Spire Wireless, $111.23; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $365.34; Sanders Repair Service, $121.96; Puckett Machinery, $418.53; S/W MS EPA, $44.89; Concordia Bank & Trust, $1,350.00; same, $1,304.95; Puckett Machinery, $418.53; Buffalo Services, Inc., $2,687.12; Sanders Repair Service, $1,129.00; Custom Products Corp., $1,707.17; Central Pipe Supply, $1,750.00. County Wide Bridge Fund: Sanders Repair Service, $5.99; Blankenstein, F. R. & Co., $13.80; Central Office Supplies, $322.83; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $74.80; Holland & Rigby, $500.00. Solid Waste Department Fund: U. S. Postal Service, $950.00; Riverbed Environmental, $5,925.04; Waste Pro, $27,225.00; Marlin Rei, $130.80; Entergy, $11.89; Southern Telecommunication, $33.91; Delta Computer Systems, $120.00; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $220.42; Smith Printing, $870.68. Court Assessment Clearing Fund: Willie L. Thompson, $555.00; State Treasurer - Dept. F1, $15,655.75; DP Fund #3747, $1,050.00; MS Dept. Of Public Safety, $200.00. Payroll Clearing Fund; Fund: AFLAC, $2,744.55; Always Care Benefits, Inc.., $1,817.28; MS Public Employees Credit, $1,861.50; Wilkinson County Chancery, $320.99; Chesapeake Life Insurance, $58.00; American General Life, $49.71; Colonial Supplemental, $36.00; Boston Mutual Life Ins., $85.05; Legal Shield, $25.90; MS Dept. Of Human Services, $808.00;PLIC SBD Grand Island, $561.72; Wilkinson County Employee, $38,359.10. SW MS Community College Fund: S/W MS Community College, $64,095. 69. $406,717.79 Total All Invoices. 3/26/15 Health Help Mississippi is a local non-profit that can help. Call to get FREE assistance with your health insurance options. HEALTH HELP mississippi !1-877-314-3843 Woodville Board Minutes... tCont uedfromPageSB) WHEREAS, the Wilkinson County School District has approached the Town oi Woodville about advertising in the Yearbook; and,, WHEREAS,, the Board of Aldermen b,elieves that the organizatic)n is worthy of support and promotion. IT IS TI EREFORE ORDERED, oI~ motion of Alderman Anttmny, second by Alderman Carter and approved uaanimously that the Town of Woodville shall purchase a full page ad in the Wilkinson Country High School year- book. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. WHEREAS, Parade permits require additional personnel for the Town of Woodville and substantial notice to the police depart- ment in order to accommo- date this requirement. IT IS TttEREFORE ORDERED, oil Motion of Alderman Carter, second by Alderman Anthony and approved uaanimously that all parade permits must be applied for no latex than the first day of the month pr'eceding the month in whiclh the parade is to be held. SO ()RDERED, February 3, 20)15. WHEREA , the Town of Woodville iis in emer- gency need of sa pipe repair to be done in order to con- tinue water se rvice to the Town in a maIaner compli- ant with the law and all relative rules and regula- tions concernirlg the water system; and, WHEREAS, the Town of Woodville has received a quote for said repair from Spinks Construction in the amount of $4,240. IT IS TttEREFORE ORDERED, oa Motion of Alderman Carter, second by Alderman Anthony and approved u:nanimously that the quot;e of $4,240 from Spinks (Construction be accepted. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. WHEREAS, Second to None Social and Travel Club has r quested a parade permit to hold a Heart Awareness Rally on February 28, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.; and, WHEREAS, the Board of Alderman support said rally. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, on Motion of Alderman Anthony, second by Alderman Carter and approved unanimously that the parade permit is approved as requested. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. WHEREAS, the Town of Woodville borrowed money against projected tax revenue in order to meet obligation at the end of 2014; and, WHEREAS, said tax revenue has been received. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, on Motion of Alderman Carter, second by Alderman Anthony and approved unani- mously that the loan be repaid in the amount of $75,961.45. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. WHEREAS, Johnny Clark appeared before the Board of Aldermen to request a raise of $1.00 per hour for his work as a full time police officer; and, WHEREAS, Chief Stewart spoke on his behalf, stating that he is the only officer current- ly employed that is on call and available to the department on a 24 hour a day basis to respond to a potential emergency that may require additional staff on short notice. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, on Motion of Alderman•Anthony, second by Alderman Carter with Alderman Lofton abstain- ing, that Johnny Clark be named Assistant Chief and be given a $1.00 per hour raise, effective imme- diately. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. WHEREAS, it is Ordered, on Motion of Alderman Carter, second- ed by Alderman Anthony, and passed unanimously, that the meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the Town of Woodville be and is hereby adjourned until the next Regular Meeting on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. at the Woodville Municipal Building. SO ORDERED, February 3, 2015. Gary D'Aquilla, Mayor A2~rEST: Cathy McCurley, Clerk 3/26/15 ST/kTE OF MISSISSIPPI TOWN OF WOODVILLE ORDER WHEREAS, the Board of Aldermen and the Mayor of the Town of Woodville met in their Special Meeting at 8:00 o'clock A.M., Wednesday, February 18, 2015, which meeting was held at the Woodville Municipal Building located at 131 Courthouse Street, pur- suant to legal notice attached as Exhibit "A" hereto; and, WHEREAS, there were present at said meeting Mayor Gary D'Aquilla, Alderman Russell Fry, Alderman Gene Lofton and Alderman William Carter with Alderman Earl Dean Anthony being absent; WHEREAS, the meet- ing is hereby called to order for those items on the agenda. SO ORDERED, February 18, 2015. WHEREAS, the Town of Woodville has before it consideration of the payment of the February docket of the Town which was ordered to be paid by previous order of the board. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, upon motion of Alderman Carter, sec- onded by Alderman Fry, and approved that the March payroll is to be paid prior to the pay- ment of the February docket. ON MOTION of Alderman Carter, second by Alderman Fry and approved that the meet- ing is hereby adjourned. SO ORDERED, February 18, 2015. Gary D'Aqnilla, Mayor ATTEST: Cathy McCurley, Clerk 3/26/15 UTILITY PAYMENT= CUSTOMERS CAN NOW PAY TOWN OF WOODVILLE UTILITY BILLS ONLINE AT THE WEBSITE CUSTOMERS CAN PAY BY E-CHECK, DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD DISCLAIMER... If an account is delinquent, discon- nected, or in the disconnect process, you MUST contact Woodville Town Hall at 601-888-3338 BEFORE you make a payment. Services will not automatically be restored nor will this prevent disconnection if payment is made without contacting the Woodville Town Hall FIRST! 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