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March 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 26, 1898

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natl|llt tublua. March 26. J. S. LEVIS, Editor and Proprietor. TO AD V R rISERS. THE VOODVILI.E REPUBLICAN Is the oldest ne,spaper in the State; h:ts a larger bona fide circulation than an3&apos; othex 'spaper in this section therefore :. is A/mLi,n ht tth in KinL ANNOUNC]MENT. Fen CONGRESS. To the Voters of the Sixth Congres aional District: Believing that an iuyestigation of recordin Congress will show thai | ged my duty, actively, faithfully and efficiently; that I have kept all pro,roses and broken no part)' pledge% I therefore am encouraged again solicit tm support of my constituency for re-elee.tion and Iere- by announc;e mv candidacy subjec to tl.; action of' the Democra, ie party Of tile Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respect:ully ,- W. F Lt)VE. Z/ . ............................................. WAR OUTLOOK. Latest Washington dispatche |ook somewhat more warlike, but for slither the outcome is sift! problematmal. The report el the Investigating Committee i. m)w in the hands of the PreM dent and will soon be made pub- lie and until then it is useless tc ,speculate on its contents The President now proposes t, throw the entire" responsibility o Congress, if t#legrams are to by believed, and it is hlghiy proba- ble that some decisive actiou will be taken by that body. We arc not inclined to believe that wal will be declared outright, bu either a recognition of Cuban in. dependence or intervention bx thisGovernmen will most pro'- bably lead to that result in the end. . Hostilities may yet be avoided, ahd if thts can be honorably ac- complished it is certainly to be hoped for, but the temoer of Congress seems to l)o/nt to az with Spain. Tl)a! finn is opposed to evident, and that its iufluence will be on the side of peace is certain; but the im- pression is grow/ng that this peace policy is dictated by the money 01ass, from purely selfish motives, and this belief tends to strengthen the war clement both in and out of Congress. War is of course to be deprecated in any course wheu national honor, and even national interest are st stake, it must be resorted to regardless of costs or sacrifice. Y/'hether we are confronted with Such a condition will soon be dis- closed and until then it is better to withhold any premature ex- pressions of opinion. AN ALLIANCE WITII ENG- LAND. for some time past the leading tapers in London have openly advocated an alhance between Britain and ths United and there is no doubt that for future emergencies. An alliance with Great Britair would be tim best that could be made for nlauy reasons. We are of one race, and our commercial interests are closely Interwoven, aud are of g,'eat magnitude. Great Britain is the greatest naval power of the world, a point wherein the United States is com- paratively weak; while this coun- try is simply a collossus in re- sources and military strength, wherein lies the weakness of the mother country as a result of her scattered empire. It is not as- suming too much to sag that these two nations combined could determine and execute any policy they might see fit, and could cer- tainly be reuonably safe from foreign attack. The enormous strength of such an alliance can hardly be over- estimated, and there wou]d not be a sitlgle element of weakness in it. Between the two Nations hey would possess all the money n cesary for an), purpose; all the men necessary for any war, whether defensive ,)r aggressive; and all the ship necessary to transport artnies, and powerful fleets to defend these transports during the passage to an)" given point. Such an alliance would command respect, and could go far to enfore the peace of the world, for it couhi only exist on defensive and peaceful lines. IIIGtt WATER. Great floods have occurred du- ring the past week on the upper tributaries of the Mississippi rtver and much damage doue, but as yet no lives are reported lost. In many placestrains are blocked by the water, as well as street cars and other travel At Memphis it has reached the 30 foot mark caused by floods in the Missour and upper Mississipp/. This great body of water at this time of course causes anxiety, but there is no cause for alarm, as it will have ttme to run off before the Ohio and other tributaries come down with their floods The river men and government engi- neers feel, anti express them- selves as confident, that there is to be no general overflow, but that we will have high water, although nothing to compare with that of last year Out of 2,000 applicants for employment iu the U. S. regular naval service, the officer incharge <)f the recruitmg station accepted aud passed only 56" But this need not discourage any of the youth of the land whose amL, i- tion inclines them to seek the bubble reputation at the cannon', mouth. When the dogs of war are let shp, the bars are let down; anything in man's shape then passes for powder food. Vicksburg Herald. Our New England friends .are domg everything possible to push the suggestion that in case ot war it were best to employ Southern soldiers to do the fighting, as men from a colder climate cannot stand the climate of Cuba. But they are not so ungeneroUi aa to wish to shirk all the reslmnsibili. ties and dangers of the conflict, and so nan readily be induced to alliance would the other side of the On this sde the sugges- has not met with much fa- vor, but nevertheless it deserw s rious consideration at the hands st atesmen. this Government, be very accept the onerous duties of quartermaster, paymaster or com- missary,N. O. States. Special to The Tmes-Demoerat. Washington, March 22.Though one of the newcomers in Conuress. Congressman Love is fast forgin'g his way to tbe front hy hxs tact, ch)se nearly a century ago, s apphcation to business and the inter- ' P ' Y. [his t ,  " g lost attests: ,,,. ..... H ...... .:-- _  "lepresentative Love of Mrs .... q)ln aas received many compliments ten m!!h0ns of mhabl- ltor tile intimacy be disi,layed wi, h questmn now pre-  postal affairs last week durim, the is a people ,urn-  coMderation of the post-oilice ap- m and wil It tpropr|aLiou hill. lr. Love is sere. lag lvsfirsL term in Congress, but las rc/al relations with atteuded very consciealiously to hs civilized world wall duties as a member of the committee possible to pursue thi aolicy of exclusion. do not beheve that it can , nor that it will be permit in the near future. already admonished by recurring foreign con:- that we can no longer expect to keep ourselves entirely the affairs and interests nations. No man can live to himself alone, nor can any t, bemg but an aggre- of men. Granting that cannot escape being drawn whirlpool caused 'conflicting national anti race it follows that wise t would suggest that on post offices and post-roads, tie had char?,e of the debate for he mi- nority side on severa/important par- agraphs, and coaductelhis part with digmty and much discr( finn. There are said to be very few members of the House who are well reformed on ,natal matters, aad it is unusual for a new member to acquaint himself, in detail, as Mr. Love has dose about the workings of the st vies. Gee Harr Bmgham, of Pennsylvania, is qiven the credit of being about the best posted man on the?e topics, but Bingham is not only a eteran of Ihe House, but was for nearly six years postmaster of Philadelohia." According to the Phiadelphia Rec. or I, hordes of patriots are overrun. ning the executive departments anx ious tO get a swipe at the $50,000.- 000 emergency appropriation and unload worthless engines and mate. anchor to wmd- rim of war upon the governm(nt. prudential proves/on t N. O. Brat,s. enough to retain the undivided sup. port of Congress m his Sl)anish pol,- cy It will all :lepend upon the ac- tion he takes on the report of tile Naval Court of Inquiry, which he now has. If he acts promptly and properly on that report and then sends the report and a statement of hat he has done to Congress, he will be squarely and unanimously supported by Congress to any ex- tent. But If he plas into Spain's hand by making a weak demand and delays the matter by keeping the re- port away from Congress, there will he trouble right away. A laurge ma- Jority of both braneh of Congress have made up their minds that Sena- for Proctor wM right when he said that no settlement of the Cuban ques. tion could possibly be satisfactory that left the Island under the Span ish flag, and if Mr McKinley does'at lay his policy along lhat line, he wilt probably find Congress taking the matter out of Ills hands. He cat, control thes|uation if he does tht riglt thing; otherwise not. Mucl, viii depend upoh his first move. which should be made this week. A statement prepared at tim Pen- sion office shows that more than 810- t)00,000 have been legally paid b x pensioners to pension attorneys du- ring the lasLseven years. Just ho mucl the attorneys have illegally gotten from the pensioners is more or less uncertain, but there is data enough in the Pension Office to show that the illegal exactigns more than equal the legal fees. It is not sur- prising that the Pension attorneys should be able to maintain a power- ful lobby. It is a relief, in the midst of so much war talk, to read of the tri- umphs of peace, as shown in the greatness and progress of American industry through its association WIM, the U. S. pad, eat system. In an an aual report of |hirly pages, Hen. A P Greeley, Acting Commissioner o Pauents, has incorporated much ca] uableimportaut information for in renters, patentees, manufacturers. capitalists, publicists, and ia fact for everybody who is interested it industrial progress, of which th, press synopsis that has bees pub lished gn'es a very faint idea. Thi pamphlet will be mailed free upoL request, by the Commmsioner of at eats, Washington, D. C. Fool talk is as plentiful in Wash iugton as fools are everywhere, bu it need not catch anybody who wit use a little bit of common sense, it anaiyziag it. For instance, just set how absurd, when this test is applieti is the story, one of the latest, tha the five great European powers hat.' united for tim purpose of demandiu that the Government of the Unite, latesslmuld stae whetlmrit inten- (led to annex Cuba, and if so, ha It should proclaim a tariff policy fm all time that would not be affecte( 0y chanes of administration. Th, absurdity of European nations de: mending what any bright school be 3 knows to be impossible under om form of goveramentthe binding oi Its successors by an adminlatration effectually disposes of this story, bul others equally aa absurd ate oontlau. all sta. Many Senators and Represents fives are aharpty criticizing the ad- ministration for countenanemg the presencein B ashingtoa of the three alleged Cuban Commissioners, wh, jomtly wth the Spanish minister form what they are pleased to call. the "reciprocity commlssmn," and who have actually had the audacity to take the prehminary steps towards the negotiation of a reciprocity treaty with Spain, to include Cuba What adds to the audacity is the fact that these so called commissioners are not actmg in good faith, are no what theft claim to be, but are engaged in lobhyifig: for a continuance of auton. Washington, March 21, 1898. t Washington and is gven to you for Tins week will probably determit;e what it is worth. Personally, your whether Mr. McKinley ns sagacmus correspondent does not believe that Mr. McKinley would dare try to car- ryout such a pohcy, and is certain if he did, tha Congress would not allow it to be (lone under an) cir- cumstances. Key West, Fla., Mch. 22.--Lieut. Commander Marlx, judge advoeat of the United States naval court of inquiry late the loss of the batlleslnp Maine, left Key West tlds afternoon on his way to Washington by the City of Key West, bound f,,r Miami, taking with him the report of the court on the disaster. AN ELOQUENT EULOGY. Hem is a magnificent eulogy of .General Robe.rt E. Lee by Hoe. Ben Jtlln, or Utoorgla: "He was afoe without hate, a friend without treachery, a soldi,r without cruelty and a v!ctim with, ut murmuring. He was a pubhe offi(.t r without vices, a pr]va*e citizen with- out wrong, a neighbor without re- preach a christian without hvpocricy and a man wither t guile He was C' sar w]tlmut hm ambition. Fred- crick w]thout his tyranny, Napoleon without his selfishness, and Wash- ington without his reward. He was obedient to authority as a servant, and royal in authority as a king. lle was as gentle as a woman in life. pure and |not!estasa virgin in thought. I wacntlll as a Roman vestal, subnli8- J sive to law as Socrates, and grand in ] battle as Achilles. '2- [ A SE.VERE ARRAIGNMENT. / t "' " Te Commercml Appeal crHic]zes qutte severely Senators Ga]liuger. Money and Thursion and men Cummins attd William Ahlen Smith for going to Cuba as the guests of' the New York Journal to investi- gate the Cuban situation on their own acconnt. It says: "This is indeed the first time a congressional delegation has deserted the duties which it was elected to disclmrge in order to enter the jour- nalistie market and compete with the trained newspaper men It is tim first time senators and congressmen have attempted to usurp the func- tions of the executive branch of the government, confided to it by the constitution. It is tee first time that sen&tors all0 eotlgre8smen have ever departed it] a body to make mereha]- disc of the votes of those who placed then] in power to sell to the highes bidder the honors conferred upot them, to take advantage of the posi- tions which they occupy to give yah|,. to their gabble, to intermeddle in in- ternational affairs and by their pres- ence offer insult to ttLeir own govern- sent, and that to the goverument ( a friendly power at the same time. The case is surely unprecedented, and let u hope it will have no succes- sor. ' ' PROCEEDINGS of the Board of SUpervisors PIlE STATE OF MISSISSIPpi, WILKINSON COUNTY. J Be it remembered timt at a regula aeeting of the Board of Supervisor f said County began and held a :he Court House m the town [, Woodville, said County on he is Uonday, being the 7th day o Iareh A. D. 1898. PRESENT. L. T Ventress. President[Jas D Cage, W L. Jenkins, 1. A Carter C T. Netterville, members. Js. M. SsstoNs, Sh'ff C A. COON. ClerK. 2nd Day. Allen Cox 7 mile hoard tn negr, church. A T G Peele negro church to 1'. mile board. Hiram McGraw 12 mile board t, mouth of streot near Maik IIa) s. J A Redhead Centreville to Gassa- way house and from forks to Mount Pleasant. J D Riley Z Gaulden to Centreville W W Dickson, Ceatreviile to the Amirs line, two frctienal pieces. roWH Petty, Centreviile to Natchez A:A McIin, 18 mile board to the county line. Tobe Keller Gassow old place tt. Haynes store Robt L Graves, Stewart place t county line. W R Simmons, KeJlertowu to Thompson crtek. I B Mays, llaynes|store to State line. Scott Newman, Scott ewma n store to 10 mile board H E Phares, Whitestown to Thomp son creek. lIorace Green, White,town t<, Thompson creek Centreville road. P H Petty, 16 mile board to district liue. S S Johns, Whitestown to Nash store. Wm Davis, Whitestown to Jackson road. Henry Gibson, Whitestown to Wit- trams creek. G Y Darden, Oorp Ceutreville to only in Cuba. although to do so the3 Woodville road, have to practically call liars several th District. Henry Johuson, Natchez road to U. S. Senators, Consul General Lee buffalo bridge. and every intelhgent newspaper cot. I Wm Dawson, Buffalo bridge t 9 Hart store. respondent who has recently been m I Wash Burner, IIart store to Jansen Cuba, as slier these have declared, lgate. in unmistakable terms that autonomyl B W Brannan, Cooper forktothe has bees from the first a fiat failure Barnes mill. [t is thought by a number of gentle. men who are familiar witi the game that these agents of Spain are tryin to play that the admmmtration would be justifiable ia sending them home, but it is whispered that the adminis tration wants them just where they are aml that notwithstanding the sentiment of Congress aad of the pttbhc in favor of tree Cuba, six memnera of Mr. McKinley's Cabinet A C Jfopkius, Turkey creek to Ja M urray ' s. Frank Anders, Jas Murray to Whetsfone hill. J K Cobb, Whetstone hill to 25 mile boord. Thos Flowers, 25 mile board to 2 mile board. lIO Itaynes, 22 mile board to 3re (list line los lIazlip, O'Kelly place to 28t mile board. John ttazlip, 28 mile board to Ro- sette. R W Day, Itomochitto to Galloway chnrct]. " Albert Parker, Galloway church to Whetst,.ne hill. C V Wilkinson, Woodville and Natchez rosd to county line. [ W. R Sims, WoodvllJe & Natchez i road to Buffalo. N D Carter. Buffalo to (lvdonia r, ,1. T E Murray, 28 mile board to for of road. Wm Mask, 11 mile board to 17 mils board. Mose Cavm, Buffalo to Pole Ashley branclt. LEON SCIIWARTZ. C 11.2qEYLA-D. SGHWAltTZ & NEYLAND, M a in Street, WOODVILLE, Sinee the Quaran/ine restricticns around our team, have been raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh .needs o fall kinds, and our store s now replete with,  sle and fancy roeerze, dry oo, eta, to be found. New goods arriving-daily. Iha James Ashley. PoleAshley branch purchased a/arge stock of Dry goods, to tAcerty road. FredLanehart, Friendship to Big Itill.: ;]fleyAslfleyCroodedereek road Clothing, .. .... oosepn, dames Murray's to tile  "- VLI()I|. --l('t't'to,-,l__ . ttoster road.  .  " Jt4U/(/'a/'t.. _ Ordored.thatthe members, sherlffl[1C/es. I-I# 2t._ _ ar- a[(t cter t.t.raw their mileage and per ] - ',t-O k.l/(.}e S t.g- # -IT _ .,o,n as,o.ows I. 1, - rk LTVentress2day6)m .... $865[OL11 of whl(. _ YO ....... ::::9,0 / I propose t sellat ri w 0000,,onkins day .......... 9 O P CCS [A Carter2 (lay 19m.. 99(, 00,o/ow that ,,, C T Nette,'ville 2 (lay 12m ........ 9 o0 -* ,, 111 he .... J M Sessions shff 2 day ........ ; 7,,, 4- .....  u. ffl3Lll" T''f'c-.-,.. to examine mv stock. -S Ordered that the Board do now _1 _ _ -- pecla/ m- adlournu,il mxt regular n.ieeting uucements .... VENTrESS, ,resment. to /arge buyers. :i LIQUOR ,'EI'IrIoN. PEETI,00 MOLLER Tolhe Honorable Mayor and Boa-d of Ahlermen of the'town of Wo, d- --- vnlle, Wilkinson County, State o: Mississq,pi : " , z.7", -...__ _, . 'l'heundersigned qna]ified vote, s  YOUR D"g- resident wxthin the town of Wood- ville, Wilkinson County, State of R %h.siasqtpi pelltion your honorable , FICHrS ,. . $ ')ody to grant and Issue to t / lllediclne is not ri ht h A H. SANI)MAN,  ' resident in said town a license t,  Disease with medicine. If the ell and retail vinous, alcoholic, real' co . g e cauuot i,ttoxieatin and sl,triLuons liq,/ors i  g/q::sd7:a, se- If the drug- ,.s quantity than one galh,n wtthi  ...:,, , . _ ' auty the medicine ,re ,,mi,s o, sa,d t,,wo at tho sai,,o, Z003t'00 and doctor ,ease m)w occupied by him on th  . u a gooa Chance of ,onth east corner of the squar wmningthe victory, b lirectl.y, est of the court hot, se, an,   eaO g ;nu h fe frO l; ;fotCt  we recommend the said A H. Sand flan to be of good reputation and : l uch hcense. Respectfully, Paul Habig, Ben Brow n, nagex % Wilon Be, rnard Newell, " O'VIt''E ]ISS, " Max I)amof, Marcus I. Berger, -- ---------B ..._ _ _ _- David A. 1)ickey, Leon Schwartz, Fred Martens, Doug Gildart, | Richard Joseph Anderson, "T"  / . . . Roht. V 'I'urrwr, = Monroe William Brown, No. 5 N/ghl, Tr,iu L yes Memphis, . , . ,, ea 7:55 [,m I rancls F. Best, ,, ,, ,, Vicl0urg ;5:o am Ike Baum, ., ,, ,, " " Oour,mLtlo 6:10am Ike Gildart, -- ........ " Arrives New Orleans No, 6, N/ght Train leav-es New  10:35am Salvatore Cumbn, ' ....... ,, O l(ana Charles Augustus Chisholm, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Cenreville 4:20 t,m Jack Wilson, Jr. , ..... -,, Vicksburg 8:35 pm Harry Hays Cage,  arrives Memphls IJ:5o pm Jacol Cohen, . Leave  7:10 am Charles Stewart Hamilton, arrives New Orleans 8 am  5:30 pm George Chisholm, ,,' ,, ,y J.raln leaves New Nrleaus Alexander Henry Sandman, __ " arrives Vicksburg, 8:05 am TraiD runs d'ly except Sundaj. 5:55 pm Lee Charles Schloss, No, 791 leaves Wodville Joseph Schwartz, " leaves Bayou Sara 9 am Simon B]umenthal, " " arrives Slaughter |1:10 am George Mitchell Petty, - _ o. 72,2 ieav,,a Slaughter 12:20 pm Charles Dmkey, " Bacon ,qnra ] ;]0 D Thomas Roland " " arrives Woodville J. Lytton Sweehy, -- 9:.5 pm Geo Blackamore, The only Line rnnnfn 'Praiaa beew#n :15 pm David Bennett Morgan, ]ll"]l'rll ld William Delaney, '" Oll&t LNI unaT"ying elegant Pullman Buffet 8] In 'rhomu James Williams, + "a aebgera a a ...... " g Oa in Albert Bassett, For taes tta__Vy aaa comfortable iourao - lmth dhet/ona, th , " eeto.,a !'to - -7. Die. PMs'r &gt,. Chas Chisholm. Jr. M IMPIIIB Tla.NN]gSEE" Isidore Rothschild, George Frsziet. Turner, Morris H. R,t, hschdd, A. T. BENEDICT Hiram Whetstone mth, Thomas Samt, el Harrison, Noland Stewart. MANUFACTURER, RtePAIRER AND DEALER IN 00arriag00s gnus FnrmWng0ns Harness James Gasher Turner, AV]I]m Cage Henley, = Jacob SLutzmann,  dwar,t Hi,gins Lewis,   j, J Pr,,st,,ood Mi,,or, ., . J,shua ALwod Tilden, Ben,min (,,sl nk,, dffent ]'or the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS John E, ThonlaS, Which are umversally acknowledged to be Daniel E, Havard, The Best and LISHTEST RUNNIN0 WAOON Made, Frederick A. tlart, Ja,nes,2,I. Watson, Agent for FR, AZ[EIt ROAD and SPEEDINO 0ART, whic Isaac T Hart,. Arthur Seth Johnson, are great favorites among Horsemen his MARKII D[alGNa Jim x Washington, AGENT FOR THE mrk , Ike R. Davhlson, Marin Rothschild, Gabriel Kann, The most; extensive Manufacturers of Iron F.uoing in the United tatoa. Jacob Adolphns Davidson, Particular attention paid o re-covering and rigging A W Scott, Barnesmill to Tar .... Hiller), Jones, 'mX 00xtdcl le00. creek ,xnu Willie Francis Lane|mr+. .J B. Dawson, Tar Kiln creek t,, William C Miller ]  All wor k done promptly and at Keaonable rates. Woodvllle Mt   Woouville & Kingston road  - ........ " I ' " , "ss., ept. 1891 tf A 31AI'I; OF MISS  , . . B Leak, Jrioadsbip fork to Bur- " ","IS "If PI,  I tale via HackeRs store TILKINSON COUWq, v " I J M Carter, Hacketts fork to Beat- Person t "'-;ire the tieon Cold Springs road. , lunderslgilYcl:.l;l';:;edcirbefit Courtl TRESPASS NOTICE. __ .__ o Rufus Geter, Beattie's to Parker s/i n and for satd county and sta All hunting or tresnassin -,, +,. on YEARS fork " ' Artonish lands und'er fe-o '- E" , , . te J W Sanders, telegraph road to 15 / J'seph 8ehwar, z wi|o being duly ] hibited under full penalty o'fth'e 17w; mile post. i t:(;rnoS:3t'l:to:l .tha, the signa- Any stock remaining on the Artonish Moses Armstrong, 15 mile Phlpps fork post to ..... .omg petition are I pasture after February 15th will be charged pasturage50e per mouth. 5th D,strlet. [ g::r|;::s(:ti;na(e[s;gnid m htla:reX " [ J.A.. (-ILLESPIE, @EBrown 1st d] u , "st liae to Buf. tq eat of said parties so signing. 1 15 1898 ly. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands knows as the Gi]dart tract. tbe Luberty tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile north-east of Woodvi]le under penalty of he law F. 19 '96-t! OPYNIGHYa ,$. AenklYv e ,en.di.n, s skoteh and deseviiton may *uaty S, S0eIVlll OUr OplDIon 1@O Whm" all invention is probablypatentable. Communioa. tielldtfi d n otl .foHr d b on k OD Patat$ cy nearing ten __Pate.nts.taken tarough Munn& -, uu notw without charge, in the Scientific Rmtritan. J 6 | Beoadwsy, F favor a policy on the part ot this gee- falo. . JOSEPH SCHWARTZ. ernment that will result in the Con- ! J CNettervillc. buffalo to I6 mile Sworn to and subsertbed before ' noaro l tlnuatlon upon some terms of the l Chas Stewart, 16 mile board t me this 1st day of March A. D. 1898. farce of autonomy in 0uba, and the ] mile board. " o 18 K.F. Jotmson, Clerk. ueof the power of this g,;verament lIardie Leako, 18 mile board to the [By W. C. Miller. D. C. Liberty road Filed March 1st 1898 before the to compel the Cubans to aeeept it. ]. Yancy Corey, steel bridge to Hop.. Board of May3r and Aldermen of Kms gate, t the town of Woodville. This seems too monstrous for belief, R l Tillery, Hopkins gate to Tur=/ M. Jacony, Clerk of Board 'but it ia seriously ta/kcd about iu key creek. 5