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March 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 26, 1898

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)L. LXXII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 1898. WIT AND WISDOM, NO. 41. A WORD OF ADVICE • LAMPAS JOE. Addresses Last Chance at Black Wolf Saloon. 95. BY M QUAD. 40 miles to push my way den of wickedness and talk Up-and-down to you sinful crit- Lampas Joe, the revival- crowded his way into the Wolf saloon and squared off "If thar's a galoot yore who me by sight and name, let myself as Lampas Joe, the meanest critters on the face airth a year ago, but jest now look tt decent man in the face." in the crowd before me," con- Joe after a look around, "Tom Pete Sharky, Bill ttcnderson, and a dozen other kyotes kin call by name. I used ter A few short months rubbin' elbows with the and rippin' and cussin' with of 'era. l was braggin' and from Monday mornin' to Sat- same as these duffers ar' I carried a gun on each hip in my boot-leg, and 1 high and was ready fur a row. 1 look back and see. my- was I wonder that some ole didn't kick me ter death fur a as 1 was ridin' over yore from deh, tryin' to thiik out a way rer souls from everlastin' per- 1 met up with ole Satan on a broncho. Whar' he was, hoofs and all, and he had a grin think year' herin a good time[ The only reason a cloud-burst don't cme down Buzzard Creek and sweep ye all off is bekase clean water would run back up hill if it met this crowd. I_u the big thunder-storm last week light- nin' killed three half-breeds and four Chinymen over at Cow Boy Hill, but it didn't strike within two miles of this town. Any thunder-bolt would hey bin ashamed to git into such compeny. "And now, what yr.. goin' to do about it? l mean, at' ye goiu' to keep right on wallerin' in wickedness and beta" clack-a-luck with the ole galoot who presides over the fiery furnaces down below, or ar' ye goin' to come out o' this, wash off the dirt, scour out yer mouths and git up alongside o' me? 1 used to think there was nothin' like ths sort o' life, but 1 tell ye it ain't in it with the one l've bin livin' fur the last y'ar. I kin sit up in the mornin' now and respect myself, and I kiu go to bed feelin' that l'm a. peg or twoabove the crawlin' things of airth. My mouth has bin scoured out till 1 kin tell the taste of vinegar from spring water, and when I meet a stranger on the trail he bows to me as a man. "Mebbe ye arty that it'll make ye sick fur three months to make the change? It'll knock ye over furaweek or so. and I won't deny it. but it won't break any bones nor send ye to the hospital. All ye've got to do is to work up yer sand and giv ole Satan a squar' fiKht. He's all blow and bluster when ye stand up to him like a man. I'm told that some galoot in this crowd sez I made the change fur the money in it, tte's a liar from Liarsvillei That' ain't a dollar in it, except as it pays anybody to be a decent man. I'm lookin' at twenty different critters who wouldn't tit a nod of the head t mu I ' A ',ll t; L. FARMER AND PLANTER. Te00t the amount u00,ed the butter bowl: guess work is too cost- ly a way. And. finally, test yourself. THE HOG PEN. Areyou up-to-date in your methods, or l£eep the llogs Comfortable If You Desire are you a score of years behind the Good Results. times? I sometimes think we are too The main thing is, make your hog exacting in every way except without- comfortable by giving him nice. clean selves. How m this, dairymen? Are sleeping quarters under cover, so it ' we up to the standard onrselves?JE. S, will be dry. Give him straw and he Tincent. in Farmers" .................. Home Journal. will make his own bed. I like dirt t THE CORN FIELD. [leers best. and fill up the holes or un- places with clay, as there is not ' Seasonable SuggestiOnrlanting.fOr the Comln eve so much dust. Then you want a plank t Corn planting will soon begiu in floor to one side to feed on, so the most southern portions of the cotton feed wilt not be trampledin the dirt. belt. In all regions it is desirable You also want your feeding platform a to plant a portion of the crop as early little slanting, so the ruin will keep it as conditions will permit, for several washed off. Kcep the manure and trash cleaned out and sprinkled leith reasons; one. tlle early corn ears more heavily, making less stalk; ashes or slacked lime, A friend of another, because it is better to have mine told me last summer a good way eggs in two nests in place of all in one to rid the hogs of vermin, as well as nest. The seasons may hit one if they have the hogs cool. Take some plank do not the other. Corn planted the and make a box about the size first of March ought to mature hy July of a wagonbed, bury it about 1st and thus escape July draug ts. An- half in the ground. Then fill other rosen for early planting about two-thirds fall of water, is that early-planted corn clashes On this pour five gallons of coal oil. less with cotton crops; it is ready with some other cheap oils. The oil to receive its first wm.king after cotton floats to the top, and the hog will take is planted and before it (cotton) is ready a bath and be well oiled when he comes out. which will lll that great hog for its first working. As the ground will not be very warm at the time of pest. the louse. I early planting, the seeds should he coy- Plenty of clean water is very essen- tial to a hog in fattening him in the ered quite shallow, so the sun's heat summer time, as well as plenty of may reach them readily. To guard against depredations of birds, coat the shade• I seed very lightly with tar. This will The farrowing pens should be away. also protect from bud worms to some some distance from your other hogs, so extent, though these worms are not apt the sow may be as quiet and undis- to injure early planted corn. Very turbed as possible. The more a sow early and very ].ate planted corn escap with young pigs gets up, themore pigs their ravages: intermediate plant- are trampled or overlaid. Be sure you .ings suffer most. Plant only good know about when your sow is due to land and such as is least likely LAIPAS JOE MEETS SATAN MOUNTED ON A BRONCHO." his face as he pulls up and begs yet humble pard[as, but this be Lampas Joe?' sez i, 'and might you Satan ?' same,' sez he, 'and I reckon ar" on yet way to Last Chance to talk with some of my crowd. ase, however, Tom Jones and belong to me, body and soul, be throwin' yer time sit one of 'em,' sez 1. one. Even Jack McCoy, who brains nuff in his head to be is in with me, and can't be off the track. Better waste yer on the wolves and buzzards.' what ole Satan sez to me, but 1 wasn't discouraged turn back. I pushed right re I am, and I want to make to turn this bloomin' evil of its way. What's s bluffin' and braggin' and D'ye think it skeers D'ye think it makes men I kin h'ar a dozen of ye like sore-headed b'ars, or four galoots ar' handlin' if they thought 1 wasan Woman to be skeered off. Hey ye idea that I kin be bluffed off? it. I'm yore to talk. c straight from the shoulder, 'baht" to all yer guns and what am I goin' to say? It's at" sarvin' atan without and even payin' fur the privi- the workers in the Lord's at' gittin' cash in. hand and about in their busums a feel- no money kin buy. And gittin' out o' it? Jest BLUE DANCLG FROCK. Ymbrol'dered with Forget-Me-Nots __,,George, father has failed." "ThaUs ,r Tboe omlalll to Alaska at' thl and Worn Over a Slip of Silk. : just like him! I told yon all along, Klondike told 'ietds. The most serviceable article ever darling, that he was doiugallheeould One thing should bc impresseO upon owned by a (lancing woman is a slip of to keep us from marrying."--Tit-B|ts, every miner, prospector or trader corn- silk. If she can possess three or four --Different.--"Why oyou makesueh ing to Alaska. to tim Klondike, or the of these slips her social success, so far a row about that umbrella yon lost? Yukon country, cud that is the neeea as her appearance is concerned, is as- Haven't you ever lost au umbrella be- sured. With a silk slip of blue, another fore? .... Yes; but this one was mine." of cherry, onc of lavender and a fourth --Chicago Record. of burned orange, she can meet any --.lie (theatrically)--"You have re- emergeucy in the evening dress line fused me! To-morrow I go to seek without embarrassmen*,.. It may be my fortune in the Klondike." She-- said of these slips that they are vcry "May I have the refusal of you when easy to make, and, being of a cheap you return?"--Puck. --"You must be crazy." "Must?" "That is the word. If you won't be in- sane," continued the lawyer for the de- fen:e "I see no way of saving your neck,'--Indianapolis Journal. --Ideal Frieud ship,--Wi tters---"Did you hear the shocking news7 Hug- mann's great friend, Roland Lambie has run away with Mrs. IIugmann," Bvles--"You don't say sol I did not believe his friendship would go so far farrow, and put her by herself in a to suffer from drought. Don't rely pen with a shed, that she can make on the corn crop alone for stock feed her bed, and be sure and provide her the crop is too uncertain for that. but with good bedding a few days before time. Supply her with fresh bedding plant enough for bread and part stock and clean out all the old. and sprinkle feed, for animals are fond of corn, and with ashes or slaked lime every few it is desirable to give them variety, in days• Notice that the water docsu't the olden times, when our lands were fresh, corn was a more reliable crop FORGET-ME-NOT DRESS. run into your pig's bed. If it does. and hart it is at present. Sometimes, when they sleep in a wet place a few days, one is short of provisions, it pays to grade of silk. are far from expensive. good-by pigs[e, for part of them may i slant amoderate quantity of some early One of the most elegant young women die. and if not some of them may have variety of corn that will mature in at Miss Drexel's big Philadelphia ball their tails to crack and come off. The June some of the smller varieties wore white organdie over a blue silk little fellows need plenty of exercise that can be planted quite thickly, say slip tbat cost only 17 cents per yard in and sunshine, aa well as feed, to make in three feet rows and hills one foot the piece. them grow. ] 1 like to have my lots and pens moved apart in rows.--Sonthern Cultivator. This dress is of organdie. It is white and is worn over a blue slip. The organ- every year when practicable• so as to THE HAY QUESTION. ! die is embroidered with forget-me-nots enrich as much ground as possible. What Shall We Sow to Renew tire Hay and is made with a plain skirt. Around I will tell you how to make a conven- Meadow? the foot are plalttngs of the organdie. tent. movable fence: Go to the mills and The army worms in 1896 ruined all The waist is plain white orgamtie, fin- get oak lumber when you can: if not. the timothy and herd grass meadows; ishcd with dou/)le fan-plaited scallops pick out as much heart-pine as you can the drought of 1897 rained the clover--- of the same. The sleeves are also seal- find of lx4 inch. and in as long lengths • • * • so there s httlc, af ay. kmd of hay left lops. as vou can get: now make these into panels of about three feet high by nail- to the farmer. This is a problem cans-. The only relief is a narrow belt of ing pieces across ends and inmiddle, ing farmers much thought: What shall ' petunia velvet. sity for providing an adequate and food supply. Wbeherproeured in the States, in the Dominion, or at the supply stores tare or further on, this must be his primary concern, Upon the manner in which the miner has observed or neglected this precat lion more than upon any otler one thing will his success or failure depenff. These supplies must be healthful and should be concentrated, but the most careful attention in the selection of coals that will keep unimpaired in- definitely under all the conditions which they will have to encounter i imperative. For instance, as bread raised with baking powder must be re- lied upon er the chief part of meal, imagine the hel miner with a can of s we do for hay? Few of our farmers can tIELEN GREY-PAGE. through space. I June we should have a touching scene  afford to keep their ,tock on grain, it two of these cosmical visitors--Swift's lure of a regiment for Cuba. is therefore timely to look up a substi- PATTI IN M0U RNINO. and Wolfe's comets, the former after an long there had been heard the lute for the hay crop we have lost. I the street; all day lout gayly bedecked ' A Design That In to Be Worn When absence of six years and the latter a uredtreadofsoldmrsmarchingthr°ugh = doubt if our folks will in years attempt She htgs Informally, ] triile longer. Temple's eomct eomplctes timothy meadows again to any extent. ] A vicw of Adeliua Patti nsa widow, ] the visitors' list by arriving in Septem- boats had been passing to and from the While I think therc will be an unusual, area given to clover this spring,.it will dressing in deep black for NieolinL is bcr, These cornets are all regular vm- vessel that was t take them toHavaum. avail little till "99. meantime we must here given our readers. Patti has not itors, whose periods are so well known The twilight began to deepen when the bridge over. The millets producelarge, forsaken her public career on account that their arriwds may be timed almost correspondent saw a "startling and crops of coarse hy on fine. rich land, of her grief, nor has she allowed it to to the hour. Others, no doubt, will ar- pretty sight t'the impetuous action of but there arc those of ns who class rail- t interfere with "the sea[social side so rive, but they will doubtless be casuals, a port[y, good-looking and well-dressed let very low in feeding mluclittle txecessary for a public singer. She goes of whose antecedents nothing is known, lady, who noticed a youug soldier walk- Then there is on- out to her royal concerts in Germany and most of them such small fryas only ins dejectedly along doua the pier in to catch the ate.ntion of the most as- his traveling gray, with a knapsack siduous observers, strpped over his shoulders. All the There is one other comet whose visit rest of the men had frieuds, their falls due in Noember, 1S98, but this nov[as, mothers, relatives, and made poor body went to pieces 50 years ago. the usual gallaut effort to look elated = ' 's and full of hope. This lad had no one, This comet is known as Bela., and has not been seen since 1852, although it i aud it might be divined that he was car- ought to have returncl half a dozen vying a desolate heart over the aea, times since then, It began to divide in t The handsome woman burst from her 1846, and on tt next and last appear- group of friends, took the boy's hand, ance 1,250,000 miles seourated its parts. I and said: "y son has already gone to It was this comet which an astronomer Cuba. lie is in the regiment of Andalu- predicted would app)ach within 20,- sia, and sailed two months ago, Yon Set up your panel, drive a post at each end and wire to posts. Put on an- other panel, until you have the desired size. For making hog" fences where you have three or four barbed wires, make your panels with three planks and wire to posts. If you. should wish to use another lot or field, you can take this off and move in a short time. sit through some duffer may be in- spite of all we call ourselves dairymen, more carefully• The excess of waste spired to wash out his month and quit We rush along, trying to keep up with corn within reach keeps the poultry and is frequently compelled to singat a eussin fur an hour or two." the procession, but all the while we are too fat for egg-laying, entertainment, where afterward A STRANGE SIGHT. conscious that we are falling farther --We should breed stoekenough to she is entertained as a guest of honor. _ ,nd farther into the rear. eat up the feed of thc farm. The great This description of her lately aF Hawk Devours a SDarrow on a 'role- Now, would it not be well for us to scarcity of desirable young stock in peared in a Gernmn newspaper: graph Pole. USt stop and find out where we are? this country, with such an abundance In dress of dead white satin the diva A sparrow hawk with an eagle eye Life is too short to be spent in follow- of eheap food, was never before known, stood, lIer waist and skirt plain and did a very neat piece of work the other ing shadows. Let us try to settle the --Try to raise some crop differen2 unmodified with puffs or plaits. Over day right in the heart of the eity. question, first of all. what areoureows from those of your ueighbors, beeom- the whole a trimming of dull jet, put in Where he came from or when he ar- doing to pay for their keeping. To do ing skillful in its management, produc- in fish-net pattern, veiling but not con- rived noonecouldtell. He was perched this it is not necessary that we should ing a fine and desirable article, and eeallng the lustered satin. Upon her calmly on the top of a telegraph pole invest in costly anddelieate apparatus, finding a home market.for it witch little shoulders were bows of dull satin rib. and had in his claws a fluttering Eug- For a small tmount of money we may competition, ben, and in place of her diamond star lish sparrow, purchase testers which will show ns --If properly kept and judiciously her corsage was illumined with bril With the sunlight glistening on his the value, or lack of value, of each applied to land, poultry manure liant jet suns. lIer gloves and fanwer* brown, wings and hundreds of pedes- cow's milk. Forsome years I have been worth one-half the cost of the food the black as a raven's wing. trians staring at him, the daring hawk working to bring my herd up. 1 have fowl gets, and yet little account is :FRANCIS TAYLOR. By using these movable panel fences ° you use a great deal of pasture and havcit fresh for your stock, and in this way you need not have so much fencing not in use. I am a great advo- above bright straw. rate of the hog having plenty of room silage to the big dairy man. bat this i " not suited to the small farmer, I and fresh quarters. Wc would not chanced to have au experience without 'think of trying to raise horses and cat- tle without pasture, but will confine hay that might prove valuable at this the hogs to a peu to raise him, which crisis that is on us. It is this: Two can be done successfully when there is years ago I had a very rich spot of alluvial soil of two acres. This be- plenty of milk and slops to recd. Now, I have jumped out of the lot ins in my oat field, was sown to from a bob-tailed dog if they was to into the pasture, as sometimes the hog Burr oats. A storm coming about ride 200 miles and back. will do. when kept in tile same place the time the oats in this valley were ripening, they were lodged "l ain't seein' any signs of sorrer toolong, lhavctoldyounothingnew, sobadlv I cut them with mower aud and humbleness as I look arouud. 1 but hope it will put you to thinking didn't expect to see any. It'll take a how to keep the pen contentcd.--C. W. made hay of them. [ have in my life never seen such a yield of hay, nor week of plain talk and fightin' ole Thomas, at the Texas Swine Breeders' have I ever seen its equal value. It was Satan in his favorite headquarters to Association Meeting. literally "'corn and fodder both." A make any impreshun, and then I don't expect to sit over two out o' the hurl IN THE DAIRY. friend just returned from Texas tells me that baled oats. cut after me style, gang. If I sit hold of even two. how- ever, and yank 'era out of the quick- Tests to Dlseover Whether or Not the Busl" is the most sough after hay in that neas is Profitable. market; that where it an be had they sands of wickeduess and lead 'era over Worktug in the dairy is by no means feed no corn. I have set aside a few tle trail of decency and self-respect, asatisfactoryproeesstothe wide-awake rich acres which I shall attempt to get my labors will not hey bin in vain. Critters--galoots .--sons of Belial. l man, and yet that is what many of us them in by February 15 if possible. shall hev some red-hotremarkstodeliv" are doing. We have a vague notion Who else can tell us what to sow for somehow that things are not as they ha3? J. tl. Burrow, in Farmers" ttom er in the Big Bear saloon this evenin', should be with us. The "balance of Journal. with more or less singin' between trade" is decidedly against us at the HERE AND THERE, times, and I'll take it kindly if ye'll" end of the year. Profits vanish; cvery- drap in and bring yer" friends along, thin drags on from year to year in a --On most of our farms the poultry It won't hurt ye to listen, and before I decidedly unsatisfactory way, and in would fare better if .corn were kept PATTI AS A WIDOW. calmly sat there and put hmself on now a number of young cows with good the outside of the sparrow. Wherever blood in them, It is a great pleas- the hawk came from, he must have been ur to me. as well as a source of hungry, for he did not leave even a extreme satisfaction, to settle the feather of the sparrow. If he did not eat question for once and all whether my the feathers and claws of his victim', he work has been in vain or not. Side by must'have had a pocket to put them in, side in the stahle stand mother and for not one feather fell to the ground, daughter. The test shows me that the taken of the droppings when an esti- Jame Parton's Predletiol|. mate is made of the profits. In 1S62. James Parton, the ce',ebrsted --The productfromanaereofground biograpifieal writer, made lhe follow- depends about eq.ualiy ttpoi the soil, ing predicoW;tn reg'd to Abraham the seed and the cultivati0p,;._ = b3tt if. anY: .. Liaeoln'- [sdorv! xvil! savior Mr. Lt- one of these fallssh'0riuwht  !irf4;een;Utt'te should be, more than its own, propor- ?;rnantb:;tt tion of the crop is apt t6 b]e lot. ,r. as that. "--Truth. powder. Buy only the very Pills--"Dosem has been expelled it is the cheapest in the end. Experi- from the medical association for adver- once has shown tbe Royal Baking Pew- ttsing contrary to the code." Squills der to be the most reliable aud the "lIow did he advertise?" Pillar"Called trading companies now uniformly up- to lead the prayer meeting the ether ply this brand, as others wilt not keep evening, he alked up to the front and ] this climate. Be sure that the bacon gave out the hymn: "'The Great Phy- i sweet, sound and thoroughly cured. sic[an Now Is Here."--Crypt. These are the absolute necessities upon --Will[o's Idea of It."i had an ad- which all must place a chief reliance, venture the other evening," said Miss and can under no circumstances be Autumn to a neighbor on wlmm she was neglected. They may, of course, be calling. "It wa quite dark, and I saw supplemented by as many comforts or a strange man just ahead of me, and delicacics as the prospector nay be able I ran until I was nearl3 exhausted." to pa,:.k or desire to pay for,A/ad "And did the man get away from v( u? Mimes Journal asked little Willie, who was listening.- Chicago News. A book of receipts for all kinds of --The First Sample."You luemem- cookery, which is specially valuable for her," said the fnnnv man at tile ban- qnet, "that we are told that the tngels use upon the trail or in the camp, m- in Heaven quarreled at the time Luci- pnblished hy the Royal Baking Powder for was thrown out." IIetooked around Company, of New 'ork. The receipts are thoroughly practical, and the meth- iuqu|ringly, and to help him along somebody said "Yes " "Then." he ods are carefully explained, so that " the inexperienced may, with its aid, beamingly exclaimed, "may we not con- readily prepare everything requisite sider this the first sample of angels" for a good, wholesome iucal, or eve fcud?"--ClevelaudPlain Dealer. dainties if he has the necessary ma- COMETS IN 1893. terials. The matter is ia compact though durable form, the whole Ilok Cosnieal Visitants Disployed Durin weighing but two ounces. Under a the Year. special arlmngement, this book will be Next year quite a bevy of these cos. sent free to lniuers or others who may mical wanderers are timed to ppea desire it. We would recommend that in our skies, The Pens Winnecke com- et should open the list by appear[asia every one going to the Kloadike pro- cure a copy. Add ross the loyal Baking April, after au absence of about 5½ Powder Co.,.New York. years. In May the celebrated Eucke comet is due. This comet hasu period A PRETTY INCIDENT, of only 3yt years, and its frequent re- appearance has been the means of ?he Klndness Of a Spanish Lady to astronomers discovering a great (lea] Lone Soldier Boy. about comets and their wanderings A recent traveler in Spain describes degradashun. Ye down and down every day of Grasping the pole with one claw and daughter yields me milk richer by many • y'ar more of it and no holding his victim with the other, he per cent. than her mother. ":No guess --There should be grapes on every tenanted the white hesse; that he,gave lance committee will soil made his dinner as unconcernedly as if work about it. I am able to know:this village lot. Let them have a well- all his time, iris thoughts, his energies, byhangin' ye. Thar's Tom he bad been miles away in some de- positively. When the time comes for drained soil, good cultivation and close to the discharge of datics of unprcee- 'at ago he had the looks sorted wood instead of in the heart of weeding'out, I shallknow cows to part pruning, and then they will well ru- dented magnitude and urgency; that. t about him. Arter he'd gone a big city. It may be-that the hawk with. Tests pay. If we'areobliged to pay for the space they occupy5 Soap- hating no man, he sleadfastly endear- the creek and washed his face was tired of country fare and longed buy expensive machines to make these eauseSUdS iSof thean potasheXCellentit coutains.applicati°n' be- oredall thet° loyalWin theandeo:fideparioic,nCe andand that,l°ve in°f hair cut his mother would for a change of diet, or that he knew tests, they still pay. able to pick him out of a gang he would be safe in the city, wherethe • Then what about the feedtng value ofo --Thereisaperoual element enter- spite of faur.ehequered years of suet Could she do it now? Blow- law forbids the discharge of firearms. ,he grain and other stuff fedour cattle, ing into all calculations as to the cost responslbility aud anxiety as has sol ' and bluflln' and whis- At any rate, he created a sensatiou as How many of usknow ,this with any of the several farm .pro:lucts which dom fallen to he lot of mau, he bore • i bov- bad¢ompanythecom" he masticated, if hawks masticate, his degree of certainty? But I hold that renders the efforts at our experimeut away from the capital the sunny tern- brung him down midday meal, and hundreds of passers- the time has come when it stands us stations futile. The cost depends upon per and bhtbc fraukness of 1  :. Iofaeross-eyed kyote. Jest by stopped and gazed in wonderashe in hand to decde this point. It the man and his mthod, hxsland, his hood, returning to minglewith hisol. and say if I ain't right! put the sparrow away. will nolongerdo to shovel our mangers location and the cost 0fhis hthor. eighb0rs as cue of themtrvheart ann a mortgage on his soul, His meal over, the hawk sat on the full oi valuable feed..not knowing what It seems that often a man does not in manner, in retirement as in power use our cows will make of it; nor can know what acrop nor an animal costs a happy specimen f the men whom take five y'ars of the pole for an hour or more and Lasked[n wecarefullypitehip the hayer corn, simply beeause he is afraid to investi- liberty'and dcmceracy train in thelo ,t work 01iftitoff ,:of the cow to gate; he is already pretty sure he is cabin and hy the rudest, hearth t fruit is stll round it is laid in loosely and the top layer rises much above the dge of the box. The flat appearance raisins have is caused by placing the boxes one above the. other and in the conrse of a few days their weight presses the frui down to thereqnisite flatness. Then the boxe*are orna, moated with the highly colored pie- lures and lace paper We all know, avd are ready for exp0rtation.Chicag Evening News. A RellElous Natron. To show how complctely absorbed tn religion the Itindoos arc, the whole of India's 300,C00,00 popu:ation, very many of them i:ikerate, eem tO have the sunllght while he let his regarflless [de of ap.g known of Vivekananda's mission to in their work on the assimilate it. ue the tester in r Ior : he had influence ml 0C0 miles of the earth's path on its isit I may meet hhn, Pepe O.; take this ki in 1832. and so accurately xs this pre- t6 him." She leaned and kiaed his diction made that its fulfillment was t eheek," consummated within 12 hours of the An Euglish boy would have shown tlme foretold, The near approach of I awkwarness, but these this comet to the earth's orbit: caused a i southerners are never at a loss for considerahle amouut of co, sternal[on: pretty gesture and a prettier word, throughout the country. Nor was the Ihe bey blushed with pleasure, aud still excitement reatly allayed by the ns- holding the lady'whand, said with quite urance that the earth would not reach natural gallantry, without smirk or that portion of its course which the illy smile: "And may I not take one for myself as we[l, sonora? ' The lady comet approached so closely for at least a mbnth after. 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' Mr. Bailiff, ,mmanded the fudge, sternly, "go out aud arrest that maa • " " " rt" and brag hm into cou, The bailiff went timidly out of the courtroom and the judge attempted to proceed with business. But racket outside did ot eease. worse and the judge looked over room for some one else to Her "Bob,'" she in t errupted, And but move up Ainlee's Magazine,