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March 23, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 23, 1973

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The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 7 Friday, March 23, 197,t SCENES FROM OUR LIFE IN TIlE SOUTH (Continued from Page 6) pictures on the walls of the dining room. portraits of hon- ored and beloved friends are tile objeel of insult and abuse. The benignant face of Bishop McKendree is slashed with the sabre: Webster and Clay are hurled from their places of honer: loud o,nth,: and vulgar slang prises above these sounds of destruction. That apartment, so often the scene of a large blankets, boots and gentlemen's clothi'ng are borne off as tro- phies of the "Great Federal Viet, ol'y. Up the b r o a d staircase, tongues of flame are now shoot- ing from the heaped up com- bustibles a! its fool,. But enec more. and for the lasl t, ime. ascend and visit with me those beloved apartments. This was occupied by a dear suffering son, frmn hence he ascended to Heaven. This is a daughter's chamber filled with numberless beautiful articles, such as young womanhood loved t,o surround hospitality, where innocent fes- herself with. books and flowers. tivity has made tle "foot of. voices and plants, soft curtains time to tread on flowers": and low chairs. These chambers where the pleasant reumon of have afforded rest and quiet to families has commemorated do- many a weary !lead, The in- 'mastic anniversaries: where the wHid. with shattered lung, fly- grand.ire had earessed the ing from the keen blasts of his meeting and made this earthly own Northern climate, has home a saint type and fore- shadowing of a better, even an heavenly home. this apartment, so endeared, is now filled with smoke and flames, Proceed. sir, to the lofty and spacious parlors, and there con- template the works of these "Missionaries of Civilization and Philanthrophy" as with wonder- ful celerity, they execute the orders ef their superiors, and show how well they have learned the lessons bought in the cer- tain well known "Journal of Civilization." In less than twen- ty minutes, turpentine is poured every where and those beauti- found healing amid the warmth and sunshine of this home: ministers of Christ have rested and p,rayed and gone on their way refreshed: the stranger has been made welcome and friends, dearly loved, received with a great hospitality. The visitors now seem infernal :spirits. come on some hellish errand. From beneath the shade ernmenl wage this war: they tell. also, of the infamy of those who pretend to see Reunion with the South by such means as those who unable to conquer us by open and honorable war- fare. have stolen our bonds- men. and putting arms in their hands, haw instigated them by every hellisll motive, to use the knife cf the assassin and the torch (ff the incendiary. We may be so unfortunate. so miserable, as to fail in our efforts to free ourselves from the despotism of the Abolu- tionists: but hear us when we say that we would ,rather sleep In one common grave sires and sons mothers and daughters, than submil to a union with such a people. Let us rather suffer extermination and let our names be preserved in his- tory as a brave and heroic na- tion who perished at struggling fe,r their rights, than endure the intolerable humiliation of subjugation, From these walls, these exiles go forth to seek shelter some- where, to find h,,ome nowhere. until they find it where war's rude sounds are heard no more. "where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at ful rooms, with their valuable b,coks and furniture with all thei,r articles of taste and beauty, are one wide sheet of flame. But they pause not here. Greedy as wolves, these robber soldiers hurry through the dwelling; the attic with its immense stores is ransacked: from room to room they pass, bearing household go, ads, pre- cious articles, every one of them dear and familiar, making p ar of that beloved home. In spite of smoke and flame, the pillage goes on, every bureau, every of their own trees, the assem-lrest." bled family, father, mother,] Think not, sir, that I have daughters, may gaze upon the I presented these scenes before household wreckage. From every lyou, merely to excite your sym- .cor and window bursts out Ipathy, but justice In the name black smoke and through the I of cur common humanity, which hallways, fierce flames. Down is so foully outraged, in the At whose hands will God require tone of Harpe.r's Weekly nor will all the.:e misdeeis? With wllom they supply subjects for such will he reckon for these deso- illustrations as they delight to late hearthstones and for all offer to a discriminating public. these outrages perpetrated on, But you may place them on the aged. the helpless women and innocent children? I have nothing to say here of the political questions which were inw)lved in this strife: nothing to say of the sovereign right of" a state to secede from record in .the New York News or the World. if you choose "o do so. as specimens of the hu- manity and civilization on the Ilonorable and Chivalrous offi- cers who serve under Abraham Lincoln in the Army of the a confederation which has be- Southwestern Department. come oppressive 'nor of the right] I am. very respectfully of a Federate Government to] yours, etc. coerce such a state. I leave these ] M.B. MeG. questions to the statesmen. I Of the moral aspect of this strife. I could say much. The Old Letter Refers To named ,regiment participated in the engagement; they were un- der my command at that time. Woodville. Miss. J. B. COOK. Esq., Chetopa, Kan.: SirYour inquiry addressed to our postmaster, who is a lady, native of our town an born during the civil war. and therefore unfamiliar with its events, especially your gallant and glorious achievement has been referred to me for reply. I am a son of the infirm old man whose home you burned, turning him and his aged wife and three helpless daughters out manner in which this war has I into the yard one of .these been conducted by the abolition Battle Of Bowling Green daughters on the verge of con- government will render that 'finement) allowing" your black government, and its wicked tool. dTh:o foil.owing clipping, ered- Abraham Lincoln, infamous for ire the Vicksburg Herald all times. You Sir, voted for that appears m an old Lewis [2alt man and endorsed his measures. [ sm:aPkl:oJlittlu::tioUn t{e' You believed in the cruel policy l Juag g !' . .. p ., of immediate emancipati, on-- i old scrapoooK,  apparently was hrutes to drag him by the cell,or and strike him with their pistols, and when my aged mother in- terfered, and begged you "not to let these ,negroes treat him so." you said "do you hear that cruel to two races. The warn- printed sometime in the early ings of the wise and prescient 1900%.) were unheard, or if heard, were[ Chetopa Kansa,s unheeded by you. To such as POSTMASTER, Woodville, Miss.: you, honest and well meaning, i ,Dear Sir: I write you in the though mmgmded and most [ ' " hone that you will kindly an- fatally deluded and ignorant, " boys, she called you ntggers, hit her." and they did knock her down with the flat of their sabres. And now you have the gall to write that you com- manded the regiment which pa,rticipated in this glorLous may God ,show mercy and for- swer a few questions about your achievement. You cer.tainly locality as soon as convenient ought to be proud of it, for I giveness for all the evil brought Jr o you. by them upon this afflicted land! But to these selfish, bad ] Is there a large ravine lead,ing men North or South who from east o west across the through ambition and party Bayou Sara road',about one and rancor, have sent these hell a half miles south of Wooflville hounds and still shout "elf'-- as shown in map? am quite sure you never in all of your military career accom- plished anything more dangerous or daring. No man would have done sueh an act. and no beast whose hea, rt was not blacker tile long hall and through the name of our Holy Christianity may God Ahnighty reward them Is there a knowl or hill there wide portal surges the fiery whose name has been assumed ] , according to ,their works, w:ho on south side of this ravine and flood: from that open door no as a cloak for the most hideous hath said "Vengeance is mine. stranger was ever turned away, crimes, we demand justice, we I will repay." no applicant for food and shel- humbly implore tha justice I could add to these already tar was ever refused. The roar and crackling ef the fire. the crash of falling timber is .er- rific. It is gone! The roof has fallen in! Of these rooms, ample and beautiful as they were. ,as- sociated with so many social festivities, once aglow with lights, filled with music, fra- grant with flowers, with their loved memen'Loes, their price- less treasures, where friends parlor, every secret closet, is have ,,so of, ten met and where searched, and the plunderers si,re and sons and grandsons ,ate laden with every possible have gathered, youth to listen variety of booty to be obtained to ripe wisdom of age, and age from such a mansion. Rich silk to sun itself in the glow and dresses and soft cashmeres sunshine of youth, of all these, ,float over their saddles as they nothing remains but the stately ride away; ladies' scarfs and walls and shutterless windows. mantles hang from their filthy to tell of the senseless barbarity houlders; ladies' delicate hand- with which officers, wearing kerchiefs, ,curtains, linen and the uniform of the Federal Gov- which has been denied us by our fellow-man. At the bar of Almighty God, at the fc,ot of that awful thtrone of which "Justice and judgement are the habitation." we a wronged and suffering people, cite the wrong- doer. There we stand, a whole nation of witnesses, against the cruelty and crimes which our foe;s have committed, not only against us. but against human- tedious details, many ,more in- cidents painful to record and indelibly burned into the mem- ory of the suffers. Of all the abundant comforts which were theirs, they have five blankets with which to meet the coming than tile skins of yotr gallant troops would have been guilty winter. A large part of the small amount of their wearing apparel arescued from the fire. was stolen after it was put under .the ap- pointed negro guard them- east side of road. as marked. is this knowl still covered with timber? On ,the map south of ravine and on west side of road marked timber or an ,old field, please advise which it is: if timber was it ,ever in cultivation for say one-quarter to one-half mile from ravine south on west side of road? expenses down here: and I will take pleasure i,n showing you over the ground ,of your wonder- ful achievement, and will also guarantee you a safe return home. G. T. McGehee P.S.--I return you passage stamps and map, but retain the letter as a monumental piece of gall. It is needless to say that no reply was received ,by Capt. McGetlee. to his letter. TO derive a full idea of the 'brutal infamy .,of Col. Cook. third, coloreN cavalry, to whom a copy of this paper will be sent. an acquaint- once with his victim is requisite. Judge Edward McGehee who died in the early eighties at the age of 96. was of the noblest type of Christian Southern gen- ,tlemen. He was a plan.tar of large wealth, of strong and cultivated mind and ,a great hearted philanth,ropist. He never wronged a man. white or black. in all his long life. He lives in the memory of ,the works of a munificent public spirit ,and eharities. He was the foremost ma,n of his section, in breadth and foresight of economic and industrial views, He had led ir building a railroad--the first projected in the gulf states. He had built a cotton factory, at an expense of nearly two hun- dred thousand ,dollars: which was burned as well as his costly and capacious residence. He founded ,and endowed a college, which is a thriving institution. He was .an uncompromsing of ,such an ae. of vandalism. Union man until his state se- In Virginia where I fought under ceded. He was a close friend of R. E. Lee for four yeans, we met Presiden, t Taylor. who out of his brave and true. but your kind were not in it: you were skulk- ing where you would only find old men and womenleading a horde of brutes, little less brutal and covcardly than your- self (and your gallant com- mander Osbond) who died ,of Is this knowl where Holmes's mania a peru soon after the Louisiana battery was captured war. to rob and burn and steal by Federal .troops Oclober 5. horses. This is your record by 1864: do you know? ,our own admission. you knowledge of Judge McGehee's clear and sagacious head for Mfars, wanted io make him secretary of the .treasury. It was such a man. who, with the ladies of his family, this valorous colonel of the 'third cavalry had his negro soldiers to brutally maltreat. There were not many war crimes of greater atrocity than .this. And which so strongly call for ,the remark, that Iul} ity, crimes which are without parallel in the history of modern warfare, except by the deeds of tl]e infamous Sepoy. We tell you, st,r, exiles and suffering as many of our people are. that .this day we had rather be the wronged than the wrong- doers: we had rather suffer from arson than be the bearers of the torch of the incend,iary. Jim Reeves Mobile Homes Luxury like you never thought you'd see in a mobile home. One bedroom as Low as $3,250 Two bedroom as low as $3,695 Three bedroom as Low as $4,895 All with one year Service Warranty, / and we service what we 00ell. Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDaniel Managers selves breaking open some of If you would kindly 'answer the trunks, appropriating part on back of this s'heet I would of the contents and distributing be very grateful to you indeed. part to the hevish and evil Respectfully yours, disposed among the slaves of J.B. Cook. the plantation. While many of P.S. -- Judge McGehee's house these shared in the plunder and was burned by order of Col. joined eagerly in the pillage, E. D. Osborn commanding the others of them adhered .to theist brigade third United States master in spite of blows and colored cavalry, eleventh and abuse and have shwn a fidelity, fourth Illinois cavalry, and see- a .tender sympathy, and a rev- end Wisconsin. Only t,he first eren,t loyalty, as honorable to the slaves as it is gratifying to the master. The most urgent necessities of this family ,have been sup- plied by the generous kindness of friends and neighbors out of their war worn and educed stores. They may not need more than ,his self-denying generos- ity has to bestow, for every night brings anxiety and every morning renews the dread. At every hour the coarse voices and ,rude steps of the foe may be hearcL They cannot feel sured of an hour's security for lroperty or life. Shall I add to enhance this tale of sorrow that the married .daughter then confined to bed? that when she heard from the adjoining room, the oa.ths and cuxses directed against her mother as she at- tempted to prevent the en- trance of these armed negros into. her chamber, she raised le.rself u,p in the bed, threw aside the curtains and entreated her mother to permit .them to enter, ,and herself, cool, scorn- ful, defiant, bade them "Come in :and search the ,oom." They did find here neither firearm,s or rebels, nothing but a sick woman. Let ,but one act of con- ,___, sideration be omitted--the 0nly one. At the earnest reques of .the young lady, the Major made his men bring her grand piano and part of her music out, the only a,rticles saved from the parlors. This country has been ravaged by repeated incursions of these horde& They have stripped the people of their cttle, (horses, mules, and carried off by force and cunning, numbers of their negroes. They come from Natchez, from Port Hudson, from Vicksburg. They have entered the residences of .wid, ows ,nd taken every article of value, and have not left one milk cow. From one widow, ,they stole her husband's watch and horse and took away every animal on the plantation, leaving her in her desolate home without one cup e,r plate, knife or fork. They collected the wagons and (har- ness from' the plantations over the country and made bonfires of .all which hey did not want for their own purpose. I will not dwell longer on t h e s e painful reminiscenses. They are simple truth as far as we can ascertain truth. You may make use of them as you ee fit. They will trot'suit the  not proud of it? We tave veha- and just tribute has never yet bilitated the h.ome you wrecked ,been paid the South. for all and are now "reconstructed" she has been called up to forget thoroughly except as relates o and forgive.Vicksburg Herald, such cravens as yourself and comrades. However, if you are DID YOU KN()W writing ,a history .of your war record, and wish a topographi- --That the men in Pinck,ney- col .map of this ten, owned little ville section joined forces with ground, I suppose you have those under Philemon Thomas enough left of what you stole who wrestled Baton Rouge from tn your campaigns o pay your Spain? ll,'00oodville How Sweet It Is! Beckham's Electric Service W. L. Beckham, Jr., Owner 888-4861 I I Yesteryear Still Lives In Woodville BEN FRANKLIN STORE Mac Best, Owner Welcomes You to the WOODVILLE PILGRIMAGE 1973 I I