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March 22, 2018     The Woodville Republican
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March 22, 2018

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Page 4B The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 22, 2018 F /' LTSI~ 0]~ *'TOTALTAX & COST 143 58 ReceiptNo. PRN 16~I Recei;t No. PPIN 14368 Sec-01Tv~sl'Ip-INF~g-3W TD-20O0 SeoOBTwnsl'ip-2N ~ TD-20O0 L&DOFHOUM~LLC SeleSequen~ 385 S~eSequence 405 Receipt No. ~ 5758 LOT-PT. C-5 & PT C,4 PART OF II~l.~ SECTION 8 WlW P, n oN,-190 TO BE SOLD = - so0oBo00=o0 Elf2NE1/4 Parcel#-13W10101 0009400 Aoes 1.70 DeedBGok-14H DeedPage-135 Acres 12.00 *qOTALTAX&COST 470.78 FOR TAXES P #-31 12 01o0 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 12727 Aaes 41.33 M A DE JOHN, LLC. **TOTALTAX & OOST 580.56 LEACH, ~ ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 14376 (Continued from Page 3]3) Rem~No. PRN 1634 SeoO7Twr~lip-2N ~ "rD-20O0 Sec-01T~,~tip- 1N Fllg- 3W TD-20O0 JOLLA DUDLEY Receipt No. PPIN 5146 Seo-53 T~~tip- 2N Brig- 3W TO-2O00 SaJe Sequence 347 LOT4:q 4 ADDmONT~51 EX PARrE J. HENRY JOLLEFI ETAL DeedBook48 Dee Pam5 Pae~-23Wgo053 O0088~ Acres .3O *"fOTALTAX & COST 59.99 saesema LOT-PT CA ROBERT VEAL PAR'~ Deed Book-W~ Deed ~ Parcel#- 13W10101 0009700 Acres 1.50 *'3"OTALTAX & OOST 10.34 JONES, ARTHUR Flece~ No. PPIN 4612 Sec-35 Twnsrip- 2N Rrlg-2W TD-51O0 SaJe Seme~ 348 LOT-PT. 19 ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION 3 Oeed aook-TL Oeed Pam ~- 22W8041 0201800 **TOTAL TAX & COST 70.98 JONES, BB=m4A MAE ~R, EST. ~No. PPIN 4579 Se~Twn~rlp-2N nng-2W Sa~ Seque~ 349 LOT4 ADDr~15 H. T. FE~ SUBD, DeedBo D Deed Pa~-22W853 0101600 **TOTAL TAX & ~ 386,84 JONES, FRANK Receipt No. PRN 504 Seo4:)4 Tv,~ship- 1N Rng- 1E 10-1000 Sae Sema~ 35O ~3Q BLOCK-5 LOT-31 A[DIT~N-R3339 BELI AH HBGHTS Deed Book-3Q Deed t~ Pa~ - 11E1024 0201500 *q'OTAL TAX & ~ 210.58 L&S. INVESTMENTS, LLC Reoeipt No. PPIN 14521 Sec-46Tv~nship4N Rng-2W r~ Sa~ Sequm~ 366 E1/2 OF SECTION 46 Deed Book-13D Deed P'~ ~-42W7004600O0111 Acres 100.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 437.02 LER I-IJNnNG CLUB, LESSI~ LKX,IB~WYLEA Rece~tNo. PP',N ,5341 ReceiptNo. PPIN 2064 Seo.23Twnship-2NRng-4W rD-2O00 Seo.10 Twnsl'ip- 1N Flng- 4W TD.20O0 Sale Sequmoe 387 s sequence 367 LEASE EXPIPPES 5,'31/2016 LOT-38 Deed Book-14F Deed~ FORTAD/~ Parcel# - 24W4O023 00O01O0 DeedBock43G DeedP'dge,~ Ac~ 64O.88 Paoal#- 14W3012 0101700 '%OTALTAX & ~ 5488.75 Acres 3O *'I"OTAL TAX & COST 43.77 LMNI~ KEVIN P~No. PRN 4362 I.AE, INC. Seo~Twn~ip- 2N Rng-2W TD-5100 Re3@p(No. PPIN 2168 S~e~ 388 Sec-05 T~nstip- 2N Rng- 1E ]O-3O00 B ()O&-,90. 8 Sa~,~ 368 LOT-PT. 2 FT. SE1/4SW1/4 S BUFFALO ~NALTOWN BVISK~ 1 Deed I]o~k-w1~z80eed Pare-75 DeedBook-gU Deed~ ~-~W9014 1600510 Par~ - 21E30O05 00~ *'TOTALTAX & COST 789.88 Acres 88O *Go'rALTAX & OOST35.74 UVINGSTON, WALTB=I KEVI N Fleceipl No. PRN 15175 LAE~NC. SeoaST~nstip-2N Rng-2W "rD-2O00 ~No. PRN 2168 SaJeSequenoe 389 Se34:)8 Twnsh~ ~N I:~,ng- 1E "~ Sa~e sema~ 369 FT. NIN1/4NE1/4 N. B~ALO Deed Book-SZ Deed Page-119 F~-211~ 00O01O0 Acres 16.00 **TOTAL TAX & CO~ 62.62 LAIFD, JB~Mf, LE&.qEE ~No PPIN 3316 16 Twr#r~- 2N Rng- 2W ff)'4o00 Sae 37o PTSECT. - O0160O001O0 .98 F~ae Sequerce 351 *"TOTALTAX & COST 440220 AoDmON438 4W LOT.6 LAKE MARY REIREAT ADDmON-PG233 P o No. 11294 O. B. WHITEHEAD SUBD. Sec-36 T~ ~ DeedBook-SQ DeedPage4~ Sa~Seq~noe 371 Parcel#- 22W8013 0600700 BUILDING ON LAN[:~ OF ''IOTAL TAX & COST 194.33 E M.KEEJR. Pao~- 34W8032 000393(1.1-1)1 JONES, JAMES L *'TOTAL TAX & COST 319.60 ~No. PPIN 4558 Seo.32Twnship- 2N Rng-2W TD-2000 Sale Sequmce 352 EPT.SOFRD. Deed Book-llM Deed~ P-acel#- 22W8024 0401800 **TOTALTAX & COST 965.02 JONES, JAMES L & JAMB::E~N L ~No. PRN 995 Sec-0~ Twrd'ip- 1N Rng.- lW "E) 3300 sale~ 353 WPT. Deed Bock gU Deed P-ag~l Parcel#- 11W100080000110 Acres 15.95 **TOTALTAX & COST 1.18250 JONES, LEOLA W. Rece~ No. PFIN 228 Sec-~ T~,~lio- 1N F~g- 1E fD-, '~0 Sa~Semmce 354 LOT~3 ~11 ASHLEY SUBD 1ST DB/'EL Deed Bo:~-TS Deed Pam4m Pa,'oel# - 11E1011 0400700 **'I'OTALTAX & ~ 704.55 K,~GLER, ELLEN Rece~ No. PPIN 4720 Sec-38T~ip-2N Rng-2W TD-2O00 Sab Sequence 355 ADDmON-DB4W LOT-12 PT 13 ADDmON-R3233 D. B. WHn'EHEAD SUB:). Deed Book-~ Deed P~ Parcel#- 22W8042 0100700 **'rOTALTAX & COST 215.56 I.AKE MARY T~ LLC. ~No. PPIN 125.38 Sec-13Twrehip-~l Rng4W "10-9000 s sema 372 PT N1/2 N OF I"tWY 24 Deed Book-12L Pam -24W2044 0O08800 Acres 1.49 '*TOTAL TAX & COST 461123 LANDOR, JOC:~=HINE, ESTATE Receipl No. PRN 2689 Seo.38 Tvm~ip- 2N Rng- 1E ]D 3200 LOT-PT. 8 & 9 CENTREVlLLE MS Deed Book-6Q Beed Pam402 Parcet#- 21E7044 11OO40O **'rOTALTAX & ~ 249.18 LANDOR, UNDA E Fleoeipl No. PPIN 241 Sec-02 Twcehi~- 1N Rng- 1E TD432~ Sequa 374 S. SIDE FORT ST. Deed Boek-TM Deed Pa~145 ~- 11E1011 0~]{E]O0 **TOTAL TAX & COST 337,11 LANERART, ROYCE CRA~ Rece~ No. PPIN 6698 Soc-23 T,~-~n~ 3N R-,g- 4W sem, moe 375 A[x)moN4~1F'G12 LOT-PT A I.-EWES HOM(X3-11TTO CNVP srlEs Deed Book-11A Deed Page.685 Parcel# - 34Wr-681 0001300 *'TOTAL TAX & OOST 655.02 KEN.I, JOHN S. III OR CI.-IN{O"I"rE 14. Rece~ No, F~N 1840 ,~ T~ 1N F~g-4W "fO.20o0 sa~ seme~ 356 NEFTEOFRD Deed Bo~-SW Deed Page416 Parcel#- 14Wlo00~ O0001O0 AGes 15.00 **TOTALTAX & OOST 84.98 t~--U Y, BRUCE ~No. PPIN 2405 Seo-38 T~io- 2N Rng- 1E TD-32O0 ~357 LOT-PT 13 A[::srnoN.PG 122 MCGEHEE ADDN. Deed Book-13B Deed P'~259 ~- 21E-/043 O8OO1O0 *q'OTALTAX & ~ 54384 I~ .LLY, JAMES O, SR. & ESTBJ.A MAE ~No. PPIN 218 Seo4~ Twnship- 1N Rng- 1E T[X:q2O0 ~355 LOT-68&69 ASH SUBD. NO.2 Deed Book-6D Deed Page-116 ~- 11E1011 0304900 *qOTAL TAX & OOST 99.6 KELLY, SHERRY 13. Rece~ No~ PPIN 3286 Sec-20 Twnsl' - 2N F~g- 2W "1~ sa~ Sequence 359 PTSEC Deed Book-131 Deed Fag~ Pamei# - 22W4O020 O000eo0 Acres 1.00 **IOTAL TAX & COST 6.71 ~-q LY, SHERRY B. F - No. Seo41T~'~io- 2N Rng- 2W TD4O00 Sa~ Sequa~ 36O PTSECNOFHWY Deed Book-131 Deed Poge288 P'alo~ - 22W4O041 0000400 Acres 4.O0 ~q-OTAL TAX & COST 3620 KENt, F-EUC~ Pa:~ No. mN 8O9 Sec-23T~a~ship- IN ~ IE TD-IO00 Sam Semmm 351 PT. IRREG. NW COR Deed Bo~k-l~ Deed Page7 Parcel#- 11E6O023 O0O01O0 .50 **TOTAL TAX & COST 136.46 KENER~, LOREAN EST & NINNIE P, ece~ No. PPIN 4687 Sec-38 Twndip- 2N Rng-2W TD-5100 ~562 LOT-10 ~DAHLSLI~. Deed Book-90 Deed~ Pame#. 22W9041 O6022OO *qOTALTAX & COST 55923 Nr, kq~N PHiltER, U.C ~t No. F~N 13534 Sec-30Twns~ Rng-lW TD-50O0 S~e Seme~ 368 FT. NWl/4 SW1/4 ADOfflON-P8 5 AB:)mON-R3 40 Deed Bo~k-14H Deed Page458 ~-41w7o0eo~ Acres 5.70 "TOTAL TAX & COST 9925 K]Fi~.EY, DAVID F~No. mN 12469 Seo-13T~ ng.4W TD-20O0 S,~e~ 364 JAMES I-lODGES TRACTS LOT~ PLAT UN FE-C Deed Book-13G Deed Page-737 - 24W2043 0002300 Acres .4O LANUS, JEFI~.RY, ETAL ~No. PRN 4711 Seo-,38 Tv, r@ip- 2N Rng- L~N TD,2O00 Sa~ 376 PT SEI/4NEI/4 Beed Book-10P Oeed Pa~ Pae~- 22W8041 0-/0(1500 *'q-OTAL TAX & COST 170.65 L~US, JS=FREY F::lece~ No. PPIN 4222 Seo-28T~q@~p- 2N I:~ 2~ 1I)4100 sa~ 377 B CX3K ~Q 25 LOT-PT 1 ORIGINAL ~ DMSION 1 Deed Book-14M D~d Pagee8 ~-22W9014 0500200 **TOTAL TAX & COST 985.O9 LANUS, SHIF~ EY & ANDREWS, 17ANGB-A Race~ No. PPIN 4559 Seo.3~ T~rahip. 2N Rng- 2W "rD-20O0 ,sae Sequax~ 378 E PT.SOFRD. Oeed ook-gY Oeed Pa0e-m5 ~- 22W8024 O4O19OO *GOTAL TAX & CO~T 59.14 LATHERS, NANCY DAVIS, ETAL Rec~No. PRN 2846 SeoO~ Twrdip. 2N Flng 1W ~-21W20O04 01~ Acms ? 00 *q'OTALTAX & COST 239.11 LAURB, fI", JANETANN MILLER & Re~ No. PRN 3O72 Seeo0 T~ns~p- 2N Rng- lW TD-9~ se moe 38o Frl" E1/2 NWl/4 Deed Booka Deed Page5 Pefoel#- 21W90030 O00~ Acres 23.60 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 120.70 LAWSONS UIVlITED IIC Rece~ No. PPIN 6051 Seo 35 Twrd-ip- 3N F~g- 1W TD.90O0 Sa~e Sequax:e 381 LOT-5 ~E CARTER ESTATE Deed Book-13 Deed Page40 ~ - 31W900~ O0O0900 .~cres 5.OO **TOTALTAX & OOST 21 67 LAWSONS LIMfTB), LLC Rece~ No. PPIN 2872 ,SeoO6 Twrdip- 3'J Flng- lW TD-50O0 LOT~ ~433 SALUECAI:Ti'I~ESTATE Deed Book-13 Deed Page~ ~-21W3O006~ Acres 7.90 **TOTAL TAX & (:X)$q" 32 43 I.EN~, ELEANOR & HUDSON, UJ(3U-E B. Receipl No. PPIN 1633 Seo01Twrdn~- IN Rng- 3W II)-2O00 S~e 383 - 13W10101 Acres 2 O0 *'TOTALTAX & COST 813.98 LEACH, B NCRk ErAL Reoeipt No, PRN 1360 SeoO9 Twnstip- 1N Rng- 2W 1D-33~ s~sema~ 384 LOT-PT C,4 & PT C-5 ROBERT VEAL PAFm~ Deed f~ok-V~0 Deed Pam,304 Paroe~ - 12W30O09 O001200 Acres 47,00 *'TOTALTAX &OOST 259.72 LEACH, B NOPA ET~ PT $3N1/4 Deed Bo~k-14E [:)eed ~'72 Pamel#- ~W9043 0101701 **'rOTAL TAX & O06T 10.98 LOFTON, HOMER EUGBNE Reoeipt No. PPIN 4601 Seo.38 T~r~hip- 2N Rng- 2W TD-5100 S umm 3eo BLO(~-SQ 1 LOT-PT. 23 OF~GINALTOWN DIVISION 3 Deed Bock-W~Zl Deed Page441 ~ - 22W9041 (~00"/O0 **TOTAL TAX & CO$'T 13124 LOLUS, HENRYAND LOUIS LOWs Racal~ No. ImlN Seo.29Twn@ip-2N Rng-2W TD.40O0 391 ADOrr[ON.I~I LOT-12 ADorrlo~lo WESTSIDE HEIGHTS SUBD. Deed Bo~k-12V Deed F~ Pa~ - 22W8021 01C{~800 *'TOTAL TAX & oosr 413,51 LONESOME DOVE HuNnNG CLUB Rece~ No, PRN 11293 Se~T~'~rip-3N ~ 11)4000 s~e Sequm~ 3~ MOBILE HOMEs AND BUILDINGS ON LANDS OF DOLOROSO LODGE, LLC F~ - 33Wlo002 00O01013J-101 *"TOTALTAX & OOST 1276.38 L.ONG LAND INVES'[MI~IT& INC. P,m No. S30 ~ Twnslip- 2N Rng- 1E S~ Semm~ 3~ BLOCK-PT4O ADornoNI~ 122 OF~NALIOv~ Deed Boak-12G Deed Page-78 ~- 21E7044 02O03O0 *'TOTALTAX & COST 41728 LONGMIF~, H. M. OR PATSY W. Receipl No. PRN 5503 Sec-11Twnstip- 3N F~g- 1E ID-50~ 394 Deed Bo~k-SQ Deed Page241 P'~- 31Elo011 0001900 Aaes 3.47 *'qOTAL TAX & OOST 15.99 ~1~ H. M. OR PATSYW. Reo~ No. PRN 5628 Sec-13 Twmlip- 3N Rng- 1E 3"~ S~e Seme~ 395 $Wl/4 SWl/4 Deed Book-cJO Deeci Pa::je241 ~ - 31E50013 00006O0 Acres 35.9O *q'OTALTAX & COST 156.02 ! ONGMIFE, H. M. OR PATSY W. F~N~ mN 56~ Se~14 Twnship- 3N Rng- 1E TD-50O0 s esequ e 395 E1/2 E1/2 S & W OF STUMP ROAD & SWl/4 NE1/4 Deed Book-gQ Deed Pal:j~241 Pa'ce~ - 31E6O014 O0001O0 Acres 163,80 *'GOTALTAX & ~ 734~4 LONGMIRE, H. M. OR PATSY W. P, ece~No. PMN 5639 Sec-23 Twnship- 3N Fhg- 1E TDSO00 sale Semmo~ 397 NEll4 NE1/4 Deed Book-gQ Deed Page-241 Parcel# - 31E6O023 00O01O0 59.O0 '*I"OTAL TAX & COST 156.43 LONGMIFE, H. M & PATSY W. Receil:~ No, PPIN 5613 Sec.04 T~rip- 3N F~g- 1E TD-SO00 Sa~ 398 IN Wl/2 & $Wl/4 NE1/4 Oeed Book.6Y Deed Page72 Pan3e~ - 31E2O0~ 00O0300 Acres 107.00 **TOTALTAX&O3ST 446.02 LONG~I~ HAFIOLD M. Sec-17 Ttmsffp- 3N Ftg- 1E TD-50O0 Deed Book-60 Deed Page-277 Pace~ - 31E46017 00~ ~3&90 **TOTALTAX & COST 199.10 LONGMFE, H~M. Rec~ No. PRN 7145 SeoG7 Tw'dip- 4N Rng- 1E ~ 4oo PT SW1/4SE1/4 Deed Book-51 Deed Page-132 ~- 41B900370(~ 2.8O **TOTAL TAX & OOb"q" 384.02 soJe Sequer 4o6 PART OF SW/4-NWl/4 Deed Book-14Z Deed ~190 Pae~-25W50O07 O00O04O .32 "*TOTAL TAX & COST 122.76 MNDEN, ~ET~ Reoe~ No. PPIN 13824 Sec-15Twrdlip-1N Fllg-IE TD-10O0 S~e Seque~ 4O7 ROUJNG HILLS P.B. 1PG59 LOT UNNIJvSIS~ D Deed Book-13W Deed Page-51 - 11E1023 0001210 *'TOTALTAX & COST 28.06 MANGUM, C~. I:leos~ No. I:~IN 13585 Sec4)4Twnsl'~-lN Rng-lE TD-10O0 Sale Sequa~ 4O8 ROLUNG HILLS SUBD. PART 1 P.B. IPG9 ALSO PTIN SEC4 Deed Book-6K Beed Pam-~ ~- 11E1023 0(~ Acres .37 *ff'OTALTAX & COST 59.14 MARS, JOI-14NY E, F.ST. Rmel~ No. mN 551 Se~ Twreh~- IN F~g- IE ~ Sa~Semm~ 4O9 LOT-1,PT2 HOLLY GROVE HILLS Deed Book 90 Deed~ Parcel# - 11EL~0105 O001100 Acres 2.90 **TOTALTAX & COST 14.87 MARS, JOHNNY E EST. Re~p~No. PP~ 2758 Sec-36 T~-~hip- 2N F{']g- 1E Sale Se:]ua~ 410 ADBnONOe3S LOT-l, PT2 HOLLY GROVE HILLS . Deed Book-90 Deed P~ ~ - 21E.80436 O0O0900 1.70 *q'OTAL TAX & OOST 9~9 MARSHALL LEE DELL Receipt No. PPIN 4050 Seo-25 Twreh,p- 2N F:~g- 2W rD-20O0 Sequer 411 A[:Sfl"K)N-~ 4W LOT-2 ADDITION-PG 233 D. B. WHITEHEAD SUBO. Deed Book-1;~ Deed Page172 Parcel#- 22W8013 0600400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 38,56 MARTENS, WlLLINvlF. Fle~ No. PPIN 4258 Seo.28T~2N Rng-2W TD41O0 &:lle~ 412 LOT-PT 3 ~INAL TOWN DIVISBN 1 Deed Book-12T Deed F~ - 22W8014 0800400 **TOTAL TAX & COST 135.60 MA~, ANITA Rece~ No. PPIN 14151 Sec-20T~nslio-IN R'cj-IW TD-1000 SaJe Sequence 413 PT OF IF~EC.-LI.N:I SECTION 20 Deed Book-12Q Deed Page~ ~- 11W5012000013~0 .acres 1.00 **'rOTAL TAX & OOST 154.19 MAURELLO, MICHAELT ETAL Receipt No. PRN 5533 Seo-05T,msh#3N Rng- 1E TD-5O00 Sale Sequmce 414 E 1,'3 NWl/4 SWl/4 Deed Book-14Z Deed Page-386 - 31E3O0(~ 0O00700 Acles -12.61 **TOTALTAX & COST 50.19 M(~, ROBEFIT T. & LUCILLE H. Rece~No. PRN 4oe4 Sec-28 Tvmship- 2N F~g- 2W TD41O0 Sa~ Semer~ 415 BLOCK-SQ 2 LOT-2,3 PT6 OFIGINAL TOWN ~ I Deed Boo~-SG Deed Pare446 Parcel# - 22W8014 010~ *"TOTAL TAX & COST 105.92 MCCOY, MELVIN LOUIS ~No. PPIN 3626 Seo439T~2N Rng-2W TD-5190 Sale Se~pence 416" ADDmON-DB 48 LOT-2 /~I3-noN.B3 3~ ~OS~ADDN. Deed Book-10J Deed F~ ~- 22W-/032 O0O0500 *'TOI"AL TAX & OOST 6962O MCCOY, WANDA Recept No. PRN 6876 Seo.-13Twnship-4N ~ 1E TB50O0 Sale Seq~ 417 PT IRREG N1/2 Deed Book-130 Deed Page4e3 ~-41E50113O001110 #~es t96 *q'OTALTAX & COST 10.09 MCCOY, WANDA FI~ No. PPIN 68~ Sec-13 Twn~ip- 4N Ft'~. 1E TD-50O0 Sale Sec~ 418 E SIDE MAIN ST Deed Book-12T Deed P~ I~ - 41F- R0113 ~ Acres .55 *'q'OTAL TAX & OOS'r 308.99 M(X~Y, WANDA Rec No. PRN Seo-13 Twnsh#4N Fi~ 1E "f~ Sale Sequenoe 419 Al:X)fflC~k~ 7 LOT-PT 2 ADOmoN-PG HENRY V. DAY EST. Deed Book-130 Deed Page475 ~-41E50113O0O01O0 #oes 1,31 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 594.56 L~IRE, I--IAF~Y OR PATSY Rec~No. f~N 4 Seo02 T~rlsfip- 1N Rng- 1E ~ ,Ol Deed Bock-9Z Deed Page-105 Parcel# - 11Elo002 000C ~ Acres 31.46 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 418.46 LONGMIF~ ~ OR PATSY MCCOY, WANDA ANN Receipt No, PRN 689t Seo-13 T,~~h~ 4N F~g- 1E II)-50O0 ,&~e 42O E SI~S~N ST. D~x~-12P ~P~oe-155 ~-41E501130~ Acres .64 **TOTALTAX & ~ 182.99 P, ece~ No. PP~ 5 Seo.02 Twrd'lip- 1N Rng- 1E TD-lo00 S Sema 4o2 N PT. S. OF I-t, Nl(. 33 32AC (c) INSIDE COFP. Oeed Book.-gZ Deed Page-105 Pa'cel# - 11E10002 ~ 41.44 *'TOT.N. TAX & COST 187.75 LONGS, "[P, AVIS E AND JACQUEUNE H; f Rece~ No. PRN 1100 Seo-20 Tw~f~o.- 1N Fh:j- lW "rD-1000 BOATNER & CRESWELL PARTITION Deed Book-10J Deed Page-171 ~ - 11W50120 0001500 3.00 *'I"OTAL TAX & COST 364.66 LOVvlW, JILL LAMMING ~No. I:~IN 12278 F 'W "rD-2O00 s~,soquor~ 4o4 PT Eli'2 PECAN GROVE LAKESI'I3FES, INC. PLAT UN PT.'ITIACT B Doed Bo~-14V Dmd~ Pam~-25W1044 0000500 *'TOTAL TAX & OOb-"T 64094 MCCI~Y, LAURAT. & EF~ESTINE, EST. ~No. PPIN 11680 Twnsh~lN R@IE TD-lo00 Sa~ Sequm~ 421 ONE AC OF LAND LYING ON'fl-E ~ ~No. PPtN 2513 Twrd, tp- 2N Flng- 1E TI:~ S,~e ,Seq.B-,~ 424 BL(X~.-PT 39 ~122 ORIC-JNAL TOWN Deed Bock-11B Deed P'a3e191 Pa~-21E'/044 01O293O *GOTAL TAX & COST 51.90 MCDANIEL, LAPE:IY, EST. OR JANIE MA DBJOHN, LLC. ~No. PPIN 13241 T, wre'ip,2N Rng-lE TD-32O0 425 AzDn'ION.OB DD BLOCK-21 LOT-9 A[x)rff]N-F~ 122 ORG~NAL~ Deed Bo~-100 Deed Page-~ ~-21E7043 0801400 *'qOTAL TAX & OOST 94.19 MC~N, DAVE EST. AND ReceplNo. ~ 3O58 Sex34 T~rship- 2N Rng- lW 1TX3(X~ Sale Semmoe 436 LOT-L SUBD. OF TRACT III OF MARS EST Deed Book-Tr Deed Pam Paroel# - 21W80434 O0019O0 Acres 22O *'TOTALTAX & COST 629.14 MC~W, BEUNDA L Receipt No. mN 1173O Seo~Twnship-lN Rng-lE "fD,32O0 LOT-4 AB3moN-R3 368 JD.MC~ Deed Bock-10M Deed Page73 ~- 11E1011 0200110 *'TOTALTAX & OOST 543.53 MCGRAW, MB BSA ANN, ETAL Receipl No. PPIN 15190 Sec41Twn~ip-3N Rng-;Z~V TD-5000 Sale 4,~ Deed Bo -14G Deed Pam I:~ - 3L~N70241 0001510 ,B8 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 6.57 MCGRAw, SHELTON FB IX, JE Reap No. mN mm Sec-29 Twn~.i2- 4N Flng- I E TD-50O0 OF R.R. Dee Bo -gF Deed ~-41E60Ce9 O0O08O0 Acles 4.11 *-fo-rAL TAX & COST 288.95 MCGRAW, SHe TON FBJX, JR. Rece~ No. PPIN 13~2 Seo-29T',mst ~lN F~g-IE TD-SO00 ~ 43O PTOFSWl/4 Deed Book-12E Deed ~115 Pa'ce~ - 41E60029 O0O0730 Acres 3.00 **TOTAL TAX & COST 17.50 I~W, WlU IAM MAP~ ESTATE & Rece~ No. PPIN 3446 Sec-39Twnsh# 2N Rng-2W TD-10O0 Sa~ Sequence 431 ,N3omON-DB. 5N LOT-8& 9 to3frlON#~. 430 JUUUS M. CAR~SUB3. Beed Book-WB28 Deed P'~p~ Paoal# - 22W-/681 0001700 Acres 1.14 *q'crrALTAX & COST 134.09 N1CGPAW, W1LUAM IvlAR~ ESTATE & P, ece~ No. PPIN 13802 Sec-39T~sl~2N Rng-2W TD-10O0 S~e Sequmce 4,t2 PT OF NE1/4 Deed Book-WB28 Deed Page-256 Pae~ - 22W'/031 0O01320 Acres ,82 **TOTAL TAX & COST 11527 MI~, GLENDA VINES, EST. Rece~ No. PRN 6819 Sec41T~m~c-3N Pag- 2W TD-5O00 Sa~ Seque~ 433 PT SW 1/4 Beed Book-gE Deed Page07 Parcel# - 3L~N70241 0002510 Acles 1.00 *GOi-AL TAX & COST 539.90 ~, LB III, ETUX Rece~ No. PPIN 14196 Seo09 T~nship-2N F~:j-1E s eSema PART OF E~'T 1/2 Deed Bo -130 Beed Page549 Pam~- 21E20O09O0008~ 5.70 **TOTAL TAX & ~ 30.75 MCNABS, REfQ4ER, JR ETAL Receipt No. PPIN 2767 Seo~6 Twnshp- 2N Rng- IE ~ S~e Sequmce 435 ADE~ LOT-FT 11 ADorr~238 HOLLY C-E~)VE HILLS Deed Boek-13W Deed~ Parcel# - 21F 90435 0O018O0 Acres .4O **TOTAL'TAX & COST 268.59 MCRFE, OFt-EUA L Flece~ No. PPIN 12766 Sec-09Twmh~lN P~g-2W TD-3::~0 PTC/2 PT N1/2 FRAC SEC S OF ROAD Deed Bo~-12X Deed Page-153 Farce- 12W3O0~ 00O0259 Acres 1~7 *qOTALTAX & COST 13.28 - MCOJII::~ ADOIE OONRAD, ESTATE P, ece~ NO. PPIN 3253 Seo-90 T~ 2N Ft~g- 2W TD-20O0 Sale Sequa"~ PT OF IRREGLLa~I SEC[1ON 20 Deed Book-12H Deed Page~10 Pacel# - ~W4OC~ 00O05O0 Acres 62O *'TOTALTAX & COST 139.59 M(~RTEFL ADDLE OONRAD, ESTATE P, No. P N33m Seo.41Twnsl-ip- 2N Ft'~ 2W TD4OO0 soJo Seq er 438 PTOF F~EGULAR ~ 41 Deed Book-,:qZ Deed Pager47 Pamel#- 22W4O041 0001000 Acres 833 **TOTAL TAX & COST 150,20 MCI~IRTER, ADDLE CONRAD, ESTATE Rece~ No. PPIN 15328 Sec-20Twmttp-2N Rng-2W TD.4O00 PTOFIRREG SEC20 E OF RD Deed Book-12H Deed ~I0 Pamel#- ~W4O0~ O000510 Ames 1.90 *'TOTALTAX & OOST 7.61 MC:CUIR'IB:~ ADDLE CONRAD, ESTATE Rme~ No. PPIN 1533O Sec41T~ ~ rD-~0O0 ,s e,s umoe 44o PT OF IRREC,4.LAR SECTION 41WOFRD Deed Book 3Z Deed ~7 SIDE OF [HE CENTREVILLE AND NOR- ~-22W4O041 0001C{~0 WOOD Acres 7.17 HWY *'TOTAL TAX & COST 85.70 Deed Book-6M Deed Page-133 Pacel#- 11E1024 0100400 MCC~RI'ER, ~ DAVIS Acres 1.00 ReceiptNo. PPIN 1361 *'qOTALTAX & COST 96.55 Seo4~ T~nsh~ 1N Fhg- 2W TD-20O0 Sale Sequence 441 MCCRAY, VERA F. LOT-FT CA No. Seo-05 T~n~ip- 1N F~g- 1E TD-1000 saJe Seme~ 422 S. SIDE STATE HWY 24 Deed Book-gS Deed Page27 Pamel# - 11E20105 0002700 Acres 2.OO **TOTAL TAX & COST 435.67 ~,~:,I:)ANIEL, LARRY, EST. OR JANIE Receipt No. PPIN 2466 Sec-38 Tvmsh# 2N Rng- 1E TD-32O0 ~423 BLOCK-21 LOT-10 ADB]]ON~ 122 ~INAL~ Deed Book-10L Deed P~18 Paroet# - 21E'/043 0801100 *'q'OTALTAX & (X)ST 31.07 MCDANIF- L ~, EST. OR JANIE FIOBERT VEAL PARITnON DeedBook-Tr DeedPage~ . p~- 12WO0O09 0O01210 Acles ~0 *'q'OTAL TAX & COST 77.99 Fleceipt No. PPIN 14195 P:~c-44T~lsrl#1N Rng-2W rD-lo00 S~e Sequence 442 pT OF IRREGULAR SECTION 44 Deed Book-12S Deed P-oge731 ~- 12W'/0044 O0O0110 Aaes ZOO **TOTALTAX & COST 16.62 M~, CI.N~ Flece~ No. PRN 13805 Seo-28 T,~n~ip-~ Rng-2W Sa~ Seque~ 443 PT SWII4 NE1/4 Deed Book-12A Deed Fam-~ Parcel# - ;~WV8011 0400510 *'ff'OTAL TAX & COST 7934 MIDSTATE HOMES, INC. ~No. mN 742B Seo.25 Twn~lp- 4N F~g- 2W TD-4OO0 LOT-11 ~SUBD. Deed Bod~-5M Deed Page-104 ~-~O0014O0 Acres .4O **TOTALTAX & COST 17.97 DSTATE HOMES, INC. P, ece~ No. PPIN 7431 Sec-25 T~l~llip- 4N Rng- 2W TD4OO0 s~ Sequmoe 445 ~4Z LOT-8 ADDITION-PGS~ ~SUBD. Deed Book-5J Deed Page-137 ~-~O001700 ~ms .4o *'TOTAL TAX & COST 5924 MILLER, F~SB:~r Receil~ No. PPIN 5516 Seo.22 Twn~ip- 3N Rng- 1E ~ 446 & NE1/4 SW1/4 E OF F~. ADOrr10~ I.O1"-3 N:~ff~N-PG 2m E R LON~RE ESTATE Dmd Bo~k-4Y Deed ~71 Pamel#- 31E503~ O0006~ Acres 36.OO *q'crrAL TAX & COST 137.06 MILLET, MELVIN, EIIJX Rece~ot No. PRN 13787 SeoOITw~sllp-IN F~g,3VV TD-2O00 &~e secpenm 447 BEff~ PARmION RE-SUB LOT 2 D.B. 12APG 5E2 LOT2 Deed Book-13 Deed~ - 13W10101 (73~3O0 ,acres 3~1 *qOTAL TAX & COST 299.89 MILLS, J.D. ~No. PRN 3853 Seo.28Twr~h~-2N Flqg-2W TD4000 Sa~ sequm~ 448 FT r, NVl/4 S OF RD Deed Boek-14J Deed Page-181 Parcel# - ~x./VS012 03OO10O *'TOTALTAX & COST 742.46 MINOR, NB SON JR ESTATE Receipt No. PPiN 3355 Sec-23 Twnship- 2N Rng- 2W 1~ Sa~ Semmoe 449 PT SWl/4 SE1/4 Deed B~k-TG Deed Pa~ ~-22W50423 O0022O0 Aaes .97 *"TOTALTAX & OOST 310.37 MISSISSIPPI LAND COMPANY Rece~ No. PRN 11289 Seo-18Twrdip4N I:~g-2W TD-5O00 sale Sequence 45O Deed Book-TAX Deed Page-13EED Pac~ - 42W6O018 O090110-H01 **TOTAL TAX & COST 130.46 I~GARY ~No. PPIN 15100 Seo5 m~'~hip-2N ~ TD-20O0 SaJe Sequence 451 PECAN GROVE I.AI~SHORES Deed Book-l~7 Deed Page48Z Parcel# - 251N1644 0001300 Acres .46 *q'OTAL TAX & COST 59.01 MONROE, ULA EST. Rece~ No. PRN 543 Se>66 Twnslip- IN Rng- IE TD-30O0 Sa~e Semm~ 452 ADDmO',I.BK3W LOT-2&12 HOLLY GROVE HILLS ADDN. Deed Boc -3S Deod Pamm7 Pamel#. 11E20105 ~ Acres 10.09 *GOIAL TAX & OOST 43.41 ~, FRANOF S ~No. PRN 27t2 Sec-,38 %ms'~o- 2N Rng- 1E 3D-,-q2O0 Sale Sema'ce 453 E SIDE LAURB.ST. Deed Bo~k-1;a< Deed~ F:~cel# - 21E7044 110L:T'/00 **fOTALTAX & ~ 170.46 MONTGOMERY, RENARDA R. Reo~No. PRN 14297 See Twn~nip-lN F~g-IE TD-lo00 Sa~ Sequmce 454 pAFIT OF LOT 3 BLK 20/~ HILLS SUB Deed Book-14P Deed Page105 Parcel#- 11E1023 0006610 **TOTALTAX & COb-G 31.07 MOC~Y, ALAN P,~ No, PPtN 14O86 Seo- 5Twnsh~-2N Fhg-4W TD-20O0 Sequm 465 BUILDINC-,~ ON LAND BELONGING'TO MARY WADE N:INETrE I:~ - 24W2O005 00~1 **TOTALTAX & COST 121.88 MOODY, EAF~ESTINE M. Receipt No. PRN 100 Sec-16 T~nship- IN Rng- IE TD-10O0 semmm m6 FTOF SECTDN 2 Deed Book-14W Deed~ F~- 11Elo016O0O06O0 Ac~s .15 *ff'OTALTAX & COST 453.45 MORF~S, JON ERIC, ETUX P~e~ No. mN 14781 Sec-20Twnskip,3N Flng-lW TI~ Sequenoe 457 pT OF NE1/4 OF IF:~:IEG SEC 20 Scu'rH OF BUFFALO ROAD Deed Bo~k-13N Deed Page-131 Parcel- 31W~ 0O0O050 Acres 14 82 *"TOTAL TAX & OOST 58.13 MOF~S, JON ERIC, E'TUX ~NO. PPtN 15373 melW TD40O0 NOFrrH pT OF NEll4 OF IF~EG SEC 20 OF BUFFALO ROAD Deed Bod{-13N Deed Page-131 Parcel# - 31W4O0~ O0O0340 Aaes 1A9 **TOTALTAX & COST 10.06 MOF~S, WALTER Rece~ No. PRN 13109 Seo.05Twr~tip-2N F~g4W TD-20O0 WADEARNErrE Deed Book-SOLD Deed Page Parcel# - 24W20O05 O00~12 **TOTALTAX & COST 248.12 MUNSON, ANGBA Reoe~ No. PPIN 14860 Seo.~8 Twrdi:~N Pag-2W Sa~ Sequm~ 46O AD Fr OFSEC 26WOF r-o~s CF~B~ RO Deed Bod~-13V Deed~ P-~ - ~W8011 04O0590 1.40 **TOTAL TAX & COST 308.99 MU~, BONNIE K TAYLOR, ETAL Flece~ No. PPIN 2514 Sec-38 Twnship- 2N Rng- IE TD.3L:~0 s. e Sequmoe ADDfTION-DI~D BLOCK-PT 39 ADDmON~G 122 OF~GINALTOWN Deed Bock-11V Deed ~1 Parcel# - 21E'/044 01026O0 *'TOTALTAX&COST . 98.55 MURRAY, BEVEPLY ROSE, ESTATE Recept No. PRN 5720 Sec-01T~'dip 3N Rng- lW 111)-5000 Sa~ Sema~ 4m PT SE1/4 NE1/4 W OF ~C ROAD Deed Bod{-Wl~ Deed Pam~ PaEe~- 31Wlo001 0000100 Ac~ 1~0 *'TOTAL TAX & COST 584.30 ~y, ~ KEYN, ETAL Reoe~ No. PPIN 7164 Sec-01T~dip- 4N ~ 1W TD-50O0 sema 463 N. PT.W. PT. Deed Book-13A Deed~ (Continued on Page 5B)