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March 22, 2018     The Woodville Republican
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March 22, 2018

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Page 6A The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 22, 2018 Health Officials Confirm Third Pedlactric : Spring Romance Is For The Birds Flu Death Of 2017-2018 Season i ! II by Leslie Burger OJ~n, these females raise the On March 20, the Mis- virus that is primarily caus- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ []] MSU Extension Service ydung on their own or with limited help from the male. sissippi State Department ing illness in Mississippi and ~ ! ~ ~ ~ ~] Valentine's Day may be Polygyny is most common in of Health (MSDH) reported nationwide is the H3N2 flu ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~] over but not the romance, harsh nesting conditions that the third confirmed pediatric strain, which especially af- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~] influenza death for the 2017- fects individuals over 65 years ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ner,SpringandisthatJUst meansar undthethestartC r" tomakeuse itseveralnecessarypartnersfOr tobirdsin- 2018 flu season. Thedeathoc- of age and young children, in- ~ ~ ~L~ ~ ~. curred in an individual from creasing their risk of compli- ~ ~ ~ ~ i~ wildlife. f the breedingThe chirpsSeaS nand trillsf r ingCreaseoffspring.the chances of surviv- Central Mississippi. Pediatric cations and hospitalization. ~ ~ ~ ~ ! l of spring peepers and chorus One unusual breeding deaths are defined aS deaths Other prevention meth- ~ ~ ~~ ~ frogs now rise into the night, strategy is called cooperative of individuals under 18 years ads include staying home ~ ~ ~~ i ofage, when you are sick or keeping ~~J~ ~ ~] Bird song greets the mornlng, breeding, in which the parents Including this reported kids home from school when ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A new season of growth and have help caring for nestlings life has begun. Adult, nonbreeding offspring death, there have been a to- they are sick, covering your ~ ~ ~ Rim i ~ ] The complexity of nature may stay in their parents ter- tal of 19 pediatric flu deaths mouth and nose when you ~ ~ ~~ i i] is amazing Even the way ritory and help to raise their reported in Mississippi since cough or sneeze, and prac- ~ ~ ~ ~ i i~ animals reproduce is diverse, siblings. This system makes pediatric flu deaths became ticing healthy handwashing ~ ~ ~~ ! l] reportable in the 2008-2009 practices. ~ ~ ~~ ~ el Lefts look at some examples sense if space for new territo, flu season Nationwide, as of In Mississippi, only pedi- ~ ~ ~~ ~ :~[ from the bird world, riesisrestri ,cted. By staying in March 10, 2018, there have atric flu deaths are reported ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~.~ Most birds are monoga- their parents home territory, been128 pediatric flu deaths to MSDH. While individual ~~~~I i ~ mous. In monogamy, onemale these young adults have a bet- ~ ,~ >~i ~!~i~ ~ " and one female form what is ter chance of survival. They reported this seaSon, accord flu cases are not reportable ~ - . ' ~ ~: ~:i~ ~:~i~::~i~::~i~ ~ ~ mgtotheU.S. Centers for the agency momtors flu ac- /~~ known as a pair bond. How can also improve the chances i ~ long a pair bond ,laSts var- of their siblings' survival. In n l ~ ~ ~ ~ Im DiseaSe Co tro and Preven- tivity through the Influenza- ~ ~ :: :! ies with species. For many Florida, where the native tion. Like Illness (ILI) Sentinel ~ ~ ~~ ; ~ State Epidemiologist Dr Surveillance System, made birds, the bond lasts the en- scrub oak habitat is limited, " SERVICE ACE -- Wfik,nson County Chmstmn tire breeding season. In these the Florida scrub jay has a co- Byers said while influenza up of healthcare prowaers in cases, the male and female operative breeding system. activity has greatly decreaSed Mississippi who report the Academy tresnman oohn Foster is shown as neotten work together to raise While some species get over the past few weeks, we percentage of patients with served an ace during a recent WCCA tennis matchoffspring, extra help raising offspring, continue to receive reports of flu-like symptoms to a state- against ACCS. -- Submitted Photo A few bird species mate for others dont put any effort at new flu cases. Peak flu sea- wide database. Healthcare : life. Perhaps the most famous all into rearing their young. son in Mississippi typically providers participating in the ' ~, example is the mute swan. The brown-headed cowbird laSts from January through system also submit respira- WUGA News I?,L !he 20~ Prom King and The pair stays together until in the United States and the March. tory samples for flu testing ~/~,c~fi were ~mn rtaney ana one dies, working together common cuckoo in Europe "This has been an ex- to the MSDH Public Health The WCCA tennis team had Ja~eciu[~aus. to r~ise their young cygnets are called brood parasites. tremely active flu season, and Laboratory. MSDH uses this a great match at the Vidal.ia lAzzie and Kenzie Bryant~ each year. Our national sym- Females of these species we know that, unfortunately, information to determine the Spo~s Complex versus A(X~S MaW!Ky Ford and Andrew bol, the bald eagle, is another lay their eggs in the nest of flu can lead to serious camp[i- presence and spread of flu and Concordia Parish Ac;~d- Sessions recently traveled to cations and sometimes death, throughout the state, emy. Most of the single~ and Southwest Mississippi Corn- example. Whooping cranes, other, unsus~ b'.m~,spe- even for healthy children and Symptoms of seasonal flu doubles teams brought home munity College to participate scarlet macaws and even the cies. When the parasite egg young adults, he said. include fever, cough and sore victories. The WCCA L,u~eb~fli in fl~ Mi~s!s.~ippi Math Te~ch- dowdy black malture are other hatches, the surrogate mother Dr. Byers said each sea- throat. Fatigue, headache, team is working very hard ersCo~npetitmn~Studentstmm species that are monogamous cares for this hatchling as if under Coach De tl~ ~ cnm ana e~gnm gzaaes are forlife. ' it was hers, often to the detri- Son a flu shot is still the best muscle aches, and a runny Ken ~,~ L. -' " Not all species form a single ment of her own chicks. protection against flu-related or stuffy nose are also often year. The Rams had a great tested at thew local schools .and male and single female pair The bird songs and colors of complications, and while it present More severe syrup- victoryoverACCSbutch'opped then re!we on to the sta.te.wide bond In some rare cases~ a spring remind us ofthebeau, may not prevent infection, it toms and death can also oc- both games in a double header compehtion. Congratulations single female will mate with ty in natures diversity and of can drastically reduce the se- cur. when they faced Prairie View u~ '!th g q'ader .Kenzie Bryant more than one male In this the promise of new life with a verity and length of illness For more informationAcademy. Come out and catch as s!,e pJaced third at the state system called po!yandrynew year. and prevent serious complica- on flu, visit the MSDHthe Rams in spring sports ac- testing even~. (meaning"many males ), each tl h 1 tionl Upcoming Events 7:11 [ "ons such as osp'talizationwebsite at HealthyMS. " " : male takes care of the nest " ' and even death, cam/flu. Follow MSDH .The juniors and seniors en March 21; Tennis vs Silli- laid for them by the female. :::>: Flu shots are recommend- by email and social me-joyed their Junior/Senior l'rom m~m,Awa y, 3p.m.; More common than polyan- !, ~ ed for all those six months dia at on March 17. Studenks were March 22, Prack @ Silliman, dry is polygyny, which means and older. The type of flu connect, welcomed into a lush garden Wildcat l~lays; "many females." As the name scene that students and vo] [~'lard~ 23, Baseb~l vs 3~ .n - implies, a single male mates ~ ~ ~- ~ ~ :: :: ::: = unteers created at the Wilkin- ' ity, Home, 6 p.m.; with more than one female. son County Park. The fends, Ma[ch 24, Fabulous Fillies i ~ 1 [P, ~,~ l: ] I V~:~| l~l~ly II l@elt ~V=lFl=lrll~l i i potted plants carried out the Marcl122, 23, 26, 27, Cheer ,-- " I theme of Greek Garde~ beau-Cth~M 3:30-5:30 p.m.; ' e-*lc , ,u r# r" . fifully Students enjOyed a clh> March 28, CheerT~ ou.ts; , s Av gerant I . . I !? I ! &serwceyourgenerator i V es by South of the Border resta~v etn:v, Vaa Eaton Park, 3 p.m. ,r-LECTRICAL HEATING & COOLING I ] gefeWdJ|a s J I REFRIGERATION PLUMBING I [Your.Money Now Tax Servicesi = i i I,I ! rease [rap [ 980 Hwy. 61 Woodvlile . 1152 Homochitto StreetI e(}1-888"6053 cross f;om B-K [ Natchez, MS 39120 J | Licensed in MS & LA ::iii l -- Trane Dealer- " A ept Credff Cards! EDNA ]. MURRAY BROKER ASSOCIATE Paul Green & Associates Licensed in MS & LA Call 601-807-2245 TR~VIS MU~a~ REALTOR/APPRAISER Paul Green & Associates Lice:nsed in. MS & LA Call- 601-807-0490 Buying or Selling? Call Us! List with me and get three!! Your listings will be in Baton Rouge MLS, Natchez MLS & Southwest MLS giving your listing triple exposure to the real estate market! Professional Standards Committee Member Mississippi Association of Realtors Paul Green Branch Office The BEST THING to happen of your fife. Wilkinson County! Come join us at WCCA's Field Day 2420 Hwy. 61 South Woodville noon to 2 pm on Saturday, March 24th $65.00 annually for the entire household, Help raise funds for WOCA! Part of each membership is donated to WCCA! I~////, :,::::: ~atriciaLozonMB-4O3.4O$$A~j~aa~ : ~:~ .~ ~ ,~ ~, ~ ::::: ::: ~;!:~:!'T'G:~:)~ i~,~ AIR ~VAC L/FET~ &'F *terms and conditions apply p. "/- : : .7 - ' ~ i IL J [] FIELD Y 2018 Saturdoy, March 24 W A's4$|hAnuai Wilkinson Coun'ty Christian Academy has been a tradition in education in Wilkinson lCoLlnty since 191)> currently serves students in child care through twelfth grade. Every year th co t of educating one child rises. Gifts from WCCA supporters like yourself help co ,er the gap between ltuition and the total cost of providing a quality Christian ed~C~'tliO~lL Th se donations support not only the necessities of day-to-day op- erations like and s pphes, they also support the people and programs that make a difference for WCCA students. Our annuaJ Field Day, slated this year far Sa :urday, March 24, atlo s to raise the money necessary to meet these commitments. We sincerely thank everyone, whether far or near, whether in recent or in past years, for their part in m king WCCA such a fundamental part of this community. We invite you to come enjoy the Fab lous Fifties" at WCCA Field Day on Saturday, March 24. Please bring your f mily friends. We need you all! 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 Beignets with Bunnies & Pictures Sweet Tooth Booth, ountry Store & Silent Auction Open Students Report to Homeroom Children's Program in the Gym Open & BBQ Dinner Live Auction Begins CM]d e. s activities begin immediately following program Games, CrMts, Inflatables, Face Painting, Easter Egg Hunt!