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March 19, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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March 19, 2015

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Page 6 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 19, 2015 Tusca|oosa by Bernell McGehee "Have courage and be kind." "Just because something is being done doesn't mean it should be done." We will soon integrate these lines and more into our conversation as Disney's latest movie, Cinderella, a remake of the old, classic fairy tale, is viewed over the next few months by millions of children and children-at- heart. I went to see this movie as an end-of-spring-break outing with my three old- est grandchildren and their lovely maternal grandmoth- er. This is the sort of thing we do "for" the grand kids, but which my wife, aka Maw- maw, and me enjoy at least as much as they do. After returning from the outing I decided to take a late night visit to the En- cana McIntosh 15H-1/Reese 16H-1 site located on Chance Road about three miles south of Hwy. 48 and a few miles east of Centreville in Amite County. These two Tusca- loosa Marine Shale wells, lo- cated on one joint pad, are in the process of being fracked. It was quite a sight. A bright, bustling, bee- hive of activity centered around two "christmas tree" well heads and a giant, wire- line boom, all in the middle of a dark, secluded, quiet coun- tryside. Another prominent fea- ture on the site was 3 "silos" apparently used for captur- ing the dust created when frack sand is unloaded. Despite these focal points, most of the pad is covered with holding tanks and trucks carrying various equipment. The majority of the equipment I noted was the high-pressure, high-vol- ume pumps, used to generate the requisite injection pres- sure for fluid used to fracture the rock. I've been to See these fracturing operations sev- eral times and I'm always mesmerized by the dozen or so different functions going on, especially when two wells are being "zipper" fracked. In a zipper frack, one well is being prepared for fractur- ing by installing plugs be- tween the 250+ foot stages over two miles downhole, or preparing to explode holes in the casing for the injection of fluids and sand later, etc. When things go smooth- ly, while one well is being prepared for fracturing, the other one is generally being fractured. In this process, the high- pressure, high-volume water, chemicals and gels are used to fracture the rock acces- sible via an isolated 250+ foot section, followed by the injec- tion of special sand or other "proppant" material used to keep the fractures open. Oil freed via the fracturing operations can flow out of the rock formation, into the horizontal section of the pro- duct?on casing, then on up the hole and into the pockets of the operating companies and owners of minerals and royalties in the unit. One interesting develop- ment this past week was the sudden appearance of fracturing activities on the Goodrich CMR 8H-1 and -2 site on Helmer Road off of Macedonia Road and several miles north of Centreville in Wilkinson County. Goodrich management had announced earlier that fracturing of wells would be delayed until the second haft of the year. Word is Goodrich lease obligations required comple- tion of these two CMR 8H wells sooner than rather than later and that fracturing of other Goodrich wells is now expected to begin in June. While we continue to re- member to "have courage and be kind" and that ~ust because something is being done doesn't mean it should be done," let's check in on the current status of pre-produc- tion wells here in the Tusca- loosa Marine Shale. Drilling or Moving on: Wilkinson, Sanchez Bloom- er; Washington, Goodrich W. Alford 10H-1. Awaiting fracture: Wilkinson, Goodrich 8H-1 and 2, Halcon Rogers 1H, Halcon Creek Cottage West #1H; Am?re, Encana Reese 16H-1 and Encana McIntosh 15H-1, Goodrich T. Lewis 7-38H-1, Encana Lawson 25- 13H-I; Tangipahoa Par- ish, GoodricliKinchen 58H- 1, Halcon Franklin Post Prop H-l, Goodrich B-Nez 43H-1 and 2; Washington, GO- odrich Painter ETAL 5H-1. Fracturing: Wilkinson, Goodrich 8H-1 and 2; Amite, Encana Reese 16H-1 and En- eana Mcintosh 15H-1. Flowing back: Wilkin- son, Sanchez Morris #2H; Amite, Encana Mathis 29- 17H-l, Encana Ash 13-1 and -2, Encana Longleaf 29H-1 and -2; Tangipahoa, Kent 41H-1. Provide feedback for this column to bernellmcgehee@ THE FAR C 0 R NER Fort Adams & Lake Mary by Rhonda M. Quirk The mighty Mississippi is on the rise and coupled with the recent rainfall folks are panicking here. It's almost word for word the same situation I re- ported last year at this time. Percy Creek jumped the bank and destroyed Lake Mary Road again, thus leaving folks stranded and with no way to move campers, boats and other items to high ground be- fore the river crests. Folks are giving it their best shot using tractors to pull them through the blown out sec- tions of the road. Sound familiar? This should not become common practice. It is outrageous to keep putting folks through this year after year. Lake Mary and Fort Adams lose many camp owners each year af- ter folks have to struggle to get their belongings to safety. Many folks find new sites in other coun- ties or states that actually have roads and lower tax rates. Last week we went to Delhi, La. Once we passed over the Mississippi River in Natchez, it was apparent we were in farm country. Mile after mile of fertile ground just waiting to be planted. Every small town we passed through obvious- ly depended on the farms to exist. Farm supply stores, grain bins, equipment sales, repair shops, and farmer friendly cafe's equipped with tractor parking were scattered between farms. I thought about Woodville and what folks think when they pass through our town. It is beautiful but is there any indication of how we survive economically? One major factor is tourism, and we must learn to build on that foundation and stop allowing our lakes, rivers and hunting land to become ruined by neglect and mis- management. Did you know March 15 is Buzzard Day? Every year in Hinkley, Ohio, the town gathers on March 15 to begin its Buzzard Day Celebration. Visitors come from all around to enjoy the food, music and games, and the main event is the "spotting of the buzzards!" These folks really know how to use their natural re- sources to attract tourists. It sounds a bit silly, but by combining the role that buzzards played in the town history and the fact that folks just love to celebrate practically anything, the small town of Hinkiey prof- its substantially. The story was introduced in 1957 by a curious reporter from the Cleveland Press, who went to investigate the town's claim that every year on exactly March 15 buzzards would return to their town just as they had every year since 1815. He reported the story on February 15, 1957, and folks have been flock- ing to Hinkley on March 15 ever since. The legend is that in 1815, farmers killed an overwhelming number of groundhogs and gophers that were de- stroying crops. The dead, smelly, rotting, pest corpses were scattered about the farmlands. This became a problem for the farmers, and they were hoping and praying for buzzards. Any- way, the buzzards finally showed up and devoured all the germy, dead pests. Now they celebrate "Buz- zard Day" and make a prof- it from this odd celebration. My point is this is a strange natural resource, but these folks take advantage of it. The Far Corner has so many resources, Lake CONCORDIA METAL!NC, OPEN MONDAY. FRIDAY 7:30 A.M.. 4:.30 EM. Cans Copper Brass * Junk Cars FERRIDAY - VIDAI A HW 318/336 - 5218 t -800- 722.- 6264 HARDWOOD LOGS FOR SALE? BY BULK In the woods BY or delivered THOUSAND ~o m~ Call 1-800-343-4577 Netterville Lumber Co. IN BUSINESS SINCE 1952 WCCA STUDENTS TOUR CO-LIN -- Students from Wilkinson County Christian Academy traveled to visit Co-Lin Community College in Wes- son to tour the chemistry, biology and anatomy labs. Students were also allowed to tour the engineering labs which included the machine, electrical and drafting shops. The tour was conducted by the Chair- man of the Physics department, Dr. Kevin McKone. The students were also treated to a behind the scene's look at the building of Co-Lin's un- derwater robot which will compete in June at the international MATE ROY competition in Newfoundland. -- Submitted Photo State Fire Marshal Sends Alert Regarding Unauthorized Alarm Salesmen Commissioner of In- surance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chancy is sending out an alert that Mississippi residents need to be aware of unau- thorized alarm salesmen operating in the state. "About this time every year, we see an increase in reports of unauthor- ized individuals selling alarm systems in the ar- ea. If someone comes to your door trying to sell an alarm system, they must have a license and photo ID issued by the State Fire Marshal's Of- rice. Ask them to show you these credentials," Chaney said. The sale, installation and monitoring of all res- idential alarm systems in Mississippi are regulated by the Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office, per the Mississippi Electron- ic Protection Licensing Act passed by the state legislature in 2006. Mary, Fosters Lake, Arton- ish Lake, Buffalo Landing, Homochitto River, Clarks Creek and of course, the An important part grand and mighty Missis- of the licensing process sippi River. All of these nat-, includes criminal back- ural assets should be acces- ground checks on those sible to the public in order who sell and install these to produce more revenues systems as well as requir- for the county. I mean re- ally, if folks in Ohio can generate funds by celebrat- ing buzzards for a week- end, Wilkinson County could surely prosper 24/7 if our natural resources were properly managed. ing these individuals to have the proper training to ensure competency. Be especially cautious of the following: Offers that promise a "free" system or claims that your current system is 01d, out of date or in need of an upgrade or re- placement. Claims that your home has been chosen as a "model" home and is eligible for a free system and]or reduced monitor- ing fee. Guarantees that you will receive a reduction in your homeowner's insur- ance when a system is purchased. * Salespersons that come to your home claim- ing to be with your cur- rent company. Call your company and verify. Claims that your from your company. Call your company and verify. Claims of increased crime in your neighbor- hood. Call your local po- lice and verify. Chancy added that if the individual is unable to produce such an ID, that person may not be licensed or authorized to operate in the state and should be reported to the State Fire Mar- shal at 1-888-648-0877 or 601-359-1061. If the individual acts in a suspi- cious manner, you should contact local law enforce- ment authorities. If the company has gone out of individual is in a vehicle, business or that your ac- write down and report the count has been purchased license tag number. Please Don't Litter... Do Your Part To Keep Wilkinson County clean and beautiful! Wi nson County Department of _ fucat/on offi zss oodvige, 39669 Ir. q'waothy 6ol.sss-3 s2--6o1.s88-r, oss 6oI-s884133 'FO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: Parents/Guardians Superintendent Timothy T. Scott "F,:7;~' Sta~e Testing Friday, Marcia 13, 2015 Beginning Monday. March 23.2015, the Wilkinson County School District wilt begin administering statewide assessments. As a result, Thursday, March 26, 2015 will be a full instructional day for students. By working together, we can ensure your child(ten) will engage in a rewarding and successful testing experience. Here are some ways you can help your child succeed: Make certain that your child(ten) get a full night's rest. Ensure your child(ren) cat a healthy breakfast at home or in the school cafeteria. Make sure your child(ren) arrive on time for school daily. Encourage your child(ten) to do their best on their tests. Below are school's specific test dates. Should you have additional questions, please contact your child's school. FINCH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PARCC PBA 3r -- 5m Grade-ELA Unit 1 PARCC PEA 3rd -- 5m Grade-ELA Unit 2 PARCC PBA 3`a -- 5m Grade-ELA Unit 3 PARCC PBA 3'd -- 5th Grade - Math Unit 1 PARCC PBA 3~a -- 5m Grade- Math Unit 2 MK_AS2- Pre K and Kindergarten Post Test r~l MK.AS2 "~7 Grade Reading Test MI~AS2 Screener 1 ~t __ 3~d Grade MST2 Science Test 5m Grade I I III I Illl PARCC EOY 3~a -- 5 Grade-ELA Unit 1 DATE(S) March-24m March 25m March 26th March 3 1 ~t April 1 " A_~rii 28m- 30'h April, 1 April 27th -- 30th ' May 4m -- 7th I llll I PARCC EOY 3ra 5th Grade-ELA Unit 2 PARCC EOY 3rd 5th Grade-ELA Unit 3 PARCC EOY-~-~-d-__ 5m Grade - - Math Unit 1 PARCC BOY 3"d -- 5'b Grade- - Math Unit 2 May 1 1 " May 1 2th May 1 3m May 1 4~ May 1 5th WILLIAM ~'INANS MIDDLE SCHOOL 6TH- 8TM GRADE PA.RCC PBA Math PAR.CC PBA ELA Unit t PARCC PBA ELA Unit 2 PARCC PBA ELA Unit 3 PARCC P.BA Make-ur MST2 Science Test 8t Grade PARCC EOY Math PARCC EOY ELA Unit 1 PAR.CC EOY ELA Un,it 2 PARCC EOY ELA Unit 3 PARCC EOY Make-up DA.TE(S) March 27m 'March 3 0m March 3 1 s.t April 1 ~t May 4th -- 8th