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March 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 19, 1898

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Saturday, March 19 ,clal Journal of the Cor- poration of Woodville. , i Simple Announcements of marria- sod deaths will 0e pubhshed ithout charge. llbse0'iletion per alulUllI. Cash ....................... $1 50 Otherwise .................. $2 00 MARKET. PANISII GASCONADE. 65 cents at Rothschilds. t As a fair sample of the ahsurd ut- :: : =: ' terances indulged in by the country- The many friends of Mr. Cage men of Don Quixote we give the hfl- Geter will be sorry to learn of his death which occurred at, tbcres,dcnce lowingextrael from aSpanish news- of his father 14 miles north of this paper taken from the Times Demo. place last Monday. The family have erat. the sympathy of the REPUBLICAN. By Associated Press. "" Madrid, March 15.--The hnpar- IIon. W. F. Love announces his cialsays: "Yesterday we received candidacy for re-election to Congress two telegrams from New Y.rk which from the 6th District in this issue, have not been puhlished. The) deal tie has made a good and faithful Rep- with war preparati,)us, and concern resentative and has been keeuly alive not only street jingnism, hut fiigh to the interests of his constituems officials of theAmerieangovernmenl, and deserves an endorsement at their who, in view of their position, ought New Orleans, Mar, 17,11 1898. hands, to observe a more discreet attitude." :: = -: 'l'ha hnparcial follows with a true- Cotton-- To those who are contemplating the ................... 5 9-16 , Jttne ............. 5.66 putchase of a spring or summer made- ulent denunciation of Americans ..... who, it says, are "tr,,in to frighten ,, October .............. 569 Lo-measuresuit, we desire to state :he Spaniards bvlnvokingthc phan- that we yet represent the largest ex- corn of war, of which they are more Nature ',s in full bloom, clusive tailoring house tn 'America. afraid than the Sl)aniards. ' Mr. J, A. Bryanof the 5Lb District Almost any man in Woodville who is "The United States is a country," in the habit of wearing made to says Impartial, "of self-advertise '#as in town nn Thursday. measure clolhing can inform you as to mont. By moving vessels to and fro : I-It Blsinessaround the Court House is our ability for giving a good fit at the she is trying to make believe that her very dull for this season of the year. right price. We would be pleased to forces are greater than they reall3 : =: receive your order, and assure you the are. We sincerely advise these bo- A full and compTeteline of Window fit and quality will re as represented, gymen not to waste their time and Shades at C. Schaefer's. or your money will n()t be accept ed. mone3 ." JoB OnK AT THE LEPUBLICAN C. SCttAEFER. The story goes that 250,{}00 tons ot '"'"" On last Wedt;eay Martin RoOf coal for Key ,Vest was purchased from A full linc of black and fancywors- the Mark HannaCompanv. in Cleve- ted at, Rothschild's. schitd & Bro., bought of Mr, Zeb C.x land, O. And i:hat it could haye been __..,. his entire cotton crop for the year '97 procured in Birmieglmm, of the same Mr. C. A. Wood is having consid'era- amounting to 376 bales. Every bale quality, at a dollar a ton less. If tiffs blEimprovemcntsmadc on his new of thts cotton was delivered at our be true it isl confirmatory of a war home. depot in less than 24 hours after it theory suggested a few days ag. by an old veteran. He said that if warcame _ :s=: had been weighed, and when it iscon- the East would supply the money, Gardens are coming out and in a sidered that Mr. Cox lives about 10 and the clothing at a good per cent. chert while fresh vegetables will I)e miles from our town, this rapid hand- The West would sell the government on sale. ling of so large a lot of cotton, shows commissary stores of all kinds, at old time profits. Th South would fur- s Mr. J. A. VenVress departed on last what can be accomplished when thcre nish the men and grow cheap cotton. Weduesday morning fur his Point isawdl. The amtmnt paid for the --Vicksburg Herald. Coupee home. hauling was 40cts ..... per hale. The contention of candidates for 500 l)alrs of all wool pants at On Monday last h-( Woodville Gin- Governer in Georgia is as to which $1.50, 1.75 and 2.00. Worth sing Company bought of Mrs. J. Mc- OnerationsthearemOneYreailypoWerafter.and Eachthe corpO-one,s double. At Rothschtlds. Manus four acres of land iust below supporters contcnd that he is the real :=: i he old Railroad shops and paid her champion of the people, the foeof We were pleased t meet Dr.R.T. the nice sumof one hundred dollars plot.octets. Of a surety this is the golden era of the demagogues and Lessley of Peroy's Creek, in town on oer acre, and yet you can hear some humbugs.--C(,mmercial Herald. Friday. skeptics say there is no value to prop- _ ...... ,- ..... Mr. Carnot )osey of Yazoo City erty in and around our town. The Plush caps and Misses lackets at property just purchased is perhaps C. Schaefer's. upent the week here visiting relaLivcs the best adapted and most suitable . I ' and friends, that could be found for-the purpose, New &dve00isements. Anelegenllirtef men's and boys' azd the Ginning Company have dis- lotlfing a C. Schaefer's. phtyed good judgment, in their par- FOR SALE chase. In a short while the), twill e i- i-,ia t,eare glad I;o see Rev. Crislcr out proceed to grade the land for the The Patrick plantation situated ou thestreets again after an illness of buildings, and also to enable them to Old River, Wilkinson County, Miss. ahor:t while, run a side track so no extra expense containing about 320 acres. For : _- :- particulars apply to, Kid gloves worth 1(50 for l.O0. The will be in(-urred in loading and hand- W. i)* S VENTI{ES b'at we have ever sold for the money, ling the output of their plant. The Woodvllle, Miss. Companylutcnds putting inaplant ,. Schaefer. 3 19 1898 4w. ::_: .... of considerable more power than Is . Mr. Martin Rothschild left Thurs- now actually necessary so that at any NOTICE TO TEACHERS. day morning forashort suay in ew future time they may enlarge the Examinations will be held iu April Orleaos. He is expected home early capacity of the plant or make addi- according to law, on the lt, 2nd. this morning, tionstimrevo, for instanceja small oil 3rd and 4h Fridays and Saturdays ('abhage plants now readv to set or grist mill. In this decision the)" in April 1898. JOSEPH JOIINSON. have also displayed considerahre Supt of Education. out For sate by Mrs. S G. bteru, thought, for in the near futtre the 3 19 1898 4w. Notwithstandiug tim advance in necessity foragrist mill atlcast will woolens our stock of clothing .is being be plainly manifest, i IJ  l E l offered at extremely low prices at :: ==-- We are prepared to fill at short Rotbschild's. 100 pairs of mens shoes all notice any order for Rough Cypress size congress and lace, a good LUMBER at low prices. Corrcspon- We are glad t state that Mr. Jno. heavy snbstantial shoe. Cost to dence solicited. Sessions wire has been quite sick for make $1 95. out" price $1. Ask JNO. F, IRINE & SON. some time is improving fast and will for them at Rothschilds. 3 19 98 6m. noon be out again. := :: Pasture for horses and cattle, fine :: :"" 200 pieces of OULlng, all styles and grass, running water, apply to. Mr. D. C. Gildart has 1)een confined shades, from 5 to l0 cents at MRS. M. McMaus. to his bed with typhoid fever for the llothschild's. 3 12 98 4w. ):tat two weeks, but is improving now ---: :: and wc hope to see. him out, again 1 have the famous Pratts' Stock NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. soon. Feed for sale. Just the thing for Land Office at Jackson. Mms, Mar. ,,. =_- poor, unconditiotie(l stock. 9th 1898: Men's and boy's golf caps in wool Gee J. Adams. Notice is hereby given that the rid- and velveteens for 25 eclats at :- :- , Rot hschild's. 10,00(; cabbage piants fo sale by. oflwighis intentionna'ned settlerto makehaSfiualfiledproofnticein - :--: 'drs. ,:.G. Stern. support of his claim, and thatsaid First class brick for sale by A. I'. .,.-- proof will be made before the Circuit Benedict. Our reputation for buyingood Clerk of Wilkinson County at Wood- : ==: clothing has been estabhshed too ville, Miss, on April 23rd 1898, viz: - Jefferson D. Metealfe II. E. No. The weather this week 'has been hmg to do nluch blowing about. 23.908 fr the e  no  set: 26. t 4, n very Springllke and as tim China tree We only name a few items: r 1 west. He names the following has pu out it. is claimed by those who Chihl's suits 90 cents, Boys' witnesses to prove his continuous tea- know, that there will be no more cold suits $2., Men's suits $2.50, all idence upon and cultivation of said weather, good wearers and will satisfywu, land, viz: Thomas W. Caviu, Wiley Cavin, John Davidson and James Roy. B. Wohlberg left on Wedncs- At Rothschilds. Vines all of Darrington, Miss. := = -: JAMES HILL, Register. day ntorniug via Ceut, rcville for New Read what prominent planters of 3 12 ]898 6w. Orleans, iwt'e he goes to place him- your e,,unty say about CAPITAL CITY sell under a physicians treatment, lle FRTtHZm: FOR SALE.-Improved Chufas. may remain away a week or ten days. Centreville, Miss. Jan,22, I898. the best known hog feed, ao pesb. l0 ,=:-: eta quart,, 75cts peck, delivered it, Mr. Patters.u, of Danville, Va. rep- MR. B. E. ESKRIDGE, Woodville. Send orders to Iliram. resenting R.A. Patterson & Co., of Agt. Capital City Oil Works, Baton Rouge, La. Miss. CHAS. F. A. KELLOOO. " 't 3 54w. Which hc is a member, spout [uesd, y My dear Sir:I think you are en- in our wn. IIc succeeded in selling titled to sonic testimonial from me in P. H, WHITE. W. S, WtlITE. lare quantities of his famous Shell behalf of tim most excellent Cotton While u ,ry"ro--- Road obaeco. and Corn Fertilizer componuded by GOt| := = :: the Capitol City Oil Work. and sohl Have an early garden. Best va- to me through your efforts this past MAIN STREET. Under Masonic Hail. ricty of cabbage plants for sale by year' It is not to,) muclt for me to say, that aft-r au experience with DEALERS IN-- MrS. S. (]. Stern. commercial fertilizers for more than := = =: 20 years, I have never used one that Fancy and Staple Groceries, ,Candy We h'tve just receiyed from a has given me as good satisfaction as Cakes, Fruitsof all kinds, obaceo hem market an elegent line of ttas yours this past year. Notwith- and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. ladies dress goods and full line of standing my planratmn was waited Feb 12981y. trimmings. C. Schaefer. by a disastrous imil storm iu May, Mr. Van Hart,:of Hutehins, Miss., and twocloud bursts in ,lone attd '--' Ju.lyl, esneetively. I made the largest S MARANTO spent Monday in town visiting his trap-of cotton that I have ever made Imrents and relatives. Van is now in attd plenty of corn to run my place business for himself at the above and [ used your fertilizer exehtsively. --DEALE [ named point and is doing very nicely. As long as you keep it uo to its pres- COtCEST Fruits, Oysters, Nut enl high standard your customers ' " )f all kinds, and Fresh Family Gro i) We wish him continued_:_ success, will get full vahle received for their certes. Receives daily Fancy Can- We are inform'dt-laat the pipe cla" mouey. Yours truly, etc JNo. A RDHXD. dy of all kind. Macearoni cook- . hill, known as the Morris hill on the After ths use of the ab.,ve f(rtilizer e(t in the best style, from 9 A. .i :to 8 r. M. Fort Adams road has been put in first the past year, l am prepared to ell- M[aln .t. Opposite Baum & Dampf. class condition. There are several dore all that my neighbor and friend i : - " -- -:i other hills near town that should be Mr. Redhead has said about it. Feb 1298 ly. F. E. WHIT For White Bros. trcated In a like manner. - " ='-=--= Ceutreville. Miss Jan 10, I898. WALSH & WILSON The wet season is upon us and MR. B. E, ESKI.IDGE, Agt., | waterproof garments are what is Capital City Oil Mill Co. COSTRACTORS OF needed. Ask to see our Mackin- Baton Rouge, La. tushes from 2.50 to 5.00, sold Dear ir:--I can highly recommend Il:ICI { C;i[]EIT from 4.00 to 9.00. ourCapital Cit Fertilizer to any oue wire wishes a first class article it,  W O R K" 4 At Rothschilds. every respect. I nsed it almost ex- An alarmofflrewas sounded last clusivelylast season, and found it Estimates Furnished gave as good, if out a little better re- Sunday at 1:30 z'. M., but, ir turned out, suits than other first grade goods Patronage Solicited. to be only the chimney of Mr. Stem's used along sde of it. Others who Leave Orders with Wettlln & Fltckey or Ben residence which was burning. It was ordered with rne speak well of it. 1 nrown', BarberShop. Soon extinguished  without any dam- think it comes fnly [up to your claims Dec 18,972m. for it. Yours truly age being dnne. W.B. MERCIER. TRESPASS NOTICE. Reports come tous-daiy of the slow All hunting on my place is striotly progress made in farm work. A num- NOTI(E. nrohibtted ua(h'r penalty of the law. ber ofthereportsclaim work is two The taxes of the Corporation of Mas E. W. JeeR. or three weeks behind the average Woodviile for the veer 1898 are now 11 20 97 If. eeasnn. If the weather remains clear due a,d must be l)ai(1 by April 1st. W. C. MILLER, Mayor & Tax Col,  real package of" BLACK-DRAUGHT for the. nEXt ten days considerable lost 3 12 1898 lw. " " .... = =-- : ie ca0 he alade up. , .  at char t TI-IE (BE/00 SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOIl BUSINESS W1TII A FULL STOCK OF : : PT.TISE LI QU O l= --o SUCII AS--o OLD J[O.N'OPOLE .R TY'E, PURITdW RYE, FREWCH BRdWD , WIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE ClSARS A/ways on Hand. Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medlcal pnr- poses will do well to cal! and examine my stock. A. S. JOI-][NSOlq. . h! Tfi T[II00 PUBLIE: Jlt one half price, ifft  Heariettas formerly sold at 50c now 25. l I BlackBrocades"- " " 50e " 25.[ ,lll Woolens, seh as BlanChers, Flan- nels ere, at the same ct. rill wool che- II(l rots sits formerly $7.50 now . Part t wool eassimere stalls formerly $5. now $2.5o. , Yours Truly, Mart/n Rom whl'/d & Bro. ,, iI POSITIONS GUAItANTEEI). To GraduatEs of Hearts' Practical Business College, School of Short Hand, Telegraphy, etc., Jackson Mississippi. We have bought the Wavatt Col- Icges here and at Meridian, but have closed out the one at Meridian, and prepared to ive students the very best business training to be had Jy- where. Catalogue sent on applica- tion. N.J. HARR[8, President, Jackson, Miss. Sept. 11, 1897-tf NOTICE, I have just received and will keep constantly on hand a full supplyo COFFINS and CASKETS, of all Stsles. which I will se|l at rca sortable priers. Shop opposite W. C. Bonnys res- idence. TIIOS. ReliANt). Ang 21, 1897-tf t 4,4 N i i q 4 I 4,! 4, d 4-@ @4, 4, , MORE PUSH, M')RE ENTERPRIS]. 4" 4 MORE INFLUENCE. MORE PROGRESSIVENESS" 4" MORE SPEGIAL FEATURES.4. TheTimes-Dem0crat, NEW ORbmANL L,A. 4" 4 MORE NIWB. i 4"MORE STORIES. MORE INFORMATION', ',']['MORE II,LUSTRATIONa. 4, 4MORE ADVERTISEMENTS. CULATED NP:WapAPElt 4 4.  ,rn sou. 4`-" 4 4` Bubrlbe for It If you waut4`: to keep up with eurrent4`,, ] 4` 'events at home and abroad. , ',Dally and Sunday, per yor.$1 00', ', eml-Weekty, per year ...... 1.00 ', esday and FrtdaY.I @l.ti**days oa,r. per year .... 2.00 @ BAMPLE COPIES FREE, 4, 4. 4,. 4,! 'PHi TIMES-DEMOCRAt, ' 4, New OF|l, ][Jlm. ,&; @ @ 4, ,4, i dorlgnod firm will give away a few of t.hoir 5 German Eleetrlc Be[ks Invented by Prof. Van der Wevde. Pre. of tl e New York Elec- trical Sociel;y (U. S. Patent 7.fi47) a positive curefor nervous Dlflltty, Ril,.U/lla|lsn, I()SS of Pwer. &c. Address a once Electri &gOnc, P. O. lx 1874. Nsw York, N. Y. r r r [. ' GUGKO0 GLOGK CIVEN AWAY FREE! With every FIFTY Cents expended with me, wheth- er in purchasing or repair- ing, will entitle purchaser to a gtlesl as to the num- ber of beans in jar "which 1 have prepared. The one guessing the nearest to amount t,f beans in i'd jar will win the Cuckoo Clock. Contest to closcon 1rloda2,, JULY 4tk, 1898. llRemember my prices remain the lowest. JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, The public are hereby notified thai Hunting is prohibited on the Sur- ette, EImwood, BeilEview and Gor- don Plantations. All former permits are hereby re yoked. CHAS. COHEN, Nov. 20, 1897-tf TRESPASS NOTICE. Hunting or otherwise trespasinl on tim McManus, Farish and Bowlin Green places ts strictly prohibited u den peualt of the law. All former , permissions revoked. R. M. Mc(EHEE. J. H. PENDLETON. Sept. 4, 1896-ff FOR ALE. The house and lot in Woodville, south west of the public square known as the Susan Scott lot adjoining lot of Dr L W Magrnder apply to It S VAN EATOn. 11 20 1897 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on Simrall and Schae- fer places is strictly prohibited under penalty f the law. L. W. MAGRUDI,:R. EI.ECTIIG BELT FREE. To tntroduc it and obtain agent the tan- 1 1 20 97 tf. uery: Why will people suffer wh Indigestion when "BLACK - I)RAUaHT? ou: cure them? SPRING, d With a reputation for timeliness and up-to.datencs.w beg to invile the attention of the public It our magnificent line of ladies dess goods for Spring and Summer ear wnieh ban just arrivcd and is n.w on ,urTiounters. IIcre will be fmmd ia almost countless designs, Percales, Ginghams, Chevots, Ducks, Skirtings, Lawns. Organdies, i)imeties, Non,veilings, ere, ir the latest slyles and ideas, Here will he found the latiest, novelties in SpringMillnary, a line so captivating that It will not only please, but eelight you. ftere will be found a full and up-to-date stock of the oriel,rated I)utteuhofer Chlehlnat| Shoes for ladies, in the latest colors and styles. In short, ia this store will be found a complete line uf the latest and p.zo stylish goods for ladies wear at prices that will suit the mosl . fastidious. Perhapsselfinterest may seem to bias any exprelon of opinion that we mizht offer, but we believe we are honest wltlll ourselves when we say that throughout:an experience of over twenty years we have never put forth so tempting and notorl- ousa variety of dress fabrics In trrpptngs so gorgeous. Without, indulging in bombastic pledges, without resort t vain-glorious boastintL and realizing that, the well pleased customer la the best advertisement, we will simply state that it shall be our aim to continue our straight forward business policy that has resulted iu the cementing of friendships that time cannot dis- solve. Wih serious good wishc C. SCHAEFER. C KANN. - - MIlS VOODVILLE, " " " DEALER IN DRUGS and MEDICINES CHFMIC00t,00 Public School Books 3Er,,no;L. - npo 'tol.lot A1 WJLO1oI, Stationery, Painters Spplies, Cuttlery _Frnis in Hardware, lthminatD2 Oils, Garden eed c. IPhvsicians prccriptions carefully compoundc,a, and orders cerrectly z(',awel ck selccted i. t grat care andwarrantcd as represented. v. 8.91. .y, F. A. MCLA[N. W P, S. VENRTESS McLAIN & VENTRESS, Attornep 00ou00elore hw, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office in McGe hee building. DR, C. S. HAMILTON, 00ENTIST, M,ss. WOO1)VILI,E  Ottice at Schlesmger House. April 18, '95 ly, DR. Cl:[AS. E. CATCI:[INGS W OODV. t,LE : : " ; [ISS. ()ffice in Adams Drug Store. July 14, '94 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician azzd Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at residence, April 7, .88 ly DR C. C. CROSS. Dental Surgeou, WOODVILLE, MI8. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. G. SHANNON, WOODVILT,E, MISS. Will praet:e in all State aud United Btate courts in this State Real estate bought and wld ou rum- minion. Office ou (',)mmriai Row. --. Offioo up.stairs in the Odd Feltow Buitdiug. DR. JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon wOODVILLE, MIBS, Office on Main St. at his ,hi Stand JOitH A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR, A Full Stock of Metalie and Wood- eu Coffins always on hand at Wood- villo, Miss., Main St, Trespass Notice. All persons found hunting, fishing or otherwtse trespassing on the B0r namwood plantation about 3 mile., sonth of Woodville will be prose euted to the full extent of the law. A strict watch will be kept oa sam plantation for trespassers. CLolera and Ye]1,w Feve are pr D, O. Bt-AMLIITT W.I?. 'L'UU ll Bramlett & Tucker. Att0ruys aa Cm00lm tt hw, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office iu MGhee Building, CoDa ,n ercial Row, J. H. JONES Atterney ad Counsekr kw, WOODVILLE, MISS. Oce above the Republican Office. -;-DEALER IN-- Fatally'and Fancy Groceries. Confeo tmneries. Oysters, Tropical a!l kinds, Sugar, Coffee, Flonr Starch, Raisins, u,s of Canned Fruit and Fish, &e. Fine brand chewing Tobacco. Fresh Bread every day. New wal- piles arriving daily. March 21: 1896-y I [Ill TRESPASS NOTIGE. All hunting .and tresIrasing ow Retreat attd Dameron plaes is at riety  prohibited, undcr penalty of the law,. M ASON SlgOWDIq, Oct., 9th '97.--tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, fishing or otherw| .... trespassing on Glen Burn]e plantat|o s strictly prohibited nnder penalty 0It he law. All tormer permissions re-. voked, GEO. T. McGH, TRESPASS NOTICE. Any person caught hunting, or othcrvise trespassing Collins or Ohl LEwis places prosecuted to the frill extez aw. All former permissions ed. F.D. Lwts, d. 1t. SdWDMdW, .ucceor TO "r  :13 THE SALO000i South-West Corner of Public Squar+- I have always on hand a SOl erioz article of 00ruty ,|it ad TRR BT B]ND OF CGARS, DomeStic and Im p0rted. Pane Liqm,rs, Vermouth, Contiah Bottled and Keg Beor, Lmon, Ice always on hand. My friends and customers will alwal find me ready to do business. A. H." SANDMAn. March 12. 92, Caveatq. ad Tde-Marks o! .aied ent busine.a onduc.d lot MODR t't'll OUR OWFIC II OP'OSTt U, , laAT[f remora from Whl,,gtofl, Send model, &tmg ot pl t|on. We advt,.e, !f :ten t.harffe. Our f. ".' aue t:!l th,* (.  ;,r"l OF'fCIL