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March 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 19, 1898

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ltlmtltllll tlriall00h, as. A&apos;" - ...... .-- _ 77L. L.->- ._ Saturday, March 19. J. S. LEWIS9 Editor and Proprietor. TO AD YERTISER00. Till ',VO,)DVILt.E [[EPUBLICAN is the oblesl nwslmper in the State; it:is li larger bona fide ircllrat ion t ha, it any ethel llewspaper in tllis ,.eiionl t;hcreire :[ i8 The hit hdnriisiul' Me00,i=, h00vertficn |cir 12is in Mind, ANNOI "NCEM EN'F. Fen I]ONG llEmS, TO the Voterof the Sixth Congres sional District : lh.lieving that an hlvestigation of lily record ill CcmRres will show that | have dis('llarTld nly dnty. a<tivelv. llilithfully and etl]cionilv: tliai I llave lept all l)l'Oiili.el illid brokeii lie ls,,ny pleilge, I tlti.refore aln encoilraffed toalaiu the 'siipport of uiv cOnstltnencv fill* re-eleetioil and here- liy alinOiliiee nlv eandidm:v subject Ot llv a,.iioll of tile I)emocr'atie party of Ihe Sixth i)iilliel of 5liHsippi. Very Respei.J. ully, W. F LOVE. 't) The Ct nl'resllien who are nos- inlff around ill (,u'lra had heifer oiay in Waqtington nnd attend to the business tbey are paid to at- tend to. If shells iwgin to fly tfltnut llavana they will stay at honle fast enough. The llouse C,)ulmlttce on Else- finns reported in favor of se'lting lion. Josiah Paterson instead of Mr;,Cm'mack, the sitting nieln- tier. TiMe Sciinltar say, that Car- mack "was counted in lly the test notorious and open fraud." At Elhsville, 5efore Chaficellor F/ill, there were twenty-three divorce eases on the docket. Jocl 81ins was granted a divorce and his wife was nlarried the next day. Abundant grist for the divorce mills indicates a more or ]osadepraved stale of society; nearly as bad as would be the mbandonment of the marriage .ontraet. The soutlreru states up to this time have reuiainett eonIparatively free floul this species of license. If war occurs between Spain mad the United States it is more i|kely to restllt from a reetlgnition of Cub!in belligerency lhan froln the'lo.wof the Maine. Unless the Spl,iai'ds speedily put an end to the rebellion in Cuba pub- lie sentiment in this couutry will force the Adnlinistration to re- cognize a state of war between P,in and.her colony, and in that ease . ' Dbn Bombastes Furmso," witiq apt to proceed to tin'ash the United States. ............ -.t411.1 ~ - __ Asssistalil Secreiary Day got off a goul,ihing at thor expense of the Spanish Ministe the other day. The Minister called on eraar Day to ask, inotllcially, whether it was true that Uncle am was baying war ships in foreign countries? The Secre- tary courteously replied that it was true that the United States wan makiug some purchases in fore|gn waters to replace some recent losses to our navy sustain- ed in foreign waters. There is a strong sentiment in the Louisiana Contltutmnal Con- vent)on to introduce a new prin- the franchise, viz; that vote on qualificatmns supplied or created hy other men. The proposition is contradictory af the prine/ple upon which the franchise is based. he right to vote is not inherent, a natural right, i,ut is a privilege conferred by society upon citizens who pos- ss eertam personal qualifica- tions. The individual qualifica- PEACE OR WAR? The itisplebes ,from Havana inforin its that the Court of In- quiry for the United St.ates has ('onlpleted ira investigation of the wreck of the Maine, and has left for Key 'at, It is further stat- ed that the report is about pre- llared, and will soon tie stilllllit- ietl io the Administraiiou at IVashington. tt'e have only hitd i'untor of what the finding will be, as the entire proceedings have Ileen kept a pro;found secret, and even our own governinent pro- leases ignorance of the result. This last statement must lie taken cam grano suits, and shotlld be considered stan,lpomt. There are reasons why would niake norance--the first front a diplomatic two very sufficient the Administration a profession of )g- to give time MONEY KINGS FOR PEACE. Special ttl the Tililt.- [)nllt. Chicago, March 16tll.'--Burdette's spceial Lethe Chronicle from Waah- ington says: tile money kings in- tend to spend from $3.000,000 to $5,000,000 iu securing aa early ad- j-urnnient of Congress. Hanna Elk)as, Quay and Platt will direct the campaign. Bondholders tear repudialion (,f Spaiu's debt. Mc- Kinley's Imcklione is Ilrokeu. Money is m.ver patriolic, and this telegram very probably speaks the Iruth. All good citizens desire peace bat the motive that actuates the Money Kinus is a most desl)iea. tile one. Hanna expressed theft views, anll ol course his own, in the shaule|ul lecture he gave the Cal)inet recently on Ihe neressity of prvserv ing peace at any cost of national humiliation, because forsooth, it wouhl injure the iuvestments of cup- italits. We do not believe the President's backbone is broken, His . . entire course tin tl ' for llieparatlon for war which is . " ie Cuban question , has neen wise and statesmanlike ant most needful, and the second to  1 t 'e eel)eve i will so continue. Ierniit the great, excitement eaus-I , oy ,nu nestruet|on of the/ We find tile followi ,liiliie to sltbside, and thus to af-iLu ut G ng mention or t ' - or. Jones as a nossillle can- p:ll::::li)gt:e;(n:l:nl:ab:tte:atTl; [dldate for 'hivernor, among our ex ' changes IVe heartily endorse their in a wise and statesumu-like way. views, and feel assnred that lie will We have no doubt that the re- be a formidable eandldale in case lie pt)rt will show that the Maine concludes to enter the race. was the victim of treachery, but Col J tl. Joles, the present able we (in doubt whether the respon- and eonseivnt|ous Lieutenan Gover sibility can be fixed with reasona- nor, is the strangest anti |)est man hie certainty on the guilty parties, vet Inenlionel[ for our next Gover We areinclined to discard the theory that the Spanish authori- ties, as such, were the authors of the outrage, but it might be eith- er the work of Spanish officials, acting on their own responsibili- ty, or of Cuban zealots who de- norexcept Walthall. Col. Jt,nes wonht make a In,del chi,,f" executive, and lie is popular throuehont the State.Greenwnod Enterprise. With the exception el the "ex veer" we heartily endorse the above. Centre vllle Jeffersonia a. The Hattlesburg Courier says: gotiatiou for a reciprocity triit A M Shephert Dtml,r eek t e* I would be, uvder ellsling t41tll lflttiek lilac. I LE'ONSCIIWARTZ.  (J Peets Slnlthlaud fo Pereys[ SCHWA-R  N C II"NLYLN stances, will tm allowed to begin by creek bridge. ' EYtl 'hornton Jones Buffalo bridge to the allministrathit, awl Ihe Minister Pleasant Valley line. [ is probalily only indl)lging in such Preston Fox 7 mile board to 10 mih talk for the purpose o# trying to ira- board Ft Adams road. Maine was blown up by some outside agency, and that Spain must he held resoonsible for the disaster, all official utterances to the contrary notwithstanding. But presuming that the result of the investigation dues show that the Maine was destroyed by treachery but fails to show that,it was done at the instigation (if the Spanish government, will war necessarily result? We think oot. If Spain does not desire war, and we do not believe that the government floes, two courses remain open to her for a peaceful solution of the ditiiculty. She may admit her liability and offer press us with the peaceable inten tions of Spain towards us. He is wasting time. We know Spain's real attitnde towards us--an attitude that has worked the American people up ;o such a pitch that the determina- tion to thrash Spain has become uni- versal among us. Senator Jones, of Ark., yoieed the almost unanimous sentiment (if Con. gress when lie said e, lneerning the report that a movement had been started will) a vie to bring about an alliance between England and the MoseDnnbar Muddy branehtoFi Adams Dave 8elf branch west of Wayside store to 16 mile board. W E Dawson l)teasantiValley to I)ooly ferry. Dennis Ross Jr Beech church to Venlress Louis Esther 10 mile board to 14 mile board Woodvilie and Ft Adams road Frank Davis Pond to River ide. Ernest Ross top ot mile hill to Ft Adams road. J It J,,lla Patriek to Pond The8 Bell, Founeainbleu to Rose llill. C W Davis, Dr Lessleys to Dr Peers, A M MeGehee United States: "I do net think filet line. tilers is anytlling in the report, for it would be one of the most foolish things this or any otiier administra- tion ever undertook, In the first plaee, e do not need any alliance toeonduet our own quarrels. We are able to take care of ourselves, and an alliance with some other power, particularly tlulse on the other side ot I.he water would be especially re- luignant Io the people of tins coun- try. i am el)nflltent there is nothing in it, aml if tilers was, and it should be suhm|tted to the ,enate, as it no doubt will lie, that body would not sanction it." PROCEEDIN3 of Ihe i|oltrd or Sllllervisori rilE STATE OF" IISSISSIPPI, WILKINSON COUNTY. } Be it remembered that at a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of said County began and held at tile Court House in the town el sired to embroil the United States The Centreville Jeffersonian and PRESENT. Port Gibson Reveille both speak in L. T V,qitress. President. Jas D. and Spain in the interest ofleomplimentary terms of LieutGov. Cage, W L. Jenkins, 1. A. Carter, Cuban independence. [./ones in eonueetion with the Gover- C T. Netterville, members. The very active and open pre-I nrship" We do not koow if he will J,s. M. SESSIONS, Sh'ff tie a candidate, but shonM he con- C &. COON, ClerK. parations for war liy the United ]sent to make the race he will have a 2rid Day. States shows that the opinion[strngtollowingand prove a model Board met pursuant to adjonrn- prevails at Washington that the 'chief executive, meat, preseut saln0 as yesterday, miuutes of yesterday read and ap- pr veil and signed by the President. Evaus fork to state 3rd Distract. Lee Wtnte Johnson place to lfi mile board. Newton McGraw Voodville road to Ceutrevllle road. E E tficliardson Natchez road to l0 mile board on Coons Mill road F E White ThomDson s . _ creek to Gas- away ohl place. E N Graves Whitaker to Gauldens. Chas MeKey Macedonia church to S Petty. T A Jolulson 11 Inile board to Buf- falo. J (3 Whetstone Nugent place to Buffalo. Mason Snowden 2 mile board to mile board Centreville road. TBHatfieidJr4 mile board to7 nlile board Centreyille road. (Completed next week.) Woodville, said Cotlnty on the 1st eMile, Wilkinson County, State of Monday, being the 7th day of MIssissq)pi petition your honorable Matoh A. D. 1898. body to grant and issue to According to the latest dispatches The outstanding bonds ordered re- tile Court of Inquiry on tile Maine deeniell by the Board were this day disaster have finished their report and presented by Thos B Hatfiehl treas- urer and bouds No 5, 8. 9, and 10 were ordered to be cancelled. I On acconnt of cllauge of ownershiD ordered tiiat nw 1 Of 8W I l t 4 J and SW Y4 SW  of see 9 t 2 r 1 eeast. Also se I, ofse see3t2rleast 120 acres / be assessed to Samuel Williams iu- lstead of E B McLain. Assess to Ad- |die Brown in lot 3 sqr 3 die t town of Woodviile iustead of M Rothsciiild & Bro, On account of change of ownership assess to C A Wood sqr .'26 die 1 oil fowl) of Woody)lie instead of Gee J[ Adams and assess lot ll sqr 4 die 2 oft the town of Woodville to tI A Wood 1 instead of C A Wood. / Ordered that the hands Oil .lvdn I<?l ] Morris place be assigned to -t'oll. ] ville rolld under lierbert Ford over- [ seer and that l'i'aiik Holmes be as- signed to road nuder 1{ Geter over- seer, aud York aud Jim BrOWll be asigued to Chas lIonley's road. Ordered by the Board that lhe fol- lowing named persons be appointed road overseers to serve for one year from this date towit: Ist Disrrict. C W Hcnl|erson from Voodyille to / Surgett gate. I N Cropper Jr Woodville to 3rd dist liue. L,ev Wilson Surgett gate to La line. / W B . ends Joues fork to Fords /creek road. A W Lauehart jr Prater gin to top LinilsaA hill. Herbert Ford corporation to Liud- sajy bill. A Roy 3 mile board to 6 mile post Fords creek road. George Morris Jeers fork to Morris hill, nothing to gain, and vet'), much to lose by any further unsettling of business interests. ./ Much BucoMB.Don't the fellows in Congress who voted $50,000,000 aml were willing to vote $500.000,000 for the national defense, know that it takes over a )'ear to build a ten inch gun and more than two years to build a battleship? Or do they suppose will sutlmit it to Congress abot, Mow day It is now generally conceded the exl,losion was from the outside, but in regard to the perpetrator, or perpetrat(,rs, everything seems to tie in tile dark. "Patienee is a virtue" truly, and this ts is a good time to exercise it. Washington, Meh 14. 1898. The Washington end i)f this nasty SImnish business is now ill a fairly satisfactory send)lion. Since Con- gress placed $50.000,000 at Mr. Mc- Kinley's disposal, Ills administration an indemnity; or she may say has come oat in lhe open with its that the report of her own Inves- war preparations, and no time is now tigatingBoard proves that the being 10st in getting together the Maine was blown up by an exph)- fighting material ltiat will be acces- sion of her own magazines (as it sarv to enable us to drive the Spau- is certain to do) and then ask iards off every foot of American ter- l that this questilln of fact |be sub- ritl,ry. Although Mr. McKinley de Imitted to arbitratil)n. The Uni- served criticism h)r waiting so long [ted State is thoroughly colnmit. I to et stared along the right road, [ted to the doctrine tit arlntration I it is overlooked now, and lie Is giea tend coul0 not well refuse such a l the praise he deserves for the ener. getie mannel in which he is pushing proposition. Of course there are/things. The country is rapldly be- elementsofdanger that defy all [ing put upon awar footing; .hepeo- reasoning. It is in the power of pie have been on a war foouag for Congress to declare war and the some time Jingo element may be strong No harm Is done I)y Secretary enough to precipitates one; or the Long's deuyiag that either the Pres ,...Florida Floyd Chapel church to Spanish people, who are blindly . . ' "a errant)on t" Sago roall .... Ident or Inmselt has an, ! f J T Mills, Mills t vainglorious, may forcetheir gee- fork to Dunmar, as tO what tile report of the Navallereek I lernment to precipitate hostilities. Cou-" -" ............ t Jack Dnumar 7 mile ost to Nat- [/ If the honor of our flag can be I . "" u, ,uqulry wlu oe, so long as/eliez fork Ft Adams road p. / /there is no let up in the preparations | Mausfield illet Natchez fork to/ [maintained without war we hope[to be in a posittoa to act I)romnth, ]Pinekueyvill fork | it may result, for the South has/ ..... ' r-./ Cllas tlenloy Woodville to 3 mile t oa tha re )ort, wnlen cannot [)o , , l 1 " " de ]post herd S creek road laed muehion er lher ' WSCurr l / " " g " e isn t the| y P'atergul to Baynard |shghtest" doubt that the report will |br,dlgmas! Perk'lns tigo" road" to show that the Maine was destroyed |Bayn Sara creek. by an outside explosion i Gee [robinson Dunbars creek to -- - - " " Stewart gate. Mr. McKInle has not tohlanvbody Jas Pendleton Woody)lie to 2 mile so far as known, that lie intended to eouple with the demand he makes on Slain 9n aeeount of tile .Maine, an- other tllat Cuha should be free, al- though he has intimated tns intention In la soaie way combine the two things. If he wishes to ae la aecor- LIQUOR PETITION. To Ihe Honorable Mayor and Board of Aldermen ot the town ot Wood- ellis, Wilkinson County, State of Mississippi : Tile undersigned qualified voters resident within the town of Wood.- board Liberty road. Ely Bruce Buffalo bridge to Bay- nard bridge. Jno D Morris Woody)lie to Ragged hill road. Amos Stansberry :Draughn lane to McGehee laue. Dudley V Wigner Bayou Sara creek A. It. SANDMAN, a resident in said town a license to] sell and retail vinons, alcoholic, malt I iutoxhmliog and spirituous liquors in[ less quantity than one gallon withhl / Liie Ihnits of said town at the saloon [ house now oncupied t)y him on thl.[ sonth east ellrner of the square [ directly west of tim court house, and we recommend tim said A. H. Natal- man to lie of good reputation and a sober and suitable person to receive such license. Reslleetfully ' Paul Habig, Ben Brown, Wil,on Bernard Newell, Louis Goslinski, Max Dampf, Marcus i. Berger, [)avid A, Dickey, William L. Polk, Leon Schwartz, Fred Martens, l)oug Gihlart, Richard Joseph Anderson, Robt. W Turner, Monroe William Brown, Francis F. Best, Ike Baum, ike Gildart, Salvatore Cumbo, Charles Augusius Chisholm, Jack Wilson, Jr. Harry Hays Cage, Jaeob Cohen, Charles Stewart [/amilion, George Chisholm, Alexander tlenry Sandman, Lee Charles Schloss, Joseph Schwartz, Simon Blumentbal, George Mitchell Petty, Charles Dickey, Thomas Roland, J. Lytton Sweeny, Gee Blaekamore, David Bennett Morgan, William Delaney, Thomas James Williams Albert Bassett, Zaehariall Kelley, Chas Chisholm. Jr. Isidore Rothschild, George Frazier Turner, Mt,rris H. Rothschild, John A. Fosselman. Hiram Whetstone ,imtth, Thomas Samuel Harrison, Noland Stewart. Pilha,n Francis Best, James Gasher Turner, B iIhe Cage Henley, Jacoh Stu;zmann, Edward Higgins Lewis, John Prestwood Miller, Joshua Atwood Tilton, Benja,nin (J,,shnski, John E. Thomas, Daniel E. Havard, Frederick A. Hart, James M. Watson, isaacT Hart. Artliur Se,li Johnson, Jim x Washington, Main Street, WOODVI LLE, Sinee/he Quaran/ine restrieticns aro00end onr tou00 have been raised we have been daily reeeivin00 fres& _goods of all ]dnds and store is now replete wHh best staple and #00aney groeer00es, dry 00oods, ere, ta be found. Ncw goods arr/ving-daily. I )urchased a/arge stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeep/ng ticles, ttats Shoes &c. in New y, an of which I proposc to sell at so low that it will be to Your in.te to examine my stock. Spec/a/ ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHTS D/sease with medicine. If the )net/ionic is iiof right he canno c, in uer dis( t e q /. 'a.e. If the drug- *  Sls !lees nl, duty the nledieine wi/I be right, aud your doctor will stand a ood .  winnhig the victory, chance of ' You can help )our 'fi)etoi b ud Mi==i==ipli V00ll00y, - -v-. No.,, 5, Nigh!,. Tr.dn Leave blmVal, 7:55 Viii " '" VlollOurg :tU a ,s ,a iI li il Ue u 5roVlll e " " " (i:lOttatl " Arrives Ne Otis tl " "lies lU'it 5ale ,,6 ght ...... , raiu leave8 New O;Icaus ,:20 " Contrevi le l| Ill l| " ,, 8; 35 Vlcksbll rg i l : 5Jl " " " " arrives Mml)hts No. 21 bay Tr,,in L'.aves Vf<q 7:,o =,- " .... " arrive, New Orloans No p il II '  tT I'|ealls _ " el'rives Vieksbl, rg, Train ra d'lf except Juuda, -- No, 79! leaven Woody)lie " " leaven Bayou Sara " " arrives ,qlaughter l,ter " llavrl lira ] :]0 " " arrivea Woodvill, 2:85 4:15 The only Line runnilig .qt)lid Trail,, hot,vein 8am 5:30 8:05 llr 5:55 t,m 9am | 1:10 anl 12:20 00MEo00atl'lDl3L1 u a00Ld l%TowOx-le0013 arrylag elegant Pullman Biiffot Siee in auring Passer, er a P g Oars in both direetioas, th i "- - g speedy and oomfortable journey. or u es, Jlaps etc., apply to ,Agents or ad "rss. #-NO. A. 8COTe, Die. Pasa'r Apt, M /MPI/IS , 'ENNE88YE, A. T. BENEDICT. ANUFAC'TURKR, REPAIRER AND DEAL.R IN g, arriagos, ga00s, FarmWag0ns, Harness 6"., d00se00t /'or the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LI(]HTEST RUNNING WAGON }Iad0. Agent for FR4ZIER ROAD and SPEI,DING ' " CART, whic  are great favorites among Horsemen. AGENT FOR THE tions, as to age, education, prop- that, the people do not know this? dauce with the dominating sent)meat erty or any other restriction of Do they suppose this late appro- I in Congress, lie will certainly take course shouhl apply to the voter priation will hide their records] seine means of letting paln kno' himlf or the whole theory of for the last two years if thisl when the Maine demand is madethat the franchise, as e understand country is forced Into a war with I this government has stood the dis, it in this country, is npset. If, an inferior tmvy attd defective,graceful eonditi,m ot affairs in Cuba, to Pinekneyville road. forkltendersn Bethley Chapel to Mills T i'I Wilkinson Bayou Sara creek to Sligo roan. T H Smith Pereys creek to lower Natchez road. 2' G Stockett, Stoekett gate to Jackson fork. J T Netterville Woods gin to But- instead of such restrictions the tit,n whatever, but because a man not a native born cit/zen or be- cause a man's father was a voter thirty or forly years ago, the pro- position beeomes absurd. Our readers will suppose that the statement of such schemes wouhl meantheir defeat in any south- coast defenses? The men in just as long as it intends to, and that fain. Congress who have been trusting I Gee Broomsay Bay Ridge to Ash. , if l,ain does not at ouee v,,luutartly wood. silent.t(l luck BuncombS long ought to keel) I recognize the independence of Cuba, Dennis Grocer Jackson road to the United tates will help the CUe Turnbull will not defend / bans t,J force her to do so. Tile talk lane G ti White Woody)lie to Draughn a city or capture a torpedo boat, Io n this subject among ('ongressmen Gee B Collins Bay Ridge to Carters is plain and outspukea, and praoti ereek. Tobe Ford Percys creek store to B A recruiting othee has been estab- eall" all one ay. Morris. lished in New Orleans for the par, The new Spanish Minister talks as pose of enlisting maehinisls and sea- thouah the most important issue be- men to serve the United States for tweea Spain and the U. ,. was Ihe three years. A large number of ap- negl,uation ota reciprocity commer pllcants were on hand for exalnina- cial treaty, and says tie expects the ern eommunity. Souif of theni titln and are receiving the attention representatives of the alleged auton. ke " O lea_rn tibet thefo f lle committee under Lieut. Coin- w!?!. surpiiset! t omy gl,verolnet of l'uaa, wh, win traIlcnl te eamlnlttee of the Louis- I mander ltawley Up to the pres-, have - charge of the interests o! the l/'r:i7 l[2Y:ln see!n to favor the lent t,,ne a .uml,er liave been exam-l island daring the neg,,tiatioas, to , e In ooln over tile native and Ined " t' but only eleven have so far]reach Washington In a lew ,]avg. No hv inherited r/ht of frauchie, proved ehgibie, one t)ehe I, laat uch a three aa he- ]Nick Aahwood McGehee lane to La line. 2lid District his mark Solomon Jaeot)y, Ike R. I)avldson, Marin P)thseh ild, Gabriel Kann, Jacob Adolpllus Davidson, Hillery Jones, Willie Franeis Lanehar% William C Miller. SI'ATE OF MISSISSIPPI, } WILKINSON COUNTY. Personally appeared before the mdersigned Clerk of Circuit Court jn and for said county and state Joseph Sehwarlz who being duly sworn says on oath that the signa. tures on tile foregoing petition are genuine and those signed with an X mark were signed hy him at the re- J F Selnple Evaus fork to Dunbars quest of said parties so signing. creek. JOSEPH SCHWARTZ. tl D Glass Percys creek bridge to muddy branch. Judge Netter Evaus fork to Aron- dale fork Steve Johnson Artonish to Bcffalo. t E Ward Slnithland to Wahilit hill E E Austin Tarbert liue to top of] Clianibers pring IlJll. el allqpsoil Scott Piuckneyvllle t feud, Sworn to and subserlbed before me this 1st day of Marvh a. D. 1898. K. F. Johnson, Clerk. By W, C. Miller. D. C, Filed March 1st 1898 before the Board of May3r and Aldermeu ot the tow of Wodville. M. ,Iconv, Ulerk of Bord. 3 5 1897 4w. The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Fauoing in the Uuite Btatl l'arti-ular attention paid !o re-coverilig and rigging 0000tOI.t:00 AIJ wor k done proniptly aud ,It lteasouable rate. "" Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf TRESPASS NOTtCE. .  50 YEARS" All hunting or tresnassing on the Artonish lal;ds under fence is pro- hibited uuder full penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Ar|onish pasture after February 15th will be charged pasturage50c ll,r month. J. A. (.4ILLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. -m ll,- TRaoI MARKa , v DEalGNa NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the Gildart traci. the Lhbertv tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penal;y of die law F. F. BEST. 1)cc. 19, '96-ff IOPYRIGHTa lO. Anyone sendtng a sketch and dem'tptlo Imlt#' " llulekl ueortaln our opinion fr wlxether an ventlon Is probablypatntable, eommunte. stlons.strietl_...cqnfldentiaL Handboohon P&tenti " e n free. Ozdet agency -for eeuring Imtenta. ==nn * zo. ,i,. --tl ' o. $ .d[i/imcrlca00. A .hlndsomely nlu.llt&ted weekly. Larglli dr- Cuialon elf any Selenttflo Journ&|. 'm t II year; four months, SL Sold by all newsdel MUHN & Co.,,,,---,,. New York nh OmQe, 6iS F St,, WMbinirtoa, 1),0