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March 16, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 16, 1973

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Friday, March 16, 1973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 7  :! i  :i,  . ::i  COUNTY AGENT&apos;S NO TES SflYBEAN WEED CONTROL The major weed control ac- tieity in :ybeans for the next mor, th or so will likely be tle inee.rporation of Treflan or Planavin .for control of grassES and s)me small seed broadleaf Weeds. Cobex is also labeled for use on scybenn and is similar to Treflan and Planavil. Soybeans are more sens:.tive to injury Loom Cobex and growers are urged 1o take a cautious look at it this year. Only Treflan has label clear- ante for the double (2X) rate for control of rhizome j,chnson- grass. This treatment was highly uecessful last year where grow- ers determined the correct rate for 'the soil type and where adequate soil preparation ,and incorporation w e r e accom- plished. If you have a serious johns:on- grass problem it might pay you to use this 2X method for ,at is one of the best we now have for controlling johnsongrass in soybeans. HOME GARDENING March and AFril arc big plant- ing m::nths for the home vege- tab!e gardner. Don't get in too big a hurry about planting the warm season crops like snap- bean:-:, lima beans, sweet corn, okra, tomatoes, squash and melons. Wait until the soil warms up. The lowest soil tem- perature for good germination cf these vegetables is 60 degrees. Wa:rmer would be better. Transplants of tomatoes, pep- pets, and eggplant will get a[ better start if you let the soil] warm up before you set them. I If you .are using plants in peat;[ pots, be sure to cover the peat' pots completely with soil. Other- wise the peat potwill work like a wick and remove all the mois- ture from around the roots of the young plants. NOTICE TO CREDITORS house in Woody(lie, Mississippi, up .to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. day of April, 1973, to .pug'chase for cash for the use of .the tourtli " Stipervisor's So,carafe ?oad District, one (1) new ele- read aloud. serVeSand allthebidsright to reject any TIle Notice and Instruction This, the 6th day of March, to Bidders, Form of' Bid, Form 1973. [ of Contract, Plans, SpccAfica- Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerktions and Form of Bid Bond, 3.9/4w EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE TO CREDITORS Of Louis A. Wax, Jr., Deceased Letters Testamentary having been granted in Case No. 5992 on the 5th day of March, 1973, by the Chancery Court of Wil- kinson County, Mississippi, to i the undersigned upm the estate Of Louis A. Wax, Jr.. deceaseed. notice ia hereby given to all persons having claims against said estate to present the same to the Clerk of said Court for probate and registration ac- cording to law within six (6) months after the date of the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. This 9th day of March, A. D., 1973. Francene Kirk Wax Executrix 3/9/3w Performance and Payment Bond, and other Contract Documents may be examined at the follow- ing locations: Farmers Home Administration .County Office. Woodville, Mis- sissippi Southern Consultants. Inc., 114 Office Plaza. Jackson, Mississippi Copies may be obtained at the office of Southern Consult- ants, Inc.. located at 114 Office Plaza, Jackson, Mississippi, 39206, upon payment of $.35.00, ,none of which is refundable. The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder must deposit with his bid, security in the amount, form and subject to the condi- tions provided'in the Notice and Instructions to Bidders. I No bidder may withdraw his' bid within sixty (60) days after Joint Administrators' the actual date of the opening NOTICE TO CREDITORS I there'f" OF Maud L. Morris, Deceased I The work is divided into sep- I arate contracts as follows: Letters of Administration with Contract I: Principal items of Will annexed having been !work included in this project granted on the 5th. day f!are the construction and instal- March, 1973, by the Chancery lotion of 180,000 feet of water Court of Wilkin.son County, Mis- mains, 300 water meters, all sissippi, to the undersigned upon valves, hydrants and miscella- the estate of Maud L. Mor, ris, neous fittings fo..r the construe- Whereas, Letters Tes,tamenta- ry on the Estate of Julius Me- Morris, deceased, were granted and issued to the undersigned, Victor H. Hess, Jr., by the Chan- cery Court of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, on the 21st. day of February, 1973. Now, therefore, all persons having a claim or claims against Said Estate are hereby notified and required to have the same Pr.obated and registered ,by the Clerk of the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, within six (6),months after the first publication of this Notice to Creditors. A failure to 'so p,robate and register said claim or claims within said time will forever bar the same. voting scraper equipped with at deceased, .notice is hereby given least 160 flywheel horsepower o ,all persons having claims engine of a total weight of not ag.ainst said estate to present less than 26,030 pounds, scraper the same to the Clerk of said capacity of at least 9.5 cubic Court for probate and registra- y,a,rds, hydraulic steering, heavy tion according to law within six duty planetary drive axle ele- (6) months from the date of voter variable speed elevator- the first publication of this no- forward and reverse, and tires tice, or they will be forever of a size of at least 18.00-25. hared. The Board reserves the right to This 5th .day of March, 1973. reject any and all bids. Green Bellfield Morris This, the 6th day of Marcl], Mottle Elizabeth M. Sessions 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/9/4w NOTICE TO ROAD MACHINERY AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Board ,of Supervisors of Wil- Gordon Leigh Morris Susie Maud M. Martens Mary Katherine M. Bell Joint Administrators With Will Annexed 3/9 "3w NOTICE TO MOTOR VEHICLE AGENCIES lien of a water distribution sys- tem. Contract II: Principal items of work included in this project is the construction of a 200 GPM deep well complete with ,all valves, fittings, electrical, etc. Contract III: Principal items of work included in this project is the construction of a 209 GPM water :treatment plant with a 150,000 gallon ground t:orage tank. [ Old River Water Association, Inc. Wilkinson County, Mississippi By: W. F. Rosenblatt, Jr. President Date: Marcia 7, 1973 3/16/3w NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS pe]formanee bond in the sum md amount within the time sp$'e.ifled. No bid may be withdrawn af- t.el" the selleduled closing t, ime for (.he project for a period of 30 days. The Ownex reserves the rigM, to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Bid qualifications by the Contractor will not be allowed. Pt:bliMmd by order of the Mayor ,and Bmu'd of Aldermen of the Town of Cengreville, Mis- sissip:pi, DaLe the 6th day of March, 1973. M. E. Erstling, Clerk Town of Centreville, Mississippi 3 '16/3w LIST OF LAND TO BE SOLI) FOR TAXES The State of Mississippi, County of Wilkinson I, Betty Wood Dawson, Tax Collector of t.he County o1" Wil- kinson in said State, will sell on the fSrst Monday of April, A. D., 1973. at the West door *of the Court House of said County in the Town of Woody(lie, Mis- sisipp], to the highest bidders for cash, if any there be, all the following described lands, situ- ated in said County, on which the Taxes remain unpaid at that; date, to-wit: ' 3rd SEPARATE SCIIOOL I)ISTRICT BEULAH MARK, Lot 100 x 391 ft. (3E-339) less W 165 Ft., 84 1/ T1 ,R1E, Val. 325, Rate 47/._,, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 15.44, Damages .31, p.f. 1.00, Int. '.15, Total 18.15. RAYMOND C. HAYNES, JR., 130A in N Pt. (6H-363), $4 T1 R1E, Val. 1880, Rate 47rh; 45A in (6H-363), $37 T2 R1E, Val. 420, Rate 47!a, Listing 2.50, 32.10. EMERSON J. REESE, 1A (5D- 176), $24 T1 R1E, Val. 10, Rate 47 !/:,, Listing. 1.25, State & Coun- ty Tax .48. Damages .02, p.f. 1.00, Int. 21, Total 2.76. GEe. & RUBY LEE HAMP- TON, 5A in (5F-534), $20 T1 R1W, Val. 40, Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 2.00, Damages .0, p.f. 1.90, Int..02, Total 4.31. EST. JOHN J. SMITH, In SE pt. of NE4, $25 T1 RIW, Val. 95, Rate 47!,. Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 4.51, Damages .09, p.t'. 1.00, Int..05, Total 6.90. EST. FRANCIS TOLBERT, Lot 2-Est. Gracie Matt(re (3A-371), SI T1 R3W, Val. 630. Rate 47,i Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 30.25, Damages .61, p.f. 1.00, Int. .31, Total 33.42. 2nd SEPARATE SCIIOOL DISTRICT ANNIE L. GREEN LEE, Lot 14 (6C-407), $28 T2 R2W, Val. 10, Rate 47V.2, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax .48, Damages .02, p.f. 1.C0, Int..01, Total 2.76. MABEL LEE MINOR, Pt. SW4 (4Y-300) & (51-106), $28 T2 R2W, Val. 10, Rate 47, List- ing 1.25, State & County Tax .48, Damages .02, p.f. 1.00, Int..01, Total 2.76. R. S. WHITE & BARNEY THORNTON, Camp .on Kee';s  land, $23 T3 R4W, Val. 200, Rate 47,,, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- ty Tax 9.50, Damages .19, p.f. 1.00, Int..19, Total 12.04. SHELTON SMITH, Camp On Kees land, $30 T3 R4W, Val !100, Rate 471,':_,, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 4.75, Damages .10, i P.f. 1.00, Int..05, Total 7.15. C. R. PALMER, Camp on Kees land, $30 T3 R4W, Val. 500, Rate 47!/,2, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 23.75, Damages .8, State & County Tax 111.25 Dam- p f 1 00 Int 24 Total 26 72 ages 2.2,, p.f. 2.00, Int. 1.11, Total[ W. M. LOCK, Camp on Kees 119:08. I land, $30 T3 R4W, Val. 250, Rate R. C. HAYNES, JR.,, E 18.60147';, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- chs N of C'ville & W ville rdity Tax 11.88, Damages .24, p.f. (4,S-440 (4X-18 less 34.95 A,[1.00, InL .12, Total 1449 $36 T2 R1E, Val. 1285, Rate 47!,5" J ESTHER LEE MAPLE SWAN, In (4X:18), $36 T2 RIE, Val. 280, ] Lot 1 on Bridges St. less N 26 Ft., Rate 47'; In SW4 of NW4 &lFt,. ,Adams, Val. 350, Rate 47V2, in NW4 of SW4 4V-l), S37 T21Listing 1.25, State & County Tax RIE, Val. 3480; N of W'ville & 16.63, Damages .33, p.f. 1.00, Int. C'villc rd, $37 T2 R1E. Val. 1330,! ,,,,, In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 21st. day of February, 1973. Victor H. Hess, Jr. Executor of the E,sate of Julius McMorris, Deceased 3/2/4w NOTICE TO ROAD' MACHINERY AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Beard of Supervisors of Wil- kinson County, lk:ssissippi, in the Board Room of the Court- least two years. This treatment in,son County, Missisippi, in Sealed bids will be received by Sealed bids will be received Rate 47'2, Listing 5.00, State & the Board Room of the Court-., _ . ,-^- --- .............. i me oara of Supervisors of Wil- by the State Highway Commis- County Tax 150.62, Damages ,uuse in wooo.vllle, IVllS51NbllOl9 , , , ............. .. ,,_ o,, mnson County, Mississippi, in sion, Jackson, Mississippi until 3.02, p.f. 4.00, Int. 1.51, Total U BO nooll Oil J. uuSuty .t ou. ,,  _ .P ....... ' . me oara Room of the Court- 10'60 o clock a m, Tuesday [164.15" . . flay of April 19'/ O purcnase , " ' ..... ' .... souse in Woody(lie, Mississippi I March 27, 1973 For Construction l WILTON JOHNSON, S pt. oI Ior casn tar tne use o me '. .... i" '  ar Road up to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. lof Grading, Drainage Culverts, LSE4 of SW4, S5 T2 R1E, Val. 70, sors ep "_are ..... day of April, 1973, ,to purchaselBase As;halt Pavement add[ Rhte 47; NE cot. of NW4 o! DISLrlCL one tl useu muu,r . , , ' . , ' ' t less Ior casn for the use of the l Erosion Contxol on 1.148 .Miles l NE4, 9A.& SW cor. ol w oI racer oI a type oI no ' , g Fo SE4 11 A in W pt of E2 of ....... ounds we( ht urth Supervisor s Separal / of :U: ' S.. ighwa:-Ne. 61 be- / , ' .': .' man z,uou p g E4 of E4 5,A S8 T2 R1E V tl . . ........ Road District, .two (2) heavy l tween WoodvYlle 'gnU. Dolorosoc@ .... ::' e ui. pea wi'n no ross man zm " 00 at 47 i q P "   I'- duty chassis and cab trucks, ]in WilkinsOn Count;' known as I , , R e Va, L sting 2.50, State norse ower motor, nyurau It: ' : : " P ...... w r with or without four yard water IFederal A,id: Project:No. F-009- 1_ County Tax 13.51, 'Damages ower nilt momooara "pc e P, ' ....  level gravel bodies with front I 1(26)/11-0009-01-026-10 .27, p.f. 2.00 Int..14, Total 18.42. sree,erin encloses CaD Oll , . . : ' " " g ......... v t temscopic nois and cab guards, I Completion Date" 'May 27, [ DAVID S. NICKEL, JR., E2 ciutcn ana ia'uo x 2 a, wel e - ." ' ' " o ., " .... l equippefl wire 149 inch wheel-1. 1974 I L ks 7, 8 & 9 (5R-394) (60-4251 (12) 1 tires Tne oara re- , P Y ' base heavy duty 350 V8 engine, I Certified check, cashier slBlk 14, C'v]lle, Val. 1090, Rate ' 5 speed transmission, 170ffO[check or bid bond for five per- 47,2, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- pound 2 speed rear axle, with lcen t (5%) of bid must accom- ty Tax 14.75, Damages .30, p.f. hubs h v 100, Int 15 Tolal 1745 ................ ; spline type rear , ea y puny each proposal. ,  duty reinforced f, rame, heavy i Proposal and detailed infer- WILLIE W. & KATHLEEN H. duty front springs, 23000 pound matlon may be secured from the LEE, Portion of Germany Res- overload r ar  ervatmn (5V 219), C wlle Val heavy duty e Office Engineer. " - ' ! , [Sl:q'ings, angletron heavy duty E L Boteler, Jx.. Director 1425, Rate 47bz, Listing 1.25, [front bumper, senior west coast 3/16/lw ' State & County Tax 21.02, Dam- I mirrors, cab lights, 7.50 x 20 -I ages .42, p.f. 1.00, Int..21, Total I 10 ply tube .type nylon frmtl_ VERTISEII T FOR BIDS 23:90. I tires and 8 25 x 20 10 nlyllown Of Cemreville, iwississippi 5th SEPARATE SCIIOOL : l ground grip rear ,tires Thereis [ Notice is hereby given .that DISTRICT s leed bids foi Coaled bids will be received by EUGENE HAYNES, Lot 2-Div to be accepted ea  the sale to the highest bidder! the Mayor and Board of Alder- Lou Haynes Est. being pt. Lot 8- for cash ,one (1) used 1968 men of the Town of Centreville, G,riffin Haynes Est. pt. NW4 of Come Mow& SPRING SPECI equipmeqt wiith new Ford ,Lawn & :Garden Tractor purchase nowl I :'C ,!|+i;:let+l :l'l',:t::t,,!:!+r ., I.b : 'i PA.:' !1' ,l:lf],' *i('I)'|:,II3PJII'V+I Qf!I IIl,(a<tOt I, i1| SAVINGS LIKE THESE! Model 100 Lawn & Garden Tractor, base price $1295.00. Get a 42" mower worth $225.00 at no additional cost. THIS SPECIAL OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31, 1973. Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. Chevrolet 2 ton blue truck, Mo- tor No. CE538A117062, Serial No. 141776R1, with or without he 4 yard water level gravel body thereon, and one (1) 1968 Chev- rolet 2 .ton white :truck, Motor No. CE538A116998, Serial N,o. Fd089,D301192, with or without the 4 yard water level gr.avel body thereon, that have ceased to ,be used by the Fourth Super- visor's Separate Road District, bids for which will be received Mississippi in the Town Hall, Centreville, Mississippi until the h.ctr of 7:30 O'clock p.m. on April 3, 1973, and then ,and here publicly opened and read aloud. The bids to be received will consist of one (1) contract. Work performed will be for construction of natural gas facilities and will be essentially as follows: , Base Bid - 9,300 LF - 2" Wrapped Steel Pipe and Appur- m nd 1 tenances at the. ame ti e a pace as ) ' A " ' " h h ltelnate Btd 150 LF 4 bids for the pure ase of .t e "  - - new truclcs .are .received and l Vented Steel Casing (2 Bores) payment shall be made therefor[ W/2'' Carrier; 7:0 LF - 2" Vented . S  3 ,, a.t such time. Also, there s tel reel Casing 1 Bore) W/V4 be accepted sealed .bids. to transfer the bodies of old trucks and reinstate bodies on new trucks, if .old 4 yard water level gravel bodies are retained, which bids will be received at the same el(me and place .as bids for the purchasee of the new trucks and the sale of the .old trucks are received. The Board reserves the ,right to re- :ject ,any and all ,bids on ,the purchase of the new trucks, the sale .of the old trucks and for the transfer :of the truck bodies. Thls 6th day of March, 1973. Al.onzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 3/9/4w Old River Water Association, Inc. INVITATION TO BID Separate sealed bids will ,be received by ,the Old River Water Association, Inc., for the con- struction of a water system, Carrier; Appurtenances Drawings and Specifications for the above described work are on file and may be exam- (ned at the Town Hall, Centre- ville, Mississippi, and copies thereof may be examined and/or obtained .from the office of Barth & Associates, Inc., Con,- sulting Engineers, 2906 North State Street, Jackson, Missis- sippi (Mailing Address: P. O. Box. 4386, Jackson, Mississippi! 39216), upon payment of $10.00' for each set, which is non-' refundable. Proposals must be submitted upon bid form furnished with the specifications and nmst be accompanied by bid security in the form of certified check cashier's check or acceptable bid bond, payable to the Town of Centreville, Mississippi, in an amount equal to at least 5% of the bid submitted; such secur- 'until 1:00 p.m. o'clock. Central ity to be foxfeited as liquidated Standard Time, c,n April 5, 1973, I d*amges, not penalty, by any at the Frmer.s Home Adminis- i bidder who may be awarded tie trot(on County Office, Woodvllle, contract but who fails to carry Mississippi, at which time and out the terms of the proposal, ,place bids will .be opened and I execute the contract and post SE4 (xx-322) (4F-187), $15 T3 RIE, Val. 25, Rate 47K,, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 1.19, Damages .02, p.f. 1.00, Int..01, Total 3.47. EST. MRS. ROSA TYLER, In SW4 of NE4 W of rd & in NW4 of SE4 W of rd., S T3 RIW, Val. 590, Rate 47'/2, Listing t.25, State & County Tax 28.50, Damages .57, p.f. 1.00, Int..29, Total 31.61. EST. MRS. ROSA TYLER, SW4 of SW4, $36 T4 RlW, Val. 340 Rate 47%, ListPag 1.25, State & County Tax 16.99. Damages .34, p.f. 1.00, Int..17, Total 19.75. MID - STATE HOMES, INC. 0.273A in NW4'of NE4 (6K-4'26) (6M-65), Town of Crosby, Val. 1800, Rate 47/h. Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 85.50, Dam- ages 1.71, p.f. 1.00, Int..86, Total 90.32. 1st SEPARATE SCIIOOL DISTRICT W. H. COOLEY, 1A, E of H'Way in NE pt. of SE4 less R/W H'Way (6G-369, $4 T1 R1E, Val. 1910, Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 90.73, Dam;- ages 1.81, p.f. 1.00, Int..91, Total 95.70. MIKE & BOBBY JEAN SIM- MONS, Lot 11-Bls 3-Beulah Hgts-Sub Div (6E-191), $4 T1 R1E, Val. 310, Rate 47, List- ing 1.25, State & Couni,y Tax 14.73, Damages .29, p.f. 1.09, Int. .15, Total 17.42. JESSIE & ALBERTA COLES, Lot 4-Harvey Land Sub Div (5W-379, S15 T1 RIE, Val. 1425, Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & .County Tax 67.69. Damages 1.35. p.f. 1.00. Int..68. Total 71.97. EST. GEe. W. ALLEN. 1A in sq form (4Y-70), S.17 T1 R1E, Val. 610. Rate 47, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 28.98, Dam- ages .58, p.f. 1.00, Int..29, Total .17, Total 19.38. 4th SEPARATE SCIIOOL DlSTRICT ERNEST WALKF_, IA in Lot 3 (5Y-295), $22 T2 R2W, Val. 10 ..... Rate 47/, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 48, Damages..02, p.f. 1.00, Int..01, Total 2.76. MID-STATE HOMES, .30 A in Lo 4 of Div of lands of Lenora Sanders (5Z-516), $6 T3 RW ..... Val. 1010, Rate 47V2, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 47.98, Dam- ages .96, p.f. 1.00, Int..48, Total 51.67. MID- STATE HOMF_, INC., Lot 6-McCavstle Sub-Ply. (5J- 255), $25 T4 R2W, Val. 810, Rate 47,, Listing 1.25, State & Coun- ty Tax 38.48, Damages .77, p.f. 1.00, Int..39, Total 41.89. WAGTER & VIRGINIA TUR- NER, In (50-203) (26-1), W'vilte, Val. 200, Rate 47V.,, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 9.50, Dam- ages .19, p.f. 1.00, Int..10, Total 12.04. RONALD E, & MARTHA A. DAVIS, Lot 65' X 200' of Holt Place (6B-51) & Lot 65 X 200' in (L-481) (Ply-l), W'ville, Val. 625, late 471,/2, Listing 1.25, State & County Tax 9.22, Damages .19, p.f. 1.00, Int. 09, Total 11.75. Given u,nder my hand, at Woody(lie, Miss., this March 5, 1973. Betty W. 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