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March 14, 2013     The Woodville Republican
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March 14, 2013

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Iage 8 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 14, 2013 State Marksmanshi0 00A/hews P00gram Goes 000000'0bile We extend  specia] thank you to C_xdl Fdprler for deliver- ing our devotion recently. His talk of God is ! always inspira- The Mississippi Marks- ng facil- tonal, and he aptivates his au- manship Program is contin- ai! dience with God's word. uing its efforts to bring top Congratuldtions to the fol- notch shotgun and rifle lowing students for their finish- shooting education to our )7-414-4264 to es in the WCCA spelling bee: state's resident hunters, discus th possibility of 1st, Kaitlyn les; 2nd, Sarah Many of our citizens did not hosting a class locally! Smith; 3rd, lhett Whitehead; have an opportunity to hunt Mississippi Department and 4th Brody Smith. when growing up due to of Wildlif e I Fisheries and On WedneSday, March 6, their home in a city or be- Parks is interested in help- Mrs. Pamela  took five of cause their parents worked ing all of its hunters become the school's science fair winners long hours and did not have better mark men. to district at Centreville Acade- the opportunity to go hunt- The sh,oting classes my. First place ribbons were ing with them. The very which provide amino, clay awarded toAustinHendryand same shooting lessons that birds and f :ee instruction, Cullen Hendry, and second were taught to youth years not only iatroduce local place ribbons were awarded to ago are now being offered to hunters to y mr shooting fa- Hannah Lanehart and Ben- those who did not have the cility but set ve as a catalyst nett Walker. These four stu- opportunity to experience to increase club member- dents advancedtostate compe- Mississippi's outdoors when ship and get new folks into titon. young, our shootin and hunting Juniors and seniors re- Program instructors sports! turned from their trip to New York City, Washington, D.C., have created their own mo- For more nformation re- YOUTH WITH HIS BIG BUCK -- and weighed two hundred pounds, and Philadelphia on Saturday, bile program that can be garding shooting classe3 in brought to your area negat- Mississippi, 5sit the depart- Shown in this photo is five-year.old Tucker Shot the deer with a .223 March 9. They had a great time. ing excessive travel to reach ment websil  at www. md- Tucker Freeman posing with his New EnglandArms ultra youth ri- The junior/senior banquet existing classes. If you be- or c ll them at 601- first deer which was killed this fie. This young hunter is also the and promwfllbe Friday, March long to a local shooting 859-3421. Fo]low the depart- past season while hunting with his son of Miehelle Hewes Freeman, 15. range which has automated ment on Facebook at clay bird machines and a father, Brandon Freeman, on family and is the grandson of Brenda and Parents, report cards will be clubhouse f or classroom ac- or on Twitte: at www.twit- property. The buck sported nine Jeffery Hewes of Cornor, La. -- sent home Thursday, March14. If you have concerns, please ademics, or if you have ac- ter. com/MD' 7FPonline. points with a sixteen inch spread Photo Submitted contact yourchild'steacher. The pre-school classes at WCCACC are learning the let- County Board of Sul:ervisors Meeting February 4, 201 3 Diabetes Support m u and v this week. Miss Sarah's three year old class en- Be it known and remem- by, $384.90; Pitney Bowes Cothren Engineering, Parts, $32.58. joyed stamping "u s" upside bered that the Honorable Pray]rose Pow.r, $29.00; Delta $2,025.00. County Wide Bridge Group At Lane down under the table in their Board of Supervisors of Computer Systems, Tire Waste Disposal Fund: Fund: Slankenstein, F. R. & Regional March 19 d The four year old class is Wilkinson County, Mississip- $2,870.00; t'remise, Inc., Entergy, $2.84; Town of Co., $13.80; Wilk. Farmers learning the lettervand made pi, met on the fourth day of $2,375.00; MI  Assoc. of Su- Woodlle, $59.64. CoOp., $246.73; Longbranch a volcano and enjoyed watch- February at 9:30 a.m. There pervisors, $70).00; Redd Pest Emergency 911 Fund: Tree Service, $450.00; Super You're invited to Lane Re- ing it erupt, thus learning were present the following su- Solutions, $1E9.50; Net Door, Emma Harris, $135.00. Service Station, $22.25; gional Medical Center's Din- about gas pressure in earth's betes Support Group to be crust. pervisors: Wil Seal, 1st Dis- $220.00; Miss Chancery Law Library Fund: West Richland Equip. Co., held on Tuesday, March 19, trict; Richard Hollins, 2nd Clerk's As, $1 000.00; Canon Group, $593.00; same, $139.36. The center has made $79 District; Bill Bankston, Presi- Solutions Amdrica, $8.20; FM- $525.00. from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. with their fimdraising project dent, 3rd District; Jennings Volunteer Fire Dept. Solid Waste Department Type 1 orType 2? Fund: Bancorp South Equip- where they recycle ink car- CH Ca[Clinic, $785.00; Nettles, 5th District; and, Judith W. Brbwn, $386.64; Fund: Entergy, $7.82; C Spire Old hand or newly diag- tridges, old cell phones, digital Kenyon Jackson, Vice Presi- Amy Foster Ryan, $600.00; WLreless, $62.01. ment, $2,202.93, Cenal Of- nosed? dent, 4th District. Also pres- Ron Senko, $00.00; David S. District One Road Fund: rice Supplies, $68.95; Waste Maybe a friend or loved- cameras, and laptops. Thank you for recycling. ent were Bruce Lewis, Attor- Crawford, $00.00; Jake Jr.'s Auto Parts, $148.74; Management of MS-Mc- one has diabetes? Thank you for ordering ney, and Thomas C. To]liver, Ryan, $150.00 Arthur J. Gal- Puckett Machinery, $374.88; Comb, $31,323.90; Delta Would you like to learn from those who sold Little Cae- Jr., Clerk of the Board of Su- lagher Risk, $149.00; Pitney Tires Truck Tires & More, Computer Systems, $100.00; more about diabetes, or rein- Bar products. They will be deliv- pervisors. Bowes Purdhase Power, $770.00; Dickerson & U.S. Postal Service, $950.00; force what you already ered to the center Thursday, General County Fund: $637.90; Entergy, $3,453.76; Bowen, $288.00; Sanders Southern Telecommunication, know? Marchl4,arthreeo'dock. S/W MS EPA, $210.30; The Cage's Janitorial Service, Repair Service, $5.00; same, $34.63; U. S. Postal Service, We welcome all who have Woodville Republican, $530.00;Sand,.,rsRepairSer- $33.90; Jr.'s Auto Parts, $80.00. Type l or Type 2 Diabetes in- Free BIood Glucose $959.64; Wilk. Co. Dept. Of vice, $2,440.72 AT&T, $71.33; $624.65; Natchez Auto Elec- Court Assessment Clear- cluding family, friends and Child Welfare, $50.00; U.S. S/W MS EPA $142.01; Town tric, $75.00; Kaiser Incorp., ing Fund: State Treasurer- any others in a supporting Screening At LRMO Postal Service, $200.00; of Woodville,$L,016.25;Waste $8.21; D'Aquila Oil Co., DeptFI,$7,312.25;DPSFund role. Adams County Juvenile De- Managemen ; of MS-Mc- $88.00; Super Service Sta- #3747, $490.00; Carlos Lee, Please joinus and bring a Lane Regional Medical tention, $400.00; Pitney Comb, $192.1"; Applied Di- tion, $18.00; D'Aqufla Oil Co., $35.00; Willie L. Thompson, friend! Lane Regional Med- Center in Zachary, La., will of- ical Center is located at 6300 fera FREE blood glucose (blood Bowes Purchase Power, tal Solutions, $2,377.00; $88.00; Super Service Sta- $885.00; State Treasurer- Main Street in Zachary, sugar) screening on Friday, $192.21; U. S. Postal Service, Southern Tel ecommunica- tion, $18.00; D'Aquila Oil Co., Dept FI, $12,681.75; DPS Louisiana. March 22. The free screening $200.00; AT&T, $350.00; OF- tions, $3,369.;4; MS Justice $64.00; C Spire Wireless, Fund #3747, $790.00; SI, $129.00; Waste Manage.. Court Judge, $).50.00; Dept. of $89.53; Town of Centreville, Registration is not re- will be held at the Lane Med- ment, $183.37; Pitney Bowes Audit, $453.7(3; C Spire Wire- $500.00; Wilk. Farmers School Fund Special: Vrflk. quired, ical Plaza located next to the Purchase Power, $66 : Redd less, $521.52; W MS Plan- CoOp., $15.77; Buffalo Ser- Co. Bd. of Ed., $11,059.94. For any questions contact hospital at 6550 Main Street Pest Solutions, $1 En- ning, $21,527.50; American vices, $1,794.50. SW MS Community Col- Sherri Brady, RN, at 225- from 8 a. until 10 am. Regis- rg 52; AT&I . Airy, Medical Response, District Two Road Fund: lege Fund: S/W MS Commu- 658-4583. tration for the screenLng is not $67.50; ,State Treasurer $6,666.67; Wkinson County Thomas Buckner, $78.00; nity College, $63,402.37. This is a free community required. Fasting is recom- Fund, $20.00; Ron Senko, Health Dep $3,636.25; Kubota Leasing, $363.24; $313,893.62 Total All In- service offered by Lane Re- mended, but not required. For $200.00; Dr. L. J. Owens, Woodville Botrd of Library, same, $3,665.08; Jr.'s Auto voices gionat Medical Center in more info., call 225-658-4583 $100.00; Dr. David B. Mc- $6,000.00; I ravis Sharp, Parts, $141.68; C Spire Wire- 3/14/13 Zachary, Louisiana. or 225-654-LANE (5263). Graw, $30.00; H. E. Home, $150.25; Aim Johnson, less, $104.23; Thomas Buck- Jr., $225.00; Ron Senko, $313.90; Anthqny Heidelberg, ner, $144.00; Wilk. Farmers $200.00; Romona Black- Attorney, $5, [00.00; Office CoOp., $459.98; D'Aquila Oil ledge, $10.00; Metro AMB Automation C enter, $750.00; Co., $1,131.00; Super Service Service Rural, $1,736.00; Dr. David B. McGraw Station, S775.54. Miguel Angel Sotelo, $30.00; David N. Wilkerson, District Three Road $220.00; Matthew Bender * $225.00; Dr. L. J. Owens, Fund: Sanders Repair Ser- Co., $63.65; Benecom Tech- $150.00; J;nnie Boyd, vice, $374.08; Customs Prod- nologies, $652.94; Central $3,383.25; Btffalo Services, ucts Corp., $187.38; Wilk. Office Supplies, $8,048.19; $1,629.50; Central Office Farmers CoOp., $12.30; Colonial Chevrolet Co., Supplies, 3,950. 64; Bancorp South Equipment, CO ati Brick $190.46; Wilk. Farmers Lawrence t'rinting Co., $3,255.55; Puckett Machin- mmemor ve coop., $12.54; Absolute, $390.00; Southern Systems, ery, $840.68; Town of Cen- $146.08; Kay Radio & Elec- $1,616.00; IiguelAngel treville,$27.25;BuffaloSer- fo ays side tronics, $572.00; MS Vital Sotelo,$2,155100. vices, $2,655.20; C Spire r walkw in Records, $46.00; Entergy, Maintenance of Reap- Wireless, $85.45; Entergy, $2,056.20; Town of WoodviUe, praisalFund:lTri-StateCon- $26.84; Wilk. Farmers Woodville Arts Park $4,933.79; Town of Centre- sulting Service, $19,000.00; CoOp., $12.05; Buffalo Ser- viUe, $4,474.45; Town of Cros- Herring Appr, $4,429.70; vices, $1,809.50. District Four Road Fund: Tires Truck Tires & More, Your name: $171.20; Jr.'s Auto Parts, Your address: $155.55; UMB, $1,650.87; Puckett Machinery, $79.11; same, $407.82; Sanders Re- pair Service, $549.00; Puck- Your phone #: ett Machinery, $407.82; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., Your email: $509.01; Jr.'s Auto Parts, Name of person, church, organization, club, school, or other $63.49; Custom Products Corp., $499.13; Entergy, entity whose name you want on the BRICK(S) you purchase: $12.87; Super Service Sta- tion, $320.95; Town of Brick line 1 Woodville, $28.14; Kenyon Jackson, $530.54; C Spire Brick line 2: Wireless, $109.53; Puckett Brick line 3: Machinery, $2,034.00; D'Aquila Oil Co., $1,131.00; Your signature: Kenneth J. Smith, $1,976.00; Desnick Johnson, (You will receive an email confirmation showing your order and $950.00. District Five Road Fund: the spelling of the words you want engraved on the brick). Bancorp South Equipment, $4,316.43; Kubota Leasing, Engraved Commemorative Brick: $35.60; Chop's Wrecker & Welding, $245.00; Jr.'s Auto $100 each Parts, $153.69; Gene's Tire Center, $3,005.24; Interstate Billing Service, $499.10; Jr.'s Enclosed is my check or money order for: Auto Parts, $80.25; C Spire Wireless, $111.35; Jr.'s Auto My Membership Dues I ($10 student, $30 individual, $50 family; for business rates, see enclosure) Engraved Brick ($100) MCo=b, Ms Engraved Brick ($100) HUNTING LAND Engraved Brick ($100) NEEDED!!! TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED Have qualified buyers looking for P.O. Box 1546 Woodville, MS 39669 hunting land. Several Sample bricks and architectural drawings for 40ac-lOOac clients, Woodville Arts Park may be viewed beginning 500ac- I O00ac March 11,2013 in lobbies of Concordia and clients, and many in between. United Mississippi Banks in downtown Woodville Call Alan (Use reverse side of this form to write engraving information for more than one brick). 601-249-8436 WoodvilleNVilkinson County Main Street Association, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit; con- or email: alan@dougrushin- tributions are tax deductible pursuant to IRS regulations for charitable contributions.