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March 12, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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March 12, 2015

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The Woodville Republican, Thursday, March 12, 20154 Page 7 Wilkinson County Homeowners [ Tvsca|oosa /0000_ariAe [ 2015 HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION DEADLINE emption enrollment period ty-warranty deeds or quit home certificate. I byBernellMcGehee  | wfll end April l, 2015. ffyou claims (It has to be re- If you are 65 years of I I have never filed homestead corded instrument signed age or older, you need proof or if something has changed by December 31st of the of age, such as a driver's rriJ{ H,-,;# ;-n,lD,,I,- folks took the stance of sim- money. IIVI,] lt, JIIII, ,IL,, llUIO . . . (moved, newly married, wid- preceding year and filed by license or birth certificate. ply domg away wath umts, But the two wells per Need To Be Change{] then unreasonable unit size unit plan is not required by owed, disabled, or became January 7th of the enroll- You must have become 65 - rules wouldn't exist. MSO&GB. Oil exploration 65 last year), you need to ment year-NOT a Deed of before January 1st of the ill- No one I know enjoys be- But, trying to get along companies usually follow come to the tax office on or Trust.) ing year. ing a Southerner more than I and work with the oil com- rules, but absent a rule, it before Wednesday, April 1, * Car tag numbers for * If you are 100% dis- do. We have distinctive ways. Everyone, it seems, notices. Surly "Big City" police ex- ample - A few years ago I got into a disagreement with an officer in New York City who was attempting to intimidate me with authority, though the officer was clearly in the wrong. Midway through our somewhat heated conver- sation the officer stopped, smiled and said, "You're from the South, aren't you." Smiling myself, I agreed. The conversation changed from one of intimidation to one of explanation and rea- soning. I think it is understood that a true Southerner would rather die fighting for what he believes is right than to blindly accept edicts from on high. We'll give you the shirt off our back, but if you try to take it, you'd best be pre- pared for a scrap. So, the rules from the Mis- sissippi Oil and Gas Board (MSO&GB) developed over the years for vertical drill- ing have been questioned and remain in question re- garding horizontal drilling, in general, and the Tusca- loosa Marine Shale Play, in particular. These rules are slanted to favor the oil explo- ration companies and efforts to correct this have been ef- fectively stepped. My belief is that an in- formed public is better able to influence elected officials and appointed boards than an ignorant public. So, here is my informed look at just one of my pet peeves about the MSO&GB Rules relative to the TMS: Unit Size. You have to understand that I'm not opposed to units. Many people are and if more panies, I'm willing to bend a little. Clearly, though, 1,920+ acre size units, held by pro- duction for 40 years from one well, are ludicrous. Allow me to illustrate this with a legal sheet of paper. Fold it lengthwise into a 4.25 inches wide by 14 inches long sheet. This can roughly rep- resent a 1,920 acre unit. Bend the paper in half, top to bottom, and crease it. Open it back up. The crease is the midpoint of your unit and offers the target for drill- ing pads, generally on one side of the unit (sheet of pa- per) or the other. From here, wells can be drilled south or north. Etch or mark a half inch wide area along one edge of the paper from the mid- point crease to one end. Do- ing so illustrates an area of about 1/16th of the page. The remaining 15/16th's is un- marked. There is an illus- tration drawn on a map in the Amite County Chancery Clerk's office for anyone who doesn't quite understand. The 1/16th area is rough- ly the area from which oil and gas will be produced. The remaining 15/16ths will contribute nothing toward the income generated by this well. Yet, everyone in the unit, whether under this 1/16th area or in the non-producing 15/16th's, will receive equal pay per acre of minerals owned. Personally, I wasn't overly concerned when 1 well was being permitted for units about half this size and I didn't object, at first, to the larger units since the idea was to drill two wells at a time in the unit to save seems, they aren't going to doit. Halcon drilled 9 marginal wells and now holds by pro- duction 17,000 acres of min- erals. Sanchez will soon have drilled 4 wells and will hold by production nearly 8,000 acres of minerals. Until recently, Encana was honoring the two wells per unit idea, but the last two wells drilled here were to hold acreage on two units. So far Goodrich has only drilled one 1,920 acre unit and did drill two wells on it. However, Goodrich manage- ment recently mentioned the possibility of drilling only one well per unit in Mississippi going forward. Here's the deal folks, if you are happy getting 1/16th of the income due you from your minerals or you don't mind being unable to lease your minerals for the next 40 years to someone willing to drill it, then everything is fine. Otherwise, this is an election year and you'd best be talking to candidates about this issue. There are no changes in pre-production status of wells this week from last week. When there are only two wells drilling and most of the current wells being drilled are not being fracked, there aren't a lot of changes from week to week. That said, I remain opti- mistic about the long-term future of the Tuscaloosa Ma- rine Shale play. I just hope the policies of the MSO&GB don't squelch development here in the future. Stay Tuned! Provide feedback for this column to bernellmcgehee@ National Beef Symposium Heads To Biloxi In 2015 A national organization dedicated to improving the beef industry will hold its annual meeting on the Mis- sissippi Gulf Coast in June and bring together cattle pro- ducers from across the world. The 2015 Beef Improve- ment Federation Conven- rion, themed "Rebuilding a Cowherd," will take place June 9-12 at the Beau Rivage Hotel and Conference Center in Biloxi. The annual con- ference allows participants to discuss issues involving genetic improvements, new technologies and manage- ment practices to aid profit- ability in beef production. Mississippi State Univer- sity Extension Service ani- mal scientist Brandi Karisch is coordinating the event. "This is a great opportu- nity for researchers, indus- try representatives and beef producers from across the Southeast to attend the in- ternarional meeting in their backyard," Karisch said. "Participants will exchange ideas and receive information from experts on beef cattle and the industry from across the country and beyond." The schedule of events fea- tures speakers from across the country, including several preconference symposiums, a post-conference tour, and a spouse tour. Awards will hon- or the Commercial Producer of the Year and Seedstock Producer of the Year. Award honorees will also receive pio- neer awards and continuing service awards. "The facilities, food and hospitality of the Mississip- pi Gulf Coast are second to none," Karisch said. "We are excited to showcase what the beef producers of Mississippi have to offer." The organization's web- site with updated conference information, inclUding hotel accommodations, is http:// Hoo Jim Henson ]ames Earl Jones Morgan Freema Selo Ward 2015. If you filed on the same residence last year and NO CHANGES have been made, it is NOT necessary to file this year. The Homestead Exemption Law allows you to file on one residence only. If you are married, your and your spouse's names must both be on the homestead application. You must be liv- ing in the residence January 1 of the year in which you are filing. Below are the require- ments for enrollment: ALL OF THE FOLLOW- ING MUST BE PRESENT- ED all vehicles owned by you or in your possession. (If you have tags other than Wilkin- son County, Please bring in tag(s) numbers. Social Security numbers for you, your spouse and any other joint owners. Birth dates for you, your spouse, or any joint owners. Purchase price of home. Purchase price of land, if purchased separately from the home. If you built your own home, we need to know what it cost you to build. If you live in a mo- bile home on your property, abled, the award letter from Social Security must be pre- sented and that letter must be dated prior to January 1st of the year in which the enrollment will occur. If you have any ques- rion's concerning homestead exemption or applications, please call The Wilkinson County Tax Assessor/Collec- ter Office at 601-888-4562. Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Thank you, Jeremy J. Ephion Wilkinson County Tax Assessor/Collector Seeking Pre-K, Kindergarten Applications WILKINSON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Post Office Box 785 Woodville, MS 39669 Phone: (601) 888-3582 Fax: (601) 888-3133 To: Parents and/or Guard- ians From: Superintendent Timo- thy T. Scott T.T.S. Subject: Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten Registration The Wilkinson County School District will begin registration for the pre- kindergarten/kindergarten program on Monday, March 30, 2015 and ongoing until all applications are received. Pre-kindergarten appli- cations are accepted on first-one-come basis and all Kindergarten age stu- dents will need to apply. In order to ensure a child's participation in 'the program the follow- ing criteria must be met: 1. The child must be four or five years old on/or before September 1. 2. The parents of the for- year-olds who prefer to ap- ply with AJFC Head Start Program have the option to do so. 3. The parents must reg- ister his/her child for the program and have an appli- cation on file in the school's office. 4. The parents must pres- ent an original birth cer- tificate. 5. The parents must sub- mit an original immuniza- tion record (Form 121) and an original child's social se- curity card. 6. The child must reside in Wilkinson County; parents must show proof of residence by presenting two (2) docu- ments (must have the cur- rent date/year) with the physical address (911) and complete a written document of verification. Example: Driver's License, Utility Bills, Voter's Registration ID Affidavit of Residen- cy, Mortgage/Apartment Lease, Homestead Ex- emption/Property Tax Receipt or Automobile Registration 7. The child will not be officially enrolled in the pro- gram without these docu- ments. 8. Each four year old child must have a screening as- sessment by the District. 9. Please have all infor- marion before applying (No Exceptions) Registration Schedule: Wilkinson County Ele- mentary School, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8d)0 a.m. -- 12:00 Noon and 1:30 p.m. -- 3:00 p.m. Finch Elementary School, Tuesday & Thurs- day, 8:00 a.m. -- 12:00 Noon and ld)0 p.m. -- 3d)0 p.m. *We are asking all var- ents to rester your child during the scheduled time. For additional informa- tion, please call one of the fol- lowing telephone numbers: Finch Elementa School: (601) 645-6953 or 645-5586 Wilkinson County El- ementary School: (601) 888- 4734 or 888-4331 Prune Crape Myrtle Trees , In Late Winter Or Early Spring Submitted by Ann H. Davis, Wilkinson County Extension Coordinator/Agent Many years ago, my mother had someone prune the camellias and crape myr- tles in our yard. Of course this was in August (which is a big No!) and they had cut the trees and shrubs straight across at a height of about 5 feet from the ground (an- other No, no). Afar several years, the 70-year old trees began to die. It was always a joke at our house about Mom I I Oprah nfry Bran& Norwood committing "Crape Murder." Pruning of crape myrtles should only be done in the late winter or early spring (before growth begins) to stimulate new growth and increase the number of bloom clusters on the plant. The crape myrtles will still flower because they bloom on the current year's wood. Whether the plant will be used as a shrub or a small tree determines the method of pruning. The two basic methods used are thinning and cutting back. But be- fore cutting back, remember crape myrtles are a tree and prtming should only be done to maintain its natu- ral sculptural form, produce strong branches that hold flowers right, and open up its center to reveal the smooth, mulri-toned bark. Thinning is the removal o old and weak branches at their points of origin. It is used to open up plants that are pruned to tree form. This does not stimulate pro- lific growth and leaves the plant with a more natural appearance. Select one main stem for a single-trunk tree or three to five stems for a mulri-trunk tree. Remove all other stems at ground level. Allow the main trunk(s) to reach a height of 5 to 6 feet before branching. At this height, tip prune to encour- age branching. Remove all growth that develops below the desired branch height. Cutting back is done to maintain the plant at a cer- tain height. Only use this method with shrub forms because it stimulates heavy branching. It also destroys the natural, balanced form of the plant. If the size of the plant is too big for the landscape, the easiest thing might be to cut it back to the ground and let it regrow, or simply remove it. You can prune fading bloom clusters to encourage the development of addition- al blooms and to extend the flowering season. Occasional- ly, heavy bloom clusters and branches have to be removed during the growing season to keep limbs from breaking. Limit this type of prtming to only what is necessary. Do not prune crape myrtles in the fall following leaf drop. This may stimulate new growth and make the plants susceptible to winter injury. Also, heavy pruning destroys the natural appearance and form of the plants, which will be obvious during the winter months until growth resumes in the spring. For more information on prtming crape myrtles, please visit the Gardening Through the Seasons video site at http' gardenvideos/index.html, and see the video called %Iow to Prune a Crapemyr- tle" or contact the Wilkinson County Extension Office at 601-888-3211. Lacy Ghabert ...... : Diaht Ladd : : Flow Control Service 980 U. S, Hwy. 61 Woodville 601-888-6053 Licensed in MS & LA -- Trane Dealer -- We Accept Credit Cards! ELECTRICAL HEATING & COOLING REFRIGERATION PLUMBING Stand-By Cenerator Tankle' WaterHeater" ApplianceRepair Technicians: Charles Smith Brian McKlemurry & Mark Sanders